The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 15, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 15, 1950
Page 5
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THtmSDAY, JUNE IS, 1950 •LITHEV1LLE (ARK.)' COtTRfER MT5W1 PACK State Department To Study Proposal Jo Fire All Aliens WASHINGTON. June 15. State Department officials today promised careful study of a recommendation that the agency fire nil the aliens it employ. 1 ! abroad and hire Americans Instead for security reasons. ! The recommendation came from Senators Green (D-RI1 and Lodge (R-MassK who traveled to-. Europe last month to survey the department's security set-up overseas. They said last night in a report to the Senate: "Aliens are the most likely means of foreign penetration and the effort to penetrate our security abroad is constantly growing." The low pay the aliens in American employ receive "makes them a . prey to bribery and pressure," the report added. Green and Lodge Abroad Green and Lodge went abrond as a special panel of the Senate foreign relations subcommittee which is investigating charges .hy Senator McCarthy (R-Wis) that Communists and Fellow Travelers have infiltrated the State Department. nicy took iPAtimony from de- t rlmcnt officials in Paris, Frank- ri, Washington and New York. "There was unanimous agreetncn among all the witnesses that at aliens now employed in Americai embassies, consulates and legation. idly as passible by Americans," the senators said. Building Ownership They also recommended that "for security reasons it is desirable that he United States .should own ra- her than lease its building* ibroad." That should be done .-«> 'special construction can be un dcrtaken to provide a high degree of security for such sensitive area* the code a nd cry ptog raphic rooms." State Department officials told a reporter the Green-Lodge recom mendaiions will get very' carefu consideration. The general feeling however, was that Congress woul< have to provide the riepartmen with more money if the program U Lo be carried out. Aliens Employed The department said It now em ploys between 5,030 and 6,000 alien at foreign posts around the work Officials said they were aligned non-secret work. Lod^e and Green said, howcve that in many cases the aliens ha\ access to confidential and seen material, and "often- have not ha a full field investigation." The added: "Although some aliens do un doubtedly like America, aliens AS * rule cannot be counted upon to Icel udge's Illness [rings Delay in Strike Hearing CARUTHKRSVIIJJf. Mo., Junf. S—Ht«ritig« for two Ciruthers- 111« men on charges of violating » <i.s.souri .labor statue were eonlin- ed lor » woond tim« thlx mom- lit. Hrarlue* for D»yUm Ford and aniM DavLSj employees of the Na- ional Gas Company here, on hargex of violating » state law which provides that a man oannot * prevented from engaging awful employment by threat-s of iolence. were continued until Thursday due to the of Magistrate Sam J. Corbett, who Ls re- cujwratini? In Hot, Springs, Ark The men were alleged to have prevented ». fellow employee o( the ;a.s company from making S delivery of an appliance whlie the ga. company were on strike recently. Due to the illness of Magistral! Corbett, the Missouri Supremi Court yesterday appointed Circui Judge L. H. Schultz ELI a specia Judge to hear cases pending 1' Magistrate Corbett's court. JuHRe Schnltr, elected to continue l.hp, until next week due to the short notice of his appointment. PUKE Continued from Page 2. of »» bolh occasions In U'i& iutiden, strong storms. T»B& of the BriUsh-nwjied Bah- rein Petroleum Company and local uciip.s today were sconrina the crash area for more survivors, A U. S. Air Force rescue plane aUo aided in the .search. 30 Feet of Wafer The plane was lying in about 30 feet nf water. Searchers bcUeved :he bodies nr most of the ir.i.sising .still were trapped Inside It. Boy's Illness Believed To Be Encephalitis Prcliminrw y examinations indicate that Marvin Lee, Smith, seven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Smith. 1530 Holly, may be suffering with encephalitis. it was feared, when the youngster was taken to Memphis for examination yesterday, that he lint! poliomyelitis. Doctors reported today that, Although polio can not be rttlftri out spinal fluid contiLs are more siiRf-es- •tve of encephalitis. A final report is expected lomor- Osceola VFW Post Is Re-Activated Member* of BryanL-Yonng Post o. 4685 of the Veterans or Foreign War.s in Oftceola last night held heir first meeting'in eight months and laid plans for continued functioning of th« organiation, ' Post Commander J .E. Hyatt- said meetings had been di.scominued for 'ant of a meeting place, La,>t iRhl's meeting was held in the OR- ceola Community and meetings continue to be held there, he The post will mret on the second and fourth Wednesdays at 7:30 p.rn Plans were made night (or a Buddy F'onpy sale July I, a mem- j hcr.ship drive and formation of a ' ceremonial team. In July, the post. 1 will elect a junior vice commander io lepliicn Roy Ciinttinghnm, who is leaving O ; reola. The next meeting; will bo held June 28. Church Women. The Lake Street Method LSI Church^ri ye.ster- day. Helpers were Mrs. A, M. Van Winkle. Mr.s. W. L. Green, Mr.s, Cecil and Mr.s. Jtmmle Sanders. Uw flr«l jHlbllrxlirin of thU notle*.' or they (hall be forever barred »nd precluded from any benefit In the estate. Tills lwHc« ftrsl published June 1, 1BW. Annie B. Miller, <U N. Filth Street, Blytheville, Ark. Prank C. Douglas. Atty. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., June 15. l/l'j—(USDAS—HORS 9500; uneven, steady to 25 lower than near steady: bulls and dnesday'* ivn>g«; burrows ind mostly 10 to U lower but closing 25 off; bulk good and choice 180-240 Ibs 19.15-«;. top 20.00 for several toads; some late salec 19.6065: 250-210 ll>s 18,25-M; 270-300 Ibs 18 iO-19 25; around 340 Ibs 17.54; 140-110 Ibs 17.16-19.50; fr,w down to 11.50; 100-130 Ins 14.00-17.00; good JWW5 400 Ibs down 16.25-11.00; few to 11.25; 410-500 Ibs 14.1S-1S.15; heavier weight! 1350-.U.2S; stags 1050-12.50. Cattle 1800; calv« 1100; small ottering* of steers nnd heifers finding limited tnrly Inrjuiry: few deuls odd lot* medium and gcod lightweight steers and htiters 2S.08- 29.00; good cows 11.50-22.00; common »nd medium cow» 1850-31.00; camieti ftnd outt«ri IS/W-1R.M. Old? Get Pep t Vim With IRON; »MJ« »u-»tomiMi CALCIUM, VITAMIN It MPM u/ •BLilr Vf rfl b umid. wuk. worn-out or i. conuliti toaic nti B!<J |uit t>*t*Ui* li minHi.TMiL!inrli i nit rtriiR Moren mrjwhcrv — IB henlle, At KLrby At Woari" Drug, embassies, consulates and lORatioru rule cannot he counted upon abroad .should be replaced as rap- ' loyalty Lo the United State/;.' Vast Haze Still Hovers in Pacific Area haze still hovered over the middle j Pacific today, covering possibly two; million square miles. l Scientists say it isn't ati atomic mist, since gciger counters- showed no radioactivity. .Just nature on a binge, they speculated. The finger of suspicion was pointed at. massive Maun a Loa, still spouting fire and brimstone as it enters its third eruptive week. Vnlcanin Show . Manna Loa. on the island of Hawaii, southeast of here, is putting on iUs greatest show of modern time. 1 ;. One river of red-hot rock, still rolls into the sea; two others have rtmlcri. Kiwanians Plan Annual Fish Fry Red Cross Fund Gets Another 58 A total of 18 was added U) the Red Cro;s fund yesterday by Ward II and the E. J. Cure and Siegbcrt Jiedel team, Mrs. Floyd Harul.ion, executive secretary for the Chickasawba District Chapter of 'the American Red Cross, said. This brin«.s the total amouht collected to S13.H3.29, Still $1.603.11 from the quota of nearly *15,000. Mrs. Haralson also ahnouticed that certificates of merit have been sent to members of Wards I and The mysterious cloud stretches IV solicitation team? lor their help in the campaign. Certificates were sent to Mrs. Earl Buckley, chairman of Ward I. and her a.ssistan(,s, Mrs. W. J. Cup- ple.s. Mrs. W. W. Booker, Mrs. Waf>- ler Adams. Mr.s. Jimmie Sanders Miss Alma PeUr.s, Mrs, Vance Henderson, Mr.s. Otho Stanlietd, Mrs Morris Zellner, Mr,s. Mark Stewart Mr.s. Raymond Z,achry and Mrs tierman Adair. Mrs. Byron Moore was chairmar of Ward IV. She and her two assistants, Mrs. Clint Caldwell anc Mr.s. John Deal received certificate of merit. from Wake Island, 2.000 miles west of Hawaii, to an area l,90fl miles east of Honolulu. Plane report* fixed the eastern boundary about 300 miles east of Hawaii. But officers of the freighter Hawaiian Fisherman -said they ran Into the ha?,p. last Friday 1,900 mites east toutheasL of Honolulu. Navigation Hamperrrt Officers said the murk prevented any navigational .sun or .star sightings the last four days at sea. The ship docked Monday on A trip from the Panama Canal Zone. Few .ships and no planes travel I that rute. Plans for the Kiwanis" Club's tnl fa ther-Eon-da lighter fish fry iBVre discussed at the weekly rnee,t- ••^nc of the club in Hold Noble yesterday. .,-. , -' $>. ~ The t\sh fry" wuT'lie held at Walk-" EF Park June 28. S. E. Tune was nppointed over-all chairman, for the event. Jimmie Banders, Blytheville alderman and business man, addressed the club on the home rule amendment at yesterday's mecLiner. Guests Included R. B. Crawford of Dell, C. W. Sislcr and Don City Purchases' Half-Ton Truck A half-ton Ford pick-up truck has'been purchased by the city for (lie Engineering Department, it was announced today by Jimmie Sanders, chairman of the City .^Council's Purchasing Committee. Cost" of the truck was £1,165 which the tou- bid submitted to the committee by Phillips Motor Co. here. Mr. Sanders said delivery of the truck may be marie today. Every truck dealer In Blytheville .submitted bids on the tri Mr. Sanders said. Negro Well Child Clinic Conducted IN T1IK PROBATK COURT, CHICK ASA WBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Estate of Sidney E. Evnns, dressed. L;i5t. known address: 412 N. Fifth Street, niythevllle. Ark, Dale of death: April 15, Ittofl. ™. ,, , ,, ... „,. , The undersigned has boon an- The monthly Well Child Clinic illlcd admlni °i rat ,. ix . „, [1)C abo j, c lor Negro children wn.s conducted 1 ... , yesterday at the Mississippi Coun- ly Health Unit by Dr. Joe E. Brasley, This clinic Is .sponsored by the Blytheville United Council oi Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Commtmily Outer" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sal. & Sun. Ph, 58 named decedent. All persons having claims agnlnsl (he estate must exhibit them, duly nullirnticalcrt, to the. undersigned within six months from the dale of 7:30. Starts I:M Thursday "BOY FROM INDIANA' I.nn McAllister With the Courts Chancery— Thomas Chalk vs. Myrl Chalk, it for divorce. FALSE TEETH - That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Many' wearers of raisi* treth Jia*f suileiecl real' embarrassment becnti^rr in«ir plate dropped, slipped or wnbblci! at lust ttin .wrpnR tln\c, Do not HVP in Tear 6l this hap[]eiilng lo you Just sprlnkt* * little FAfiTEETH. the alkaline (non-acid) powder, on your plates Hotds JaJse teeth more firmly, so thtsy lee! more comrortahlr. Dots not »niir Cfiecks '"pl»t« odor" (rientiire brsath) <;«t KABTEETB Rt *nj drii K Mm* RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Thursday "LUCKY LOSERS" wilh I.en Gorccy anrt the Bowery Boy.s Shurt A; News Thiirsdiiv & Friday "MOTHER WORE TIGHTS" with Kelly r.r.ibk and Din Dully 2 C:\rtonn* BLYTHEVILLE'S ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRC, Thursday & Friday — nnimi.K FF.ATURK— "NIGHT TIME IN NEVADA" xilh Koy Tinkers A p Anriy Dcrine — At.SO— "LARCENY" trUh Alsn C^rlonn it- Serial "DEATH VAI.LKY" r's Heue SUMMER SHOE Values to $5.50 Girls Pretty DRESS and PLAY SANDALS VYeatherbird and Golly Wog Sizes 5Vz to 3 Boys & Girls Barefoot Sandals In Red, White and Brown Sires 3-12 195 7 75 l»/J Sixes \VA-*!LmLJ Ladies Dress & Casual Shoes Values to 8.95 $2-3-4-5 Choose from Velvet Slap, Con- nies, and Carmcllilas.., summer dress or casual shoes, high or low heels.... many, many colors. HEUER'S SHOE STORE PENNEY'S HIS DAY! JUNE 18 th Spocially I'riccd Knr "I'oppii" Broadcloth PAJAMAS Roi.'my cnl from fine Siiiifori/.cfl col I on lirnnd- clnlh. Nnl'ch colliir, hul- Inn front -style with dr.iw- .strinjr pants. In pfny, blue. mar<c »r wine with conffHsliiiK trim. Si/.cs A -I). 2 ,00 Rich Rayon Foulard TIES Handsome prinls (hal very iroorl looking. Collar Guaranteed TO Outwear the Body! TOWNCRAFT* DRESS SHIRTS WHIT! 9-98 1.49 Now lh» collar on IK*. Towncrnft white tires* sKirts will outwear even (he superb hroRdclolh borfy. (And Ih* nmoolh Sanforir.ed hroaricloh body hud 220 Ihreads in every square inch.) This new collar alopeg romforl»l)ly to lh« nal nval'-ciirve» nf your neck^ \VitJ lie ftmool hly, liMik fresh the day through. Size* It-17. Men's Rayon Slack Socks 39< Kliislic IDU r-H.vnn slack w)cks, with sturdy nylon reinforced heel and Ine fnr e\lra long wear. (Jet a fcir Piiir.s a I Iliis low price. Dark and p;i;slcl Lolors. Sizes 10-12. For Poppa Men's Short Sleeve Cotton Sport Shirts 1 98 COOL! LIGHTWEIGHT! LOW PRICED! SANFORIZED! Here's a coflnn incsli sport shirl lh;il was really designed lo keep yon mo! and comfortable (his .summer. It's a liandsnnic short sleeve model \vilh a Kport collar, ami I ivo lniMon-llironxli )>nckc(s. The colors arc blue, Ian, irrccn, r\ai/.c, and while. Sixes S, M, I,. MEN'S WOVEN STRIPED SHORTS Across the Strett from tfi« Goff Hotel No unconiforlablc binding or slipping. These sanfor- >/ed woven shorts have Dripper fasleners and sturdy clastic sides. Assorted slrijics. 28-51. Shirls—['"me Swiss ribbed Cotton. Sizes 31-SB. 49^ RAYON TROPICAL SLACKS .98 4 Cool] Smartly ityfod! Cr«y! Tan! Gretn! •lu«l Brown I Am««Ing «t lhl« prltc! Hvnyl M-4J AT PENNEY'S

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