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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 3

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 14, 1876
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MOBMC JAX.14, 1S76. jtfBCE AND FINANCE. indebted to Mr. T. Greenfield for tobacco circular 01 me ut... - hich we extract the following y report of October 22. 1 1875, beendull,aidtho sales only Bremen, 6 Idnlti. tor IOK - b,,tfforEnplaBd, 40 hhds. Africans tor .tack unsold amounts to 2100 Pe 700 liigs. 800 medium clarksfille and Flncah pin - ISand the balance Pcrop7Whioh is now arriving at lTL!will be marketed rather . H,, than usual mid Us quality promises Cfwdl aitapted to regie putin. rt1??. OS. 884 hhds.. do. Inst V ''fi : estimate of ci crop Kentucky 'TneIee 120,000, Indiana and IUi - '4T?2S? - i.nri 30.000. total RW.OOJ; hY'li New York ami ev vrienns, S Stal Supply, for 187C, 214,800; mated ant. l.O.uw; esuiuaum m - Jat close of the year, 44,800. 'nm Finance Committee of the General mUy of Virginia are busy with the .'5Lnt of the State debt. At a joint ' uUP" . . . " n;..!. - seetir.ff short ume Hlucr S.ri. Tnresentiujr a numlier of Ens - " TIT uti . v i - . . bondholders, read a letter from Mr. rSTje Clarke, the secretary of foreign 'ErtKlkohlers, stating that the principal vCmdhoMfW were disposed to regard the Lotion niailo - with favor in view of , condition of tlie State. The proposi - toa j to unify the debt as inucU ad pos - ' iille and to issue new gold bonds bavins? " thirty years to run, paying iuterest for first three years at 8 per cent., for the 'iHt four years 4 per cent., and - afterburner, cent, until maturity... All pifnsded securities aud interest due to je Iso funded to the cxteut of two - tttnls - ' . , , The isewToit Shipping List has the fcBowing remarks upon the competition i the grain trade, between Etuwui and tLcCaited States:.. : ..; ! It is not a great Bisiiy years since the ' ork r applying the tletieieney of wheat in the United Kingdom and other portions of Western aud Northern Ku - . wpe devolved cnieny uion ivuia. iu United States only being able to eom - 4 Kte with her during - years of extruor - .U - Jiary scarcity, or activity of de.uaud, enrtu ' war or pliort crops, lin.ssia 3 advaantage lay principally m tlio cheap - ness of he& labor, but this advantage iaa been oveix - ome in this cwmrry by the ' upeirit)" of our meaitH of ; transporta - l tion, our unequaled lalor - saving ma - chines, and our virgin soil. In 17 - j - DmcIi wnttn F.nirbiud fort v - f our huil - dredths of her totil import4, and the ' Uniteil States only fourteen. In 1ST3 the Tnd Knssia only twenty - one. The of the change are tleclared by the iluscow Gazette chiefly to be : America's mnerior transit advantages and more f (cienruic asirit uinu - o. . iuo b.iuic aunwx - h ity states that, as a consequence of these 'iianrm. an e - straordinarv deDression " . - : 1 - 'IM. .u. - w KMi - .ilfi n ilia nrpaplit, tl Tli it. rmlv UlbVWW V 1 ' - - - ' - - . - , - among tlie agricuiiuraiisis, oiu ais among the grain merchants, bankers and eibere of Jbouthern Kussia. At Odesa tl stagBatioB is. complete. f;ulure are of . daily occurrence, and real estate has fal - i I i i . e : . ,. X . . I t Jtn W Ulie - ilUlU vi lis luiuiri vaiuu. xiiaii Jnly, when the harvests on both 6ides of : the Atlantic were jeopardized by boil weather, the price of wheat in England 'advanced so materially as to draw mt immense supplies from all countries which had a surplus. The liar - Tests turned out much better than was . expected and from that time to the present priees have been temliug cowuwaru, me visioie appiy uavini; , been constantly in excess of the demand. Wheat is now . a decidedly cheap commodity, and yet there seems .to be no prospect of a subtantial reaction in the immediate future. Owinir to the pvtra - . ordinary storms and freshets, on both there is an unnsnal qnantity of inferior wheat, and the disposition in this coun - try for some time past has been to hold Vrime onalitv for an umvard turn in prices, which the recognized authorities J seem to take for granted must sooner or later ensue. There probably never has ' been a season in the history of the trade. wnen luetneories or tnu Knowing ones," - as to the. probable course of prices, ha 1 1 L A. 1 . il . l - uwu du ruuiitsniy upscfc uy me logic OI - i ewnts, as during the present harvest TPM.T. If. wan stafiul m t li iko.i fi. kl n .i . MBie months ago that cheap bread dar - IIW tint Tinta ...Amiul a 1 .. Con. and thA 9fnmntinn Viaa thnu fi - 2ea amply, veritied. It used to be said inattne united, fetates would never le able to compete with Russia as a wheat - fnrWer. inst ax it. V IU nt m timann. dieted duringthepresent generation, that teamships could never compete with ?k & vefsels the, freighting business. X hat both 'these predictions nave been falsified is now matter of history. . - 3 The Ne'w York Journal of Commerce ays: . ' ' - - - - - Tbn i'o o ,. j. r a wis winter among Southern members to" .Jflectthe repeal or the moditicatiou of to tax on retailing leaf tobacco. A half. fiuzen bills for this have already been introduced in the House. Should any rf . uet propositions be carried through tin l4 53 hardly probable that it will pass the Senate. , FINANCIAL. Picattxk Office, Thursday Evening. Jan. 13, 1876. $ MW OgLEAJia CT.KABJKO - HOU8K. - Jib b , Clearing. Baianoes.' S iyv r - , fl.852.707 89 171,729 72 jh - - 4,422.958 04 403,089 39 j - 2.259.9 - J4 39 - 205.4H9 84 PmiVr , week.tlO.638,279 33 $8K9.fit9 03 tun last wk 9,f547.3.'0 62 1.032,200 84 !vW,.k. - 11.720,095 66 1.16150 8? The. demand for discounts , was very "oaerate, and a dull day was reported by ft the principal banks. Outside Wa commercial paper were easier, Joflenngs. light. A moderate movement was reported in gold. Foreign and 2eatic exchange were in good supply, former t somewhat lower rates. In w5f ail - Wds the improved tone Svk notl?eu continues. The increase m tlie supply of money and the easier ges m the market, have apparently JiTed.Dy a disposition to employ ' Z.da by mvestment in favorite se ffinI'J11 Particularly gold fMKif Tiere a8!Ua reported active at a 7 rvanee. c , cZon of the Supe - ' C j 4""ay in xne ease 01 tne south - teff wj au verse xo me plain riaVS WUV aivttiends hare been de - pSent SS?. U 1873, to the IfJ?1 Company, )k 8 tlir? '4it" Loan" and Kaviags fti P? - .' Payable J aonary 3. Jannary sT" rtluer,6 per cent, paya - ''fWXSP1" - Company, 3 per jlrjir111 ank, 4 per cat, payaL J7u, Baak. 4 per cent. J v - !. 28 New Orteana Cm Light Company, 5 rer ctt., rnysble Jai nary 15. Dt - c. SI LonUiatm Nauuaal Bank. 5 per oent., payuhif January 1. - , , tvc:H Citiaen - V Ravin srx Bank, lO per cent, pa able Jannary 1 ; lnt - er - t on depoaitM, 6 per cei't. per aniruni, parable January 1. ' Dec. 31 Sew Orleana Tatioual Bank, 4 per eeut., pay able January 1. w . Imt. al i - rniaiila National Bank, 6 per cent., parable January 1. : 31 iluiual National Bank, 4 per rant., payable January 12. . l?c. 3! People s Bank, S per' cent, payable January lO. Jan. A fcouUiern Bank, 5 per cent, pajable Jain.iirr 3. . , Jan. 4 WorlclnTnn'a KovinRS Bank, 4 per cent., payable January 15; Interest on tleiiOMits, tf pt - v niil payable Jaunary 3. Jan. 7 ilme 1 usurunco Company, o percent, po able January 15. Jan. 8 Louisiana Lottery Cotupany, 7 percent, paable January 8. - Jan. lit Hpe Innranoe Company, lO per CtnU, j'uyable Januaiy UK We continue to quote exceptional paper at &9 per cent, per annum discount. Al do. atlOitfll, and second grade 15 18. i'irst - class mortgages still rule at 9'a 10 jt cent, per annum ; second grade continue entirely nominal. iold ojened at 112U'S113. against 112T at Mew York, and after a moderate business closed at mVa - iri?, against 112 in that market. The sales snm - n,f d up, embracing S - "000 at 112U, $10,(,00 at llStoma, $50tX at 112", and 1000 and $" - aOO at 113. Iso sales of Silver were reported. American half dollars were still quoted at 106 i&ltJOVsj and Mexican dollars at 1)3 V a) . gold. Under the decline in gold at New York. Sterling w as quoted 'sc. lower (equal to about 1 - 10 y cent.), and francs nearly . cent. The movement was fair. The sales of the former comprised , - 500, embracing i.'10,OlX)jiud 28.000 bill of lading and Al clear at 5.SU - &5.40, 3000 billofladingat5.'a'.),i,.")000and 10,0(K)do. jmd bO(K)do. ami Al clear at 5.8!) 5.40, and 1500 bill of lading at 5.40. The (iales of francs comprised 270.000 ' - commercial at 4.G5ra:4.i and 75,000 at 4.M:ts. At the close sterling bills were quoted at 5'J'a!yA0 for bill of lading and Al Hear, and at 15.44 for bank, (bank toiiiiter rate at 5.44, and fraues at 4.C5 a,4.M 'v for commercial, and nominal for bank. . The offerings of New York sight were less liberal, but meeting with only a fair denuuid commercial was unchanged. The nalcs fomprisel 2l5,00i), embracing 20, - (KM and SUl.Ol'O commercial, $3,U00, ii.OOO fSO.UiO and Sl.OOO, private bankers' at 7.1; y cent, discount, and &10,000 bank: at lo - Si. 'Hie banks coutinued to cheek on New Yolk at '4 cent. liscount, and commercial sight is still qnoted at 7 - l(. " Nearly all the leading soenriries con tinutd active to - day, particularly City lionds and new JState. Constds. The sales of Stocks included 50 shares Louisiana Sngar Shed Company at $75 25, 25 do. at ?7, Sun Mutual Insurance Com - panvat.70, t"0 shares Factors' and Trailers" Insurance Company At $118 50, aud 20 do. at $119. The movement in City Bonds was quite active, particularly in City Gold Bearing Seven I er Cents, which were quoted at about ;;i, 1 per een. - higher than yester - dav. The sales comprised Premium issues at 248, $:X3M do. at 24, 10,000 do. at 25, $1,0,000 old Currency Seven Per Cents at 272, ami 117,(X0 Gold Bearing Seven lVr Cents (Irainaganl Administration Series), embra - ing JOOO and 10. - G0 ami 10,fi('O at , 10,ii00 at 30 VKW, lO.Oto, 10,XX) and $5t.0lX)'at 31. - and 10, - ((X) at SI1. We noticed a sale at the Stock Exchange of o000 Premiums at or. ... ... The movement in? new State Consols was also of ouite liberal extent, the sales amounting to $34,GU. embracing 10.MiO at W. S10.C00 at 4 - 4. KJ0.OXW at tX). S10, - 000, $10,000 and - - 2O,O0O at 1, X50OO, 10,i'K)0 n - nd 15,fiC0 at fil1, 3000, s 10.OI m, fc - .0,0( and ?20.000 at 6Hs. ftktOO at 61 14, s:J0,0!)O and f.0!0 at G2. S500T) at C2l4. anlS5o.o00 at So days, buyers' option, at tH1. The market was quoted at the close at about 152 . against 0 - yesterday. We also noticed at tlie Stock rixcha - ige 10,0,10 City gold bearing Seven , I'er Cents (ui a in age series) at .il. . Icere is scarcely auytning iving m City Scrip, except 111 a small way in the navmentof back taxes, and the market continues weak, but unchanged. It is stiil quoted at 44's'Zi"45a for August to December, lbtS, time, and July to December. 1874. and 40 IL 01 for June ampart of May. .Metropolitan fence arrants .continue active and in demand for lt.. - 4 issues, which were still held at U0 a 91, as they can be used for the payment 01 city licenses; owing to some technicality, 1872 - 3 issues are not vet beinsr received! and consequently continue nominal at ,ws 72. wliile isti - ana isos - y are entirely nominal. State Warrants are apparently without anv movement - Old State iundable are still quoted at 42S 43, not fundable at to , ana 1S74 issues at oSiyv. COMMERCIAL. Picatcxk Office, ? Thursday Evening, Jan. 13, 1876. . COTTON. The salea to - dav summed nn 12.000 bales at steadier prices for. the better qualities, but more irregular and easier ior the lower grades, excepting soma styles of benders, which showed a better feeling at the close, requiring a reduction of V4c. in the quotations for Inferior, Ordinary and Low Ordinary, and Mc. on the inside rate for Strict Ordinary, and an advance of lse. on the outside for Middling. We give also the figures and report of the Exchange, as below : , i AHE&ICAX STANDARD OF CT - A8HIFICATIOX. , j ien '1 Quotatioud. Ksl. Q. Inferior Low Ordinary Ordlcary IS trie - 1 Ordinary.......... Good Ordinary. .......... 6 - 4 7'4 Site 8 8V3 9 97a - 10 10W10Vj lleellU 112114 124al2 - j 12a12 - 134al3:,9 13T814 IB) . strict Oood Oi - dlnary Low Middling 'ii'i 12 138 Strict Low HiddUng..... JH 11(UU1(T . Strict MidcUing Good Middling.... ... Middling - Fair.. . Fair. The market opened under the unfavorable influence of a decline of 1 - ltid. in Uplands at Liverpool, where the salt's were 10,000 bales, and of about 1 - 10$ cent, in sterling exchange. The movement consequently exhibited little animation, and the sales during the morning hardly exceeded 2500 bales, after which buyers came forward more freely and took 10,000 bales, making a total for the day, as noted above, of 12,000. The supply was manifestly better, with a more satisfactorv asmrtmpnt anil n. larger proportion of the better qualities m the offerings. Middling and the higher grades exhibited unabated steadiness, but Inferior to Strict Ordinary inclusive exhibited continued irregularity, and. ruiea stm more m favor of buyers, requiring the modifications in our quotations noted above. Ordinary sold at omi and Hc, but was generally held at 9and 9sc the latter for benders. We also noticed sales of Good Ordinary benders as hieh as lOc.. sond stvla Low Middling at 11 Strict Low Middling v n - e., airier Liow naming to Aiia - dlintr atl2i MiHHlirxr it - S!4 aru) 19Ua ' andhigh style benders at lSe., Strict Middling at 12s, and Strict Middling to uniu jniuaimg ai l. The Exchange makes the amount on shipboard not cleared (before to - dav's exports), 110,004 bales, embracing 48.868 i?r verpool, 25,94 for Havre. 20,100 for the Aorth Sea, 5133 for Bremen, 940 for c - ymn. tor the Mediterranean, 409 ior Mexico and 5573 for coastwise ports, leaving in presses, agreeably to it - account, at 12 M, 190,884 oaies. if we deduct from this the aniount sold but not yet delivered, the balance will be about 133,000 bales to represent the quantity unsold, a large part of which is withheld from the "Ji!reT - in transit, or not yet samnled. i he Exchange reports: "Sales 12,800 bales. Market steady." It addatoits Mwianvns me ngures lor juw Oruinary. Its sales nre rnmnutert from 3 P. M. y eater il ay to 3 P. M. to - day. : - COTTON BTATSMEST. . Bales. Stock on banri Sent. 1. 1875. : 8,976 Arrived atnee lam. atatemeBt 8,739 Arrived previously. 875,031 884,370 8&4.316 594,079 Cleared to - day . .. 3,203 Cleared prvkoary 500,870 Stork on hand and on shipboard. Tint cleared 300,267 Do. same time laat year 'JS0.984 ' To - day 'aex ports embrace! 1581 bales ro j Livei pool, 42a to Vera Cruz and 1300 to j Boston. Receipts proper since last evening 8280 bales, against 6475 on last Wednesday, and 608 last year, making an aggregate since Friday evening of 55,813 b. - dett, against 41,5'l last week, and art.OTK liMt year, and since August 31 of 761,497 balew, against 627,277 last year increase 134i20. The Exchange telegrams make the receipts at all tlie ports, from 12 M. yesterday to 12 M. to - dav. 22,.r7 bales, i against 16,4M) Inst week and 17,019 last year, and since Friday 135,185 bales, against 113.WW last week and 75,o;tr last year; total since August 31, 2.617,423 bales, against 2,2rJ,613 up to Wednesday neon, Jannary 13. last year, (excluding the above 17.019) increase 35:,N10. Exports (Friday to Wednesday, inelu - fd - ve,) to Great Britain 73,551 hales, against 6i,024 last week anl 25,141 last year, and to the Continent 18.045 bales, against 31,040 last week and 8222 last year. Stocks at all the delivery porta made np to 12 M. 830.0;tt bales, against 793,587 last week and 860,499 last j'ear. TOBACCO We did not he;u - of a transaction to - day. The amount on sale is estimated, at 2100 hhds. We continue to quote as follows: Low lugs at 67c, good at lHe., low le;if at f'Sllc, medium at 12 3 14c., good at 15Va 16c. and tine at 17 18. lfeceivetl sineo last evening, 36 hhils. : exported, none; stoek on hand by our running statement 2704 hhds. FREIGHTS A chip taken up for Bremen at 1 8 - 1 6c for cotton. - We quote - as follows, the outside rates for Liverpool, Havre aiul Bremen leing for eon - bigmr.ents: By steam cotton to Liverpool 19 - Wd., corn 12ft 12li:d.; to Xew York ic. ; to B - ton, Irovidenee, Fall liiver and Baltimore, via New York. Tic; susrir to New York 5 per hhdM molasses 2 bid. By call cotton to Liverpool IMOd.'STO - 321. : to Havre l'uSl 3 - Km - .; to Bremen I1. 1 S - lfic.: to Ant werp 1 8 - 16c; to Kevel and Cronstadt - a - 21 - :fcJiL; - to (tenos t S - Wtf lljc. ; oil cake to London 35s.; ctton to Boston 13 - 1 ; to lrovideiice 3425 - S2c; to ri.ilalelhia lMB. pI.ItAK i:eeeivel this morning irk$ hhds. The market is dull nnd prices are ruling in favor of buyers. Alwit half the receipts sold at 4'tooc. tor interior, a g. for common, 5T4e. for. gocKi common, O' - sc. for fair. 6iv'ff6Mc. for good fair, 6sic. for fully fair. Onic. for strict I v fully fair, 67(.c. for pnmeTc, for strictly prime, no choice, iM'a. 8'c tor gray eiari - hed. s'4C. for yellow clarihea. K'ysc for ofl white clarified, and MH'iHc. for white clarified. MOLASfcES Received tln morninc 1009 bids, and 64 half bbls. The, market continues bare of choice not fermenting, and all good grades not fermenting are in demand at full prices, while low crades and fermenting continue dull. Fermenting is quoted at 33'42e., as in quality, cistern bottom at 38c. prime. not fermenting, at 41 42c prime re - boiled 40 strictly prime 48i50c. choice 51 a 52c gallon. rLOtK Ihe demand is coniinea to the local trade and the market i unchanged. Strictly choice is in few hands. 1. eld strongly; other grades are dull. Orily 1 bids. Mild, of v. - nich 111 (.interline :ic Ut, 3 - 2 at 4, 25 low treble extra at so. 100 at 4 879, 5.1 and 100 a t S5. 50 at 2 - l 0 good treUe extra at .t .. 50 and choice treble extra at S5 .. 50 choicn at $6 25,25 at 6 75,25 choice extra at $7 121 - ., 25 at $7 25 bbl., 3"0 and 350 bbls. n private terms. Common is quoted at S3 25 - - ff - 3 50, fine f 3 75, snnerline 4. donldo extra 1 25, low treble extra 4 5tc?5, choice do. 15. "1i5 75, choice extra 5o .v choicq and family extra $t 75 a 1 50, bbl. rORV MEAL T verr dull. - find the sales are confined to loo bttls. at i 40 and 25 al S2 50 t bbl. Dealers have a small job trade at 2 50 bbl. UKIit) Are selling m jou Jots on tne landing at $4 25 and retail from trtore at $4 SO bbl. I'OIK Qiuet but very strong; the stock of me.Sfi in first hands is held at $21 50, and some samples are out at that price. Dealers are jobbing at SJ3 bbl. in i r.ii i jijai umy a iew hhdiu - ders and no sides in first hands. The former arc quoted at 8c Clear rib sides are quoted at 11 and clear sides 12e. IS. Dealers obtain Sc. for shonluers m their job trade. There were pales of job lots of shoulders at Sc Strictly choice meat is very scarce. BACON Only a small stoek of sides and a scarcity of shonlders The latter command on the landing lOMsc Ir. Clear rib sides are quoted at 12 4 c. and clear sides 12?4C. Id. Dealers arejolt - bing snouiaers at ll'aul'ic., clear no sides 12Mi'Sl12iC clear sides 1313V4c: CORN LN SACKS Is in fair supply ana motlerate rtemann at nnchangett prices ; 2.i00 sacks sold, of which 300 choice white and 1500 whito and yellow mixed at 5ac, ant 500 choice white at &6c bnshtd. ' - 1 OATS The supply is fair and the de mand moderate at unchanged prices. 1200 sacks Mild, of which 400 St. Lonis at 41c, 200 choice at 4:c, 800 St. Louis at 4'.W:. 100 at 44c, and 2oO Galena at 50vi. lmshel. BRAN Is in light snpply with a mode rate demand;' 100 and '200 sacks sold at t:5e. t - 100 15. ' HAY No choice on - the landine. Good supply of other gnwles and only a limited demand for them. Ontv 135 hales sold. of which 60 prime at $18, and 75 choice at 822 ton. COFFEE The market ia firmer owing to an advance in prices at Rio de Ja neiro. Ihe demand for the city trade is fair. We quote cargoes, ordinary to low fair 17W17MfC. gold, f air i 1818Vc, good 18a 183tc.. priino lJ19Vc. 16. Job lots : Ordinary to low fair 17 t iai 1734c fair 18l83cgoodJ1919,4c, nnmeiyiivW - c. 15. We are indebted to Messrs. Marks &. Co. for the following telegram, dated Bio de Janeiro, January 13, 1876 : Purchases 6ince the 5th iiist. 42,000 bags, cleared Atlantic ports 6000, loading 72,000, stock 334,000 average tiaiiy receipts txtoo pnoe holders firm, 9U000, exchange 26 cent. . . ' i NAVAL STORES Good demand for Rosin and Spirits Turpentine. - 750 bbls. Kosin sola on private terms ior export. Spirits Tixpentine is selling at 37'37V4c. gaUon, Tar &3 25 - 2:3 75, TPitch 82 50 - r - c. - ifr; t - .1 w Ci cn v fir - i! n . - x xr 82 60, J $3, K$3 50, M and N none on hand. . RICE Good supply of, low grades. The market is bare 01 prime and choice. We qnote Louisiana No. 2 23c. com mon .i Mi '2 4c, ordinary 4 4 ho., xair ih'o) 5. lb. f BUTTEE Choice scarce and firm : other qualities - dull ana weak. (Jhoiee Goshen sells at 33350.. good is quoted at 2yS.30c, inferior is nominal, choice West ern 25280., good i2Jc., interior 15 16c 15. .. . CHEESE - CJood supply aad trade is quiet. Choice vv esteru factory is quoted at 123 13 4c, JNew Kors: cream 14100 family favorite 15 16c. 4 16. STAR CANDLES Small stock and fair demand. Quoted at 1515c. STARCH Light supply. Large lots sell at Sc, job lots 4c. & ft.. 1 1 Ai I S T; ood stock and steady. Choice sugar - cured are quoted at Hra)Hc. lb. : - , BREAKFAST BACON DnU and lower. Six boxes sold at 13Tic ft. I LAliD Light stock and, in request, with an active job trade for refined at l&'A'Siac for tierce, 14ic. for Keg. oa tierces sold in lots at 134c. and 25 kegs at 14c & It.. . ' 1 snpj ly and fair demand at l 12 1 13 i - " eajli n for Louisiana and Western. 35 bbls. Lonisiana sold at 1 13 f gallon. FACKEKS - 11LH iKUiiiiuis - rriiM mess Terk is selling ac z 19 ito. prime rn.rk 18. rami) oork 17''a)18 bbU pig pork 10 50 half bbl. and $19 50 &19 75 f t0L; lnguesjo ww uuu; pigs feet f 1 23 Keg, Y nrKin ana 9s 509 bbl. ; spare rios ?o - d'o 00 & bbL . ' CORN IN BULK The market is bare and snnnlies are called for for export. 25,000 bushels sold to arrive on private terms. Some 50,000 bushels J?ore on tne way are ottering at Stic. UffiiheL Holders are strong at that price. . 4 iv PV as At rtHVr if St 4.1 fc hnih - el was refus d for 1500 bushels, February ... 1 1 . 1 delivery. Oniv small jon saie is maiie occasionally at 4l 75 bnshel. KiVEK FKEIlililS A private icie - ports very cold weather and probability' .. 1 - . . r : T. ...... . . . ti eiose 01 iiuviguuuu, wuu . w w leave to - night. : ESCULENTS AND GREEN VEGE TABLES The stock of Potatoes remains large and prices are about the same. Onions are beginning to Ito scarce aud are inferior ; the market is bare of choice. Inferior are selling on the landing at 50c. 1 bb). No demand for Sonrkrout. Choice Apples are scarce ami in demand, fntatiuxi rnssuti - 3i.rrt nnoted at Si 40' 1 50, "peach blows $1 751 90, pinkeyes 2 50; early rose $1 75, Jackson whites ?3: Apples 61 25'St $5; Sonrkrout $4 fc ,bl.; Cabbages $8 14 100. THE BITER. Picayuxe Office, t Friday. Jan. 14. 1876. S Tlie weather yesterday was all that could he desired clear, bright and cold enough to render outdoor exercise a 1)11! sure. . Business on the landing was not so lively as it might have been. The arrivals were few, all, however, bring ing good trips. 1 here is great stagnation in tet. Louis and Ohio liiver freights, ana the large amount of tonnage now here has poor prosiectk:. AKIUVALS. Fareoud from Greenville. Stella Block frem lUiuf River, B. L. Hodgo from Baton Kouge. Henry lete Iroin Lafourche. C. A. Thorn from Kel liiver. Marv lla fivun 1'pper Coa. - t. autou and Martha finui Ijovver Mitchell frtim Ohio River er, Kohert r. IiErAUTURE!. C. B. Chhrch for Ohio Itiver. Thomn - fon Dean for Memphis, Fargond for Gmnvilley John Howanl for White liiver, Tensas and I'oiteveut from Macon and Tensas. Marj' Ida for Upper Coast, Martha for - Lower Coast, John A. Scud - der for St. Louis. STEAMERS DUE. Texas. C. 11. Durfee and May Txiwry from li'd River. Frazer, Mart ha, Wawe - nttck aud Iberia from Lower Coast. Mary Ida from Lpin - r Coast, Gov. Allen from Bayou Sara, Ida from Attakapas, Willie and Fanchon from Ouachita, Rapides from Tensas, Andy Johnson from iSt. Louis, Trenton from Opf lousas. Era 10 frm l?auf liiver, Le.ssie Taylor from Baton . Rouge, Assumption and Robert Young "from Lafourche. Bart Able from Grand Ecoret H. C. Yaeger from St. Lonis, Natchez from Vicksburg. Foil St. Lot'is. The - John F. Tollo is now receiving and will leave for Cairo, St. Louis and all intermediate points, this da.v. at 5 F. M. D. M. Brady, master. W. 1. Khnber. clerk. F01: St. Louis. The great James Howard is now laying - at the head of Canal street, receiving for a trip to St. Louis and all intermediate town, bend and way landings. She is in command of Capt. B. R. PesTHin, with Mr. J. H. Cha - saing in the ollice. The Howard has no superior on the Western waters as to accommodations or furc ami she is in charge of courteous geutlemen. identified with this trade for many years. She will leave on Saturday, at 5 i. M., and will give particular attention to all way ami bend Ircisthts. F011 Ohio Riveh. Tlie Iioltert Mitchell will leave to - morrow for all town and way landings on the Ohio liiver. This boat is in command of Cant. James Paul, with Mr. Frank Stein in the otlice. 5 F. M. is her hour of leaving. FOK Ouio Rivek. The Peytona will leave on Saturday, Tit 5 o'clock in the evening, for all way and town landings to Cincinnati and Louisville. She is in command of Cap. - J. C Verhoef, well known in this trade. For YiCKLURti. The clipjer Natchez will arrive to - day and be receiving at the head of Canal street for her return trip to morrow, at 5 P. M. The Natchez takes freight and passengers for all town and way laudings. . Capt. T. P. Leathers in command, and Capt. J. P. Muse in charge of the office. This boat combines speed, comfort and safety in a large degree, having condensing engines on her, nd using a low pressure of steam. She thus renders safety assured. The Natchez leaves promptly ou time. For Arkansas River. Tlie light draft steamer Katie P. Kountz is now receiving at the head of Julia street, and wili leave positively this evening, at 5 o'clock, for all points on Arkansas liiver to XdtUe liocK ana V an liuren, uapt. L. Haney in command, who - offers to put freight through to all points at less rates ot freight than by any other route. Give him a trial. For Arkansas' River. The light draft, fast steamer Nellie Peck, in command of Cant. John A. Williams, ar rived at 5 P. M., yesterday, and will leave this day for all landings on Arkansas luver to Fort feinitu and van liuren, Capt. Williams is well known and justly popular in this trade, and we would like to see him leave here with a good trip. ;. - Mr.M W. Joyce, 111 Gravier street, her agent, - will make . all arrangements as to freights : or interview Capt. Williams on board. She is receiving at bead of Girod street. Capt. Williams was disappointed m not getting ott yesterday, on account of the non completion of his The Peck came down on the last trip from Wliite Kiver in forty - eight hours. For Bayou Sara. The fine fast semi - weekly packet Gov. Allen will be receiving at the head of Crossman street this mormnar. and will leave, this even ing. at 6 P. M.. for all Coast and town landings as above ; Capt. J. J. Brown in command. For Batox Rouge. Tlie semi - weekly Coast Docket . U - L - Hodge will be found this momiiis at her landing at the head of Bienville street, and will leave at 10 o'clock in the morning, taking freight and passengers f or all town and Coast landings; J. P. McElroy, master, W. K. Greathouse, clerk. For IONAXJsovyrLLE. The St John, of the tri - weekly White Hat Line Coast packets, - will leave on to - morrow, punctually and positively, at 10 o'clock in the morning, taking freight and passengers to all points on the Coast as high as the Lafourche. T. Bergeron is in command, and is punctual, obliging and agreeable to travel with. For Ouachita River. Tlie gav little Frank WiUard is again in the held as a competitor for some of the freight and Dassengers that go up Ouachita River. and will leave this evening at 5 o'clock for all landings on uuachita and Ulaek Rivera. She is in command of Capt. Reck Vaughn, - with Mr. Lew liiee in the otlice. The Willard is light draft, and withal is fast. She has good accommodations and feeds well, and her officers are courteous and competent, For Shreveport. The fine, gilt - edge steamer Marie Louise isnow to the front. and is the next line boat as above, taking freight and passengers for all landings on Red River. Capt. John Brinker, of course, is in command, and who on Red River does not know Capt. Brinker f and Mr. Tom Clements in the office. The Marie Louise was built l"t season y G pt. Brinker expressly for this trade, and has all the modern improvements which are necessary to insnre speed, safe ly ana romlnrT. ana aia to a perfect cuisine. a?l you have the Marie Lonise. She will leave to - morro - .v. at '5 P.M: For Bayou Des Glaizes. The fast light - draft little steamer Garry. Owen M now receiving at the lower landing for all landings on Atchafalaya ami J) u Glaizes. She is in command of Capt. W. T. Gilham, with Capt. Abo Tronlale in the office. Placing this boat in the trade fills a void long felt, that of direct communication with this portion of Louisiana, and we believe the people c this secticn of country will duly appreciate it nd correspondingly patronize this boat. he will leave at 5 P. AL this evening. Ior Ouachita River. The superb steamer Kate Kinnev is the next line paeket for all points on Ouachita and Black Rivers to Camden, ami will leave to - morrow, January 15, making connections with small boats for all the tributaries. She is in command of Capt. J. B. Kinney, Mr. Andrew Clark, iu the office. The Kinney has large, roomy cabin and staterooms, and feeds well, while all her officers are gentlemanly and attentive. For Upper Coast. The M. I. Line steamer Mary Ida will leave on Saturday, at iu A. 31., for all (Joast landing, to llouma plantation. Aseenaion parish. The Mary Ida is making tri - weekly trips, leaving every alternate day. A clerk will always be found; on the wharf to attend to her business. J.A.. Ruiz mas ter. E. M. Stella clerk. For Lower Coast. Tlie semi - weekly Lower Coast packet Waloon will leave her wharf at the head of Conti street this morning, at 10 o'clock, A. Mn for all Lower Coast lamlings to the Lee Plan tation. She is in chargo of gentlemen ong and favorably known in this trade. A. J. Ruiz in command, P. E.' Barry in the office. For Lower Coast. The U. S. mad ltoat Wawenock, in command of Capt. John Taylor, will leave this day. at 10 A. M., for all Lower Coast landings. The Wawenock makes tri - weekly trips, leaving every alternate day, except . Sunday, from .the head of Conti street. A clerk will always be found on the wharf to attend to her business iu her absence down the river. For Grand Ecore. The lavm - ite weekly Red River racket Bart Able will :mive this dav and leave to - morrow at 5 P. M., for all town and way landings as above. Capt. Dick Siunoft in command, Geo. C. Hamilton in the oiiice. assisted by Mr. Tom Dowtv. The Able needs no eulogy from us, as both her and her cour - . tcous officers are well Known in this trade. - For Baton Rotoe. The favorite Coast packet Lessie Taylor, of the J umel , lino of puckt - ts, will bo found at her wharf, head of Bienville street, this morning, and - wall leave to - morrow at 5 P. M. for all Coast and town landings as above. Allen Jumel, master, M. Kenni - son, clerk. t or orEijorsAS. 1 he gay little lreu - ton is now due and will arrive in time to leave to - morrow for all landings on Atha - faTaya and Conrtableau. landing all Height lor lies Giaises at I5ig rsenu or Siimqiort, and signing through bills lading for all Bayou Bfcuft' freight. Eng. Ouatrevaux iu command, H. Alolaison, cierk. 5 1. M. is her time of leaving. For Lafourche. The Henry Tete, of the Crescent and Star Line of coast and bayou packets, will - leave this morning, at 10 o'clock, for all landings ou the const and Bavou Lafondio as high as Thihodaux. J. F. Aucoin, master, M. Hi Landry, clerk, two courteous and reliable gentlemen. For Lafourche. Tlie brand hew steamer Assumption will be in this day and receiving tor all Coast and bayou landings, leaving to - morrow at 13 M. Captain, J. Dalferes; clerk, N. Z. Du - puis. This fine boat was built expressly lor this trade and has all the modern iui - rrovtnieiits, and is one of. the finest boats built this season, and we are pleased to see her patronized as she deserves. Fou Lafourche. The - fast and fine steamer Eoltert Yonng will arrive this dav and le receiving at her wharf, head f Bienville, and will leave to - uiorrowat 5 o'clock in the evening, for all coast and bayou landings to Thihodaux. The Young is in charge of officers who are very 'popular in this trade on account of tlieir universal politeness aud accommodation to all their natrons. U.D.Trini dad, master, with Capt. W. H. Daniel,: John M. Daniel and i rank Dalferes u assist him. i ForOhio River. The fine commodious steamer Commonwealth is now receiving at thei head of Girod Btret, aud will leave this evening for all io: uts on the Ohio River t Cincinnati. Captaiu, Thos. W. Shields ; clerk, Owen G. Gates. 5 P. M. is his hour of departure, i . For Attakapas. The steamer Ida, of the Walker & Lyons Teche Line of packets, will arrive this day and leave positively to - morrow at 5 P. Al. for all landings on Atchafalaya and Teche to St. Martinsville. T. B Muggali, master, F. H. Buck, clerk, two gentlemen - well and favorably known. - In this trade this tine boat should be "patronized, as she is a great accommodation to the people of this section. ' ' t . .. For Beuf River. The little; light - draft packet Stella Block arrived yesterday, and is now receiving at the head of Customhouse streett auuwill leave this day, at 5 1. M.. This is a good opportunity for our merchants ding business in that Feclin of country, as the Block will leave positively this evening, and go through without delay. O. B Crooks, master, M. Gabe Block, clerk. ; . ; For Lower Coast. The low pressure Martha will be found at her wharf, head of Conti street, this evening, receiving for her retnrn at 4 P. M., to - morrow, foing through this trip to Eadsport. The iartha is making tri - weekly trips to the Lower Coast, leaving every alternate day, except Sunday. A clerk will be found on the wharf at all times to attend to her For Lower Coast'. The tri - weekly side - wheel steamer Iberia, having been put in complete order, has resumed her regular trips, leaving this day, at 13 M., taking freight and passengers to all landings as far as Lee Plantation. Geo. A. Sheldon, mastor, Jno McConkey, clerk, two well known and reliable gentlemen. clippings. The Susie Silver and Louisville were to leave Louisville on the 12h. The Chas. Morgan left, Louisville with 130 passengers. . ? Our exchanges come to us - regularly, but contain nothing of interest to our patrons, which we offer as an excuse for 60 little news appearing in our clippings. The John A. Scudder left last eveniug for St. Louis with the following freight : 650 hhds. and 850 boxes sugar, 150 bbls. molasses, 400 packages sundries 'and 20 passengers. 1 The C .B. Church left last evening with the following freight; 800. hhds. sugar, 800 bbls. molasses, tjO hhds. cocoanuts, 100 tons miscellaneous, 15 cabin' and 10 deck passengers. - '" " .' - ' . MARINE NEWS. PICAYUNE OFFICE, ' Jin. 14. CLEARED YESTERDAY. Brit Bark Josephine, Read, for Liverpool. Caunon A Stewart Nor Bark Paulas, Christiansen, for King's Lyan. England. Master Bark Colin E McNeil, CroweiL for Boston. Norton Bell Mex Brig Esperanza, Basso, for Vera Cruz. M Paig tco Schr Gertrude Howes, Niborg, for Ruatan. DCefalaAco Steamer Amite, Adams, for Pensaeola, Master 1 . ARRXVETX 2 . 5 - - i Brit Snip Queen of Nations, Small, 53 days from Dundee, to C J Hhepherd too 3d district 1 Brit Bark Malta, Montgomerr, from Ardroesiin Not 26, to maeUsr Ugtric 1 i Nor Cark Ttaemla, Anilmen, from W: - Nov 30. tit lcn. ZerMt Ae Point Bark En Arironie, li - rnu .Bristol Not 21, to BTKAMKSa. Peyton. Verlioea; bare - . faa Eti with 3 Retort H UehelL PaoL fm Cinrfnn&tL "Waloon, Ruiz, rm Lower Coast. ' 's' Belle Albert, Miller, fm Byo d AHemaada J F Canton, fm Lo - wer Coast. , JYank Parptrari, Whit, fm GrvetrviUet ' Mella Block, Crooks, fm Point Jefferson. Carrie A Thorn, Thorn, tm JefferMon. B L Uodjrr, McElroy, fm Orosne Tette EE. . ii firry lete, Aucoiu, mi 1 m wxiaux. Aiaiuia. eaxHett. nn iower uoasc triol Carrick, fm Lower Coast. Mary Ida, Ruiz, tm S James. f Below Comins; TJp - 1 Ship Trentom, Esilster, from London Rot 32, to matoer I - Brit Hhlp Orijuja, Thompson, from Gref nock Nor 6USry Ff aser. Dexter, from Liverpool. Deo 4, Swed fc - hip Australia. Paolsen, from I Bordeaux Dec M, to master Ship Freydl. lvtveen, from Bordeaux Kot 19, to if can, .eretra aco Ship Pegasus, Willes, from Liverpool Not 24, to ni a Hter Nor Bark Onne, Abrahamsen, from Tarragonat to Drcan, Zerega &co Nor Bark KalliHto, Kittel, from Leghorn Not 4, to Drean, Zt - rejn A - co Bark Wild Hunter. TwambleT, from Liverpool Dec 4, to Lovell 4 Bailer Bark Olaf Glass, Iseruet, from Londou Dec 3d, to hultz fcco Nor Bark Maria Augusta, Ohman, 51 days from Alniira. to n:a - ttr Nor Eoik Alliion, Anderson, from Iliabon Not bu. to muster Nor Bark Kros, Brager, from Antwi rp Not 28, to master Ger Bai k Fritz, Christenson, from Te eel Nor 22, to master Nor Bark Eiubla, Larsen, from Ron n Nor 11, to mnster Schr D U lupTaliara, Ames, 3 days fr m Galves ton, to burton & lieu EXPORTS. LIVEBTOOL Bark Josephhv 381 bales cotton 1551) sks oil cuke 3bOO ics stai vs KIXO'S LYNN (ENG) Bark Paulus C917 6ks oil - ake lf00 cs staves KOsKiN - Bark Colin E McNell - 4 - 120O bales cotton lo hales miner stock 1 0 tons old iron 87SO ox horns lOOnkgs mdse ' VKHA Cltf'Z Brig Esperanxa 422 hales cot ton pes pine luniDer RUATAN tfclir Gertrude nowes 2 bbls rice 40 Lblx flour CO hf Mils do 4 bbls pork 6 lif bbls an 10 hhU beef 15 bb'.s imtatoes 4 ketrs lard 1 tee l aoon 116 I'kgs sundries 62O0 feet lumber 600 bliintrles 1ENSACOLA Steamer Amite 500 sks corn BOsks bran liH) Bksoats 18 xfcs cott?e 200 bbls flour 45 i f bbls do 8 bbls whisky 4 hf bbls do 20 bols potatoes 10 bbls onions 2l bbls uiohisses 14 hhds sugar tSO.baies hay 112 pkgs sundries IMPORTS. LIVERPOOL Bark Arbutus 4400 sacks salt 29 dozen uiats to order RECEIPTS OP PRODUCE. - v CINCINNATI Steamer Robert Mitchell 13 bales cotton to SB Newman fcco 8 Kicuardson it May 21 T H A J M Allen tco 1 Blakemore itCO 14 K II Wilson 61 Mills 4 It Flower tco 15 Meter. Weis co 3 A Levi 3 J L Harris fc co 7 if A C Newman 2 Lehman. Abraham co 64 sks cottou seed N O Cotton Heed Ass n 020 houy iol s Coast l'acket 1700 do T A Beck 7 pks plows Capt J A Aiken 1 bbl hams B Rivet 1 stove str Gov Allen 1 pee casting Bnrde&u & Waxne 1 PO ska malt lO liales Iiods 1 nk hard ware J A Blatter tco 78 pkgs iixm A Baldwin & co10 bales bjooni corn Blakemore iSco 10 cka bacon 10 Lxs co o0 tea bams Cobb & Maxeut 18 bss mdse J M Cohen &eo 148 bss glass E B Cooper 2021 sks corn O Chopin 13 pkprs butter 200 bbls potatoes lO bbls onions FDelBoudio 25 doz blooms HO pkjrs Vifnt fec - t 250 bxs cheese lHbdls brooms E FllelHondio 1 invalid chair Mrs A E Dougherty 2t2 bbU potatoes Davison & Iitclier lib bbls whisky J Di - erfns 100 do 25 hf bbls o Flash. Lewis ftco i7 bbls tongues to older 23 tcs hams Deeves, Hubbs tco 8 hhds tobacc I Hadden Aeo 6 tea larrt 1 twi egira K H Fail child. Son d:co 220 bbls potatoes 75 bbls ni jilvs 10 crates cablmee tireve Jt Wildenuann loo bales hav to Hot i!on & Gomila 15 bbls oil to otder 70 kt - gs larrt 510 pes meat in bulk How. ard t Preston 254 pkgs saddlery H H Hanseil ' k bbls w liit - ky liirbcu, Adier Sco 21 do llerr - ji:aun & Vines HO pkps beer K Hollander B 1kgs - astiii!8 B I - es 3 Jkps eggs AJaliau 3 ill! tobacco J R King 2 do J E King Ac 12 tcs ham 85 pkgs butter 100 bxs cheese 200 bbla grits C H Ijiwreaee Jfcco lot muse T Melitrum 1 case mclsc Isaacson, Seixas tco 40 bxs tumblers X E 31 00 re 18 bbls potatoes T King &co lo hf bbls whii - ky J Mandin A - co 1 bdl wheels T 1 rvai 30 bu.s frames MuEan t Holloway SO bbU apples V 11 Matthews Bro 25 carboys ncil J McClosky 25 bbls potatoes 2 bbls onions 14 11)U krout 2 ht bbis do 7 coups poultry Miller t Meyer 2 cks meat Newman & Kent 4 bbls whisky N O. st L & tl RKr - loo bxs caudle G 1 ai - eui Aco 52 bbls onions 97. bbls potatoes 21)5 Vale hav V Pleasants 2 stoves T Paderas 25 bxs g'wafe T Pickles 86 pkgs do A Peiser ifc co 19 bxs h'ware Rice Bros Aco IPO bxs glass 12 plow s to ir - tautler, Macready Aeo 71 carboys acid Pablo Aco 3O0 rolls bagging M J Smith 1 Ske mdse W C Shepard Aco 11 burial cases V I Thayer 1 sack coffee Sheerer A Lewis 10 U s ban s M Shelly Aco 26 do 20 bbls beef 15 bxs bacon Sch abacher A Hirseo 1 pkg h'ware Jt - chwaitz 10O sks bran 50 sks ship stun IOO bids meal Schwabaelier, Frowenfeld A Pfeifer 40O bxs candles tsmith Bros Aco 37 t - es hams 19 bxs bacon 34 bbls tongues 10 tcs shonlders Vom Bros 4 head stock WUliams A Thompson 30 pkfrs butter N A Wilcox 51 pkgs iron B J West 44 kes it ware - Y 1m - Clock, F nlay deco 27 do A Voll - l hhd tobacco E 11 Wilson A Mills 129 pkgs nidte Onachira Packet Co 2 - cka do J R Wateiman 1250 bxs starch IOO bxs caudles 30 bbls whisky 3 tcs hams lot md!e 10 bbls oil C A W I itnev Aco lot furniture and sundries toorder Total 94 bales cotton 04 sks cotton seed 14 hhds tobacco l.VAJiSV ILLE Steamer Peytona and barges 874 I bis flour to Glover A Odendnlil 02 bbls m al 87 Dales straw 2814 bales hay C Pleasants 1048 do 751 sks corn Howard & Preston - 325 empty bbls Potter A Anderson 125 bbls grits 75 bbls l.oniiny C II Lawrence Aco UK) hbis ineal fcchw abacher, Frowenfeld A Pfeifer 90 do loo bbls tiour 205 lwles hav . E H Fnircbild. tn Aoo 3 ca - k shoulders 1 bbl ruuips Bchwabacher A Hirsch 2 do 2 bol lard 38 tcs do 2U4 bbiS pork 2 bbls totieuea J - eat Aco 2 bxs eggs 1 box butter 2 bbls beans 73 coops ponH ry Miller Merer IOO bbls notir Vairin A Mortimer 60 bbls high wines J Henderson 4 cks ehouldeTs 2 bbls pork 6 tcs lard W M Matthews A Bro 223 bales bay 177 doz stirrups J S Lee 4323 sks corn and sundries to otder Total 1074 bbls flour 2f2 bbls weal 209 bbls pork 5074 ska com 4290 bales hav 37 bales staaw ' LOWER COAKT Steamer Waloon SO sks rough rice to Thompson Rice Mill 10 do G W Terrell Aco 2 do J Andrews sundries to order , Tot at - - 2 sks rough rice , . , BAYOU DE5 A LLEMANDPv Steamer Belle Albert 12 bbls molasses 44 hhls sugar Bush A Levert - J4 do Simpson A Tricou 1 bbl do 2 bbU moist - sea F P Sevin sundries to order Total 57 hhds sugar 1 bbl do t l bbls molasses LOWER COAST Steamer J P Frazer 12 tihds sugar 11 bblamvlaases to Chiiui A. Boyd sundries to order . 4 GREENVILLE Steamer Frank Pargoufl C48 bales cottou to Itiehanlson A May 313 T H A J M Allen Aco 243 Freetidee, Graham Aco 21 6J Mever, Weis Aco 190 Craig A Hogan L8S ts O Thomas Aco 130 J L Harris Aco 125 Clapp Bros Aco 110 Buckner Aco 106 BTBuckuer A Bro 77 Lehman, Abraham Aco 74 Ar Mil - tenlHTger A Pollock 63 John Chaffe A Sons 67 PavneTKennedT Aco - 66 Alcoa, Scherck A Auter 47 Rlakemore Aco 41 Prit chard, Bickham Aeo - 3 j mirnet Aoo 30 it Allison koo jnaxio, Hamilton A Powell 28 J I Noble 25 Renshaw. Cammack Aco 21 8 B Newman Aco 21 Lloyd A Livaudais 21 8 Friedlander 17 T L Airey A co 16 J Phelps Aco 15 J W Burbrldgo Aco 14 G W Sentell Aco 14 Claiborne Aco 14 Gwyn A Dyer 1ST K Coons Aco 13 J P Harrison jr Aco 13 WELevericn 13 H C WUkerson feoo 12 Howard A Preton 11 Norwood A Richards 11 Jurey A Gillis lO McGebee, Snowden A Violett iu Kawnns k M.nrreu btewan .tiros soo J THardieAco 8 WTche A Monran 7 II A C Newman 7 W B Clarke 6 S Gumbel 6 Vaiden. Haw kins Aco 5 M Bredig - 5 II Wilson Jr I R LAW Adams 4 D Hadden Aco 4 HartweUA Chambers 4 Lovell A Bailey 4 Beadles Wood Aco 3 W A John sou 3 Forstall A Juinouville 3 Nalle A Cammack 3 J 1 Adams aco v Douse A Lane 2 toorder 1 Britten, Moore A Coleman 1 Froudhomme 1 1 JSloom Aco 1 msser . co 1 W C Black Aco 1 Aiken A Watt 6297 ska cotton seed N O Cotton Beed Ass's sundries to order Total S178 bales cotton 0297 ska cotton afceA POINT JEFFERSON Steamer Stella Block 90 bales cotton J Chaffe A Sons 31 W B Clarke 16 Aiken A Watt 14 C Gallagher 12 Wyche A Morgan 11 Meyer, Wets Aco 10 J L Harris A - lULej co 9 Payne, Kennedy Aco 8 Britton, Moore A Coleman 8 H March 7 J Phelps Aco 6 toorder t uiock dc urmm j w wmte s Karesuiae e Maes 2 N D Wetmore 2 J T Hardie Aco 1 H Oroebel 1 B B Newman Aco 1 T H A J M Al len Aeo 317 sks cotton seed to N O Cotton Seed Asa'n 10 sks seed cotton to H Allison Aco and sundries to order Total 260 bales cotton 31 1 ska cotton seed lO ska aeed cotton - JEil'KKbON Steamer Carrie A. Thorn 240 bales cotton to J W Burbridee Aco ISO J ChalTo A eons 140 B B Steers 121 J Phelps Aco 100 ChaCe, Hamilton A Foweu tn Aioos, ecaerua. b Antev 64 Rawlins A Murrell 52 T L Airey A co 48 G W Sentell Aco 33 E H Wilson A Mills 82 BnsseyAco 22 C L Walmsley Aco 21 R T Buckner A Bro 7 Meyer, Weis Aco 7 J THr - die Aco o ITesiluTe, craiiam ot - ouu... order Total 1119 hales coctojij - ' . LOWER COAST Steamer Martha - - ! nans sngar to RMilliten 5 do Bash A JfwJ - - bbls rice A Socola - fctanga - 84 sks rough rice Mariposa Rice Mill 46 do P JRdeT 49 So Fers4erance Rico Millsnd order Total 26 hhds sugar - 87 bbla rice 179 rti"JwERtABT - 6teainer Oriol - i7 hhds sngoD HUe35 bbls motasse. B MUU - ken - 20sck potatoes C Casanova - 19 do A. Mo - nasteiro sundries to order ' ST JAM EH Steamer Mary Ida 14 hhds sucar toChlsm A Boyd 38 do 6 bbls molasses 11 hf libls do R Mil liken 46 hhds sugar 12,bbls mo. lames 23 hf bbla do Lanaux A Sons 10 bbls do OHopkins 1 do G Ferry 20 hhds sugar E P Stockmeyer Aeo 40 do F Brarter and soadriea to order Total li8 hhds sugar 29 bbls and 34 half bM molasses - . . oBOssJi TJtTE BAJiROADsteamer Bt Xiodre B bales cotton to A Trv tro.i 1 Hm - Trn 1 Noble Aeo 121 sks coiton seed NO Cotton Seed : Ass'n - 20 hhds supfer 1. Hlchanx 11 to Pl - ,x P?"1 CO do 8 kb jj. CihiH.s4 - t V Brurier 150 ' 1 66 hhds sugar MeUa m Value 12 Ho EBm geols fiOdo 21 bU.s uioIjmncx, K Milliken 2f) do 00 Bosh A Leyert - pjo do 1 hhds Burar K O Tluw ' mas Aco 15 do K H art Am :ci u u - r jtr. . . colO do E M Sco t ;Sdo Meyer. Wrin Aeo IS . no r Aiaspero Ac 26 do 21 bbla mhu Vt - tr . j roe Dei 4. uo ir GaV ACO ft lt A 1 o Chtpp Bros Aco - 7 lo P ijtnanx 7 do 44 hhds sugar F Brugter SO i. hism R - 20 do J - He, o n t j w ButilM 20 00 A Ingrahani lO do J M Bomafr - dntlria ' toorder Total lO haW eottnl2 1 ekVeTtkan seed 494 hhds sugar 507 bbls laoutsseo - H T i THlBODAUX - t - ieamer Henry Tete 6 molasses 68 hhds ntr Conser A Kelly 48 ' - 70 bbls molasses Bush A Leveiir - 38 do 18 hhds sugar J 1 Ailauia Aco 50 do J Chajfe A Sens 2S do EJOayAco 22 d W Pugh - 2 do For - sheimer Bres 1 do 2 bbls inolasie H O Melan - con 32 do 7 hhds A Terrrou 10 do Nalto A Cammack lo di K W Burbank 5 d R Mull - - ken - 32 do 9 bblt molasses K M Scott 3 o M Weil SO do 40 hh(l suitxr l - hmaii, Abraham A co - 25 do E W EoJ'd . tson 62 no J A Lam Acs 20 do Delgado Aoi 14 do V IT Hri na - m - i G A Lanaux 8 do L J'ertaJ 5 do R Milliken 17 do Mever, Veis AK4 do 40 bbla motaoafts P! 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S City Xicenses tor the year 1S7 are now - ue, andwlUbeissaedfromUOsoffios nntU Fobruary 29, 1876, after which costo wRl Tf v Jail td Administrator of Flnaaae. to ihk ramuso pusija I The well known1 ,i - . f , FRED'S SALOON, i - , ' - ' K 106 ec'Chariea Mreet, nenr Feydraa, : Is open Night and Day. . . Urals at all hours. ' Well furnished rooms at reasonable prices. ' ' - o975 IT FRED JfELLMERS. "THE PL'ik JUICE OF TBS GRAPE. ' KEIXKY'S ISLAND PORT WINE, " 8WEET CATAWBA," t ' DRY CATAWBA, : - . - IVES SEEDLING. ' ' ISLAND QUEEN CHAMPAGNE; Superior to any in the city, either foreign ci v . - domeetio, , a "ycr sale by all Grocers. " ' - ' : f, ' ' ' SHIUlPSltrKE: A CO, i peters street ' Sole Sonthern Agents Kelley Island WineCc' f , t ;1 1 1 1

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