The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1933
Page 6
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__.._. .. i!i.vT!ii-:vi[,i.j-;._(Ai',K.) common NEWS &lk?ip€; i pli^l^^ ^i'V> IH^O •vU&C/o 4*/M.^lo^ ,i yj II i ^ FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1933 Three Tt:uclido\\'nr in Last Oui-^t;- Give Visitors V .ct-j : - Over Local i <v.m j A.' fmrtji miarter j'.ux t!):it to-.:-;; t:ji i;:e i:.ii\ u[ ih-' niy.i'.tii".: • ; C.:;r>iiv., !:i Oio l.nxor.i r:-.:iv: lar'.. '•:•:.'.:. ',--'t\'l Ihr- OulrL/. i'.^:-• v.ilh li:-: :.;ui.rn< rm:i White :":.i- i ijrr:; ni H'.l'.y i':el:l Tha:ik ;r,!ii; | ii.v: ^.-d :AL-'i)i l'.'.r:n d'V.ui in... 'i. 1 ka: ::::;:_• jluui,-.s !:i'.;h «! :-.!'ni- phis, ;y :: ',3. A:; it •...!.- t.'i 1 Clilcl:-> turnvd ill [ their L:'-; .-i!.: 1 o: the .--c-ifi 1 ;:! ;ri'i j hticu ;:...l', <',vn hi :L-I:'4i. li-.'ril 111:; L-i L'-. ; ;'.'.:?.\ ll«T: drives 01 J ii:;;.-.;. j'.-vii:<,-i! lnv.iu:n<j di,•.'.:; !; ill;::-;: i.L'.ijifs «n:l l:!:r."il!.v pljyiii -Oi:- :.It.!i';::s B:n:;a°.s cff t:u!r ((. hi I;;:- :':':* I'.ail.' Ti;c C-.K-K, V.I.TO s^ing lll> - wii'-'- M'.: :jy p.u-.ul ;o \V;i-.o:i to- l\ f, ~'>|Nf -- ; -'•'.-- «^i{ -'^ V.A(;v : : p (;^;^ J^JK ,::";; : i'lKV • ? M;.SO ; S.'" •"Wig? J$£& ii:.-. t-.'i -..!<:-..i: e.u:y :n tiu- i.\--j Flrn- I.; ;!;:• -u-Ainr riru l«:-.ii! cf KKA KMVi.T. ! ciij y.^ter iili;r ^ r:-p'.ulns .'.j i-reddiu Crrmloid. !3ul:e taiv.V: l!il! Cr..-i, : , ::'...-: Jiq;t3i-*wn'cn i'l'irtie, red-n=id<:i U!y- '"j" l ' hs! -'"" '•'•'• Ir.'li.e "CiiltKn 11 Ware;::-:-..:. ::'.'. : Our Army iind [Navy in ' : 'i~ • 1 r»!Ul n T'lscr-i iij. iulcrjvp'.i'd a "" !'iii]i;;iiic; Lu::clits. I.'jf ta rifctit. front row, arc: Jo^ Skladany, Pill end; :c-:-:lc, ;:nU Fred I.Rr-;nn, .Mi! ci\d: Rtjr raw: Bc-aUie rcalhuis Tcn- Change Tai-lii-y T'.cn til; halt .-n:ie:l and when Ir.e-X-'hickb rcf.:r;i::l to me li»-iu they,- h;-j iinn:ip.2ne a change. N'c lender were- they ;:n aynie^lve Ijreak-ni?.-::!^ eleven but a rcmi'rv- focL'nall to pio'.ect ii two touchdown lt.-.i!. Probably seven times cut' ci ten the Bailie ol moving curctusly and wal'.my for t-:e K leaks v,-ou!d have been [lie came to play and m'^ybc any oilier course except, on a post mortem v.cnkl have t:jn;e,l rerkloSi indeed. But - th-.i Clicks' record all season lias inU!c.Uc:l tha: luy nre primarily an -ilteniiv; lasin and the ultimate iisurt y:j;erdiy was to bear this cut. 'I::e bl'cek^ finally came, and ni ic;tni!e;s tucccssiaii. but they went (a the offensive team Instead and JIu".i:s cashed in. scoring three toucr.(iu p .'.ns in less th.ui Hi mln- ut_j. A partially bleck/.d kiuk p:u - - c:l th-: «av u'?'t-ie hrsl ffnines ??•-:>;. -3 Blvtlievil!? fit:::b!e :!:e v.ay for the le.-ona 1 arid 11 Kocked punt was th?-direct rats-: of th. 1 third. Alme?t as If licy liad bc;n sud- cr.-nly saovcd nndei- a cold shower Ux-.c t-uchdowni roused the Chicks and they mused to irive itj: nnrt cam; back searching desix'r- ateiy for anoti.c: SL-VCII points. 1,:% v.-oary, baUlhij n rejuvenate:! and iccnlo:-ccilTi?cr, the Chicks loufht bark and C-JUT a^ain became an offensive team. Sapped u their P-'.ver lor a running attack they tco!:. lo the route tl'.a'. has iKci;i :: productive this year. A Gailant Hiii ll'.eie ras no pretend. JlumK kn:vy tiiat passes were a!i they need.M lo !esr. Mosby, Chick quarter, took stand some 10 yards behind the s:rnmmge -Hue an'-.i rifled p'.5j ,-.u;r paiJ I;KJ til; arm:. cf Fi;:-:-T, Blackwell an:l Lucke the C3i:'.-4, moved up the iicW. Ai- ttr tl'.c I'.icsoif t::e Chicks ::i lonr ii-at coi\:i5 v.c:il ironi t:ic:r o\vn SJ yard li::s ce.-ii into ]iun:?s ii'.'erj bofi re :>.r. iiueroepte;! ] b>'c];o i;:) the G:ive on '..e ilu 2- yai^ lino. ShDvc-i bad: to ilieir ^i yard s'.ripe tile ciilfSi as:iii sjav^i cu: a::d again ti'.ey win^ci io:e unoiiwr inur;c;ir.'rt ps sb br.';';r Hack! R : !!I i -More (!:an :G : 000 persons at Franklin F:ekl, Pliii.idelpliia.-!lio tst liuttil lu .vnnes.1 a <p<j;-|r event ::i :!:,• ri::i ;,i\. ji- ;! r .-..;..•: can.. :::;:,; bi :iin: to c:i;;.::r.- .: ilir.jl:-:.; ; u;d t r.'.:;: .'aio;;- ;.,u.-:i: 11-0:11 Sr.vy H Ui 7. J;>/.:: iii!i-k::T. I'.rniy's ^ ::..',:. :, vicri;.-, rijlii ^u:r;:r!j 01: ;in UK; iiu> L. u:::ii iv,o :.n.::,•:;•;•-. :;••. he ,-.:::j in !; in the v.ay oi a '.'.:i'.: Tony, di'.crniincil to tangle !it' r .r;i -its ii'jiuv.-eizlil crown some, "!. ro'.tnd o r their NCR- YorK'i Hooks and Slides Bill Braucher Tiicrnbill, tin- Villain Mister Claude E. T.-.ornh-li (that's "Tiny"!, the coach whose Stanford (cotball team nosed El 1'rojan right =til of th-j Rose Bo'.vl th:-i year, used to be n heavy villain in t::e movies. . . . When he wasn't 'nving props, says he. he \vas choking the ladies. . . He improved his act up to the point wiieie con'i! etokj Howard Joner alter i.'.es': Trojans hati won 27 games in a r;w . . . ivhieh is joliy gt:::d clicking. ?.lay'ce yo-.i remember the French general in "Foolish Wives" . . . that was the man wv.o will be on the bench in the Ros? Bowl Jan. L tending his noble soldiers into the fray. * • • Trains on Trains T:n'rlecn years ago big Tr.orn- hiil coached UD teams and maii- ar.d played for one of them . He head-coached, managed near here, is going to have plenty ol pumpkin for the holiday pies. Harry grew a pic squash which measured six feet in circumference and v.-eighed 82 pounds. corner aller ns oi :i kick-oil •!, i;.n •f-c i^' tip E e:r advance. Hu:n,-> kicked the Chicks buck iaki tlieir CTII tenitcry and cnce a:;ain .• Chick advMica began with a pass £;ltiiij tr.e pace before a third in- terccptca hMVD liroue.-.t cer;ai:i denial a ir.i:;u;e before the came ended. ' T-ri:rc were 113 standout ixrfotm- andc; lo mark t'-c p'.ay of the.ila- 1'oc.n an:! Wii'.le eleven yesierdaj n.) |n pa't s 3r.nics this season. Purtie.'iv^s .1 defensive cicmcn. will, Wilson and BI.ickAell no: far b: •/itia, ri.=h;r was a i-jre-frnjercd pas? rrcclver, Moaiey n calm, bulls- eye marksman -v.ilh hand an:l foot Lolke a cSlpplns. fcr\varcl jumping ball carrier, but above nil was a hard scrappinj. low-playing Uly- thjvllie iorwa:d vail th.a't sec-niec" to 'fc.M:z2 in ov.-n strenji'n tor flnt unit. Man lar " man tilt C->:cks uri-JoubtCviiy ^'l::c:r b.-s'J p.'rfcrmance this season, with the grounding of a 50-yard kick by Mosley on one foot line by Fisher one of trs most c-cns.itional P%s or. the rip.y. • Keen; v;os probably the best ol a Jiumbcr of hard running lJuinos bxck-s.. accounting for tv.e longest cf' the Humes runs and making orie of the visitors' touchdowns. Curtis msde another, both on short eains while Fle.-ainit, sleeky tackle, fe(! en ,', punt blocked by Blan. cenlcr. fo: the tr.ird Humes [ouch- cloivn. A partially blocked punt frpm back of the Blythr.vilh goal line cave Humes the" bali en the Cr.lcks lour yard lirie from where Kfenc n-snt over. 'A Chick fumble recovered, on Blytfccvilte's 18-yard line by Fleming started Humes' off o'rflls Fcconrt drive and Curtis went over from the one yard line a min- ulc later, Thl blocked p«n( aflcr ti:::u?n;ary jinr; ii'.ve tile 'I'i^.^rs Cbicks in Last An analysis ni the ijaiue ^i-.ov*^. th-.t limits led In ilist ij.vns.! making 11 to 10 fur (•.(• Cliieks.: Four uf lllythovi'li''s li:.-l iiiv.vtr>' --;:n? in the cpenin-^ lialf WL::']! ' -inv,- b.ick to r^ist:-r <-:;nt inVe' .a-st ! : al: lo six for the (.'hiik;. on- | .<;.".;i-ii lor ^hirh there .--e.-!::. 1 :! • •; Lr no answer V.-.LS i-.u-.v vlici • \ii::.:3 beat Mrinp.'.i:, -lVt-:i, con- | ;t; -vc;3 ol' Blytlievi:]; by a lop-! :civit score. 'I!:? c:nc-ks nttr/mp;:i! :i !1 j:.i>i:s. rtiinpli tin;; 1-1 .' ni'.eii-cpti':! an:l six f.i ;-:r.| ::•!.'. Hume.* ::-.-'Cl 'Ji p •.-!•:. j, v; (. •;i:!'p:ol'.ii!; six. ti.;vm ;: four hu-.-r- .:-;"-:-.;l r.iKi eleven <:; u: tin-vale's C-!:ij>lc:-.-ii }\- • , .-.;:.. ' Ark. .l-.'iins-Mi an Football Rcsiiilr, St::(c LUtle li;vk i:i. Tim :'•;• 3'. i 'l'e\.!:l:i!!:a C.itlv.Iv.; l: huvisi.-. ll: p :!i n. - 1:1- e , ::to a , il(;ol [0 ,. „...,, , xay the Cl:ick» v.m to '.idd.-iiiy ace,i::rc;l lead. p'.ayerr. la:-.! asi:l. t!« M.i- ru;n and White imiltcins r>,r ;'.-. :ist time ill'.-.'!' tl-.e i-..n:-,e. 'til,;. .•Jii!a:n y;-.-lcr(iay. Kay U'.i-k. ' w:: • ;Ji in'n the 'T.-.:n- t«: .1 h\'.:-. un:n-.t b:c.T.:>- .1: an i:i;u.j t;-i Mi; )s:ack\vcll. back. R. 'r,. '••vn.i- -'i. u.-j-.Ii- w.ti p:r,y;'ii Ihc \, : ,{ ni hi^ ra:e:-r. R :o.-rt }',-.: .. •.'•'i'.'.y :i s'ar ycstrrciay. H 1 :.?.: M.:r. ; v r.-;-jl:.i- b.iek, injured a i, -.-, ,epan*o Junior Team Dttcals Harrisburg LEl'AN'I'O. Ark. — Tile I.fp.m'..' .inn'.cr lik'n srli.-o! [o^lball -.y.:.ra (irix 0. icio: xi st.v,.' 'j;. Ufa-. State Tcsr C'-: '•.'.risr Pav;l--:in:: 1 , 1'iirthie; Laws. ID• ::\: Kerolisval, Kentucky; Hcn-| .-•rickron. U-.ike. j ^l:'.i!ofic:-:s: Lund, Minnes3ta;! . IVn.Ti-ski. Fo'i'.lhani; Rollert-j. Tii- ] :!.:':: Piir'i-. Pt:rdti;: Soba;'.:an,i .-::t: Wihon, St. .Mary's; Wiliiams.f Ci ; ifc-!>:a; Oraytcn. Stanfcrd:' |T-::no:?. Oregon; Biower. Calibr-! jiiia; Macnti. Stanford; Clemens, u.' j ". C.; n^riitnffcrson. Was^in^to:!' jS'.''^: M;Ana'.v. Florida; I.evan. •P.:'\?:-~\>: B:ilin HilHard. Texas:' . Cr : rv. Texas Carijtian: Banm- : i 1 :r ;iv. X.r.y; CcrncHus. Dake: : ! i-s:i"r. Ya'.c; Licke. Harvard:. •fJr.isr.. o?'ir;ia: K»v. Oeori:ia: Wil. •">!!. Rvi-.-1'.ain Yniins; Douglas Nctt. ; 3-'roit. "'illia'-k?: Mfcilak. Oregon: Tho:. 11. C:,iifo;i!i.i: Kreble! o. C. L. A-: r.'.rii -. '.}(. Mary's: I'/iglh. ; -.-.n!?. C!.ir,i: Jcis-ivn, Oregon S;ai:>: "-••c ! :::- Piirdu;: K!c::ini. 1:1.1:1: \Vi::. Rjr.. : pi vrcr . BoyKr; \Vrin'••'.&•':. I'IL:: ,"::mrr>ok. Army; Cb.rk. N'avy. Ai:<.:n-i : ; TiTi: ,1. Cr ::•': fuv-i.-i- B. mivhM-.-:' i! P::ir Ululf IS. Hsyn'.•,-,;; Temple President Defends Athletics I'tlTT-AnicLpHIA (UP)— A d.-'• •:-•' -f rolli<;ie all:>lics was n::i'ip : --v I". 1 . C!-.arles E. Bcnry. presi<i,-,r «f T!-;:i;:!e University, in his n:."-.••i! i • :;nr;. "C -."..•.:* atlilelic?." Dr. Ui'iny 'Ihoniliill . . . Ibc villain who luiil Troy low. and ;ackbd fcr the Cleveland prc tcn:n. playini; on Sundays .... nnrir.o jiir. lvce |. rc c oac!:ed the- line at Centre college. In 1920 and 1021 his pros won the league championship. ... In 'Wo iliq I'raying Colonels lost to Harvard. b:i! came rljht bart: the I next year and amnyjd fc football world by giving John a licking. HERE'S as comfortable underwear as yon ever buuoned over your chest! Take hold of HANRS and crush it in your hand — reel the heft of the heavy ribs — smooth your palm across the downy fabric. Then try it on and get out in the wind and snow. You'll think the thermometer's lying! You won't need to hold your breath and squeeze into HANES. It's always the size the label says. It goes on like a second skin — but there's enough "give" in the springy knit to let you bend and twist any way you want, without rubbing or snubbing! Buttonholes, cuffs, and seamsarc sewed to last the life of the fabric. Stock-up now fora warm Winter with HAKES Wonderwcar. P. H. Hanes Knitting Company, Winston- Salem, N. C. There arc all sorts ci n:-omo:r Athletic r:v jcjittiilf- family Lives In Rebuilt Hen Coop U'lTCA. N. Y. iUl'> —.\ re.-r.i:- stnic'cri hen co.nv y..,; .;••..'. :<( • <'.:. city .limits, has b:einv: tin h.-:n.- fair.ily. ' ' ' ' ' " '. ' The family consists cf Mr. .u-,i! Mrs Gc:iU'.e and their two c'nil- • dron. i '•I hope we get a break xi;n a:ul "This Is tiu best we can <io i-< i! : -tinct cmo;ion:il vain •n,-.\i in (he huildiii!: up of i:irnv: nervcus system: the •1:11: of frar and tini:fiUy. i • ri'-vr-loDinent of conra::e," ;-.ny Coast Drinking ^ours Cut to Minimum \' JTJANCT5CO. (UPl— B-:.-r? i.--.:il:ciiic)k» and ;ir- '.'.'• 10'Xi t!'.' 3arba:y C" 1 !- 1 . kr,rj,v.-, ns .1 center of f:, r I"'. \'r- > an.l '.lie B5lli?ii:i: f.r w':-o w.-re "Shan:- i'y tfie Hatbary Coast i •- vl-.:re w' ens10T:i"rs i n: r*.'-:! -;,- h in. o'i'.y nnhi 7 pn-.. loaclics liv IVinninir Demy A story is U!d cf Tiny's comlni; rsci"-.],- tti Centre . . . Umpire Charley of op- Mo:an of tiir N-atlonal LM<-u'e participali:>n v.-am't able I.: be on the job'ji tin:!', the first of October . . so he sent Tiny to get t:-c boys into shaii.i . . . Tiny had his oxvn i:i'as abtnit football . . . and tl'.e jfc:'.s cf Centre—Bo McMillln. Red . H-'berls. !)e,1 Weaver and others: . fj'fm Ken:i:cky and Texas— had ' Ideas clashed ... so Tiny of-1 fercd to take a buncli of raw sophs • '• and frosh. i:;e his Ideas and beat ' ti-e varsity. . . . Tiny put on n :-"i; himself [or that ,«.inie and ;:-->ved Inllbaek. Th-rn'.illl's team \von, 14 to 0 • . .. which convinced the lads 'H'. he had the rigbt stuff, alter — i.h irts and drawers as wtll as union its. Tht llcivy- veifht Champion ii FOR EVIBY SEASON WONDERWEAR Hn^e Pumpkin Grown WILLOWS, Cal. (UP)—Harry E. Williams, rancher of Princeton, HANES UNDERWEAR Is Distributed At Wholesale Hy WO. MOORE'S Memphis. Term. •"'.n-. 27. M.sscuri ft. ' '<i-i'i"m.i A. nnd M. 13. Okh- :- I^'.iii 6, Washin-lon U. 0. :,i.:v '•'•Drink Head Courier News Want .\ri>. •:':>: M •••'.'•:••:.'.- y. f"--! rlv:nki:i» bv the lemlnine ccntin- '.'•*''.: t". .^ f ; - u e-v\ • r.rnt. th? bevcrace criinn-.t.^sion aft- i S'V.v l':'.ir.'.:,-,',:-';:. u. • rd en the rerJmti'.endation of Pr- Ai-.e-.-n. ;-•-. >,:.-..-,•'-; h'o- i i. -e C.ipnin Liyne find Chief Wi!-1 ia Clar.!: lirvnon. tUi-' J. Qninn. '

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