The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on January 15, 1871 · Page 8
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 8

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 15, 1871
Page 8
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; A V iS0UBBOOK , BDIXOB ABD FBOFBISXOB. 1.4- THE PICAYUJSE ... ( C0IS3TATIV1 BOUTHERI JOURNAL, CIRCULATION Second to None In the South' TDrnSJV and Weekly. Mil TUU OF THE PICAYUNE. es arabrhrtloa rjallv. ear annum. In r Weakly! auarterly K . no of ,W paper Single eoptee, Morning T Bates at Advertising Alltranscient advertise- eubewqTMBt In rtlon, fa eenta. AArerttseamsnte inserted a intervals to be . oherged m Mr Mob lamUaiL . AIL advertisement not Marked tor any specified umber of Insertion Trill bo published toe atx times and charred ooordinrl. HO advertisement or autaerlptioa will bo stopped until arrearages to paid. iinHas at the op won b)C tmBw) BvV0Vala9wQ(o 1 Editorial aotiees of advertisements to bo charged twenty ooani per ha for aach insertion. . SUNDAY MORNING, JAN. 13, 1ST1, amubxmixts rma xrrajso. ACADEMY OF MUSIC The Cbild Bteelsr. - M 1m Lucille Western. BT. OH a Ef.EW THEATRE "B'ack-Eyed a usas" ' Richard III, or Bad Dickey' iLydla Thompson Troupe. OPERA BOCBK "Si J'eiela BoL" DAN KICK'S CIB0U8-8t Jooeph and Ba. ronne streets. CRESCENT CITY KUSEPM-Opposite UlO St Chartee Hotel. Official List of Letters on Third Page. OF The official List of Letters for th week ending Saturday, Jan. 14, will be found on our third page. c V Br Ooy. vvarmotn was so lndupoaed ' jetierday that-he was unable to leave his residence, althon&h matters of im-pbrtanoe demanded his attention at the 'State Honse. The Democratic State Central Committee have a pretty lively time of it keeping the Demoeratio members of V the; Legislators in trades. Bat what has this to do with the New Orleans Sanitary and Fertilizing Company T Ah ! there's the rub. ' We learn that among other bills to he brought before the Legislature, is one creating an inspector of cotton. TESTIMONIAL BENEFIT TO Mr. LEWIS Baxer. Our citizens generally will ba gratified to learn that Mr. Lewis Baker, the talented actor and manager and estimable gentleman, Is to receive, on Friday erening next, the 20ta iast, a testimonial benefit at Odd Fellows' Hsu. This benefit has been tendered Mr. Baker by a number of oar prominent citizens, who appreciate his abilities and who also appreciate the very serious loss incurred by him , in the destruction of the Varieties Theatre, which he was managing with such consummate skill, and in the interests of which he had devoted the entire preceding summer and fall. Be had every reason to expect the realization of his brightest anticipations in regard to the success of the very admirable company which he had organized at the cost of infinite care and trouble, when the flames blasted his hopes in a few moments. The proposed benefit, which is to be of a musical and literary character, will we sincerely trust be a substantial recognition of Mr. Baker's worth as a man and his merits as an actor. In another column will be found the correspondence on the subject, and also a handsome letter from the late members of the Varieties Theatre, tendering their services to assist at the benefit. Privileged Characters The Directors and Stockholders op the New Orleans Sanitary and Fertilizing Company. 17 Mortgage paper, stocks, scrips and securities of all kinds bought and sold by Nash & Hodgson. Offioe No. 170 Gravier street. Grand Conclave op Louisiana, 8. W. 1L Elsewhere will be found a notice for the members of this grand body to assemble in special meeting, at tna HalL on Monday, 16th inst, at7V o'clock, E. if,, punctually. ' Belioious. Congregational Church, corner Prytania and Calliope streets, Bst. Myron W. Bead, pastor. Service morning and evening, at 11 A. M. and 7 P.M. . A oordial Invitation is extended to the stranger. All are invited to attend., TwENTY-Brt Hundred Kegs Nails. See D. . Morphy's auotion advertisement. '.- ' ' . . i- ET Black Eyed Susan to-night. Miss Arnott as William. Br Portable plantation cabins. See Cirri's advertisement. ' ' 1?" Have your printing and binding done at the Pelican Job Offloe, corner of Camp and Poydras streets. . CP" J. A. Herne enacts Henri Sartorys, the Husband of the Future, in Frou-Frou, to-morrow night. ' ' Br Legitimate drama to-night at the St. Charles Theatre. Black Eyed Susan. Miss Louise Arnott as William. ' The Post of the City of Jefferson having been discontinued, in future all letters will be delivered at the New Orleans bffioe. ' . The Child Stealer will be repeated to-night at the Academy of Muaic. v BT The most fashionable style black And diagonal dress suits at Pierson &. , !HewB 13 nd 15 Camp street. iy AtBPiftet's bny your furs. '''ty It was the first Sunday in Advent when a teacher in one of our 8abbatb . schools put the question: "What is this the first Sunday in f A dozen little tongues were stammering over the ques-, tion, when all at onoe one bright little boy thou ght he had t Wellr whai i is? it f" "Why, it's the first Sunday in In- diaa summer." The -ohijd reoWTed a ticket. Tfflt WATER WORKS M050P0LY. A bill entitled "An Act to incorporate the Crescent City Water Works, and to provide for the better 'preservation of the health of the city of New Orleans," now before the General Assembly, is objectionable in ma ny of its features. The citizens of New Orleans have not asked for the passage of this bilL nor of any other bill upon the same subject matter. The City Council have not asked for it. There have been no such complaints or petitions on the part of citizens as might justify the Council in considering the proposition. Therefore, notwithstanding the respectability of the nineteen citizens who are to become corporators of the new company, we have no evidence a priori that the change is needed, or that it would be acceptable as a gratuity. Our citizens need pure and wholesome water and a plentiful supply of it at the cheapest rate. If their existing works are insufficient, they should be improved. If the present plan of supply is essentially defective, it should be improved and enlarged. In any case the citizens should hold the direction and control of this vital necessity in their own hands or in those of their immediate agents, ser vants and representatives, the Mayor and Administrators of the city. In no case ought the General Assembly to interfere otherwise than at the request of the City Council, and then only when sure that their proposed action would benefit the citizens. By this bill the new company demand that, immediately upon its passage, the Water Works now in possession of the city shall be turned over to them for their exclusive management and control, and this without compensation of any kind, or any consideration, or any limit or direction as to the terms upon which such working and management are to be conducted, except that within twelve months they are to prepare material to build new water works and a reservoir in Carrollton. This is our first objection to the bill. The city should not part with any of its property or rights except for a full and assured equivalent, and then only by the express or manifestly implied consent and approval of our citizens. The new company are authorized to acquire such landed property as they see fit, and such lands are to be subject to no tax. They are to have the exclusive riarht to furnish water, with the further right to run their canals, pipes or branches through the property of any citizen. They are exempted from the construction of fire wells until after they see fit to build a new reservoir, and afterwards may make only seven new fire wells per annum. Yet the construction of such wells is to be held and considered, for all time, a full equivalent and offset against, the payment of tax upon any of their property. A supply of water for washing streets and extinguishing fires is left to the option of the company. They demand that they shall be paid threefold damages for any injury done to their reservoirs, pipes, etc., and. yet that the parties damage feasant shall be fined and imprisoned. So, also, are fines for using water, or turning -water away, or turning it on without the consent ef the company, to be assesesd and collected for the benefit of the company. The capital stock of the company is $2,000,000, but if at any time the company thinkjthey need more money, they can, without further legislation, either increase their capital stock without limit, or issue any amount of bonds. This provision opens the door to an unbounded "watering" and expansion of stock, whereby, the property of the company remaining the same, the number of shares may be multiplied without limitation, to the detriment and deception of the public. Contemplating the furnishing of a supply of filtrated water they secure the privilege of using the sediment obtained by filtration to fill up such swamp lands, or any other lands, as the company may own. They can run their pipes and canals where they please to add to the value of their lands, and use their sediment to fill up their lots. If such swamp lands as lie within specified limits happen to be ownectby citizens, aliens or absentees, the law provides the means by which the opmpany may take possession of them, or force the owners to pay an assessed charge for filling them np. The bill gives the power of expropriation of private property as complete and summary as in case of railroads or other public works. t The water rates flxejLby this bill are in many instances excessive. Dwelling houses of less than six room s are assessed $3 50 for each room. If having more than six and less than thirteen rooms,, each room pays $3. Houses of thirteen to fifteen rooms pay $40, and houses of sixteen to twenty rooms s pay $43. Hotels and boarding houses $5 per bed. Livery stables pay $3 per. horse. , Every tub of a public bath pays $8. i Steam en gines pay $12 for each horse power. Breweries, distilleries and other establishments pay $15 per annum for each daily consumptiori of 100 gallons when the daily quantity is less . than 500 gallons, but if less than 2000 gallons per day be used and more than 1000, then the charge is to be at i the rate of $12 per hundred gallons,1 and if the quantity used is more than 2000 gallons per day. then the annual rate is $10 for each 100 gallons of daily consumption. The company; have the right in all cases to sell water as measured by metres, pro vided that no more than thirty cents per hundred gallons be charged. The use of metres is optional with the company, and they will measure the water furnished only when it is to their advantage. In all features of this voluminous bill there is an evident purpose shown and marked care employed to guard and establish the rights and interests of the corporators, and on the other hand a visible lack of provisions intended for the benefit and protection of citizens. The bill is framed in the interest of the proposed corporators and of those who shall become stock holders. It would, in effect, take power and privileges from this great municipal corporation, the city of New Orleans, to confer them upon another corporation, endowing it with present wealth, and guarding it with the muniments of a perpetual and indefeasible title and possession. There is a certain everlasting, unlim ited and unconditioned absolutism about the proposed grant which is unlike anything that has come to our notice for many years. It is a bill hat ought not to pass. MARRIED. NELSON EDWARDS At his residence, on MetAirle Bidge, Thnrsdsj, January 12, by the Bev. J. Mornlbaa, Mr. JOHN NELSON to Idas ISABELLA. BD WARDS, daughter of OoL DanL Edward, both of this city. So cards. FOTJOEBB HTXLBB On Honday, Jan.. 9, at half after 5 o'clock, at 86. Joseph's Church, by the Bev. Father Smith, F. E. FOTJCHER to Miss OOPPIE a KILLER, both of New Or leans. No cards. Alexandria Democrat and Baton Boage Advo cate please oopy. FOTJEX HASTINGS -At Trinity Church, New Orleans, on Thursday evening, January 12, by the Rev. Dr. Gaucher, BATTLE B. FOUKE daughter of Hon. P. B. Foake, to JAMES B. HASTINGS, all of this city. 1 ck. .bonis ana Torre Hants papers pleas oopy. PIED. MOnS a NO On Saturday evening, I4tn inst., m nan-past o o-oioci, 01 congestion 01 tne Drain, uhabXks f. MOBQ and, a native of Switzer- janu, agea tmny years. The friends and aoqnalntaBoes of the deceased are respectfully requested to attend his funeral. which will take place on Monday Morning, at 10 o'clock, from his late reeidenoe, on Craps street, between Xontegut and Clouet streets, Third District. NEW ORLEANS TYPOGBAHIOAL UNION No. 17. The officers and members of this associ ation are hereby requested to attend the funeral of CHARLES F. MOE8AND, a late member ot Typographical Union No. 17, which wlU take place from his late reeidenoe, on Craps street, between Montegut and Clouet, on Monday Morn log, at 10 o'clock. By order of the President : PHILIP A. VANDERDOE3, Recording Secretary. GETJERhLTv On the 14th lost. OKNEBELLY, aged thirty years. CHARLES His friends and acquaintances are invited to attend his funeral, whloh win take place at 4 b'clook This Evening, at his mother's residence, No. 179 Bourbon street, between Maine and St. Anne. Feliciana Ledger will please copy. KELLY Tn the parish ot St. Bernard. La.. January It, 1871, MICHAEL KELLY, a nattva ot county Tyrone, Ireland, aged sixty-three years. MobUe, Tyrone and Fermanagh papers please copy. WILSON On Friday, January 13, at hah past S o'clock, A. It, WILLIAM J. WILSON, after a short illness, aged 29 years, native of this city. ana eiaeat son o u. w. wuaon. , CHABANCE In Mobile, Ala., at 8 o'clock Sunday night, Jan. 8, 1871, ERNEST OHA- BANCS, a native ot this city aged 26 years. PELTS At 4 o'clock Mondsy evening, Jan. t. 1871. LOO ISA HCHOETTLEB, wife ot M. Felts, a naUve ot New Orleans, aged &i years. DONNELLY On Mondsy morning. Jan. 9th. 1871, at 26 o'clock, HONORAH DONNELLY born Kelly aged 65 years, a native of county Gal way, Ireland, and a residtnt ot this city for uie pati tneniy uve years. B BEN AIT On Tuesday morning, January 10, 1871, at 8 o'clock, JOHN BREJSAN. aved 54 years, a native of ellgo, Ireland, and a resident oi uiis city ior me pHst twenty-iour years a . i u . u itvi cm w w a, .wiuuj .v, ion, at 9 o'clock, THOMAS ADAMS, a native of Castine, Me., aged 51 years and eight months. BACON On Wednesday, Jan. It, at 25 minutes ot 6 o'clock, P. M., A. B. BACON, ot congestion or ine Drain, ageu ta years ana montns. LEFAUX On Thursday. Jan. 12. 1S71. st 11 P. M.,atterallngeringmne8,Mrs. J. LKFAtrXj agea w years, a native ox oounty iiongiora, lre- FOR8TALL On Thursdav, the 12th inst., at S P. M.. alls. Widow KUOtCNB A. i'ORJsTAXL, born iado (jantreiie, aged years. IN MEMO RI AM. On the second of January, amid the rejololags and festivities whloh ushered In the new year. the spirit of HABRIKT 8. AUZX, at the flat of the" Great I Am," returned to Him who gave It. It Is meet and commendable to record the worth of a true woman, who filled the measuro of life's years for the good of her kind. As a help-mate to her husband she was his fastest friend and best counsellor for mots than a quar ter of a century. Her devotion to hiu and her children was as strong ss death. She oounted her life naught for their sake. Meek, unobtrusive, at d somewhat reserved in disposition she eonjrht not the society of the gay and rich. Her borne was her lanctuary and her children were her idols. She strove to the utmost to make her household happy. Self negation was one of her most remarkable traits ot cbsraoter. She knew no self. She lived to make others . happy, she strove not to offend or wound the sec sib Ul ties ot others. 8 ha loved the good and beautiful. The music of birds, the beauty of flowers, and the sweet prattle ot innocent child hood wars her delights. She was patient in suf fering, and. dairy regretted the care and tame re quired to nurse her. On the day before her deoease, she called her daughters singly to her bedrtde, so that the light might fan sn (heir faces, and gave them a longing, lingering look of their indearment to norland so their images weredaguerreotyped on her fading vision. In ths most dire extremity of her Ills the great Jehovah had compassion on her, ard the Blessed Saviour lent her a brother's strong aid. She died tn the arms ef one of her daughters, bat the everlasting anna of the Redeemer, about her. Bhe needs no monumental thaft to make mention of her virtues. They will live in the memory of her children and her prand child ren, stay ner death be saaotuied to the ever lasting welfare of her family. ST. F. New Orleans, January 6, 187L OR. CHARLES . KJUXS DR. S. P. CUTLER, DENTISTS, Dauphins it. Second Door from Canal. Nitrons Oxide Gas administered. dS5 Sn 6m 2dp - JACOB UTT, BUILDER, 184 DelavA street near Trveil Circle Jobbing done with dispatch. Promot and ear. sonal attention given to general repairs of stores , ana crwetunga. msserns maae ana repaired. Orders left at shop, or Box 223 Mechanic Ex Change, io union street, prempuy attended ta. myia aopog CARPET WAREHOUSE. 17 Chartreeet. A. B ROUSSEAU" A CO, Importers and Deal ewat Wholesale and Retail, offer at low prloes ' OhWRPETINO. "aw4" ' FLOOR OIL CLOTH. MATTING, Curtain and Upholsterers' Materials,' Window' Shades, Table Covers, Hair Cloth. Laos Curtains, Cornices, etc Jau-SapSaWeFr DR. HUNTER 05 THB SYMPTOMS EARLY OF C O N-S P MPTION . Letter No. XIII. The great office of the Lunra is to Durify and vitalize tbo blood; to change It from vkwoi'H to AKTKJtiAL ; to rive It that bright-red oolor which ifcdicatra health and tgoi'. Thia la done by a very wonderful and simple p ooess. At eaoh pufeatioa of the heart, a certaim amount ot vesons blood Is forced Into the Innumerable rea-atll ramifying the tissue of the lsnaa. You in. hate s breath of air unconsciously -filling every woe ana air -Ota. instanuy tne oxygen in iat air becomes absorbed by the lining me, and ia passed into the blood, whloh is thns turned red and toll of life. This blood la then pushed i"T-wa a Dy the next pulsation, passing into the arterial circulation. Lu the meantime the breath exnaiea cam's hack out of the lunrs tbc im purity which the blood has thrown out. This process roes on uui aceMlngly. Stop it for only nve minutes and you ou cue. 1 no oiooa mast re cerve its ohargwof oxygen on the instant there la no time to wait for a second breath, for the heart cannot stop its pulsations and th next sends on its charge, onvlog fo.ward the last charge, whether it has received Its porincation or not. Any obstruction, thereforeu to the free naasaare ot air through the nose, throat, or bronchial tuoes, or any derangement 01 cne neaimy so. tion of the mucous membrane in the lungs, soon leaves the blood btghiy olarged with carbonaceous matter. This impure blood 00 n tin- naiiy passing, as we have seen, through the tissue of the tangs, finally leaves the moitlrflnl-tesmmal deposit; ana that deposit Is the begin, nisgof tubercle, and that tubercle is the begin, ntsg of consumption. Unless the cause la removed, the effect goes on. The tuoeroulsr deposit Increases The tissue of the lungs becomes stuffed with this foreign and Irritating substance. The tubercles grow larger by continued additions rrom tne diooo. i ney iorm into clusters, excite the surrounding tissue to Inflammatory action, a bl nnalrr exitemA ttiemealvaa la nieera. wkinh break down and destroy that portion of the long. inus, portion arcer portion or tne longs is disorganised and carried away by expectoration in the form of pus. Their working capacity becomes steadily aimlnl'hed. The blood no UMurer re. ceivlng the requisite amount of oxygen, unable to get na 01 its eneis earoon, ana, moreover, assorting soma of the poisonous matter from the ussuooi toe lungs, loses its vital character and ioroe. rue cone 01 toe general system sinks. The body vxutejs awav because the blood is not in a condition to nourish atd supply the waste ot i Issue. The patient dies of comtumvtion literally consumed o watted away. From this verv brief and owners! outline of the offloe of the lungs and the fatal character of tubercles when allowed to form and Increase, the reader will see the vast Importance ot losing no time when onoe he suspects their nresenoe. But," he answtrs. "how can I tell when there are tubercles forming V We reply, in the first place. It Is not necessary that yon should wait to ascertain thia. If you are oonsoiouvaf snr dlm- vaitj auout your cneat you nave reason to sut-peot the formation of tubercles. Ws have shown you that tubercles are merely the result of lnsuf- noieni oxygen, ir your breatnina' la not free von are In danger ; for free full breathing Is intrntla) iw a ueaiujy uuiiuiuon ox tne oiooa. But there are certain indications of the nrm. enoe of tubercles, which we shall try andexnlaln to you. These are called symitoms. Tne spbciaj. hTMPTOMh of couuapUou are mabkkd and often KiABTUMi Most of these we have tally described in previous letters. What ws desire now is to call tne attention of those who may be In tne i.( ii iKM or commknceko stage of uonsump tiuu w tun ueces uiy aoa means oi eradicating tne tubercular deposit belore it has advanced fan her. It is, at this stage, comparatively rasy to do so. The uueton ia how van m&v knav that your lungs are being diseased. -mere are tukkk bimitomb, whion, II they ocour togethef, without appreciable cause, in those supposed to be in ordinary health. Indicate almost certainly that tubercles are forming In irse lungs. if you are becoming gradually thtn have a ic'r. i'i seii fret shout or brbath on orii uaiy fxeruou, uhk to your lungs - unless you are fully conscious of the presence of some other disease sumuient to prodnos tneecsymptAms. xou nay lose Mesh by dyspepsia, diarrhea, etc, but that would not cause shortness of breath. V our ptiUe may ba quickened by many different oeute. but tiiry would not at the same time Dro- duce loss of flesh and shortness of breath. The loss of neah Is caused in this oase by the dimin isHed capacity of the lungs tor air, and their in ability to give richness and purity to the blood The shortness of breath is caused by an effort ot nature to get the required quantity of air Into the lungs by breathing taster. Toe quickoned pulse arises from the effort of the heart to meet the emergency by throwlnff more freauant oh argea of blood into the hugs, in fact, these symptoms are nature's warnings of the approach oi the disease. ' If you are wis you win give heed to them. It you wait for worse symptoms to appear, yon will find von have allowed the enemy to sain a nocraon rrom wnicn ns la not so easily dislodged. We do not wish to alarm vou unneoessarllv : but in vour own interest, we would have yon understand the consequences of allowing theair passages ot the lungs to remain affected by any cause whatsvsr whloh obstructs their healthy action. Timely attention to these KAKi.v hi MfroMs wouia save tnousanosoi live. and years upon years ot untold suffering, suoh as the tedious but inexorable progress ot oon luujum aione can proauoe. 105 canal street New Orleans, Jan. 14, 1871. NOTE Drs. B. t K. B. HUNTER re vote tneir enure attention to tne treatment of dis eases of the Throat. Lungs and Heart, ana eon be ooneultfcd. personall r or bv letter, at their office. 165 Canal street, daily from I to 4, (Sun- days 9 to 12.) and on Tuee day, Thursday and eatur.iay evenings rrom o to 7. Jal5 lt2dp OBITUARY. Died, on Wednesday morning, the 38th ot De cember, 1870, at 1 o'clock, ANfUE CHARLES, wife of E. J. Doyle, aged 26 years and 1 month. Beloved, sleep where the fair sunshine shall call ths early flowers of spring to bloom In gentle fragrance o'er thee. Heaven wanted another flower, another star to glitter in the crown on the Saviour's brow, and Ucd, in Bis wisdom, has taken our gentle Annie, sweet spirit ot aU the happy dead, to plane within the royal diadem. She was a pure and radiant light, mild as a dove, generous, kind and eheertuL So harsh tones fell from her sweet lips. Sue was a peacemaker ; therefore, blessed and a ohUd of Qod. She loved her Baviour and was often praying that He would save her precious eouL She de sired to go and be with her loved ones in heaven; she would rather depart and be with Christ than recover. Sainted child ! Lovely friend ! One who knew thee and loved thee well will find thee again when her spirit takes 1U night to eternity's shore. Her pure Uf e was not in vain. Her memory will be to her ohlldren, husband, hearts trioken parents, brothers and sisters as a sweet veios ever speakisg in its endearing terms : " Meet ae In heaven 1" Her lily-white frame in a casket lies. With a strangely softened grace ; The light hath fled from ner soft, blue eyes. But a smile ae bright aa the sunlight skies ntill retts on her beautiful face. New Orleans, Jan. 15, 1871. F M. T. IN MEMORIAM. BANK OF AMERICA. New Orleans, January 14, 187L 5 At a meeting of the Board of Directors, held this date, ihe following preamble and resolutions were unanlmoutly adopted : Whereas, It nas pleased an all wise Providence to remove from a career of usefulness on this earth oar highly esteemed and ranch lamented co-associate, IGNATIUS CAULFIELD, and recognising In his demise the departure of one who was dlt tinguished for his dear sagacity as a merchant and irreproachable oonduot as a citizen, we deem ft meet that we should express our profound regret at the sorrowful event; tcererore, be it Bt6oIved, That in the death ot Ignatius Caul. field, in the prime and meridian ot his career and usefulness, this board has sustained a loss diffl cult to repair, the commercial community has been deprived ef sn energetfe, liberal and high toned merchant,' whose enlarged ideas asd 6trict sense of honor weie recognized to their fullest extent, and whose whole life exemplified those virtues which are. necessary to make a man respected -while living and honored when dead. B solved. That this board tenders to the fanv ly of the deceased their sincere ayaopattiy in their bereavement, and that a copy of these leeolntioEs be sent them, and also be spread upon the minutes oi una institution. Ja-5-lt J. E. PASCAL, cashier. POSING AND LIGHTING. In these two term, is comprehended all (hat is Artiste in Photography; the rest la mere mechanical Banlpalaton. W. W. WASHBURN. Photographic Axtist, TaiS 2dplt8uAWe US Canal street. HJXJU TKAXIK. LAMPS, LANTERNS, f oamp street. New Orleans sahlt w-ldpAwly THE FIRST ESSENTIA!. OV HOUSEKSKFXRS, A GOOD COOKING STOVE I WHICH 18 THB BBSTt BUCK'S BRILLIANT. ' smaiawaB HOW DO YOU KNOW! Because it has frequently been tried in pub lic with aU the leading Btoves, where it always baked the BEST BREAD, with the LEAST FUEL, in the SHORTEST TIME. IS THAT THE ONLY TEST t Xo i Over Half Bullion Housekeepers HAVE BUCK'S BRILLIANT US CONSTANT USE, Who, without exoeptiou, say there la no Store to equal it for durability, simplicity, dispatch axd economy In fuel. BVBRY BRILLIANT Guaranteed to give entire satisfaction or the , money refunded in fall, Bold by H. HALLE R. Sample and Bales Booms 49 Camp street, Ware-, House 190 Tohonpltonlas street. Bole Agent for the famous BINGIH WASH- IB. JalS lt2dp FEELING GRATEFUL For the EXTRAORDINARY PATRONAGK We have received during the PAST SEASON, And Desiring to evince our appreciation of the same, and in a manner that will redound to the ADVANTAGE OF OUR PATRONS, We HAVE DECIDED To make our ANNUAL REDUCTIONS -01- WINTEB GOODS A MONTH EARLIER THAN USUAL. And on and after Monday, January 9, 1871, WIH OFFEB Bare BARGAINS. BRASELMAN eV ADAMS, 5S6 and 588 Magazine, Jal5 lt2dp Corner St. Andrew street. HOUSE FURNISHING, STOVES, RANGES, CROCKERY, PLATED WARE. ZABLE & D ALTON, 62 Camp Street 63 WILL SELL VEBY LOW, DURING THESE DULL TIMES. JalS It 2dp REOPENING OF THE t- T T tr TkJ T-fc T Tkjr A "XT a V TT -I- -1J -UJ AT. X A- iu A. x- . 3 A , No. 19 Camp street. The undersigned respectfully informs his friends and the publio of New Orleans, that he has secured at a heavy expense the beautiful and commodious premises, No. 196 Camp street, between Julia and St. Joseph, formerly occupied as a first class family boarding-house by Mrs. Rioe, and lately by Mrs. Edwards. It is now being rapidly fitted op la elegant style, and will be ready to receive guests by the middle of the week. Parties deeirioua of securing suits of apartments, or single rooms, are most respect fully invited to call st ones, as apnUoattona are coming in dally, and the house will soon be folL No pains nor expense will be spared to make that abode a quiet, comfortable and elegant home ; and the prices will be aa reasonable aa possible. J. N. REDON. P. B. An A No. 1 Dinlngroom Servant and several respectable and competent Chamber maids wanted. Apply aa above. Jal5 Stitadp CAUTION. Comp'aiTJts having repeatedly reached me from different pans of the in tenor, that there is a party traveling around the oountry, who pa himself off as a PIANO TUNER connected with my house,, and who charges exorbitant prices for worthless work, and often tampers with Pianos sold by me, I therefore warm my friends and customers to be on their guard and not entrust their Pianos to Itinerant Tenors, un less tbey sre known, or come wen recommended. Whenever applied to, I shall send oompetent Tuners to the oountry. LOUIS GRUNEWALD, Agent for Steinway, Knabe and Haines and BhMdelPianafortee. . , Jal5-4dpltAltW ALEXANDER KIDS AT $1 SB. In- ALL SIZES, COCOaS AND SHADES, . Plain or Stitched. For Ladies er Gentlemen. Every (lore sold in this house is warranted. Snd another pair will be given in every Instance when a alove breaks or ripe ths first tim worn. 100 dozen DOLL R KlDS opened to-day. The supply is inexhanatime at tne Kid eiove Depot n. U. A.BJEKUtStt, Ja'5 itSdp 585 avd 587 Magazine street THE SOUTH-LAND, PUBLISHED IN NEW ORLEANS, WEEK L Y , Devoted to Agrlcultnre, Literature, etc., Terms f3 per aannm. The BoutbJAnd Is the Official Paper of the Louisiana Fair Association. It has a large conntrr circulation, and is an Indispensable ADVERTISING medium. The xnird volume will b commerced ti lCeroa, Adreaa K. F. BTJH8ELL. Jai5 4t2dp Bn 60 Camp street 3a aad ffij WILCOX A GIBBS SILENT SEWING MACHINE. Always la Order and Ready to Sow. No. m Canal Street, ef the Ores Hmrtnm Mantdne au tmprovea Bowing uaet is the only plaeo tatho ell This Sewing Manhlaea are sold. afM ef all kinds repaired. SUk, Thread, OB and Needles nr wuo. agenia wantea. at, s. Hsnsmx, apoti ueoerat ajwnt, us uaaat I ANOTHER OAK. LEAF For the - CHARTER OAK STOVE. JOHNSTON STATION, JACKSON B. &,) Jaaaary 23, isse. Messrs. Bios Bros. A Co., New Orleans : I have been using a Charter Oak Store with extension top tor nearly three years, and take pleasure In recommending it to aU housekeepers. The objection urged against all other stoves Is, that they burn the top of the bread before the bottom of the loaf has had time to get brown. But the heat in the oven of my Charter Oat is so evenly distributed that It bakes equally on top and bottom. The hot water reservoir boiler is of incalculable advantage In eases of sickness or warm baths. Every family should have a Char ter Oak Stove. MART C. BERRY. The Werld-Henewned Charter Oak Store For sale by RICE BROS. & CO., 89 an 91 Camp street, and 6Sf Magazine street. Charter Oak Warehouse, 97 and 99 Julia st. " Jal8-lt2dp ' HARDEE'S OFFICIAL MAP OF LOU ISIANA. NEW ORLEANS, Jan, 12, 187L We certify .that we hare made a critical ex amination of the OFFICIAL MAP OF LOU ISIANA, published by T. 8. HARDEE, special engineer, and recommend it, not only as a won of art, but one which win be found nsetnl to every merchant and householder having any Interest In the Btate. O. T. BEAURE9ABD. WM. J. MCCULLOCH, Formerly Surveyor General of Louisiana, M. JEFF. THOMPSON, Chief Engineer Board of Publio Works. J. A. D-HEMEOOUBT, Deputy City Surveyor of New Orleans. HENRY VAN VLEOK, Chief Engineer N. O., M. and O. R. R. W. H. BELL, City Surveyor. B. H. GBEENE, Chief Engineer N. O., B. B and V. B. R. JOHN LYNCH, Surveyor General of Louisiana, C. A. WHITNEY & CO.. Agents. JAMES T. TUCKER, General Agent Illinois Central Railroad. Jal5-6t2dp PIKE, BROTHER A CO. DAVIS & FRERET, REAL ESTATE BROKERS, 85 St Charles street, Offer for sale several choice Sugar Plantations, with and without steam trains and rennerles. Also, valuable Cotton places on the Mississippi and Bed Rivers, with full foroe of hands en. gaged for next year. Desirable Fruit Farms en the line of the Jackson tyiimd1 In the city, homes salted to every taste at moderate prloes and on easy terms. Also, very good investments. Bee their Bulletin. JalS lUdp REDUCED PRICES. ' MUST BE SOLD. We offer all our HEAVY WINTER CLOTH ING and OVEB COATS At REDUCED PRICES, To close them out and make room for Spring Goods. Bayers will do well to call and examine prices at PIEBSON A HEWS', Jai5 tt2dy 13 and IS Camp street WANTED. A smart, active young man. Must same well recommended. H.B. STEVENS, Corner Bt Charles and Common streets. Jal5 itadp BAY RUM. A superior quality always on hand and for sale. wnoieaaie and retail, by FREDERICKBON A HARTE, Wholesale and Retail Druggist. Jai5-8t2dp 189 Canal street, Touro Buildtnr. FLEETWOOD'S TROPICAL FRUIT ISLANDS, Bay of RTanduraa, Coast Oeatral Amarloa,' CosanilalBsr tmaUai iiImMi Wuj. nuoinir iwooanuis, iriantalns. yMoa orange, demons, lAmee, Ooffre, To-baooo. Sugar CanvOeresls and Vegetoblea. to nons, IAmes, )areala and Vis .iiitjkmi vi u anjKes oi sw res of S250 each ahar. ta ion uktcjt on uie jrnut business, mate farther Improvements on the Islands, and establish a line of fruit steamers to run between Mew ore as. meeicen ports and the islands. Books bataireBlrC gum lur niunimri ui i r ua , WT.TTT1W VT IT U"I'UJIVT JalS K3dp 67 Oarrmdeleti FRENCH CORSET'S. Will Beceiv per Steamer St. Louis REAL FRENCH CORSETS, Bought as Bargain, and wlU be sold AT A SMALL ADVANCE. - 8. O. KREBGER, 685 and 587 Magarlna stt, corner St Andrew. Jal5 H2dp . , MADAME CAPRELL. THE CELEBRATED DOCTORESS, 127 . .Cwaromhoasev Street.!. -.197 Has returned to this etty from Europe with a new stock of medicines. The extraordinarv powers asaoame CapreU are wnrtd-ranowned. siaaame uapreii posiavely cares all diseases of the system, where others have tailed to perform oura.. bob mazes lemai aad enreiBO wseases and the enre of anMr m ,wd.itw Bnpr from general debility should can with oonfidenoa on Madattne CapreU, at her reaidenoe, 127 OuT mmiiivMeq mmrwtt, J 11 J H3dpa DISEASES OF THE BYB AND BAB. DB. O. BEARD, OCTLIST. S-f 1st CANAL STREET. Honrs from 10 to A x7-otfld BBAWCH ' WASHINGTON, veraer of Camp aad Foydrae Streets. ' E. M. BTELLA. Manager. Opea nightly uata 12 midnight and all night en occasion of bails, etc. Ja7 lm P O U T HERN Hi B. PIPFET'S ? LADIES TRIMMTN88, FINE BASHES, wm ' Large Stock tor Ladies and ctrW TOYtTOYB-TOTSj . . ! Baby Carrlarea. VeloernaflM xr "" and the largest stock of Fxnoa?fil!'"H' American Toys. THT' DKEKHlfflt UABS, WORK BOXBt TOIT.'nrr RTtra ynj inmnnsnn rrrii, "irrriissais -i JIlKlun Miu m mwm nwm x UTUSKIT jnsi reoeiveu. a jo w exmuatta m. TIONEBY. THE MYSTIC KRKWB ol4,:rwi I 'vE win soon give their Annual tn Ujai' - vf you are all Invited to select aa elegant" - EVENING SlLKIii'l: -And- r .;'i??A? A PAIR OF WHITS EXD OLOVaBv for the oocasloB. r v JJ For further parttoulars and far Oraai - J tn general In the DBY GOODS lime, bioto 588 and 687 sTAnsnatkZ.' Jaii lt2dp comer St. SELTZER . r Fresh from the spring in n ' lng and for sala, wholesale and ratal, ray ' FREDERICKBON A HAETX. ; wnoieaats ana jtetau DrnrviM'' V' Jal&-8t2dp 139 0aaal street, Teure BafliiBE. PYTHIAN FBATERNITlV; ' v--r'-J SECOND GRAND FANCY DKEgS hp OTAitliRAJJE BALL. " By ti-iis k LOTJISIANA LODGE NO?t aJ of Fn - vi4 Corner ot Bienville street and axobaageAiay,'' Saxardav Eveadac. Tkm - - COMMXTTEX OF ARRAXOsaCKHTaV J.IC. Kneuer. Onatnsam. ; . Jno. H. Manual. H, M. BmalL Frank Vm.w Welkin Biers. J. R. Ducres. Bawv J. R. Ducres, - Henry WausaT ' J7Dm 9B-WiUsVi ', A. Gastlnel, JaaMeaTjaS'' fsag. rsysani, i; j. luomiey, rNviTATioN cointrrtEE, J. B. Ducroe. Chairman. - a 'Hik . T K a XT TLA-. nn.l fl. T .w T T . . Juan Floras, J. M. KeUleur. r.; BECEPTIOir 'COMMTTTEB.' i,:-''--i':; Henrr M. Small: Chsrrntam. Frank VQlalee, Ws, Morrison, Geo. R.Y2a. L FLOOR MANAGERS. V",m Anthony Bambola. ClijJrman. '''. Alfred Shaw, w. y. Dunham, Dr. J. wm . . V. Waid. Wm. O. Sweet. W. Kershaw Wm. DeLaoey, K J. Bulllvan. J. M. Carrie, Henry aaoCia Dr. Ames, . C A. Bscs, 77. t J. H. ManmeL H. Wtogws, f Eug PaTsant, Wm. SheriBav -i F. A. Johnson. J. Q, XsskdC. , J. M. MeUleur, A. Gastlnel. Welkin biers, TICKETS. MUSIO Ouutbstn KESVATJR ANT..... ......... 'f . WZm. Jau eodlm -. i4 DRESS GOODS 'i;'"-SI AT REDUCED PRICE! f; During the remainder of thia mX GALL EARLY TO SEOUBl A BAXSrX SAM'L O. TinnTOTO'nVV; Jadpit7 M,1-i"t' ?C -,, ,-m ,4 JACKSON ft ANDERSON, (Susoeesors to Jackson A Mamtf'?, DEALERS AND IMPOSTEBf ! tuilS ' CONTINUE AT THEIB OLD $TAE& Corner Gravier and TcaennltoaJM at $ Mr. Jas. Jaaksom baring sola his (sllsett W r est in our house does not alter the style st at ' firm, as Mr. DAVID JACKSON ossnmsaa ' us as herstofore. ,? t?M-i jri& JACKB05 AHUXXS0X X New Orleans. Jan. L 187U ,JH4m. t NEW YXAB ABD CB3atUAMltBSti .hit silver ware; 1 l2 TT . A rutin TXT S tW fit i HnsmeuL Rirmine-nsm ana isiiiia straoie nseu in lanuiy, notei v sjsassewi; " ' ' grasaeh Markle rube aad BTSmSaSW Decorated China. Dinner and aaatssr ss. mi k wm. vhmacv at wax why in 11 RICH CUT CHUsSBV A rreVt Variety ef m.. m., ae tssSsl prioss by ' r,Xi 3 GATNK8 A HJLLtT. ,. 137 and 139 Cimaiia atrostr j Art eodlm2dp -' PUEAfWSOF DR. JTJLITJS HUMHrir rv OOULDR i--i-vei?js;j Dealer ta -y'.--.-.- paints, oils, VABjriraxn. 133 Caarp treec. New! Fainting, OUstng. w . mn IMS' j . aa4 9S, AlwWwJBsa J FAMILIES, RE8TAU slABTB "-T" , BBS supplied with the Cbsles m - very lowest prices by sfiwr AO Ja 70 -ly -onrmM- Mm ,i nn KEO sTltTEaUVf?i;s dental umao ' I&S St. Cnarles street, oorasr ettssi sanara anovs uct ... " . SB SwMp otf CARPET AtJD OttS WABJUIOITfK ; -- elkin vy 2Ja OO.i 168..MMm..CaaaI ouswl-' 'ZZti English, Velvet ant - which theyofferateAXremslyT; ' civ and Ins-rain Oarneting. lc-rZL - wWltha. -Whiihm hhedei. w? uottee, etc, etc Notary Fab lie. Ani A-TYrrrancR OF AVa01 '-fc Ceaaeslsslawseas , ... Omce-Ko.CaawW; Jaittf ' r l:ii:W--

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