The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 5, 1943
Page 6
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f AGE SIX i Four Stars To Wrestle At Arena > The burly, form of big Jack Moody may put Roy Welch on the •winning side .tonight' at the American Legion arena when Moody and Welch combine their wrestling lore in' what should be a spectacular tag match against Curios nod- rlquez, the mad matador, and Karl ,Vori Zuppi, stocky Teuton. Welch and Rbdrique/ were in opposite corners last week Just as Ihey will be tonight. Last Monday night the Welch brothers took a trimming'from Rodrlqucz and Hill Canny. Joe was given particularly rough li-eatmenl early In the match and this contributed materially to weaken liie efforts of Ihc Welch duo. ', It's a :dead cinch that the veteran Roy will be in there tonight pitching with everything in the book to avenge the humiliation and he will have able cooperation from Moody. If Welch and Moody can dispose of Von Ziippi cany in the going and grab the first fall by flattening' Rodriquez they will be well o;i their way to triumph. Both Rodriguez and Von Zuppi are bad actors, however, and probably will dish out the punishment in lavish measure, but Welch and Moody have the .'power and ability, most local fans believe, lo lake the bad boys lo a trimming. -Last week, fans were jammed and packed In the arena almost to the rafters. There wasn't standing room within sight of the ring. An- bthe rcapacity crowd Is expected • other capacity crowd is expected B.aid. . . ; . "As preliminaries lo Ihc tag feature, Yon Zuppt will IZimglc with Welch, in inntcli, 30- minutc time limli, and another bout in the same category it scheduled between Moody, and Rodriguez. BLTTHEVlLLE (ARK.) COUBIER NEWS Ruth Drew $80,000 A Year~And Was Underpaid •••••••••••••tM^ :.•..-, ,0.----.^ —. _ ... .-. . - - - - * Little Rock Team Takes Calisthenics MONDAY, AL'IUL 5, ]«)-); LTOTLE ROCK, April 3 (UP.)— Calisthenics of the 1-2-3-4 variety were the order of the day for the •Little Rock Travelers of the Southern Association yesterday. Manager Buck Pausett worked, the early comers out with light.! drills to start getting the kinks loosened iip. Later on, the Pcbs—the "Hot Rocks" of the Southern—will be in for long dally sessions rather Uian morning-and afternoon workouts. Pitcher Charlie Hawley, shortstop Fred Hancock, and outfielder Ben Cantrell were among the early birds Fnusett. CHICKftSftW West Main Near 21st St. ttet. starts 12:45; Son. starts 1:45 Nifht shows 5:15 > Except Monday, opens u.4f Continuous »-.owi Sat and Sun. Last Time Today 'Four Wives' with lane Sisters & Claude liains Universal News Selected Shorts Tuesday BUDDY NITE Z tickets lor lhe price of 1 'Ships With Wings' with'-..; , John Clements & Jane Baxlcr Comedy I'aihc N'cn's Babe iditli. . . (lunkb for the hfl.~ By I1AK11V (JHAYSDN NEA Spoils lldilor George Herman Ruth is down in history ns the Siillan of Swat, but he also was one of the greatest of left-hand pitchers, or all his records, Bnbe Ruth is proudest of linving pitched 25 scoreless Innings In the World Scries—for (he Ilos- lon Hcri So.v nsniiist the Jirook- lyn Dodgers in 1U1G and Chicago Cubs in '18. Most other pitcher-outfield con- •erls made llie chniific only uftm 1 heir arms failed—Smoky Joe Vood, etc.—but with Ruth that, if course, was no consideration, flic Bambino WHS still the best eft-handed pitcher in the Ameri:an League when Ed Harrow inov- i(l to the New York Yankee:! with lim inul made him an outlielder niise of Ills thtiniplni,'. The Jam played acceptably at first base, was n Jell-handed catcher in lis youth. Huth never made a bad play, such us throwing to the wrony )asc. lie wasn't a long thrower Ike Long Hob Mcusel, but was remarkably accurate—a left-handed Joe DIMnggfo in that respect, ile never played the sun field, yet !hc only work of flclion suijuesletl iy his nmnzinij career was written by the !nlc Hcywood Broun and called, The Sun Field. In liis younger dnys, Knth was crafty base-runner and an accomplished slider. STIU, JIOST POI'ULAIC. KIGUlii: Rlith was hascbairs mo-sL glamorous figure. lie was Die name's highest-salaried performer—$30,000, 552,000. $70,01)0, SUO.dGO in '30 and :«, $75,000, SSO.OOO. $39,000. Even at $(10,000 he was yiossly underpaid, for hi; was Hie bigpre'l bucks olTicc mngtict in the annuls of (hc spoil. Only last Miminer. nl the nj;e of w, lie packed Yankee Stadium with 80.001) admirers —and liil a home run oil Walter Johnson! lit remains the most popular man who ever iihiyed. He was also baseball's heaviest-fined l/ad boy n ml, us lime marched on. its forgotten man. Rulh became n home run .specialist v;hile pitching and pinch- hitting for the lied BOX. in the days or ciiokc hiller.s, he gripped llie bal 'way down at the end. He wus Hit Ilrsi baiter lo concciurate on home runs. He shot for the works. He instituted ..something new and sensational when baseball was sadly In need of a Ionic —following the Black Sox .scandal. Ruth had a double swing, looked i;ood striking out. lie had perfect rhythm. II wns the ixnver in his wrists at llie end of his tremendous .swing thnl enabled him to upporcul the ball and belt il for such remarkable distances. It.M.I.OON ON TOO'l'lll'ICKS The fnbnlous feats or flnth nil a book. Uall players would be arguing about how fur the ball was hit by him while it wns still In flight. lie was the only batter visiting players would watch in practice, ril never forget, the two little Waners watching Rulh and the late Lou Cichrig in batting practice before Ihc late Lou Och- pruetlce before the World Scries opened In Pittsburgh in '27. Their eye's popped out of their hciul.s ns llie two giants, who seemed like men from another world, popped one ball after another Into and >vcr the right Reid stand. There was the World Series '.ime with the Cubs in Chicago in 32. when Ruth pointed to the eft field slnml, mid hll lhe next illch Into it—smack dab. lie was o good lie could call his shots. Huth was H slender kid when he ir:a came up, stood six feel two ntl welshed 215 pounds al his leak. In later years, lie blew up mlil he looked like n balloon 'an oathpicks. liiilh h;i<! a devouring appclitc. lad lie been sawed in two on any iiven playing day, hair of Sieves' cuucessum would have been nslde him. He Ls inherently bright, an cx- .client bridge player and golfer. He remembered few lunnes 'iillrd everybody Kid. line's the $04 ciue.slioti which ;ceps bums in .saloons up hall the light: Who played right field for Hie Yankees before Babe Ruth? Sammy vlck is the answer, but nobody believes it. Derby Prospects Will Be Watched Jn Cojiiiii Meets We Buy Loan Cotton Geo. H. McFadden & Bros, S.f cy. Over Borum's Drug Store 1'. 0. liox 21S, Ulylhcvillc, Ark. E. C.PATTON FhonoiDu BAKER L. WILSON Men & Women Needed in WAR INDUSTIES free Training Given id Ihc Arkansas State Trade School in Aircrafl Woodwork Fipe'f Hilnt Are WeMing Drafting Aircraft Sheet Me Machine Slini) Acetylene Welding Electricity - By UiiitiM Tress 'ity the poor horse player, who rtiiiB loctny and continuing until Thursday, hns nothing to do except study the Kentucky Derby winter book. The closing of Bay Mendotv.s has forced Ihc belting boys Into Idleness until the -opening of Jamaica on Thursday, and Keenlund and Narragansctt Saturday Jamaica's $5000 "experimental handicap— the opening day feature ..... is drawing considerable attention. And despite the absence of Count. Fleet, now rated at G to 5 in the Derby futures, the performance of two other colts will be watched closely. Hnnsy Bine Swords mid siwcdy Slide Rule are the steeds the money boys will be clocking. Both arc given good chances lo trip Count Fleet in the May classic. One of the features of last year's horse racing probably will not be renewed until late this season. We're .speaking of the rivalry between the Mr. Hlgtnils of the Bang- tniis— Whlrlnway and Alsab. Aisab's trainer, August, Swcnkc, said at Lexington, Kentucky, yesterday Ills charge will not run at Kccnctnmi or at (lie Churchill Downs meet. Hcdid say, however, that Alsab Swearengen & Co, SI-OT COTTON BROKERS Blythevillc, Ark, Big Leagues Wil Open Exhibitions NEW YORK, April D (UP)— A Winter of confusion and a Spring of "calch-as-catch-ean" baseball conditioning is drawing tu a close. Tills week the major leagues swing Into competition in. a program of exhibition tussles. The exhibition program hardly will serve as an authoritative prc- vue for baseball fans. For the schedule, like everything else in Ihc game, will be a poor subsll- lut for previous deluxe diamond displays when pre-sea.son meetings were sprinkled from coasl lo coast. War and its resulting cul-s in unnecessary transportation has iiarcd the Spring sorties to the bone. No club «'»« able lo card more than IS games ugainsl teams In its immediate vicinity. Then too, the same difficulties fostered a novel northern training period iway from former sunny climates; Hut dcspllc lhe unorthodox switch, most clubs are reported "ready and able." The Cleveland Indians, like everybody else hll hard by Ihc draft, will ploy the Pittsburgh Pirates in a scries at Indianapolis this week. A Dultlmnre, Maryland, lhe Boston lied Sox will field n team minus Ted Williams, Dom DiMag- glo, Lou Finney and Johnny Pesky against the International Lciigue Orioles. The Sox swapped shutouts with the Brooklyn Dodgers during the week-end. Cincinnati's Hells, with their usual gaud pitching staff minus Paul Derringer, go against the Chicago Cubs »t French Lick, Jnd. The Uubs, incidentally, now have Derringer and he may oppose las old males in the exhibitions. The New York Yankees and'lhe Philadelphia Athletics arc 'confining their curly opposition to minor league teams — Newark and Wilmington, respectively. The' other clubs remain virtually inactive until late in the week. Unl SI. Louis clubs will open in Sportsman's Park and the Giants will match wits with the Perl Sox. The Boston Braves play Yale University on Friday and engage Newark during the week-end. Ity HAKKi- GAKV.SON NBA Sporls i:<)il<jr NEW YORK—The lowly freshman Is coming inlu liLs estate those days as conches of spriim •spoils and football turn to uca- BTOiis lo fill Bailing Jioles ill varsity lineups occasioned by tin; loss of men to the armed forces, instead of donning a cast-off varsity uniform and working out by himself as in former years, the freshman athlete Is n figure of Importance, and this is especially true In the Biy Ten, tile last lo waive Hie one-year residence rule. In the case of certain sports al institutions as large as Northwestern, the presence of freshmen is the only Ihlnx standing between nulling a team on Hie field and disbanding. Conditions as such a football power (is Minnesota ylvc you a rough Idea of what the college game will be like next fall. For the first lime In tjiaiiy years the Golden Gophers' spring practice opens without the certainly of famous players at most position's being on hand from last year's squad and the firm knowledge that among the sophomores there will lx' all the way from half n do/.en up of new men who cnn eventually .step Into the veterans' shoes and carry on with full force. The unccrlninlies of war are multiplying the uncertainties of football. Not even the schedules for next autumn can be considered certainties ,wilh travel considerations somewhat befogging the outlook for games any considerable distance nway.- Witli the freshman rule otf for duration m the Western Conference, too, the first-year men arc going to play an even bigger part In-football than they did last season, when Ilicy su'it such brilliant performers a s Clint Castlc- bcrry and Eddie Prokop of Georgia Tech of (he wars. While Army Enlisted Reserve Corps men hare been called, Army. Navy and Marine Corps men tak- This is your opportunity lo enter ;m essential war industry and do your part in (h c \var effort. or^l'S "S" 3 ^ "l B . dc ".' lhe K««Pte>'incnl Office or at the Trade, School in Little Rock. 3 TIMES AROUND THE WORLD DAILY ON SINCLAIR PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL Three times around the world—more than 75,000 niilcs-i3 the mileage flown daily by American Airlines' Ki'anl fleet, of Flagships. And every ship is lubricated with Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. When you \KC Sinclair Pennsylvania in your car, you're giving your engine the same protection given costly airplane motors, So take a lip from American Airlines. Use Sinclair 1'cmisylvania Motor Oil for safer, quieter lubrication. J.ALLEN Phone 2005 - Agent -, Kytfceiffle, Ark GRIFFITH HAS OKDKULY COLLEGE PARK. — Because he is a taxicab driver who still has his car, Pitcher Chester Forman, recruit pitcher, has been detailed as orderly to President Clark Griffith ol the Senators, will lie pul into extensive (raining for this. Summer's big handicaps and stakes. Swenke declares: "I don't, sec how we can ready him for competition in the meets al Kceneland or Churchill Downs. I hale to disappoint people who expected to see Alsab in action but I can't help it." Whirly and Sab had been ex[>ect- cd to meet in the Churchill Downs- handicap on the Thursday before the Kentucky Derby. ing special courses may go n Jons way towurd solving the college football manpower shortage. Incidentally, the Army, whoss first declarations made it sound as though Its specialized trainees could take no part in intercollegiate athletics, 1ms since interpreted that order so that they will be- in about the same position as those in the Navy and Marine Corjis. They may play it they can find the time, and what youngster who has had a taste of football won't find time? College football can't possibly be normal next fall, but there's no reason II can't be pretty good. The main idea is lo keep alive the spirit and flame of competitive sport. Aniana Elders Pray For Zuber To Make Good Wilh Yankees Wayne Chick am) I'uullry Feeds Insist on Wayne quality when buying feeds .of all kinds. HAYS STORE "Farmer's Headquarter! In Blylbeville & Moocttti" Arksoy 2<)13 Seed Soy Beans Kedcaned—In Hulk or Sack .$3 Per Bushel, F. 0. B. Dell, Ark. EARLMAGERS Dell, Ark. Phone 635 TAX PAYERS NOTICE! The Books Are Now Open for the Payments of 1942 STATE & COUNTY TAXES —and— 1943 IMPROVEMENT TAXES On Real Estate and Personal Properly Penalties Will Apply After APRIL 19 Penalties may Itc avoided by paying at least one-fourth of the lolal anual lax before April 19lh HALE JACKSON Sheriff and Collector Mississippi County Arkansas l!.v NUA Service MIDDLE AMANA, Jn.— EMcrs of the Ainatia Society, where I'itcli- er 1)111 Zubcr lives in a religious community, arc praying for ws success wilh the New York Ynn- I kces, though once they banned ' him from the meeting house for' playing Ijiiscbnll on Sunday. Or- ' aani/.ed in the province of Hesse Germany, in 17)4, the biblical Amaiiii Society has Brown until its members populate seven towns. II has been modernized into n $'',008,005 corporation, with members who are not raising livestock running woolen mills, refrigerator works, cabinet shops, etc. Read Courier News want ads. 0/ifn 7;0fl p.m. Show Stalls 7:30 p.m. AdJii. Always lie and 25o Monday Nij ONK SHOW ONLY Hox Office Opens 7:.'{() p.m. I Me I n ft- HUtrls 8:00 p.m. 'Rteie Oels Her Man' with Ami h'lillieni ,t- Itcil Skrllun Neus (if the Kay .Shorts TUESDAY PAL NITK •I tickets for 25e 'Sing For Your upper' Jinx I'":i|l:rnl:crK & lluildy Rugcrs Selected Sliorts WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, April 5, 8:15 p. in. Lowest Admission of any Wrtslltng Arena In America.' NOTICE! CHANGE IN ADMISSION riUCE-Adolts 30c, ta» Inc.; Reserved seats I5o; Children 15c. Reserve Seal Tickets on Sale at Schmuck't Standard Oil Station, Corner suin and Division. -TAG MATCH- ~~ Rodriquez & Von Zuppi Vs. Welch & Moody 2 1-fall liO-min. Mulches CARLOS IIODKIQUUZ vs. JACK MOODY KAHI, VON /Ul'l'l ROY W1CLCII Tax Assessment This Is the Year for Assessing City and Personal Properly ASSESS YOUR PROPERTY NOW AND MAKE SURE IT'S RIGHT If //off, fail lo assess your properly llie law requires me to assess it for you. You know the value of your property better Uian anyone else. Please help me lo fix lhe proper value on your properly. W.W. (Buddy) WATSON County Assessor

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