The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1933
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Served by the United Press BLITHE viLCE TBt DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHBA8T ARKANSAS AND BODTHEAOT MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX-NO. 221 WytitTUl*, D»Uj Ntm. VUley Utdcr. °£Zti BLYTHEVIU,E, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DKCHMtiKK 2, IMS SINGLE COPIES FIVE ' FIVE INJURED AS TENT HOUSE BURNS I INSiMW Grants Extradition on Theft'. Charges of Sam- 'ifcl Insull's Brother. TORONTO. Ont., Dec. 2 '(UP)— Martin J. Insull, who with his brother, Samuel Insull. built on of the largest utility empires in the world only to have .^t collapse with tlie loss of million's-of dollars lo stockhoders, today. lost his long fight against 'extradition to the United Statejs. •> Justice A. C. ;^Cingstone of the Ontario supreme' court granted the extradition request of Chicago authorities, who want .the self exiled American utility magnate to face charges of grand larceny, embezzlement, and theft of bailee in connection with the failure of the Insull's two billion dollar network of mid-western concerns. His brother Samuel previously had avoided extradition and now resides ai Athens,. Greece. The decision climaxed more than a year of court battles during 1 which Martin Insull was at liberty under.$5,000 ball. He was arrested a year ago'last October ir a $20 rooming house at Orrilia Ont., on a warrant charging him with being a fugitive from justice. He immediately summonet one of the most brilliant !ega staffs available to aid him in h: fight to escape return to the United States. A 'Cook county grand jury returned Indictments against thi Instills shortly after the collapse of their companies. Samuel was in.-. Athens at the time but the • Greek court~ refused to. extradite him. New indictments were return "ed HI*hist -him-later but again the Greek court refused to grant his extradition. The refusal resulted In the United States sending a note to the Greek government that it no longer recognized the extradition treaty between the two countries. - Pioneer of Repeal A pioneer In tlie fight for repeal, with victory almost nls. Captain William Stayton, of Washington, D. C., Is shown here "in a now posed picture. Aa founder and chairman of the board of the Association Against the Prohibition Amendment, Stayton crusaded aculKBt tbe dry laws from 111* time ol their inception. Says Advertising Will Help Beat Bootlegger NEW YORK. Dec. 2. (UPU- Ncwspaper advertising will be the most powerful single weapon in trie fight against' the bootlegger, Chab. S, O'Donneil. vice-president of the Distilled Liquors Corporation, said today. , "The bootlegger cannot advertise and the disadvantage will be a serious one," he said. Clofsina Stock Prices* A. T. and T. in 1-2 Anaconda Copper 14 3-8 Bethlehem Steel 333-4 Chrysler 49.1-4 Cities Service 17-8 General Electric 20 General Motors 32.5-8 International Harvester 40 5-8 Government' Action Assure iV-illions of Gal- Ions for Holidays. WASHINGTON, Pec. '2 (DP.)The government .tWay ?'provutti for tha immedinte" importation of foreign liquors as plans • neared completion for meeting .the .situation "after repeal of prohibition next Tuesday. A marketing agreement for-'liquor and wine importers, stood appioved by Secretary of Agrlcul- ur6-.Henry .-'-A.-'. Wallace'.' It regix- ates'-the volumB, .origin, and- types if Imports^' perrnitting roughly.^ the imriortation .of. '• from 4,000,0p6; |o 1,000,000 .gallons 'of", Ucjuor In ; tae mmediate'. future.'•••• "' ' •".'; ':: Maximum nmpunts'.that-purih'as- ers; here'will-be allowed to" hu^ abroad was left to'the thorities. ' Until ;•; February ' l'--th'e permit authority!-.wifi rest- with representatives- of the agriculture and treasiiry - departments. There- aftrr 'the newly created federal'al- cohol control administration will pass-on permits. . ..-. A. recommendation was- before the permit- authorities- from the National Commercial Policy • committee that imports be allowed before Christmas to the extent'of what would have been a four months supply, before prohibition. Middleivest Utilities Montgomery Ward . New York Central .. Packard Phillips petroleum . Radio. . 1-8 .. .22 1-4 ... 35 ... 4 .. 16 3-8 ... 63-4 St. £x>uis-San Francisco 2 1-8 Standard of N. J ....... 46 1-2 Texas Co. , ........... 26 1-8 U. i-'fcteef 1 ............ 44 3-4 Wet 'Repeal Measure Wins Approval in Upper House. JEFFERSON CITY. Mo.. Dec. 2 (UP)—The prediction that "there will be a saloon at every crossroads In Missouri" was made today by Senator D. L. Bales of Shannon county. Bales blunt statement came after drippin'! wets of the senate won a smashing victory by placing the body squarely on record MS favoring the sale of intoxicating liquor in original packages in every sub-division of the state. The /etc was 21 to 6. Local Opton on Saloons The proposal provides for local option only on sale of intoxicants by the drink In counties, cities, .owns, ad Incorporated villages. '•Half a dozen individuals livins. close together in a dry county might Incorporate themselves as a village and vote wet," Bales point' ed out. "There soon will be a saloon at every crossroads in the state under the Donnelly amendment." The senate amendment is so dripping wet'that the house, where dry counties have' more than 50 rotes, hardly .can be expected to concur. ; Speed Up Action A slow moving special session has been whipped Into a semblance of activity ;of.late .by realization that outright repeal of the 18th amendment would be an accomplished fact next week. ' But Mlss'ourians appeared, likely today to celebrate the event only with . pretzel*; and . 3.2 beer, 'for there will be no legal highballs or cocktails until'the state's bone dry aw Is wiped off the books by the law makers now'here. : 'While the legislature cannot possibly hope to 'complete consideration of'a liquor control bill before the' nation goes .officially! wet, the senate vote last' night 'led to belief that liquor will be legalized in a few weeks. . .. '.....• Demand Resignation of Gov. Jamej Rtlpb •',•.." i SAN 'FRANCISCO, Dec.) 3 (UP) J —Resignation of Gov. Jain«:IWJl>l.U Jr., must be demanded' "clear California's good 1 name" .'in the San Jose lynchlnus, a'group, of leading bay region till/.CDS 'decided. U was tumimnced today. Prof. Guy Montgomery of tl'.f University of Southern California announced the decision of I'w meeting, which hu said 35 . San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkley lenders, "including professors, attorneys, rabbis and ministers, tended. . - - • Money Talks IE NEXT 30,000 fuses Shipped GLASGOW, Scotland, Dec, 2. (UP)—Thirty thousand cases .of Scocth whiskey sailed for New York today in the liner Cameronia to help satisfy the Christmas thirst of Americans. The consignment was said to be the first direct from Great Britain since repeal was voted. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Dec. 2. (UP)—Cotton closed steady. . oprj" high low close ; Dec. . 987 991 983 990 Jan 993 995 938 994 Mar 1007 1010 1001 1009 May 1017 1020 1014 1020 July .... 1030 1035 1027 1033 Oct 1050 1053 1047 1053 Spots closed quiet at 1015. off 5. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 2. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close . 982 982 931 982 . 984 988 ICOO 1004 1018 1018 1030 1031 1047 1041 Sjwts closed steady at 935, unchanged. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. 985 1002 • 984 998 1012 .:.. 1025 1020 1047 IMOb Chicago Wheat Dec. May- Dec. open '82 high 82 1-8 low close 80 5-8 81 1-4 Move"' to ' Block: Long's Program for Naming Congressman. ' .. NEW ORLEANS, Dec, 2. (UP>-Citizens of Louisiana's sixth district resisted with massed force and court house orders an attempt, by Senator Huey P. Long's political faction to hold an election next Tuesday ta name a successor to the late Congressman Bolivar K. Kemp. Bands of men invaded the West Feliclana parish courthouse at St. FrancUvllle and the clerk of court's office at Clinton In East Feliclana parish, seized several thousand blank ballofsT and burn' cd them in the courthouse square. A few hours later two state highway department trucks laden with politics! circulars were seized In a reel at St. Franclsvllle by a group f 100 persons. The literature, onslgned !o the "district execu- ve committee," was burned In the $1,200 Is.Goal of Missisf sippi County Anti-Tuberculosis Group. The. annual sale of Christmas seals and health bonds by the Arkansas Tuberculosis association will be opened in Blythevllle and Mississippi county Monday. For nearly four.years funds from the annual sale have enabled the Mississippi County association. In cooperation ' with the Rosenwald fund, to-maintain a full time nurse under the dlrtc- tion of the county health unit, 'in June. 1832, however, lack-of funds forced the discontinuance of this service This year the seal and bond sale campaign has 11,200 as Its goal for this county. If reached this w|l make possible restoration to th'< health unit staff of a riurse whose principal duty will be, to combat tuberculosis. Rev. E. K. Latimer of this cify Is chairman, of the county or- gfiuiatlon," ind- Dr.-A, -tt: '^*-- v -' bum. to vicerchalrriiah.'Tnf'l. ttve committee consists of Mrs. i*f. B... Menard, Miss ' Winnie,-. Virgil Turner, G. W. p. R. Babcock of Blytheyille.'Mrg, E. E. Byrd of LeachVllie;. Mrs. R. 0. Langston of ' Luxora, Mrs. John Edrington pf : psceola', Mrs. R. H. Rob'lnsorr . of "Kelaer, and W. P. Wife'Of Wilson/ .: -I ^The following,'cprnmunljy chair- men'' will 'conduct''the '"seal andi •Ijoncl.sile:' Mrs, Starry;icirby, Bly- ttie'yiikf-.and' pell; - Mrs. Floyd .Ctrirnes,' Manila; Mrs. E:' E.. Byrd. •Leichvilfe; ; Mrs. : Walter Wood, iJiJiOra'; Mrs. John Edrington, Os- 'Vceol4; : Mrs. -R. L. Roach.-Wilson; i Mrs. : R>'-H; Rqbinsori, Kelser; Mrs. i Brya'fi Burkett, .Bassett and' Joiner, arid'Mrs. Charles Crigger jr., morel.' - •' . '.'.Thanks, .for HeaUh. Day" will Council Will Appeal Death Sentence Imposed an Mark H. Shank., ' UKNTON. Alk., IW. 'i, lUL') — Counsel for Miivk H. Shank. Ak- H nn. O., nllorrtoy, today |irc|Kived! !''£ n>)):cril fro,:i the death KL>IIItni: 1 ; imposed :nsl night l>y n Jury \ lilch found Shank guilty on 'jlinrjjcs of fal'lly iwlsonlng Alvln Colley. Four persons died us n result cl poison given by Shank. Slmnk, whmi! aliornuy.s lonlcndi'd was Insane, had. con- Itfsiitl thai Ins !'nvc Alvln Colley, Mrs. Klhel Cjllcy, and two ut tl:c!r children |W|70UC(1 grape juice at. a 'family picnic. He said they "knew too much" about an Akron° Involving one of Shank's ciienls. % Slmnk Calm, Wife Faints Mrs. Shank Minted as the verdict of death In tt:c electric chair \ as reud. Sh'j was carried from t Ihc courtrooir. on u stretcher. .York's (jreat H;p|xxlromc to .lU'iii'i Shank was CB'MI, almost disinterested. The Jury con^ldprcd the case 9 hours and IS minutes before ro- turnlm; the flr;l death verdict in Sollne county. , .. • Prosecutor Millar . Halbert demanded the extreme .penalty. He outlined the r-une from evidence l:i the cnsc ar.d .Shank's CbnfoS' slon as follows" Shank accomiianlcci thu Colleys to . Arkansas lasl. summer, pul itrychtilnc in tfiape juice given Ihcm at a- raidslde picnic. He $100,000 Fire Damage at Little Rock Today '.'UTII.E ROCK, Dec. 2.'.(U1')^- Flie utile.i rngrd.)n two downtown buildings iwlay earned "duiminu'of SlOO.OCO. , Firms located In 'the buildings uii-.l ulilch MHIcrctl damage wcie Ntw Tiii'.nm 1 , Stiodgrnsij and Bracy drug store, shrader Photograph- EITIIt WIT .n upstairs picture slu- iacl origin had not bctn Ihls afternoon, liuw- "The purpose of the Wull Sireei attack on the i'dmlnistratlon Ls to ruin Roosevelt!" Fiilhcr Charley E Coii'glilln, Detroit's crusading home a |»liit piicsl .thus In a flny address defending the President's uwietary policy. More than 7.000 ]:e;sons crowded New Ar- tben jumped from the "CoNgy -a,u- - ' '"' ' II, long";tn'<$ The fundanipntal vice Inflation .is'.its' essential dishonesty and Injustice in the government 'which ' enacts and enforces it." This' was the assertion made by Martin W. UUlct'on. prominent Me'iv York lawyer, when, ns shown here, he addressed' a meeting In ing off Inflation." be- observed in .the schools under New York's Carnegie Hall called the direction' of a 'committee con- ] for the express purpose of "sta 1 Blstlng of Mrs. N. B. Menard, Mrs. • _ . - .. .. C. \V. Affllck,' and Mrs. Bryan Will Recommend U. S. Stock Market Control 85 3-8 85 5-8 83 5-8 84 1-8 Chicago Corn open high 43 1-2 43 3-4 low close 42 7-8 43 May 50 1-2 M 3-4 4!) 1-9 She's "one of the best girls I knoii . and a wonderful p»rson"— But Rudy Vallee Is not going t marry pretty Alice Paye Cabove) a singer In.his band. At least tha Is what the famous crooner sal about a reported romance with th blonde beauty as he prepared to su his wife. Fay Webb, for divorce 1 Citizens meantime had filed suits gainst the boards of election ommissioners in all 12 parishes in he district seeking to prohibit the se of official ballots next Tuesday. Eight parishes have refused to Three Divorce Suits riled in Chancery Court Three divorce actions have been filed in chancery court here recently under Arkansas' 90-day statute. Mrs. Pearl Franchlna. formerly of New York, has instituted an action against Joe Franchlna, chanting desertion. They v.vrc married in 1928 and separated In 1932. Claude Cooper Is attorney for Mrs. Franchlna. Mrs. Georgia Jones, formerly ol Haytl, Mo., seeks a divorce from C. Y. Jones in a suit filed througli Holland and Barham, local law firm. Mr. and Mrs. Jones were married in 1931 and separated in March, 1933. General Indignities are charged. Clement Hosklns. former Missouri resident. Is the plaintiff in an action against Mrs. Lucille Hos- klns, charging indignities. Thc> separated in March, a year after they were married. Claude Cooper WASHINGTON, Dec. 2. (UP)— Senate revelations of boom time fid depression stock market prac- l.ces-wlll lead to recommendations or federal control of the cxchang- s.and supervision of their opcra- pproprlate money to pay cost of 1* Hoskins' attorney. he election. ! * The citizens claim that the state dminlstratlon is attemplng to hand pick" a congressman from he sixth district. Governor Alen called the election last Tues- Woodard Administrator of W. J. Hubbard Estate day and dl5|»nsed with the regular primary. Cat Came Back Home BROCTON, Mass. (UP) — Mrs. Panels Ford two months ago took '*r pet cat to a summer resort. 30 miles away. Shortly after their arrival the cat disappeared and was given up for dead. A few days Inter the cat home here. came back to Its • Girls Study "Good Look*" NORTON, Mass. (UP)—A campus "good looks" • clinic is helping Whea'.on College girls In their quest for beauty. A beauty expert! from New York has been lecturing on the subject and also holding consultations with students seeking advice about special problems of drew, make-up or UM Itei E. M. Wocdard of Dell was ap polnled by County and Probile Judge Zal B. Harrison today a administrator, of the estate of W J. Hubbard, Dell property owner who died intestate on Nov. 21. Mrs. W. J. Hubbard, widow o the deceased, and the followln heirs »urvive: Robert Hubbard. Le panto; Mrs. Rosle Holdman. Mark ed Tree, four children of Will Hub bard, deceased; Ernest Hubbard. Osceola; Mrs. Florence Anderson. Blythcvllle; Mrs. Mary Minyard. Dell; Elmer Hubbard, Dell. highway. Far'm'c-ts fojmd the fom 1'y 'dylrig In their car, which ha'd ciirccncd into .\ ditch..A few hours lilor Sliank was arrested In near- 'jy woods. He ijave ]H>llce n written cnnfmslon. . Points to Indifference N. A. MoDanlcl. Shank's attorney, argued to [he jury that his client v:is Ins.ine. He cited his client's IndlfTeront air In the court rcoui where hr- was on trial for Ills life. Two Ellenlsts (lifted Me Dnnlri. t)i. Pat ,-Mnrphy, Little .Rock isyclilatrist, testified fcr the slate .hat Shank was sane. Following - the verdict Shank's r.ltornr-y immediately filed a mo- i for a new trial. Hearing on the motion w.js set for D tun. Thursday. A civil suit for SIOO.COO dam- noes lifts'.been filed against Shank in the name cf Clyde Colley, 4, surviving member of the Ill-fated family. Clement, 5, and Clarence, 7, died with their parents. Dyess Approves Project; Decision on Fairgrounds Expected Today. Assurance was given.representa- tives of tlie ulytlievllle board of education al LIUIc Rock yesterday jy w. n. Dyess. slate Clvl\ Works Athiilnl.slralur, thai CWA work on local scr.oul buildings and grounds would be militarized. The request ot another local dcl- cgiillon for authorization' ol ap- proxlimitrly $50,000 In buildings niul 'other Improvements on the proposed Mississippi county fair grounds was received favorably ty Mr. Dyess, but he said he would be unable to sanction I'ne project un less he could oblnln from Wash Ington SHcclnl autliorlzatlon for us of CWA funds for Ihc constructloi of buildings. Projects have already been ap proved lor Mississippi county suf pcienl to take up its present OWA allotment, Mr. Dyess told member of the local school d«leq»Uon J .'>r athcr and One Child Sev- !-, erely Burned; &A11 /injj;- Memphis Hospital.-;' . m; LUXORA, 'Ark.--Bareiy escaping!j i . I I Hi;,-their, lives . when their' LtiilK 1 : I ouse'at Luxoru was destroyed 'byf> f '• I -jtaut; 'two 'o'clock this morn-Hi ' I ffve members of the family': of u > V. ,M. Johnson, dragline 'pperatori),; ; or.n levre construction company,;..>-,;; were In . St.-,! Joseph's ' hospital 1 at. i. .-'• Memphis today suffering' 1 from '"• ',':] urns. • ';'.'• •'•• " ': j The explosion of an oil heating . ••<. love is believed to have started \ V$ he. fire nnd • caused It lo iprfetd ^jf, o quickly thel occupants of ;'the ' ''i ent »'cr> forced to flea' : l)«re- , ' ootcd and clad only In their night 'Y- lolhes. . '•=?'-.'' - ; Johnson and dniiirhter, Blllle, :crlously Injured of an were 8-year-old the most •the, five. Johnson was burned about (he •nek. ncclc and face while the lit- le girl, wliose condition was de- 'Ciibcd us critlcaj, had deep burns around the back and neck! Mrs. Bessie Johnson, wife of the: ; x' Irngllne operator! was •• severely;!ii'-, burned about the face.'Mrs. T. C.'J?' ' PenneBnkcr, «2, mother of Mrii' Johnson,' had a. slight burn" oiji lier forehead. 'A'7-months-oid ln-*L fant daughter, Christine, had -theif llesh on one hand senred.. • .'-'{! The heroic rescue of the babv/jfr girl by.Johnson ted to the'-mmtpih serious of hla bums.- Johnson" was'- ! : Hold Do? and Negro for Mississippi Officers A collie dog and a negro, Ed Lloyd, alleged lo have stolen the canine, were held by police here Ions, chairman Fletcher of the | today for Balesville, Miss., offl- '•ock market committee said today. """ '.Fletcher revealed also that tlie IOIKX: ways nnd means committtce will receive Monday a delalled report on tax reforms to prevent fu- ure Income tax avoidance such as was shown to have been accom- illshed by J. P. Morgan, Otto H. claims iahn, and jhini. A joint conuressional committee! on Internal revenue has been mak- ng a. study of the administrative oophbles through which Morgan and others passed. '.i Theisenate banking and currency committee ah;l the house ways' and means committee will cooper- j ate, Fletcher said, in drafting legislation. .-. cers. Police picked up the trail of the negro nnd the dog here after receiving n tip from the Mississippi officers. The ctog Is sad to be a valuable stock dog. stolen from a Mississippi plantation. The negro the dog "took up" with school 'projects''should erence to certain other types o work, and that he would hold u work on certain highway Jobs t allow for the local school projec and others of-a similar character Mr. Dyess did not say definite! what road projects would be hei up, but sakf that tbe Luxora-Llt lie. River and 'Roseland-Red Llii roads were'two on which construe lion would go ahead. • j Approval of others.will not .1 withdrawn but work on thqin wl be. delayed until -they can .bo han died wlthtn-lhcrcounty's allotment of CWA labon. Crawford Qrcene, superintendent of schools, c. M. Buck, president of the school board, and J. F. Tompklns presented the school project. C. H. Wilson, chairman of the iilr committee, J. M. Brooks, secretary of the chamber of commerce, Jeff Roland, U. S. Branson ,and George W. Barham presented the fair project. Mr. Barham remained In Liltle Sock and hoped to obtain today a definite decision on the fairgrounds work. Mr. Dyess planned to get In :ouch with Washington and see If work such as that contemplated is pcrmissable under the CWA jiro- Tf authorization cannot be obtained for erection of buildings by the CWA it is probable that the CWA application will be. modified lo Include only other types of wcrk and that application for on RFC or PWA loan to finance the buildings will be made. The work to be done at- local schools Includes painting and repair work at all of the buildings extension of a ,vatcr line to the ne- gro school building, and filling In and grading of part of the athletic field In the rear of the high school building. Police Asked to Hunt for Missing Boy Police were asked today to aid! Spin locating Emrnett Cclvin jr., 15- ?Vj year-old son of Mrs. Beatrice Jack- : - : j son, 133 West Kentucky street, who alaappeared from his home here early this morning. A description of the missing buv was given officers in other cities and towns In this section. Police believe th2re Is 8 possi- ,„„. Wlity that tr.c youth has departed .. „ ., , lor Oklahoma Cily Okla to visit • car notll 'elicm l» J""> a lv "e his father, Emmetl' colvlii -;r. The] ; lie P| ; «J3 abiding In ^tlie fields, .noth ei Streamlined Trains- r Success in Southwell IfORT WORTH, Tex. (UP) — Electric nnrt gasoline propelled ^ trains rapidly are gaining prominence In Uic Southwest, replacing the heavier and more costly steart locomotives and old-type steel pas senger cars. The Southern Pacific has started regular service between Fort Worth and Texarkana with a bulletshap- ed, stream-lined, gasoline-motored truln with a cruising speed of- 90 miles an hour, greatly reducing the time between the two points. bv the ories"pf a mem-, ; l>er. of - *«• fomllv. to 'find th ' lire .Ml:ir? TUmeS.Lu the door h» lunmflnl in breaking' It outward and pulling other members of the family through', the 'oo- / enlng, only, (to discover that 'the Infant Imd been left Inside! Plunging back ' Into'the fUmlnp! tent Johnson found trie baby and started.-for the door. Stumblinit, unable to se* his way, and alhibst unconscious, he dropped'the bahv three : times •: and was ' forced to. grope about on the floor of ttw • tent to find - it again before ^he made his way out.' ••' "•>'•••' ' ". ' . Taken _ to tfeVnpUs. . .The Injure'd were Iriished to the. ifflce of a Luxora.physician where hoy were given-emergency, treatment while-Cobb ambulances hurled from Blylhevillo to carry them", o Memphis,' . '' . J The Johnsons lived In a well- quipped tent located between the ?risco'- railroad tracks and ia" cut- ff gravel road leading from HlghV" way 6! into Luxcra. They had been at Luxora, where Johnson is em- ploved by the Brown Construe lion company, for seven weeks! They came to this section from ' Mem- phis'and had been at'Clarksdale, Ark., for some lirrie, but " their iome is In Wisconsin.' Mrs. Penne- aaker lives at Booneville, Ark.,' and had onlv been vlsitlnir her daughter's -.famly a short time. BeiMes the loss of their household ' goods and clothing, $50 In cash, in the pocket of one ' of Johnson's shirts, was burned. •r.kii.f Encouraging Slap on : Back Started Career FORT WORTH,' Teit. • (UP)—A slap on the back and a few words of encouragement from .a''vaude- ville trooper while Fred Lowery' was a student In the Texas state school for blind ended in a stage career for• the. youth. , ..-•• In 1923 when the trooper visited n friend at the school he heard Lowery whistling. "Keep it up, you've got something," he told the lad. After the trooper had gone Low- cry purchased a portable phono-" graph and practiced whistling • for six years, until he was able to «njfr difficult overtures to .orchestra accompaniment. In 1929.he was graduated from the school. He went to Chicago and made the "Indian Love Call" for a nationally known 'recording company. Radio and theater contracts followed. This winter he Is appearing FOOTBAU Final Notre Dame, 13; Army, 12. Princeton, 27; Yale, 2. Second Ftriod left a letter addressed to hls kce "'" B W!Uch a *" ler. !>)' night. And an a Picks Orlando MONTREAL (UP) - Montttal Royals, of the International Base- tall League, will train again in Orlando. Fla., scene of List season's spring training, next year. E. C. Snvard. president of the Montreal Exhibition Company, an- hoimcM, their nocks ngel ot Ilio I.ovd. came upon them ami Hie Story of tlie Lord shone about 'lioni and tlioy ivoro sore, afraid. SHOPPING DAYS tatfai CHBISTMAS The Burlineton Lines has an- a . . theater hero nounced It will put electric trains • of three. Jointed cars, with ft sneed j ... on its lines \m ATUED Houston and WtAlHtK Amarlllo. ' ' ' ) ARKANSAS—Cloudy, local showers tonight, probably clearing In Ptrk Tourists Set Record least portion Sunday. Fair In west BELTON. Mont. (UP) — Glacier portion Sunday, colder In west and National Park was visited by more central portions tonight, people In 1933 than at any time! 'Memphis and Vicinity-Rain to- In Its history, complete travel sta- ,,| 6 ht and Sunday, probably cold- tlstlcs for Ihe season showed. A er. lotal ot 75.615 tourists registered nt the park. This was a «4 per The maximum temperature here cent Increase over 1932 and a sub-.yesterday was 65, minimum .H,. stantlal gain over 1930, the previ-1 clear.v according to Samuel f. ons peak travel year, Morris, official weather "

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