The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 16, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOLUMK XXXIV—NO. 232. Blythevllle Courier Blytheville Herald T"E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AIIKAN8AS AND SOUTHEACT MISSOURI ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, DKC'rOMUttK l(i, i<)!(7 BlythevUle Dully News Mississippi Valley Leader BTATIIKV SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT* ON PANAY DELIBERATE Reprimand For Aerial Chief Expected; "llari Kan" May Follow SHANGHAI. Dec. l(j lUPI —rtp<u- Admiral Telra Miisunaml. chief of aerial operations ol the Japanese forces in china, was ordered home today in Japan's first move to make reparation for her aviators' attack on (lie Unite! states gunboat Panay and three standard Oil steamships. Admiral Matsunnin! was ordered to return to Tokyo m. once and it was understood that on his arrival lie would be removed formally from his post, one of the most important in the entire Japanese military setup. Tlie recall of the admiral \vn.s frankly, described as a move, the first, in pursuance of the Japanese government.';; pledge to (he United States, in a note on the airplane attack, to punish the men responsible. Had Kari Almost Certain There was Interest here on what might happen to tiny other individuals «-hp might he penalized, not only for the Panav attack but for attacks on British warships, winch have caused In Great Britain nnger much hotter than Hint of Americans. Private Japanese sources say that suicide—the ceremonial hari kari (disembowelment with a sword)— would he almost automatic for men involved. A Japanese navy spokesman dis- Icy Glaze Is Receding j From Nation's Highways Ky United Press A slippery K l;]ze of ico (],.,(. covered a third of the nation, crippling traffic and tcmmnnUviliom. disappeared gradually today beneath slowly rising temperatures. The tec slices extended from Nebraska to Pennsylvania :m,l horn Kentucky lo Hie ami Lukes rr- «lon, United states Forecaster c A Dounell said. Tiilerniltteiit freezing ruins over the Mississippi. Ohio and Missouri valleys have ceased except in scattered localitie, Mr. Donneli siild He predicted further incre.-ises in tcm|>eraliire throughout the middle west. Pom-teen automobile and pedestrian deallis, attributed lo icy pavements, increase the death list, due (o a week long onslaught of cold and snow, to 124. Ne«- deaths included four in Kansas City, two in Idaho, two In Detroit, two in Chicago, and 0110 each in Oklahoma, Albany, Cleveland mid Montana. Sixty persons were under treatment nt n Chicago hospital for injuries suffered in fulls I wo Story Building Gulfed At Helena; Intruders Gel $27 closed that in had been sent home some pilots, involved previous attacks on foreigners, in disgrace and that others had been "otherwise 1 ' punished. It. was assumed that some oi these men might now be dead--"suicides.-- Survivors of the attack on the I'anny and the Standard Oil ships were cm their way down the Yangf/e in American and British gunboats, escorted liy Japanese warships. Rev. Frank G. Smith Is I1ELFNA, Ark., Dt'C. l(i. (UP) — Fire, started by thieves who 'last night broke into the'safe of the Mabie furniture company, thc second floor of the building and caused damage estimated ati $8,500. Tlie entire stock was ruined by smoke and water. It was believed the thieves locked themselves in the building when it closed yesterday. They •escaped with $27 taken from the safe.' Warns Senale Vote Today Necessary To Complete Measure By Clmslmas WASHINGTON. Dec. )fi. <U1')_ Scnnli- Majority Lender Alben W, Barklcy warned today that unless the senate approves the farm bill today It will be tlUHcult to tet n completed measure lo I hi- While House before Christinas. Neiv controversy broke out in the detnlc over remarks of Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace concerning the danger of a trend toward Fu.sclsm in crop control legislation. Dnrkley planned another nlgnt session tonight. If necessary H I appeared doubtful Unit action could be completed before Friday. Wallace's remarks were viewed by some senators as opposition to such amendment ns the domestic allotment plan sponsored by Senator ,Ic"h Lee (Dem,. Okla.) Seti- ntor Hlclinrd B. Russell (Dem., Ga.) sharply criticized the secretary and charged thai the wending bill. was more Fascist than the Lee substitute. Amcndmvnl Hralcn The senate defeated. 56 to 20 Lee's pronosnl to substitute a domestic allotment plan for tlie cotton section of the bill, pegging the TO MIKF THBIKT fc \J I M I I II I I IIIIWW1 Rotary Speaker Today r i • r - . T . ,,. Llaim rirst Importanl Vic- The Hev. Frank O. Smith ol Omaha, Neb., spoke at the regular luncheon meetings of the Rotary club today at the Hotel Noble. H,talked on the. significance ol Christmas. Dr. Thomas K. Malian became intmber of Ihe club today. During Ihe business session the voted to dispense with Ihi'ir Ilinciieon next Thursday and each member give the seventy- five cents lo the Good fellows cl'ib fory In Months Over Nalionalisl Forces PARIS. Dec. 1C (OP)—The first important loyalist victory iii many months was claimed bv the Siwn- isli government today with a rapier- like thrust nt (he Aragou front, which isolated the nationalist base a Ternel, by cutting the Sara^ossn hiffinvnv and railroad. Accordine lo word reaching here Mrs. Ruth Pea! Goodman Listed As Woman Poet -• '~ rk.V^UIUIILI{ llf instead. A committee was appoint- the Republican ministrv of defense ed to work with other committees, snlll that a stccl rin ; hn( , bcen regardinq thc building of the sta-j thrown almost all the'way around dmm. rhc committee members nrei Ternel, one of Ihe strongest nn- R. D. Hughes. Sam Owens and J.| tionalist bases on (he northern v - O(ltcii - ; front., where fiO.OOO Franco troops Phillip Khoury. of Stecle and iormerlv of here .was a Ihe club. of Members of the American president's cabinet receive salaries, but no allowances foi are garrisoned. Both the highway to Sara'?os=ri and the railroad were kept under constant loyalist artillery fire as the government prepared lo lav Keige to Ihe stronghold which has been the head of a salient- deep _LU ____ j into Rpublican lines fnr mure than ! a year. York Coifetn NEW YORK. Dec. 1C. (UP)— Cot- Ion closed steady. open hi^h Dec. Jan. Mar. May Jul. Oct. 810 814 824 825 833 810 824 83B 840 810 Imv cln<;e Sin «!7a R19 R14 823 828 Spots closed steady at 837. 8'27 831 8.10 842 (in a I don't suppose I'll ever get used to thc custom the society people out here have of dressin' for dinner and I was always kind.! proud of my folks down home because they never went In for such fool- ishne. c .s. Yon could jest imagine the shock I had one time when I was havin' my Thanksgivin' dinner at illy Uncfe Hod's house. About an hour before It was ready, ns men folks was all sitlln' out on the front porch when Aunt Puney coine to Ihe trout door and said j "Hod. you better come in and dress for dinner!" I began lo think that I had gotten mixed up in one of them dress affaire and was klnda cm-' barrasscd because I didn't have no tuxedo but I saj's "Aunt Puney, what do you mean—Uncle Hod has'ta dress for dinner? 11 and. she says "Well, he Ims'ta carve the turkey and I think he'd better put on his high-bib overalls." Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 16. (UP1 — Cotton futures closed seven to n points ii]> on a steady market today. Dec. •Ian. Mar. May Jul'. Ort. open . 832 . 834 . 830 . 837 837 Bill high low close 841 831 84Ro 834 831 836 837 837 34; 84S 845 847 853 8Mb 84 rt 842 843 85D 'Spots closed steady at 840, up 9. Chicago Wheat open 055-8 D21-2 high 933-R 033-8 low 941-8 907-8 close 941-4 !U dcmestlc price cents n pound. of cotton from come Senator Josiah W. Bailey (Dem.. N. C.). said, however, that he views Wallace's remarks in the light of the entire bill nnd that he joined heartily in tile warning which he emphasized came "(lie man It should have from." The Wallace flurry arose in debate over the Lee Amendment. "I « : ns nmnzerl to see that the secretary of agriculture attacker) this proposal for the two price system for everything else in this country," Lee said. "This bill, as presented by flu., committee, is more regimentation Oklahoma." Lee's allotment "Without Hope for the Future Without home, parents or hope future—his senses numbed ---,... .... .,,.. ,i, lull: —, lw senses nuniuci by he horrors of war-this Chinese" youngster is typical of the thousands being cared for at Slccnvvei Cathedral U, shnnmial 1 * French concession. Chopsticks poised ovbV his simple meal of rice the boy gazes nto the camera, bis stolid fuce rellecting the limltte rc.slgiu- ton winch 1ms gripped the once-proud city of Shanghai In the * mk t of Japan's mfrclless onslaught. plan seeks giiurfintfe n price of 20 cents pound for the domestically consumed portion ol the crop. The rest, of tin' crop would be put on the world market «(, world prkis. and Canlata To New CAUUTHERRVILLE. IG.-Mrs. Ruth Pen! „ „, daughter of Ally, and Mrs. rjlinei Peal of this city, is one of thirty- nine Missouri poets included 'in "American Women Poets. 1037." the anthology recently issued by Henry Harrison. New York poetry publisher, it was learned here yesterday. Mrs. Goodman's poem was selected out of more than 30.060 which were selected, the book containing only -i.000 poems. Mrs. Goodman is n graduate of the total schcols and lias bee Mo., Dec Goodman.! a pageant. Among Special Christmas Services The Christmas programs will hr- gin Sunday afternoon at «() o'clock when tlie First Presbyterian Church will present n pageant and candle lighting service. At the evening service hours the First BaptLsl and First Methodist churches will have special programs. Tlie Baptist group Is to »ivr? 11 cnntiilii mid (he Mntiiodisl Wednesday night, the Lake street Methodist Church and the First Church of the Nanni-cne pimi to have Christmas tree programs. As usual, there will be high mass at midnight on Chrisinias'Eve tit (lie Church of the Immaculate Conception. 'Hie pageant to be siven at the First Presbyterian Church is entitled "Through thi- Darkness". Music will be furnished for Hie program by the Adnlf, and junior writing choirs. The pageant will be in nan..... .^.c.iii yuirs. Having had; lomimc with Misses Ullian njnh-Hi number of her poems publish-.-dlnnd Elizabeth McLean rending the metropolitan dailies. lines. i«-<u'»i At the First Methodist Church Negro Woman Expected To Recover From Burns the pageant. "Llthl of the World." is beln<r presented by the Youn» Peonies' division of the Church and Is directed by Mrs. I,. L. Hubencr and Mrs. Frctl Hnnnn. Mcll lirooks jr.. will read ll»? lines for (he several days ago. Her abdomen, chest and b.i-k are bndly burned but she is expected to recover. pageant and the mush for the program will include Iho choir and numbers pit^pnrcd Pearline Young, negro woman living nrar Victoria, is at the Blytheville hospital because of se- i ious burns received when ner ~ clothing caught afire from a stove! ^""r * af " al "umbers, prepared scvcrnl days ago m sol ° and sma " 2™"' numbers. Arthur Nelson is directing the cantata. "The Dawn of Christmas." to be given nt th c First Baalist Church. The church will be decorated for the cantata which will include solos by Mrs. Harry Ftlt- zius, Mrs. Paul L. Tioton, Mr.s. Russell Parr. Miss Marjorie Varaer. Frank Huffman, Albert Huffman, and Herbert Brouiilng. Predicts" Sea! Sale To Stock Prices NEW YORK. Dec. Ifi. (UP! — Wall Street's "Christmas market" bail its third successive day of advance today with a moderate gain in volume. A. T. & T H6 Anaconda Copper 3-2'3-4 Associated D. 0 7 .1-3 Beth. Steel '.'.' 56 1-4 Boeing Air '. 23 7.3 Chrysler SO 1-4 2 1-8 Chicago Corn open 581-8 595-8 high 587-8 60 1-4 low 571-2 591-4 close 577-8 593-8 Cities Service Coca Ccla . Gen. Electric 43l-l| B Gen. Motors 33 1-2 Int. Harvester r>8 Montgomery Ward 343-4 New York Central 19 1-2 Packard 41-2 Phillips Petrol 401-2 j Radio . e 5-3 Schenley Dist 25 Simmons 22 Eocony Vac 15 Standard of N. J 45 Texas Corp 401-2 U, S. Smelting ..,.,,.,,, 01 The which tuberculosis onencd thc seal day Thanksgiving, will probably ... .. . , y 1 ' ..... yiu./a'.-i.r ,^ Mkivigi: Lt. r,. IS.CCK ,s preSHUHK ai 114 3-1 completed Wore Christmas, II w«s a circuit court hearing in Paral ' liam. 'county chairman. Awards Given Godfrey White, R. A. Greenway MEMPHIS, Tenn.. Dec.. 1C -Mississippi comity, Arkansas. , . xoo farmers. It was re-emphaslMd here lasL nl°!)l iviion several nivnrds of the Commercial Appeal's 1937 l mm to Prosper contest wenl. to Hint county, rt Jmd already been announced that he county won Ihe Plant to Prosper Enrollment tro- I'liy. with its 1C19 families enrolled and this trophy was presented Miss Cora Lee Colcmnn, E. II. minis nnd D. s. Lantrlp, county agents All sweepstakes went ( 0 Arkansas families except the first honor. of "champion farmer", which was awarded c. W. Armstrong, of Tlsh- omtngo County, Miss. He received a trophy and $500 cnsh for winning over 14,000 other farm families In Arkansas. Mississippi. Tennessee and Missouri. Mr. and Mrs II r, Majure. of Phillips county. Ark. «'er« thc tenant farmer winners and their prize was $250 for winning over 5.000 tenant farmers. Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey I,. While, of Osceola, won the trophy given to the plantation operators who gave their tenants or farm labor Hie best, opportunity to make 3 success In 1937. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Greenway, of Dell, were awarded $100 for first. place In the home Improvement contest. Six farmers from each state were also awarded cash prizes. Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey While received $75 for second honors In thc landowners' division and Mr. and Mrs. Greenway received $75 for second honors In the slale tenant division, v Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Gale, of Haytl, won second In the Missouri landowners' division, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ashcr sr., of caruthers- vllle. won first in thc tenant division. with a 4100 prize, and Mr. and Mrs. Bert II. Brnnsom. of Arbyrcl. won second prize of $75. Government Admits Sori-j ons Charges Have Been Placed Against Pair MOSCOW, O«. 10 (Uin—H wiw iinnouncNl oltlclally today that u mnn and wonuin who enlc-red fins-' sin with fraudulent. Amorlcnn puss- |K>rls. are tinder arrest, suspected of complicity In an anti-government conspiracy. The eoimle, graveling with |x,ss- porls Issued in the name of Donald Louis Robinson and Ruth Normu Robinson, are held Jor Investlsii- tlon. Odlcials said that, n formal charge of involvement in.a consplntcy of the Trotskylst movemr-nt, inlghtbe brought against them. This charge Is nlxmt as serious u one us could be brought and could entail |ho death ponnlty, Ever since the disappearance of the "Robinsons" lusl \vwk olllclals had maintained rigid silence uii lo their fate. The American . embassy vainly 1 sought Information but the announcement of the American slale department that (hi! couple obtained Ihelr pnss)K>rl.s on the bnsis of "documents teloiig- ln|{ to other persons who are now Uccease<l". broke the silence here. May Locate District A.A.A. Ofiice Here McDonald Jury Still Out At Little Rock l.vrn.R HOCK. Dec. 10. lUl'l A decision In the cuse of Kd [•'. MeOonaKl. former sceictjiry o) stale, clnutii'd will, false pretense In conuectlon with Hie purclmsi 1 of. Jnnllur'n .Mippllc's fur llic MiitiV hoitKO, wiis expected Uila m'(i;r- iioun. The Jury wns siill deltberatiim Mil- ruse lit L'::iO o'cloek, II. re- crlvrd lh« ciiKii ut 4 o'clock yiw- ti'i'day iiilejnofui. TRITES ME HELB TDBIT 1 liousands Brave Driving Rnin To View Former Governor's Body LITTLE ROCK. IK'C. III. (UP)- yuneral services for former Clov- crnor Ctcorge w. nonaghcy were held here Into today from the I'irst Methodist Church, under the direction ot Ihe llcv. n. unseam Watts. Thomiuids pnsscd the late former Kovcrnor'K blcr In tbi- rotuiuln of the cnnllol, despite a driving' ruin that began shortly 'before noon, A military Riiard stood ut allrn- tlon beside his onskel ns h|s body lay in stale. The service company of the lS3rd Infantry of tiia Arkan- sn« national guard formed an escort tor the body w)ii.'n It win) ii'- movcd from llm statcliousis to the church for last rites. Following clnircli , wsrviccs the former, governor's body was burled in IWse Lawn cemetery. A district olTlce of tlie American Automobile Association will bo located tii lilythcvllle If CO memberships are obtained in the tfr- rltory between West Memphis riwl llic Missouri state line. There, ure now 20 mcinbcra In Blytlicvlllo .incl 18; In Osceoln, according to the chnmtwr of commerce, wlilih-i'ia co-pperatlng In live mnve;u8nl. 'Aii.if Kathleen £))ll|»rt ol KilUri Hock, representative of Uib Arkansas Centennial Commission .which Is sponsoring_u s»fct| -rn'ove-; ment In this state, is here for several days In thc Interest of o'b- tnining memberships und Eo mnkft prellmlnnry plnns for a safety program, which Is lo be taught in thc city schools during Hit* second !ic- mester. The city high school already has a safely program nnd tin; nj.v program which Includes ilcinon- stratlons of a dual control automobile fit (lie conclusion of Urn course, will be used in connection with the course already In use. W. D. McClnrkln. superintendent of the rlly schools, sidd ioduy. The Arkansas Centennial Commission will pay «11 expenses of u tcncher to attend the safety school to be held In Little Rock Jnti'i- nry 0-12. for special Instructions. It has not yet been decided whether u local teacher will at-! lenil this school, because of dii- 1 lies here. William McCombs. head, of the AAA In Arkansas. Is ni| charge of this program, which will nko provide free textbooks. ! Orders Boycott Upon AH Japanese Goods WASHINGTON. Dec. 15. (Ul't-- Prcsldenl William Green of the American Federation of Labor today asked all unions affiliated with Ills organization to mnke the federation's boycott against Japanese goods effective immediately. Employment In Rice Stix , Factory j-{er« Has Steadily Increased Tlie new Rlce-Sllx nnrment factory, which oiwiied Jieiv n month ago, Is now employing 90 jicople. This number 1ms been steadily Increased slnco the factory began ojieratlons with a cren' nf II «-omen mid girls. The Installing of machinery is continuing, difficulty having been experienced In getting .some machines of thc type needed, liut it is believed tlmi. all machinery will be in place before Iho npprentice- shl]) work Is over. At least a few more months will be required for the workers to become skilled In their sewing so that n steady output will be made. The payroll for (he factory at this time Is more than $500 weekly. This will be Increased as more workers arc employed and after the apprenticeship Is completed, the workers will be paid approximately from nine to 12 dollars weekly instead of (he five dollars per week they are being paid while Icnrnlng. She Wears thc T3ill on 11ic Hal Reports nf Gunning, in}; of Gunboat Increase's Indignation WASHINGTON, DOC. in. <up)_ Secretary of Slale Cordcll Hull today announced that official dls- palclie.s from American government representatives on board -the gunboat I'aiiay confirmed reporls that the fjmiboal was machine 'gunned bv Japanese, surface vessels after ""! slilp liad been bombed from tho air. . ... Tin; confirmation of (lie machine itn attacks bv Japanese surface. craft was considered a most scilous development In the already strained situation. Reports being received from olliclal representatives in China wern bolii K forwarded to • Am- bsissndor Joscnh c. GrO(v, who is contlmititc Ills representations lo tile Japanese vovcrnincnt. Hull said, To Stirfnj Prolestii Coiinrmnlloti of (lie reports was expected (o lead Inevitably to stiffening ot this country's Indignant protests which demanded complete indemnification (for loss of the «un- boat mid tlie fatalities and definite measures to assure ngalnst repfi- tltlon of tlie Incident In lh c future Tlie Batlsfactton demanded by tho Aiitorlcan government was expected to bo broadened considerably as a result of Iho official riis-. patches. Reports from eye witnesses, \vhlcri nro • now confirmed by American offlclnls \\e\e considered to ha\i t>rov«l licjond doubt that tho nt- lack oh" thc Pannv was no itrdderit- as claimed by thc Japanese gov- ernlnent Kcijtn Deliberate Attacks Tho reports related deliberate ill- ' tacks upon tlie survivor^ of tlio Panay by Japanese airplanes and •- •**•*" CHRISTMAS SUPERSTITIONS Reach Goal In County Seeks Permanent Padlock drive. Order Against Night Club Judge O. K Keck Is presiding at . The response has been excellent he said, and if the return. 1 ; froiii the stamps mailed out continue. as good as those received this week, efforts will made to conclude the camapijn early nest week. Of 48 letters mailed out In which one dollar's vorlh of stamps was enclosed, 33 hsve remitted me ' W ' E0lllrt lhu afl ""°°'' lo consider n, petition being presented by the state, asking that the temporary injunction recently issued ngalnst Ihe Twin Oaks or "Y" night club, near Paragould I lent. be made pcrnu- Thc petition asks that the club cc permanently enjoined from operating. Judge Keck was eccompanled by , dollar in cash. ' ] Bruce' Ivy of Osceola, district me goal for Mississippi counly prosecuting attorney, and his Bly- 10 L<! » 1 ' 500 ' , theville deputy, II. O. Partlow. Jfothing'SOivn en Christmas Eve will perish even though the seed •>s planted in the snow, accord- Ing to on ancient Netherl'and* superstition Shopping •.._i-^*-.^ • Siirvlvori, cliaiged tlmt Jilpniicse airplanes swept low over the water and machine gunned Ihe boats in which they were csenpl;ig. Thc rciwrts said that Japanese surface vessels raked the 'Panox with machine gun fire 'white the American flag still was flylii? from the gunboat's masthead. ' Finally, according to reports, Japanese officers swept up to the fnmbotil In Ihelr surface vessels and hoarded the American war. vessel while the American (lag still flew from Us mast. . ....... Indications were that when com- Hntn nfilcial reports of Ihe Incident were received here It would contain serious charges against Japanese naval anil military forces. Asks $10,000 For Fall Down Steps At Hotel O. W. naker of Memphis has filed a personal Injury siiiL .'in circuit court here asking $10,000 damages of Crawford Noble, operator of tlie Noble Hotel here. Unkcr claims he was seriously and permanently injured when he fell while descending the steps. la I Ihe front entrance of. Ihe hotel'at j night lime in May. He charges t Hint Noble was negligent In al- lowlnfr the. steps lo become. 'worn ] and defective anil falling to provide lights over the entrance. Exby. Morlarty and Pierce of Memphis, r Zal B. Harrison niut Smith and Taylor of this city rcji- resent Baker. v r . ••' <6j What will Paris do next? Wcai- ing a live .pigeon on your hat is a good trick If you can Induce one to stay put. And we certainly can lx< thankful that the style doesn't run lo turkeys, instead. Think ot toting a 10 i»und gobbler on your noggin| Burglar Obtains Loot From Drug Store Here Tlie Hi-Way Cut Rate Drug Store, at Main 1 and Division was' robbed of some cigarettes, chewing gum and n few pennies by B burglar who broke the glass of the front door to gain his entrance, early today. Thc robbery apparently . occurred between 5 and 5:30 o'clock as Policeman John Fosler said that the door was not broken when lie passed thc store at 5 o'clock. A newspaper deliver}' mnn notified officers half an liour later that the door was broken. Officers believe they will make an arrest by tonight. WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, rain tonlsht and probably In east portion Friday morning; colder tonight, extending- into east and south portions Friday. Memphis and vicinity—Rain tonight and probably Friday, somewhat colder tonight with lowest temperatures 52 to 58. Tlie maximum temperature hero yesterday was 59, minimum 32, cloudy, according to Samuel F. NorrU, official weather observer.

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