The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1933
Page 7
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J JPKIDAY, nKCKMBEK 1, .1933 BLYEHEVILLB. CARS.) COUMB1 HBWI PAGE SEVEN SECTION i CLASSIFIED ADVEimSING INFORMATION Daily ra.te per line ror- consccu- :He luserllons: (Five average words to & line) One time per line 10c Two limes ivr line per day .. 08c 1 urce times per line per day .. Me bix times per line per day — 05c Month rat* per line 80e Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes and stopped before e.xplra- uon will bu charged for the number of times tr-e ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy niLmltted by ptrsor.i resting out- Bide of the city must be accom- 1 anied by cash. Rales may be easily computed from above table No responsibility will be taken for more than one -.'incorrect in- scition of any classified ad. Advertising crdered for irregu- Uir insertions take the one time rate. .; Phone 306 or .307 Sec E. A. Fisher Before Buying Good Coal. Retail & Wholesale Out ot Car On Track BcUccn Ash & Main 7c Jsia-7 BRILLIANT i KENTUCKY COAL Quality <Si Quantity Guaranteed DAKTNICK'S COAL YARD {, K. & Ash St. Phone 179 30*12-3 BUSINESS DIRECTOUY HONE 107 BUCHANAN "Our Coal is UUck But We Treat You While" Oc U2-9 LOST Large male pointer 1X)C,, with white spots CHI slomach, lost on Qilchrlst farm soutli of town. Billy Galnes, court house. lc-k5 PERSONAL It they won't cut call Ed Smilli, 304 S. Lake — Hand saws, 25c; mrat saws, 25c; cross cul, 50c. 18ckl2-15 FOUND IW Ton Arknnsns Truck License No. 1*50787. Owner imiy Imvc same by coming In to Courier nna paying lor ad. 10 kit llIjACK Kin gloves for liuly. Owner may have by Ideatllying and paying for ml. Courier News. Telephone 306. fiend Cornier News Want Aits. Parts Seeks to Save Historic Royla Bridge I'Allls till 1 ) — Enuuicer, simvo lliiil brldgr—Is Hie cry that Is Iw- Inn sent up by loynl unil wntl- inrnlal i'.nlstnns us the pick niul us ihii'ulcn to ilcniDlUli the 1'ont Royal, built by Louis XIV inul c)n-i Isiml by many. '1'lils is the bridge which con- wci.-i die rlfihl and loft banks of tlic Koine at Ihc western, end ot Hit 1 Louvre, and the Commission Ve are exclulce tttnia tot otlf Inal Genuine Montevallo Coal and Sipsey, Arkansas Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky Coals, fhone «7 K. f. Fry Wonder City Co»I Company Sckl2-9 OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern ilu Vk-us -Purls Ls iiiXIng the |x>w- cis that be to rvulstcr (ho orldce as an historic monument, tluus fnvlni; It from de.'ilriicttou. Tho story goes Hint one <tay Lonl.s XIV wus inisslng alonn the Qua! on Ilic I.onvro side when he chanced to see a ferryboat, n "bac" It .was railed, capsize and dump nil Us occupants Into the water. "Gooil gracious!" lie said to Ills architect. "I cim't have mr subjects drowned like ilogsl liiillcll me n bridge on tilt? spot at onccl" And lhat's how the 1'ont Koynl ImnixMiril, And Hint's how the lluu 1 d» liiic Rot 115 name—(he street thnl continues tho 1'ont. itoyal on Ihe Qinil dOrtny side of tile Hlvcr. The plaint that ImiKirLLs the ancient lirldiso Is that it takes up loo much room! lltad Courier News Want Ads. COLUMBIA, Bans Paddling . '•, Mo. (UP)—If new Mutk'nLs do not favor paddlln;! should attend the University of Missouri. Paddling of .freshmen "In any shaix: or form" has been al»!lshed by tho student body ot the school. In llelginin ni:d Luxembourg, Esyplian Iccu.sLs arc being marketed as pij; ir.\d poultry feed. Al-LEY 001' SOMETHING NEW—TO THKSK TWO! liy llamlin WOMEN'S TAILORING Expert fur repairing, coat alterations, reasonably priced. Also buy discarded furs. Mrs. Stubbkfirld, 511 Walker Ave., Carulhtrsvllle, Mo. Call 572. 17-pc-12-H FOR SALE FOR SALE—I'ontiac Coach. 102S model, food running motor, four new lues. Apply Hubbard Hdw Co. 27ck5 New .-nil l-scd Furniture Uouuli: and Sold Stoves Kcoaircd—Any Mukc Alun Hardy bll W. AsU 2(Jp i.12-20 FOR SALE:—WestInghouse electric range, three burners, thermostat and clock oven control, good con- Illon. A real bargain.. P. O. Box Walnut Ridge, Ark. 24C-R28 EXPERT Typo-vritcr and Adding Machine HcpslrlJig. U. S. Blank- CKtliip, HO E. Host: Call 1S5-J. •21c kl2-21 See TIa for Boiler and General Blacksmith Wcrk by Jolm Wade. Tom Howard's Machine Shop 'Co kll-30 .L. G..MOSS ; ;-, Blvtlieville's Cut Rale Undertaker IQp k 12-10 Wacon and Truck Covers made to order, any size, 9'4"xl2' 54.10 up 9'4"xl5': $5.50 up. Carney Awninj Co. 113 S. First St. lilytheville, Ark :{ •- 23Dkll-2 CLEANKKfc. TAILORS L«ok nice for Xmas! Have your rlollics cleaned i retexed bj Unique Cttanlng Service. Call 111 ' 20-ck-12-M ..- -For-Quality-.Cleaning Phone 180 Barnes NuWa Cleaners. AUTOMOTIVE TWO JERSEY Milk Cows with first calf. Call 211 or Inquire at iaynes Men's Slicp. 1c klO POULTRY & EGGS 'ay a few cents more and purchase FRESH EGGS, laid, dally. PICKARD'S STORE, 1044 CHIC. AVE. or 100 yds off pavement on North IGlh Street. • 2p k!2-2 REAL ESTATE For Sale: 40 acres to good negro farmer. No mortgage on it. SI500, $250 cash, balance annually. Thomas Land Co. 2l-ck-24. WANTED LAND—We have buyers ~ for land in different sized tracts. Thomas Land Co. nck!2-17 Comet In, list your real estate See what we have to sell E. M. Terry Licensed Dealer Terry-Wortulngton Title Co. BlytheviUe Phone 617. 23pkl2-23 FOR RENT NICETjY furnished bedroom, men proierrcd. 10J7 W. Walnut. Call after 5 p. m. Mrs. Ed Hardln. FOB RENT—Furnished Apartment with private bath. 1030 W. Walnut. 21-c!t-5. LOW PRICES on winter car needs heaters.. alcohol, GPA (jlycerin . . Mnclcl T tops & side curlains, ODERN Three room Aparlment $1.98 up. Main. WOLF ARIAN, 128 E. 22ckl2-22 Call 308-Red's l'lace-118 E. Main For Auto 1'aintinf Jiocly ana Feinler Service 28ckl2-28 J,AUGKST STOCK USED PARTS Between Memphis and St. I*ouis Also Auto Glass—Plwne C6 JACKSON AliTO PARTS CO. AUTO GLASS INSTALLED We install glass in your car while you wait. Call us for better service. Phone G33. Shouse-LitUe Chevrolet Co. 10ckl2-10 Call I's When In Xccd Of Guaranteed merchandise Tircs-Haltrrks - Replacement Parts HUlSiiAICl) HARDWARE CO. Automotive Ucpt. Icklo Aulo Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. lOc 1:12-10 SERVICE Call us when you need a wrecker Day and Night Service. Call 633 Shousc-LHtle Crevrolct Co. : 10c!cl2-l Get Your Car in Time for Col Weather. Woil. Guaranteed. RUSSELL ANDERSON. Dodyc & Plymouth Garage Phoi:c 888. Gckl2- IJATFKR1KS liallcry £ Radiator Service We guarantee you better battery o radiator work for less nioncj Any inako radiator repaired or re cored.-Get our prices on new an rebuilt batteries. Call 633. Shousc-Littlc Chevrolet Co. 10ckl2-l New Ford Batteries - Kccliarfhi;? - Kcpairlt: 111 TIRE & BATTERY STATIC 25o k!2-2 RADIOS All Hiidlos. including R. C. A., a bcins cloicfl o;Lt at cost for CAS at Ilubbard Hardware Co. Ilckl2 SPORTING GOODS You TfllJ flntl a complcle line nf Mi\V MODK1, UICYCI.ES at Hubbard Hardware Comvany. 16c ki2- COAT, & WOOD 100 Phrine-j 123 Nn Price Advance Yet On FAMOUS SAHARA COAL "Hot As the Desert Snnds" E C. ROJ31NSOH LUMBER CO EO: kll with 4. bath, unfurnished, Phone 27-ck-tf. HREE room furnished apartment complete. Phone 785-J after G m. Mrs. Belle Wood. 27ck5 .TALL furnished apartment, 811 Walnut St. Call 313 J. 25-ck-2 OUR room newly furnished apartment, 1015 W. Ash. Mrs. M. G. oodwin. Call 412-W. 21ck21 ice. large BEDROOM. 310 W. Walnut. Close in. IScktf RICK STORE room 25x140, lo- caled West Main Street. Avail- bin Jan. 1. Address Courier News, lythcville. ' 6ckl2-6 WANTED TO BUY ANTED TO BUY—Used Electric relrigcralors. Must be in good ondttion, Phone 764. 27-ck-f. WANTED TO RENT Vantcd To furnished Esst Main. Rent—TWO nice un- rooms, Call at 312 27pk5 WANTED RAGS, Must be clean and free from buttons. Courier News. xxx CORN WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY 3ckl2-3 We pay more for pecans, furs, hides, brass, copper, radiators iluminum, lead, batteries. Phone 170. Wolf Arlan, 128 E. Main. 22cM2-22 GOOD COAL IS THE CHEAPEST COAL M_ There is no coa CTOj.'^' Wrst of the Allegheny Monnlains, as high in heal and .is low in ash as the S UPREME* Supcr-Hcatd wy__ That is a. bold I. CSj** statement, but it is ethical, Ijcrause It's true. We have authoritative aiulysts on nic on all coal ar.d "can prove tliis cbim. KlintEME Super-heat Is the only coal of Us kind ;md sold only by Ihis company. «x3 Medium Stic Lump Per Ton ST.50 Cash Half Ton - - SA.M A Hich Jinn's Coal :il A Poor Alan's Price Superior Coal & Mining (Jo. 304 W. Walnut - Phone 700 CMOH.FOOZY ilAOL VERSELF ITHINKWEARE BACK ON "VIS SN*E 5IDEOFH1ERVER STARTED [ROM! THOUGUT V' MAYBE YOU C.UYS WERE BENT UP VROtA B\G TURKEY XOU - V-Of EVA, THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH SOMETHING LAST THAT t)\DNT W1TK THl OO6S OF NvY -BET IT WAS TVA 1 TREfc LUNiCH IK i TUM WW ? OUR WCESARt ANOUMPASPET VJK'VE TO GET' rAOAN\N<3 OVER TEtLlMCb A> QU HE A. "FEW VJfiH ME THAT'S GH COIN' OM OUR WAV: C!< WltU PElf WE'RE COIN' BftCttTO K\00 AN' WMT FOR CXXXf\ TO RETURN OUVV VOU US TO TO VStVV , Vt\ ME "\t\A_ OKit TWViG iVOVJ ' WfWS. THK KM I) OF THE TRAIL! WASH TUBES *"f/,RTS AFTER THE VEWl.Tt'tEYWEHTIt THAT SHftCK. BUT, WHERE'S WASH7 THIYAU.&RE.WE&Ui 'EM, GAIL* IEFTTHIS FIACE IK1 HOURS CAR6FUI, BUDDIE. WE'RE NE&RlNG THE EMO OF THE _, "TRAIL. HE MUST Ik) THERE, TOO. THEN.COME ON. HERE'S THEIR. TRAIL VffTH WASH'S TRACKS FOLLWJlNG'EM •f INDEED I WON'T! I I'M NOT AFRAID, BEHIND, OftlL.j AMD I CAU XRWOtE A GUW A? WELL AS ANY MP*I IU "lllllfl ".'• I I' ' :,] SBlK MOTHER peer sss' I-IK£/ sp.t-i\ i CftM'T RESIST BIDDIMG-^OU UY' BLOSSEl..: FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS OH,NO? WHY DCMT HE PUT U? M!S DUKES AM' FIGHT? W&S AFCWD OP ME.-VEAH.-.AFRAIP OP ME'-- WEM- HEHEHEH" HERE-HEBE! LAY OFF,VJIl.LYA?TA<3 DIDN'T CO TUIWG "To YOU, FUZ7.Y. 1 .' SAY Wbvl THE K'lWOSTON j CAME... EV6W I IF FU2ZY DID SOCK M= IN THE EYE •'• IS IT BLACK, OSSI5 •2 HAVEN T GOT A BLAC^ EVE WOT Y5=T

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