The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1937
Page 7
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J5, BLYTHKVILLB. (ARKJ COURIER NEWS • - EIFI pi! Stores Are Full Of Things They Won't Buy For Themselves 11Y MARIAN YOI1NU Nli;\ Kcrvk'o Staff Correspondent NEW YORK.—A luxury present is anything the recipient wants but wouldn't consider buying for himself. Everything being relative, It's reasonable lo assume that In order to come under the heading of luxury, o present doesn't necessarily have to cost a smell fortune, be imported from some remote Kjiol on the other side ot the world or lie an heirloom that h;is been In ycur family for generations. A single handkerchief, line and soft and hancl-einbroldered, is a luxury gift for a woman whoso handkcrctiefs arc prclty everyday-' Hi!. A liny bottle of rare perfume is n luxurious thought for one who is a perfume fancier—this no matter hew much perfume she nl- rcpdy has. Kroiii fill's lo jewelry, (here are thousands of luxury gifts from which to pick and choose. But legaru'Icss of how much you have lo spend (also regardless of how many limes you've heard this), lorcthouoht. good lastc, careful .'hopping and Christmas spirit, in tile true sense oi the term, arc wonderful .substitutes for more than a minimum of ready cash. So it's possible to give luxury presents wtelher you have money or not. rri.;nal Adnnnncnis for (ho Women For women, fine housecoats arc luxuries. Even (hough she hns several, she'd like another, especially if it's a tailored number ol black velvet with notched lapels, « wide bolt that makes her waistline seem ever so tiny, and a llarcd skirt. Flannel bathrobes, cut on housecoat, lines, arc highlighted. Hnndsome negligees (how about one with a short train?), dripping with iace, are worth considerable consideration. Chunky gold pewelry is something she didn'l waul and which you couldn't have found last Christinas. This year shc'il love n wide gold bracelet and matching earrings or a matching necklace made of six or seven slender Cold chains. In precious jewelry, look at pearls or nibies. There's a defi- iiilo trend''Howard yellow gold— away from platinum. Earrings toko ilia, spotlight once again. A short, boxy evening jacket of rilver fox would be a pretty handsome expression of your esteem. Every woman wants a bit of fur for Christinas, and whether she gets a pair of black gloves with Persian lamb cuffs or a full- lengUi evening capo of snowy ermine, she's eoing to be proud and pieaseci. i* « * ISIorc Feminine Delights Among oilier new gifts the most important woman i n your life will like are: a fitted alligator day- lime bag with satin lining, containing compact, lipstick, sewed in clianpc purse, mirror and compartments for cigarettes and matches: a dressing gown of finest Shetland wool, handmade, of course; a inariboii berl jackcl in a luscious shade of hyacinth blue; a wide, crushable belt ol softest kicl- Mn with sterling silver buckle; m.-.ies .with Jewelled heels; an enormous- bottle of her favorite perfume: a- purse-like overnight bag. completely filled I Ibis looks ex- aclly like a very large handbag); .lamps of gleaming crystal for her (iresfing table. Also, on evening pouch ol needlepoint with n doeskin vanity sui-S a iitlfe jewelled perfume .Hiicon inside; an umbrella with needlepoint, cover on the han- dli'. ft writing cnse . which resembles p, email, Hal suitcase—com- pbleiy'.equipped with address and r.otc iK-oks, blotters, letter paper, nml KO oil. Especially nice for tho traveler wjio writes en route. Furthermore? snake/skin gloves with bleached pigskin palms; a Wilted bedspread cf rosy peach velvet with negligee to match; a full-length, evening wrap of snowy lambskin; stockings In. a new mahogany shade; black ivonl Jersey lotnging pajamas with a sliort- vcri pullover of black paillettes; blue sapphire thistles (for car- iing."): rhincstone stnrs for her Vair; a waistcoat of black suede; |»!tcrnocn ciovcs of black crepe, tmbrcidercd in gold bends; a 50- oimcc jug of lightly scented cologne; n giant box of balli powder with a down puff as large as n dinner plate. Men Easy to I'lcasc. I r the men ou your list :,porU-mindtd individuals. pir.S for luxury gilts for Many Attractive Gifts For Young Ladies Canuhersville Society ~- Personal She's teppy because SanU, Claus brou-U her a !»a,rtl( 0 l. cru.h-resis.ant house coat in sapphirebho velvet «Uh a shde la.tencr up the front and ermine u.lte at the V-ncek. She .tlso G ol a B ™d»ul«l link chain necklace and bracelet in gold plate, velvet, cvcnlni: bag with compact, in tin- ton and u bed mtli duiltcd velvet heat! board' and bedspread In turquoise blue lo match Ihe' cent \ For a youiij? girl . . . an assortment of jewelled charms to go on her bracelet. For HIM . . . sfven handsome briar pipes in a sumptuous case ... a cigarette rase and lighter combination with tiny watch >ct in the enamel . . . and, if he's 2 frrrszman. luxurious suspenders of woven [ilk vrilh horsey motif. Mlw AUIIoun, Hostess (u Club Mil's Jjcthd Mnllomv was hostess o the rnpjiibm of Ilio Lucky Nine bridge ehib Monday evening. A lljhled Chrlslmiis Irec and olher ilocornliciDi ,, s WC || as t| 1(! bl .,. lB( , liilllcs carried out (he Chrlslmils motif. Mrs, iinrold i>oph am received 11 imwivon set lor hl«h score and miss Kll«ibclli Fields brldaocd und received n shoe tag. I'lnns won> made lor Ihe Chrlslmiis dinner H-liMi (he i-liil) holds caeh yonr mill names were drnwn for Ihe exchange cf <jlfls. Holds CJirhlmas J'urly Mrs. C. Cl. Sliepard WHS hostess lo the members of Iho i>u 5 t Ma- Irons dub lit her home Monday <!ve,iiliiK. cijn-isimiis decorations were used Ihrouijhoul tho house. After a ihorl business session the program committee, composed of Mis Essie Jolmslon, Mrs. Moun Helm mid Mrs. Howard Cunnhm- liitm. directed several games. Cilfts were exchanged nml Mrs. Howard Cunningham, who has n birthday (his mcmlh. received a gilt from Hie i-lul). Christmas I'arly Chnplcr DM of Ihe p. K o. yls- lorhood «\-is cnlcrtuliicd Monday evening by Mrs. N. c. Hawkins nt licr home. Th e hostess served u dellcicus three course turkey dinner ut six-thirty o'clock in Hie mellow glow ot t-nndlo light ul Die lurgc dining (able. Miss Mury Ellen Horner gnve n tnlk on "G'hrlsdmis In Coloin''.il Days'". GJfls were cx- c!mii"cd by tha members nml ciicsls. MIT. Hatlle Crockett. Co'"»'«» Mo. and Miss Miiry Elixa- bi'lli IMicrly were guests 'for the evening. I Miss Mnrv EHr.iballi Dougherty spent Saturday In Memphis. Misses Iva Wallncc mid l.elle liickus cf Kciinelt, Mo., spent Friday afternoon und evening in this city .und ntleiuled the Christmas I ) pni'iule. I PA6&.FIVB Game of Skill HORIZONTAL i Gnme ot ikll!, pictured here. G tt pieces and t are the tncji in tho En me. 10 Assam silkworm. llHejfon. 12 Flits. 13 Prophets, 15 Night before. Ill Arid. 17 Southeast. 18 Senior. 10 Sound of inquiry. 21 Ukc. 22 linked meat. 25 Fight. 2H Dnd. 30 Inn. 32 Sound. Antwtr WMIBtO iii lion SFobaceouj tree. 12 A champion of this game. 14 To arrange methodically, 15 Sun. 20 Derby. 22 Border. 23 Humbugs. 21 Moldings. • 2i Dispatched. 26 Golf club, 27 Kettle. 0 ' the some type 33 Form, o! no, cl board os 35 ^ uls »''• T 36 One who n Sailor?. :»7Mii|e cal. .W Soulh Aincrlcii. 41 Musical note, 42 Stomachs. 43 CUCKOO. 45 Bring!) forth VERTICAL young. 2 To hoist, 17 Daln. 3 Gaelic. 49 To make Him, < To drlnU 61 Ovum. slowly. „„,_. fi2 Out of oi-d«r. 5 Hindu trcall»c. 47 Verb. MMoolcy upple. fl p»ssei'-by. 48Ti-ec. 55 U was first ^ f<j tm O j "be." 50 Motiijrcl. played. Ui Hie 8 Obnoxious M Preposition, plunl. 53 Souihciist. 39 Scope. 40 Sandpiper. 42 Wise men. 44 Crippled. 46 Ever, , Misses Daisy Kerstner «i«l Llllia' ivllh his brother nilev n n,i »r.., ' „ Zuber o[ I'oplnr Bluff, Mo., spent Knight ' ' ^ ns B |ics! « of hor nanmls, Mr. Sunday lisre ns giieste ot Miss Jo riliurL »,,oi . . »"d Mrs. A. T..Jici»ton. Their son Jmln. " °'""" ' tnnn""' 1 ! 0 *! M i CC ° y> wll ° lms ljcm Bobw °' vvll ° 1)(ls *P»'it «io past rf-Asys trus avs sS-™'-" =.'"=-•- <In.Vj.ln Memphis. . I M ... ,,, „ „ , , -.;-.>._ _ . ' . . I Mis. w. P. nobertscn and »o:i. SIWIH Tuesday in Memphis niul Mr. 1 - ' for Ihe baby . . . Ijtnny In ;i green velvet fluffy LONDON (Ul>)—All experimental telephone-television service may bo established by the British post Esro olhcc early noxt year, post office :.>o']!'n Dale relumed Sundiiy from Bcrnic, Mo., where he Imd spent Ihe past week ns Ihe guest, of his brother. Alfred n«le. | Mrs, Sam Dickerson and duugli- I lers, Doris Jiine antl Siimmlc Ijeiih, left Saturdny for their hom c iu Orecnvllle, Miss., nficr spending the .past two weeks here ns uucslr. of her parents, Mr. und Mrs. Fre-J Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Joe WyaU und son. Tony, spent Sunday in Campbell with (heir parents. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. und Mrs. Les are extending their re- fnrch work, and cables capable o/ carrying both phone conversation and television are being laid from London to Northern cities. Hopkins. Mr. and Mrs. w. D. McKlycn and £00, Gene, scent Sunday In Campbell. MO., us Buosls of relatives. Mr. mid Mrs. Gage Knight r.pcnt the week end in Homersvillc, Mo., Witeat. rye, oats ami rice- America's most important crop, excepting corn — nil came- from Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY & GUAlfANTKKU" Ssfc, norn and w |(h lew discomfort. All iliscajts »nd conditions of nervous orjjtln, foot ailments and «Wn onc«rs trtated and cured »t oar clinic, ' DRS. N1ES & NIES Oslccpithlo. Pbysicluu 511 Main Phone 98 BrlhtvUle, Ark. u ,, VUbftn 81MIA (TO) - Lcomrdi uid HlmSlaynn bents ate causing terror throughout'the villages of tSe Unlv«rt Provinces oJlndia, Several villagers, including women and. children, have been mauled by ttw innrauillni; anbnals. Buppcrted by six • companies,- a now type of insurance designed for si!r travelers ha? recently been announced. Th« insurance oifcrs .0 individual passengers Ihe samu typo of coverage available for other methods of travel. Harvey Stewart Dr, p. A. Robiruon STEWART-HOUINSON Hucrecih CHjr Unig Sloi* Wo Specialize in PRESCRIPTIONS Medicinal wine & Liquors 2014 W. Main phono 20 * PRESTONE * ANTI-FREEZt * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS Complete Stock Prompt Service To All Makes of Cars TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 2'1 Hour Service Call 633 (I Everything for your enter tninment and comfort. Weds. - Thurs. ft ClflR£HC£ BROWS Production I No Pichire Has Evw , Elghl-day leather travel elocli, Opening ami clusing U clues Ibc winding job. :ide. The most luxurious snspetiJ- ;rs arc made of finely woven Bilk, muted with various sjjorls figures —horses' heads anrl horseshoes, for nslance. An unusual feature are '-he fine chamois tabs on violin >tring cords. A new pigskin accordian brieC- :ase is divided into indexed com- Jartments to make a nice gift for he man who takes frequent biisi- icss (rips. I'igskin travel boxes, ncluding a jewel vr.fp wiLli sued-.: lining, a collar holi.'n (with comparlment for studs* and lOilct case \vilh walcrprcof lin .re luxurious indeed. Al:o far HIM . . . pigskin tiavtl boxes with white saddle tiitchmg. Thr. accoriiian brier- ca^-c iu divided info indexed compartments. black moire sU5p2nders (if he lias a dinner suil, but no lails. Cr else: An exposure meter '.if he has a camera); washable playing cards in a transparent case; sterling .silver cigarette box; r. t;iU !io:\ of one dczcn golf bulls; pongee colored silk pajamas; graj pleated bosom shirt with detachable while collar; leather fcell with leather-covered buckle; two huge bailr, of colid walnut ilnsk- endsJ; a desk barometer (if he i SIRS fishing, golfing or hunling weekends); dark brown balli low-j cl~. enormous, rough and mono-. grannncd in while; sweater with I suede leather front. shop- Iheni bo a simple matter. The In World nf OaclRCls The height of luxury would Ins i lianrfsoiiic fitted case, of' golden leather, with the liuinrjs in liicir own. separate compartments, tjuite ipirt from suit compartments. You inigiit consider; {llamonU itiids antl cufl links (if you are very rich) or moncsrEimined platinum ones. Even crystal studs make a luxurious gift for the. roan .vho ras just bought tails and iophat. AH types of evening jewelry, including a thin gold watch. arc definitely in the luxury cate- ?ory. Also: o'e luxe brushes, a candhi are I camera; R inimldcr and pips rac!: C'bililrcu of Luxury For children, there are luxury Bills galore: Little Mary wcul'.l love a fuzr.y white bunny which a'comes in a larae green velvet cnb- a|l«it;e; a laiiy laic doll named Snow WWlc iind dressed in lallcU-i .-,!:»(, with a lilted velvet bodice; note paper with fairy lule characlcir. in walrr color on the of bleached maple; an onyx ash tray tor his desk; & water set, In- eluding leather-covered thermos man who does a-shooting go al-1 jug and two small matching ways v.-ants another gun. If lie I glasses, also for his desk; binoc- Itkes lo fish; a few of the newest, nml very best, dry flies will be appreciated. Especially excellent this year is a tackle Ixix. filled with a wonderful collection of dry Hies, a good reel, bait can, sinkers and such. bbrdcrs; n tiny rlectfi; :,love she can make tea for her dollies, with r.iolher standing clor.c hv, of course). Tor little brother, consider: an i'.BtomcbllR building st:t (l:i; run turn out a fleet of little rare with Hire); a sporls sst, including fool- ball, baseball and Boy Seoul cqnipmcnl: a i-.ook v.ilh a picture r.f every North American animal in it; n small camera. TR-O mvn wrrr? torn on Feb. 12, 13C9. cii-h destined ' to follow a separate'n lo fstr.c. Lincoln took up the cause of modern man- Darwin rtcvotid liim.-elf to ancrstors of preliislortc eras. ulars df he has a bcal. travels on boats cr lives \>y the sea In Hie summer lime); an elegant air pis- lol (for target practice in Ihe basement, gameroom or attic); a 4-ounce fly rod; a flue camel's hair vest. I ff iiis chief hobby Is just a-set- Or: slippers of leather and Bed-. tin', he'll be happy with a de luxe I ford cord, that flexible and Idig- pipc set which includes seven ' wearing fabric used for ridlns beautiful pipes, attractively pack- ibreccties; shoe rack to be nailed «I in a box which can serve as alto (ho tack of his closet door pipe-rack, too. imade of boot leather straps); eve- The newest pocket ltelvt*r lor ning suspenders (If he has tails), men lias a small watch on the top or plain whits moire silk; narrow' QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest pviccs on poultry at all times. SAVB 5 MONEY AT $ Phone Si H8 W. Main RECORDS ill the hands of Oldsmoblle owners ns well us records nt the General Motors Proving Ground show that Olclsinobilo for 1038 is sotting all-time highs in gasoline economy. This economy is the direct result of features as: 1. Vacuum Fuel Saver. 2. Automatic Choke. 0. Electro-Hardened Aluminum Pistonc. 4. Down-Draft Carburctlon—nnrt other money Raving Innovations, Sco your Oldsmobile dealer for rt trial drive Hint will open your eyes to something sensational in day-to-day driving economy. For si/nor-ccon- omy, drive an Oldsmobile with Hie Automatic Safety Transmission—offered as an optional extra on all models. wHJt ftniuU OHM. «fei Mnfoi. Rwy stiphtiiii, Ult Etlkion. t)>n< M» WHltJ, C UWY G«d«. VtMrJr Mttott Also Paramount Ncira Admission M,ttinc« Ifc & 26c Admission Nights ICc & 3Go ROXY Admission Always lOe & 26° Show t«ry night. Mutlnew Fri-. day, Saturday & Sunday Only. Friday & Sunday Rfstlnws stall 3:15 p.m. .Saturday (JoUinuous allowing from I to USD p.m. Night shows start 6:45 p.m. Weds. - Thurs. Tue.-Wed.-Thur ? Adulfs Admitted for Fricc of 1 HE'S THE PRIZE DEFECTIVE OF THE WHOLE POLiGt FARCE! 307 E. Main LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Phone 329 stoning HUGH HERBERT ALLEN JENKINS • MAHC1A RAISTON K K>< t, WB LM B>t«<l . SCTH: Rq h Crtr^ trtd« . u»K i rnt iw*^ nrtv* » rr««iMi)j iinu Also selected shorts,

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