The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1933
Page 3
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2. 1933 BLITTHEVILLE. (AHK.) COUK1ER NEWS PAGE THREK Tenms Evenly Matched In Mountain Circuit; Ulah U. Places Three. By NEA Service SALT LAKE, Dec. 2.—Selection DISTRICT TITLE Contends Record Has Only Loss to Blytheville As Blot. of n mythical All-Rocky Mountain Conference eleven in 1933 becomes a dliricult tusk because of evenly matched leading teams and close contests. C<; tishi was 'i-.e margin ol victory in several of the lindltional f/ames th:it UK coaches consulted :n this selection found an almost iiDpcsi'iule task in choosing among the star.;. Cue of the noi'reable features ol the conference r>!ay was the unusually stronji defense of prac- uually all the? hadhii; teams. As a result u unmoor of linemen flg- 'nre promlncnt'.v for the honor eleven. The conference also produced a 4 tioirp of excellent triple-threat Aicks .and ex:!?.crdlnary kickers. The forward passing of all of the major teams wes above the average of other years, the aerial game playing a pan in some of the principal victories. At the win? positions Captain Davies, Utah U.; Morris. Colorado Aggies; Lefferdink. Colorado U., nml McGuire, Denver University, leceive the call because of fine aefensive and offensive ploy. Davies is powerful in blocking up the opponent' running attack, a kood tackier, fine punter and pass receiver. Morris, aside from being the fastest en<l in the conference, who blocks his side of JOINER, Ark., Dec. 2.—Closing Its season with a 33 to 0 victory over Wilson on Thanksgiving Day the Shawncc Indians are laving claim to the Northeast Arkansas football championship. The same honor Is claimed by the Jonesboro Hurricane but the Shawnee consolidated school grid ders here believe their record to| be better than the Hurricane foN the reason that their schedule was," more representative of northeast! 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He alio ranks among the ttst In the conference in snag- ping passes The tackles do not measure up to the 1932 standards, but from performances in leading games, Law, Utah State, and D. Epting, Denver, are the choice. Danny Savlch. Utah U., though at center part of the season, stands <;ut as one of th» greatest defensive ?nd offensive linemen of the conference. His v;cious tackling was re-sponsible for iraich of the Utes' defensive strength and his interference running made him invaluable on otfenso. Ballon. Denver, ran Savich a close race, but lacked the general all-round abllky of the Ute star. Nisonger, Brighjm Young, and Mc- fcy.enzie, Utah, were above the av- "crage oij defensive play, but lacked the Offensive punch of the all- star player;. Ward, Utah State, followed in the footsteps of his last year's teammate, John Vranes, all-conference center in 1932, and won the honor in 1033. He was an ex- eellent defensive man and a good passer. Both Grosvcnor, Colorado University, and Frv, Utah State, at quarterback, contributed immensely to their' success. • Each k a triple-threat .back, excelling <n passing, running and wiclclng. The Coloradoan takes the edge because of his unerring generalship enuring the season. Pete Wilso:;. Brigham Young, end White, Colorado Aggies, are unanimous chores for halfbacks. Euth developed into the greatest f.pen field runners the conference has witnessed in a number of years, aside from being expert punters, and passers. Aldo Richins, though a halfback, Is. picked at fullback because he Is the leading rcorer in the conference and did most of his ground-gaining from the plunging position. Wagner, a sophomore at Coloradc. U.. hardly measures up to the Ute veteran. championship by virtue-of seven of Jewelry und gift gc<x!s. victories with only one lass, a de- ..„_.„__ .„.,.„„ „_„„_ feat by tbe Blythevilte Chicks. ALDRIDGE JEWELRY STORE Shawnee contends that the loss to Paraitould has been ruled as "no-1 game" because of the playing of seven Ineligible men on the Bull dog eleven, players who were not allowed to play against Bytheville or Jonesboro for Paragould. Except for their defeat by the Shawnee Indians the Jonesboro grldders have a good claim for the district campkmship, having beaten Blytheville and Paragould in decisive fashon as well as other northeast Arkansas teams. They lost to teams in other parts of the state, however. Nol only to the Shawnee players claim the championshto for this year but school officials have already taken steps toward placing Shawnee definitely on the top In gridiron activities to northeast Arkansas. 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Utah r.; Hull, Utah St.: White. Colorado U.; Gillesple, rilghnm Youm-; O. Epting, Den*«• U. Tackli;—Reeve, Utah U.; Mflcan, Colorado U.; W. Olsen, Colorado Teachers; Fena.' Denver U. Guards—M-irphy. Colorado U.: Brady, Utah S'.atc; Warner, Brigham Young; Civerra, Denver U. Centcrs—, Colorado U; Bridie, Utah IT. Backs—Bostough, Tcnver; • • iMissen, Colorado U. Mfclmer, Maag, Colorado A. c Those Army Exams West'Point Is riot such ah easy .'chobl for an athlete : lo enter, 1 a jismce at'the'Army football'ros- .tr Indicates.' Nearly all the fast- IJirgihg halfbarks -and- bruising inemeri have pud to prepare • for .he rigid army exams by'going to •.'rep : school -or college'and brush> ns' up 'on- mathematics^—and 'foot- Thls year,'several -young players n teams that played the -Army !Xed West Point so well they are hinklng of becoming soldiers. Lee f'Mercer; Pollocks of Pen n Milt-- p.ry and Hill of Coft are: cases re- orted. But i; may be several ears—if ever—before you see their mmes in an Army lineup. It's hose darned exams. fiuckler Sticks to U Take, for Instance, Johnny buckler, one of the Army bucks .vho probably <ylU be namee) on irost All-America teams this yer.x Texas Jack" went to trie Point .ran high Echoil and failed In his ,TS! year as a plebe. He 'went to iVxas Tech, came back for anther plunge at that old niathe- natici line and failed again. So ie v.ent lo Baylor. After a year a Jiiylor, he ,vas appointed again by -lep. O. H. Cross, and managed to jiiake the grade, That Is the story behind a grcai :iany of the experienced football jlajers at We r l Point. Nearly all iad to study at prep school or jollege before being sufficiently ducatecl to pa's the Army exams. Beauty Brinrs Happiness The Christmas Season will mean more to her if she has a new .ermanent. Make her a present if one. GRACE ELANORE SHOPPE SI:KIH: JACKETS Button or Jilii'mr models In n great variety of colors and styles. 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Bt- .-yclrs. etc. All priced most rcsson- Pb1 iiiiBBARn HARDWARE co. ] Days Until Christmas. |Day? Unlil Christmas. Only 17 More Shopping] Only 17 More Shopping I sergeant, member ol the cadet choir, pistol sharpshooter, rhle marksman, fU'it-class gunner in the field artillery and a Sunday School teacherl Pit-kin"; Camera Opponent For [Miami Bout Hard Job ' o:intcd upon 'o make a Florida | bears the nnmes of Tally and Wi-1 among charges of crucilv told how jmigraUon Just.'o sre him In action'ley, of Dallas, Tex., us nkore. The ,, cr i, lls band ml'ed down n hrvi I once again. Johnston, however, is Bible has a marginal reference, a | "£,,„ window * believed to be making some dcfln-) pronouncing edition, a Bible dlc-i ' He overtures towards such n i lionary nncl Biblical natural his-! Hayti Basketball Teams I in Victories Over Steele By HENRY SUPER Vnited Press Stiff Correspondent NEW YOKK. (UP)—Choosing an I opponent for Pilmo Camera In a •lit Hollywood activities. Incidentally, there arc many who be inry niatch. | tory. wlth i Roman and Egyptian Still other nominations are for antlquilles' for pict "I like fresh air," she told . Thomas F. Graham. "I oi»ned the window. My husband. Milton, aim Diner nominations are lor "•"" •»• ,.^..^. . gQt out of ^j nnd closed j - King Lcvliusky, the eccentric Chi- [ Among other relics of Nfrs. liog- opDnC( j i t agam H c got UD rind • cagoan, and Don McCoiklndale, crs' unique collection Is a large nailed It down." c Baer will not fight again. Ho MIC British heavy. But. like Shar- cakcn. hand-made, dough tray. ::ad n lot of Inn making his re- HAYTI, MO, -The Haytl high ' her.vywclghl championship at Ml-! -ml movie, the didn't these two already have had measuring two and a half feet In at the giant Italian. diameter. U Is said to be more evening at the local gymnasium, i f>clal and unofficial, these days. • r | S f|] m work tnan he dld | n The girls g^me was Interesting To many observers, It seems only; v , mping Max Schmoling one- durinst the first half but in the pioper that the nod be given to; time holder of the title, last hall the Steele team was left Tommy Loujhran. The veteran j ^ trailing. Philadelphia campaigner proved he' .,j The score at the end of the <-")<> n , andl <= & " """ " s h o w arranged, probably on a rcntage basis .and without She said this happcneet. several mes, adding that she would pull ie nails during the day her hus- per- T'solTd «°'h a nd-carved bed ballcl renalllng them at night. any ret casting $9 in Villaye, Ar"k., In great amount of managerial fuss '881. Mrs. Rogers' mother gave It Read Cornier News Want Ads. nd feathers. i l.™t Un'tllkelyto materiBlIze.The » V11 , ». ...» --.— -. . ,)-/.Jeti.'ftli- ni^n^-v.l n ^ D» T «ft11n V •-'»*• «ll L URCiy IU Hlttl VI IB IIAU. A IAC same was 27-13 In favor of Haytl. ?«*<"'> o"tpo,n!ed Ray Impellc-, : , orlc ,., j lcovvwcl?ht extravagant It was evlder.t all during the ' cre ' thc ola " !v °" 1 v ^ i -'"- «-'"> l - New Yorker who! boys tame thet the Hayll team was « even larger '.han Camera. So ^- n .i ison .!,« ,1 ™^' „_-• ' --nmrnv nnpht In oti-n 11,0 hnvs a ! ' ' u ~ un t cnc Ir. held, would be tinder Aged Family Bible Pride oi Arkansan us n wedding present. I Mr. Roxcrs has a straight-edge ; Wade and Butcher, hollow ground r.-uor, dated 1882. U Is sllll used, Mr. Rogers says. manage-1 IW8! One"o"f'~thc notable varsity ex-lj«: Ball,'re; Cole, «; 'stanfill, g. • V — •*" "-—- ».-w j -- .-• .,, u* J I l\- I. rt i .^.HUICUII O41UUIU L/.IIUUH IILUIIU^U 1 ——^— the stronger. The nnal score was -omrny ought o gu-c the boys a, n] > . STAMPS, Ark. (UP)-A family M^8, in favor of Haytl. "« on the ab.lity of "da Preem Schmcll , s activil , CS| docsn ' t Bible more than 103 years old is Tlie lint-up lor the Hayti girls to mix with a ringslcr who can k , 0 J)|mn Johns[on ,„,„;„, UK prldc of !nteres(jng antlqu( . s was: Gates, f; Ashley, f; Homer, 'C*.u> co^. ' - - ing for Fresh Air Led to Divorce Court ceptions llils ytar Is Pete Kope- sak, who went straight to the Point from Grcensbui'g, Pa., hlgn school, played a great game al end for three years and will be graduated with the class of 1934. Not only. that bul he's a color Bovs line-up was: Tralnor, c; Baer Bout Too Rig Of course a Carnera-Max to<s of the G.uden. ! Sharkey Considered Baer! There has wen some talk In possession of Mrs. W. N. Rog- SAN FRANCISCO. Cal., (UP)— ers, of Stamps, Ark. It belonged The late Ben Williams' "When of I- the family of Mrs. Rogers' Poverty Comes In the Front Win_ • „ .^ , t v.t vuuiw%, u i^diuci n-i\i(i.\ uoti i A iii-it lino wvn ovnuu tajrv. vji i * .,.,.. .»,,»,j w. ....u. &.VQV*., ru^l-ILy \^ullLl.d III V1IU «HI- ,ie»«er, g; Hall, g; w. Hail, t. Limt would be an attractive on?.! [.-iltlng Jack Sharkey against car-1 mother. Mrs. Susan Freeman, be- dow. Love Jus' Naturally Flies Oat umbaugh. f; 'Dub fwicr ot bvt thc flngne;-,) experts of box- : iirra, but there rcems to be little, fore given to. Its present owner. th c Back Window," was rivaled as roriageyllle reiereed. • i n g regard It as too big a sliowi enthusiasm for such n show. Hhar-! The earliest printed edition of a song theme recently when a lo- for a winter date. That, may come | key has bee none grand headache, Its kind known, the book weighs cal wife got an interlocutory dlon: in the early summer If Baer l-.os disappointed so many times.: 20 pounds. The earliest dale re- vorce decree. ' i *; ean be lured away from his pres-lthatt fight fans could not be (corded Is the year 1831; Fly l«»f Mrs. Kernande Delort Engahl.l Read Courttr News Want Ads. A NEW AUTOMOBILE WATCH THIS PAGE

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