The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1937 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Chickasaws Will Play Eight Conference Foes Next Year The Blytftcvlllc Chickasaws will Hint the Pine Bluff Xobias. tin, meet eight Arkansas Athletic con- North Little. Rock Wildcats and the fcre'nce foes In 1938, provided one ( Little Hock Tigcr.s would be tack- verbal agreement is reduced to n led on consceullve week-ends early written contract, it.ivas announced In (be season, a lino-np of early by Head Coach Jne Dilrty at last season, tests thai no other team In night's Chlckasiuv football ban- the slate call surplus oi 1 probably quet here. [ even approach. The ChickasawK, ilrspilu iheir, 'Hie schedule Is complete except undefeated ami untied record clur- for an opening game on Sept. l(j, Ing 1938. were forced to stand by which is to be played here. The and watch the conference crown Riistollvllle flute, limvover, Is based Bo to pine Bluff because the 'Ac- on a verbal agreement bclwcon bras played and won eight con- school officials which has not been fcrence games against live gnuics formally acknowledged by written attorney nnd the Chicks played nnd won. The contract. of BlylhevillD Zebras wore beaten in a non-con- | Of the 11 gaines five will lie play- fercncc ganip witli mi out of stale ed nt home, Including tllt.s with opponent while the Chicks' record Rarest City. Jonesbaro, C'liittovllln, Alabama University Athletic Director and First Blytheville Coach Talk Henry G. "Hank" Crisp, director of athletics at Ihe University of Alibama, Tuscaloosa, and Sam Cesten. Memphis volunteer coach high school's first football team, coinpUmi'iilcd the undefeated and untied Blylheville Chickasaws as is'clcan of a defeat or lie by any ilussciivllio"iiiHi"Thc"bi)'nt7lii». Buesls at the banquet honoring ' — • i '»- 'Chicks at (lie NoMc Hotel !ast night, oie hundred and forty six per- rons, including Hie Chicknsaw squad, coaches, school officials, Chickatiw .Athletic club members nnd Just plain football fans as well as a number of out of town visitors attended Ihc banquet. Mr. Crisp, whi look time oft Iram his task of aiding Head Coach Frank Thomas prepare the Crimson Tide for ila Rose Bowl engagement New Year's Day ot come here, paid high tribute to the Blytheville team as cliamp- ions. fie Csclared that a record of four years play without «. defeat or tic in state, circles was more than a. paper championship and one that couldn't be discounted. He said Uiat; UjQ University ol Alabama was highly pleased to have had Blytheville boys matriculate trere In (lie past who had contributed materially to the sensational success of Alabama fool- bsll teams and indicated tltat he hoped Blytheville guilders would 'continue to keep their gaze directed toward Tuscaloosa. Indulging in frequent reminiscences of the years when he lived and of his efforts to establish foolball as a sirart here Mr. Ccslcn said he was ns great si, football enthusiast today »s he ever was. He referred to himself as 'one of the greatest of present day "drug blare coaches" and recalled his experiences as n Vandei'- bilt University plnyer and coach at The Citadel, Charleston, S. C. in the late Ws. He admitted that football had since then. Costeu. discussed advanced greatly Blylheville's first team and the second here, tli oflreb la really piny a pre-arranged schedule, and produced a picture of his first squad: He stoutly, insisted that L. n. "Monk" Matthews, who played on the early teams, was the "best center. BJy- theville ever'had and discussed the i 'attributes-'and' shortcomings or some of his other' pupils. Coach Joe Dilrty of the Cbicka'- saws revealed (he details of Iliu 1938 Blytheville foolball schedule showing that the Chicks wilt meet eight conference foes next fall Assistant Coach Mitchell Best, .reviewed the 1937 season and declared that he hoped he could be as happy this time next year as he was last night. W. D. McClurkin, superinten- opponent. Coach Dildy's revelation of next year's schedule fulllilled iiis moni- isc that tlic Chickasaws would Dick no easy spots and would be out lo show Hie state that (hey could | The schedule follows: Sept. 10, open, here, Sept, 23, Phie Bluff, Ihcre. Sept, 32, North Little Rook, (hero, Oct. 7. Little nock', there. Del. lj. PnragonltJ. ihoro. "take 'em as tough as they come." i Oct. 21, Russellvllle, heie. His announcement revealed that] Oct. 28, Clarksville, here. not only would (he Chicks take on ( Jonesboro, Forrest City, Pine Bluff, I Claiksvillc, Russellvllle. Hope, Norlh j Lilllc Rock and tit fir; Rock but Nov. '!, Hope, there. Nov. 11, Jonesboro, hero. Nov. IB, Walnut, Ridge, (here. Nov. 24, Forrest city. here. The e Burial Ity .1. »'. Blylheville honored her football heroes—Ihc undefeated ami untisd Coach-Joe Dildy iind Supt. Wllliiim D. McClurkin for Ihcir line results with (he schedule . . . Llnlm; up Ltllle Rock. Pino Bluff. Russell- vllle and Clurksville all. In oiirj day was no small feat ... it has Uiken ycrtrs to get (he Zebras ;uul 'Finer high moguls lo agreo In a Jimno and home contract .' . . Russell- vlile's and Clarksville's consent to. ' lere llex '' sejtsoii. icivns the Chickasaws—last night at Motel home folk a well balanced program. Noblo in cue of the best banquets j with Jonesboro, Forrest City, and. I have ever been privileged to at- '" "' —-"— --From tho mcinciit that tend Toaslinaster Max Reid opened the business. couple of smaller games should draw like il/s no body's affair until he so fittingly climaxed it with "(hunks lo all for everything" there was not n dull moment. ... . . Everything went off smooth!" and rapidly nnd after it was all over one wnu.not consoioiis Unit almost three hours' had licon, consumed '. The PAYO BV IJARKV GKAVSO.V Sporlti Kditor, NEA Service NEW CHILEANS, Dec. 16. -.This old and inlorestmu city always did know how, so it Is not surprising Hint Sni^ar Bowl events, during tho Christmas holidays, will attract the eyes and ears of Ameriea. c intn Clara's unbeaten and tin. tied football team again tackles Louisiana stale, Jan, 1, In the climax of n program which Includes: A mid-winter regatta between illni, f-nift of all types and a four- oared shell rowing nice. An Inler-clty boxing meet- between New Orleans and Memphis amateurs. An Intel-sectional basketball cu- KitgeinenL between New Orleans and Memphis amalenrs. An inler.soctloiial bnskcl.baii engagement trotting out Pittsburgh, and Kentucky, Southeastern Conference champion. A tciuils tournament. <* six-event track meet—100-yard dash, one and two-mile, 120-yar<l hurdles. 410, and two-mile 'Hie selection or Russell Mosley. and Dan Warringlon to lead the Maroon Maulers In '38 was tops wilh (he fans . . . from (Ills corner no better choice coulrl, hnvc been miuln Both: are exlrctne- . . . „ speeches, short, i '.v popular and :irc capable and snappy, were filled with plenty | OlganlJc Joe Bartholomew of humor that ke])t the Hti presents ' ' " hi: constant uproar ... Orchids to Chairman Farmer England ct. nl. * * • Henry "Hank" Criso, nnd Sam Costeu. guests of honor, did exactly wlial It was hoped (hey wcuid . . Instead of having a ivoll oitod speech tlml'-was read, (as some wo ,lyivo painfully cxporionccd) they 'just, talked' . . . They liocl plenty lo say. did it without ceremony and sat down . . . Tlic highlight of Hank's speech from a local angle came when the discussed Ihe former Blythovillc slars who enrolled at 'Bauia I Sam ilrc»- rcun:ls of npplaiise and laughter Ion. especially when h 0 rocsillctl Ihc members of Blythcvillc's first football *- n "> ... He brought atnni; pictures of llic ijroui) and Iho le.nn and f: BO}, a big kick out of it . members were on hand Five They were Joe Grain. Jesse TayJtir. Darrol McDcarman, Marcus Evvard. and Hamilton Litlle "Ham" came up from Memphis with his old . He. loo. hns a law coach dent of schools., discussed the new stadium, ground for which lias already been broken, and declared Iho present opportunity to build the stadium through a WPA 8™nt; ="id' the raking of a round 59,000 locally, was one that could . „ . not be passed- up. He said the '" "" B coium " plans called, for a- stadium and bc 1>c!|K "' gymnasium to cost about $43 000 and be ready for USB by next fall He urged Blytheville citizens to respond to tho public sale of certificates of: indebtedness, against certain revenue of future football proS. t0 Cany °" t " 1C s(ad """ Members of the 1037 Chick squad, wore introduced by Calvin. Moody, alternate captain, in th,> Alfred Meredith. A nole "'from Meredith, expressing his thanks for support ot the fans, tvas read ^?.™ Tc :,7; P'Wllcnl of the AUilettC' club d . welcom- cliiu nndn, BjytUcvillc fK"^ r '\ wcrc slad l ° lcnt|ci M£ lh °'.Banquet !" tlicir honor. MHx Reid- served as loastmastcr and; "pop" .Mosley provided Iho principal: "laiiglir of (he evening m,!!rt h! 5 rC5ponS( > 4 ° insolent demands for a "few words." practice in the Bluff city . . . The pro stars. Don Hudson, Dill Lcc and Arnio Herber, were unable (o attend . . . nappy Campbell, backfield and: baseball, coach at 'Bama. was on hand' with his boss . . . Oiler our apologies for not starling the broadcast on |i|iio as anr.ou:;:c;l Just couldn't and indications arc that he Svili enter school ut mliUonn . . . He will help lo solve tho line probr lein ... He tips the beam near the 250 mark . . . a « * As.has term Ihrj GIIXIQIU "f Dir- mlnghum'K Alabama- 'alumni, sold watches have been, glvon to .nciiior mcmberji of Ihc Tide . . . 'Brut. Includes Jimmy Tipton . . . Enjravcd on the back Is "Tip's" name, position and the donor . . , Jimmy sent Ifc.hojuo ... So if; bycbnnco iyou see- Dr. Tipton. reauhing often ihlo Ills pocket lo record! the lime you will know the reason . . , Hcr.schnl Bobo. popular manager, of Uie Blytheville Giants who won the Northeast Arkansas League petinnnl hi tlielr firati scnson, was stricken wilh appenrilc-ilis late last night He was rushed lo the Blyllievillc hospital and: an nner- Ronoyi opnratton performed' shnrtly iitlEf midnight ... He i;,- resting well this morning and will appreciate seeing his friends. It is expected that all ixiiline aircraft won will, bo required lo carry radio compasses or direction finders on all their iilinics. As of October 1. there were II;',119 pilols and 8430 aircraft holn> Ing active Department of Commerce licenses. i (he Rural Schools Begin Weekly Cage Tourney 'the rural • . when four games will be played: ni th 0 armory The games, which will start at 7:30, o'clock, will: be between. Black- walwand Yarbro boys, Blackwaler and Yarbro girls, BKron and Lone Oak boys, and Lone oak anrt Yarbro girls. Cam&ersville Wins Opening Cage Games CARUTHERSV1LLE. Mo,. Dec. 16.—caruthersville high school basketball teams won both opening games of the season here Tuesday night -n-ilii cooler, the boj's winning 21-10 and tho girls coming out ahead, 1S-H, In a game that was twice tied in (he clcs- Ine minutes of play. With eleven point* each. Made- Icti Rogers, girls' forward, and Crc'ker bois center;, led' (he Co-, ruthersiillo. teams in scoring, as <vsll: /u. Uie visitors, , . Read Courier News Want' Ads, No small amount of. credit Is due Rend Courier Mows Wmil Arts. Practically all outstanding, fool- liiill slralepisls and college athletic cfliciuls v,'lll he on hand for Ihe annual meetings of (lit? Football Coal-lies' Association and Ihe Na- lional CollcsJatc Athletic Association. The Southeastern Conforcn-c has scheduled Us confab for the unc time. Thus Santa Clara ana Louisiana Slale -undoubtedly will perform before the largest group of competent critics ever assembled. IVciv Orleans Sliows Way Sugar Bowl events, though now our years old. arc the newest alh- 'ctic development of note tn a city that has played a loading part m sporls progress In the past. It was, In New Orleans that the fust organized race course in the 'country was opened in 1827. The present Southern Yacht Club, second oldest boating orgnni- zatlon. In the united Slates, was g?^. ln , 18 «- too years before the America's Cup became the emblem of yachting supremacy I he New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club Is the oldest hi the ,,a<ion It was established in 1870. almost two score years before Maurice F MoLoughlJn. brought what had been a lofty society game lo tho noopls Tho first gloved boxing iwul replacing more brulal Ijare-kiinckln battles, was fought In 31. ucriianl piirisli, Just ouLsido tlic city. H was in New Orleans, sept 7 1892; that (lie young and highly scientific young bank clerk, Jamei J. Corbett, rovolutionlMd the Ijcak busting business in knockim- out John L. Sullivan. So, you see, New Orleans is steeped in sporls tradition. Sugar Bowl tennis shows Bilsv Grant' and' Wnvnc Sabln, nnvis dm alternate; nobb'/ Riggs, youthful star of last summer;' Kmio 4'uttcr. national intercollegiate champion: Don Mr-Neill of Ken.von i College of- Ohio; Frank Knvtics anil I Klwood Cooke, Californlii himina- rie.s, ajid some liiorc, Tlic Ihhd Sugar Bowl truck mccl Irulv will be a parade of champions with Glenn Cunningham. Archie San Jloninni. Don L.isli, •roininy Deckard, th e Rideout twins. For- resl (Spcc> Towns. Bob OsijoryJ Allan Tolmlch, Fio}d i/wlmor. Chuck Fenske, Joe McClnskcy. nnd more lillcholders of one kind or another. The results or ti year ago still arc vivid. There was llic new American record of 10:01.5 by Lochnor in the steeplechase. San Romani's hairline victory over Cunningham, and the defeat of Lash, in the two- mile through excellent team running by the Rldeoiils. Whero the other bowl, layouts confine their sport to football." New- Orleans goes all the way. The gay city on the gulf knows no other way.- THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1.6, 193? Mosley, Wan-ington To Lead Chicks In 1938 nusKoii Mosley, triple threat left halfback and all-state back, was named 1938 captain of the Blythevlltc Chickasaws yesterday. Uan warrmglon, wingman and also an all-slater, was elected allernale captain. Pilots Release Player And Return AnolKer CAUUTHKRSVILLF. Mo. Dec..] IB.—The C'Liiulhersvillc Baseball Chili, /IK'., l^iay announced Hie outright release of diaries Tern- plclon, and the return of Jack Frost to Monettc in the Arkansas-, Missouri Loagite. Teniplelon, CniKJ Clirardeau lioy, played second ba-;e< for the Pilols last year, and Frost was an outfielder. The officials i;S Ihe local dub also announced Hint Earl Small • ing. bi» riglithander, -would be witli the Pilots again next year. N. Y.-Pa, League Likely To Keep Scranlon Glub SOU ANTON, Pa. (Ui'l — '1'lic possibility of removini; Hcratiton from miMnuffiliip in (h e New Yovk-Pennsylvania l)asei!:ill lnii(;nc was believed to have been lore- f.tallecl with the election of Thorns's Ricliiiixlsoi), of Williamspurt, as Ihc h-amic's new president. It had been reported that either Troy, N. y.. or Hartford, Conn would replace Scranton as a league- meinbci- because of sucli lew attendance figures at the local team's home games last season. Poor ball playing in the early part of last season was cited ;ir, reason for small crowds. Richardson, a frequent visitor to Scranton. believes that with llic proper Interest injected into the local situation, old-lime baseball enthusiasm can be restored. CHALLENGE TO CHIZZLEVlTS There once was a merchant named Chizzlewit who trimmed his tree every Christmas and his customers every day. He was a canny creature,'this Chizzlewifc, and knew how to win a customer by guile. The shirts he sold were cheaply woven, packed with powder- to make them seem firm. To. conceal their inferiority he told customers that he always wore them himself. In the glassware department he "made up" for poor quality by giving a set of pretty paper doilies with every purchase. He knew many such clever tricks and used them without reserve. . .Clfizzlewit never advertised. He knew- too well he could never fool people for long in print. i Advertising ?nust live ujj to its own claims. That is why you can have full confidence in goods consistently advertised. If the maker has a worthy product, fairly priced, he wants as many people as possible to know about it. If the product is unworthy, the printed word will only expose it sooner, - Christmas, and all around the ; calendar, read advertising. Makers and merchants stake their reputation, in cold black type, that what you read is true. MAN CLOTHING GIFTS WILL "RATK" WITH HIM! CilliCK YOUR GIFT LIST . . . THKN HURRY DIRECT TO R, I). HUGHES & CO. for him to enjoy Silk or Flannel Rich ijrocadcs with $£J satin lapels . . . warm i^ flannels in stripes niul 95 no NECKTIES Na "jckeii" here. . . . but carefully. :a:-:lcful- ly selected lie:; he'll likrj. $1 to $2.50 -7**. PAJAMAS For Immiuiifv or sleeping . . . rich [;>*ks ami 1 bir.tUlclot'i. 1 ; J» i>11 col- or.s. $2 to $5 Give Wilson and Arrow DOBBS HATS Give him a Dobbs Hat Gift cenificssto, let him choose !;is lut -later. $5 up Leather Gloves tin I to n and sljp-oirc, iincKl or, milinal in Mocha, Kid, Gn\K an;i Pigskin. $1.50 to $3.95 New checks, pluids. slripcs. ami plenty nf snowy whiter ... a Sc-lcotion. of patterns to plcaso the> most 1 dis- criminatiriii. " ••>••• $165 to S2 50 TRAVEL SETS A gift he'll appreciate . . . leather travel r,ets I'ompleU. 1 with ™ s - •JiS^JBj S2.50 up Handkerchiefs Rincy coiore:! lawii:;. anoivy linen. 1 ;, hemstitched ami iniMalcd. 35c to $1 Dress Up For The Holidays! SALE Of Men's Suits and Topcoats 1-3 Off R. D. HUGHES

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