The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1933
Page 8
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i*OE ElllIJT (ARK;I OHJKIKK {SEISG KIL1 Lift Principals in Some Famous Murder Cases. Physicians Turn Pnmilivc When Red Urge Mlirder Comes By XEA Service . Wh;n lire medical mind turns to! murder, strange and hidden paths to death might be expccled. The uiPdlcal familiarity wilh weaknesses ol the ties':', ths s;x-cbl k:m.vl- ed|;e of deadly clruas and ir . ntenl-3, add a lo-.icli of ^rur .ness when n professed !I-.M!C: ci;t lo kill. Yet. often :\s not, in the ved mo- mc-nt when comes (h? ur!;e to kill, the physician is only a man or a woman, tlie expert knowK-di;e ol his profession fall", away, und \:i- fcills like any common rul'.Ura'.. The slayin? of Mrs. Itlieta Wyile- koop in Chicago, wMch l:er mo'.iier- in-law. Dr. Aiica L. Wynel;ou;i. confessed, Is icinarkable ur. nnicli for the commonplace means ol conimtttiiif: it. and the clniiiv,- ':>Torts to hide il. as fcr its move horrlb'.e aspects. Slew Like Cununnn Tnujr Yet this is not ro' rcm:irkih> v.'hen other hatclied ir ' medical minds aro called up. No mnrc professlonal-luokiin physician ever practiced than Dr. - K. Wilrins o[ l.oiii; Beach. An apparently kindly »!•! of three-score year!, like 'an academician, ho t Ills wife to deal It. v.ith rht. b;lleve hU s-.nry , ' or;'ttt«ap«i8rs:. wbo im-iuii-d hi-; '»&fi8BHHp&' lic miml;r - Wiiilo '%raHiw|?kBa lak-n C-T- Inin prccdu^ipjKBtSHvraiipii!'; the hammer handler,avert- leaving iflh^ir prints. • whole triliiR was done in Ji:s! vicious way any plugii';ly i have done it. And when t!ie doctor, convict-.':! and awailin^ senlenc^ iu Mill? 1 : 1 .! jail, decided is end Ills own life, he admlniMcrcd no i.ccrcl potions, too); no scientific' way for his own farewell, but simply ::an-.;cd himself. lit-. Ailinlr WJIITI'II WuilO . • . veils pill ' ll ilr-:ilh nl Slotf Hint; for nilmhilslcriiiK ninl ei-niis to his iiaicnts-lii-hiiv. ._ ,-*j j termlned to play East for five l spades. I Hi'- !ed a small dhmoiid. wl-icii won In dummy v.-Hli ihe kiii'4. : rv-unii'-d 111',- scyjti ot dhimciHs ilr.;:n dummy and ivcn with tiit ncc-j , ll-j Uu:;:jicd ino Hire-/ of dtomvirls j in ilMiimy w:l:: the' Sevan o! spade.;.! li'-chur no-.v rctiirne:! p. small j lu-.nt fiom dinniyy. East discarded' ' '.:•:<• fc.-ur of elnbs. and .South | I lniiii|;i-il wlllt the six of spades. i The six o! clubs was returned and i in dummy with iii e ace. T.-.c' ii «i crliii;.* was cash?;! in dummy mid aniitiicr club returned. ..':i',!. linvlnu nothing ?]se l«f: I |v.;j-.. forced to trump mv.l did so, I'.ii'.li lilt t.iK'e of sjride.s. U:--l;irerI . fivi-:trimi|x-d with ire nlnii and' ' ili'-n led lln nine of di-nr.-. :K!', ( ,'.'(••.! pluyifl thr ten. bu! r.-i-.; v .-r;' •>:c:-4 n trum;). ; Ksst had not'.in;- but thr- c(ir_'?ii I in iir.-l -jiLjIil ol sp.idrs. while lie- ! ; i-ii.ur had -ace. kiny and Jack. 9-1. j nv;.rdlpis of what spade fCaH «•-i ; ti.rn:'d. the di'fliiini- win bound lo! . in.ike Ihe last three tricks, wl.ini i ; k-avc iiiin his contract v,-Hh :DI over-' trirk. i FRIDAY. DECEMBER i, io,;>;; = \VEEK1A' SUNDAY SCH001, LKSSO.\-'-= Paul !ti Ti-sl: Arts l!l:8-l!0 'I In: Iiili-riiiitic'ial Uniform Sull-j ilny Srhiiul I.I.-MIII for Dec. U. | IIV WM. K. CIl.KOV, I). 1). Kdiln t-i The (.'ur'!<v4;it!un:ilisl 'liie present It-s-ion, iliouyli il.s iv.MIS uceiiui-il in an undent jjiti, have u i:io'.li-rii il.ivyi und t .'[ipjiai'l^e.s f:o:iu' r,f our mctli-tji |:!lll>ll-ri.S. was I'aul'i custom, he made i lien ills- sjmi^i.jiio Hit i-eiiier of his il i.!:-ioiii ;n-;iv..y in Kphcsiis .'•:.-4 LI.S l:e \va.i i:Liinilud I" speak • ! nix- In-ely. I-'D; ilin 1 :-:- r.ijl.i to c;s;:-y on :ririi.;'.i-y, b:it by t!i:st lime his :'[ ;«.n.nts }iud siiricd up .s:i much (;.r.<j.itir,n that lij found il u(i- -;;::.ble lo leave ihi- :,yn:i}i0^ue ; lid i-ji'.ahlish his prear hiny min- i>iry. which i.ppuri-m'v was a !i:ini.siiy oi cOilvt-rsauoi Uj.-.'-.xn. in tli p ! rehccl in;:; 1 .;: t,f jr.;;re ^j'^tical cr frr.tidu- irnl le'-dtDc!?.. \s p hr.-:'- intcrcs'. in a nwi-uM.n 1 . aii c es from hnorant •0.3'. '.-• IIUSil .-'. Ifisil IILU'.SVl. 1 ;. : !i WLi'. :.r, he;-: ill Eiili-.-'tis. When i ." :r.e '-I ihf.e ;:;c[i>.' T'oi'iid Paul 1 i'-:i^ri:}'.:\\ : , miracles in ihe name :'! J.-.'.n . Uy.y t?:j:in !o practice a| :t,n of IncanMtion. e>:ercisin- cul j !;Sr;ts in l!:c- name of Ji-sus. i !'. il:cru -\as IID innnifcsta-1 of t!ie ..•>:!•!! of Jesus i!i | vcrk ni.-i tc'::t!iin;-. ! Announces Scries of Services at Gosnelt n/ijc "i. all llidr i effort lo hide Ihc cvi- oc cf */icir .ac/fc llr. S. Oliver Xcthcrton hi^ r :i life term for to itcaih hit wife. Chokes \Viilow to Death Dr. Ciiarles M. McMillan of l/w Angeles was found RiiiHy of another brutal murlcr in v;hich the £occlal knowledge of a medical ninu dirt not sesin to figure. The bo:ly of Mrs .Amelia Appleby, a wralt'py widow, was found by a roadside near San Fernando, .sewn in a canvas sack, the urina lied with surgeon's knots. S::e had been bcalfn^ciy and choked, and apparently thrown from an automobile, and Ml to :l;c of exposure. Dr. McMillan, as n retired tihv- Fician, hart been directing to!.• her personal and business nlfiilrs. and n \vill Incllcnlcd him as Mrs. Annkby's heir. Though he steadfastly ch'ii:,";! Hie - murder, so preat a maw of circiuii- slantial evidence piled up aaains; blin that even his'professional calm i:outil not save him. Nor was any more fine?*r evident in the murder of Dr. S. Oliver Netherton of his wife. Thev were Kansas farm folk, anil leek ur> truck and fruit fanning n' Qlathe when Dr. Kellirrton quit medical practice. Dr. Nctherlon, patient, practical and reflective. \vns well thought of in Ihc connm:in>:. • * • Wife Shot; Given Life One day Vs wife's brxly was found in the basement of the'.r home, pitc'-cd forward by 111? cellar stairs, (wo bnlle! In l:er head. A • jury did not bolievi- li!story of robbery, and he is servin? a life trrai, though many of hi' fellow-townsmen still refuse to believe this modlcnlly-lrained man stcoped to a pun murcler P.' the kind that any pn.ssing tram: 1 mhht perpetrnle. None the less, physicians there have been who used wit'r, deadly results the knowledge they i;aiu?rl as healers, and who tried to veil in the mysteries cf .science the suil' Ll'ev knew y,-as theirs. Dr. Arthi;r .Warren Waile. whos- life ended, in the chair at ^inj Sin? was such a man. Dr. Waitr was r promising young dentist, rapidly biiildin? a practice amon^ Ne-.' York's wealthy.- He was well-educated. p'- r « ! "hlc. a coming nnn He married well, uniting wllh MK Clara reck, beautiful daughter of J. E. Peck, a millionaire dru- manufacturer. Evcr.vlr.ins looked rcsi for the rising young dentist. n way as to make their deaths appear H was their $2,000,000 to which his wife, -.vuiilcl have been I'.eir, thai Watte wanted. Wife Marked In Die lie had planned further to miir- cier his wile in the same v,-ay later, mid, as heir to the Peck fortune, to ls:i sl!ll "inrc J"'.',e!.s and i:io:iey on another woman. His medical knowledge, abused In so dreadful a fnshbn, could not save lilm finm death In the electric; chair at Sln^ Sin?. Perhaps the arch medical nn:r- dercr of all time was Dr. Hawlcy llarvey Cripp™. He wan an American physician who married Hd'.» Ehnore, an nclress. They wem lo Loniicn lo live al Uilidrop Crescent. North London. Crippcn was -17. short. nii:l by nn rai-nns RODd-lookiim. liul he snDn tired of Belie, and won t'.v alfec- iiens uf a yuini; typist. Ethel Lr N'evc. Double Often Furnishes Key lo Making Difficult Contract Toil ay's Contract I'rohlcm Kl.\ lii-iirla liy Sniilh 1^ llui cniiti-iu-l. \Vhili- It pM.k» 113 I iiiif:..|i of lii'arts. llio i-au DL- ui.iiie. Iluv5r * U " 7 * K A -\ K Q S IXHIl L,l A -I 0 II V K. Q - ^c: . J:i * A Q K v A .1 i o i; 3 « A Q I 7 *-I P«»hl1 !l>ll J]l l.CVt |S^> i ?. r, :i 2 i Solution to Previous Contract Problem Hody Feimil In Oliar One day Dr. Crippen announced lo Miss Lc Neve and olhcrs that his wife hart gone back to California. So Mt;s Le Neve moved Into the house at Hilidrop Crescent as housekeeper. Friends of Belle Elmore were disturbed, because I'-ey could not in toiit-h with her in Califor-I cliamploiishlp loimiamriit nia. and were suspiciniLi of Dr. Ameriran Klder .lolin 1!. Huffman, who for! over 20 years wax editor and own- • H- of iipv-sp.-ini-i-s in Sikeslon. M u ! where he lives, but for the' 13 years lias devoti'cl Ills entire time to the «ospel ministry, will prvncli at flosncll. Art., for the iK'vt ir, ni:,'liis on sncclal snuiocts. .Saturday nicjlil. Dec. 2, "The ,1'ivp \VJM- and Five Foolish Virgins I nr.d the M-irriage Supix-r ol the Lrnnb." Rundav morniiiL'. Dec. :i, "The Two Witnesses of Revelation. 11th Chapter." Pun-lay tilRhl. KvanselLslic. Monday ni»ht. "Prom Whence Came Ooil :ind Ihc Devil?" Tuesday niuln. "The Difference Ih'lwccn C!oJ nnd Jesus Christ," 'n'lr mis-:rai work. Wcdm-Hlav nlghl. 'The Whole Armor of Clorl." Tluirfdny nl(!ht. "The Anti- ('lirisl and Hie Mark or the Beast." Friday niuht. "The Anli-ClirisL und Ihe Trioulalion Period." Sal unlay niRhl. "The Saved of Iho Tribuialion Period." Sunday night. Evangelistic. Monday night-. "From Whence the Neuro?" "Where Are the Dead?" "Who Are tire Peacemakers?' Tuesday night. Dec. 12, "What I.i the Church. Its Name and How ,D 3 1 Get lull It?" . All services at Pcntccasfnl mcct- i ij:s house. Meeting elase. 1 ; Sunday ni^lit, Dec. 17. EverytKKly invited. IlUicr Walks' 0 Miles BOSTON (ur»>—I.yniait Arnold, for M years an uriicr at Tiinity Church here, revealed rcenlly thai . . . -- lie had vnlkcd nine miles during a double was baccd on length -in | single fcrricc. accordins lo n pedi- spacies. ThcrefoiT, Mr. Halpln de-meter carried in his pocko;. litre, we lire told, he ' i.'a.soiiLMl" f';iily. And lor n man w!in^> niln- Slry was inusily, he .-.chieved tiie c;istinttio:i of two '<-nr':i .vctlU'iiienl in on:- place. 'I lie Influent-? of lii-i t-i::n;ict and 1 Mneii tf om :e.:;o:i is up I : v i'.h the "-lo:-..- of hcv. a mini, : month:: hei n:.-!ii. Hum v.i.oiu liiu LOUS of; this .-on or'Sc.-vu. r. Jcwnii piicst. rcught to cud o:ii the ' tjiirir, uirned i;i-cn llic-c Intv'iMcrs nn<i wotind- ui t!irm l:adly. Tl-.i- of this was ly crealc •ear :n-.d panic ,in tlie part o; the ijri:csior.s i;i:ri to win those who iu uis-j vtiv misled it the true lauh. Tyran- | "IK.::: who ]:r:ic iced magical ;,i ts r, nouiu-rd Ihci;- folly and brought "L'JC !:ai-n|:hcin.'l!» of ihcir magic arls lo ba di-stiayed. Manifestly, .some rather doub- l:il leK-.nn. 1 !, (.3 well as some very round oni-r, may IK deriv- the in.-ivltsii. The reuenl .. ,iusl have tec:i boiii deep :ind ex- j epidemic of l.o:k hiirni:i-j in Gcr- • - - '' 'ive. UnUou'-itdly •;'M Paul, so'Mint, his .iifiucnce were not c !Ci:lie'jtis alone. Hul. as itu- Ic.'.soii. t.ic whole ached by las leacliin^ ws and Gm-K< were nvcrls. lliiwlej- llnrrey t'ripprn . . a<lnihilsU're<l n mrc and f.itat ixiison (a H* tvlfr. properly reasoned thai Easl's IN EFFECT RAIL FARES . " '-ONE WAY AND ROUND TRIP ' Cripix-n's evasive answers lo llieir i a visit to my Rood BY \\XI. K. MrKKNNEY Serret:iry, Anu-rir:\n llrid-c League Iie;-enlly I was in Cfic.iijo ar- Ihe Wrstcrn Slates] of the queries. Yard. . and pa!<i frifnd Kouerl They called in Scoilar.d j w. Hatpin, pasl prcMrtent ot the lAmerk-an Uridge I«U:I:L' and the l mm-i.i-.iii ui Luyi: IK-;I^I:L- >i[]u LIIU But turanwiuie ur. uvipjinn van- I outslaudinEj plnyei- of Chicago. He ishcd, before Ihe cellar at Hi!!o"rop I i tns been laid up for m.iny \vreks Cre.=cenl yielded up |.:c frasmcnts' ult; '- » broken back. o[ a bSdy lhal had bren lhal of I wns pleased lo receive a leller a body lhal hid bren lhal Belle Elmore. Detectives, amateur aiid professional, swarmed over England look- !nq for Dr. Crippen. But (he first "tip" came from far out in I lie Al- lanllc. from the c.ip'.ain of llic Monlros?. He had become suspicious of a man and Us son who b^arrted (he steamer at Antwerp. By wireless the identification "f Dr. Crippen was made, and il-o "fon" «as shown to be Kthel Le N'eve in boy's clothing v'aptllrrct anil Hnnertl Tnsprrtor Dew of Ecollantl Yard I was pleased lo receive a leller . from Dob. tcllinj me lhat he ex-; th; Laurciille. ' a faster Poisons l*arcnls-in-I^w The bride's parents came to visit the young couple in New York. Bn> soon Mrs. Peck died, apparently e' Brlghl's disease. Dr. Waite dutifully, accompanied the body back lo Grand Rapids and arranged th- funeral. Six weeks later. Peck died too. Ascain Dr. Waitc wenl in Grand Rapids, and suggested cremation. Bui a mysterious warning to n member of Ihe familv siigD/e-i'.cci that an autopsy be performed. P said. "Suspicion aroused. Demand autopsy. Do not reveal telegram." It was signed K. Adams. And K Adams happened to be the name of a u'chian murdered by poison In a famous case years before. Somebody remembered that. , So an aulops,y was performed, and arsenic found In the stomach of the dead msn. Dr. Waltc was arrested, and In court under oath he told a revolting story o[ administering both poisons land dlscis- «f!mis to his iuwiiU'itf law in »ui>j. . ' ; hl]i l v an Ihe Montrose.' and caucht Crippcn iK-fore he lan<led in America. Examination of Ihc frai-nen- .ary remains of Belle Elmore's body buried brirath :\< v f|av:s:o:iei in tlie cehar of Dr. Crippon's home, ro- vealcrl Iraccs ot a rare pD'.son. And when a druaglst leslificd lhat Dr. Cnppen had bought such a pol- the }| S was up . between ALL POINTS ON ALL RAILROADS in Weilcrn United Stales up scon, ami sorting - -• -•*•• [peels to rrLiT' i ™ : " 1 " t;y folm(1 tllnt Dr 'n'.e today's Inlrrostlii, hand/wl v"®?< ," a lr 1;:0 ""l V S " ifC ' <1 °- i"c r "' ll '-< 1 I'nvlnt'pLivrf in !->.raiely and carefully dissected ' i nst duplicate game. " his ,. j ,,., v , LIII L iiiii^ UlNSCLlCtl 1 the body in the- cellar, b'unied most! E\ery of it iiirf"Vii,V-"j v ii -'""^ "»-«>» i f\-cry lime South rcbid fp.ides "icih nn r d , rCn "" Ktorlr -' lle ™> endeavoiins to sicn ihe «K Hn-d " ' Cvi i'P- n ,lianri off. but naturally North, aftor " j getting a first hand bid from hi: i partner, was not goin^ lo let the bidding die at less liiau a i contract. The Play West's opcnins lead was the Jack A lease lor 20.5SI years held ui a farm In the old parish of K!i-:-:h:!!, ScolLincl. is witlioul pni-- -"•': il -A.IK drnwn tip 200 yearo 150 and when the pmernmeni at- °' hcarls - As Soulh held a singlc- ifter ihe 1145. the declared Ihc to contlscaie tlis "la'n'd " Jacohile Rcbrtllon cf :hfn Scottish court Icise to tc valid. Cfmrtrr Nfwi Wnnl ton heart, he went right up the Irlck with the ace. E.isl could see no reascn for shlflln?, so he returned the queen of hearts, which South trump:-d wilh Ihc four of spiules. Romh | in llic cnlirc territory west an norlli of (".Itirngo, St. Louis ar llm .Mi^i^ippi Hivrr througli lo tlie 1'acilic Const, inrliiiliug also all poinl, on certain railroails in Illinois, Mississippi nnil the wcst- I crn [i.ivlj of Jiiiliniia, Knntucl;j, iincsrro. Alabama imd I'loriila., SLEEPING AND PARLOR CAR CHARGES REDUCED 1/3 (l/j- cfiniirintfcin of the surcharge) The new liases nf f arcs . , 1(w ;„ pff,,,,, cvery j a liotweoii all |,,,i,, t ,. arc ;1S I0 |l ovv .; : ONK WAY TH'.KiCTS- l'-f a "»'<-• i" co.iclic* anil cliair cars— '"'A'.^ ri'ittiction. • I,, 1 ", '" "H classes of ccpiiptnent— ' .it% reduction. ROUND TRIP TICKETS— 2f a mile carh wny, sliorl liinil, in all classes of i-,|nip,nr-nt— lt%% reduction. 2',^ a mil.' pacli way, limj; limii, i,, a ]| clafscs of iTjmpnieiil-JOVi^, n-duclion. Every Travel Couiforl— JNc.iv Economies Hlicsr <?i-.i5(ic cuts in rail fares provide new Inw cosia in Iravrl . .. the existing luxury, comfort anil higli Man.lards of service will lie fully maintained. ' Ask .-In.y Agent /or Retails miiiiv iX'Op:L'|i.iany. and c!:.rr book burnings come lo that IKIV: o',;nrred durina Ihe ork and lennirlr-s .sine;- Ihe* cvails in to.Enliesu:;, remiiK! us that this never fair ov effectual way oi warn -,va.:i lins U|)oii ideas. I IT.F. a plorificd coiu-eplion of Ih. 1 eliiirch n.s u -jrcai household, ut vl.lch Gt,d is tilt head jnd ut v.-hich all disciples me fc!lc,'.v r,embers. It is in Ihe si* cliao- IL-IS of Ihc K;ji?l!e lhal one LC.---.I cm iiK-afiire t!:i' fullne:/; of wlial )\-nl tonyht. to l'-acli und i!u. Expedition to Trace Famous Old Trade Routes CINCINNATI. O. iUP)~An. expedition t» U::)!l(.il laii'ls 10 (raio L^.e oiice-\vci!'.hy uade rouies !>•i-Acen Damasciii and Arabia is planned by Dr. Nelson filiic:k. professor of Scmelic lan^ux^es at Ik-brew Union CDl!c;;e. Ti'.e arch- i^olciyical exp^lilin!!. Dr. Ghieck i'.opcs. will be made in I-'ubiu.u-;. Over tl;o Damascus-Arabia ro.ile; .sh:itllcd l'.:c ricli commerce of Palestine and the Orivni, 'two thoi:s- anil years ago. They lie in Tra:is- j'jrdania, hounded on the east by Ihe Jordan River and Syria and Syria and Arabia on Ihc west. Much of t:e land now is barren wasle, extending from the gulf to Arabs?, lo (he .southern lip cf the Dead Sen. The expedition will be financed jointly by the Hebrew Union College and ihe American SehoU of Orleiua! Res:-aro!i fit Bagdad. NSWERS nii'l both The v.-ork of. t'aul in Ephesus his rested upon a much more solid lonndation than repressive measures :-.nd book bimiimr. and il is 11 is In Ihe nature ol ;-.ny new a lillle unfortunate that the pas- ic'hhi-! or m:".ement in attmct inec chosen ft-, the lesson does llself not oii'.v the :,:i cind|):ol suggest ths full inesl uecple of ojien tnind, but, cf Paul's EpheFbn min'islry. 1 One must r;-nd In connection with the lesson Paul's Epistle to the; Ephc'-imis. Kere. in tiu letter lhal Pf.'il '.vrotL- Ironi his imprison- snenl at Home one can measure Ihn (jrcatiicsji if !iis spiritual conceptions and Ihe deplh of his influc-nce as he proclaimed Ihe ;rf-al pcsitive realities of Chris- Lin f.iilh and cxi:sri;ncc. Here. also, iu thf Epistle one Sir James Barrio is r-.ti KN(1- l.lSIt AUTHOR AND DHAMA- T1ST. There arc T1I1HTKKN rivers loiiRcr than Ihc Mississippi. KIOV WEST, FLORIDA, is tlio sonlriermuy*! i'tv in iha UnilcU Slates. Colds M Hang On IJon't let lh:-m set a strangle hoitl. I-lglit genus quickly. Creo- 'riulsiori combines the 7 \KS\ help-; l-.nov.-ii to modern science. 1'ower- ;'.il hut harmless. Ple.isant lo take. No narcotics. Your ov:n dnigcjist ;.' aulhoiiz'.d (o refund your monev •1:1 the snot if your co:i«h or culd is not relieved hy Creomulsion. Adv. G. G. Caudill Gcneml insurance 10IS N. Ifroailway I'hone 797 |TZF Last Time Today SATURDAY MAT. oi N1TE—Iflc - 2'ic OXY (1 riday & Saturday i\i;it. 2:30, 10-25C Nile l!:.15, 10-2. r 5t; 11ANDOI,!'!! KCOTP and' JUDITH AI.LBN in fl\' WOULD YOU BRAND THIS WOMAN HERD' SRKIAr, an<l CARTOON Sunday • Monday | .MAT. anil Nile—lOc - 2i>c r™ Max Werner7 Comedy AH Children Sc—l-'ront 11 to Matinee 2:SO—lOc - 2">c NiK'ht G:,!f,_lOc - 35c •«ilh Jack Oakie Jack Haley Gregory Ratoff Picttnns Sisters *"d the Hundred Hollywood Hentyi Ciirlonn - • Coniedv Tke'li'itlc Napoleon' nj f 'high-finance inns o igger ( Jkan^the Inw. SUNDAY - MONDAY NIGHT— lac The King KISSED and DIDN'T TELL what her lips betrayed With GEORGE E. STONE PJHLLIPS HOLMES FAY'WRAY 'Minna Gombcll, ftegiiinld Owen, *Lillan'i'_Boml," 'Reginald Masoni'Sam Hardy,'. Lucieu Littleficld '^Directed by Gtorge ATckainlaud,'. ',SamtielBischoff,afsotiatepmliiccr. NOVKt.TY RKKI, COMEDY '<^z rf w^eM MY LIPS BETRAY wilh JOHN BOLES HI BRENDEL .& Maude Eburne Irene BfOwne Henry Stephenson D'/.citrfbr John Blytlonc Fon l k tp'D/ !> e , irorei" bf All PA HA,MOUNT NK\VS LAUREL & HAKDY COMEDY is Hroiidcasl IXiily Over KI.CN ju 12:20

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