The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1943 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 5, 1943
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS /OLUME 1—NO. 108. ULYTHKA'ILLK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, Al'KlI, 6, 10-1II SUBSCRIPTION HATES ON REQUEST; THE BLVTIIEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS Published dally except Sundays In the interest of (he personnel of the Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of Blythcvllle, Uy I lie BlytheviUe courier News. II contains tlic news ot the All- Base. is 'Chutes ave Saved 17 Airmen Seventeen limes ir\ the lust Uvo : cars a pilot of the Army Air forces lias bailed out au<l crUrust- SU' Ills life to'11 iiariichutc whiuli [tad been pnckcci pci'sonnlly l>y l'"tl- vard B. LliKlei'. End) lime tile plot was very much pleased lo find 'ilipself floating earthward l;e- 'iMlh Ihe safe support, of tlic bil- 'owiug silk. ('•this may be conifortinu news to lie cadels and flying officers of he •Blythcvillc Army Air Field. For Hr. Under is foreman of the I'ara- thqte Department here, and never . a parncluilc leaves Hie shop Mtllout his personal OK. '•E\'cry member of the parachute department force has been IruUuxl |jy. Mr. Under. They go Ihrougli |'/r exacting apprentice ixjrioil before they arc rated qualified par.i- :hute riggers and puckers. Mr. Under, who takes his work seriously', declares he guarantees its stuff and he avoids the crack :hat ."if they don't work you can jrlng''cin back and yet another." , Whales -Scrape' Karnnclcs tAOUNA BEACH, ^al. (UP) — Whales,..lying on the" bottom of tixc ocean taking care of then fj'biiiiB gather more barnacles than .'a Battleship, accordiiiB to local experts. But the only difference in :tlV|s' respect ^between a wlmle and 'a battleship, they stale is that a ale has enough natural instinct to. ctima . here every year in shallow water and scrape off his barnacles, .while a battleship haseu't cnoii'gh sense lo do anything till its'.olficers put it in dry dock. They 'affirm, that the whales keep up jtheii' belley-scrnplng reiutcxvmis 'here every year wllh the same reg- uUriiy that th swallows return lo ,Capuilrauo. 1'hc V04th quintet won the clmin- jionship of tlie inter - snuadron jaskeiball league by defeating the •i2Gth team 29--J1 i.i a thrilling, lard fouaht basketball game at Ihe Post Gym Vriilay night. The ,ainc was close all the way, (hough the lOtth bquad hel<l a slight, advantage throughout the contest. They were leading at the end of the first half l'2-D, and were ahead at the third uarter 22-17. Original plans were for Ihe 7(Hlh. winners of the first half ot the league ,to play the 326th, winners of the second half, in a three ;ame scries for the championship but il was decided just before Friday night's game to let the single contest decide the title. Staff Sergl. Alfred Stabler is coach of the 326th, and First Sergt. Joseph Nicodcmus is the TO4th's sponsor. Lineups and points scored by each player were: 32«th 704th .ilaeus '.>. MdOlcndon 2 Ryburn 10 Glover 13 Ferrario t) Vickers 4 Schreibcr 0 Martin 5 Heals 7 Gucrln 5 Fisher 8 Nelms 0 Mowery 0 Nicodemus 0 Crazy Show Entertains Soldiers days, tunes, mid taps 'and aero- matlc danclnB. kept intlllary personnel well entertained Friday night In Iwo performances of the "Criuy Show'' at the Past Theater. Den McAtce and Wilbur Hall went through routine that were without rhyme or reason but yooc! for belly laughs. McAlec, a wise cracking master of ceremonies, kept his audience in stitches with his palter. He out-Wlnchcllcd. that famous reporter, brought down the house by mimlcing Kaltenborn, am did a grand job us Elmer Davis. Hall drew applause when he ilii n pantomime of a woman awukiin, from .slumber and preparing hcrscl lo face the world. There were plenty of pretty t'!i'l>> Lee Biiilcll, a beautiful blue. 1 ; sing er, grew hoarse In an effort lo sails fy the requests lor encores. Rente pnrtner of Wilbur Hall, was u llth some and capable dancer. Vivia Frances did tap and acrobatic num bers Ihal were knockouts. A nearly capacity crowd wii there for both performances an applause was frequent and vocl feroiis. "Crazy Show" was Urouuli here by the USO Camp Shows nn was presented under the auspice of the Special Service Office. At tendance was limited to militar personnel and llielr'wlves aiid fain Hies. Arkansas Strawberries Will Be Sent Oversea MENA IUP)-C. T. Cragar, Wl will handle the processing strawberries St De Queen, saitl 1 felt confident that there would 'enough ben ie.s on hand lo 1111 I contract, which calls for shipment overseas. The strawberries .will 1 lie .sent lo United States armed forces and to the armies of our allies. (U.S. Bomber Gets Lots 01 Action In Tunisia Basketball Tournament Will Open An tiller - squadron basketball luiirniiiiicnl will begin a I Ihu I!ly- thevllle Army Air Field tonlfihl, with llic teams winning the first llnoe places l« be awarded liand- KOIUC bronxc athletic placqiK'N at tlic conclusion at the championship niune Thuiwlay night. A tlo/.- cii teams, Inclndlni! officer and I'lidfl aift;rcnallons in luldlllon to Ihe M|imil;on quintets, will partlc- 100 Fortresses and other U. S. bombers paced an all-out Allied aerial offensive vs. Axis front and rear lines in Tunisia and at Sardinia ports as Rommel r retrcated. This llmely photo just received In the U. S. shows at. an advanced bomber base In Tunisia, big U. S. bomber just In from missions over A.xts territory being refueled and iciimmunllloncd. (NBA tclepholo). 'I'ho meet will \>f. held nt thu Post Clym nniler llic direction of Unit. Hill Adtuns. alhlPtle officer. 11 will be u double diminution tournament, which menus Unit n torn inns', lose wo uunii's before 11 Is eliminated. Hearty response Is Indicated by the number of teams wlili'h entered the Usls. '('Ills wus no surprise tu Mculennnt Adums und Ills assistants as hiiskc-lball ha.s been one of Ihc most popular spurls offered here. Oaiiies have >rcn played between K<|tiudri>n iMims nlmasl every ululil through- nt Ihc season. Ol partlculnr hUcresl lo funs at ho post is llic fuel Ihul they wll iiivc Ihe upixji'tunUy of seeing HUlli nulivlcl renew their rivalry with Uio 12CIH. The former lean von lite Inlcr-MUindnm ehiiniplon ship by defeating Ihc lullor In i close gnme Friday night, follower if Ihc 321HII promise Unit Ihe table will he turned In the towimmcut. •TEHSpIEB Coaches and Athletic Officers Pick Members Of Mythical Squads Two All-Star teams liuve been so-, luck'd from f.oldlers |mrtlcl)>uting hi the lulcr-Minili'oii tongue 'which . ended Frlclny - nlglil nt the Bly- thcville Aniiy Air Field. '.These terns wow selected by coaches of tile various siiniidron teams stui liy offli;cr!i listened to 'the Alli- Icllu Department. Included In tlicsc All-Slur selcc- oim nrc: First Tcnin crgt, Itoyil alovcr— lOWh— P luff Scn;l. E-ilell SweUc'nnm — Pairings For Basketball Tournament KtcjilKints Cun Take It LOS .ANGELES (UI 3 )— Elephants know how to take it. Two ot them fell out of u circus truck here without inflicting any dnmnge to either themselves or tho pavement, but merely mussing nj> traffic fls they ambled tlazcdh' nloug the highway. FUNNY BUSINESS Boy Meets Girl; Boy Forgels Name, Number., Address Mon. 8 p.m. j- IN THE PROBATE COURT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. ' In Re: The Estate of S. H. Enst- burn, Deceased. NOTICE Notice is hereby given lhat I, the undersigned, duly appointed, qualified and acllns ridminlslrn- tor of the estate of'S. H. Eastburn, deceased, will, on the 26lh day of April, 1043. file a petition Administrator aforesaid, in the ofTice of the Probate Clerk in and for Mississippi County,. Arkansas, Chickasareba District, praying for an order of the Probate Court, to sell, for .the purpose of securing money or funds with which, to pay indebtedness probated against said estate,—the ; personal property being exhausted, u,'hich real estate is described ns: . : West 108 feet of Lot One (1) in Block Five (5) of Hearn's Addition to Blylheville, Arkansas. The same being or lying within Ihc Southeast Quarter SE 1-4) of the Southeast Quarter (S'EI-4) of Section Nine (0) Township Fifteen-(15) North. Range Eleven <I1) East, of the 5th Principal Meridian. Dated this the. 5IH day of April, A.D., 1043. Dr. W. S. 'Easlburn Administrator of. the Estate of S. H. Eastburn, Deceased. 4/5-12-19-M Mon. 7 Mon. U p.m. Bye Mcd. Del, 100 I Wed. 0 p.m. I- "C" Sri. •Oil Bye Fliers Tliurs. 1 p.m. | Wed. 8 p.m. . Kdwurd Jenkins — 701st— C or|). Clovls Hybum— 32Glh— d oi'[>. H. O. Ciunpbcll— lOOlli— G Hecoud TCAIII mil. Oscnr' Mnrdii— IMtli— F eri(l. Frank Sillilcl— 103t'd— I 1 :oip. Jncnl) Myer— 25lh— C Jorp. Conrad Dlcnci 1 — lOilhd— O Sluff Sei'st. Francis .Hulh— IWlli— a 9 Unlisted Men GcL Promolioiis For Firsl Time Winner 701 '.'He can't sl;m<l N niecl>;iiiiml Irnnsporluliou—lie's unsold .] (.••ivalrviiKin!"'-• —' —""" How to Shop for Meats and Fats with Red Stamps Shopping willi your ted jwinl stamps will be usy if you rcmcmbct a few lunplc rules. You aljcaJy have \ K.itiou Hook Two; you need not rcgisler again or declare how much of these foods you.liavc on h.ind, Uut when rationing begins CdDCtnbcrtlut: 1. R«d Stamps may be used for any of llic foods ralicmcJ in llic Meals and Fats Program. The ware stamps aic valid for meat, cheese, butter, : , ' tanned fish, margarine, etc. j 2. The point value of c.uh item is set on a |>ouml basis. But the amount iS of any food your points can buy wiH depend on whether llic item you .' thcosc lus a high or low point value. How to Shop ! I. Fint sl»<l)' lli« "polnl vjlufi" of Ific •foods TO" bu ' mosl c(ltn ' To |K|P !ou ' you'll find i "Point Value Tiblc" Imng up is jour food JtoK. O', bcticj yd, you «iv '. dip • ra«U and f'ls "Point Table" /rom J. Tile Waj- JtJlion Boot Two w!ili you •ben you shop for racau, cheese, ot any of UK other items, just « )ou >io now »hcn ' you buj ttnneJ, froicn ot JrieJ fruits, anil Ufcttibles. Teic the Red Sumps out in the f r»ro« of your itorclceper 01 his Jelive/y * <plf*- ' tmount of valid Red Sumpi to give for a. 1 purchase, your sioickccpcr on fiive you your ' ifwnge in "i-po:nL" stamps. For mmplc, . itjou tnuif *iv« h'm a 5-Po iil[ Slimf> to pay Orticj"*! Table of Cflniamtr Toinl Vilufs for just such uses, "l^ts tablc_ brcab the point vjluci per pound <Town into ounces. If one of yout purcluscs lus an ounce vjtuc of loi (tun hilf i point you tio not hive lo [»)' an additional point, But if it is onc-lulf point or trwce, your retailer «nco![c<l * full point. 5. EKJ&tf )os>T froints. — Spend Bed Sfjmps circfully. Mike idem Ust for iTit entire ration {>friod. When you iccdv* "I-point" Kcd Stamps as change, uit llictn llic n«l time you shop, if possiMe, anj be su:c llut If try don't expire united. d. Remember, you still use. the Blue Sumps for processed foods Jnd sumps from War Rilion Pool; One for sugar and coffee. No change can be nude in BtuC Sumps. Hold Everything Tucs. II p.m. 'Hies. 7 p.m. Dye 703 007 QM Wed. !l p.m. I — Cluy liiidaucciii' shuvi, inn) shliUMl, HiiUiidiij'. IUK! !n (h I'oiirsc wus i\ ;;|)]iMi<ll(l nppcnrli cxiimplc; of n soldlei' In jinrndc coi (itllon Hu l|i\<l u ihilc. S\\K '.vi u dullijhlfnl ciciilurc whom he line mut ill Ihc USO, She hud B<md looks, iici'Honnllly, IM|SC, chunii, sense of humor, vlviiclly. llinnmlnii lo hnnsclf mul willi n ploiiscd look of cxpcclnncy hu Hlniicd lownrd the door of his bur- rock, No. -i:i, nil si-l lo B<I lo lown, The nn look ol cuiisternnlloti wiped nwny Iho pleiiscd exiive.'isliiu. Wllh horror he renll/.cil he dld- n'l rcincmtxir Ihu ish'ls nnmc. lie couldn't think ol her leleplionc number. He dlcln'l know where she lived. Hi! didn't even know where ho wns supposed lo meet her. Whnt hi: wnnleil lo know, cnn u fellow do In ti Munition like Ihull It's i> bin thrill, In the Army, when llu. 1 soldier nuls his first |iro- inollon 7— from private to private first cities. Nino cnllstcil men of the 7(Mn<! Sumlron nnd Ihrcc from thu Wlrd Imve Just nmdc It mid are CIIUUHCH! hi sewing the onc- .slrljMi chevron lo Ihc sleeves v of lliclr shirts nnd uniform blouses. Pi'omotlons In Ihc 702nd, by Cupl. Henry E. Well, Include'Bur-' ron T, Cllcscnschlng, Orlnnd A. Torchlo, Iru Lee Lewis Jr., filch- nrd O. Sherbocker, Hyiiian B.-Urban, Joseph A. Wnlliice.; Rolund G. llmnll nnd Ilni'lnii O. Urooks. In the 703rd ' Sundi'oh Cn'pt. Jumcs K. Holmes promoted -I'nt If. Lyle, issuie M. Sims nnd Jnmcs- O, VVliltchurst. Bye Ii08 "V" Slum 1 * (in E«|! IVfAKYSVILLH, Pft. (U.rM—One of Wiiltcr Dumlorf's I'lymoulh Hook hens Is M|inirely behind the Victory cfforl. H produced nn cBB 'nuns. 0 Weil. 7 p.m. [ Tucs. (J Oiiicers Transferred Cnpl. Edward F. Parsons and First Lieut. Jacob M. Dickinson, flight instructors nl the Blythcvllle Army Air Field, have been transferred to Hemh'icks Field, i-'la., for further training ami duty. Caplnin Parsons was one of the first flight luslruclors lo be assigned here lust July, lie received his wings and commission Nov. I, 1941. llcforc beginning training as nn aviation cadet, he was a student at Holy Cross College, Worcester, Mass. Lieutenant Dickinson received his wings and commission April 20. He is a former student of VaiKlcrbilt University. When storing an automobile for the duration Uic hood and vents fhoiild be scaled to keep out, bees and other Insects. "Hey, don't dig your Victory garden so close lo the wall!" PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores l-poinl itamp as change. But he cannol use <ht 2-, 5-, oi 8-poinL stamps as clungc. » Mike 'sure, however, Ihu «ic "l-pcinl" - "^umphuikueroniiv.hkhisvjl.datthe :iinc you receive il. '\ 4. Your storekeeper onnot al^j-s cy[ >i«t cr ch«sc to Ihc exact pound *cr A hl 'You wish. That m«ns you must knov how vI'IJcKruWe 1 ^ b«fl pwviaed on the Just 4 Miles To The State Line Service Station SAVE on Phillips Quality O»so line & OH. Prompt, Courteous Servlct. Operated by Mrs. H. L. Reynolds. Any Shoe Can Be REPAIRED If the uppers arc sllll ROOI). Brins them lo us for quality work. HALTER'S Quality Shoe Shop Ul W. Main Ph. Z732 •Dolililn 1 ilcf Coing Up I..O5 ANGELES tut') — No at- cinpt Is made by Clcnicnl I,, iirseh, owner of n innrkcl for meat, lo call it "Filet Mlu- lon". Instend lie just, cnlls 11 "filet f Dobbin"' or even betlcr, "illly Tlct." He Insists the best IKIU tcuks are comparable to Hie flncNl ^Icw York ciil.s of beef. Ills only rouble to chile i.s lhat lie has not JCen iiblu U) gel. nn OI'A ceillni,' mil In llic meantime prices of 'Dobbin Filcl" arc .soiiring. One of llic new Iran.sporl planes. \ four-cnyincil ginnt, can flj 1 ftistcr Hum a Japanc-sc Zero. 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motor.s Cars. IANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY R'dw.y s, Wilnnt Ph. »JJ .with 11 hiilf-nich V" [ippeiirhiB o\ one end. "Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Acrai from nUh Hchool Complete Stock Steel and Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Drag Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 Tile Modern Ice l!».v COOUMATOK l-'iir Economy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phooe SIS 11 wnulrln'L f'luivcr.s, I'imic your ^aslcir orders rarly for rnr.sajjes of Orchids, Koscs, (iiinfrtms, Spring Klu^v^rN and Plints. We ;irr. prpparcH to srrvc you in lllylhcvillc or Uislnnl cllics —we Ulcgrapli Flowers any- U'licrc, HEATON'S GREENHOUSES AND FLOWER SHOP 200 Davis Ave. SPECIAL Complete Motor Tune-up $3.35 Includes cleaning and spacing of spark plugs, adjusting and cleaning of carburetor, distributor, and fuel pump. COMPLETE STOCK OF CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5th &• Walnut l >h nc SMALL LOANS tt Vklw. G S- Webb Cities Service < Station (Hwy. 01 :il Cnllun Belt Tracks) ' Phone 921.' \Vo Fix. Huts — Washing & Grcasinc Our WE Fill, ALL nOOTOEIT PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE TOC HONKT STEWART'S Drug Store Main ,t l»ike Phone 2D22 FIRESTONE Siiil Makes the BEST TIRES! Eatt Main Loan Co. FLOW KKS Say il Best At Easier Us Your Certificates — HEC'AI' JOHS TITKI) »Y D»ctor» J. L and J. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS Easier Flo\v<;rs! Place TcIcKi-anh Orders Sent In To Memphis Factor?. Prompt Service. TcIcKi-anh Now. Corsages of e«rj d««rlpllon. FIRESTORE STORE THE FLOWER SHOP DELIVERY ANYWHERE GI.ENCOR HOTEL BI.DO. Fhune 491 — Nile Phnnc 261» IPTICRL STORE 20!) W. Main SI. Phone 2912 For WASHING and POLISHING Clciiti Your Car Up For Spring! LOT EICH HUDSON CLEANERS Special care taken in cleaning uniforms. Muttons carefully handled—Pleats and creases hand finished—2 day service. Garrison Caps — Accessories — Insignia SOUTHKAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA i ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG.STOJtE" There's no wider sclccllon of shaving needs, cosmetics, noveltle*. clc., In Dlylherille than al Robinson's. 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