The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana on August 30, 1871 · Page 1
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The Times-Picayune from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 1

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1871
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a . . , I VOLUME XXXV.; NEW ORLEANS, WEDNESDAY MORNING, AUGUST 30. 1S71. 10J1H5ER ISC f renins". Aagut 30, la7l. KmTH 0TJBBCEIPTION FIBfOKlUSCI I 1' 0. r. R. A CBJBTF-LKAVB MAN. rtreie ui Parouette reserve! exclusively iadi. end meir cmoki. ,Vr ii T4 o'clock. Pirformi08 to oom- o'clock prodnely. " will bo opened on the evening of toe "uMkntnt, where subscribers can obtain TrrjjMieJ ticket. srlCJAL ANNOUNCEMENT. ..... - 1 : swaaassaw. XOXFUUXiTTABT BENKFIT : By the ISIEBPEABB OLTJB To ; . ike Popular Young Actress (IIS ELIZA O'CONNOR. ST. 7 CHABLES THEATRE, September 11, 1S71. 1 COBEESroilDXKCE. . r IW OBLXAKB, August 23, 1S7L 1 Bin. Ktttt CCat nor : TD ebakeepeire fj;uo aeeu-es to anoir, m a Mtezaeuaf wr its appreciation of too niarkaa mninrt wltk It members in tne etfor to en-vuu its auesta ttus season ; and la order that pcrwaafmay stTe ii oppwranHf w puuoi-aw I a Blight testimonial to your dnaerved .polarity ae lany and aniraea n opp,riuuity n wiU be eagerly embraced ihe Olub ten-sntsa a eowplnnentery benefit, on anon even. Mafm may dfcl-nate , Vtry ieaptcUuXly, roar obedient servau, . ' --.fcO. H. BRAUiJ(N, i ,' . President SbnAespeaae CJiut. Vi 7. HEW ORLEANS, August 14, 1871. la, B. Brangtm, Esq.. President fibakesveare . cuts: Tear sote In behalf of the Bhakeapeare Clnb. ladflrtux mo a oouiptimentry rM-ntlt aa a token tbef&Tor xn wiUi tae Clnt le p. .iea to natfil my efforts ae an act- eea A iriaic the nfth w ol ir dramatic cntertatnmenta. naa been anaed with lieartt elt gratincuon. lUtackThe Wn? for lis Rood will, and irrate-Mly .TftililiK mveelf of tliirt eiprHlan of it, bev a WB9 ior uie bonetit pert oraanoe, I'iSUlS, Wpwmtwr Uti. , GREAT ATTRACTION . .iTTHB FAIR GKOUND8, ssamay, Sep. 3. ISsTL. - thx thm bqtb still, in tss bino mat nn of Base Atall B- E. LEES vs. BO i bbujm Indian Kama or RAnoujs-rr. with one . kaBdred men in the axeat eontosa, Don't tall 'maeett . IAKO iSOTSK BACK With 23 members, to ion a quarter of a mile and throw water trough to feet of hose In shortest time ; two ar more companies to eater, fxize a fine uver Salver, Pitcher, Oobleta and Slop BewL, KfcJC CAKRIAGH RACE One mUe, -with 500 - fcet hose ; two or more companies to enter. rnsed Larae Silver TeavPot and Sngar-i awL Prtaes to be seen, at Zl m merman-n'a Jerry Store. HiKMAJS'a poor BACK 300 yards: pest - tiss. Prize: Pine Silver Cup. lOYa foot RACE aoo yards. -Prize: - wiu jbnuuiK x imee ox nep. 4. KOBea, sack One mile (enttanoefZ 60); two ar mors to enter. Prise: tlOt Its Y back One mile; not more than 141 usual oniranoe as; not less tnan tnroo t-IUSDIAlLON THE PLATFORM Muslo. I y rrmsK portune. mr sale. Address - committee, Olass ktnei Baona can be made on the Oronnds. alsioato eenta. Ladles tree. au27 si 2 3 "-: tNHTJRE YOUR STOCKS -With PIKE ' INSTRANCB CO. IQSRXaL -V, OF LONDON, Sse business only. Assets SS.000.ooe. a caah rebate wui boa savins; ZJZ?f?Z,Si, arth more than a torty per sent ZSJtlSn dividend la made, on the arnaani jav I1MP Story Bmld'uir. CPltlfciHT PIANOS. ZIBQIiEK, ooster Street--. . ITS t - - (Nov York) " - Manufacturer of "HIST UPBIOaT PIANOS IN THE . UNITED STATES, ssztd tor price list. an24 lm JKTAIODS' TKAYKLINQ tHAIRS, b to t-io For in ana Ontdoor Use J ss having use of the can propel aHdeona . . as no use of the any child of flvs '" push a grown person about. -Syas Oarrlages to order. - - JAWKT BBTIiH CAKBTiRfl OHAIESi ant Jiwi ense and send stamp for circular. vA- - STEPHEN W. SMITH, - . '' 1 owunam street. New York. Item top, am - . BOSTICJK: . at 8EYMODK. - " ..' .'. ' ;' - 1 - '. , - saETALS, IRON. PIPEa and PT - raontmat BnppUaa, tarwAMt,. BTOO ; AND Caniptot Stocki Aa tk Soatai M4itnU at Now York Prteeav fss, sn" Fltunga for Bteam, Water e JKr CZii Coofca. Oil OlobeoStoaa and iatu i Tln Plate, St! no. Aatlmouv. Bab. ,Sr-,,-wppr, Pig Load and Lead Brass and Lubrtoas-' Rubber. ESS11' t4 :",iopsn. Msxinght, raokingv Oasfltters' and gf. Aaaaafl fcf-k-ai avv II I I MBlas, an. TaWlaT llrisi i T . Tmm tkUA a eomDlrdva i otoos. stoves and TlawaroT tiS Os-'a STEEL Wa. wsston'a Premium LXOHTNXNo-- 2vie Patent aWf-srlndlns; OLOBi mf "'alanufaoturlag Company's A&rVSTEAf ZTTSk. fSffT S'ioVa LUREIOATUCa NewOrleana, FALL GOODS. '. J. LEVOIS & JAMISON AKE OPENING HEW FALL PRINTS, DELAINES, FUNSiLB, TWKDB, GENERAL ABSOHTMEST OP GOODS. -At- WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. - For - EARLY FALL TRADE, J. LEVOIS A JAMISON, SU27 8t2dp 128 Canal iDMt PELICAN ' GAS LIGHT COHPANy. OFFICE Corner of Canal avnd Carondelet Sueets. Factory No. 133 Dryade Street. This Compamy Is now prepared to take orders or FOBTABLS OAS MACHINES, adapted to 4)WKLLIN OS, HOTELS. FAOTOBU8, 8TOBXS, TT A I.T Jt, BUG AE HO USES, al Onnrehea, eto, oombinina; all the advantages of other Oas Macirilnea, and at rates lower than any. The Inspection of the public la invited, both at the Office and factory. wm. mcctjlloch. - (Formerly Snporlntendent N. O. e as Works, Jyl6 2m Zdplt Superintendent. FALL TKADK PARIS AND GENEVA JEWELRY. WATCHES, CLOCKS, BRONZES, FANCY GOODS. MUSICAL BOXES, . HO BSE TIMERS. Solo Agents for the lOelebrateol -JABXES HARDIN WATCH. ' VS. J. MAGNUS, QUI DIH A CO., Maanlaotiirers, Importers ana Wholesale Deal ers, 652 Broadway, jilew York. ' Jy28 2meod IN CONNECTION WITH THE HOUSE -o Of JAY COOKE, DXeCTJLLOCH ok CO, No. 41 Lmnbard street. London. Wo Purchase and Sou BTEBUNO EXOHANOB. Cosnaaorelal CresUta anal Clrealar Lottora FOE TBAT1XXB8, Available in Ail Parts of the World. - OEDEES IN aEOTJEITXES, CiHi Traastsn of Sloateya any orialnesa pertalnlns; to m i n an r trig-Ho use in Wo reooto deposits of Cola. aUowtns; Interest, and CTtierikB mpon ns are paid nronzh the Cllearlng-Honao. . JAY COOKE ft' CO, Corns : Wall anal Naoamai atroora. -v :-':-aiW YORK. : nthl7l ly ?Q. W. DTJNBAR dfe SON, lis anal I. BC Loala He w wum 1 -: STEW ORLEANS, LHPOKTER9 AND DEALERS In aU kinds of FEES OH CORDIALS AND LIQUORS, Anisette, Csrasas, JHaraaeblao. ASSORTED CORDIALS, . BIRD'S EYE BRAND ANISETTE, LEMON AND RASPBERRY SYRUP. LOUISIANA PIGS. MANUFACTURERS OF THE apie Ti ly fruit syrups. THE WORLD 18 IN ARSIS Against the new hair-eolof-ins; Sclenoa ormdwmna them. Thsy are virtually Meanwhile, Crfataooro'a Excelsior Hair Dye, by time ana sanctioned by practical chemists, baa become the standard article of its clase throughout the length and breadth ot the land, It la potsonleaa. rapid In its operation, oer tain to Brodnoa the required shade of ootor. and has no equal among; hair dyes, either in the Cat ted States or Europe. To beautify and soften the hair alter ayeing, use CEISTADOSO'S - BATE PRESERVATIVE as a dressing. " anls lmend2dp TENTH GREAT EXCURSION - to ; - ETJBOFE . AND - THE EAST. " ' - TraTcUag Rente. . London. Franoe. Swltaerland. Itarv. Oreeee Tnrkey, Palestine. Egypt, returning via Venice, Vienna (by time ol the Carnival.) Pans to New V Participation for Five Months, tlMO, Solo,' -: Participation for Four Months. SlSOO. Gold. Xnelndlna; oxosUen board, with wine, entrance to all sights, g-uldlBa; and attendance, all drives in carnages or on noreebeck, free lug-sage, all pour bavre, etc Special attention paid to ladles. -a ms maMwrrag m sne nrst one in Enrope, which, for a series of years, haa been ora-anlzd This especlaUy Bar fine, parties only, these great ex-eurstons to Palestine and Egypt. The teetima-' uasuiflXBVHu wnsn ox iormer traveunr oompanlons may serve aa an evidence as to the administrating' powers of the nndertakius curing the voyage and to the tending In areaeraL rnrthermose, the beat of reference will be given For the programme and fuiher information, spply at the office of the Universal Exo'irain Coa,pany. 82 Broadway, New York. W. RAVtr, ILlllAXa, BUPERTT & CO.. aull lxceod New Orleans. STIjc Sailn Jpicamtuc. Thanks. To Senator "West for public documents. The Bribe axd the Bribers. See the report of the City Council's proeeediners sterday. Lively times there. We i.o not pretend to (cive tlte debate in full, but merely the main pointa. - The people of Tallahassee and Leon county. Fa., project a railroad from Tallahassee to Thomaaville, Oa. Twenty thousand dollars have been sabecriuod, and. tn per cent, paid in. Utf A short time ago. In Creorgia, a jonng lady play folly tried to switoh her sweetheart. The switoh hit a small cop per cartridge in bis pantaloons pocket. which exploded, passing through two sets of clothing and seriously wonnding her. Accidents will happen in the best reg ulated families. Yotjko Laijiss' issrrrruTE. Mrs. 8. Blancq and Miss C. Hnbbard have estab lished a young ladies' school at the cor ner of Barracks and Royal streets, which will opt n lor its second annual session on Monday next. September 4 th. Both ladies have had muolt expeiieuoe in teach kmt. Mr. Joseph Lanes, No. 75 treet, adverbs s for rent a first and an elegantly lurnisUed the latter centrally located. er suited for merchants. At a meeting of the directors ol the Louisiana Jockey Club, held last night. tJhe sum of S3O.00O was appropri ated, to) be divided into purses for the tpriug meeting of 187-3. Ocida's New Novil. Messrs. Ooo. Eliia & Bro. anuomioo that OaidVa new novel, r'ollo Fserna, has been reoeiveU by them, and will be ready for delivers to-day to the subor'br- to their circulating library, at No. 8 Camp street. One hundred copies of the work are ready, for subscribers. O a Ida's fasci nating works will insure a large demand for her new production. Bf Cotton at i mction, tuis day. by See advertisement. Nash fc Hodgson. Elegant , Barouches, Buggies, etc. The sale of extra fine phaeton barouohes, top buggies, rooka ways, eto-. will positively take plaoe this day at 11 o'clock, at Leonard &. Maxwell stables. Baronne stceet. Those of our readers interested, should not fail and attend this sale, as the works are A No. 1. and will be sold without limit or reserve. Messrs. Montgomery are the auctioneers. C5 A late number of the San Fran cisco Alta California, In one-half col umn, quotes from the Devil Gaily Ex positor, the Yankee Flat Advertiser, the New Jerusalem Courier, and the Mur- derburg Bulletin. Speaking of California, Los Angeloa has had another shower of meat. Last year it was raw and this time it was boiled. Union Insurance Company. This staunch institution, which has a full paid capital of $250,000, advertises that it insures at the lowest rate of premium, and thnt all insurers preferring, in lieu of the usual rebate, a participation in the profits of the company, shall receive, after the previous deduotion of ten per cent, on the capital stock of theoomaa- ny, their proportion of dividend in scrip. bearing six per cent, per annum. For Bent. Martin Drab. an. No. S9 Commerce street, between Lafayette and Girod streets, advertises for rent the double two-story brick house, Nos. 63 and 62V Union street, with privilege of lease to a good tenant, for one or two years. Memoir of Roger Brooke Taniy, LL, 1). This highly entertaining and valuable work will be supplied to subscribers only by P, F. Gogarty, Esq . No. 151 Camp street, agent for the publishers, John Murphy Ac Co., Baltimore. Mr. G party's Cathol io circulating library is now ready for d istributioa. 1 is filled with the moat dtUghtfal works. ICommnnicafed Bout da L'Oreill. Le To the Editor of the Picayune : c By the charter of the Merchant Mutual Insuranoe Company, (the iargaet ia the Southern Stata,) the Board of Directors are authorized and directed to hx the rates of premiums. If the recent liberal action of the board in reducing river rate eventually results in relieving ttco cUtresed companies of dtsastroms rtoer presaiaats, it should be, at least to these oompamea, a souro of gratification rather than vituperation or complaint. One who owns scrip ot the Mer-ehaaxta?." and who will buy mora if he can get It. , - - Mors Anon. . -" WRECK OF THE LODONL t Special Dispatch to the Clnclnnatt Enquirer. J New York. Aug. 23. Late this afternoon advices vsgire received, from St. Augustine, Fa, announcing the total loss of th steamer Lodona, ot the Southern Steamship Company, bound from New York to New Orleans with a fail orew and one passenger, named Caroline Conway. The Lodona was an iron steamer, built inlHuli. England. She was cleared Al at this Underwriters'. She was originally a blockade runner, but was captured, by the United States. and. fitted up aa a gunboat, carrying seven guns, and was aaaigned to the South Atlantic squadron. After the war she was sold by tne Government, since when she .has been running in she New Orleans trade. - She left New York on Saturday, the 13th instant, with a full crew and cargo. -The dispatches! report that the Lodona was wrecked oil - Mosquito Inlet, which is about seventy mile south of St. Auua tine. Ilbe Lodona must have sprnng a leak and. foundered duriDir some of tne heavy gjales that prevailed on the Flo t id a coast daring; the week ending Angar; 19. Foe h Gravier class offibe residence. the f ornj FBANCE. A strupRle is imminent in the French National Assembly that threatens the dissolution of that body, and perchance another civil war. The proposition to prolong the powers of Mr. Thiers is the pretext for this quarrel in the Assembly ; but the real secret, it strikes us, is a trial of strength between the Imperialists, Royalists, Orleanists and priesthood, combined for the moment against the Republicans. The first proposition reported by the special committee and submitted to the Assembly for its action, appointed Mr.- Thiers President of the French Republic for a term of three years, with power to appoint a Vice President to take his place in case of necessity ; and a President of the Council of Ministers was to be appointed, who should be responsible to the Assembly for the Ministerial course. An article giving the I reel-dent the power to dissolve the Assembly would apoear not to have bwn acted on definitely, though strenuously discussed in corniuittee. This proposition teuded. to place Mr. Thiers in the position of the .English Sovereign, limiting the tenure of otlice, however, with a Cabinet directly responsible to the Assembly. At first, there was no appearance of any marked opposition to this proposition : but the hostile combination in the Assembly itself would now appear to threaten the rejection ot this proposition, the resignation of Mr. Thiers, and the of the lie publicans, both uIta and moderate, in order to have a uc-w election and a new Assembly. Mr. Thiers' popularity would appear to be on the due lino with the Aeseuibly, because he persists obstinately in opposing measure that the majority of that body favor. Thi may bo used as a pretext to got rid of him, by the imperialist, royalists and Orleanists, who naturally desire to turn out of otlice the thousands oi Republicans who hold the positions ttie "outs" formerly held; aud to place in power a man of more energy than Mr. Thiers and more decidedly anti-repablican than he is. r- This accounts, doubtleA, for the threatened withdrawal of the Republicans from the Assembly, in order to cause its dissolution. TDK NEW EUROPEAN ALLIANCE. Bismarck is pursuing with his wonted ability the project of isolating France. . His usual good fortune would seem to favor him. He lias not only secured Austria no very difficult task, as all her interests demand a long, unbroken peace but has obtained the alliance, offensive and defensive, of the now united Italian Kingdom. The time was opportune for bringing about so formidable a league, and the great German Chancellor took occasion by the hand and improved it with characteristic promptness and sagacity. Austria, since the creation of the German Empire, holds her German provinces by the frailest of tenure. A good undei standing with' Germany quiets her apprehensions on this score, and leaves her free to watch the IlAnu- bian principalities. Italy, - irritated by the demand of the French clerical party for intervention to restore the Papal sovereignty, and, perhaps, apprehensive that intervention may one day be a grim fact, readily, we may be sure, yielded to the proposals and arguments of Prince Bismarck. Whether this triple alliance bo a menace to the peace of Europe or a truarantee of tranquility, remaios to be seen. Germany may be disposed to rest and be thankful with what ehe has secured, in which case peace is certain, and the alliance rs a league against probable aggression. One thing is certain : it renders any project of revindication on the part of France an idle dream, and all but isolates her. Excepting her coast line, she is hemmed in by either neutral States or foes too formidable for her to draw the sword against. Russia is a possible ally. Holland, Denmark, Swedes and Norway might also be drawn to the side of France and Russia in a war against Germany and her true allies, as their interests are identified with the former rather than the latter. The enormous all but fatal blunder of Napoleon in fighting the battles of Italy and lifting her up to present rank and power, now comes home to Franoe. We mean, of course, that it was a policy bad for iTance, bat excellent for Italy. La Republics, . a Spanish paper published in New York, says that there are upwards of twelve thousand Cabana and natives . of the . difierent South American States Who are now residents of the United Stavteav The amount of capital they bring- and invest in this country far exceeds that of any other foreigners of twice their number. J By Tel-graph. Baltimore, Adr. as. To Witherepooa, Moe A Co.: Hteamsnip Liberty leaves Savannah at 5 P. M. to-day. Warmolh on .the War Path. Bus pension and AxTatat of O. Bovm, Bscrstaxv of Stat. Lively scene at that BtatavBoma. All About the Watsr Worsts. r. j. Herron XnataUaxl as of Btata. Becftary During tho last anaaloo of th Lgia-lature thr war among other 1 n io, ni tons measures a bill entitled the Crssoaot City Water Works Bui." the object of which was to transfer th Water Works of th city of New Orleans to a private corporation, ooci elating of some thirty-six indl vidnala. Section 1st of the bill eeta forth with the usual rigtnarol the object of the oompany. to be the extinguishing of nres. the washing and clsansing of th str ta for the promotion of the health and eon von tone of the real don to. and providoo that all the p repent water works of said city, lnolnding the engines, pom pa, n voir, water-pipe laid and noJaid. hydrant, wells, machinery and f phernaiia. and property of of ex j kind and description appertaining thereto. and all the rights, privilegs and Iran chiae thereunto. belonging ar hereby transfer red and conveyed to eeldeoi ny of the Crescent City Water Works, and the same shall be bold. need, owned. enjoyed, worked and maoarod exclasi ve- ly by said eirupaoj, and the restrictions, limitation and provision a tn this act specified and declared, and the board of corporators shall aeaum the exletlng obligations, secured by mortrars against the present Water Works of tho etty of New Orleans, and obligate thcmtalves to- pay the same as taer boa. Is or evi Jeaoee ot dcbtaball mature. Section four, with an cHroatery waioh would be sublime. were it out ridiealoa provides " that said Co:npaiy aball bsrr in per pe laity tho osolanvo privilege trt.m ,d nlt'-r the pwata of tais not oi iapp) iUi the eity of New Orleans and ic- habitant thereof with water Irani a aliaeieaippi and laatfipahoe K vera by meacs of pipes or eoudaita aud steam. bydranlio or other machinery, aal m ty oonatrnct, dig. or caaae to be opened aay canals or branches wnatsoevor, for the oondncting of the waters of aaid rivers or either of them, to or from any pi, cr place that said oompany may deem fit. knd may lay and place any numb ir of ootid ni to, pipes and nci nod acta, and may oie and repair th same, through. under or over any land a, sidewalks or streets of aaid city, and through the property of any Individual or Individ nala. as hereinafter provided." Section 13 is a gem of the first magni tude, aud for ltnpodonoe and clear disre gard of all vested right is entitled to the palm. It actually give th company th right to enter upon and appropriate to its own uses swamp or overilowed lands in the limits of the city. It prescribe tbat the company aball pars a e pertain forms In this matter ; bat the fast of the matter la it constitutes th ooaasaay sort of freebooter, with the privilege to raid on the poor nnf ortnnate who hap pen to own awamp lands. It is not our purpose just now to review this bill, for we did so very folly when it was before the legislator, and may do so again. After the adjournment of the Legislature it was claimed by eorne tbat the bill became a law by laps of time, bet Gov. Wartuoth always denied th feofa and frequently asserted hi dater tion to veto it upon the assembling ot the Le giela tore. Meantime the a took of the oompany was hawked a boat th street ar "J6 cent for a share of 6 KM. and the proapecta of the oorpornvirs were gloomy enoogh. Recently there has been considerable whisperings about the stock, and vague hint were tbxowo out that with or with on t the U jreraor'. eignatur th bill would bsoomv a law. Those w bo watched the coarse of affairs were not surprised theraf ovevwhea the bill appeared In the State Register, a paper publiahed In Carroll too. on Sat nrday last. The bill was signed by Ooo. W.Carter. Speaker of thellooaeof Re pre ntettve. and Osoar J. Daen. Lioa-tenent Governor and President of the Senate. 'It was oertiusd to ae a troo copy by Geo. E. Bvee, Soars tax y of Slate, ae fo lows : The foregoing act received la my office An gnat iM. 11571. having been pre see ted to the Governor of the State of Louisiana for his approval, and not having been returned by him to the House ot tho General Assembly In which I originated within the tisae prosoclbed Oy the oas. sutntioo of the State of Louisiana, has become a law without his aeproval. Geo. E. Both. Secretary of State. It may be well Just bare to give Oof War moth's account of -whoa and- now this bill was preeen ted to him. About 11 o'clock, on toe night of Sat nrday. 23th of February of th present y several papers were carried so hi 'donee by some parties to ns unknown, and delivered to a lady of th homse-hold, who. after statins that the Governor bad retired, con eon ted to give a raeaint for- the doournenta. saying ah would hand them to the Governor next day. When informed of the fact next mora. lag. t Governor said he would not receive the doouanento at his residence, and that they shold. in aooordanoe with 'custom, be teeBPtsa' at hi offiae. Accordingly, on Monday, the S7th of February, they were pre en ted, and the Ciunoont City Water Works bill was a in on g them. The legislature adjourned on the Sd of March, so that really the bill was only in the Governor possesion three days. Tho coistitatiaa re-iuiree that he shall retaru a bill within n.e ai c IU tba I awlj tat tat welch eerBTTori la lent On leamlac af lb prosnaTrailoai af the bill the Covsraor dotorsnlnod feeteJto aetiv ssaasaraa a mi not that state, who bad acted witaoat his authority, and as ha allegaa in violation of Lb eooslitatioo. erf lb Stat. Aeeordisarty. yet at day eoot word to Mr. Bav that h wvavid b Th lattor wboo th following diaioan eeearradt IMdyon want to see aaa. Go or not t W. Yat, etr. I wanted to Bad est a no at the protonJgatson of thia CresoentCtty Water Works bill. B Well, yon want to know what I can tell von. I nyataa. W. Yea, air. Yew surely knew. Bovee. that I had the original btU la IV Ye : bet Uu la a dapUeatsv I WWsll. air. 1 act loaral. B. Oh, wall, that's a dlgsraoo of opinion. W.-llow did yon eosne to psbUah It f B. 1 bad the written opinion of the Attorney General. I W. I aarpooe. then, yen are willing to aaoam u. reepocsnbility f resnT as t B- lea. I lorrsapoa Mr. Bovee withdrew and oev. wermotn at one pr otissaaa to errtae I the follow iag order : Etats or IvOClatASA, Ex. XsrT. f Now Orisaas. Ag- - tta. I Where as. Gee. E. Bovee. Boo rotary ea aionandTaws of this btatowoasawl to be' pvomalgated ae having bocosio a law aa an sot to iDoarsorsU tne CreaMot Ctv vr aier vrovaa. so aruas lie naaao i ii nl las ae esaiah orlsnesa auaall against the tranebieve of the ead com- omcial eerli&eats that tae forrgaiag act, having bane prvseoted as the Oovsr-bor f tho rtae or IwatMsq for hie aa. proTai. a no not navmg eeoa rot nrnon or bir. is wblon it nn.matori. wlttus tlao tlsoe prescribed by the eonmtaUM of the State of LoeUueoa. baa booprne a law without nis aooroval. toe esxa esrttn- with the knowledge. oonnanieatd sy of May, 1871, that aaid bill wosid sot bs- .uv www. v. r, ww - fe v.w w v a ae a law. or be aetea upon, ouu vno first day of the next eesaton of the Gen- toe aaid Borvso baa know ingly. wtUfmlly.nnlewfady and wit th par pose of imposing easn the poosto of the 8 vote as law that which be knows haa not tutMiisa a Law. Kow. thavesore. I. IX. C. Oo vara or of the btete of tetana. Laos of charged with the faithful exeeeuon the laws the omaat its woo be 13 ft! ate, os isins tbie my order the asid- O. L- Bovee frees I Secretary of State, and de hereby point r . . lierroo to nianaarge tae at-tie of said efSee satil the LegWaters shall not npon the eebeet tn aoeortl anno with the oosowtetion. Given uatr say hand and eeel. thWs 2;b day of A a root, A D l7u o the iDdcpeadrsea ox the V nitl- St to ninety-sixth. IX. O. Warns trrsL. Osvoraor sf Li leaetae Attest: O. IX Bsaoooat. r-rtvate rsorrrstory so Gen. F.J. Herron was east lor arrtved at the Govornorw o&oe. The Chief of Poliee aad n ooeple eg pallaa men were alee la waiting, and n little after S o'clock, the OvisraoT haveded Gen. ii arrow the order of and aethovtsed bias to the offiee of Secretary of Slate. II requested Capt. Edrswth. of tne sail, to aouuuipaey Gsn. llsrvsav. awe bins stsoasbly Installed, and tf Mr. Bovee eaonld create any dietnr him for dastnrbtng the Upon entering the office of tery of State. Oen. Uerron wae i that Mr. Bovee bad goo out a tew bbo- tnent beiove. asaoBOOed to the eocn to take charge of the Cooe, req nested that tney their varlooe employments. Mr. Bovee sree eent for at rived ia a few rnocnenta. Gen. Iterron banded hiss the O sot's order of saBssnsloe. and signified hi Intra tion te take eharge of the &. Mr. BoTsa, tsu-nlng as S Bad gar. asked It purpose ef exeentlas taordsrt Inqniry B a sarin I ss a sat that he had no Instructions give tn the an si tor. -Then."' said Mr. Bovee. -I shall not leave tht ofboe nulls I nam fewsiMy ejected." Oen. Ilsrroo amggeatod that so iboih reed th seder of had elaoed ty for taax, sir. renUed Mr. Bovee.' "I Gov. Waraseth antaortty to I do net fntssd to leevs." Herron th sesd no) would cxve tlaas osUeot his awivate bat he (Boveo) evlnesd no 1st eavlnst as -l ats nanars a Afiec waiting Mr. Bovs mmiii to bo quite nined te sit there aU awmaaer. if awry. Gen. Uerron rennarked that it after ofSos hour, nod ha srsold thoaa pr saint to vaeate the ofiioe, as ne wiahed te have lk elaail. At this Mr. Bovee aaid. nngrfly. "om tronbl y cwirsalf. sax, a Boat closing this office) when J rt reedy I will have It slewed and. tlisreepon. be aoraag np snddenly. aad advaooiag rap- Idly towards the table at wntcn Herron sat. sainil the eeel of and snUad it away. Geo. ilsrron i It and tn the stti-aargle it fell to ton floor. At thai juncture two or three policemen took bold of Mr. Bovee. who Irtfiled violontly and aiasrted that h wmll not be pot out. Though a small men. it we with eonaiderable difficulty be was rject- that em the ad e May la str. starve ade hie Bppitraoot. ailiTraassil a letter te Oaf. Wss-aaetn. ta rather tart and eptoy whiea as aeked why tbsCr tCiif Water Works bill bad aw Wosms a law mag. Ovfaftof. ta the 1 ajisarr ns the Bay bar- wmon n I aiiiiisaeil on the table. ao penecs te nd dster- Loom at bt- rvpUad that auaa snnu ta rrtai Uy esat the Boron as CBsoee'et egioa. withsst hla algnernr. by liaaitatiae be said te have 'Usui day 1 In ilsaee e act II maJ gated. II - Taa la ta irnut etatn of the sad It Is rearded by aaaay ae aaecher I phase of the lactase war at l waxed la the Kspab-aas ssrtr. TELEGRAPHIC DISPATCHES. I Special tO lif SrTW Orkalll PleajSTie I NtW YORK. I ndlfln FeTrrlfh Decline -a Eterlirg. . M n. - " wimr. sjvkwo eww sated at I AAV, Ortebern. Kovrnhs I beta at IS 11 14 aad Janeary at 1 14-1C k.,.i:. . w. - ---- - - .v. ow I CUKUrC. The French Prft cn . A EPS 3 it. wet. Sjmniii Qoexutine AtinEt Tel-low FtTer. T J trine Dlsuler cfT Gout. the BritUh WASHINGTON. refknltirg Pcrtratcrt. H50.C00 FoTtei Gold Check Pid Oept. Kali I. Arctio Eipedltloz. Yacht ce X Prtriddenoe, E. L The OonTe&tioa cf the Siteves cf Italy JLijonmede MOBILE. The Ocean Were C.ttrcrphf. Thirtj-FiTe Bodies EeosTerei. Ecpcrt of the Direr. Wreck of tie Bik Iicda. cf tee Florid. Ooext. I One of the Bo&ta Picaed Up. GnafOai Ixitsdlisesee RIt cr. TTeaihsT aad Btaaabotta. -From Eoxilh-are&rt Pasa. I ai iisin, s w. s w as. isnis " radsxjaaos cac tne ysUow ta er Losw-kms. A a a. "At. sa ex sled ed The 1st Six petsuo wars dre latl'i ass. an, rrsa the etas mrv Obsr ra bails ad avU war, as ak tn a low sain a Paras. Aug. tseir iihic aa ae ta eeaairr, tecy shad as the sast sf tne artsy diss soda itteaaad tonnt CM Sanxrj. AirrH Ti pan mi r to day aeyeubieidaa the esasieg vmt sf tho bsiat-org. the Ksassr ssd maca J aopi -nil eisal 1' as iws or Wiiiiaan ta ? vr -i -bvv. at soene potst on the Uoies. The NataeeaJ Zsisn oays Cl Wal- CoDliUDrd Oil Leal fao. d asoastisnr. I ecalhy earrtod Vy ae three seent Ua imimt his efforts ts rlieenrage hlavaolf trees the made are til be raised I la this assailing, we aaay erplais I Wa-aMtlj) at the iisi tint, and yet bad 1 Gerv. Warneth of Psoras ry. as whjeb tire taey duly rs i m tit fer by hla sBcraiary wit till I toil ton teas The Oas ernes- staled fanner that be sea at at aoae ss see saw eilbar aot esa bibbibbb a law sraen the tat ion dee a. espiie sretxl tne ntwl mt the next si sal ua e4 the Laagmlo tare, and nisien that the Bays Bar- had bias las pro per ly pro Paarta. Ass. VB fa JsTtisl des Debate lbs false to eayo lusv as mini te the wsrdli g of ts bU aaeiongnig ha newer, sad will aiU.. . . The I)wuo sf the aitteaaa Left Bight and Left Centre bead a niiniag te I am thssr fatars wuerso. g aver saa arming (we eras lost txS Daaoas. "tjaiaso. ran dawn the cibesnel. It t vsd, thongTh the Obsr tsa. lave aaal letiai ' ae n token Gseeos of ilwomi at bia eaaiai islios f

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