The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1950 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 14, 1950
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 1950 J 1LYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams PALS.' X I/' VOL) DIDM'T <=>eT> MAKE rr \ 1 IT TILL SOU SAW Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople PAGE THIRTEEN BROWri/JLftT HAPPENED , TO rtOTe AM ACCUMULATION! j Of -SEVERAL HUMORED DOLLAR'S |M MY POCKETS THIS VJEEK -«-THOUGHT I'D ReOPEM IW SOM£- VMHAT DORMPiNST -t ACCOUNT- ^ , HE CLOSeoL . HI9 ACCOUKJTl BETTER ,.,,,-^n. \V4lTH A & GET HOOPLEr.' CHECK . ™ if\W FALL, HW? IST\ BUT HE'S BEEN iw sKtOhiCE Ai PRINTED . OR A y( vjeeK ^ • LlABO.ayj^TO FILL WAKiT I FN6 BOOKS, WMCT Television on Wednesday 1:30 p.m.—Headlines "i4tt—News H..i—MldSoulh News 2:00— Movie Matinee 2:30—Fashion 1'araile 2:45—Household Hints 3:00—Berl OLswaneer 3:30—Howdy Doody 4:OO—Cactus Jim 4:30— Hello, Ladies S:00— Kukla, Fran & Ollle 5:30—Roberta Qulnlan 5:45—News Caravan 6:00—U. S. Engineers 6:15—Film Featurette 6:30—Steps to Stardom 7:00—Television Theater 8:00—Break Hie Bank 8:30—Arthur Godfrey 9:30—Holiday Hotel 10:00—News 10:05—Starlet Revue . Down to Cross Tacks PORT WASHINGTON, N. Y., — (/Pipetting to many punctures? Ycffinlght try combing your gravel drive:'for"nails. Tom Wing used a powerful magnet on the one at his house recently—and picked up about a pound of assorted ones. There was one drawback: he noticed several brass tacks, but his For Improued KIDNEY FUNCTION hi a majority of cases investigated m several hospitals and clfnlci, subnormal Kidney function Was improved, Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the use of Mountain Valley Water. K your doctor has diagnosed your condition ai functional Kidney 'impairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try ft for o few weeks, It k delicious, pure-Tasting, and may be consumed freely. Cross town Whiskey Shop Main '& Division MoantainYaUey jhu'll Love Our Flowers! Bl.v 1HKVII.LK || FLOWER MART Mrmphi? Hlwa; Phunt SOOV Here's Our New Phone Number 6817 CITY DRUG CO. Did You Hear? of the Million-Dollar Crop n.image In Mississippi County and Southeast Missouri. Buy Hailstorm Insurance Now—It's loo late to replant! United Ins. Agency All Forms of Insurance ' &' Main—Kcar Citj Drug FOR SALE Concrete c«lrcrtv u inch | 0 4S Inch, plain 01 rccnforccd Aim Concrete Roildlne. Ulocks cheap- ci than lamtar Foi barm chlckco rto«ts. pamp houses, tenant HWjies ion) sheds K> deliver Call «s tat tret Kttmate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. fhnnr Ol By Grace Nies Fletcher TIIK STOHY. Wkr. tt 1 • r I * Rrnnn l«-«rn« hnw | a bake apple pie, Ivrtt prrKona are murdvrr4 wltJi hrr krirhrn knlrr*. krr huM- bnnil MHttnde* I. faU«* And Mr. i»ftd air*, IJraoni, who llv* Hrxl diMtr, brtn»e fuKllUr* *• • «•- prclr* Jtirel tfcl,,,.. Hmbra. Uiiorinn* >i <;lorl«'> •inrlmr.l Jiouftr, dlrerl* Gloria In Mr*. Hc- nnnl, who Baja Mh* aid apr Mare drv.OHlt krr In (he plr, and want* Olorla (« hrl»« IKT chr pic. (Mori. rpfiiMr*. l>nl later Nap dccldm at ai>mi> thnt tine will txrhnnKe <•«• ptr for Infurmallna Ihal will clear Mlltln,!,-,. SKe a«k> Krakfa I* < Mr.. neaoal mil*. XIH PLOTUA was still bolstering her courage with sophistry when her telephone rang again and Reuben's voice said breathlessly from the switchboard, "Tomorrow night at 9. Same place." He hung up before she could answer or ask any questions; probably someone WAS coming into the lobby. "Tomorrow. Then I've got to 'let hold of the pie tonight somehow," Gloria figured. But this wasnt going to be easy with a cop sitting outside the Benonis' door. The Benonis* fire escape window would be locked, o[ course, but there was still the dumbwaiter door. "It'd be burglary," she decided cloubttully. She hurried into the bathroom where she kept the lurn- inol pills in the medicine cabinet that the doctor had given her to use that week when she hadn't been sure that Miltiades was going to ask her to marry him. • Five minutes later, clad alluringly in her green chilTon negligee, she opened her door with a cup in her hand. "I just made myself some cofFee, officer. What is your name? I thought maybe you'd like one too." "Murphy," he told her. **Very kind of you I'm sure, but we aren't supposed to take anything on duty." "Well, ITI just leave U here in case you change your mind. I put in two lumps and real cream," she beamed, setting the cup down beside him on the red carpet. I'll pour it Into the aspidistra." ic warned looking down the corridor at the plant- Gloria merely smiled, left him, jul when she looked back, broalh- essly, through the crack of the door, he'd taken the cup into his hand, was sniffing it hungrily. She closed the door gently. She had nit all three pills in the cofTeo so in about 20 minutes, there was a noise like a kitten purring. At about the third snore, she tiptoed to the dumbwaiter, opened the door and looked down the shaft. "It would be away down at the bottom!" she worried as she pulled on the rope as carefully as she could, but it seemed to make a horrible racket coming up to her floor. What if someone saw her crawling across? Worse yet, what if she got on and someone decided to put out a garbage pail early, instead ol waiting for tomorrow and hauled Gloria down to a lower floor? She could imagine the inquiry: "How do you do, Mrs. Drown. Did you think you were debris?" QLORIA giggled and felt a trine ^ less shaky. The first thing to do was to take out those two shelves. She tugged at them, trying not to remember how Jack the Cork had looked, all doubled up like a corkscrew with the red slain on the front of his coat. Ugh! Just as she finished, put a small slippered foot experimentally on the dumbwaiter, a blast of laughter froze her to immobility as someone opened the dumbwaiter door on the floor below. A man's slightly fii7.7.y tenor drifted upward and a girl laughed and said, "That's the wrong door, Gus! Give me the cocktail shaker before you drop it, darling." Whew! That had been close. Gathering her trailing skirls about her, Gloria slid hastily into the dumbwaiter, pushed on the little door beyond. If it was locked—it wasn't. She slid to the kitchen floor with great sigh of relief and closed he dumbwaiter door behind her. I was light enough in the room 0 see. She was just stretching out her land to take the pie when the ight in the kitchen flashed on, ind Gloria stared horrified at lansen, the little janitor, standing n the dining room doorway watching her wllh hard gruj eyej that did not smile at all. "Oh. Good — good evening!" Gloria stammered. "I—I just .Iropped in to pick up my pie. Over there." When he did not answer, just glanced at the pi* and then looked sternly back at her as if he didn't like this at all, and she'd tetter explain but fast, she added breathlessly, "The lieutenant told me you'd be looking after me still. Lieutenant McGann, 1 mean. What did he say your name wns—Mr. Hansen? I didn't expect you'd be here." 'Yeah," he snarled. "So you were expecting me, hunh? And you dropped by for a pie." He look a step toward her snapping, "Or a necklace maybe?" QI.OHIA caught her breath. Maybe they had been expecting her. Maybe it was just a police trap to find out how much she knew. As she stood there, wondering frantically what to ».iy next besides a denial which h« would not believe, she could feel his eyes going over her, taking her all in, her shining golden hair, her slim perfect body under the thin green chiffon, the arch of her small foot in its satin slipper and she smiled inwardly. Of course. 'I never even saw a real emerald in my life," she said. "I think you plainclothes detectives arc so much more interesting than the men in uniforms!" She slid her jade green eyes under their long thick lashes admiringly over his face from which the sternness was melting. She murmured, "Do you like apple pic?" but her eyci Hid something else. "How about you'n me having a piece of that pie together?" Hansen said. "I could use some chow. You're a cute little button, Toots." (To Be Continued) magnet didn't affect these of course, and he hasn't any Idea how many remain. WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 15%OFF On Your Coleman FLOOR FURNACE If You Install It Before July 31st Do If Now! Sav« money, be ready for winter before the rush. And get the famous Coleman that gives you Automatic Heat—Clean Heat—Warm- Floor Heat. See A Demonstration Today Chas. S, Lemons Furniture You'll Love Our Flowers 1 BLl'TnEVII.LE FLOWER MART Mrmphlj Hiwj? Fhaia W02 We're Proud of Oyr Work Machine work Manufacturing • Woodwork • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. 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