The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 10, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 10, 1941
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 1941 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Byrd 's Fight Career At Stake; Chicks Play Manila Aaron Meets Wallace In Pro Fight Headliner; Chicks Open Cage Season For two wecKs the grind has been long and hard for Aaron Byrd as the tough BlytheviUe m i d d 1 e vv eiglit sought to attain top condition for the toughest fight of his professional career. Tonight the work will be justified in one way or another— with a victory over Lew Wallace—or a loss that might block a promising ring career. Byrd will climax his ring-work in the main event of a professional card presented by Promoter Joe Craig beginning at 8 p.m. in the Legion Hut ring. The program includes two 10-rounders, one bout of six rounds, another of four and a negro battle royal— 30 rounds o/ good .professional lighting Chat should fill the arena with fans who haven't witnessed a pro card here in three years. Principals on tut; card will weigh in at 3:30 o'clock this afternoon in the office of the county health department after inspection by Dr. W. A. Grimmett and the leather- pushers then will rest until ring- lime. Lots At Stake It. was probable that Byrd would go into the ring against broad- shouldered Wallace, who ranks among the top-flight of middleweight boxers, weighing some five pounds less than the St. Louis lighter. Wallace, who went 10 Leach ville Cagers Win 9th Straight The Starters The Sports Spotlight «y LAVMON1> C'ltUiU oi tiio Courier Nows Staff Pro Golfer Becomes First Major Athlete To Be Called In Draft LBACHVILLE, The capers of AY"*., Jan. Leachvilic 10.— high ichool looked forward today toward new opposition after winning rhsir ninth consecutive basketball game of the .season here, 51 to 24, over Oak Grove Consolidated of Greene comity. Oak Grove girls won from Leachville 22 to 18 and the Leach ville juniors defeated Oak Grove 26 to 17. L. Scott led scoring 1 for the win- Martin had-11, F. Scott 7, Dortch, Scot! and Ray four each and Galyean two. Pace. Garrett, Groom and Edgin each had a free throw score. Chick R j'os. Lions Lloyd (7) ¥ (<•) Lovo (;<;i J>i>/.itjr (10) F \Vinu- (-U) l ut>i><.<it{i.' (12) l> Bnuiuum (22) .Muali-y (e) (>>> '• .V>!i;.lir;iiiin.«r (ti'J) \ Lii-filiiux- (V) li 1». Fuwh-r (II) Subsume: C'liii'lvs—Dai-U (Hi), .U- kins (11J. ^[.radloy CO. Hun-is {S), Trusty (3). Host* (-1). Suiffovd (17), Sim-all (i:J), ITHl, \\ViuluMVi. Oiniway, t'rti'kcr. .Stilly, C.'obh. Liunb—(.Jrnni (4f>), Forest (fij). 1'iiM-iVi (35), ,1. Jolllff (5-S). X. Joiliff (tiij), (jnwo!» (25 C), mlor (77), K.hvimls, (0). Fight Tonight in New York For High Stakes In Heavyweight Boxing BY HAKRY FERGUSON Justed Press Sports Editor NEW YORK. Jan. 10. (UP)—A pair of youngsters whose ears still are ringing from boatings given to them by a pair of old timers Lots of Action Byrd 1$ Choice Another Mosley This is the busiest sports niijht in BlytheviUe since ihc football season ended last November. On one hand Is the well-matched curd ol professional boxin;.; unite hes — i'irsi. pro fight program for many months herc'~r\viih uvo good local lowers, Aaron Byrd und Don Burton, on the bill at the rounds with Champ Ken Overlin ~"^VJX™ J ^ W n?nh (l ^,L ,, . , * , , . . i Tne mans name is twilpa Jones lecently and dropped a desison , antl you neyer heard O j Wm _ . A new gymnasium readily accessible to local high school basketball players tor daily workouts has built up more interest among the boys than in the past several years, and tonight Coach Joe Oilay ning boys''team with 18 points. ' sends his Chicks out to open the IMl schedule against Manila's capable Lions at 8:30 o'clock. Junior high players under Coach John Eel James will take the court at 7:3u against, a Manila quintet. Kro.oaol.e sianers lor the local youngsters are Norman Scone and UicKie Stacy, ioi wards; Grady Flanigan, center; and Cape. Harold Thompson or Harry Raines and Vernon Houchin, guards. The new playing arena has been utilized three times, it having been completed late in the season last year.' sealing space is plemuul and a gooa View ci ail action is available irom anywhere in the bleacih- will try tonight to comeback- trail that get on the leads to "a shot at the heavyweight championship of the world. Pat Comlskey, a hard puncher Hut and 30 rounds of boxing in- caided in the session beginning .11 8 p.m. At the nc\v hiijh school gymnasium is the season's opening bns- frcm Paterson, N. J., is quoted at Koipall clash between the Chicks even mcney with Lou Nova of Al-1 ;iud Manila's Lions, two of the amecia, Cal.. who come.s back from most intrepid touuisLs in biuskci- Todays Sport Parade m HKN&Y HeLBMOKX after a close bout, should hit 160-mark. Tuis is Bynl's birthday — the 22nd — and lie hopes to have his cake in the form, of a victory over the tough Missourian ;infl eat it. too. nieiiuuig if he tvins he may be en route to u successful ring career that \vo.ulcl shove him to, thy top ol the middleweight fciiks in a few years. It's his first fight over the XO- round distance, but he has trained hard for uvo sveeks and tapered off his work Thursday with a light shuccnv-boxins and ba.g- That's to be expected., because Ralph Jones is a name like John Smith, Bill Williams, or any of the others that always sprawl over two pages in the phone book. But this Ralph Jones—the one I'm writing about—is worth learning about. That is. he's worth learning a'oout if you are interested in football or in granting recognition to the worthy. Put 'T in Football My. Ralph Jones is the real master of the 'T' formation. Yes, the ers ol' this modern, spacious building on aie mgn scnoo) grounds. Three Stars Return • DilUy.'s 1941 aggregation \s built nrouna a capable trio of returning ieuermen, Monk Mosley, Sonny Lloyd and Bo Coppedge. Mosley, who will captain the squad lor the opening game tonight, is third of a set of brothers who played in the cackfieid here on the ioaiball iield. and competed in basketball and in track. He is a guard. Lloyd also was a "boy .scat" on the football iield and will start at forward, while Coppedge. who was will take over his hign- the edge of death to wage this! battle. On paper, it looks like the best heavyweight fight of the sea- sen, but boxers ore a perverse lot •and sometimes give their mosc dreary performances when most is expected of them. Toug-h (o Pick It's a hard fl?ht for the bettors to figure because each boy is u 200-pound question mark. A little over a year ago both looked like championship timber, but one fight reduced each to splinters. . Nova took a terrible beating from Tony Galento in Philadelphia and Comiskey's chin get in the way of one of Max Baer's roundhouse rights. Nova has a passable alibi for his defeat by Galento. He claimed he was seriously ill that night and later events bore him out. He suffered from septic poison.' lost about 20 pounds and was in 'a California hospital for s e v e r a i months. For a time physicians doubted whether Nova would live, much less fight again. Pat Ccmiskey Is Killer Type is- a real killer- with his right. Ke has knocked out 2T ci' his, 3<i opponents and while some of them weren't exactly ter- o'all, if you believe the reports .10111 Manna and around tho nard- wood discussions in BlytheviUe. FOR BYRD THE FIGHT ISN'T jusi another bow. He's probably .acre serious right now than he ever \vi\s in his HI'i?,-time thai bo-, gan iu 2^nd year today. H he wins—and we think he will, oven «t the risk of putting upon his head one of Hnnk M-LPinote's lumecl "Kisses of Death," then he'll nave shown Ih^ various imhu?ntial men ol the boxing world who am \vaiching him thut he luis tho sttili 10 be, built into a successful ring \varriov. Anron Ls Inking tne bout seriously, has trained to a nizor- edgc condition, und should tie noie to lasc over the LO-round distance. JUST FOR FUN WE'LL TAKE Simmons over , Kennedy, though we've never seen cither man tignt. and Burton over Kid Irish . . . u.l anyone takes our selections ;;crl- ously, we won't be rcsponsiolp, cm, niter all, most 01 you tnougnl Tennessee would bent Boston cul- .oiiP. didn't you?) . . . rors, there -is no doubt Paterson kid can shim c'rcamland if he gets a in Shape. . features- Ray. Simmons of Si. Louis and Joe Kennedy of Kansas City. Simmons, like Wallace, is managed by OIlie Russo. veteran fighter handier, I who is here with his two boys. Don Burton, local middleweight j who had been out of training for .some time., has boxed vigorously daily against Byrd and has trainee to a surprising sharpness for his six-round tussle with Kid Irish, well-regarded St Louis youngster. A. lour-rounder between a paii of local negroes and a negro bat-tie royal complete the 30-round figru program. ,, Third man in the ring will be Niebert Davidson, well-known amateur middleweight boxer of Haiti, Mo., Craig announced today, To Aid Waldran Family The American Legioii is actively sponsoring the program and it fiiso has the endorsement of several local organizations, including , the BlytheviUe Athletic- Club head,ea by' Bill Wunderlich. The performance should net a tidy sum. also, for the family of Lawrence Waldran. Osceola service station attendant slain late in December during a holdup. Ten per cent of the gross proceeds will be donated to this needy family. nessy. . A ;, " He "never'has received any credit for perfecting the most discussed and the most successful attack in modem football. Everyone over- real, master, and you can forget all lackie in footba i£ you ever read about how u bslon-s th(J plyot pQst wUn perched 230 pounds. Manila features a speedy, fast- breaking offensive attack led by End Fowler, high-scoring -star playing his second year. A star forward is Capt. Albert Love, playing his fourth year with tne Lions, who made the all-county all-star quintet last year along with Fowler of Manila and Lloyd of BlytheviUe. Only One Loss The Lions, under direction nf Coach John Morris, have been de„. , , , • t , -, , j feated onlv onc-e in six games— I found this out when 1 plaved a . .... - , ., ,„,,„,., is anyone in the country. — — ' Di eah.« £aJ > c w eek to offense that enabled the Chicago Bears to crush the Washington ,-iedskins 73 to 0 in the pro playoffs and which was responsible for jtantord's brilliant win over Ne- jraska in the Rose Bowl. Bitl he deserves it. 'erri Into j fair srlpt' at the jaw. He is not a brilliant boxer, but he has. improved fast and tonight will tell whether Boer beat the spirit out of him. The distance is 10 rounds and U' it goes the limit. Nova is almost certain to win. He can do. it by staying a.way ' from. Cpmiskey ;aml b.oxiiig him. ff they tangle in » slugging match, Comiske.y probably will flatten Nova and it may happen quickly. that, the i AROUND TOWN IT 13 BEING wondered aloud If a. city league wul oe org Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist BlytheviUe, Arkansas O • 1 I Specials I Extractions - - - - $1.00 Full Upper and Lower Plates $25.00 (Extvaetions Included) Ralph Jones and here's .ne story: Catches JJalas' Eye Jones was assistant to Bob Zuppke at Illinois in. the early .yz.U's. From Illinois he went to. the .ashionable. boys' military school, Jake Forest, His success there with .he youngsters brought him to the ittentioa of- George Haias, owner the Chicago Bears, and he was engaged to coach that group, of. .oughies. When Jones reported to the 3ea,rs they were using a single wing formation, and doing none toq ; well.. Jones, fresh from, a kid's school., put &he 'T' formation in operation. But he didn't use the regular Model T, which is the oldest formation in football. He originated the man in motion, and the man "he put in motion v;as a fair- country ball- carrier called Red Grange. From, his fianker post Grange would. 1 either take a lateral and run or take a lateral and. pass. When he did neither of these, arid limited himself to faking the opposing line into spreading, a guy named Bronkq Nagurskl would take the ball and hit inside or outside of the tackles. Using tills attack, Jones and hJ5 team won the professional cham- | pionship 'of the world by- licking i Potsy Clark's Portsmoyth team in. an indoor game in. Chicago. Jones is now at Lake Forest College. Lake Forest is. not one of the great football powers. But the j chances are thut/it could be, if | the boys -who. came there, to play i football had the ability ol the man { vrno went there-, to coach football. after besting five eluding Dell., Biackwater and Lake City. Thus one or the other will be defeated for the first time in the county tonight. Probable starting lineups jersey numbers: in ba.skeibajl tu.i.s winter . . . ho'.v abouc, U, please? ino phone nuuiber is '30ti . . . Ucach Joe Diloy thinks that with the new gymnasium so near tne nigh school n won i ce many years Okiore oasketoaJi. teains the -tops oi this .section. with McNeill In Feature Net Match TAMPA. Fla. 7 Jan. 10. (UP) — Top-seeded Don McNeill, national tennis champion, from Oklahoma City, plays Hal Surface of Kansas enough but the Tigers' major \vov Tigers Wo.rr>' as Big Hank Has Low Draft t ....... ., Would Wreck Champs EV GEORGE KtKKSEV NEW YORK. Jan. & (DP)—It took a miracle for the Detroit Tigers to win the pennant in 1340 and it'll take even more of a miracle for them t,o repeat in. 19,4\. The overage infield that, every- nil. of one thought would ] cpjlapsc lust season is a year older and it's doubtful if all the adhesive tape, gauze and clastic'bandages, in Ihc land hold it together again this season, Clark Griffith's- no-Lrnde rule for a champion stymied the Tigers who would undoubtedly make extensive efforts to strengthen their inner defense. Hank Is Bachelor The infield problem is h:tr! c are -, The father of ih.e trio ..of Mosioy orothers who have given" so mujn coior to biytheyine ivuileucs s^iy.s nis fQiU'th DO.V (live years old) con arop-kicK, punt and pass a lootoah quite cxpeftiy . . . All-America it»bo.V Bo uoppedgc will nuiKe some coiiegQ a haticty gridder and eager; ne and Monk Mosiey and i>unuy uJoyd muKe an excellent, nucleus .or the ruga scnooi Das KC loan .earn cnis year ana should lead ,ne squact 10 a good season's record, ... * * • GOLDEN QLOVES ENTRIES o.egan cooking in 10 t^romucer joe ormg tooay and it reminded us :cnnt it won't be long unril the tournament will be heiri here . . . oo yovi icUows wno pian to com- snoiud enter now . . . en- OAKLAND, Calif.. Jon. 10. (UP) —With only a brief—"I'll sec you fellows later, I've got. to bo r,oiny" —to signnHxe his departure, Kd (Porky) Oliver. Wilmington, Del., golfer, becumo the first ol this country's outsUndlnjj professional sports inures lo bo drafted Into tho army. The draft caught Oliver, central figure In last year's stormy finish of the U. S. Open championship, st a.s he was about to lee oft' on 10 second nino of his opening round In the $5,000 Oakland Open golf lom-iuummi. A messenger boy elbowed his way through the crowd and shoved u telegram into Oliver's hiind. It or- dcri.'d him to report U> his draft board service. Wastes No Time Turning to his partners, Earl Fry und Johnny RevolUi. Oliver shook hnnd.s \vllh each. "l (hcuglK. I was below par on Uittt," he salil of his draft number. "I'll sec you fciluws laliM-, I'vo K*>t to bo jjointf." And before' ilie gallery wa,s tuvnrc of his drama tic exit, he hud changed his clothing, 'tossed, his ougs in his automobile nud headed cast without bothering to turn in his card. l!:ml Luck Hit Oliver, who is 24 und weighs' 222 pounds, had tied for tho Open championship in 1940 with Luwson Little and Genii Saruaen i\t 287 but all he got was tho titlo of "Golf's No. l hard hick mnn." He was disqualified, along with his partners. Dutch Harrison of Little Reek, Ark., und Johnny Bulb of Chicago, for teeing off 15 minuter, bo- fore their time. Ho ivoji the St. 1'aul. the King Crosby und the. I'hocnlx winli'r. Lloyd Manyrum loci tho way for Ihf 1 remain lr»K golfers Into tho second round with a ihvw-umlei'- par 0'7 for the first IB holes of the C.GGO-yard course. Tic scored n 33 on the outgoing nine and 34 coming home, Including blrdlcs on Ihii Fifth, ninth and Hlh holes. Harold Mc-Spaclo and Harrison hncl fJ8's. Bulla, winner of Ihc Los Angeles $10,000 Open, was down among the 76'o. Porkers Play Texas U. Longhorns Tonight AUSTIN, TCX.. Jan. HWACter losing only one grunti in seven starts tills .seiuson, the Arkansas University Porkers were in Austin today to open a two-game basketball series tonight against the Tc-xas U. Longhorns In a Southwest conference contest. ' "" . Arkansas boasts another gqod quintet this season, as the record of early-season play bear^ Qut, Only loss was to the National AAU champs, the Phillips 66 Oilers of Bartleavllle, Okla., a, 35-33 defeat alter tho Porker? had crackedi the Oilers' victory string of 12 'straight games a. few nights previously, 38 to 24. ' •' ' ••"•,,' ;••;'.' ••• ;.;••• The Porkers, with aiy amazing scoring record, have '* averaged VI points per game and held opponents, to a 27-point average.. J.ohnriy Adams has the r>ot(;est. scoring eye oi anyone on the team with 102 points for the seven games, ,for a 14.5 average. " ' IN TUB MIS8188NT1 COU.N'f'V CHANCKIl.Y S'l'A'l'K 115'' ARKANSAS " V. Nu. 7.iO;i (lOIH' T»x DKUlM'f.'KN'f UN US IN OHUIKA- •SAU'ltA IMST,, MIt>tJlSSU'(,M COUNTY roh'C'K'ITKH FOK XON-I'AV.MUNT OF T.IXKS AND .SOLD TO TUli STATK OK A ((KANSAS n NOTICE NiHl.M If,;by KIWU Hint ^ursuuni AM,i'ii)lily of »!.<) Stulu of Ai-lJiuihns. of uf(ics« uf tin, Ck>r!< of A[i:.Kissii»nl County Iho Si/iio COUKT Act No. 11U Uuiro bas liu- of the Qcnoral !u tlio tries incma,e Pred Cordcll, lightweight; Danny Kigni.snoe, il.y- weignt; J.. v>. Cooper, r.'-.ner, and M. W. Hightsnoe, leatnerweigni; West Memphis, Ark., and e Wiokieman, Dumas, Ark., will have to cuter al Vine instead of BlytheviUe. . . ., City, seeded sixth, in the feature match ol the men's singles quarter-final In the 17th annual Dixie- lournament today. Wayne Sa,bin of Portland. Ore., No. 8, meets Frank -Koyacs of Oakland, Calif.; No.. 3; Bitsy Grant, of Atlanta. No.. 5, plays Ed Alloo of . Or must I tell you that a-u unknown fellow earned Jones, comma. ' Ralph, us one of the best coaches ! in tVvi.s country? Winter Park, Pla., No, 9; and Bobby. FUggs of Chi.sago, No. 2, engages Frank G.uernsejr of Orlando. .Fla., No. 7, in other singles matches. Alloo registered, the tourney's biggest upset yesterday by ousting i' jack Kramer, Los Angeles, 6-3. 9,-7. McNeill beat Vincent Paul, Long Island, 4-6. 6-1, •f>r3 t ; Grant eliminated Kd Amark. RolUns college. Fb.. 6-3, 6-4; Guernsey, downed Gardner Larned. | Chicago." 5-1. 6-2; Sabin beat Rus-. j sell BobbUt, Atlasnta, 6-2. 6-2; iy is likely to develop in another quarter. The iuck of the dratt lottery Hank Gvcenbcrg, American League's most valuable player and home run champion, n very low conscription number (''.211 and present indications arc Hv.vt he'll be called to the colors in June. Since Hank is pbysi;;iHy fit, unmarried and has no decadents, he is likely material for the army. iheir power, bill, the loss of Green- Derg v;oiud put a serious criuip ui JL)enoit5 vaunted puncn. In iact, tis douctlul if ilie Tigers could re- ,^eac even with ureeni/org pifiymg tt fiill schecule. \Vitnoui h^m tne iigers mignr. take a t-errific arop. I'UcIiing IJoUcr Brightest, spot in the Detroit outlooK is the pitching, buck tscw- •som, Sciiooloby Howe and Torn^ny oitoges win torm tne veteran mat iuie. l-'loyd Gieocil, who ncut KOO i*'euer in the pcnnant.-ctinch.ny game. Johnny Gorsico. \vho did a unmant, relief jo^ m t;io worlu senes; and Hal No.wnouser, "me '•Kid soutnpa.w. are an Knocking ac tne aoor. The rookie pitching crop is top- uoccn. Tliere i.<; little chance of the altered. MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 8.—Min r nesotn bnskcthall Loams in theb- a.^')cnranc.cs in Madison fqim Garden have averaycd nearly 10 points above thulr normal scores elsewhere. • PROFE$$!QHAL BOXING Friday Nile Jan, 10 10 HOUNDS BETWEEN AARON BYRD BLYTIIEVILLE LEW WALLACE ST. LOUIS This Match Is a "Natural" SEMI-WINDUP IF.ff Pounds—St. LOIU.H —vs.— JOE KENNEDY 180 I'oumls—Kansas Citv FOR 6 ROUNDS Inc. Complete Stock of Whiskeys, Wines and Gins At All Times BLYTHEVILLE LIQUOR SHOP 107 S. 2nd Phone Calif., and Kovacs whipped Dick McKee, Maami, Fla., 6-3, 6-2. Sl>otlighis Tun>. on. Ducks SACRAMENTO, Cal. (UP)—Imperial Valley ranchers have been obliged to. install revolving spotlights, to prevent ducks from taking up permanent residence and damaging their crops. HARRISON'S AUTO PARTS & GARAGE SERVICE STATION General Kcrsu.inj, Welding Across from Red Top Gin CE1TURY CLUB 160 rounds, BlytheviUe U ( W'|RISH 165 Pounds. St. Louis ihy Cwm|>]niDt of Ch«nc«ry Court f Ark«j»h«.-< to iiiilot ami cunfirin in Mild Slate und-or r«de*wer8, lunvliiiKoi-h, ildi)i>>)K mill tho tiUu (o cci-tuiu luiuls mumloncd iu suid (\iniplwiiii m\<] lylnj; in Hi,, CoiMi.ty ol .\U»!»i»Kiijpi, Clitckattawljtt DUt. 'and Slnty ol Ar!iini!iiis>. i All p.»v((i;up who can Mt, ii[>. tn\y riiiht to tho Iniidh ao forfeited «ml scilit iin« lifi»-.y wuniiM.I 10 iijijiiiiir in iln., M i.tNiKKi|ipf County Cliiuinory Court .at il>o ^t'l'timjIuM KMV TLT'III, atier iho pubjjcuiliiii of. (|UK iuuic«, to-vvit on tho lx( iliiy of Soittoiulu'r. \\n\. mid b^ow o;itiM), if uny tlioro bo, why the litlo to Miid forfeit in! \i\\\i\t, hlioulit ma l>o <:oi)finn(jf!, quloie<l mid vostud In tho of Arkijimm, uml-or roducnicfs. pui'dijuitrs, .'iud Tin) oVM.'ni«iiai> of isuid lutuls oi>i'i>iu-iitloii imyiiiK taM>t> tliurco nnincH of tho In Who&o Ninno LEGION HUT p. Admission—$1.1G—S1.65 —Tax Included— Tickets on Sale at Drug Co.—Ch.onc 121 Kirby Drug" Co.—Phone &> LIST Or STATE LANDS IN MISSISSIPPI COUNTY OUiOKASAV/BA DISTiUCT 'OAF£4TBD FOR luliV TAXES o»' SocUon I ROUND BOUT AND NEGRO BATTLE ROYAL U' M cnH-Ntt N\V \\' M Ot(- N\V N\V \V M Ott— SK N\V \V M OU — 8U' X\V M'illio J{ Icl.ii ntMitt— S\ M2 Soctlon 15 North, IU»g« 10 East Area 10 Lut In fee firm or Tax, Ftn. «t Cost - 7.01 30.13 Dl.M Xn, 17 — Frl. Fd, SU' ME 1(1 North, lUugO: 10 Eaai, ' OynUm OK!I« lim.— Lot No. 'JO UK Oriniitu .lolii)(u>n--!,ot li B Is' Vj 8nl|i,. Aitiinis BlllyU— NK N\V Salllc Ait«nih KllloU— SU NW' •li'nli.'t! AilitiUh Kllloit — >:»W N\V 15 Nocth, Bn.jiRO 11 \! '21 .'10 3U 30 Rango Jl Nortli, Raugo J2 Kast IT 17 Towiiflltly 1(1 .i. A. ni!inuiiiii---.s. ;io.oa A Kt 1 ; J. A. .UtjinphilJ— C :t0.0'2 A l.'l ',u TowiiiOiip lf> Jo,- ft I in It c r— K '-!! .V N"K N'li •Jon R UH|JLT — K L'J A SK S'B LI-VC-J Bimnt — pN* Li.tvno R-W- A'K '1\ L,.'vo(! Uujir.l— Olil Lttvci- M5 • 2l JiOui M Tuylcn.'-— \V P/ L All SE . . 5J.I.I Towjiiililj) M North, Range 13 W. A., Orinniictt — Ian No. JO. NIC W A Oi-iiiniiftl ~ Lot' N : o, ] .Sli •! , N 'riionutsoii — N. HO' 'A .NW . SY A rtrlinnu.'ti — 'Lot ND. .1 jj\V ' -• ; • •10 'i-V.SO, Lot Lot 10 •10 • •io 38.3,S :io.o2 4 5. U 10.1 :i".7t ,'50 W () Jr— Lot. ,\ SK o! : .16 NorU). lUngo • X3 East, " " 11.26 1.1,2 fl 11.26 i->.p'» -•7.0-1" 7.04 is;ss I1.S2 •}' Jl.1,2 JL12 17.00 17.60 ;u.6s U.-15 10.71 .58 ju.a-2 12.H3 1.76 9.1C 23.00 BIO 0 Bn»t l.of. No. t .HortJwny '• , 1 hvi't Llriuu-h — Floo<|wti>' Lot .Vo. 2 •: ' 1 I/mlm-o 'HruHcJi— 1! «f IMy N£ NB' ',. l<» l<uilor<" Hrn»«h — li a! F<ly N\V ^'K ' ' 10 I.7,iutoi^ Bniiu-li— E of Fily SE X15 lO Drnlniitce Disi.ri.-l, 17— 1C of F<l,v NK N'K li i)riitnii«,) nisi.rf.ri 17— R oC JtMy N\\ f ' X£ , I'J . hruiiiiipji Di.stri'T 17 — KK JfE ^ r- DriiliinjiK Uli-trlm 17 — H 'pf IMy 5?\V ^t; "* ill To'wunhli) 10 North, Ran go ,f) Unat / .} tfiitfkulii — 15 of Fily S!rti J»'l? 2d Township Ifi North, Range 10 East \V, Jf. Holilr-n — K uf Fdy Lot N v n. II ' 7 Lot No. » 7 8 111 HoNJi-it — f<; of Fily M ran rli — f-VJy Lot JO 40 .to .10 10 40 -10 22.17 22.40 •1.23 1.23 l.-il i.u i.U i.ti 1.4.1 • 2, 2. -.70 TOWN OP A5Unon ArtdStlon to In Wlioso Nu'ino Asfionsod -hni. 'ft Cora Allison R'lljtirt^ ,v. Omni idDlii, Thomns l^itlfi Thomiih J. A. \V. Sijivi-rr-, Bador Addition to Blu L S(i!.?s ' K Tnx, Pen. Lot Blocic & Oofit \ 2 O.'M 1 It 7.03 .1 ;i .1.72 fi \\ ',>.-l.t 0 r? \\.\l BlythovSllo « c 1. 14.16 Jtfarrou & Lilly Addition to BlythcvlUo iliiu j\!iMlr»:ii^i;f 10 (j lt.U> !,<'Utmt 'J'uylur '.t I) I.-I. Hi S. H. bisuoj) Addition to Blyliicvllic May M Dr.vtsi- a D.-U Blythc Addition t,o ElytbovllJc L. \V. G<!snt:ll I'.st. Ui''il Ntitl Bunk N'jiit BiinK' Nat I fjiujk .N'tul Bjnik r'irsr Null Bnnk tl U ,t M M Xmlroy JI I! A. H .M Nodroy i.» K i-'irst First. t-'n-t-t, ivi,-rstni Alorr £. ^ M. Bryoati . firm- (.'iirriti U 1,0, ]1 unrrlr Arilntr Artlnir Artliur Arthur Arthur blin:k\\-«n K t !iry<.'ans Hryonns Kryonn.s llryenni? :i odroy -t 115 (.> 'i-7-rf Addition to -I5 17 -:t Iri -3 ).». -!J L'U 7.08 7.Of. 7.OS 7.08 7.U8 7,0rf 37.71.1 • ;t7.7'3 13.S3 4.72 .88- :i.5 Irregular Lots to Blytliovillo K Jf MrLoou 17 NW lO-lS-ll Jiuiies -T Alloii .(.20 A. 17-15-11 ,Mr«.,?r)c Kuoicr fl-( 2.20 A. 17-15-11 J D• Rohftrson 4-1 .50 A. l,7-l5.-lt ^\jiior. Unitud, lilfo Jnn Go. •17 ;'».»;; A. IT-UVll E»hl, Ark Lbr Co. I/ 17-15.-1I .•_ Ar;u;r Unht'il Life IDS Co. •IB 17-1.0-11 Jniuns. Atid,lUpu. to. BJythcvillo . Ev«n-ll llorhcr E!= 'J A ^1-16 Morris Addition to Blythevlllc.*•. •:• BcMio Alloy S!{. VV B X-l.lU tteltlo Alloy' SVi 10 B 2.36 ttall Si WicUhum 'A \1 Iti.68 F. J. Obricu Addition to • Blyt,5ieyuLe Kcpli' Oliricft 11 X 'j.o'i Original Survey to lilythcville •' .' H u.iuy YS . :. "u.16 Park Addition to BlythcvUle ,-,-.:•, William <j. xjud 2" I 1S.SS Goimie Saiitli •! u . f. i'uud Subdivision to Edua t HusbiittU 7 n i\ Gordon S 0.44. 0 .47 .47 .4.7 .47 C'un IKlIS, u)UUl 0 p'loni AL Trim Mury 1 ttrigiton W. ». Mftys \V. 1«. Ainya \\'. li. M»Vf> W. B. Mnvs J, L. liidg & Loan U 12 i;i u 10 20 i J. .85 5.80 .83 12.32 .67 .07 •SS '.S3 .8$ -.58 1.18 7.0ti 7. OS 1-13 V y, Hmdcr Bugg Addition lo Blyt.hcvillo Kv.T"tt nnrbcr S 11 -5.72 Bngg Colored Addition to Blythoviilu Tf.nn Taylor »r O.-f-l Uhicngo Mill fc Lnmbcr Oo. 2nd Addition to Blythovillo Mill tt, Jbnmncr uo. 3rd.Addition uchccca ratteraon t Aero LotSj-15-15-11 to Blytho.TUle A. G. Hyruin. 0 ".. l-i.QS Richards Addition to Blythevillc r; 1. U. Stcwnrt" test. 10 'P 37.7(5 Ruddlo Hcigats Addition to Blyttovillo •lin:k Ifrnley KohiHsoii 7 i 2.3U Jitvk .Kinky- Uo.binson 3 2 L'.3S SunnySidc Aactition lo BlytJieville . 4 2 2.36 5 -V 15.S8 3 4 4.72 John to , Blytncvillc Cnrri' 1 . U'!"l'.u> '•' 1 li,'3'i Chickasawoa Ctardcn Addition to BlytUcvillc T. K. Mr.titidf 7 U n.?».0 3\tato Daniels, Addition to Blyt'tioviuc y»»io Curr {\ '£ V,\\ i5it->iy varr 7 '2 'I.t8 C-U.MO Corr tf C 1.18 iruiie Carr 9 « 1.13 DA.vis 2pd Addition to BlytncviHa .Vadcriou & Craiui 3 5 16.SS l>aviis 3rd Addition to Jolm Ewinj; G. F. \VUti a ms U. F. Williams . 13 5 ' . -t.70 Klitfuli Jelkfi 1 ¥ 2 6 ,7."OS Blythfvilk' .Lbr. Co. - $ ' '4.72 Sunrise Addition to BlytScville- 11 C Alley .72 1S-.SS H C Alloy S . 2 "' 2.3f> H C AHcy 9 2 1S.SS West End Sul^diyision Out ^ Charles Hushes Cunrlcs Ii«?hes J6hn 17 IS 19 Blytheviiie .Si? \V y 7.03 :j 7.03 rj ," 4.72 Addition to Blythovtilc \7> 4 Iri.H.'S U '.» 12 9 J 0 Kolwick ..' 0 • ^oiwick' Sunshitii: S>vifi HignLind Place M:»tti« Kobi-rts >iiHtie Roberts Mattie Kobort^ M.-ittie Robert* Mattie Roberts 13 ,9 Jlattie Roberts. H. 9 Mattie Roberta ia : ;9 Mattio Roborti i.6;;.':M : \Vindoll Phillip^ X^ V'^itU WindeH >him"iis E 5 " ft of'NVi ^ .•' l'A : Hollipoter. Shonyo Addition BlytbeviJie Otivo 5c Hirdio Panlivv '•"•• '• Will «iMi;.irk l.j ,li 0. «l)o».vn !,:» :t UhiCttC' JoLnaun •* I L UclJ x I'. o Mosc Wvll.s a 0 KaLic Juuus- 11 • 6 it 12 ,\.^n JltLamore lively a. §i^5 »oa" Bnllins a Brittan S . 3 '.Brittan ' 93 ; TOWN OF LEACHVILLE Hayes Addition to Leachyillc Grace Kirtc . 5 .. 2 • J. S. Mitclttl! 4 4 : ri - H ^ [;r, S. Mitcfu'H 2.36 i Grace King -.'36 j Grace Kinc . So King 1 12 13 1 1 2,10 '.2.36 j iG.i}- 1.13 !*. ". M.l»> 1.1S Nelson's 1st Addition to w. V. Rigss ' 4 D :e.Q3 Snj'ttS Addition to Leacbvilie Alice Sngsdale 21 E Alice Raigsdale, ' \ViJibiu* .40'. .10 l.OL 1.0.2 1.01 to E I I I T Leach villc C • f>.U : on.-th5i- i H'.'onc Addition K. K. liHticrtsti'r, *5 \Vitn<»,ss t;ty litinif and stal rj.-iy vF Van. 1»4I. 11.\KV1IV MQUI?te,. Clianeeri*-' 'Clc'rk.' 10-17-24-01-7- 1-i r ;

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