The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on February 4, 1876 · Page 1
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 1

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1876
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u 2 - V VJ . A VuLUE - XL. AHUSEHENTS. T. CIARLS THEATRE. Friday EveniasT, Fenraary, ; tEXEFIT OP FRO. J. PEPPER. ; 1 w - S ALCHEMIST'S DAUGHTEB, I ' . . - 1 ,i. MI.hiiIm fcadocto SU n wonaenm ncirauuo , - Gfcostsand Goblins. ..tjaY - ALCHEMIST Mstinee. ' DAT IJIOHT ALCHEMISTS ' 4viKtOHT The rainnt wmrnMtaa, I - . , FELIX VINOKNT, m4 h charming 2um Jd - EVA VINCENT. - T. FATBICKS FAHU 1bC TrUmy, JtndT S 18. ' ! ST. PATRICK'S HATT ; ' wffl l under the anpioM of t&o laflles herein waned s "; " ; wrTHEBN STAR Mr. Dr.WlnM. Kn Ciarle Mcrely. MM. O. K. Dnnnta. Mta JHbot, Xn KeKAofr, Mrs. Dr.; Bricken. Erl x. L. BVBVn. J. Ad. Boeier, Mrs. EmT Proton, Mrs. Aiutoa Lfldeux Mxa. 5. pool ud Mr. ClMt . ClTEKNLAL Mm Dr. FolwalL Mm Tttad. cri")CE5T Hrs. Thomas OOnKMre, Mm P. P Eenrlg. Mrs. John Henderson, Mm Spring - bett, Mm Dr. Berthelot ind Mtas Henderson. E3EKNIA BRANCH NO. 1 Mm Conwsjr, "jlrs. Tffllinry, Miss Mollie Orsyer snd Mm VeDonald. - . ' ' ' H TSEBESA'S Mrs. J. Domtng Mm Fto - Kan, Mm "W'm. Hoiran sad Miss Gihney. EIBHMERICAN Mm E. McMsbon.Mm j. c. MoClelln. Miss A. ..Alexander, Miss S. ' J. Byrnes. rr. PATRICK'S Mrs. W. P. Honton. - ft A1PHOS8T7S Mm FltBgemW. ; COSTKSTSi . . . ' A OP HORSES AND BTJOT - Oontrt Vcrween Hon. J. M.O. Parker and P. J. Ken - ed7, Esq. The Toting will be under diarj - e ef U ladies ef the Creseenft Tahle. PUT OP, HORSES AND BTJOOT Cbntert tettreen Cols. Waggaman and Pasn and Mr. John Fairfax.. The voting will he snder barge of the ladles of the Centennial and 8 U AtnfmiumaTsbles.' ' ' T Jastft, there win be a nnmber of intereet - - g eon tests ana rames iot goia wucnw mim go'A chains, necklaoes, geld tad coral sets. r i"twcnp, etc ' ' Jalg - tP7 ,Y The ".Elshbp: ' : - ! : PATCTJOXa WOOI, DTJSTKlt.; ; THE'OXIX PERPECT DUSTER : tie World. Wsrranted to do an we elabn for it - e j eirctilari Taeh in soaponcU oceaaionaDy, i f . a C.j comh sut with a ooarse eomh. r - iX CIS COUNTS HADE THE TRADE. - . r - ""! l t - iSTicementa totrar - . iii m - , ; JAitr3 E. PESNET, ;. 43 Hatches beet, New Orleans, ; U agent for Lonislana, Visslawrppi. Alabama, litafluss, Texas and Tepnessee. Ja4 lm ABCHES s BOBXAND, ... - :S ' f S9 KatelMB aOwet, , ..; :f ;: Bare for sale the following ' . ; Fertilizers : . . ' a 1 PERCV1AN OPANa lirt - s RAW BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE. IkotI SUPERPHOSPHATE. Usfdsle (Engliah) FERTILIZES, - ., - . Ctre end Fine Oround SOStk USD PLASTER, etc, etc j - Agents fur JTCRPEE'S BCB - SOLL PLOW. ' rvpalrs in M003T CORN AND BROOM MATERIALS. Ji11bi . . . - T0TVB0AT8. ; , OPPOSITION LINE. j . v: ' The Al Towboata - t Win tow from sea to city, and from city to sea, rtnssanable rates. - ; - ; - ;',..'; ' l, ' ' See Ko. 10 Carondelet street ,.t : I Js30 - ly ' - i M. W. EVANS, Agent. POMP AX O POMP A"0. The snderslgned hare received a fresh lot of P03IPANO, sn kinds of PKESH FISH, for sale at mod. price, at the Stalls of - ' t ENGLAND. TALLOn" CO, , - ,3 - 1r French Market. TO THE tratkxjkq public. The wen known v , PREiys SALOON, - ! Sc Ckmrtes street, aemr Twjinn, - Is open Night and Day. ff at an boors. Wen furnished rooms at saabie prices. - - S - ly , PREP HELLMERai 'FITS CURED FBJE&. jJTlwstm enffertng from the "ahorve disease is CunidT1)r - and a trial bottle "ucme will be forwarded by express Sm FREE I !fo? wJ'vi2',0 Prees charges, which. Dr. PR ? hoinMNi, are small. i - iUCE has ml the treatment of , . . ne wiu warrant a core by T0 IMt f Ail tA Mnil him 'l iwts noirnnr, ana be switt. v 11CURE YOU, ' KS.h,w11on tanding yonr ease may SiWs?rt?Z?hr r,lnedie mT have failed, "uart anrt tftlnionials sent with 1MU,J?Ef TRIAL BOTTLE. - , KnvStSJ Sv ymiT express as weU as " oflio, direction and artlre. - DR. CHA8. T. PRICE, t - ly 67 William street. New York. KOTICE. Of the 8tt, Tax CollectoT, First District, ) Ao.169 Graviw street, up stairs, the 11?" 'fty 'rtwn to the tax - payers tIrt?rictof Jfew Orleans that I am 1 (ig the years 1875, lfice will be open from 9 A. M. to 3 P.M. at - . - N. C. FOIXJER, I2Sim 8Ut Tax Conector, First District. ISIDORE LJSTI. - - J,. Vetnu the Croekery Trade.) , "wlttA.PKISEB,CO - ' I . ! Macula . T. - m k .tha Mr. LEVI la wrshiaaeall. Jeaoo - .ly AMIJSEJIENTS. ' ; ' bjjjwexxVs' . academy of music. v .... i ENGAGEMENT FOB ONE WEEK LONGER The great original Comedians, . ' v BARKIGAN AND II ART, .. Their Full Dramatio Company and Gallant 69th. NsiaTt Jaa, SO, u4 fmr the Week.. . MATINEES WEDNESDAYS AND ' SATURDAYS. Selecting each entertainment (mm their large - repertoire ef popular frems, which will be in . trodncd in their new draaia, THE DOYLE BROTHERS, and their new sketch, THE BLUE AND THE GRAY. jPTVdar, Feb. 4 Farewell Benefit KARRI PAN AND HART. - anday. Fee. 6 First appearance of the Jonng Irfah Comedienne, Miss REN A. - Ja3Q GRUNEWALD HAIiL. BANS VOK " BULOW, - The greatest Master f the PIANO, Tnesday, Fehmary 18, 1870. ; 2 '' ' FnH particulars hereafter, r PI tt r v LADIES' GYMNASIUM, , CnUsthenlo and Ortkeeeaalo Iaatltate, sty Cteaml acreec. - ; Under the immediate superrlslon of - ; Mr. H. TBLAMMER8LEY and LADY. ! . This estahnslunent - ef the most recherche and elect character is now opened. ' Terms $16 per session, one - half in advanoe. Redaction for several in family. Attendance hours Tuesday, Thursday and Sat - urday, lO A. M. to 1 P. M.. and, S to 6 P. M. J and Wednesday and Saturday, 7 to 9 P. M. Gentlemen's Gymnasium, 103 St. Charles street. - In attendance the alternate days, etc Jc9 tt ' WENGEE'S GARDEN, - 1 II and 13...Bearbesi ureec ..11 and 13 H. WENGER, Proprietor. lArgrest HALL in the city. Best European and American JOURNALS on file. Two fine ROOMS for Families, with separate entrance. Best WINES and LIQUORS. . First class RESTAURANT. Moderate prices. PhiL Best's celebrated Milwaukee LAGEB BEER at FIVE CENTS per glass. - , JalSS ly BALLS. aVwV 'A GRANT) CALICO HAUL, t i To he given by , , :" : TRAD FERRY STEAM FIRB CO. HO. 13, . AT ST. PATRICK'S HATJ ' On Satnrday Evenlna, March 4, 1876, Committee of Arrangements .' J. LYNCH. Chairman. W. Baker, J.B. PhUlips, P. FarrolL P.M leaiy. . Application for Ladles' invitations can be eb - taiaed at the Engine House, - : - Tickets...., . . .... $1. F lm v GRANS FANCY DRR8S BALLv " . . To be given by THE FRENCH BKUEVOLENT . A - , Anai - v . 4 MUTUAL AID BOCIETT ' I f New Orleans, . . - ' 1 Jr' r AT THE ' OPERA HOUSE, t On Saturday, Jf ebrwary S, 1878r BIBKCTOESt . J. E. MERILH, President. - E. D. LEYY, Vice President. Joseph Girod. Jean SchweiUar M. Manade, A. Roeherean, E. Brot, A.Lacaza, N. MouTier A. Lafund. C. Man gin, ' J. Leblanc, J. Strenna, t ' Th. GoUain. ; J. L. Revo). E. Meriih, - J. Dnfant, B. at atharan, , CGanzy, M. Vergnole, . C. Boner. - J. P. Datrey, Germain Espy J.Segasbie, " A - Wiltx, J. Desca, C Bares, E. Latreyte, J. Soudain, ; ,P. Borle, J. Manand, A. Malihes, - B. Antont y. Lefevre, P. Macon. : - L. Godchanx, A. Paris, J. Sense, Cb. T. Dugason, J. Lonstanan, Ant. Carriere, J.P. Carrere, L.Payse. F. Limet, L. Menant, E. DroneC U. Sahnqne, . StCyrFourcadeVr. Bivard, M. Lion, E.Danty, G. Villeneave, J. Larrien, E. Odlnot,' ' P. P. Chsbert, P. C. Mengelle, C. Fos, - L. Chaplain, L, Simon, F. Casentre, L. Menvieile, Price of Tickets TWO DOLLARS. Ladles' invitations and tickets may be procured from any of the Directors of the ball, Fl 4 - CONTINENTAL ; BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION GRAND MILITARY, j ; MAS Bv, DRESS and FANCY DRESS HAUL . t . For the Benefit of .' - "v"" ' - V COMPANY A, CONTINENTAL GUARDS, ; WIU be Given at ':; ' '' - :?(: . '. ST. PATRICK'S HALL, : i :; ; On Camp street, opposite Lafayette Square, , ' Evenlna; ef the 22d ef Febrnavry Next, , . The One Hundred and Forty .Fourth Anniversary of theBlrthf WASHINGTON. , COMMITTEE OP ARRANGEMENTS; John G. Fleminr. Cbatrman. "Win. Pi VusWTTulUla loux, G. Li. HalL B. H. Watkinn, Alex. McNeil, E. Blessey, Clemrat L. Walker, Cliairman. Samuel M. Todd, . Daniel Edwards, . John B. Leefe, John Clark, CpL A. W. Boswerth, Wm. Tenbrink, ; Hon. John Livingston,'. Harry BidweU, : - M - Carvto. . George Purvey , I 4 Chariee Gould, . Mark Qnayle P - Hedges, , . Wm. Mehle, "V ' John Hawkins, . Joseph Donaldson, - irW - ,Mhlo, , t . John M. Cullen, M. D, . eo. R.Finlay, Wm. (5 ill en. t T T.M. Baker. J. J. McGinnls, ' " i". s. Mo ran, F. W. Quack euboss, - Gersrd Stith, ,. ; Charles W. Drown, . a. ji. smith, , , . ; James Wilson, . : ' , , If Moriran, Wm.BedU, " John C Hood. Geo. W. England. ; W.T.ScovelL T " , Applications for ladies' Invitations may be left at the store of E. A. Tyler, Esq., 115 Canal street, or at the store of John G. Fleming, Esq., Secretary of the Association, at , ll Poydras street, or through P. O. box 2686. - , By order of T. W; BTHICRV President Continental Benev. Ass'n. ' r B. M. MONTGOMERY, . , ; ju Js25 - F22aptal,,.Ca" Cootucaital Onards. 'f - 5 KOTICB. ! - - - t ; - UNITED BRETHREN ASSOCIATION. - ' The BALL to have been riven by this Assocla - - 1 a?flv te BlKht ot ot February, 1876, has been postponed to . ... 5mtm,rf" Ninht, February 8, 1876.' . ' . lSt?.,"? and lnvitatioBS already issued will v S o2'.tooaPBr admittance on tne night "r.. ra' " - - t .. , - . Committee of Arrangements i' ' . i . : v. - vA,LK.RKI MOSS, Chairman. ' Jacob Hoth, , j. v. Goillotte, " kJ .' Jacob SchoenT - Prorsals for Bar, Hat Boom aud Reataorant Tfiii, b5tlT.ed.b3 tt Committoe up to the 16th. Tickets $1 pp. Ja2i - T Bn WetFgS WIN A TALUABLE DIAMOND RING, - And have a good time, at the grand FANCY DRESS, MASQUERADE and CAI v " j - It O BALL, . , 7 . To be given .MECHANICS' FIRS CO. No. 6, i' . . . atOddleUows'HalLoa . j .IJS??4! Et. Feb.a, 187ft. ?,.t2in,1;h hR a chance for the prize, r JbicmI heseenatSooofer's. iiouie M obulaed e - NEW ORLEANS, VARIETIES THEATRE. ' THERE'S MILLIONS IN IT. . Every KIhc and Batnrday Matinee,' The famous Comedian ; ' - . MR. JOHN T. RAYMOND, ; ' In his vtvid and matchless peraonstlen ef : - COL. MULBERRY SELXiERS," In Mark Twain's Celebrated American Drama, . Realistic New Scenery by DresseL "SELLERS' MATINEE SATURDAY. GRAND MATINEE WBDNESDAY, February . - ft - THE TWO ORPHANS." - JsSO tf - - 7 - - , - - ' OPERA HOUSE. THE DISTINGUISHED PARISIAN COMEDY COMPANY. - Saturday Matinee. HOB INTIMKS. Admission . ..Fifty Cents. Sunday Evenlna;, ta February, LES DEUX ORPHELINES. ; . Tuesday Evenlna;.' 8th Febrmary, For the benefit of Mr. JAEGER, UN TIG RE DU BENGALS, LBS BREBIS DE PANURGE and LA BOULE. Doers open each evenlna: at 7, curtain rises at 7:45. . . Ja3Wtf ' GLOBE THEATRE. ' ! : Corner of Baronne and Perdido streets. MABSH ADAMS..BaMnbss and Stage Manager MORE NEW STARS. First appearances of Mr. HARRY THOMPSON .. ... Miss MARY OLIVER, . vMr. J EMMIE , THOMP - SON, .. ' .. Miss BELLA BENT, i ' .. .. Miss MINNIE COOK,, f AB the old Favorites In New Acts. Usual prices of Admission.... 10 15, 2 and 50c. REVIVAL OF THE GLORIOUS CAN - CAN Saturday night, February 5, after the performance at this Theatre, there will be given a Fancy Dress and Masquerade Bail. Ja30 Dont Miss a YlsK To DANZIGER'S To - Day. Everybody win go there and see the Grand Exposition of Remnants. all marked down REGARDLESS OF COST. ' ; We Invite our friends and customers to call early In the day, as the prices are so very tempting that late comers may be disappointed, Danziger's, , , ; 203 Canal, between Burgundy and Rampart its, and 28 and 830 Boyal utreau, ' F4 ltlstp corner at St. Philip. ' II. L: BYRNE - & CO., I - Remnant Day. '; .TO - DAY REMNANTS AT HALF PRICE, AND IN SOME INSTANCES AT PURCHASER'S OWN PRICE. , F4 ltlstn " . : Furniture ; ; :. CHEAPER THAN EYERi : HcCraeken & Breirsr, y - 33 aad 33 Reyal street ; Have just made large purchases at bankrupt sales . in the North and West, and are receiv - : . ing the largest stock ot . - ? CHEAP FURNITURE x ' adapted to the dty and country trade. We are r .. :,. now prepared to fin all orders ...... ' v.'" ., - '.4 GREAT AND SMALL, ; at a lower figure than has ever been offered in this market, and defy competition. . . ! . Polite and attentive clerks always on hand to show the goods. - Give us a call and convince yourselves.'' ,vr ' , MeCRACKEN ot BREWSTER, S3 and 33 - .Royal street.. ....33 and 35 Ja30 lm , " - King of the Carniyal. ; SPECIAL) NOTICE . .AB persons having business with the Govern, ment of His Majesty, the KING OF THE CARNIVAL, may address communications to Lock Box 881, p. O. WARWICK, ! - Earl Marshal. War Department, Carnival Palace, New Orleans, Jan. 22, 1876. ; ' C .v;:. , Ja23 lm . DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE, j ' CITY HALL, NEW ORLEANS, ' f . - . r. January 31, 1876. . ) City Licenses for the year 1879 are now due, and win be issued from this office until February X9, 1870, after which costs will accrue. ; , t E. PIL8BUBY, 5' Jail td Administrator of Finance. ST. BERNARD COAL COMPANY, V' ' OF EABXINGTON, KY. 5 " i . .. W. S. CAMPBELL, Agen New Orleans, La. ' i . OFFICES . ' ' No. 22 Carondelet street. No. 4 Delta street i - .nr - - over E. Conery 4 Bon. . ' , (.. COAL - COAIr - COAL,4 ' I AT WHOLESALE AND; RETAIL. r. - - . . ) Planters, steamships, steamboats and families supplied at Loweet Market Rates.. . - i . . Particular attentloh given to the supply of fuel by contract for steam, purposes within t city limits.. t .. , . Depots Memphis,' Tenn. .Mouth, of .White River Tunica Landing j New Orleans, La.: d!9 6m v . . . . L.J. Webster. . . , . . V.i . J. M. Prat&er. .'. ; e WEBSTER As PRATHZB. : j . STOCK AND COMMISSION BROKERS. SOT'Mentcemery atreeV' ; 1 ':': ' NEVADA BLOCK. SAN' FRANCISCO. - - - d5l - ajai !. - ., j .; : - . - . ,' .. tit ,' - ! r . I .rr. - FRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 4, 1876. LEVY'S GRAND DAZAAR AND. DOLLAR STORE, 1 37......... .....Canal sxret...... .137 GET A CATALOGUE WHAT A DOLLAR WILL BUY ; AND LN ADDTTJ0X, , r .,J - ;'i. ';'.'.;. - ;.. ':.; . For This and Next Honih, ..." ' i j ; . ' - TO CLOSE OUT. DRESS SILKS. DRESS HLLKB. , Black fl a yard, worth $1 CO. Black SUk VELVETS $2 a yard, worth S3 25. . FUR TRIMMINGS 5, 25, 60o. and $1 Skins on hand and Trimmings cut to any Width. . . x . SILK FRINGES 25c, S5o 50c, 60c, 75c and fl a yard. WORSTED FRINGES, AO Shades, Reduced to 15c, 25c, 35c, and 50c. a yard., Silk SCARFS, plain and fringed, flOc, 60c, 60ci 78c . - Elegant embroidered linen SETS of Collars and Cufla, only 60c a set, worth fl 25. Look at thettnmense assortment of SUk HANDKERCHIEFS,. 50c $1 and $1 60. . , EMBROIDERIES "and EDGINGS, 12c, 8c, 10c, 12c, 15e 80c, 25c, per yard, . Linen HAN D KERCHIEFS, Initial Embroidered Corners, 25 cents. ' , ' ; ; Nice Hemstitched Union Linen HANDKIR - CHlFS,$ladocen. , t': . t .Colgate's SOAP, highly Perfumed, $1 a' docen CAkes, or 9 cakes for 26 cents, i ' . Something new and attractive, tu largerdeces,' Sf WOODEN CARVED GOODS, only $1 each. TRIMMED HATS LATEST STYLES, For Ladies, Misses, and Children, $L French FELT, untrimmed, do, $1, worth tl 50 Drsss BUTTONS, only 25 cents a dosea. Pearl Shirt BUTTONS, best quality, 12 eosen or$L . SHk PARASOLS, tl up. Silk FANS, aUcolom $1 up. ; , nosiKRY - nosuERY. SQk Clogged real Balbrtgans, 60 cents a pair." German Hose, reduced to 10 cents a pair. ' Misses' Fancy do, 6 pair for $L - ' ' Bohemian Glass TOILET SETS, $1 a set, aomething new. Extra large VASES, $1 a pair. , . J BRONZES BRONZES. ',' ; Very elegant pieces for Mantle Ornaments, only fL ...... , BrunM INKSTANDS, f - L . , . Bronce CARD BECElViUtS, $L ., ' Bronze VIOLET STANDS, tL ' : ? Bronae PAPER WEIGHTS, L ? '. Pearl CARD CASES, L ; ' ' "S ; - Four Blade Pearl Handle Pocket KNIVES, extra quallry,$L; :., . . . , .. ' Completely Furnished LAMPS, $1. ' : ", . : . Carpet BUOGS. $L " Extra Large OU Cloth RUGGS, $1. ' " . Extra Large XtOOKXNa GLASSES, $L - WINDOW SHADES WINDOW SHADES ::.'.. $1 a pair. - , :',;'X ' SKIRTS, CHEMISES, NIGHT GOWNS, ; V, .j ' - : TOILET SAQUES, DRAWERS, ' , CHILDREN'S DRESSES, . . ';. t AB elegantly gotten up and Embroidered, $1 apiece ' . . . ; . Fine Embroidered and Tucked INFANTS' . , ROBES, 1 up. , 1 , , ' FURS, f 1 a set up. ... - r . . ! ' ; FUR CAPS, just received, $1 each. Merino and Zephyr SAQUES for Ladies and Children, SI up. ' - ; FULL - BACKS, all sizes, $1 up. '.' ' . ' ' Very large CHROMOS, ready framed. In fine Walnut Frames, $L ' ' - - Gent's Linen - Bosom SHIRTS, $L i ; . , " " Unen COLLARS, $1 a dosen. , ; ' " Linen CUFFS, six pairs for $1. . , Gent's Linen IANKXRCIIIEFS, ready hem mM, six for $1. i - kti - Fine Merino UNDERSHIRTS, L Ladies' MerinocyESTS, 1, extra quaUty. " ' kid' gloves. " V ; : . ' Bole agent for the celebrated Alhambra KID GLOVES, all shades two - button, fl a pair Every pair warranted. , . ' ., - '' ' - Get a pair of the new opera shade, suitable for balls and partlea, K ' u : Take a look at the new styles of n 5 JEWELRY, SASH RIBBONS, - i. r, ; SILVERWARE, ORNAMENTS, NECKLACES, IAK3KETS, CHARMS, CHAINS v! HUMAN HAIR SWITCHES, fl.' . Andno'hnmbUai'C;;..',i Fine French Dressed Dolls, Toys, "Musical In - strumcnts, Billiard Tables Fire Engines,! Mechanical Toys, fL r '. . ' Wagons, Horses, Carts, Wheelbarrows, Velod - pedes, Tools, Bedsteads, Trunks and Bockem " "? - ''"" :v - ;''CsdIdrca Cterfajrea,;' - ' .V; Well made and upholstered, flO. , . ; f, :' i . " By all mean go to LEVY'S, acknowledged as the best assorted Dollar Store in the United States, and GIVES MORE FOR, A. DOLLAR than any other House in America,. v : :A Remember - 187 CANA I STREET. Srije oilB IJ.icabuhe: AMVSXMXNTB TMTS ' - ' BIBWXLL'S ' ACADEMY - OF ' MUSIC - The Dnyle Brothers "the Bine and the Gray. Hanigan A Hart. Combination. . ST. CHAH1.EB THEATRE "Alchemist's - Danghtr." Prof. J. Pepper. v VARIETIES THEATRE CoL Mulberry Bel - lers." John T. Raymond. GLOBE THEATRE urand Variety Entertain. ment. . An Assassin Hong. " The officers of the steamheat St. Mary report that the negro assassin, August, who killed CoL Offat in cold blood, on' the 22d nit., in the parish of St. Landry, was forcibly taken from the jail shortly after his arrest, and hong to a tree on the banks of the Bayou Coartableau, in the presence of a large crowd of white people and negroes. The particulars of the fiendish assassination of CoL Offut by this negro, who has met' with such a swift retribution, were published at length in the Picayune in our issue of the 26th "nit., and are doubtless still fresh in the minds of our readers. - - Col. Offut was a native of' the parish, nearly seventy years of age,' and was greatly beloved . and respected by the whole people, and his assassination is all the more terrible to contemplate, from the fact that no cause whatever can be assigned for the perpetration of the murder. . . - - . ' ; ' - . Died in a Cab. A MAN FALLS SUDDENLY DT A FIT AND : . EXPIRES ON HIS WAY TO THE STATION. About 11 o'clock this . forenoon, . a white man, apparently about 85 years of age, was suddenly seized with a fit while walking along near the corner of Poydras and Peters streets, and fell upon the sidewalk. , . . - . He was pieked up by the policeman on the beat and placed in a cab, which was ordered to drive to the - Central Police Station. - - ' .. The . unfortunate man however expired in the vehicle before it reached Carondelet street. ' ' ! The body being searched at the station, there was found in one of the pockets of the coat an envelope .addressed X. Credo, Post Office box 443, Galveston, Texas. The envelope contained two certificates of the Mutual Aid Benevolent Life Insurance Company, 10 Camp street. ' . It appears that the deceased was: last year residing at No. 683 Annunciation street, in this city, but moved to Galveston, Texas. '! ; .: V - ' - V',j; The insurance officers say thai he has been under forfeiture in the matter of his Insurance since last year.. . Fire in First District Losa $3000. , At 5 'o'clock yesterday morning fire was discovered in a one - story frame cottage on Poydras street, between Tonti and Rocheblaye streets. The building was entirely consumed. It was owned and occupied as a dwelling by Mr. Michael Kerns, and is reported to have been insured in the Crescent Mutual Insurance Company for $1500. .No insurance upon the furniture, which was consumed with the building. The flames communicated to the one - story frame house adjoining, owned and occupied by Mr. Mahon, which, with the contents, was also destroyed. This building is said to be insured in the Merchants' Insurance Company. No insurance on the furniture. The flames next consumed the adjoining frame dwelling, - occupied . by Mrs. Ella Flernming, and owned by Mrs. Murray. No insurance. The fire next communicated to an adjoining vacant double cottage, owned by Mr. Patrick O'Meliaj which suffered damage to the amount of $250. The fire, which had its origin in a defective flue, originated in the kitchen of Mr.'Kerns'shouse. The alarm was turned in from box No. 126, located at the corner of Common and Rocheblave. streets, by the watchman of the Common Street If ailroad Company. I " The Crescent City .Belief Association will meet at Grunewald Hall to - day, at noon. - .. . : : . Oxleans Grange No. 53, Patrons of Husbandry, meet every Friday evening, at 7 o'clock, at their rooms in Grunewald. HalL on Baronne street, between - Common and Canal streets. . . ' '". Book Received. From Eyrich, 130 C.mal street, we have received "Thros - tlfithwaite," by Susan .Morley Lippin - cott & Co., Philadelphia. - . To - day, Byrne's remnant day, remnants at purchaser's own price. ; Postpon:ment of Furnitcrk Sale. Owing to a difficulty in getting the furniture ready for inspection, Tthe sale which was to have taken place to - day, at 11 o'clock, at 60 Camp etrcet, is postponed until 11 o'clock Saturday, at which time the whole will be sold without limit or reserve. In the meantime .parties are requested to rail and examine the farcri - 'ture. . ' - " ' - 'V - j - For first - class dental operations call on Dr. J. West, 3. North street,' opposite Lafayette Square. ; . v, 1;;. 50 for a Carr6 cabin, perfectly wonderful..;:' - v,..' - . - ' ' - vv,:';, j r ' Best dental work skiUfnlly dene; without pain, at lower prices than anywhere else. Dr,. J. li. Knapp, 145 Canal, formerly, 14 Baronne. . - ' ' Cotton hnd corn planters, guaranteed to operate bettar than any other seed plant - ' era ever introduced, are Harbin's . combined cotton and corn" planters,' with Thomas's improvement.. These celebrated planters are sold separately or in combination, as may be desired, and can be obtained of the various firms indicated in the advertisement. . v - A young lady boasts of having a German Bible which is 105 years old. It is bound, in red cloth, and is quite cun - POLITICAL. Passage of an Amended Election Bill in the Senate. The Old Law Essentially Re - enacted, with theRe - ; turning Board in. ! Warm Debate in the Senate. The Hawkins Impeachment ' . Yesterday was one of unusual interest at the State - House. There was not a large number of spectators, because the developments which were made were not h generally anticipated. ' The first excite ment arose with the report of the Committee on Elections and Registration, Senator Landry, (colored,) chairman.; As will be seen by our account of the proceedings elsewhere, "this report was in the nature of a substitute bill to that passed in the House a week ago. ,' The substitute,, as anticipated by the the Picayune, completely changed the intent of the original bill, and virtually gave us the old one, with the Returning Uoard Included. , .. - ' i There was comparatively little debate on the motion - to put the substitute through' its several readings. The Republicans were too strong,' and carried their points by numerical force. It was only on the call of the roll to put the bill on its second reading that several Senators rose to explain their votes, among them Senators Ogden, ' Goode, Robertson, White, Herwig and Sypher.' The remarks of the Senators were characterized by considerable warmth. Senator Sypher made the - remarkable expression, that Democrats foughtheir elections with shot guns; his party proposed to use artillery, and that artillery 'would be the Returning Board. The re - . marks of the several Senators were chiefly confined to the Returning Board clause of the bill,, the Conservatives taking a decided and vigorous stand against it. Mr. White made a few remarks, which were commended for temperance and vigor: , . . - . . '. " ''I The final passage of - the bill, and the evident determination - of the Republicans to adhere to their Returning Board resort, caused considerable excitement in political circles last night.' A caucus of the Conservative members was called, but owing to the nun it failed to meet. There are many rumors afloat respecting the consequence of the Senate refusal to pass a bill repealing the Returning Board ; but this much is certain : the House will return : the amended' bill with further amendments establishing the bill as it was originally sent into the Senate, and then the dead - lock will come. ' The Hawkins Impeachment. . Yesterday the committee appointed to investigate Judge Hawkins made their report calling for a removal of the Judge. Two of the members of the committee dissented from the report Messrs. Hahn and - Gracien but did not furnish a minority report. Mr. Halm claimed that he was not prepared, to report, inasmuch as the majority report had not been sub - , mitted to him. . , This plea was exploded on the explanation of Mr. Walker, chairman of the committee, that Mr. Hahn had been told several days previously of the determination of the committee and the conclusion arrived at, and Mr. Souer capped the climax, that Mr. Hahn knew . what was coming for - . twelve months before. . Mr. Hahn'a confrere, Mr. - Gracien, understood that his senior had prepared a report, and was ready to present, and it is even hinted that such a report was prepared two - days ago in Attorney General Field's office by Mr. Hahn et als. .. V ' ' " Mr. Souer offered a joint resolution, immediately before the adjournment of the House, addressing Judge Hawkins out of office by a two - thirds vote, dispensing with the impeachment cere - moniaL This was laid over, but with the majority report of the committee, will come up to - day. . . Remnants of white goods 10c. at Danziger's A Young Lady Decapitated "by ' a Car Wheel. Says the " Shreveport Times of January SO: I We learned late last evening that a young lady who had arrived at Minneola from a visit to Sulphur. Springs to take the train for this place, while standing on the platfoHn, was knocked on to the track by a car, when the wheel passed over her neck, completely severing the head from the body. - - ' - . A dispatch was received by the railroad officials here from CoL Noble, we believe, notifying them to have a hearse at the depot last , night - to take the remains to Mr. Reynolds' or Rendall's, we could not learn which, preparatory for transportation to Kingston, DeSoto parish. No name was mentioned, and up to the time of this writing 13 o'clock the train had not come in. , , We also heard a vague - rumor that the engineer en the strain was arrested and conunitted to prison. . ' ; .,;., Grand Calico Ball. as may be seen by reference to their announcement, tne gallant boys of Irad Ferry Stara Fire Company No, 13 are lebrate tbeever memorable Fourth of March by a, grand calico ball at St. PatnekV HaU. The . gathering wiil of course be V' f fLfA; a brilliant, and we would advise tne nfanTng to secure tickets in tune for the great event. - . ; . t the Charleston races 'the finest thoroughbreds in the country are to be een and the condition of the horses is a wonder to all who behold them, and it has only recently been discovered that they can be kept in this condition by mixing in the food of horses a table - rpoonful of Summons's liver regulator. It is also given to chickens. - - . NUMBER 11. WHISKY INVESTIG ATIOKS. The Grand r Jurv ; turns its ' w r: . Attention to Distilierv Hatters. ; . Witnesses Up for Examina - , ' tion. - .. . v ? m - w w wm ouaa J .owauj AAA VTA AAA Uf 1 1 a H yjfj day would be a field dav with the Grand Jury; and the air was full of rumors of 'indictments present and to come. . v - A m . m noticeable on the part of the - wbi&kr WMA - am SV Aa4Mw.eV AV.A .'f wins v v iuvus iiiaw ai teal i j tftW are now thoroughly alarmed by the fate of the Indianapolis Victims recently sentenced. . r - ' . . T . - . ;... .. - . At the Custom - House the Circuit Court room and the lobbies were thronged with witnesses and persons interested in. the proceedings of the Grand Jury, such a M - uvictiuuwii miuiiain auu miiyivy C9 of distilleries and liquor establishments. 1 The Grand Jury retired to their room - accompanied by tne United States Dis - - a. : , u. . : i r . uwi Aiiuvney ana xseputy . oupervisor'. Wrieeler. . , ; w - The witnesses who' were called before the jury were as followsi t ' , j ' L. Higby, Superintendent of the" Grain Elevator; Fred A. - Ober, J. P. Call, E. Birmmghaxu, M J. O'Brien : and v. l. u iinen, grain merchants ; - if. ; n - j x . . . vrnuiupro uu jutpu xeeney, - a cooper. Also, E. W. Barns, Esq., of the Western Union Telegraph Company, and L. Le - , . , . . ioup, ox uie oouuiern AU&nuc ' s - - rrX - ax a. au . iuo iinsfc ase uucen up ny tne jury . were certain charges connected with the Carey distillery. - . , ' ' '. . . The summoning of the telegraph man agers indicates a deternunation on the yoj. v ui mo jcury Bcaroii au sTauaDM records to the bottom, and make use of every species of information that presents itself. - When the private records of the telegraph companies are brought forward, some very interesting facts will probably be brought to light. . - ,, . . - The testimony of the grain dealers is important as a check on the returns from the distillery', . which show :the amount of whisky . produced,. which 1 .1 a. i U uiuiuu ujim uuuu 14 M cnniuii odiuililv . of grain purchased from the cram mer - UiUlUI BI1U CilUUVU uu weir uuuu, ' nn , , , - . , i a . j . y , . . a ne. jury was engagea unxu x ccioeK in examining witnesses, and between l and 2 o'clock they entered tie ccsrt - . room' and presented three indictaents, which were received bv the clerk and ordered to be placed on the secret files. The officials being very careful to conceal the results of the Grand Jury's in - veRti cation a the namM of the tinrf ip can only be Bunnised. ..From various circumstances it is probable that charges of conspiring to defraud the Government - were preferred against persons connected with the Carey distillery. ' The examination of the telegraphic managers was not concluded yesterday, ' and they are to produce before the Grand Jury certain records of the office, show - - ing the correspondence between whisky dealers in this city and those of Western cities. - .: - - ' . - f . - During the past three or four days there has been an unusual stir: The revenue agents were actively engaged in , collecting information, and have come into the possession of: facts wnichyit is alleged, will criminate certain persons not before considered. as involved in the wmsKV comnucauons. . The existence here of a. ring whose ramifications extend to St. Louis and . Eastern cities, is suspected by the Gov - ; eminent officials. They allege that there 1 - ; n M At. m x xt a. ox V whisky was shipped to this city, and re - shipped to New York, Philadelphia, and other commercial centres, where it was disposed of at a rate below tne usual market price. . , ' The transcript of books received on Tuesday by. the Supervisor from Wash - . , . r , ingion, are saia 10 wow cousiuerauio light on the transactions of the suspected parties here, and the officers of the Government are confident of making astonishing developments in a few days. It is now believed that several parties in this city will be indicted at Evansville upon evidence discovered at this point, corresponding with evidence already on file there, and will be compelled, under the provisions of the law, to stand their trial in that city. . .; . ' . - . - v The Carey distillery In Gretna was surveyed by Government officials yester - nn v in nrar u .una uu.ii iwi uavuva - . pacity. . - . Gen. Brady declined to state tienmceiy vWher be intends to open up an inves tigation into the whisky operations m this city during the four years pat, but . says he will follow out any trace of fraud in whatevei' direction it may lead, and within the constitu tional limit of five years. '..I,:. ; ; . n. Jas. - S - Knapp, dental surgeon, is no the one who is on Canal street, but is at 15 Baronne street, - where he has been twenty - five, years. . - :. - . ., - ! .' Ii ' ' . ; Grand Ball at the Opera TTouse. The magnificent grand fancy dres ball of the French Benevolent and Mutual Aid Society ia to take place at the Opera , Aw mstv a v av iv it . v u ui fS x VV1U OJ. J cr , . for which occasion the most - elaborate E reparations have ben made. We need ardly commend tlio event, at it is one : Maaa, rvviai xiititrrVf 1U fl lil.U LilO OV ciety and our Ixench population take just nride. To attend this grand ball will be a? privilege indeed, and in view of this fact we would remind ouireaders. that therw is Vmt. ntiA i.iv mora in which " iu eecuie iauitr ujviuiiiuiu).. . ; There are estimated to l alct foundries in the United Stan s cr ed in the manufacture of stoves aii Jar - naces, using annually 500,000 tox.a of iron Ja8 lmlstp i f. t ii i i

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