The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1968 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1968
Page 4
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The First Step Think- Twice About Sterile Lifetime DEAR ABBY: My problem to one I'm sure you haven't had before, altho I'm sura lots of other people feel the way we do about it, but they're too ashamed to admit it. I am 25, and engaged to a man who is 30. We love each other very much and plan to marry soon. So what's the problem! We both detest children and have decided that we do not want any. Ever. We realize that no method of contraception is 100 per cent sure, but we don't want to take any chances. We do' know that certain types of surgery can be performed on both the male and female to insure permanent sterilization, but we don't know whether a doctor would perform such surgery on unmarried , people. We don't want to get married until this is done. Please don't say, "After you're married, you'll change your minds." I assure you we won't. Our question) Will a doctor do this for us? HATES CHILDREN DEAR HATES: Whether a doctor will sterilize you (and-or) your fiance, you must find put for yourselves, But let me warn you — . "forever" is a long time) and to . voluntarily throw away the privilege of bearing children is a decision you may live to rgeret. DEAR ABBY: When my husband drove me to work this morning I noticed that his right ear was perfectly clean. When he picked me up after work, I noticed there was lipstick, on his right ear. What should I do about this? ELSINORE DEAR ELSINORE: Tell your husband either to have his friend kiss him oh his left ear, or to start driving a British car so y o a will be seated on his left! (If this doesn't work, kick him out either door.) DEAR ABBY: I have a »• year-old son who was born with only a thumb on his left hand. No fingers. We were recently at a gath- 15 Years Ago —In Blytheville Mrs. Jack Cuadra was the only guest when Mrs. W. L. Homer was hostess for a luncheon for members of the Mid Week club at her home yesterday. Mrs. Walter Day and Mrs. Jack Jordan were guests of Mrs. Newton Whitis when she entertained members of the La Neuve Club with a luncheon it the Country Club. , Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Henderson have as their guest, Mrs. W, F. McDaniel Of Memphis. Graham Partlow has been named a member of the Honor Council of the Student Bar Association at the. University of Arkansas. •ring, and i very loud little neighbor boy (I'll call him Billy) kept insisting that my baby show everybody "that hand" .- as he calls it. Billy's constant insistence annoyed me, especially since his mother was sitting right there taking it all in, and smiling. These people see my son every day, and I have explained that he was born that way, so the sight of his little hand without fingers should no longer be a novelty. I suppose I should-get used to the idea that my son will be stared at a lot, but it hurts me to see his defect pointed out as if he were some kind of freak: What should I do if this happens again? . N. Y. MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: Don't wait for it to happen again. Tell Billy's'mother, privately, to teach her son that it Is rude and unkind to call attention to the handicap of another. Your ion need not go (bra life "itared at." If you art not familiar with the most modern techniques of adding artificial fingers and making them "work," you owe it to your son to Investigate. If your family doctor can't direct you to such help (offered by rehabilitation experts) write to me. I can. Everybody has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069 and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope. 'For Abby's new booklet "What Teen-Agers Want To Know," send 11.00 to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. Elytbeville (Ark.) Ceurier News Page 4 Saturday, May 18,1968 ALLRI6HT,\ SWITCH ) CHANNEL^/ Your ANP-6ETUP50IOM' SIT THERE,' WHILE VOU'RE UP, GO INTO THE KITCHEN AMP SET/ME SOME ICECREAM.' I'M HAIR l/Uorth — Please What goes through a person's Manila residents who survived mind when a tornado is destroying Wednesday's twister were interview- the town where they live? Three ed. Here are their comments. on - by david poling - "/ wasn't thinking of anything in particular. I went to Nettleton yesterday and I think we're in real had shape. This is the worst I've seen and I've been here 35 years. I'd say 85 percent of the land is under water." —John Fairchild, Manila "I was asleep. The damage was really bad. I think a wonderful job of cleaning up has been done by the county. Everyone should put in the paper how much they appreciate the help given us. It's up to the people now to rebuild." — Herman Alston, Manila r , "My wife and I were In the nous* when it hit. We were in the edge of the storm though and our house wasn't damaged much. My wife said it Is going to hit and then In about two seconds It was over. Limbs and brush had hit the house, the lights went out and I walked around with a flashlight for a while."—H. C. MeCullough, Manila The Methodist Board of Missions has made a glaring blunder by pulling its $10 million Investment portfolio out of the First National City Bank of New York. For more than a year, the board has been sparring with the bank over its relations with the Republic of South Africa. First National City, which has three branches in South Africa, is a leading international bank, touching almost every country around the world. The concern of the Methodists — and all Christians for that matter — is the unjust treatment of black people by the white rulers of South Africa. Their philosophy of apartheid or separation of the races is unacceptable to< Christians and should be under constant barrage by all men who believe that freedom is everyone's right. What has annoyed and then angered many church leaders has been the business-as-usual approach followed by the international bankers, merchants and investors who see a. good thing in South Africa. The churchmen want human advancement and dignity to come before dividends. - So they are saying, which will it be, God or gold, people or profits? The Methodist Mission Board picked First National City Bank because they were the custodians (and rather successful ones) of Methodist millions .used for Overseas Christian w o r k f and because they were the leading financial institution in a 19- bank U.S. consortium that provides standby credit for the Republic of South Africa. Should a larger discussion follow this action of the Methodist Mission Board, I think you will lee that a first - class blunder' has been made — and should be corrected. For one thing, the Methodists and other leading denominations have been calling for an end to the "cold wars." Churchmen have been urging new talks, visits, conversations across all international borders. They want to bring Cuba back into the Caribbean club. Doors are opening wide into every country of eastern Europe. China, they say, must not be isolated any longer from the community of nations. Here is a fresh, creative look It mankind — and every situation they have described ii KrwfttMOftd by UM world vine of a Lloyd's of London or a First National City Bank of New York. With this kind of exhilarating discussion going on it seems incredible that the churches should tell us that Castro is sweet and South Africa sour. On the practical side of it, does the Methodist Board of Missions plan to punish the SOO U.S. companies that are expending their enterprise in South Africa? Will they demand that church members and employes declare how much of their income or salary is derived from South African business invest- ment? Last summer, some Presbyterian leaders quietly visited South Africa. They talked with government labor, church and university leaders. On their return, one observer told this writer that a restrictive, punitive boycott of Johannesburg would, -by William lawrence, d.d.s. - Lawrence One mail brings letters from three mothers whose children are not toilet-trained. The youngest is a boy 2V4, who showed signs of being trained at the age' of 20 months. Then a baby brother was born and now he is still in diapers. The advent of a baby in a family is often seen by the one who was formerly, the baby of the family as a threatened loss of his mother's love. As a result the child may try to revert to babyhood .In various ways — thumbsucking, preferring a bottle to drinking from a cup or refusing- to be toilet trained. With such a child, it Is Important, first of all, to be patient and not show displeasure with his behavior. Punishment will only make him feel more rejected and thus increase the problem. Second, every effort must be made to show nun that "Bttwetn Ntbroska and California, I'll 6ef your love is all-encompassing and that love for the new baby in no way diminishes love for him. When he is convinced of this he will start acting his age again. The second mother wonders whether the fact that her daughter, 3, is not toilet-trained might indicate a physical defect. Most children by their third birthday will have learned to recognize the need to go to the toilet and will be able to attend to this function without assistance. There may still be accidents when the child is too absorbed in playing to heed the "call". A physical defect as a cause is so rare that the possibility can be dismissed. It would not appear as an isolated symptom but as a part of a serious nervous or mental disease. As with the younger child, love and patience are the best treatment. The third child, a boy, 4, was torn with apina bifida and associated meningocele — out- pouching through the skin of the membranes surrounding the gpinal cord. This was corrected surgically at the time of birth. It is possible but not likely that this boy's lack of control of his bowel is related to the birth defect. The family doctor would have to determine whether this is so. This mother wants to know what will happen when her son starts to school. I think the disfavor he will meet in the eyes of the children of his own age will cure him overnight. Please send your questions and comments to Wayne 6. Brandstadt, M.D., in 'care of thii piper. While Dr. Brand- itadt cannot answer individual letters, he will answer letters •f general interest in future col- of course, be an uncomfortable cramp to the white community. But to the Negroes, a catastrophe. The people we were really trying to support and lift up — these would be the victims..On the other hand, the strategy of open trade, wider exchange of people and ideas, increasing Western industrialization was bringing the liberation movement by leaps and bounds. Alas, we are in a classic dispute of the church doing the wrong thing for the right reason. But churchmen would really be surprised to discover the number of bright, sensitive bankers, oil men and diamond dealers who would like to sit down with them — even after this undeserved public slap — and talk about primary tactics to achieve the goals that Christians proclaim for minorities everywhere. These people have been dealing with the Russians, Chinese, Arabs, Greeks and Cubans while the church has been throwing sand in the air! And, of course, the incredible irony of all this — just where do you think the missionaries, fraternal workers, clinic doctors, Bible translators 'cash their checks in South Africa? And when they want to send bills for kids studying in Paris or traveling to.Rome? Where do you think this currency ex- ehauge happens? In the First National City Bank. ME BI rTHETILLS COURIER NEWS THE COURIES NEWS DO. C W. HAINE&. PUBLISHES HA3RY A. HAINS3 * .Assistant PubHsher-Mltot OENE AUSTIN Advertising Manage) Sale National Advertising Representative Wallace Wltmer Co. New To*, Chlcaeo Sji.-olt, Atlanta, MempW* .Second-class postage paid at Hlythavllle. Ark. llembe. ol the Associated fnm SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city of Blyt-ht. »ille or any .labi'ton towii when carrier service la m.JntaUltd Mo pel week. 11.50 per month. By mall within a Tidlui oj » yen. 11.00 for M —-„— .,-•- -X thre« raonth», by mall, ou.ilde 5j mllei rtdlui titM miles. W.OO per _. monthi. (s.fln for thre« months. per year payable In adTunce. Mi'l subscriptions are not icciot- ed in »x>wns »nd cities wner* Tn« Courie> News carrier nerflce II maintained >'•<! miburlptlou u* payable lit tdnne*. NOTE: The courier Newi mum.* no responsibility {or photoinphi nuuctipt. '"™™Si.» *» **».****£ BUM

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