The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 25, 1949
Page 12
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1949 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople ' PAGE THIRTEEN HE'LL JUMP ON TH- WATCHMAN FOR LETTIN'HER IMTO GET AT HIM,'CAUSE HE FELL FDR IT.TOO ANP HA<=, LET HER GO AROUND NICKIKf TH' 80V5 FOR SOME CHARITY STUFF.' WHAT6 I_M» MOV4 ADDED SCULPTURINO TO VOUR LIFE STOKV Of teFT OM 0A5S5? HPW6 YOU DRAFTED THS ANNUAL SLUEPBIi-Vr OF &OOO PLACES TO SNORB THIS AREM-T *too oua,TO'-PRO- DUCE AMOTHW FLYTRAP THAT vsiiu. MP*;B VMORUD FORGET SCHSOr-i? *— Dit> YOU EVER PERFECT THOSE SOGSL&S• KNOWS IF VOU CAW BREAK THROUGH HIS GUARDS VOO FIWP TH 1 BIG BOV AS. SAPPY AS TH' REST OF US. COT A CROW TD PICK WITH THAT 6LASTEP WATCHMAN/ _ COMPOS) NJG A SONATA TODAY = ,i. 2f THE BREAKDOWN! Help Wanted, Male 'i men in work Rt cniton cm Valley- Mela (jln Co Varbro ph tim5 lit? ck tl One good mechanic, preferably with General Motors experience. Sec Earl Stone at Noble Gill Pontiac Co., 21(5 So Lilly, Blytheville. 11-25 ck 20 Loans "TVA.NT A SVRJITOAN~ 1 have one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. HI ALES LAND, CO. \V. T. Bariielt— Russell Riale —Ercy Williams— 22G2 two phonos 4809 11-25 ck tt W i'htriy 'tl'S'l'EEN t Personal *t«llr ftcrtlcp 118-ck-tl For Rent 3-room house & bath. Furnished Couple only, -m N. Broadway. M t 22 pk 11:26 Ne»- 2-rooin house. Furnished. No children. Ph. 6272 or see me at 419 a - ^°'h St.-" 11J22 pk Ili26 Warehouse 3U > X40 P oil railroad siding. Midwest Dairy Prortuc.13. Ph 4-H7 11|16 ck u Comfortable bedroom Ph 2675 10,26 pk II Flash cameras lor . I) occasions O'b-fliKM-B BTULI1U <!5-ci u "ylocrs Highway 61 Pbnne 3112 8 i?3 c* FOB KENT — Seterai tracts ol K^od iRnd with Improretncnts located nrar Earl, and Hughes. Arkansas, ranging In sizes Irom 4U-acre.s to 640. Apply to K. P. Mngne.u, Earle. Arkansas Telephone 2U31 and 3531 1119 pk 11130 Wanted to Buv Highest pnc«, paia roi CH1OKENS- EljL,lj Ash Ormery & Market 417 w *»" 617 ck u Wonted to Rent T "" c "' 4 - r oom modern rnrnlslied 5partinent. electrical kitchen. (or orklnR couple. Ramon Morion, phone i (Ark-Mo Power Co.) 11|22 clc ll[30 FOR SALE CONCKETE CTJLVER'l TILE "-ostj juu leu yel last* luncei tn»n anj other bridge material ali-tl 8-1U-U-1S-II-Z1-I4-2T-30-M Inchei. CONCRETE SEWER TILE Slzei l-fc-« incbn CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS • Beirt Prices • ewe DellTej A. H. WEBB HigliHaj 61 al Slate Line Phone 714 WOODS Druq Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Druq Store fa CAMEO By Virginia Teale i*r w* stuvict. me 1IIK STOIllr Jlnu.r • •< <nlrrr Vnknv l,r>(h ^unl If. >.uj M cjniirn. Itntk .\>ll O'Neill Mil -I'll,,, Knllrr claim En n« n It. rmnr. Kcl I "n c "'".'t'Tn Ve'r °rn!'(« T.I "I" '-111". nilllKi 1... . . .vtih null Knox, the X JJPON recovery from her first minules -of stupefaction aflor finding Ihe empty cameo box on Ihe seal o( her car, Hagar Blair had driven up Hillside Road lo think out what her discovery mighl indicate, and what lo do about it. Opening the box. she ran her fingers across Hie purple velvet lining—idly she picked with her fingernail at the edge of the cushion. The cushion tilted. Hagar attempted to push il back inlo place, but it had become wedged. Using a hair pin as a lever, she dug carefully at the side of the velvet cushion to put it straight. It finally popped out. Hagar brushed the loose glue out of the box. blowing into it to remove the small particles. She held it close to Ihe light to appraise its condition, and it was then Dial she noticed the numbers. There ;were two sets of figures, engraved one beneath the other, and n single figure at the bottom. Probably some jeweler's code number, she decided. Arranged in a peculiar way, though, for that sort of thing: 10-4; and below lhat, 8-2; and below that, 6. She pressed the cushion back in place and closed the box. She started Ihe motor. Pulling [he wheel hard over, she whirled the little car around and pointed its nose downhill. CHE brought the car to a bouncing slop in front of Walter's mail box. As she climbed out and slammed the door, she was jeering at herself: "So far, old lady, you've behaved like n stupid cat worrving nt Ihe tail the lizard has left behind." She climbed the slcps lo Martin's porch, "Well, here's hoping it's not too Inte to catrh the lizard!" Jfagar saw n light inside and pounded on tile door. "Falter? Hey, it's me! Hagar. I've come to talk business." She leaned againsl the door. II creaked open about two feet and stopped. She stepped inside and looked around: \Vhat a pigsty! There was a bottle of red wine overturned on Die floor and a murky pool had spread out. around and under it. Probably lying drunk on his bed, Hagar decided, and made up her mind to prove it. She approached the half-open door of what she judged would be the bedroom and peeked inside. She froze for a few seconds, then her body perked up Inlo boardlike stiffness and she loitered backward into the studio. Though she could not now see through the bedroom doorway, the picture on the oiher side was photographed on her brain. Martin Falter, in blue and white striped pajama trousers, sprawled across the bed, the hair on his naked chest matted with glistening dark red, his head lolling on Ihe edge of a round pillow-bolster, and the whole dreadful tableau slartlingly illuminaled by the light of a fluorescent reading lamp. Her eyes lost their look of va- canl horror and became only astonished and curious as Ihev darled over the disordered studio. Except for the spilled wine, Hagar thought, there was no sign of a fight. She noticed, then, that the front door was wide open and went over to close it. She reached for the knob, paused a momenl and pushed the door closed with her foot. Cinching up her nerves, she decided to look for Ihe r^.^n o i,, | nc bedroom. Taking a pair of gloves from her pocket, she slipped them on and walked through the bedroom noor on liploe and closed il behind »cr. She kept her eyes ofT (he bed as much as possible. ON the floor, near the clnset door, she saw nn open suitcase; a number of clean shirts and socks were strewn around il, Hagar concluded the bag rind been already searched and lurncd her attention to a wardrobe chest op- posile Ihe bed. She examined Ihe contents of the drawers nnd found but a few nrUU nnri nnrlc of clothing. Slowly, then, her eyes averted, sno advanced toward Ihe bed. She crouched beside it and, feeling as though she were about to touch a dead snake, slid her hand under the pillow bolster. There was nothing lucked away Iherc. nnd she was nboul to withdraw her hand when she realized that the area under the pillow was hard and smooth rather than resilient. She pressed her ringers down on what seemed to be a wood panel about 10 inches wide which extended from her edge of the bed to a point almost halfway across. She sat back on her heels and cons 4< red: There seemed to be a rectangular piece cut out of the mattress, and in the hole there seemed (o be some sort of com- parlmcnt or box resting on top of Ihs springs. Hagar realized that there was no way of exploring this further without moving Faller's body. She shivered. Then, warily, she untucked the sheet from Ihe side of Ihe bed and peered underneath. Filled in snugly belwcen Ihe mattress and bedstead was a gray wooden box of a type used by carpenters to carry tools. Hagar slid her hands in on each side of it and pulled- it slid forward quite easily. Hagar glanced up al ihe bed and her slomach churned! The pillow bolster was sellling as she moved the box from beneath it and Faller's head and shoulders had begun to slant toward her! (To Be Continued) . Each year the earth rotates on Us axis about 366 'i times. SICK? Painting Interior & Interior Expert Paper Hanging Kslimales (,lad!y Given Russell Price Phone 6S60 Stomach, Liver and Gall Bladder upset, Tongue coated, Bad breath. Bad taste. You have heartburn, gas and dizzy spells, gas in your bowls, may press upon your bladder, causing backaches. Getting up at nights, pains in your legs, arms, you leel dizzy, nervous, irritable. NIT-AID Contains twenty-two herbs that help to go right to woi-k on the cause. Miserable i people soon feel different, so do not go on suffering. Get N'U-AID — Sold at OWEN'S DRUG STORE, Rlyt Seville. Dell. SHEET METAL WORK. OF. ALL KINDS Custom work foi gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills Cuslom Shcarin", up to 1/4 j t , rh ihirkness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway |«h ( ,n ( . 2fiM -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work Guaranteed For 12 iMunlfis 531 North Ifilh Phone 6001 LU CO LU o h- co WINTER IS ALMOST HERE so See Our Dependable U sed Cars 1017 Slurlcbaker I, ami Cruiser— a shiny filack color, clean insiilc and out * rWdrive W Scdan ~ l " IS «"<"' h«U«, excellent motor and a l,ar K ain Check These Older Models MIIJ Kurd Coupe 1!) 10 Sludebakcr Commnmlcr Chevrolet 2-dour 1039 I'lymouth 2-door lil.'i? Chevtnlcl Coupe 1!)35 CHAMBLIN SALES CO B J,,..~I_ . T°"f Fri *"dly Stutfebaker Dea/e," RAILROAD & T°SH PHONE 888 KUECKLJS3 AND HIS FRIENDS «Y MERRILL BLOSSER Cll(« Hoy SURPRISE .SURPRISE/ /VNO MAYB?. CHRISTMAS, WEVE ODME lb SPEND , ] YOJ TWIST OUR. ARMS / ' Wiry,Tins swear LITTLE BOY MUST F.'ARP-'SHAKE yMAi r: 1 -, -J'^rvii, > NVf . CHUMP/ /BRUDDER.' spot those books ttioylorroWDd!" IHUSCIM.A'S I'OI' RY Al. VEK1MEER PI (JUST FOR THAT VDU HOW ABOUT YOURSELF? v3u CAN MARCH RIGHT -. .. SHAME PRISC1LLA! When Kiickclccrs Fail "YMICH A K1 . O'MALLEY und RALPH LANE i,f/ I WISH I WAS BACK IN CHICAGO ItkCE V 1 ! f ?i\ IT WAS IN WE 010DAYS. PfEWEE. THEY V *" V """I'T NONE Or THIS SUB-TUL STUFf NEEDN'T TELL ME IWO WAVE FAUEN VOUR FACES AGAIN/ HUTS TO THAT.' JLISf WAIT Till. KID SLICK HUES UPAU "" BOOKIES IM TOWN, Will!- ,- f BENEr-lTOFSHOOIING./- C APT A IN KASY HY I,KSJ,IE TURNER HEKE IS PAPA'S 7 WE LATE. ^, , n LOOKS DESERTED NOi', J^JH?!?*?A!.** Tico*! THIS TRAIL HWE LUMBER CAMP WHEKE I SAW THE BANDITS WITH SEUOR. TUB8S HUGS HIINNY WITH Av/ SUPER PIPES I'LL MAKE THAT BELL RING LIKE; A THREE- AUARM THAT 16 GONNA ) KY V. T. HAM1.1N BOOTS AND HER UUDDIKS UY EDGAR MARTIN

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