The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1937 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1937
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15,' 1937 BLYTHKVlUJj. (ARK,) COUHIKU NKWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line tor coivsccu tlvc imcrdons: tec lime per -Hue lOc — . ....... I'wo times |>er line per day . . .08c Three times per line per day ..OCc ):.\ limes per line per day . ...05e . t onlh rate per Hue GOc inrcls of Thanks ...... 50c & 75o Minimum charge 50c Atis ordered for three or six limes niul slopped before expiration will be charged for Die nuiu- Icr of limes the add (appeared and »:ljiisliiient of bill made. All Classilied 'Advertising copy lUbmllteU by persons residing out- tide of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be laslljr computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for rnoro than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory Visit Harry liailcy's New CURVE !!l CAFE On Highway (>1 ut Holland Make one stop- for Beer,' Wine, Whiskey, Fresh Crappie, Good Foods. Ccinplrte 10 volume set of Standard Reference Books with looso leaf binder. Call 238 or 702. Double tub wnshlng machine. $28. 1B18 N. 20th St. H-pk-18 Canniy singers. Reasonable prices. Mrs. McCitlloiIgh, 304 Soulli 21st Street. ll-iiS-18 Home Si business. 3 roam apt., acre land. Orocorics, beer. Carters Place, Rl. 2, Box 38-A, Osecola. Shirley Temple doll with hand made clothes. Call 4G5-W. 0-ck-l(i inlnK room suite. VJiU'cnport -S; Chair. Sirs. C. W. Attlick. 3ck-tf 193G Dodge Panel delivery truck A-l condition, $275. Phone 110. ~llOMEliADE~WiNE~ •!0c Qt. Mail orders to H. G. Me Haftey, Rt. '1, Elythevllle. ~JWULES"FOR SALE" ~ DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. ' Delivered in BlytlicvillR IV;r SJ.73 i>i'd U|i. All Coal Guaranteed.— 1'tiorc 5-F-l <t 818 ^MODERNIZED COAL " Wailed. Waxolizcd, Dust Treated Four grades: S3.50, S100, S5.00 and $5.23 per 1000 pounds. Phone 100 for a trial order. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Furniture Streamline COAL *0.00 & itp ix?r TON. Washed and Picked. Kim Tr.intliam Phone 17 ;i room furnkhrd apnnnicnl, 120 U\isnn, hone 185-J after 8 p.m. 15-ck-lf Mrs. Ik'llc Wood. Furnished house. Call Mrs. Tanl, 84C-W or 515-0. H-ck-21 Furnished auiulinenl, lights mul C1IUIHTJUS (.'AKKS Orders taken for homemade Clirlsl- »i«» Cnkes mid csindles. Mrs. George Cross, 300 Luke. 13-ck-a-l. Wiinl to conlaet 5U Blrls Interest- water furnislicd. Private bivtli.| crt in hicrcaslni; Ihclr Incomes 53.50 per week. 1(101 W. Ash St 3 n>o;n apartment (lOKiisUilrs. 108 W. Kentueky. phone 6S'l. u-pklS 3 or 1 room furnished niMiimccit. 0a W. Kentucky. Mrs. Bisk. 15 acres new ground 4 miles south of Rives, Mo. w. A. Lewis, Manila, Ark,, Rt 1 nt Lost, Cane School. 11-pk-lS 2 comfortable bedrooms, prlvnle bath. Gentlemen preferred. Plione 701-W or 161, 1-ck-lf. 7 room residence. Immedlnlo po. 1 ;- KCssion. 412 N. Oth, Phone 'M3. li-ck-tf Nicely furnished bedrooms. Slciun heal, Innersin-ing innltrcss. (ill W. Main, Phone 280. 1-ck-lf mid willing lo devote six months lime to learning highly paid iiro- fesslou of Deiiuty Culture. New School lo open In niyllicvllle Jannary isl, Write for full details In lister Fisher Gipson, S15 Kixnvson Avo., Jonesboro, Ark. Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers L'.idirs' \Vllmv (.Uilil Wiisl Wutdi,' ^KClit bund. Ktsln ninki', l.nsi \:i;l >'il(kiy ;iltcnu»n between CrnfUin Co. inul 811) W. Main. Uiill t'uultni> Pecans Wanted Highest Market Prices (ii)l(lsti'ii) Hide & I'urCo. lU-ar Jin- iMtuc:.' fitore Wimidt j VII ty Mills to enroll now for Slali;' Approvnl Benuly ficliool In opi'iii Jiuiliiiry h.1, (Mop.r Hlclu.. IlpyllU'- vlll<\ Write J.irlrr Kblier i;i|>-,o>i.i 51f> Kivwwin Aviv. Jone:;bnro. j\rt.,l lor full delalls. Used yiiit sv:is»n. li;i l,;i Aclln l.l'-.ur I'llli not >! Ihr of >our RltiKKI'liiu-rn Hun ,'ni'l llhn ft 1H>»- ln-nnn, JUd JLfllra l.lrrr Tills, llintilro, gentle. ^nM «t tl) Klrliv- Dm* Kli»ro». rrnJ CQii tinkii joi •our ryn Room and Board Unit-mil)- Mmuilx Itulln-llks CriAI'Kl, HILL. N. C. Ull'l — A Jr.imttl collection tif Swiilloivtnll bultcrnios hii.s IHTU phifcd un -Its- play "«|. llu< University «f Norlli Ciirollmi'.s iiitiiimti> booksluip. '['lie insects are native to Clmucl HIM and vidntiy. FARM f.OANi Aikunsii.s ;uu) Mbsour) l,«nv'"il r.Ki's -imvi'nl r V|M'IIS^ !Kf,V H.' KASSKKMAN Thr.iiu.s Jjinil Co. Olllni IV O. Ilox -HO, I'lione M'l, \Vu Siwiali/o In A- PRESCRIPTIONS * Phone Ul FOWLER DRUG STORE ACMTVJ.UNE <io nol i;raw }iy .slrctclilut; ""(I lcni:llienlii|r Hiclr limits; ICIIIT iiB-iii ami ho:u'(l Or incuts. Mlfi wlics Mnjilcil In uiwvlnu [ires iv- W. Mrs. K. K I.oivrry. 1 mull) (lie i,;mir (liadiiicv from tl>e WALLPAPER New J928 patterns. Close prices. ARK-MO LUMBER CO T Phone 40 > fiirnislicd rooms. 2 ii]is(aiis or a downstairs. OH Ileiirn. sn-jik-ia-M I Furnbhcrt house on Holly. Call Mrs. a. S. Stcrnbcrg at. flUl. 12-ck-lt r> room modem house at 1500 W. Asli, for sale or trade. See J. W. Maloney, Clark atul Railroad Sis. Glass BARGAINS IN New & Used I-'dniilurc \Vc Buy * Sell WARE FUHNlTltRK CO. IIS \V. Main I'lionc 155 AUTO GLASS Exjicrt Workmanship We Deliver lilyllifvillc I'uinl & Wallpaper Co. Wa Cut & Jnulall Phono 880 111 s. Seconc" Aniioimcenient Help Wanted I5x)iciicncctl auto mechanic. Sec I Hoy Calvin at Phillips Used Carl Lot. 15-ck-M Repairing Gun repairs. Ciuaranloed work. K M. Damon, 315 E. Main. Restaurant CHOP STJEY. Mack's Hcstanrant. next lo thcuter. Joiner, Ark, WELDING ftT lil'.ST PUICK3 Oarksdalc Mfg. Co, We Special!/*! Iiv Hoily & l'\'i«!«r Itcpuirs Come In niul See l!« Motor SsilcK, Inc. rrrtiloiie IlriitrrN lli-hoslcrs Drs. W«r» & V/crt Ol'TOMKTIllSTS Oi'ir Joe ismuvi' HUire "WK MAliK -KM SKK" 010 Wanted Pecans WOLF ARIAN 1-8 1C. iMafn I'liiine USED CARS At Bargain PRICES Lee Motor Sales, INC. 24 HOUR S^RVjCi^ Phillips t 01 Tax "66" Gas 1U2C .i,» a i ( } AH I.calling Brands ill Uccr, I,ii|inir, \Vino, Ciln :vnd C'niillnls. Cigai-cllcs, 2 Pkgs. 25c, ^J.15 Carton • fil—Hollnnil, Mo, I'iiONI! IS PHONE 244 L. I. RICE COAL! AM, (ii:,M)i:s (HIV FOH ANY KINO 01'' HIGH GRADE COAL <'/\U, M. !•'. -Vn\ AT 477 Wonder City Coal Co. OOP WANTED Junk Aulo Tires anil Tubes HKNRY LOBERG I7 W. (»sli I'lio'nr ! Used Trucks & Cars I HUB ClH-v. l'|i-J;ii|). Good j 'I'"'' 1 " $315 IOIt'1 P. = tnn Chcv. 155" W. II. make body In A-l ccmllLlon ...... J27S mill! inleimllmml Pickup $373 law c'liev. isri", w, ji. I'-lutfcirm Ijody, (jocd lli'e:> 5113 Al.l, TRUCKS GUARANTEED TO 1'AtiO BTATK INfJPKCTION Delta Implements, Inc. NIIIV nl ltf| Ne r (h Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU I»ON i:mV,M«)S, t'r«|irl«lw Ml makn ,i( 1C, (mill Tjiicwrllcrs, Ad.Un,; Machlncii an( Cn!rid;il<irs—Uc|ialrlii(r—I'aris—KUHi <ins COBB FUNERAL HOME ' ritiu-nu Insuranie Tailors We Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 10)1 Cliickasaivlia Flionc 873 ; Radio • ' TRADE YOUIt OLD SUIT IN UN A NEW ONE CKORGE r,. Minn . / "Blythcvilic's Onlv 'J'ailor'",-* : We Allow S4 to SIS.. On Hnilroatl south of Main 51. Shoe Repairing Quality Shoe Shon Today the only bargain In slioc repairing Is Quality materials ft R-oritinaiiship. Rubber Heels, Sac , up. Soles 5Dc up. Dyes, Polishes, Wn.shinp, rough-dry & finished, tie liiccs. Any shoes ily«i black, 35c! livcrccl. ti (inills- or blankets $1 Free Delivery Phone 120 I \Iayius waslicr. I wash cm-tains H. B. Campbell See Willy Bell Grocii behind Brown's Ice Flnnt. 30-pk-12-30 RADIO SERVICE WADE FURNITURE CO. PHONE 155 Washing Batteries SATTERY SERVICE J. Ben dune Phnnn 8 at Tom Jncfcson'i Position Wanted Middle aged ivliitc woman wants houtc work in private liome. Call nt 1511 Chickasawba St. 10-pk-17 «.c( Santa's jn-escnl (o the whole family lie :i l)t-a«(.irul t's-ccl Oif. Sec these many Christmas NKTiaiN. Icrm.s to fit your fiiniily ntulgtt. '•'57 8lmk-b;i!(or Diets. l"i TnuriiiK Sedan. (,'li'an, \ji\\ '•i(i .\;ish Six Tour. •'••<« l-'ord Tti- dor Tour . . ! :J5 C'hcvrolcl Coach Std.. '•'57 I'onliac, Twn-Door ing $9193 'M Ttrraplanc Tour. •Sqilan. Kirsl class in appearance ^t CQQlk performance yu33 '•il (;hcv. .Sedan, (Jooil i\l(i(or, (Joor! Rubber, 11 rcal ^1A«I buy at .... $1*13 Yon will sing with joy to hear th? clifTcrcnce in your mulor when \vc Kn ovi-r il. Try us today. Let Us Cure for Your Car Joyner-Babcock Moter Go, Broaihvay * Walnut rtionc intio , WHAT IF 7H' lEDGEwD ME IS BUSTED- 5HUy'.' I CAM 5TILL6O IT TO M£ OOWM BUT IWTHIS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THAT LIGHTWIM'FLASH WAS CLOSE, AMD IT HIT AWFUL WEAR TO POOR. . Ot-' Guy.,' XI'LL 5AV IT DID// /.OOKIT WHERE THE LEDGE WAS 'M PROMT OF MlM. r WOW)T!5 IK- Hnmlin ' \'l'' fj- } 'iVl'**', •' ; * '-N '< i -. i!-ii»?-/.'v}J«\;-L;-. i -.v\\' v «h^x?^.- NO"LUCK' THE. By Martin gUT, OHf HOW H6K Gf?£EN ^C-VeS GUTTER. WITH HATRED AT THE SIGHT OF BEVEKLV HILL! 1 (U)N.IC, EU'T NOT "TOOK f\ WOW I. WHY.v\ONSt\ EviENi , I, HEL6A ZMITH 6 ALOME, ^ ALOOF, HEE BRIEF ROMANCE WITH EfiSY SHATTEKEP. FRECKLES AND llfs KRIKNOS r-ai-i'T BE A FOOIJ tw'is !S ;A BUSIWl:SS TRIP} T,, " /"'<5&r" Hy Crane LAV OFP, UNNEKSTAND.' ^EAi;V l 5 NOPUM& VOU OUGMT OF KMOWM MUG! BESIDES, BETTEIc'M TO FALL fCK. j IF I LIK&A6UV, THAT PllM6MU6,IMTHE/t LfKE H!M,SE6' •— v Fl ^ST PLACE. ,/ANO WHAT THE HECK CAM IPO ABOUT IT? / TOO i''OR OSSIK POOR WUTT/ SURE IS UP AQA1MST \ A PROBLEM ! HE WASH'S TD QUIT ( SCHOOL FOR FIWAWCIAL REASOWS^ BUT HIS MOTHER WANTS HIM CONTINUE ! y< IT -'.>;': V 1 : m^ §• if^ •tt I ->,N\\ fr ^ V/AWT3 HIM ~R> GO OM TD COLLEGE ' t3H=: V/AWT3 HIM TD GET A DEGREE W MEDICINE SO US: CAM BE A DOCTOR .' , SURE HE DOES.' ^ t50ES S DOCTORS HAVE TO § HE WEED I BE SMAR T, OMETD A COLLEGE EDU- ^ B£ A CATIOW IS OWLY ''•'' TKAT3 FUWMY.' UY" UUCLE LUDWIQ WEVER GOT AKriWHEBE IM LIFE .' MOM SAYS THAT 'yVWEM HE V/EWT TD COLLEGE HE HAD DOUBLE PUEUMOWIA IKl 1- SEWIOR YEAR AMD GRADUATED V/ITH 104 DEGREES' .' TS l^^i / /

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