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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 1

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 16, 1868
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'.,.ijrr , r" - ' ; f MONDAY'S AFTERNOON EDITION" r&Yl' 'Albfetisenttnts. lundey evening, the II. h .ret., hi kanlace This Afternoon. at - .mm nw - ..Tfvwt the miienee of her mother, Mri. m. "L AgCrweaat Matnal Insurance f SttH1 J.arch lu. IS60 In con - ffart article of the amended tu! . - snt Mutual Insur&nco Cm. Jtk - a" fcr Twelve Trnateet to serve one ! - ZJmt art Monday in Jane next, will be rLM af ibe Company on ilOXDAY, ,1 JBT AP1. ICR. V.nVU LUC UUU1I VI i'J St. 'HSJTBY V. Q6PEN, Sec'y. 'uMiirO Dry Deck 'IIM : ai"1 111 low iuo emi'ttiuiuaj "jif - it Keekbolaen of the Southern Pry will be held at the office of the e terni - annual "Lit la M Oarandeiet street, on TU8SDAY, ?Hr u fcJO aelock P. M. H. Y1KNNR, Secretary. "Zak Jockey Clah. At a meeting el TTLJsekev Club, held Batordav tnu - SIS' tot, Abe following gentlemen were ifWX may during tbe enroisg year: I r - iMt - UOT - r. IV USBKKT, II MMrYNMUtIAMKS McCLOSKKV. li : j ,.. PruHnW T PA nR JSafliB Treasurer 1 L. J A UBS. iimit3 THOS. S. McCAT, UnSH T. L. MACON, ! SALOMON. U P. KS5NBR. ; i.'C - H. B LOCO MB, ! , ; & B. FOLEY. '.;.' lAt:s' coJiMTTrtE. saionbOKiRT, j. b.' austix, itX - MX, JOS. HERNANDBZ, CltTA!vS JCDOB8 : H. W. COM BR, T. U 0AKD5KB. Vain were reqnestad to caU for Ladies' at ue once or jaasa wiuus, trcet. mhie 2tp ' slUJiWAY 4c SONS' PIANOS. Ln i'ai reorired per itcamifcip Gen. !edg fkiiBveiMej the Celebrated UPSIOHT and IToTEINWAY pianos. fVtrlaal Dnisability. Powerful, Brilliant, kniijMraueus i one, biaaticity or Toucn, tbaSoct it w"orkmant - h:p, :nd ucur - mfUMM ATe taken THIRTY - TWO HRST 3TW - floW - and Silver Medala at the prlu - to & till country within the last :en mai is tiditian thereto they were awarded I JMMm Medml at the Landau Eihl. jimmw iitianMai at tue raria Ex. aioa, is7. ail ether intarested in tiui rani by Aurrleaii Piano manufaoturere, "sfwtftHy tsTlted to examine the diflerent i are lbratle at ray Fiaao Wareroama, Mmijm ekanedbT the auDxtaetimn lBaiJ Waiaat4 for VIw Years. - - Mivwurai! owe agent; A CA&DOr THANKS. Thai Wore laaring her, that we enieHV ttWMih. too pubUe preea. a iMM ewapBrataabon for aerrioee ran - "i Tk?t w. tat aaasengcra on the ttaam - ' WnerlMltrlpfrooi Hew Orleaat to take tfcia aiethea f tendorinc oar ein - " A. A. BA&Has aoi hit gen - - 6trk. Cast JAB. M. TBCKJR. alao all OTtaieriheit command, for their brave "Mtomaietia Hat at aaager. HotrUnc "anoroant tared oar Uvea and tha boat ua Mtf a total ioaa. We also cheer - taaai a gentlemen, wita whom ".."? """"""a puuiic geoarauy, 1 : their Urea ana property. ., T t tali be nabtlshed In the 8hreve - l IT r?1!!? eoplea be aent to the H.jnER6trvUl, Tex, i ? Z.lCKira, ehiereport. ' ;,ir.mPH8S90i, aruonaoan, Texa. - J. W. J8RKlVi8. TaaeaJooaa, AI. f . ftlLLKT, Carroll ton, Oa. i SCHOtA Carroll county, Kill. ""Ba, Bmrwea La. t & CAUiOWAT, MaiehaU. Texaa. f. - WH"b:i, Montgomery, La. tlnni.AD an Bnrn aL BTBLa. MBewLeTee atreet, I, 440 LLA MB.BiVBB PACltBT! tDaiaiureh 18, at $ P. M. JyttBtsruom, loggybaiou, - iand iijroi Kalrt landing. Grand ' XaarJee, Kouth Cbue RKer, L lMiX Barbitfa, and all wliwiaMellnga - Tha A JJo. 1 aide - Ueajnaf - L - HODQE NO. 3, Wift fcaater, P. T. Celloe. clerk, V TV freight or paaeage apply tf Commercial Place MTB, Ageat, 17 Tchoupitonlae at. - J7;.4irBA9 BIVBR. - ,V Aa iURKBT, FORT 8MITH, fluff, and all way U aI11 - 1 Ipnger packet Bateman, maater, wOl leave as Wt7p'!?Sw? ?r "iht apply on , laayRjl fc Ia)RD, AgeJta, , - - ; 6 QraTteratreet. aB - iSW,' laas eauing MBTBPR,, master, bar - i Jr" of her eargo engaged j1 sJ4LTe uJck diapatoh. For A MObaietentton apply to ,0HB - BOBWSON, i64 Common atreet or a - .'" tjarondelot atreek 4 f ;i.'IUI ' - . ait r. av. nt&L BCH HILL, ODA - tity, Alabama LandinVT Port T, aa4aH mtermedlato ln3. SSfWAWAaJIA. (drawing Zr"' '''ka, will leave aa above. TrnV72y board, or to - 3 WBLB. 16 ew Leree at. "to5BBT TWO BBSPBOT - T!12?.!!T m4 o houaework, - n and at. - loeb make aa honeat wttiaoffloa. - mhU ' BAJUrKBD - GOOD L s o iA if. 'Dt'xluc enr hew t T.iCHlSBS - atlteh alike ,!tkV2 Priced ma. .'iS J?' eenaign machine 1 "Er4Yf "deamole work a.a ii! the - ,7. (w.? fw a small famfly, Bivwra Tbe liaht refnd Apply to Bo. 470 a" Ccmcurrial .aitD SloiutarSt Monday, March 1611 A. M. Cotton The market opened this morning with a lively demand at an advance of on Saturday's figure, and about 3000 bales changed hands on the basia of 24ic. for Low Middling, and 2oc. for Middling, but the Liverpool telegrams reporting r.o further improvement and a quiet market, the movement has been checked, and buyers are reluctant to go on at the opening rates. Oar quotations on Saturday evening were 2) 21 c, for Ordinary, 223c. for Good Ordinarv, 23 Vj a233c. for Low Middling, 24'ia24c. for Middling and S25c. for Strict Middling, but qualified by the remark that they represented tiie market before the receipt of the 5 P. M. cables, and that at the cloee Middling was held at 26c Sugar and Molasses Louisiana The receipts this morning comprised 2"J hhds. Sugar and :;00 bbls. MolsBses. The demand is fair, though only loaal, and the supplies were sold at y Vira 10c. V lb for inferior, 12 612M!C for common. 13Uc. for srood fair, 14c. for fully fairt 14 - Uc. for prime, 1540. lor choice, 16c. for yellow clarified, 17c. for white, and 14c. for seconds. Molasses 84c. tv gallon for choice, 65 2Soc. for reboiled. Arrivals from the West The steamers Groesbetk from Cincinnati, and Mississippi from St. Louis, have arrived since Saturday. Flouk We note a fair local demand and firm market to day at previous prices. The sales embrace 1000 bbls., of which 100 super - tine on private terms, 8ti tine at $9; 100 and 100 treble extra at fll 2o ; 150 do. at $11 50 ; 100 do. at $12 ; 135 choice eitra at 13 T5a $14; 100 do. at $14; 30 at $14 50, and 100 at $14 75 V bbl. Pork The market continues quiet but firm, with a fair demand. Saies to - day, 5209 sacks, of which 459 yellow mixed, in second band bugs, at 96c , 3000 white and mixed at 97c, 750 white and 1000 white and vellow at 97 ac. bushel. Oats The demand is fair, but at lower rates. Sales. 1083 sa ks. of which 200 and 500 at 75c, 200 at 7t5c, 83 and 100 at 77c. i bushel. Bran Is selling slowly to the trade at $1 70 100 m. Hay Is selling in small lots at $18 & ton for prime Western. Gkeen Meat A lot of 30,000 It bulk sides sold at lmc. m. Lard Is dull and drooping. A lot of 100 tierces prime sold at 15c. V It). Kes are quoted nominally at l('c. k' H. Bacon Hams are in request, and command higher pricee. Shoulders and sides are dull and drooping ; 25 tierces sugar cured name sold at 18l2C, 12 and 17 do. at 19c V Iri. They are jobbing at 19Vac : shoulders at 11c. : clear sides 15c. f Id. Pork Continues very dull and depressed, and only a retail business is doing at $25 25 w 25 50 ' 16 for mess. aiOHSTAJlY. Monday, March 16 11 A. M. Nothing has transpired to indicate any change in the Money market, which continues easy at previous rates. Gold opened at 1404 , bat thus far w have heard of no gales of any moment. At the Board, on Saturday evening, $5000 sold at Ifud &nd 500' ption WMk' Nothing has transpired yet in Foreign Exchange. Domestic is offered mora freely, and is manifestly tending downward. The banks are variously checking on New York at para Vs and '4 premium, and the sales of commercial include $10,000 and $15,000 New York sight at 14 discount, and $95,000 (20,000 and 75,000) at . Nothing has transpired in Stocks, but at the Board, ou Saturday evening, 40 shares Crescent City Railroad, (15 and 25) sold at $102, and 18 Louisiana State Bank at $26 Also, S city consolidated bonds at 77 City Treasury notes are not any lower $ - 000 small sold at 32, at which dealers are willing to sell round lots. They buy over the counter at 35. At the Board, on Saturday evening, $3000 small sold at $1000 at 21, and $36,600, (1000, 1000, 1000, 1000 2500, 3000, 5000 and 31,000) at 30. ST. CHARLES THEATRE. St. Char - lee Street. BEJI DbBAB Proprietor. Weiday Evening. March Iff. First nlcbt of the great sensation drama of CHILD OF TUB SAVANKA, la which tbe Blfln Star. ALICK KiKGSBCBY, will anatain her great origin p character of JBLULA. WBDKB uT BVBNWG Benefit of LOUISIANA RBLIiP LOlXiB HO. 1. HOT1CR. Doors open at a quarter to V. Overture will commence at half - past 7 preeiaelv. Beats ran be secured one day in advance". mh!6 T P. GLBA3Q5, Treasurer. ACADEMY OF MUSIC - St. Charles Street. SPALDI56 k, BEDWKLL, Proprietors and Manager. Meaday Night, March iff, 1868, And Every Right and SATURDAY ROOM, till farther notiee, THE RED CROOK. Besides a variety of Brilliant Oems of Songs, Iaaea, Sthiopian Sketches, Burlesques, ax - travaganzsa, and Btaitling Oymnastics, etc., - by the best troupe extant. - Taesaay Night, March 17, Beappearanee of the old favorites, ADD. ETMAN. DELBHAitTY and HKN6LBB. mhl5 VARIETIES THEATRE. BXTRA CARD. MBS. W. GOMXBSA1 retpectfony announcsa that her FIRST BB5BFIT 15 HBW OBLBAJTB Will take place en . Meaeay KTealac, March Iff, JSffS, On which occasion a BILL OP MORE THAU USUAL I5TERBST AJTD ATTRACTION will be presented, oonaltting of , TBEEB 8PLKJTDIB PIECES. Involving In their easts the choice talent of this favorite establishment. mhU LECTURE FOR TUB BBBBTIT OP THB CBABJTABLB SO - CLBTY OF BT. VINCI BT DE PAUL, By request, JOBH MCLLALY. Esq., Editor of the Kew Tork Metropolitan Beeord, has consented to deliver a Lcetnre for the Benefit of the Poor attended by the above Society, at Be. Alpheaeas Hall, en St. Andrew street, between Magaalne and Corn tan ce, on MONDAY SVEEIEO, 16th Inst. at7J o'clock. Subject THE IRISH PEOPLE XV AMEBIC A. Tickets $ 1 each, in City or Ketiooal enxre&ey. WANTED A Ft HALS SB IV AJTT APPLY AT 143 Clio street. JTene need eaphr anlese wall reooniiBeBded, and willing to ge to Texas tor the summer, and a good auras. mh!3 3t Y17AHTBD A BTTHATTOS T A VOTTltO SIXT, d0h0T, plain sewing and make herself ge rally uaefuL Best of references far - A OBBTLBM AM AJTD MIS WIFE, OB A PBW - r single genUemen, can be aceemssodated with Aat!lsT - VJ!le,IMtlT"itntd Private real - uence Ho, lit Common street. nah8 6t , lie (Etjcmng picayune NEW ORLEANS. MONDAY ETENLNGi MARCQ 16, 1S6S MVSMyT3 THIS XVENINQ. ST. CHARLES THEATRE.... "The Child of the 8a - vtiina. " ACADISMI OF MUSIC... The Red Crook. ' - Va - rietv Combination. NEW Ol'KBA llotE.... "The Dumb GUI ol For - ticL " VARIETIES THEATRE "To Oblige Benton." "Perdita. or the Royal Milkmaid. "" The Middv Ashore.'' CRESCENT CITY MCSECM... .Opposite the St. Charles Hotel. Thanks. To the clerk of the steamer Caddo for Texas and North Louisiana papers. To Messrs. Hall, Shaw and Andry, clerks of the steamer Gov. Allen, for a Vickeburg paper. To the Mobile mail line steamer for favors. To Capt. Whitman, of the steamship Cortes, for favors. The Tay Bills We desire to say that the person who received the eighteen dollars, in greenbacks, to get out the tax bills of one of our citizens so that they might be paid at once, as mentioned in our evening edition of Saturday, was not an employe of the Comptroller, nor one of the gentlemen engaged in making out the bills. He was employed as a broker, and is not now, nor has he been for some time, employed in the City HalL We say this that no misapprehension may exist as to the person who received the money. Llr We join with the great body of the friends, both yonnjr and old, of Wm. O. Rogers, Esq , in lamenting the death of Mrs. Mary Martin, his wife, which took place last evening after a month's illness. It was his good fortune to be allied with one whose mind and accomplishments and graces of manner and person not merely adorned society, but gave brightness and beauty to his own path in life. She is to be buried from the residence of her mother, Mrs. Martin. 156 Julia street, this afternoon. St. Charles Theatre. Miss Alice Kingsbury, the talented young actress who has won for herself quite a name during her short engagement at the Old Drury, and who is known as the " Elfin Star," is to make her first appearance this evening in New Orleans, in the ' Child of the Savannah," a play written expressly for her, and in which she is said to ap" pear to Splendid attraction. The Academy of Music If other people were at sensibly inclined as the popular managers of this favorite place of resort, in the matter of receiving city money, there would be no good reason for any trouble about H. The result of their announcement to receive it at par for tickets of admission has the effect of filling the Academy to a more crowded extent than ever. Last night the house was filled, and everything went off most satisfactorily. The olio performances were applauded from time to time, and the " Red Crook" listened to with unmistakeable marks 61 appreciation on all sides. Dick Carroll went through his popular personation of "My Father Sould Charcoal," which carried the parquette by storm, and ruffled not a little the more quiet sea of faces in the dress circle. The Clinetop Sisters danced delightfully, and Miss Nellie Taylor charmed everybody with her full toned musical voice. To night a splendid bill, with Professor Treuder, the celebrated Hungarian prestidigateur, who will introduce his wonderful pistol duel The Varieties Theatre Mrs. Gomer - sal, a versatile pleasant little actress, who has made many friends in out city daring tbe past winter, takes a benefit to night at tha theatre, when will be produced three pieces, suited to her particular style of acting. There will doubtless, be a good house in attendance. Cr The Orleans Railroad Company have opened a nice and roomy office at No. 15 Dau - phine street, immediately in the rear of Christ's Church (Episcopal) This road start from the corner of Canal and Dauphine streets. Arrival of the United States. The steamship United States, Capt. Norton, of the Merchants' Steamship Line, from New York, arrived at her wharf, foot of St - Louis street, last night (Sunday), with a full freight and passengers. kS" We take pleasure in announcing the arrival this morning of the steamer Caddo, Capt A. A. Barnes, with a paying cargo of cotton and passengers. The Caddo is herself again, and stands Al in all insurance companies. She will leave tor Jefferson on Wednesday evening, at 5 o'clock. Shippers will please take notice. Arrival of the Cortes. The steamship Cortes, Capt Steve Whitman, of the Cromwell line, from New York, arrived at her wharf, foot of Toulouse street, last night (Sunday,) with a full freight and the following passengers : Pamngtrt. Major Gen. George Sykes, M. Morgan, Jr., J. R. Maltzlin, Jas. L. Ryan, John Murphy, Master D. Bernstein, Simeon Max. Capt W. reports in lat. 31:20, long. 76:55 ; nagged British bark Lord 8tanley, gtearing N. E. Lecture by Johm Mullaly, Esq. The Irak People in America. This talented gentleman, the editor of the New York Metropolitan Record, will deliver a lecture to - night at St. Alphoneus Hall, St Andrew street, between Magazine and Constaaoe streets, commencing at half - past 7 o'clock, for the benefit of the charitable society of St. Vincent de Paul. Subject, "The Irish People in America." We do not donbt but that the hall will be crowded, for beside the charitable objects of the lecture, Mr. Mullaly is a most delightful speaker. Mbtaibxe Jockey Club. Annual Eltc. t if.n of Oncers. There was a meeting of this club on Saturday night last at the ofiSce of Messrs. Wilson Sc James, lessees, 149 Com - mon street The following named gentlemen were elected officers of the club for the ensuing year : President. P. O. Hebert 1st Vice President, James McCloskey ; 2d Vice President, 8. T , Pace ; Secretary and Treasurer, 8. L. James ; Stewards, Messrs. G. A. Breaox, D. Br Perm, Thomas 8. MeCay and T. L. Macon ; Timers, D. F. Kenner, C.H. 81ocomb and H. B. Foley ; Ladies Committee, J. Crickard, Hugh Montgomery, James Ellison. T.L. Clark, M. D." Brincier, J. E. Austin, Joseph. Hernandez, A. B J"l?" : Distance Judges, H. W. Connor and T. G. Gardner. The BseBabere of the eiob desiring ladies' invitation, are requested to call at the office of Megtra. James Sc. Wilson. Xevtr. Heine said:. "How fortunate the Romans were that they had not bo learn Latin Grammar, because if they had done to, ibex ould sever have found time to conquer the world." . .. . - - I i'T7T TT I - .rirr a tt I1T.1 SUCCESSOR Gen. Hanceck has been ordered to report to the President in Washineton. This order necessarily comes through Gen. Grant under the law of Congress, unless the President desired to raise the issue as to the constitutionality of that law and to give a new pretext for impeachment. There has not yet been taken from hioi the right to give orders to Gen. Grant, and through him to his subordinates. Gen. Hancock is not informed why or for what purpose the President orders him to Washington. We think it is to consult with him as to his reasons for desiring his removal, and the condition of his district. Very likely, and we trust it is so, he will be directed to return and command. He goes this evening, and takes with him only one or two of his staff. The senior officer in commission and in regular rank, as well as in brevet commission, is Brevet Major Gen. Buchanan, Colonel of the 1st Infantry, now in this city ; but he was assigned to duty somehow under his brevet as a Brigadier General, and not as Major General. Brevet Major Gen. Reynolds was assigned to duty under his brevet as such, and would seem likely therefore to have the command under the President's direction to turn it over to Gen. Hancock's "next in command.'' Under correct military usage, Gen Buchanan should be assigned to duty in his highest brevet, and with his lineal precedence, and take command. As he is now here and Gen. lieynolds in Texas, this would prevent a great deal of difficulty, delay and annoyance, besides the possibility that Gen. R. might hardly be able to reach here before he would have to go back by reason of the return of Gen. Hancock, or the assignmunt by the President of some other officer to the permanent command of the district. fe The amendatory reconstruction bill, which has iust become a law by the omission of the President to sign it, after retaining it for ten days, contains these provisions : 1. In all elections "hereafter" under the reconstruction acts, a majority of votes actually cast shall be sufficient to decide ; 2. Registered electors may cast their vote for or against the constitution in any election district of the State wherein he may have re - aided for ten days previous to the election - The proof of registration may be the production of the certificate or " affidavit or other satisfactory evidence." under such regulations as the district commanders may prescribe ; 3. The conventions may authorize elections for members of Congress and all State officers provided for in the constitution at the same time that the vote is taken on the constitution. A question might be raised whether the order of the late Convention, directing elections for officers under the constitution, which was made before the law passed which gave them the authority to do so, is valid. Indeed, the Convention had adjourned before the new act came into force. The subject will doubtless be referred to decision to headquarters, before any final determination is re - acted. The elections, if sanctioned must, however, be made under the directions of the order of the Military Commander. The Convention has no other power than to provide that they should be held. in the supplemental bill, to which this is amendatory, it is provided that: The constitution, when framed, shall be submitted by the convention for ratification to the persons registered under the provisions of the act ; All elections to be conducted by the officers or persons appointed by the com canding general ; and, To be held after the expiration of thirty days from the date of the notice thereof to be given by the Convention. The returns thereof to be made to the commanding general of the district These powers are continued in the commander of the district, modified in the particulars enumerated. The election must be held under officers of his appointment, the returns must be made to him , and, in accordance with the authority given in the Dill, he is empowered to cause the registration lists to be revised, as he has taken steps to have done in the appointment of boards for registration and for the conducting of the elections. The Stein way Pi anoo These justly celebrated and exquisitely toned pianos, which are said to be peculiarly adapted to the Southern climate, and which are warranted for five years, can only be purchased in this city from the well - known and extensive musical establishment of Louis Grunewald, 129 Canal street, right hand side going from the river. For real durability, powerful, brilliant, dear and sympathetic tone, elasticitv of touch and excellence of workmanship, 'these pianos stand unsurpassed. In proof of this it u only necessary to refer to the announcement which appears in the card of Mr. Grunewald. which appears elsewhere in our paper, that these pianos received the first prize medal at the London Exhibition in 1862, and a first prize Sold medal at the Paris Exhibition in 1867. (r. Grunewald sella at the manufacturers prices. By Telegraph. J Pasuca, March 15. The steamer Bell Lee will arrive Thursday night, and leave Saturday. , , , , A. ItcGrxx, Captain. Baton Rouge, March 16. To Goo. D Hite, Agent r The steamer - Frank Pmrgood will be fn port at 8 o'clock P. M - , and leave for Ouachita River, Wednesday, l&fc jnt. at 5 o'clock P. M. Jkq W. ToBur, Master. - Caboijha Cow Peas. One of the finest lota of Carolina cow peas wo have come across for many a, daT,t is lot of 500 bushels now hero offered for sals by Messrs. J. & Murphy dc Co 34 r P&ydra street, - These was are a elected, lot, of what is known as day peas airf ae worth a good deal snore than any Other kind in market ; Dealers and eoasamerV tjill please make a note of this and govsra themselves accordingly, v - .' - : UL - H. Il.t.NLULA. A.U HIS LATEST BY MAIL. Radical Opinion of the Supreme Court. Washington. March 12 Pnmv in r.h Chronicle to day, admits that the Supreme vuun wm ueciae mat me reconstruction act is unconstitutional, and adds : The deeree of the Supreme Court possesses no more value than the resolution of a town meeting. I propose to otfset it with the New Hampshire election, which possesses the value of being a higher power even than the St preme Court, with its political majority of one or two old men. Protest Agalobt Cottoa Seizure. Cincinnati, March 12. The conduct of the New York collectors, in seizins' cotton arriving there from Cincinnati, because permits cannot ue icrnisneu, nas stopped the demand. A meeting of the chamber is now in aesRion. and resolutions were adopted setting forth the lujueuce ana aueuraity oi such seizures. The Great Slate Trial. Richmond, March 12 The trial nf .Tffpr. eon Davis, which was to have taken place on the fourth Wednesday of March, was postponed by the following proceedings in Judge Underwood's court this morning. L'hittd istatet is. Jffferton Dacis. Counsel having been heard in this cause for the United States and for defendant, it is now ordered that said defendant have leave to depart hence until the fourteenth day of April next, at 11 o'clock, at which day and hour he is required to appear personally before the court according iu me con union oi nis recognizance. John C. I'nderwood, District Judge. W. H. Barry, Clerk. Davis, it is stated, would be in Richmond next week. British Points In the Alabama Case. Lord Stanley, in his speech in the House of Lords, on tne Alabama claims, took the following grounds of objection to the American proposition to include as a subject for arbitration the question of recognition of the belligerency of the Confederate States : 1. That the United States proposes to us a matter for consideration which is irrelevant to the issue. 2. That the irrelevant was one to be decided by considerations of state policy, and not of legal obligation, and therefore is incapable of receiving a legal solution. 3. That the United States Government, in their parallel cases, had absolutely refused to admit any responsibility for adopting a similar course, and that I believe no one would undertake to arbitrate a case so vague and indefinite. Correspondence Between the President and Mr. f tan b cry. The following is the correspondence between Mr. Stanbery and the President in relation to the former's resignation : Washington. March 11, 18f. M,: PresUUni When you tiret expressed to me your wish that I should engage as one of your counsel in the pending impeachment, I felt an embarrassment growing oat of my oltu - isl position. I have said that, although there was no legal incompatibility between my acting as your counsel in an individual capacity, and holding at the same time the office of Attorney General, yet as the duties of counsel in such a ease must engross all ray time during its progreea, my attention would necessarily be withdrawn for an indefinite period from the discharge of official duties. When, after further consideration, I continued to feel tbe force of the objection, and said to you I could not consent to hold any office and at the same time engage in your defence, you were further pleased, in view of the alternative, to reiterate your request that I should act as one of your counsel. I do not hesitate to meet your wishes or to resign my official position that I may perform a duty which, under the circumstances, seems to me of paramount obligation. I enclose my resignation of the office of Attorney General, and beg you, Mr. President, to notify me of your acceptance of it I have the honor to be, with great respect, yours, H. Stanbery. bel ly of president johnson. Executive Mansion, Washington. March 12. 1868. Hon. B. Stanbery, Attorney General : I - tr Sir I recognize the circumstances which seem to make it proper for you to resign. 1 appreciate fully your motives m doing so, and with deep regret accept your resignation as Attorney General of the United States. I am, with great respect, sincerely yours, Andrew Johnson. Military Item. Gen. Hancock this morning issued the following special orders : Upon the recommendation of His Excellency Gov. Baker, of Louisiana, the following appointments are hereby announced : Henry W. Miller and Solomon Weinschenk. to be members of the Board of Aldermen of the town of Donaldsonville, La., to fill vacancies. Elisha Spiller and John C. Graham, to be members ot the Board of Aldermen of Amite City, La., vioe William H. Wilder and Joseph Illy, resigned. . Rial A. Lancaster, to be Mayor, 8. B. Miller, to be Alderman, and William Y. Halbert, to be Marshal, of the town of Minden, parish of Claiborne, La., to fill vacancies. B. N. Forticr, to be member of tbe Council of the town of Carrollton, La., to fill a vacancy. Joseph Benoit, to be Constable of Monroe, Ouachita parish. La., to fill a vacancy. William Green Thompsun, to be Justice of the Peace for Ward No. 2, parish of Catahoula, La., to fill a vacancy. Temple S. Coons, to be Justice of the Peace for Ward No. 1, parish of Madison, La., to fill a vacancy. On accepting these appointments, the above named persons will forward to these headquarters a copy of the oath prescribed by law. J. W. Seaman, member of the Board of Registration, parish of St. Martin, La., is hereby transferred to the Board of Registration of the parish of Rapides, La. The following persons are hereby appointed members of the Boards of Registration for the parishes and districts in Louisiana respectively named : Bienville Dennis G. Morse. Caddo C W. Lowell. De Soto 8tephen J. Bull, vice Thomas Carey, declined. Maduon A. R. Hendry. PLaoyemine A. H. McArthur. SL Martix't - 4. B. Vandergriff. Orleans First District E. J. Jenkins, vice Roberts, declined. Third District H. D. Thompson. , New Copartnership. We are pleased to see that orrryoung friends, Messrs. L G. Berry and Peter Hart, have entered into a copartnership tor the purpose of carrying on the fancy and staple grocery business at No. 71 Camp street Knowing aa we do the character of the gentlemen, and their perfect fitness and capacity for the business which the have undertaken, wo feel no hesitancy in earnestly recommending them to oar own Citizens and - also to' ooontry headers. By reference to their, card, published in another column, it will bo seen that thsy will aelrver goods free of drsyago to all portions of the" dry, and pay special attention to filling eoao try orders.! . rs - ! f ys 'f . " Go to Chaadhn'a lumbar vard for tha thespeet and best lumber, timber, pickets. shingles, etc. From our Extra of This Morning. GEN. HANCOCK la Ordered to Washington by the President. Not Relieved frcja Command. Major Oen. J. F. Reynolds of Texas to be in Temporary Command. As will be seen by the following dispatch, from our Washington correspondent, Gen. Hancock has been ordered by the President to report at Washington. He starts this evening. This order does not necessarily nor of itself relieve him from the command of the Fifth Military District He is required to turn over his command, during his absence, to his next in command, who, it appears, is Brevet Major Gen. John F. Reynolds, who has the senior assignment to duty under a brevet as Major General. He is therefore next in rank. TELEaRAPHIO. Special to the New Orleans Picayune. WASHINGTON. Gen. Hancock Ordered to Washington. The Troubles in Tennessee. Thomas Instructed Not to Interfere Unless Requested. Washington, March 10 The President to - day issued an order to Gen. Hancock, requiring him to repair to Washington. This action of the President seems to corroborate the report, mentioned in the dispatches some days since, that Gen. Hancock would be placed in command of the Department of the Atlantic ; headquarters in this city. The expressed apprehensions of Tennessee loyalists that the political exasperations in that State would culmiaate in outbreaks requiring the intervention of Federal troops, have been the subject of correspondence between Grant and Thomas. The former telegraphed to the latter to - day instructing him to refrain from all interference unless called upon by Gov. Brownlow for assistance. The President declines to take action in the matter. - Lookee On. New Tork Associated PreBS Dispatches FROM EUROPE. London and Liverpool MarTrftiy New Tork Cotton and Gold Market. From the Southwest Pass. Southwest Pass, March 16, 11 A. M. Wind 8. E., fresh. Arrived . - schooner An dromeda, Laurent, master, four days from Havana, with molasses to Aug. Coutourie Sc. Co. Sailed : bark M. M. Bird. Franepobt, March 16. Bonds 7514 75 - . Liverpool, March 16, Noon. Cotton firm and more active. Quotations unchanged. Estimated sales, 12,000 bales. Washington, March 16. Official returns of the New Hampshire election have been received. Harriman's majority is 2530. London, March 16, Noon. Consols, 93; bonds, 7272. London, March 16, Afternon. Securities unchanged. LrvERPOON, March 16, Afternoon. Cotton quiet and unchanged; breadstufis, lard and naval stores dull. The ship Sandusky, from Mobile Feb. 8th, arrived here to day. New York, March 16. Sterling stiff, 110; gold 1393a ; Tennessee ex - coupon bonds 67; Virginia, new, 52, old bonds 110 ; flour unchanged ; wheat drooping ; corn favors buyers. Pork dull at $24 153 24 25; lard dull at 1134 ai5?kc. ; cotton firmer but quiet Mid dlings, 25 Vic, ; turpentine drooping, 57c. ; rosin dull and irregular common, $3 12 1 3 20. Sunday's Dispatches. Washington, March 15. The Tennessee delegation have no advices of unusual troubles in Tennessee. They think the scops of tbe Thomas - Grant correspondence is exaggerated and applies to local troubles, probably connected with revenue. Gen. Lorenzo Thomas says his pretended friend from Newcastle was most probably a Stanton spy. Thomas never saw the man before, whom he answered playfully that they would kick Stanton out Private dispatches are to be brief this week, to make room for the President's answer. The following startling fact is tent from reliable sources : Stevens's proposition to amend tbe Alabama bill by granting suffrage to all male dtisens over 21 years of age, creates consternation among Radicals. Several of the most prominent are endeavoring to induce him not to offer it, but he declares he will to - morrow, if tbe bill is before the House. Charleston, March 15. The Convention last night passed a liberal homestead law. Gen. Canby has issued an order providing for an dection on tbe ratification of the constitution, also for Congressmen and State officers on April 14th, 15th and 16th. Register lists are also to be reopened to give such as have not registered an opportunity to do so. Arrived ship Virginia, from Liverpool. Sailed Steamers Charleston and Marion, for Now York; steamer Sea GalL, for Baltimore, and bark Helen Sands, for Liverpool. Southwest Pass, March 15, 6 P. M. Wind 8, E , light Arrived - Steamships United States. Norton. from New York, merchandise and passengers to Wood, Low Sc Ludwigsen ; Cortes, Whitman, from Now York, merchandise sad pas. sesgers to A. Mdnlton. - Sailed Steamahine Geo. Waahiiurtan. tln Grant, I. C Hams and Fire Queen; ship Baden ; hark John 8 - Harris ; schooners Oriental and Planet . . Spoken oa 13th iaet, by pilot boat Gen. Jackson, 13 miles east by south front Sooth, West Pass, schooner Time Capt Moore, - two days fwrm - Pessaaofca, bound to 8t Mary's,1 Texas, AJ1 wsll r wished to be reported, u t z. 1 " - - - - - - ' The Alarm Utaana .WswoivT Vmttm r at flan Antonio is doing a fine business, r The Herald, says thai meoqtut timber nas been found to be tbe best timber in tbe world for some portions of vehicles, especially hubs. THE CITY. The Weather. The day is dark and gloomy and threatens, rain. The sky, early morning, has been overcast with clouds, with now and then an occasional burst of sun - shine. The mercury at 6 o'clock was at 77. Yesterday was a most beautiful day, wih a clear, beautiful sky and full of sunshine. Besides, it was cool and pleasant. Boy Drowned. About half past 5 o'clock yesterday evening, a colored boy, name unknown, about 6 or 7 years of age, fdl into the Old Basin, at the intersection of Gal vez street, and was drowned. The body was recovered and the Coroner notified to hold an inquest. Examination. The police officer Gleason is to be examined today before Recorder Vennard. charged with the shooting, with intent to kill, Mr. H. E. Butelle, at 122 Felicity street, on Friday evening. Embezzlement Case. The case of Thos. Harrison, alluded to in a former issue, and who resides at No. 13 8t Thomas street, charged with misappropriation of $8000 entrusted to him by certain cotton factors, will be examined to - day before Recorder Neville. Larceny. George Lee was arrested yesterday morning, charged with the larceny of a fine gold watch. When taken in custody the man acknowledged having stolen the watch at the fire on Magazine street Saturday night He was taken to the Second District Station. False Pretences William Baker and John Lewis were taken into custody last night, and will be arraigned to day before the Recorder of the ThircT District, charged by Charles Devins with obtaining money under false pretences. Rcn Over. Corporal Hunter reports to the First District Station that a child two years old wastrnn over and seriously injured, having both I legs broken by City Rail - road car No. 44. The accident occurred at 7 P. M. yesterday, in front of the residence of the parents, Mr. Gibbell, No. 301 Magazine street Accessory to Burglary. A man by the name of John W. Cambia was arrested yesterday morning, charged with being accessory to the burglary recently committed on the corner of Dryades . and Prytania streets. He will have an examination to day. The Meehan Perjury Case. Allusion was made several days ago to the arrest of Patrick Meehan on a charge of perjury. He was arraigned this morning before Recorder Neville, and sent before the First District Court in bonds of $2000, the prosecutor in the case being John Tobin, Esq., of the First District Recorder's Court. It appears from the affidavit made in the case that Meehan procured some time since the release on bail of a man named Galliherfcby going his security, and swearing that he was wortn over and above all indebtedness the amount of the bond. The man forfeited hie recognizance, and then it was ascertained that the security was insolvent Tbe man was therefore arrested, and the charge of perjury preferred against him. Chasoe Withdrawn. The charge against E. E. Douglass, of wounding with intent to a.ui t. o. aicaey UU aUO 1U1 OI aaarCB, WSJ also withdrawn, and the oase dismissed. Fires Sattjxdat Night. Allusion was made in Sunday's issue to the burning ot T. K. Price's tobacco warehouse, on Poeyfarro street, between Foucher and Magazine streets. It contained about 60 or 70 hogsheads of tobacco, and from 200 to 300 hogsheads of leaf tobacco, belonging to various parties, and stored there for compressing for Mexican markets. The building and contents were . entirely destroyed. Ixms, about $12,000. Mortuary Report. The total number of interment, in New Orleans reported last week by the sextons of the various cemeteries to Dr. G. W. Dirmeyer, Secretary of the Board of Health, was 83 of which 1 wag drowned ; 1 committed suicide by taking poison ; 2 died of old age ; 2 of congestion of the brain ; 10 of consumption ; 7 of various fivers ; 12 were 1 stillborn ; and the balance died of various ' ordinary disesses ; 45 were males, 30 females and infants ; 54 were whites, 24 blacks, 4 mu - 1 at toes and 1 not dassified ; 22 were under 1 year of age, 13 between 1 and 10, 2 between 10 and 20, 7 between 20 and 30, 10 between 30 and 40, 12 between 40 and 50. 5 between 50 and 60, 3 between 60 and 70, 5 between 70 and 80, 2 between 80 and 90, and three whoso ages were not reported. Recorder Neville's Ceart. Edward Maguire, charged with an assault and battery on Wm. Duffy, was arraigned and the case continued till March 23d, with bonds fixed at $250. Dan Dacey, arraigned on a similar charge, bad his case postponed to the same day, with bonds in a similar amount Billy Harrington is supposed to have been guilty of assaulting Mrs. Kate Sheehan, but prevailed on the court to grant him a continuance to March 21st, on parole. Mary Cunningham was required to make a . small pecuniary contribution to the dty, for " the privilege exercised by her of disturbing the peace thereof and doing , divers other naughty things. A similar penalty was awarded J. Wright . for the same offence. Park Went worth was accused by the officer effecting his arrest of disturbing the peace, and for such oftence Park was amerced in a small fine. Pat King also suffered in an equal amount for the same offence. Drunks and disorderlies as usual. Seathersi Pacific Railroad. We have received the following from the Vice President of the Southern Pacific Ril - . road Company, in relation to the affairs of the company s NOTICE. Marshall, Texas, Feb. 25, 1868. To the BteekhsMenet the Benihea Pacific Ball - road Oompaay: - ,. . At a meetiner of the Board of Directors, the enclosed resolution was passed, andthe Secretary requested to forward the, same to tha . stockholders. There will bo a meriting of the , stockholders ia Marshall, Texas, on the 30lh of March, to consult as to what can 1e done to prevent a sale of the road. Stockholders are requested to be present, and such aa can not meet, to forward their proxies. J. M. Waskox, Vies President. CIKCCLAJL. Marshaix, Texas, Feb. 25, 18C8. Te the Stockholder of too sontlsMa Pacific Bail - read Company i , At a meeting of the Board of Directors, held , m Marshall eo the 25th inst, the following reeolation was adopted i . . - Betobeed, That a circular be issued and sent to the stockholders of the eompaoy, informing them tas Judgments to a largo amount have been obtained, aad executions issued, in the 8tate of Iionisjama, and levied on the lease of - the end of the road in - that State, and the same Mverttsea tor sale oa too first ttetarday - in April next, aad request their oo operation - ks protecting the same from sals t and that the Secretary of the Company see to the execution of this reeolatiom. - J. M. Waskox, Vice President. ' - - ij I..., 8TJOAmv 8yeut and Molass es. Mossrs. Trufant dt Co., Nos. 128 and 130 Magazine street, are now ofieriaa; fee sale the following listx 20 hhda. yellow sugar; 200 bsds., 200 . half bbls., aad 300 kegs of choice syrup ; 300 i bbls., 300 .half bbls., and 300 kegs of choice rehoiled molasses, all at the lowest market figures. f 3 FV 1 1 i ( tt tilt r 1 Oil

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