The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1933
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLB. (ARK.) COUKIRR NRW« MEIS. IET HUE As Troops Hurled Tear Gas (o Check Maryland Mob -Public Invited io Attend |j • Gathering at Courthouse •' Tuesday Night. "The United Tollers o! America.j nn organization ol .laboring men - snd fanners, iias" announced a h:celing <u tlv. 1 Mylheville coim- l.b'ji'c for Tir.'Eday, December 5, 01 7 p.m., at wlileii Its program ! avid purposes will be explained to. llic public. All who ;iru Interest— co. and particuhrly fnrmei.s nnd id-kills men, htc invited to m- ui'.d. Tlie organization. UicoriwrnlcUi I nd;r llic lav.s of Arkansas wltlij headquarters at Jllyltn-vllle, Is] headed by D. Paylun Walker ns I president, with Ira Alexiuidcr us vice-president and Clurlcs T. Nath as secrelary-treaiur'-'r. There li a board of direct 01 j of l!i 1110111- rers. 'J'lie Incoi'ijoiiitor.s uore I*. Faiton Walker, Bailey M. Walker, Charles T. Nnsh, Wnller Williams tind Noel • J. ' The nature :;r.i! pur|x>sc of (lie organization, r.s set forth in Its frtlcle.'i of Ineiirixmitlon, U "to, crganizo the working class ot i:co-1 p!e so that llit'j may cnjov the' comforts of llfi', to promote "lilili-! er wages for laborers null higher I prices for farm products and o!h-, cr pioducis of their tabor, 10 pro-1 mote higher and_bettor, education' Joi our children, 'and to promote tetter Improvement of onr living; conditions and improve our cill- s(i'.nshlp In een-ial." . "Free and tqunl rights to one Slid all and .".pedal privileges to none," Is the motto of the organi- sation. It is explained by- Mr. Walker thai the Unlto-l Toilers of Amcr- - icn will seek throiisli organization and collective bargaining to accomplish for the common laborers and the small fanners imj tenants o! the country what trade unions have, accomplished (or tkilled workers .in mnny lines. "Cooperation with government, business, Induslrial and professional men to resk better understanding, and llirough collective bargaining to benefit nil," is the cnnounced purpose of the group. Membership ,-.f the United Toller? at" present a connncd to niy- Ihevlllc and vWnity. OfTicers. however, are plnnumg n program or cradual expansion, |»ssibly leading to a national qrgnnization. - The mooring masl at .the top of the 86th floor of the Empire State building gels a boll of lightning in almost every thunderstorm; the steel frame proves P.H effective conductor and cr.rrles every bolt to the ground so no damage fs done. Russia plans on building the world's "finest highway." Tlie road will be laid a distance of 2C8 miles between Moscow and Nizhni Nov- gorod; all intersections will be underpasses and an average speed of 75 miles an hour will be pos- btofaft TUME CUESK .Joseph Pulitzer was an American NEWSPAl'KIl i'lj'lH.iailKll. ALEXANDER D U M A S. SI!., wrote "The Tlirce -Musketeers." Tho island indicated li TASMANIA. aces 'Tracy \ il.S'nce.Lee Tracy wisecrackc hitn'self out of ft job, when h "reTlewed" a native cadet corp In. Mexico City recently. Hi producers of the film, "Vl\ .VUla," had to look aronnd To a substitute. Here, he Is, stu art Erwln, who will re-en.u the scenes which Tracy alread hart made, ind UICJB wljl go " .SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2, '1933 NEXT WEEK ai Blythecille's Theatres Santa Has Busy Crew ot Helpers In Toy Shop Hero If you want to go to a Santa Clans shop in your own home town you should visit the toy shop maintained by the county emergency relief organization so that the puor children ol Mississippi comity may have a happy Christmas. Here battered toys arc made new, cigar boxes become painted animals, scraps of print material form colorful kittens anil doggies, and white flannel makes lovely uunnv rabbits. Jacks in discarded snuff oidinary stulfccl toys into very spe- 'eluborale oil rrninoHnn racket. This! dramatic events in tho life of a cial playthings. | new p.KO-nadb Picture to bt-'uirl on trial for murder; Contlmi- Thcse gifts are being made from I fnoy '' 11 " l " 10 Roxv Theatre Sun-'ailv fringing on a gtinester at- i!d toys^and materials donated by-''av'.rmd Momlav features Georsc '• mosplwrr. which makes for stark the county and the E ; .Stone, noted for his underworld ( drama, .the romantic element Is THE coxy With the gambling racket e.s the i novel way. "Midnight "Mary," pre- "irst sten to illegitimate success, the action of "The K\n Brain." diann of an I:isi?nificant man's 'Ise to power. leaJr. progressively throuyli a com^e of hieh pressure viewed as "Ltidy 'of the Nlglil." Is a dramatic romance of regular program caliber. The slory, which comes to the, noty theatre Tuesday. Wednesday nnd Thursday, is snlr-smsipshlu and to an | told in retrospect and .details" the \ cloud of tear gas marking the dividing Salisbury, Md., as state militiancii, standing with nvoncls bared, sought to disperse more than 2,000 men and women who fought to prevent troops from, arresting ringleaders of the mob which lynched a young negro | ""tcrials I" order no! to 1st Saint Nicholas miss anybody. At nrese'nt I they want cigar boxes, rotton fo' stufflng, doll iieads, and other toys Lspeclally for boys. If they are broken it doesn't matte: aa some of the workers arc unusually adept at repairing. Tlie gifts are to l>c left at the Coy shop at (he Blylhevllle court house M,rs. Harmon Seford, -.vho Is In tnarge of lhls activltyj ^ ailx | ous to have the materials as soon as possible so that work may continue Immediately. A similar shon'wiii be opened at Osc;ola later Tils month. Printer's Error Caused > Delay -in Election CAPE GIRARDEAU, ^!o (UP) ,? ° !ectlon to- determine whether light, power and water franchises should be renewed was delayed here through a printers error. Vilson Kin Wins Sub-Cabinet Post UNKNOWN RIOMD fe.' S^r=:W^df.'j• l^.-=»r.T-%r::* rf*-"rrJ,...,A..-'m '"» JfcfcHW^rfS^-rrJbJ «i g -^r-CimMIA AUVKK (Continued From Page 4) DKCIN HKnE TODA1 Wh. ulll«4 TttAC* K1XG. »r- ir.lrn Ita4«r f»«d d»« !• kl> IKirlnK-ntt DAXIII HANMSTRTl. m a 1 k o r. Bianlatn, i (at 1' Ami nre ftelireklBJc for •• Khm "huril, krforr hlj Ihinnlmrr kna Mr«a !•« xl II bol resident Roosevelt, who once erved In WooJrow Wilson's sub- abiaet. lias aituohiicd to his own itb-cabtnet Wilson's aon-ln-low, ''rnncis li. Sayre, shown here at Vashlngton In his new role of Assistant Secretary of Slate. A Hartard laxj «chool professor, ayrc Is a itcdlnit «ulhority on luternatlonil law. Sits in Wonder At Poison Trial The drama of a murder trial Is a fascinating show to little Alvlu Colley, above, as he sits, briglit- «yed and wondering. In the Dt-ii- to\, Ark., courtroom, and listens to testimony charging Mark Sb.<:ik, Akroo. 0., attorney, f illi the fatal poisoning of his father, mother, broil,cr aud alstcr at a picnic lest August. Alvln. 4. was tbo solo Burvivor ot tu« poison plol. KIUIAN SOU II I, A OH, wk» irrnle Klne • IfcrcAlealiijc leller. IK In lill. lie drrlarn kl> !«•- crnrr. Al, UKlitiAN. trl«d •« hn» lirrM kavlHK ItouM* vvllii JOE TARnOTT. kU trintr vnndrvlllr partner, nnd •ecaitB I'nrrnu «l the Murder. Pollrc '••urn Iknt MKI.VINA ilOM.IS- TKI1. Bttaftttr, ka4 t violent (ilinrrr! wKk, Kt»f after fcti rnf killed ktr emnarr. CAPTAIN MrM-MI, of ikr defective hurran vi«Hi .«!•• llolllirer »d UrfMeK Mkc will hear waltklajr. , Xrxf dns llnnnlnlrr ItnrN* IkM thr blond tiii»e«l kna hee* nr. • rr*l«"i nnd KO«H (o met fcfr. Hke rrlu>r> to <fll nkn >kr U «r «.y. (M|HK aUuut k«r«flf. Ki>W fiO OJf WITH T1IE STORT CHAPTER XXI ""PIIE telephone on McNeal's desk rang aharply and the captain mde a grab tor It. "MeNcol speaking," ho barked Into the Instrument. "What!" Dnvlcl Bannister, In a chair Zipped back ngalust the wall, gave b-'s attention to the marine scene decorating tho calendar across tho room. The waves against which the gallant ship was tossing, Dan- nlslcr thought, looked much too solid. Something like mattresses Of course the calendar w«» all r lgl»t Jn spite of tho picture. The calendar bore large black numbers easily read. Ye«. tho calender it self was a good one. McNoal'i volco went on li monosyllnblea. "Yea. Yes Well—r He set 4own tho telephone i moment later! scowling. "That was Steve." lie said. Uannlsler know hf. mean Sieve Fisher, of the detective bureau. "Thought he Pnrrott located, but he'a lost him again." "Do you think Parrolfs here In Tremoni?" Bitnnlstcr asked. McNeal shook bis head. "If h was." he said, "we'd have hed bl in a cell long ago. Oh, no! H sot out of here pronto. Parrolt' pretty tough customer yo know. He's got a record—" "No. 1 ilidu't know," Uannlster tntcrrun:cd. "What sort of a record?' "State prison. Served eight months for naming bad checks." went on. describing the offenss which had taken place In Another state. "That's not all. He ••v.i9 Indicted .with some others on a narcotic charge In St. Louis last "inter Cot out ot It some how. 1'iirrott'a n lough customer, all right but we haven't got anything on Him. Nollilog but Drugan'a story—" llannlMor wnsn't Interested In ncjrlng about that aqaln. He said. -Listen. Cap, what auout that girl onck there?" He was leaning forward, speaking earnestly, lie would have gone on but suddenly the outside door opened. Vhere was a girl on tho threshold — Denlse Lang. Behind r.or stood Parker Coloman. She looked trom tbe captain to Ban, nister. doubtfully, hesitantly. Then, with a rush, she entered the room. "You're the one I want to see." -•;•> said, crossing to's nesk and halting directly before It. ^h« waa an Incongruous figure in •uvti surroundings. Her win« red i to»w llttl« .ol fern- nine fashions, recognized that fur. t waa like BUIIW on a, wrap Adelc lien had worn. Adole bad told Im what It W.IB called and be omembered that It had Bounded Sabla—that was it. Her nt wns dark brown, too. like the ur. The hat and everything else bout Denlse Lang looked eipen- Ire. There was tlio faintest odor of lualvo perfume about her. • • • ^OLEMAN came Into tho room "* nnd closed tho ioor behind him. Listen. Dcniso—• bo began. Sho whirled toward him. "I'fo ;ot to do It!" she' said. "I told on, Park, lltat I've got to do IL" Then she woa .facing McNeal again. Either she had forgotten tannlstcr or completely, disregarded him. "You're Captain Mc- Vcat, aren't you!" she asked. McNeal u-as on hla feet. "Why. •ca. Miss I-ing. Yes. Was there oinething you wanted to BOO me about? la there anything I can do—T" The girl's scarlet lips twisted, lor volco was lower as she went Polk opened and voting began •ed that the before a voter discovert,. „,„„ ,.,, light and power and ihe water company franchise questions were included together- In one question. Approximately 3.000 correct ballots were available, but the election was delayed several while a check was made. hours She hesitated again. "1 sin th« girl's face plainly." abe went OK! "You see 1 was rather surprised, f 1 lust stood for a moment urns watched them. Tracy was talking and the girl wasn't anyone 1'i ever seen txjfore.' She bad on a green suit with.some black fur on It and a green hat, I noticed that her hair was light anil that she was pretty. For a minute - i thought Tracy would be sure, to turn around and then he'd Introduce me. But be didn't turn. He' went right on talking and then thf girl laid something and — well.-1 was rattier embarrassed aad left. I thought maylio the girl was some- theatrical friend or coriicbne—•! • - "lint you did get a good look at her?" McMeal questioned " The girl nodded. "Good enough so you could identify her?" "I—I think so." • .McNeal pressed a button on his desk. "I'm : sorry you didn't icll us nil this yesterday but It's still not too late." ho said. "No, It's HWt:too late." ,;Th'e door opened then and a man appeared. "Nelson," said McNeal. "liavo that girl brought In heic Named as Farm Credit Chief »*.» TU*I.U H<IO 1UV>UI UO OllU MU11L ... _^ on and again Bannister noticed !*"' 1you ' Tllu °"° wc ' rc hat quality of vibrance in her {or thc KiUB """••ler" lone. "I—I didn't tell you the truth yesterday," she Bold. McNeal's face was blank. 'What?" he exclaimed. "I didn't tell you th« truth." Donlso Lang repeated. "I don't know exactly why except that It all such a shock and—and It didn't seem Inijiortant. Hut 1 guess that was wrong. I should havo told you." McNeal's fnco was grim again. "Well, let's hear It," he said. "What was It you should have told mo yesterday? Here, Miss Lang, sit down." Ho drew a chair forward. "No;v then—" He sank back in hia own chair. For au Instant Denlse Lang's lashes lowered. Then .she met the captain's gaze. "It's about that girl," sho said slowly. "I saw her." "You saw—who?" "That girl. The one who's in Jail here. I'm sure It must be the same one. I read about her la the newspapers. I—oh. i Just couldn't say anything about It before but slnco you've found her—!" The words broke OS. Dcniso Lang applied a wispy hankerchief to her rpHR man In the doorway nodihd. disappeared. Dannistcr cot tc his feet tbea. "Guess I'll Srift on," he said. ' McNeat nodded. As Danuislc; closed tlio door he heard the captain asking Deuisa Lang a que 3 lion. Tlicro was unnecessary violence In tbe way Bannister closed Ibat door. H« had something to do know that ho must do It ntt&oui' delay Ho went Into the presiroom and called the Kvenlng I'ost. When lio was connected wltli i'i mj desk and heard Austin's voice ovci the wire he said. "Denlse Lang i< here. She's come to Identify the girl they're holding In ]:itl. Said sho saw Ilia girl with King. It you'll send a photographer 1 think you can get pictures—" For the next 10 minutes Bannister was all newspaper man. The story, be assured Austin, was lor tho present, at least, eicluslve. He repeated It to a rewrite nmn. promised to call back as soon as Denis* Lang's verdict came. Ves. sure. ho'd let them know right away. Hannlster put down the telephone and walked out Into the ball. Well JVO ONE spoke and an instant | that was that! He couldn't hold up later the girl went on. "It was news ot that sort. Oenlso Ijin day before yesterday." sho 5ald slowly. Everyone In the ruorn would Identify the other girl, all right. 0« all thoso involved. Dan knew what that meant—the day I nister nas most certain ori that that had Men Tracy King's Inst "We were going to play golf that morning. Tracy and I—." She stopped again, fumbling with her handkerchief. Her volco. that had been tremulous, was llrm again as she continued. "We called it off because 1 remembered I'd promised to go shopping with Louise Hohnan. Louise was lato—as she always Is-and 1 went into iho Tremont to order some Mowers. As 1 came out or the flower shop I point. Denlse had spoken ol the green suit with black fur on It, the small green hat. Oh. yes, ttere was no doubt that Denlse trouk Identify the other girl. Tho door ol McN'cal's ofBce was closed and '.hero was no one In sight. Ilannistcr walked Hie length of .the corridor, turned and walkec back. He looked nt his watch. AI most J:45. That pholographei should bo here by this time. What was llio matter with hlmt What saw Tracy, lie was standing at was the matter with everybody the foct ot the stairs leading to I Why didn't someone come oul o the mezzanine, talking to a girl." .McNeal's office! It shouldn't hare "What time was this?" McNcal i taken two minutes for Denlse Lang br °. e . ln ' I to say whether or not she'd seei About 11:30 I think, t.oulso ar.d j tbe other girl before. I were going to look at hats and I But the door did' not optn and then have lunch later. Louise wits ' rnge mounted In Bannisters bear'i. to meet me at 11:15 but I know I Then, trom belilna Hi* door Id walled it teast ten mlaulesl heard n cry. twfora i went tot* to*. b«i«l,' I (To B* Cont!na«t} for recognition which hus lonp overdue. "The Bl? Brain 1 er bestowed on Max Werner, erstwhile bootblack and barber, who seeks prcstlqe and wealth, and achieves IMS ambitions via nefarious methods. Stone portrays Ma'x Werner, the "big bruin"; Phllljnt Holmes Is reen ns Terry, and Cynthia; is characterized bv Fay. Wray.:'Supporting the featured trio are Minno Gombcll. Reginald Owen" Lucien Lltlkiflcld. Lilian Bond. San; Hardy and Reginald Mason. Geome Archaititaud , directed "The Big Brain." been tlie pa) of 'Hie boy. The east eludes Loretla Young, Fllcardo Coris tlie moiilck- tri . Frnnchot Tone. Andy Uevine, Relating n familiar plot in r. Una Merkel and Warren Hymer. "Lone Cowboy." the story of a killer's regeneration through the love of a child, which 1 has tow-, headed Jackie Cooper of "Sklppy" | fame a-s the star, is coming on Saturday to tlie Rnxy Friday and Saturday. Tn aditlon to young Cooper, the picture .features Lila Lee, Addison Richards.-. John Wray and Gavin Gordon." 7t tells the story of Scooter O'Meal, played by Jackie, who is lifted suddenly from his tenement home in Chicago to the wide open spacer, of Nevada. THE Lilian Harvey, internationally known screen star, comes - to the KHz heatre on Sunday in "My Lips Uclray," her new production under the Fox banner. The picture Is scheduled for a special engagement of two days. Her leading man Is John Boles. Others in the cast arc El Brendcl; Irene' Browne, Maude Eburnel Henry Stephenion and Herman Ding. The. story of "My Lips Betray" concerns the adventures of a .young singer who becomes the king's favorite through a mistake of his tipsy chauffeur. Much against her better judgment she Is forced to accept the situation or arouse the condemnation of everyone. When the king finally decides to see his favorite for himself, he really falls in love with her and. to a great extent, vice versa. decade, . opens Thursday at the Hit?. Theatre for two days. Dances and cnsembjes for Warner Bros, musical and dramatic spectacle are said to be the most lavish and ornate ever, produced in a talking motion picture. . ; • These dances and ensembles were ; ley with bin. who in "42nd created by BJsgy songs by Warren and wrote the hit music Street." The production Itself is based on. Avery Hopwood's play and carries an all star cast, in- ciudng Warren William, Joan Blondell, Aline MacMahon. Ruby Kcelcr, Dick Powell, Uuy Kibbee, Ned parks and Ginger Rogers. The new governor of the farm Credit Administration, William I. Myers, Is pictured here at Ills desk In Wajihiugtoa. Myere, & former Cornell profotsor,, auc- cecila Henry Morgenthau, Jr., aied .acting secretary o£ Ilia treasury. • Myrna Loy, Max Baer, PrJmo Camera, Jack Dempsey, .Walter Huston and Otto Krnger comprise the distinguished group f actors and sporting personalities gathered together by Metro-Goldwyn- Mnyer for "The Prizefighter and the Lady." a gripping story of the prize rina which 'starts 'Tuesday as !he attraction at the ' Ritz Theatre for two days. Walter Hiiston plays the role of the booze-ridden. down.-at-.the-heel fight manager who recognizes in Baer championship material and trains him for his fights. The part, a "natural" for Huston, marks another step forward in this actor's brilliant career. Prominent roles are also filled by Otlo Kruger xs jfllic racketeer. Vitice Barnett. Robert Me Wade. Muriel Evans and Jean Howard. "Cold Diggers of 1933," Warner Bros.' all-star, dramatic musical spectacle, said to be even greater than "42nd Street." as .one of the most lavish entertainment of the Sunday • Monday MATINEE—I He - 35c - NIGHT—15c - 35c The mysterious, and to a large extent, secret . workings of that division of the police department in which arc recorded the cases of kidnauped men and women and those who strangely, vanish, are brought to light for the "first time In pictures with' the First" Katidn- al production entitled the "Bureau of Missing Persons." which shov.-i Saturday at the Kitz Theatre, with Bette Davis. Pat O'Brien Lewis Stone and Glenda Farrell heading the large cast. There is an exceptionally large and able cast of players, many of whom have starred oh both sta'ge and screen. They, include, besides ihose previously mentioned, Allen Jenkins. Ruth Donnelly, . Hugh Herbert. Alan Dlnehart a'ncj Martorie Gateson. ROXY Sunday • Monday MAT. and Nile— lOc - |25c The King KISSED and DIDN'T TELL what her lips betrayed BETRAY J!t|QHN,BOLES li.'^Et'BRENDEL n Maude Eburn* , lr«n« Browne • Henry Stephenson eirxKtf trJonn Blyttonc Froa Iht plcy "Oer Kon«r b, All.b Orbok PARAMOUNT NEWS LAUREL & HARDY COMEDY 1 /VopoJeon~o/ l 'high-finance 'uiOf'oi/zcer - . GEORGE E. STONE PHILLIPS; HOLMES FAY ."JffBAY" i Reginald , [Reginald Mason, Smm LitUefield Dineud by Georgc'Anfunitbau<f) l Programs Broadcast Duily Over KLCN at 12:20 NOVKLTY REEL COMEDY

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