The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 11, 1954 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 11, 1954
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLTTKEVILL1 (ARK.) COURIER ICEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11, 1954 FinalCease-FireTakesEffectinlndochina Br JOHN RODERICK SAIGON (AP) — The fifth and final cease-fire in Indochina took effect today, officially ending the world's last active war. But the peace stirred no fanfare in this capital city of South Viet Nam. Commanders of the French Union troops and the Communist-led Vietminh ordered their opposing forces to lay down their arms in South Viet riam at 8 a.m. The order was mostly a formality. Fighting had tapered off since the cease-fire became effective two weeks ago in North Viet Nam. The Geneva agreement to end the eight-year-old war called for truces in five stages to enable the Vietminh to get word to their scattered guerrillas. After the North Viet Nam cease- fire July 27, the armistice reached Central Viet Nam Aug. 1. It became effective in the kingdoms of Laos and Cambodi Aug. 6 and 7. Today in this city of two million French, Vietnamese and Chinese, police and military stood at the alert to counter expected Vietminh demonstrations. Armed with tom- my guns, they kept a watchful eye on pedestrians and motor traffic. Military helicopters hovered low. Otherwise, the cay seemed like any other. It was no holiday and there were no outward signs of either rejoicing or sadness. The final truce today in South Viet Nam marked one of the few periods when the world has been free from full-scale war since Dec. 9, 1934, when Mussolini's Italian troops clashed with Ethiopian soldiers on the frontier of disputed Somaliland. Under the Geneva agreement, • Vietminh bands operating in the j south are to withdraw into specified pockets and then be evacuated to the north. The French, meanwhile, are withdrawing their forces from above the 17th Parallel, which will divide Viet Nam. At Tansonnhut airport, a few miles outside Saigon, French planes kept up their daily shuttle trips to Hanoi and Haiphong, bringing thousands of straw-hatted refugees to new homes here in the non-Communist south. French authorities said the planes are ferrying 3,300 persons a day. Preparations also are moving ahead for an American fleet to help move the several hundred thousand Vietnamese who want to get out before the Hanoi-Haiphong area — last French holding in the north — is turned over to the Vietminh. Yesterday Rear Adm. L. S. Sa- bin, commander of U.S. Amphibious Forces in the Western Pacific, examined dock facilities in Haip- hong. An unspecified number of American transports already are standing of Haiphong, waiting to start loading. Moving and resettling the refugees is the most pressing problem that the peace has thrust on the anti-Communist South Vietnamese government. But it also faces a constant threat in the Communists' attempts to make inroads in the Vietnamese army and spread propaganda among the civilians. The Vietminh aim is to capture countrywide elections the armistice agreement provides will be held in mid-1956. Reports from independent sources say desertions from the Vietnamese army have mounted steadily since the Geneva settlement. Senatorial Candidates Nominated in 3 States DYESS NEWS Mr*. J. E. JACOBS Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Love celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Sunday at their home in Dyess. Mrs. Love, 69, was the former Miss Leaner Thompson. The couple was married in St. Jose, Ark., Aug. 2, 1904. Mr. Love is a retired farmer. Open house was held from 1 to 5 p.m. Their children, Mr. and Mrs. Lois Love of Leachviile, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Love of Texarkana, Mrs. W. 3. Wilhelm of Baltimore, McL, Mr and Mrs. E. H. Austgen of Chestertown, Ind., and Mr.. and Mrs. Kenneth Love of Melrose Park, HI., and 13 grandchildren were present. Mrs, Sam Jones has bought out the drug store here and plans to have it in. operation by Sept. l. Frank Kenny is barber at Dyess j now and is located in the building j that was. formerly used as thej beauty shop adjoining tee drug; store. ' | Birthdays were celebrated Stsi-i day at Griders' Park by fee Fren-j tice families. Aug. S ~*s ire birth- j. day of George Prenice cf Ca-[ ruthersville, Mo., and Aug", S ~££| the birthday of t^vtss of John! Prentice of Etowah and Mrs, MII-j dred Waltrip of Keiser. Those st-j tending , were Rube Prentice and j family of Lepanto, Delbert Pren-! tice and wife of Dyess, Mrs. Fro-j nie Amis and daughter of Keiser, Mrs. Onie Stover and Mr. Stover of. Wilson and Mrs. Roy Rogers and family of Keiser and Tom Amis, Jr., and family of Luxora. Miss Peggy Dickens of Rose Bud spent the week end with Miss Wanda Coughman. Mrs. J. D. Darnell is spending this week in Memphis with her daughter, Mrs. Murel Guy, and Mr. Guy and new grandson. Mr. and Mrs. Austin Chaplain spent the week end in Corning as guest jf her son, Billy L. Yates, and Mrs. Yates. Mrs. B. L. James and granddaughter, Barda Jean James of Horatio, spent the week end here w:'""' v er son. Norman Janes, and family. Mrs. Bobby Murphy is visiting her husband, A 3/C Bobby Murphy, in Biloxi, Miss. The twelfth grade enjoyed a swimming party Wednesday night at Lepanto. Mr. and Mrs. John Earner, Jr., of St. Louis were guests of his i parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. | Barnes, over the week end. j Mr., and Mrs. J. C. Warhurst and children of Memphis spent the week end here with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Huff and Mr. and Mrs. Luther War- i hurst. j Mr. and Mrs. M.. M. Williams j and children spent the week end | at Marietta, Miss. j Mr. and Mrs. Russell Clifton j spent the week end at Brinkley I with her mother, Mrs. Lee Berry. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Devasier and her sister and husband of Forrest City visitsd Mr. and Mrs. Warner Hargraves Sunday. Miss Nina Jean Peterson of Blytheville spent the week end here with her parents, the Rev. and Mrs. W. W. Peterson. Mr. and Mrs. Lavern Rowen from Michigan visited Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Craig the past week, Mrs. Bruce Dye and children of Malvern is visiting her sister, Mrs. Dewey Cox, and family. A 3/C Jimmie Humphreys and A 3/C Gary Speck of Biloxi, Miss., spent the week end in the home c" Mr. and Mrs. Norman James. The Rev. and Mrs. J. A. Copeland of Delight, Ark., are visiting their daughter, Mrs. Dewey Cox, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller and Tony Miller of Lawrenceville, El., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Pearce. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dallas spent the week ena at Armorel with Mrs. Dallas' nephew, Orlan White, and family. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Stover of Wilson spent Friday with her brother. Delbert Prentice, and Mrs. Prentice. Mr.' and Mrs. Delbert Prentice spent Sunday at Etowah as guests c. Mr. and Mrs. John Prentice. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pearce £2d children of Towner, Colo., are visiting- his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Pearce. Mrs. Ruth Williams and son, Joe, spent the week end at Ripley. Term.., visiting her brother, Raymon Street, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Williams have received word that their son, A 3/C Bobby Williams, has arrived in the Hawaiian Islands. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Noblin and Mr. -,nd Mrs. T. L. Noblin of. Jonesboro were guests in the home of .Bill Noblin Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Allen and son of Fort Bragg, S. C., are here visiting . parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Allen and Mr. and Mrs. Ross Kimbrell. Mrs. Prudence Clifton and Mrs. Lor a Clifton spent several 'ays last week in Brinkley. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Williams and children of Norwalk, Calif., are here visiting his parents, Mr. p.- Mrs. W. L. Williams, Sr. The Rev. and Mrs. M. J. Pollard and children of Bono spent several days last week as guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Modesitt. Duane' Rice of Lepanto spent Monday here with his brother, Otis Rice, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Raymon Hillyard Electrical & Plumbing Supplies For That Hard to Find- Item — See Us. General Hardware And Appliance Co. 109 W Main Phone 3-4585 French Assembly Okays Premier's Recovery Plan PARIS (JP) —The French National / sembly yesterday approved by a massive majority Premier Pierre Mendes-France's econamic and financial recovery program. The deputies not only gave Mendes-France a new vote of confidence but also accorded him large special powers to deal with France's Financial situation until March 31, 1955. It was another victory for the premier who was given the premiership almost two months ago on a three-fold program of reaching a truce in Indochina, working out a compromise on EDC and giving France's economy a thorough going over. McCarthy No Longer Barber Shop Subject In California Shops LOS ANGELES (.zp) — Barbers of California closed their convention here on a note of discretion: the addition of Sen. McCarthy to the "do not discuss" list. "McCarthyism is so controversial that in barber shops it should be classified, just like religion always has been," Vernon L. Rose told the Associated Master Barbers and Beauticians of California yesterday.. He is serving his 26th term as secretary-treasurer. and children of Star City are visiting Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Crawford. Mr. and Mrs. William Jacobs and son, Ronnie, spent Sunday afternoon with his grandparents, Mr and Mrs. J. L. Jacobs. Mrs. Lula Belle East of Memphis spent the week end here with her family. WILSON'S TV & Radio Service Guaranteed Service AU TV and Radios (home or auto). Phone 3-4237 Day or Night 114 So. First—Ingram Bldg ... I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of my friends and supporters who voted for me in yesterday's primary election. The faith and confidence you expressed iinm through your votes, alone was worth the time and price of running. Sincerely £ C (Gene) Fleeman New U.S. Ambassador From Spain Named SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain (&)— Jose Maria de Areilza, Count of Motrico and a prominent economist and industrial engineer, is Spain's new ambassador to the United States. Generalissimo Francisco Franco's government announced last night De Areilza will replace Jose Felix de Lequerica, Washington envoy.for the past four years. The new ambassador, 45, was previously ambassador to Argentina. Theda Bara Improving LOS ANGELES (I?)— Theda Bara, the vamp of the silent screen, is reported in satisfactory condition following a second operation, performed yesterday as an aftermath of an appendectomy she underwent last June 28 in California Lutheran Hospital. Red Hot Firt Hydrant LANCASTER, Ohio UP) — A fire hydrant caught on fire yesterday. Firemen said a passing pedestrian striking a match on the hydrant ignited natural gas fum~ "'ich had seeped into it. After putting out the fire, firemen placed a "No smoking" sign on the water pipe. Read Courier News Classified Ads. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Rep. Carl T. Curtis of Nebraska topped Gov. Robert Crosby in a Republican Senate race Tuesday While in Idaho, Sen. Harry C. Dworshak easily won renomination in the Republican primary. Former Sen. Glen Taylor — the 1948 running mate of Henry Wallace on the Progressive party's presidential ticket—held a narrow lead over State Rep. Claude Burtensha'w, a college professor, for the Democratic senatorial nomination. Curtis Wins Curtis Won Nebraska's GOP nomination to a 6-year Senate term while Arkansas publisher Orval Faubus led Cherry in their Democratic runoff for governor. Barring major upsets, nominations in both contests are tantamount to election. Delaware Democrats also named November candidates yesterday. The party convention renominated Sen. J. Allen Frear Jr. over the opposition of some state party leaders who contended he is too "conservative." Nebraska voters named candidates for three Senate seats in a rare competition caused by the deaths earlier this year of Senators Hugh Butler and Dwight Griswold. The present senators, serving by appointment, did not seek election. , Curtis, an eight-term House member, topped Crosby and five other candidates in the most important of the three contests. The others were for () the remaining four years of Butler's term and (2) the last two months of Griswold's term. There were 31 entrants ia the three races—24 of them Republicans. Nominees for. the 4-year term were unopposed in the primary. They are Republican Rep. Roman Hruska and Democratic Atty. James Green, both of Omaha. Winners of short-term nominations are Mrs. George Abel of Lincoln, a Republican businesswom- EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2-2015 an, and William H. Meier of Minden, state Democratic chairman. For the last 14 years, a Republican nomination in Nebraska has been just about the equivalent of election. Incumbents Win In the races for governor, former Mayor Victor E. Anderson of Lincoln was named the GOP candidate and former state party chairman William Ritchie won the nod from the Democrats. Victories also went to all House members seeking renomination. With more than three-fourths of the Idaho vote counted, the Taylor Burtenshaw contest was still undecided. But there was no doubt of Dworshak's victory. He overwhelmed his only challenger. Both gubernatorial races were close. State Sen. Clark Hamilton had a relatively slim edge over former Gov. Charles Gossett and two others in Democratic balloting. Atty. Gen .Robert Smylie had a slightly bigger lead in the GOP contest, topping former Rep. John Sanborn and one other. Incumbent House members were unopposed. In Delaware, Frear was renomi- nated for a second Senate term on the Democratic convention's first ballot. The lower, by a vote of 125% to 84%, was James M. Tunnell Jr., who resigned last week as a state Supreme Court Justice to make the race. Republicans will name Frear's j November opponent next week. The only announced candidate is ' Rep. Herbert Warburton. South Koreans Demonstrate For Unification 3EQUL LB — >wme 30,000 South Koreans gathered at Seoul City Stadium yesterday to demonstrate fc. ''unification by force." The banner waving crowd, which included hundreds of school children, applauded loudly when rally leaders shouted, "we cannot live in a divided country ... we must unify our fatherland by force." The hour long rally passed a resolution to send messages to Presidents Eisenhower and Syng- man Rhee and to Dag Hammarsk- jold, secretary general of the United Nations, asking for support of unification by force. The rally was the first in a series of mass demonstrations supporting Korean unification and bigger South Korean army. First submarine was built in 1620 for King James I of England, and was rowed for several hours at a depth of 12 feet in the Thames, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Holland, Indonesia End Uneasy Partnership THE HAGUE, Netherlands Uf> — The Netherlands and Indonesia agreed yesterday to end their uneasy union partnership, cutting the last loose ties between Holland and her former East Indies colony. The Foreign Office announced that a draft agreement dissolving the union will be signed. For Children's Upset Stomach Gtt Mild, Good-tasting R«H*f With PERCY MEDICINI AGENTS FOR BUTLER AND COLUMBIAN GRAIN BINS By rum Implement Go. 118 E. Main—Phone 3-4404 BEMIS COTTON PICK SACKf LOOK FOR THE SACK WITH THE BEMIS CAT TRADEMARK. AVAILABLE IN DUCK, ASPHALT BOTTOM AND OUR NEW PLASTIC BOTTOM. OUR PLASTIC BOTTOM BAG HAS BEEN FULLY FIELD TESTED AND WILL '%$' OUTLAST THREE OR MORE REGULAR DUCK BAGS, EACH TYPE IS STOCKED IN ALL SIZES REGULAH OR WITH HOOKEYE. Manufactured By BEMIS BRO. BAG CO. MIMWIS 2, TINN. For Sale By ALL LEADING JOBBERS WE BUY USED FURNITURE PHONE 3-3122 Wade Furn. Co. BARGAINS -For You- Irrigation Do you have water in a ditch or bayou while your crop wilti mad dies in the field? Then You Need A Shaw & House Porto Pump Big capacity—1500 fallont p«i minute Tractor mounted—foes whereYer vou can take your tractor. Fool proof—we hare neT«» •*«» one that needed repair*. 7 Inch pump complete ONL/X SNOW TRACTOR CO. 112 N. Franklin Street Phone POplar 3-8951 Nite Phone POplar 2-2657 50% better mileage NOT FOR REPAIRS IN 34,400 MILES!" Here's 'the typical performance record of GMC Hydra-Mafic* trucks as being reported from all parts of the country I F you'd like an idea of what Hydra-Matic CMC's could do in bettering YOUR trucking operation, take a look at an actual case history. ' In this instance, a wholesale baker, who supplies his entire state, put Hydra-Matic CMC's on his longest routes. In racking stop- and-go-work, they're averaging 58 delivery- stops per day, 28,000 miles per year. Here's what their carefully kept records show: The Hydra-Matic GMCs are getting 122 miles to the gallon — 50% more than their standard trucks. HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 309 E. MAIN Phone 2-2056 In use now up to 34,400 miles, not a nickel has been spent on repairs for any one of them. Brake linings, usually replaced at 25 to 30 thousand miles, are still in good shape. Clutch replacement, usually necessary at about 16,000 miles, is completely eliminated. A nd the drivers of these Hydra-Matte GMC's are the happiest, most job-contented men you'd want to employ! Now, how about you? From Pickup to heavy- duty hauler, there's a Hydra-Matic GMC to better any trucking operation. Come in and let's see about yours. * Standard OH many models; optional at extrn cost on same othert SM yo*r GMC dealtr for Triple-Checked Used Trucks «,

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