The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1941
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 11, 1041 Holiday Family BLYTHfiVTU.E ople of Texas Slill Talking, About "H o 1 i cl a v Children" Idea HV CLYDE LA .norn-: N'liA S'»i:c. : al ConvsjjuiuliMit AUSTIN, Tex., Jan. ll.-ChfilK up anciher u:o for W. Lve O'Dnu- iel. governor ol' Texas. For .although .siieddiu-; ' Chrlsi.- ma.s U-CP.S }JKVP biy-n tusse-d out in the alley and L-rfglit holidiiv ]'••:. is' have LvtM .stoiH i; way for anoUier y^ar, people of ibe Lone Htar Siaie -•and other :uate.-; too— a.-e .sjiil (alkinj.! iibout O'D;uiie!'.s hii.-fl " He broached it a bit cauiiov'ujl; in one cl his weekly Sundnv brcadca>:ts to tlie people of the- Btitie. n was his belief. IIH told ms listener,s, that aboui the -u'ceVL '-:-:)iibiUorj u| Christmas spirit lie could thir.'k of would bo foi- u.s inci.'jy fa.niilies us possible u> «o to one <>; tin; t,v. o crohun ncaie 1 - i!i the siate. and iavite u >:<;,, or girl lo .-spcjid Lin- -loliciay •s Li> :i will; ;.• --.I!. Tlia! was le.s.'i than 10 days be- lore Christmas, but the " plan ChUgliL like wildfire and requests began pouring in on the orphan hcmes at CorAic«nn and Waco INTEREST SPREADS ACKOSS NATION' Came Cliri.sLmus Day and the two homes were almost completely deserted. More than 4CO children were keeping a date with Santa Glaus in the friendly aUnospheiv of a real home with a "mother" and :i "dad" to share the fun with ihein, And two of the happiest orphans of ihem all were little Wanda Kilgore, 5. and Charley GoocLson, 4. because they spent the entire Christmas week in the governor's mansion in Austin. The result of the unofficial "orphans' week" was amazing. Many cf the families who had invited a boy or girl out for the holidays indicated they would like to "adopt them permanently. Hundreds of others immediately wrote and wired the governor that the practice must be repeated. So through the maze of holidays that clutter the calendar, orphans' week has crowded its 'way and it's a safe bee that it will become iiu annual custom. Interest from outside the state indicates that the idea may spread across the nation. Surprised a bit at the instantaneous aj)(l, hearty response, Texas' governor passes along the credit to the "peace-loving -and kindhearted people or'the 1 - state?' *~* (ARK.) roURfKR NEWS In a Brown Study—By the Blur Sea Nati\ ^residential . . . and "holiday children/' » T ?,°,, DanieI family • • • wilh . . . lat, Molly and Mike O'DanieJ are in the back row. Mr. and Mrs O Darnel and Charley Goodson and Wanda Kilgore in the front row' Charley and .Wanda are from the state orphans' home SENIOR HIGH NEWS Educational Film Shown. Three educational films were scheduled for the week of Jan. 6-10. "Energy ancl Its Transformation" was shown Monday, for the' physics classes. Wednesday, the film "Plastic Art, Art Subjects" was shown for the home economics students. Thursday, the film, "Good Neighbors", was shown for all the history classes. African Explorer Visits High School Jim Wilson, African explorer and ihe first white man ever to cross that continent on a motorcycls, spoke Monday in assembly on "Three-wheeling Through Africa." With his companion in the Flood-Wilson Expedition, Mr. Wilson completed the previously impossible task of traveling through r jungles and desert from the coast of the continent to Eritrea, on the eastern coast. He related that once while cut- ling vines and jungle growth, he unknowingly grabbed a large cobra, which slipped out cf his hands and colled nearby ready to strike at him. Quickly he flung his machete at the snake, cutting it in about three parts, "from which." he admitted, "it never recovered." Homeroom News A quiz program was held in the .sophomore homeroom of Miss Eli?,- Mack Lane: treasurer. James Garner. This club is composed of the following committees serving ones each six weeks' period by giving a program for the club on Friday afternoon. Good Manners commir- tee — Vera Nelle Panter, chairman, Billy Jo Newman. Jimmy Murdaugh; Courtesy Committee — Irene Ferguson, chairman, Oma Lee Davis. Opal McDermott; Character committee—Pauline Wicker. chairman, James Aycock. Sam Johnson; Safety committee— Chas. Wallace, ch.airman. Mary Louise Fischel, W. V. Pruett; Housekeeping committee— Betty Jo Vaughn. chairman. Billy Van Wright, Lorene Fleming; Bulletin Board committee—Ernestine Williams, chairman, Evelyn Speakman. Nannie Byrd- Hopper; Flower •'committee— .Co ro t3 Ao >-1 TD>-*-»/-\l-<« n i^^:.»^, A » T-, an immigrant can. be t.he best son of American without necessarily dropping his European 'customs. How does Uiat fit in with the fifth column danger? Here is Adamic's exolanation; NAZI AGENTS LOOK AFTER ALIENS "Eveiy person wants to be identified with something bigger and better than himself. The new Immigrant here wants passionately to identify himself with this country. But so many times he is made 10 feel that the country doesn't want him. He's called a wop. or a hunkie, or he's laughed at because of his name. "So he doesn't get identfliecl with America—for America i.s not just a place: it's an idea. He remains isolated. Yet he still feels that driving need to be identified with Ann McGregor. Peggy Van Wickle; Thrift committee— James Todd. chairman. Peggy Barker, Helen Carter; Door committee— Johnny Glasscock, Eugene Johnson. Evelyn Ruth Cunningham was elected to serve as Audience Reading chairman. Clinton Pulghum takes care of the waste basket each day. Dorothy Doss keeps the outside fountain after the bell rings. The members of this club are studying Benjamin Franklin,. ar,1 the Thrift committee will give the special program on Friday because that i.s the date of his birth. Special attention will be given to th* sayings in Poor Richard's Almanac. Third Grade. Mrs. Quellmalz's third grade group has nine new story books'. Fcur of these books were bought with their room fund and five of them were purchased by the school board. group has resolved to make 1 941 a boom year as far as good citizenship is concerned. At t.he last club 'meeting of this class, the pupils discussed their Christmas experiences and exhibited their favorite tov.s. Tuesday. Agnes Callia. program, chairman, asked the questions to "South." The torious. • CATION'S WASHINGTON COLUMN WASHINGTON. Jan. 11.—America won't defeat the fifth column peril until the native-born, Anglo- something. And. so some foreign movement picks him up. The fifth column gets him. "Our Germans are often in a bad spot. I recently studied a large American city where live .. „ „„ 100,000 German-Americans. They're consecutive four-year term. Boom Starts (or Gov- ernor-FJect Green i By DON K. C'll UtiltiM I'rens Stktl i ' SPRINGFIELD. 111.. Jan. 11.— ; A lighting prosecutor. pledged to economy and to "pj-oti-a UIP" inno- t:MU . . . ,-aih-r j;;iu while vit-ions , elements" will assume the govern| urshSp oi Illinois .H-«T- o.-i ja n . 13. U'- Ls DwHjlu Green. 42, a Republic;!::, and a World War veirrun. Green, married, thy laiher of ;«i.wo c!auy,h',<.>]•<, will D>> Ju- 1' ~ie- ; publican governor since 11)32 when . former Oov. L. L. fimmei-.son, Mi. : Vt-rnoa. .surrendered to the inte Henry Homer, elected twuv but '•vivo diial ii; ol'liti- on (h" v . 5. In Assuming office of the third largest .stale, Green Ls regarded a.s ' potfcmial R«-]jtibliciin Presidential u.'iiijt'i 1 fur 1944 or 194IJ. (iron's ji-a'v in winning tlv? gov- ernor.sliip is (.-onsideriKl iho more remarkable in that he carried all but one Candidate on a state ticket, to victory in face of President UoosevtMt capiuring the state's 29 elecioral voles by n plurality of 11:5.000. Mount liiis Stui'ted A "naiivt- son" boom for the country's high office has been : itiundu'U for him. Thi- boom spon- i .sorL-ti by local G.O.P. lenders, is i biised on wliai they s»y will be ! frreen's "rocord of economy and j good govemiueiu during his four' year lulminLslmtion." ! Green's reputation as :i fighting prosecutor was made on the tig- J gre.ssive and successful war he : waged against gangsterism in Chi- l ; i ciigo as a U. S, attorney there. It WHS ihrough his efforts that Al Capone received a long prison .sentence. In the World War hc was in the air corps, entering military service just after this country "declared war in 1917. In his student days at Wabash College i Brail, Ind.) he was a football and baseball Player. Green will succeed Gov. John H. Stf-ile, McLeansboro, Democrat nor. succeeded to the coveruor.ship upon the death of Horner. He was f.n inisuccessful candidate for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. Hughes Lone Democrat One Democrat and" four other Republicans will be sworn into state offices, with Green, the Democrat beins Secretary of State Edward J. Hughes, Chicago, who survived a G.O.P. downstate landslide to win re-election to n third desperately afraid of war—not be- j Inaugural phu cause they don't want the United military process! States to beat Hitler, but because they're afraid of what may happen to them if war does come. "In that city, in the last war, ^..^ , 14 , there was one lynching of a Ger-} World War man-American. The Nazis have I After the inauguration the new sot pictures and accounts of that I governor will attend a luncheon lynching distributed all over. ! given by 40 National Guard officers "Yet those same Germans don't' wnnt Hitler to win." The general lack of understand-, ing between old-line Americans and I In the evening the governor and the immigrants and their descend-' Mrs. Green will greet citizens ot ants Adamic sums up as "a v&guc the executive mansion, with other ' state officers and their wives in the ;ins call for a long procession from the Executive Mansion to the armory. Ten national guard planes will circle overhead in recognition of Green's service in the air corps during the who will utilize the occasion to pledge allegiance to their new- chief. fV,^ ,-S,J~~ lixr »i-,. , 1 >V '" Mum me iJciuivc-UUIU. «.II|ilU- n,n in? -H ^-^Saxon-stock American gete a new Fhe latter s:de was vie- (attitude toward rhP imm^™,^ ««H i attitude toward the immigrant and ,. Wn ' *-•(,, ,, „ ,. >, the immigrant's children. How to Study" was the theme Thrif . *_ H , 0 , riaft T Mli of a forum discussion in the sophomore home room of Miss Effic Lee Terrell Tuesday. The discussion was based on the article, "How to Study", by Charles W* Clifford. idea Louis AcJamic JUNTOR HIGH NEWS Have Music Contest A contest on popular music was held in home. room 8B-I of Junior high school Tuesday niornuu. The teams of Tommy Bosweil, and Billy Candle were tied. j Shirley Barham read the questions. SUDBURV SCHOOL NEWS I Fifth Grade Bobbie Ann Nipper, James Lankford. Lorene Fleming. Benny Waiden, Helen Cater, Evelyn ^Speakman, Billy Jo Newman, Pauline ] Wicker, Oma Lee Davis, Louise Fischel, Vera Nell Panter, Peggy! Van Winkle, Almeda Hollemanandj James Todd have been absent; since Christmas, because of "flu." j This group elected the following' officers to serve the Good Citi-' zen's club for 12 weeks: president,! Billy Tomlinson; vice-president, j Beany Walden; secretary, Billy is trying to put over a.s his contribution to the defense program. An immigrant himself, famous as the author of such book* as "My America." and "The Native's Return."- Adamic has been called as a consultant to help the Defense Commission work out its policy toward immigrant and minority groups. The new attitude he wants to see calls for several things— more tolerance. mo:-e understanding, more plain, old-fashioned friendliness . . . plus a realization that J940 LOAN COTTON FOR BEST PRICES SEE OR PHONE J. E. Hasson Phone 99 Glencoe Hotel Bldg. kind of civil war.'' "A good many of the old-stock Americans incline to be friendly." he says. "But they function in" a personal way, as neighbor to neighbor. Meanwhile, the unfriendly one is likely to get up on a stump and make a speech or write a book to express his enmity and suspicion—or lie comes down here to Congress and tries to put over some alienlaiting law. He may be in the minority, but he creates a had airitude — which makes the Hlien withdraw and feel more than ever unidentified with America." TWO-YEAR STUDY GF IMMIGRANTS Two years ago Adamic got a grant from the Carnegie Foundation to make a comprehensive study of the immigrant in America. Since then he has traveled 200.000 miles, talking to people, making speeches and looking into things. He made a speech last spring at Greensboro, N. C.. and got acquainted with Harriett Elliott, dean of the Women's College. University of North Carolina. When she became head o fthe "consumers' division of the Defense Commission she asked Adamic to come on her staff as a consultant. receiving line. After the reception the inaugural ball will be held at the armory, the expense being borne privately. Only 5,000 Seats for Crowd Facing Adj.-Gen. Leo M. Boyle is the problem of trying to lake care of upwards of 100 t OOO persons who want seats at the Inaugural exercises whereas there are fewer than 5,000 seats in the armory. Loudspeakers will carry the programs to an expected large crowd outside. The four Republicans who lake i office with Green and Hughes are: Lieut.-Gov. Hugh Cross, Jer.scv- Or. W. F. Brewer Dentist Blytheville, Arkansas Specials! Extractions $1.00 Full Upper and Lower Plates $25.00 (Extractions Included) FOR SALE SHIBLEY'S BEST FLOUR Barrel 48 Lb. Sack , .. 24 Lb. Sack ... 100 Lbs. Sugar C. ABRAHAM Ash & Broadway .. $4.80 .. $1.25 .... 65c .. $4.70 Phone 816 ;»? :$|^fc&-- ?. &£&&j$ : \ ''k __PAGE THREE Mind Ranked Above Appearance For Girls Who.Seek Right Man NEW ORLKANS ».Ur')~A»ncrlcnn lilrls ftlioulrl pruy lor tho r}«hl man 10 com« along, a loader of thousands of youiiK women beiievc.s. "Bui- they munin't just sit, back imd depend on ))f;iycr," MJ.S.S Dur- oiliy ,), Willmunn o] si. Louis, executive secretary oi ih« cuntrni of- Jk-c of the Sodality of Our Lncly. said when she oamo hero to s before a Sodnliiti's oonventlon. "Dofinlte i he furore over the modern canter woman," Miss Willmann observoO. "die chief inieroot of Mi.<wS Auiork-iv .still !Sc>s in the »»e-oUI problem of Koulmr l)w man. i- Morc .voting women have qturs- lioneii mo on this subject than on any other, 1 tell Diem the bi«i,wny i.s to pray lor one--ibo ri^ht, onif. But they mustn't just :-;lt buck then. "It's important, to develop a uiuny-sidod iuliui." Miss Willinann reminded. "A j/lr! .should become versed In mils!;-, in economics. '"ruul point Ls youn« men an.- worried about, that •subject, just now, ami every «trl should b<: familiar with it. ' > "Naturally," nhe achlal, "Uu- nirl .«hnuki make ih<> most ol her np- pi'unuu-e. Bui ] ihink thai is a secondary eou.siderulkm." MKs Willmanu contended that young people today are " i\& Hue ILS they ever were," "Tliey mv more nervous, more hltihly-strun^ Hum their elders," .she added, "Uul U , u ,y ( ,i the present youth are .spoiled, li'.s the fuull Kpicleniic of (..lolil Symptoms lifii. Llqulil or Mil TablcLs with C«« .Salve w (Hits Nose Drops gcMierully relievos cold symptoms the Qr^tdiiy. oi -the older people, .They've made this the machine age, the luxury age—If that's what hv ; is," ' MLss Willmann wild she has dis- eovered that u •majority of girls want A5<»t'»rHy more than any other oiu- thing in life. Girls who are gloomy.or moody, she advised, should go out and buy a red hat, or a pair of shoes, or F.PQ n movie, Ae-jording to the statistics of railway dining cars, eggs and bacon is one of the most popular dishes in Scotland. When old Kln« Cnmite, hc oi th, ancient tale. i ssm ;d his fumou s ea.e-u d-ciesist order to th, waves. ,, (! didn't w i to first base Per- rmp.s th s sun-tanned lad hn.s Cam.tish ideas, or maybe the ceaseless surf just itu-cimue* him. He's Iwo-niid-n-rmlf-yenr-oW Billy Phillip, son oi Mrs. Madeline Phillips ol New York, and is pictured at Miami Beach, Flu. • vilJf; State Auditor John H. Luc- cler, Chicago, State Treasurer Wnr- :en Wright. Springfield; and Ally. Gen. George Barret. Chicago. All the offices Republicans will take over are held by Democrats. A Republican controlled general assembly is expected to aid Green in currying out campaign pledges, which in addition to the one already mentioned Include s» proposal to eliminate a stale retail j.ales tax on food necessities.. In the senate. Green will have a substantial Republican majority but the vote in the house will be close between the two purtit-.s us a Republican membership of 71) Ls expected to be reduced to close to a bare majority as military duty takes several members. Warning Local Residents Of Street Taxes Now Due Blytheville residents are being "warned" ,for payment of street tax in the first half of ifi-n, it wn.s announced today by City Cleik TYank Whitworth. Mun living within the city limits, between certain ayes aiid not Having certain physical handicaps, .mist pay the S3 tax for the first i six months of this year or work, sut this amount, ii wan said. Persons desiring - to work out Lheir tax may apply at the office 3f the City Engineer on Fmuklm itrect between Main and Walnut. Resident of Near Osceola Dies In Memphis Hospital Mrs. Hnnna C:or» Rojjm, 155, of near Osceolu. Ark., dit-d yesterday afternoon at Hospital in Memphis. Mrs. Rogers hud been ill n short time and was admitted to the hospital n week ngo. She leave.s n sister. Mrs. Sarah E. Prlhodn of Nowutu. Oklu,.. imcUour' brothers. John Embry of Oklahoma City: James Embry of Chandler, Okln.; Robert L. Emby of Hickman, Calif., nnd Luther Embry of Skoedee. Okln. The body will be sent to Chandler lor services and burial. BUY NOWI PAY IATER! BUDGET PLAN lUBoslowc Delta Implements, 312 So. 2nd Inc. Phone 802 Phone 26 for 24 hour AMBULANCE SERVICE Wo urge you to inquire about our flurial Insurance. We o(Ter you a fine policy ;il a. reasonable rate. COBB FUNERAL HOME HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE 1!k SERVICE STATION General Repaj?f n ^, Weldln* Across from Red Top Gin SEE WEDS. YOU'LL SAY THAT, TOO, WHEN WE CLEAN YOUR CLOTHES it's a grand feeling (o R et all spiffed up in a clean, freshly pressed suit—particularly a suit cleaned a{ our shop, for we specialize in perfect w o r k 0 u r methods restore original sparkle lo colors and fabrics and (ho pressing makes clothes look like new afiain For Better Laundry and Dry Cleaning !>th & Walnut Phone 810 1940-41 Loan Cotton LOUIS APPLEBAUM RLYTHEVILLE, ARK. Phone 167— U) 10 107 So. 2nd St. W.C.FIELDS »VlL. THE Bank Dick Cartoon & serial "Green ArcneV" Continuous show SUNDAY & MONDAY GEORGE M. COHAN'S GREAT STAGE HIT! "UIR[ NELLIE KELLY" tlorring JUDY GARLAND with GEORGE MURPHY CHARLES WINNiNGER Screen Play by Jack McGowan Directed by Norman Taurog Produced by Arthur Freed An M-G-M Picture Pararr-junl News Special "President Roosevelt's Address to Congress" /*l c o N-.voltv Short Subject Phone RUz 224 Phone Roxy 322 LISTEN TO KLCN 10:00 a.m.—12:45 p.m.—4:30 p.m. ROXY SATURDAY Under Texas Stars with TEX RITTER & serial "Deatlwood Dick" SUNDAY & MONDAY Hunchback of Notre Dame with Charles Laughton, Maureen O'Hara, Sir C. Hardwicke, Thomas Mitchell and Basil Rathbon* Fox News & Comedy

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