Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 27, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 27, 1895
Page 1
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VOL XX, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 27, 1S95. NO. 24. acl Year * SPRING i ANNOUNCEMENT, We find an earlier demtind is this year to display the line as early These Lines of Goods Controlled by us inLo- gansport made for as the demand. GOODSand we have used our best efforts In aonouncing the opening of our Wash Fabrics for 1895, we beg to call particular attention to the fact that wo have prepared for the wants of all classes of trade and can confidently claim to show not only, by far, the most extensive but also the most varied and most reliable stock to be found in these parts. Our a.'Bortment is practically limitless in extent, includes both Foreign and Domestic high class jS T ovel- ttes not to be found elsewhere and also a complete line of the best known and Spring and Summer 95. most desirable staple fabrics. Special care has bo«n used to select goods that will jfive satisfaction as to permanency of color.; all (shades un<l tints in even die d'liotiesc fubries as fast in color as it is possible to be umde by the leading Manufacturers in this country and abroad. Tomorrow morning we opori for your inspection the following loading brands which our buyer ftSiuros us aro tho most reliable) brands on the market, as well as the most stylish and desirable goods," Controlled by us in Logansport: . Fine Juvenille Zephyrs Fancy Crepons Black Taffet Mfcire Fine Scotch Zephyrs, 32 IN. Dresden Dimities Dresden Swisses Alesbury Woven Ducks, Princess Duck Koechlin's French Satins Jwadriga Satines AVORITE ABR1CS OK ANCY WAISTS. Hooden Satines •> McMonnies Satines Toile Du Nords Cort Roal Piques Percaline Francaise Sea Island Shirtings Fancy Jacquait Lyons Trilby PUsse Swivel Silks Batiste Royale | AVORITE 'A BRIO'S OR ANCY PRESSES. There is a round redaction of 35 PER CEMT on aM present prices in comparison with last spring's prices. Couie early and pret first chuioe. This line of Wash Goods is the finest that we have fiver (shown. This means much. It will be our pleasure if you will inspect the display. The Busy Bee Hive. 409-411 Broadway, 306 Fourth St. <»t»oiLni"?i Spring Curry Comb jClnckSprinffB1nd.fi. Soft as n Brush. Fits <-rcrv Curo-e. Ton Perfect Corntx Dscd by U S. Armv nnd Oy Garuom *nd mu)jt Circuses, and Leading Horsemen of tile Wand. Ash you) Dcnaci toz It. Sample mnum POST paid z$ cent*. •jnnmn utRlSQ fUEEI COJIB CO., l02L»T*jeu« SU,60u!i JUtnd, India** In Begining a Journey we should soe that we begin right by going to the right place to bay our goods and this is the rigbt way to begin the New Year. We eipect to renmlu at the old stand and will be pleased to see you duritg this year. We always have a large line of Diamonds,Watches Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Fine China etc. at 410 Broad way. P. S,—We thank you] for your liberal patronage before Christinas. D. A. HAUK, The Jeweler and optician. 410 Broadway. SHORT'SPECIALS. Flint g-lnss manufacturers formed a now combine at Pittsburg-h, Pa. L. G. Wilson, a prominent merchant, was killed at Greensboro, Ala.', by robbers. A larg-e amount of spurious money has been put in circulation in southwestern Virginia. Portions of Alabama -were swept by a cyclone which did great damag-e. At Abbeville a child was killed. At RecTbank, tf. J., Olan Rudd skated 2 miles in 5:42 3-5, lowering tho record made by Joseph Donog-huo nearly eleven seconds. At Boug-er's Landing-, near Natchez, Miss., a fiatboat containing ttvo men, a woman and a child capsized in a whirlpool and all on board were drowned. Charles Schroeder, a prominent real estate dealer at Galveston, Tex., was sentenced to five years' in tjjjs penitentiary for forgeries amounting to £40,000. J. H. Robinson was killed accidentally by William Powers, his brother-in- law, near Jacksonville, HI. Powers was cutting- down a tree with" an ax when it slipped ^from his hand, striking Robinson in th ,'^ad... HANDS OFF. Senate Adopts a Besolution Advising Noninterference in Hawaii. Course of Administration Indorsed —Nicaragua Bill Passed by a Vote of 31 to 21. WASIHXGTOX, Jan. 26.—The Vest substitute on the Hawaiian question indorsing the course of the administration and advising non-interference was adopted in the senate by ,1 vote of 2-1 to Semms jr, Jan. 2G.—In the senate Saturday Senator Allen (pop.. Xeb.) offered a preamble and resolution reciting that the .Sherman act of 1390 invested the secretary of the treasury with full power to redeem treasury notes in gold or silver coin at his discretion, and deehiring thut it is the sense of the senate tlm the secretary of the treasury shall exercise his discretion by redeeming all forms of paper muney in silver coin whenever ho is satish'ed that a. svsteuintic attempt is being made to deplete the treasury of gold coin for the purpose of forcing the issue of government bonds payable in gold. He asked for its present consideration. Objection was made by Mr. Sherman (i-iin., 0.). and the resolution went over. The resolution offered Friday by Mr. Alien (pop., Neb.) in favor of the an- m-.xaUon of the Hawaiian islands with Mr. Vest's substitute in favor of absolute iion-iDterfereiiL-e. was laid before the senate and Mr. bodge (rep., Mass.) ttioic the lloor. Senator Lodge (rep.. Mass.) repelled warmly the charge quoted Friday I by Senator Mills, as to Hawaiian bonds being sold in New .England at twenty- five cents on the dollar; and was followed by Senator Frye(rcp., Me.), who charged that it wa.s Senator Mills who supplied the statement. Senator Mills declared that he had received his information from a newspaper, and had never seen any letter •from any one in Hawaii making such a charge. After some further dialogue beUvecn the two senators the vote was taken, on Sena.tor Vest's substitute to Senator Al.en's resolution, and it was ngrced to. Yeas,.24; nays, 2S. Messrs, li-by ami Mai-tin (pops.) and Pettigrew (rep.) voted in the aitirmative. The bankruptcy bill was made the orAer of business and then laid aside. At 3 o'clock business was suspended and eulogies on the late Representative | O'iN r eiil,' of Pennsylvania, were delivered, after which the senate adjourned nntil Monday. >iciiriicQ» Cuniil Bill Punned. The long parliamentary struggle over the Nicaragua canal bill came to a alosc and the bill was passed by a vote of 31 yeas to 21 nays. From 2 o'clock in the afternoon until 0, the time was consumed in a discussion iu which tJio speeches were limited to five mipules. It was sometimes carried on in a pretty angry fashion, but nothing very important or interesting was said on either side of the question. [The Xlcarueua canal '.All ns passed provides tliat Hie ciipiial slock of the JUitriiin-.e CannI company or Nicaragua sli.il! consist of 1,000,000 shurus of flOJ each; It authorizes Leo comp ny to issues per cent, bonas to theiimount orSTO.- 000.000, which shall bo endorsed and suarac- tcecl Uy ilic treasury ol the L"tilted States, and shall bo secured by a ilrsc mort- PIRO on all tho property ot tho company. Tho Interest on these bonds Is to be paid by the company as it falls due. and on failure to do so Is to bo held to pay 4 per cent Interest to tho United States. And such default shall also bring with ii tho right of foreclosure and sale. In consideration of the cuar- untce the United States Is to receive $70.000,0.0 in stool; ot the company: £0,000.000 of slock is 10 ^o to the government of Nicaragua: $1,603.000 Lo the Kovcrnmect o! C0;-ta Eica, and the remaining ri;,500,000 Is to u-o to extinguish former issues of stock, and 10 the construction of the canal. Ten of tbo lificcn directors of the couip.iny are 10 be appointed by the president of the United Stated, wkh the advice and consent of the senate.I l-'or .IJoro Public Bulletins^. WASHINGTON", -Tan. 26.—The senate committee on public buildings and grounds Saturday reported favorabl bills authorizing public buildings a follows: 1'aris, Ivy., to cost 500,000 Newport, Ky., to cost.??."),000; Cumber land, Md., 575,000; "puttsvillc, Pu., $00, 000; South Omaha, Neb., §100,000. The committee also reported favor PRACTICALLY DEAD. Strike Situation In Hrooklyn—Judge- G»r» nor Rentiers H l>coNIon. BROOKLYN'. Jan. 26.—Tho storm of Friday night and Saturday morning added materially to tho difficulties the trolley lines had to overcome in operating their lines. Fewer cars were ruu during- tho earlier hours than Friday. Street car sweepers were sent out, as soon :is the wires were sufficiently repaired, to clear the tracks of the accumulated snow and slush. These sweepers wero all guarded by a. half-dozen policemen. John P. Shea, formerly a special police officer, was arrested at Ralph uve- nuo and Monroe street, shortly after midnight. He wascaught in the act of pulling- down overhead wires at that point. Shea hail a n umber of others with him. but they succeeded in escaping-. Several other arrests of wire-cutters were made at different points throiigh- )iit the city and iu some of the outlying districts. Up to 10 o'clock Saturday norning no serious trouble had been reported at police he.'idquartei's. lYesiik-nt Lewis, of the .K-.-ooklyn Heights company, .said Saturday morning tliat UK- company had engaged 2,- iidi) now li.'inds since iho strike i>egan. Of this number SOU bo says have boon oiii:.\vd or driven away, but notwithstanding this defection the company lias enough to run all it.s cars iiti regular schedule time. Among tin.- applicants for work are many of UH- old hands. Tho oldest conductor in the. service of the road, who quit when tin; men went nut,, is among tin: applicants. It is supposed that the strikers arc now resorting in incendiarism to aid fhc'iu in their efforts to cripple the trolley companies. Karly 5-atnrday nioniing the. depotof the Fin-man street Mm- was set on lire in some mysterious manner, but the Humus were discovered before they had made much headway and were speedily extinguished. .Imlge liaynor handed down his <le- cisinn in the application for a writ of mandamus to compel the trolley companies to operate their lines Saturday, l-'rom the judge's expressions iu his decision on Thursday iu .setting the time for a hearing- as to the kind of writ ,to issue, tho general conclusion was that the writ would be a peremptory one. This would compel the ofiieers of tbe roads to operate nil linos at once or be in contempt of court. The judge, heard argument on Friday, and Saturday issued an alternative writ of mandamus. Tins allows tho officers of the lines twenty days to answer and the questions of fact as to whether they have exercised their best endeavors to operate their lines may bo tried before a judge or before a jury. The state board of arbitration was in session Saturday. Master Workman Connelly appeared before the board and was examined as, to the causes of the strike and possible remedial legislation to prevent n, repetition of the present trouble. The board has sent for the presidents, the mayor and everybod3 T who can give them information about the strike. OV.EK THE STATE. News Briefly Told from Various. To-wns in Indiana. ot KlrkTvouU Hall. 1 Ind., Jan. ->G.— The dedication of Kirkwood hall Friday \v:is one of the most important even.ti in the history of Indiana university. The principal addresses wore mudo. b^ Uov. Matthews. President Ang-ell, ot '. Aun Arbor, and Prosiclont Swain, of Indiana university. !•: ,-;;v. ; ».l hall is cousmict-ed of Indiana stone and ison« of the finest public building- in. the state. It is named in honor of Dr. D;m;el Kirk wood, the venerable astronomer, for thirty years in the faculty ol the university. [on l)t-ulh of mi InUlitulttii. u-OLis. Ind.. .Ian. M.—Olof R. Olson, a prominent liguiv m business and political all'airs of this city, died suddenly l-'riday niorninjr. Uo came here from Denmark a poor boy unej- built up one of the largest machine factories in the state, lie cumo home Thursday night, declared that he never felt bettor iu his life, and at once began looking-over his accounts, at which he continued until far into tHe night, lie carried a life insurance of tfHW.OOO. Kllli-d liy it rail. ^'I^•e^:.^•^•^:s. Ind.. Jan. M.—Corenzo Todd, aged IS years, attempted to step in the elevator at the Prospect, Hill • coal mine, just east, of this city. lia '• missed his footing and foil to tho bottom, a distance of "3."i feet, and was instantly killed.. In his fall he struck an . oak ei'oss beam -1 inches square ueai the bottom nml it snapped in two by . the force of the fall. MINE FIRE RAGING. ably the amendment; proposed b" S( Sena tor Vilas to purchase, instead of leasing- the cars used in the railway mai service, and appropriating- $500,000 for the purpose. Ajrrlcnltnral Appropriation Bill. TVAsarxGTOy, Jan. 2C.—The house committee on agriculture has. completed the agriculture appropriation bill for the coming- fiscal year. The measure as agreed to carries an appropriation of S3,4P2,150, which is an increase of SS1.5S6 over the appropriation for the current year. It carries no new legislation. For the distribution of seed 5180,000 is allowed aDd for the publication of the Farmer's Bulletin 820,000. The bureau of animal-industry gets SSOO,000;f or agricultural experimental stations 8750,000 is given;f or the weather bureau 5860,000. ±lu L.OII Her ncsuon- Mn/n-AtrKEJs, Jan. 26.—Mr. G. Tarbell has received a. telegram from Benton Harbor, Mich., stating- that Mrs. Pearl, the wife of the only passenger on the Chicora, has become insane from the shock caused by her husband's loss. I.Irc» oT Muny Men Kndnnc Ingr an Obstliuito Illnzn. HAZT.ETOX, 1'a., Jan, 00.--The Cre in HazJe mine slope is still raging. The work of fighting- the fire is pushed with the greatest diilicnlty. Saturday morning some fifty men. narrowly escaped being cremated. They were nt> work at the bottom of the slope when a. heavy fall took place, closing up the air chamber. This reversed the current and brought the deadly fumes back ' upon the men who were working below. Seventeen men were carried out entirely overcome. All of the men were from 'Wilkesbarre, having been sent here for the express purpose of fighting the fire. Several members of the city fire department were also overcome, but recovered after being taken to the surface. The most exciting scenes are being enacted both on the surface and within the mine. Prom present indications the slope is doomed. The damage already done will exceed §300,000. Millions of dollars worth of property is at stake. \Vlli Not i.<-c TIIVUI Fljriit. L.v POHTK, Ind,, Jan. it',.—The tcn- rounil sparring match announced for tho opera house at Plymouth February ]:.'. between l-'re<l Uroonburph, of Plymouth, and Charles \Vitsell, au unknown, for the championship of Indiana, will be stopped by tho authorities. Two hundred dollars a. side had been posted for the fight. I'rovcN an Kxpi-rt on tho Wheel. SiiKi.HYViu.K, hid ,lan. M. —A well dressed man went into tho music storo of Clanton & (.luthrie and priced a new bicycle. He asked tho privilege of trying it on the public, square, lie proved to be an expert and an hour later was seen going through a town 15 miles , away on the national pike, headed for, Chicago. . Clmrccil with lliili lloljhcry, JBFFEKSON, Ind., Jan. 20.—Fletcher Wurrann w.-i.s arrested here charged "* with robbing the United States mail ' at Underwood. Ho took tho pouch which lie knew contained money his father wa.s sending to another son in, Tennessee. l>ocljin-<l IrtKanc. KOKOMO, Ind., Jan. 2G.—Horace Loom is was declared insane by a jury in this cit.y. He shot and killed his cousin. James Gregory, August 31,1S94. I>oslru>-e<l hy J-'lro. 'or.is, Jml.. Jan. 20. — Tho fertilizer plant of E. U:uih & Sons near this city was destroyed by fire. Loss, 850,000; no insurance. rinorl for J'luylntj Cftr<ln. KOKOMO, hid., Jan. 3G —A number of this city's prominent young- taea were fined for playing cards in their clu broom for a prize. C'ftrriftco l'"a<-iory Hurnftd. MAJUON, Ind,, Jan 2G.—Fire destroyed the carriage factory of Welch Bros. & Co. Loss. $.->,000, with 31,800 insurance. STORMS IN" THE EAST. ELECTRIC CARS COLLIDE. ID Accident at Wilfcenlwrr*, P»., Rexults Threo Holnff fatally Injured. \TILKKSSAKRE, Pa., Jan. 2C. — Two electric cars collided Saturday afternoon on the Xancicoke branch. A motorman and two passengers were fatally injured and several others were hurt. Armenian* to He Shot. COXSTANTIXOPI.E, Jan. 20.—The court of cassation has confirmed the judgment of the court of Erzinghiam, rendered November 15, by which, twenty-four Armenians were condemned to death and thirty- four others were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. The decision of the court of cassation has caused strong feeling among the Armenians, especially • as it is reported :hat the condemned men will be executed forthwith. la,, Jan. 26.— Foster and Brovrn, the safe blowers who escaped Tom a Chicago, Book Island &. Pacific .rain recently, were sentenced to ten the Iowa state penitentiary at Tort Madison, Shipping ar»l Lfvm Imperiled— -Good Work of Ijfe Savers. GLOUCESTER. Mass., Jan. OC. — Tho schooner Leader of this port is ashoro on the reef of Norman's Woe at the entrance to the harbor. Four members of the crew of eleven men have reached the shore. It is feared the vessel cannot long withstand the storm and lha' the men on board may perish. SANDY HOOK, Jan. 2(3.— The British bark lie.itriee, which went ashore Friday night near Spermaceti life-saving; station, is breaking up. The bark is headed upon the beach. All the members of the crew were rescued by the, life-savers. The stores on the bark were valued at 53,000. With the exception of the Beatrice the coast is reported claar of wrecks as far as liamcgaL ALABAMA MERCHANT'S FATE. BouliJ. (Jncced and KofTocaled In a Multi-re*—Two Tmmp« Sojfpcct«d. BtEJUNGHAjf, Ala., Jan. 20.—A special from Eutaw, Ala., says: Lew O. Wilson, a. merchant near Evans Station on the Cincinnati, Selma <fc Mobile railroad, was murdered in his "tow? on the night of the 24th, and ' two well dressed tramps were seen ' hanging around his place for some days past, and they are supposed to btt the murderers. Wilson was found early Saturday morning tied with ropes • around his legs and body, and three' handkerchiefs stuffed in his month: with his head buried in the mattress, where he suffocated. Run UTer by » Train. El/GO, 111, Jan. 20.—Herman Cranston, of South Elgin, was killed by the cars Saturday morning on the Northwestern road. He ran in front of til* train.

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