The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1937 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1937
Page 5
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Dk'cioMftKR is, ly;;f BI.YTHKVILLE. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS F Stores Arc Foil Of Things They Won't Buy For Themselves NY MAKIAN VOUNU Nfc'A Service Staff Correspondent NEW YOfliv.—A luxury present is anylhiiiK Ihe recipient wants but wouhln'1 consider buying for himself. Everything being relative, Its reasonable lo assume thai In order to come under the heading of luxury. « prevent doesn't necessarily have lo cosl a small fortune, be imported from some remote snot on the other -side of the world or be an heirloom that has been In ycuv family for generations. A single handkerchief, line and soft and hand-embroidered, is a luxury gift for a woman whose handkerchiefs are pretty cveryday- isli. A tiny botlle of rare perfume is a luxurious thought, for one who is a perfume fancier—this no matter hew much perfume she already has. From furs lo jewelry, there are thousands of luxury gifts from which to pick and choose. But regardless of how much you have lo spend ealso regardless of how many times you've heard this), forethought, good taste, careful chopping and Christmas spirit, in the true sense of the Icrm, are wonderful .substitutes for more than a minimum of ready cash. So it's posBible (o give luxury Presents wi'ither yau have money or uot. rortiDiil Ariiinnnents fnr the Women For women, fine housecoats arc luxuries. Even though she has M'vcral. she'd like another, especially if It's a tailored number ot black velvet with notched lapels, « wide belt that makes her wnlst- linc Mem ever so tiny, and a flared skirt. Flannel bath robes, cut on housecoat lines, are highlighted. Handsome negligees (how about one with a short train?), dripping v.'ith lace, are worth considerable consideration. Chunky sold pewelry is something she didn't want and which yon couldn't have found last Christmas. This year she'll love a wide gold bracelet an,1 matching earrings or a. matching necklace made of six or seven slender BOlel chains. In precious jewelry, look at pearls or rubies. There's a definite trend 1; tow?.rd yellow gold— away from platinum. Earrings , take tho spotlight once again. '••: A sUort, boxy evening jacket of rilver fox would be a pretty ': handsome expression of your es- ' loom. Ever} 1 woman wauls n bit ijof fur for Christinas, and wheth- ler she gets a pair af black yloves f with Persian lamb cuffs or a full- length evening capo of snowy ermine, she's going to be proud" and pioased. 6 a * More Fcmiiiina Delights Among other new Gifts the most important woman in your life will Jilre are: a fitted alligator daytime bag with satin lining, containing compact, lipstick, sewcd- in change purse, mirror and compartments for cigarettes and mutches: a dressing gown of finest Shetland wocl. handmade, of course; a maribou bed jacket in a -luscious shedei of hyacinth blue; a ivide. rrufliable belt of softest kid' skin with sterling silver buckle; m.-les with Jewelled heels; an enormous tottle of her farorUe per; fnme: a purse-like overnight bag. completely fitted ithis looks exactly like a very large handbag); .lamps of pleaming crystal for her (liessing table. i i\ an evening pouch of r needlepoint with a eloeskin van' ity ana a little jewelled pcrlumc i A-icoii inside; an umbrella with needlepoint cover on the han- • die. a writing case which resembles p. snjnll, flat suitcase—completely equipped with address and note limits, blotters, letter paper. r>nd :;o cut. Especially nice for the traveler who writes en route. Fin thcimore' .snakcskin gloves iviUi blpai:hc;| >?)gskin palms; a nutlled bedspread of rosy peach velvet with negligee lo nmlcli; n fi.'il-lrnetl) evening ;vrap of snowy lambskin: :;tcckinas iit a new ma- hosany shade; black wool Jersey loi.-njins pajamas will) a sliort- riecvcd pullover of black paillettes; blue f-.apphire thistles (for earring.-.); rhlncolonc stars for hpr ,>air; n waistcoat of black suede; % afternoon cloves c f black crepe, embroidered in sold bends; a 50- ouncc jug of lightly scented raloEnc: a giant bos of batli powder with a down pufl ns large as a dinner plate. iVfrn Easy thD men ou Many Attractive Gifts For Young Ladies She's Jiapyy because Santa Clans brought her a buautlful. crush-resistant house coat in sapphire bill') velvet with a slide fastener up the front ami ermine IsHu at the V-neck. She also yol a croduiUcil link chain necklace and bracelet in eold plate, velvet evening bag with compact In the top and „ bed with willed velvet head board and bedspread in turquoise blue lo match the house- cml \ Vor a young girl . . . an assurl- nicnt of jewelled charms to go on her bracelet. For HIM . . . seven handsome Uriir pipes in n lumpluous case ... a cigarette case and lighter combination with liny watch set in the enamel . . . and, if he's a hcrsiinan, luxurious suspenders of woven tilk with horsey motif. Caruihersville Society ~ Personal Mlv. .Mullour,. Hostess lo (;luli Mhs lictlii'l Mulloiire wns iiostess to tho membm ot tho hucky Nine bflelep i-hil> Aloiulay evening. A ll'jhti'il Clirislnws trop anil other ilocornticns u» well ns the bridge lulllos nirrleil onl the Ohrlstniiis motif. Mrs. nmolil Popliani ro- colvcd n liiiiclxon seH for high KTOI-O mid Miss Hlzfltelli Ficlits brldsocd untl it^^lvoel n shoe Ira" t'lnns won- mndc lor the Chrlstinus iltnni'i- wliich lh<; flub holds each yi'nr mid nuinp.s worn dniwn for (he> exL-lmtisjc of sifts. Uolils Annunl Christinjs I'mly Mi'*, c:. ct. Shcpurd was hostess lo Ihe iiieiiilxirs e>f the 1'nst M»Irons t -lub »t Imr home Momlny evoking. Olirklmns decorations were used thionshout tho house. After a short business session the progrnni toinmittee, composed o[ Mis EiKic Johnston, Mrs. Mimu Helm and Mrs. liowiml Cunulnit- litnn. directed several saines. Gifts were exelmnged mid Mrs. Howard CimnliiKhnin, wlio hns a hhilulay Ihls month, received a gill from the dub. * t 4 (''nrlsiniiiii rally Clinnler nM of the p. K. o. sisterhood was i-iitei'lnlncil Monday evcnliiB by Mra. N. C. Hawkins at her home. Tli e hostess serve;) a tlclieicuB ttiree course Uirkey dinner nl slx-lbirty oVlcck In the mellow glow of cnmllo light u( Ihe large dining lnuin. Miss Mary Kllon ]J»r- iici- guve ji lulk on "ClirlslniiiK in Coloirfsl 1 Days". Gifts wcro ex- clmiK-cd hy HID members anel cisests. Mrs. Hiillle Crockett. Co! ""'l)l». Mo., untl Mia,- Mnry Ell/.a- belli DcheHy wore (;wests 'for the cvcnlns. « • i Miss Marv Eltotalli Uiinuhcrty s)ienl Sulindiiy In Memphis. Misses iv.i Walluec and Lelie Tilckiis c f Kenneft, Mo., spent. Friday alkmtjon and evening In this elly .and attended the Christmas t pai'iulc. Misses Daisy Kerstner and Ullle Game of Skill HORIZONTAL , AniweMo FrtvV>Bi runl« I Game of skill, pictured here. G 8 pieces and 8 - ore the men in the (,'iimc, 10 Assam sllltwovm, I 1 Hegioii. \'i Files. 13 Prophets. 15 Night before. I HI Arid. 1 7 Southeast. 18 Senior. IV Sound ot inquiry. P.I Like. 22 linked meat. 25 fight. '16 Had. 30 imi. an Sound 9 Fabaccou» two. 12 A champion of this name, 14 To arrange methodically. 18 Sun. 20 Derby. 22 Border. 23 Humbugs. 24 Moldings, • 23 Dispatched. 26CoH club, MKcWo. —.—.— .— __ 29 fiy \vay of 39 HsinUtliig. 56 It Is played on 31 Glgimlle. 41 Muslcul nolc. the snme type 33 Folll > of no, CI board os 35 Shuts up. VERTICAL 2 To hoist, 3 Gaelic. S5 Sailors. :I7 Mnlo cat, W South America. 42 Stomach:!. « Cuckoo. <5 Brings forth young. JVDnla. 49 To make nun. 1 To drink 51 Ovum. slowly. 52 Out of oi'der. 54MooIey apple. 5511 was first played in (lie 38 One wlio snubs. 39 Scope. 40 Siindjiiper, 42 Wise men, 44 Crlpplexl 48 Ever. ^ Hindu ti'eatlsc.47 Verb, (i Pdssei'-b)', 48 Tree. 7 Form of "be." 60 Mongrel. B Obnoxious M ['reposition, plunl. 53 Southeast. Zufjcr of I'opltir I31nff, MO., spent Knight. Suneluy here :is gutsls of Miss Jo Charles Jeiela. • ( , np . . Mr. nnd Mv s. W. J. I'cck anel feclcd foot" to? 'thc m pi"t'wcek 'T- Mrs. violet Nowsam spent Satur- ablo lo be out agnln. ' M Sinned Sunday from ' w £, ^Say^ Tl,^' his brother Ullcy nnd M,. B . c lty as Ruests of her paronls, Mr. nnd Mrs. A. T. Hcnlon. Their son. week here, nccoinptmlcd (hcmhoinu Sunday ultcrnooii. ... a fluffy . green velvet cabbage. I'hcnc-Telcvision Nrar LONDON (UP)—An exjrerimenlal telephone-television service may bo established by the British post office rarlj' next ycfir. Post office 'experts are extending their re- sarcli work, and cables capable of carrying both phone conversation nnd television urc beln? laid from Condon to Northern cities. . Hemie, Mo., where He Imd' spent the past week as the guest, of hi.s brother, Alfred Dale. | Mrs. Sajn Dlckcreon and ditugli- I tcrs, Doris Jane and Hammle I.cnh, ! left aaturday for their hnm e in Orccnvllle, Mta., nftcv spending the past two weeks here ns uwstr. of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Willlnms. Mr. and Mrs. joe Wyatl and son. Tony, spent Sunday In Campbell will) their parent*, Mr. nnd Mrs. Esco Wyatt and Mr. iinel Mrs. Lcs Honk Ins. Mr. ant] Mrs. W. D. MeElycn and soil. Gene, spent Smielay In Campbell, Mo., as guests t>f relatives. Mr. iinrt Mis. Onge Knight spent the week end In Homersville, Met., . , "'" " m ™ nl ° r spent sumlny in this WiiciiL, rye, oats nnd rice— America's mewl Important eroi) oxccijlluc corn — nil camo Iioir Europe. Hemorrhoids-Piles ; CURED WITHOUT SURGIDRY Safe, sure nnd with les., fllsronifor*. AD ilisoascs snrt condlllons- of nervous origin, foot tllnirnL^ and skin cancers treated iuii cured at our cllnlo. ' DRS. NIES & NIES Oslcopathlo Blylhevllle, Ar!t. L««p»rd« Maid VilUf*w (Ui'> _ uoparts snd bests ato causUij terror throughout'the Villages of tha UnlUd Provinces ol> India. Several villagers, including; vi'omcn and. hlldrtin, have been mauled by tlio :narauellnr; animals. Supported by six companies, < « cw typo of Insurance deslgneel tor air travelers htui recently been amiounceel, The Insurance offers o Imltvtdual passengers the same, Ij'iio of coverage eivnllablo for oilier methods of travel. Harvey Stewart Dr. P. A. Robinson STEWART-HOBINSON 8uc««iU City Dnij Slot* Vie Speclalho in PRESCRIPTIONS Medicinal wine & Liquors 20W W. Main Phono 20 * PRESTONE * ANTI-FREEZt * HEATERS * DEFROSTERS * TIRE CHAINS Complete Slock Prompt Service To All Makes of Cars TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 2'1 Hour Service Call GM (ULUJ Kvcrylhinjj for your enter tainment and comfort. Weds. - Thurs. ft CUREHCE BROWN Production AIro for Uiat . . . p tiavcl hoses with while sailillc i:ittchitig. The- accortlian brief- CCL L C tt: divided into indexed ccminirlmenls. '.if l-tght-day leather travel clock. Opening onil cluiinj it iloes the i\iii('.iiis job. :ide. The nicst luxurious siispci);!- ;rs arc made of finely woven silk, jrintcd with various S]>orls figures —horses' heads nnd horseshoes, for iiMance. An unusual feature ere she fine ctiamois labs on violin jinny cords. A nev/ pigskin accordiau btief- asc is tlivirted into indexed com- artments to make a nice gift for he man who takes frctjucnt busl- icss trips. I'igskin travel hoxcs. ncluding a jewel cr.^e with sued-;; lining, a collar hulelfK (vvitli black moire BUopsiitlcrs (if he ' ! -.'. .linner suit, but no tails. * Cr else: An exposure meter .... j I he has a camera); wnsiiable play- i * ing cards in a transparent case: ing silver cigarette hox; :i gift box of one dczcn eoll balls: poagce colored silk pnjnmas; gray I plcnlcd bosom shirt with detach- ! able white collar; Icalhcr belt with leathcr-ravered buckle; tv.'o hugo balls o! solid walnut ilvink- ends); a desk baromclcr lif lie fjj^.s Jishlng. golfing or Imntinn weekends); tlark brown bath towels, enormous, rough and mono- gi.'jiniiirrl in wjiifo; sweater v.'itti cuode leather front. •No Picture fias'-Ever < Equalled It! compartment for studs' Chiltlrcn of Luxury For children, there are luxury Bills galoro: Little Mavy woul'l love n lux;:;- white bunny which t conies in a lari;i- (jreen velvet ralj with watciprcof liiiitis your list Kpcrlc-mlndcd individuals, shop- pii:c for luxuiy gifts for tliem :ho»ld h= a simple mallei 1 . The LOilcl .re luxurious indeed. • * * fn World of Gadget The l.cighl. of luxury would be i handsome fitted case, of 1 golden leall'.er. with the fittings in their own separate compartments, iimte iparl from suit compartments. You might consider: cltainoirf ilwls and cufl links lif you are very rich) or monograiumed platinum ones. Even crystal studs make a luxurious gift for the mnn .rtio fns just liought tails and tophat. All types of evenitio jewelry, Including a thin gold watch, jre dcflr.ltcly in the luxury cate' Also: tic luxe brushes, a c,inc:l!> are 1 camera; p. Iimnidcr and pipe rach a ! bagc: a fairy Inle doll named Hnov." White and dressed In a pink laffctji skirl with a litird vclv:t bodice: note paper wifii fairy tali: cliaractcir. in uiiter color on tlif borders; a liny electric r,tovr i«; Phc can make tea lor her dollies, with Biothrr Eluding dose by. of'>. i'or til.Uc brolhcr. consider: an i'.iilainrbiln building set <t-.c can turn o-.iI a dcei. of little oar.-, with this): a sporl.-; r,»t, Ir.rluding fotit- baseball ami noy Scou e-miipmciil: a hook v.ilh a p'.siure of every Noith Aincii'.-an animal in it; a tmall eawor.i. of bleacheel maple; an onyx ash tray for his ciesjc: a water Eel, tn- .. „„ ,. __________ ..._ ........ _ cleidinE thermos man who docs a-shooting go al- 1 JUB and two small matching ways v/ants jinot'rcr sun. If lis I glasses, also for lii.^ desk; blnor- likci to fish.- a few of the new- Inters <lf he has a beat, travels on ' ----- - ..... -- '" "" . very best, diy flies will ))o appreciated. Esiwcially excellent this yesr Is a tackle box. filled with a wonderful collection of cim, boats cr lives ijy the sea In the summer time); an elegant air pistol efor target practice in the basement, gameroom 4-ounce fly rod; a or attic); fine camel's hair veil. Or: slippers of leather and Bed- Two ir.L'ii wrrn torn on Feb. 12, W9. er.'h drstinid lo follow a separate path to tome. Lincoln took up tJii: e,it;.se of nindcrn ninn; Darwin clcvotr.d hlm-ell to our nniT.stors of pichisloric eras. dry tlics, a good reel, bait lines, sinkers and such. . T f his chief hobby is just a-ayi,- v^i: suppers 01 icaencr HUU cu'u- lin', hc'Jl be happy with a- de luxe ford cord, that flexible and !oii§- ptpc set which includes seven' wearins fabric used for riding beautiful pipes, attractively pack-ibreccSeo; shoe rack to be nailed Ed i)i a bux which can serve as alto the baclc of-his closet door pipe-rack, too. I made of boot leather straps); eve- The newest pocket lighter for lilng suspenders lit he has tails), men has a small watch on the top of plain white moire silk; muiw' QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry at all times. SAVE MONKY AT 118 W. Main • Plione RECORDS in the hands of Oldsmobllo owners ?\s well as records at the General Motors Proving Ground show Hint Olelsmobilo for 1938 is setting all-time highs in gasoline economy. This economy is tho direct result of Giicli features as: 1. Vacuum Fuel Saver. 2. Automatic Choke. 3. Electro-Hardened Aluminum Pistons. 4. Down-Draft Carbiirction~anrt other money raving Innovations. Seo your Oldsmobilc dealer for n trial drive that will open your eyes to something sensational in day-to-tiay driving economy. For si//jor-ccon- omy, drive an OMsmobilc with the Automatic Safely Transmission—offered as an optional extra on nil models, ritb KnliuW OMI, «b» M«ih»L HUT/ SUDhiniop, lilt Eilkien. Dime Mi) Witty, t Hurt Ctrim. n«fia-;r joMoff roMwva-Mar*/ Plclutf At:o Fararaount News Admission Matinee ICc & 26o Admission Nights I6c & 3i'o ROXY Admission Always lOo & 26o Show every night. Matinees Friday, Saturday & Sunday Only, ' tc Sunday Matinees star) p.m. Saturday Co Uinuous showing from 1 to 11: .0 pjn. Night shows start 6:45 p,m, Weds. - Thurs. Tue.-Wed.-Thur Adults Admitted for Price of I HE'S THE PRIZE DEFECTIVE OF IHE WHOLE POLICE FARCE! 1307 E. Main LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. Phone 329 HUGH HERBERT AlLajOTSJJI^ClAI^STOH •-* j H M* trne*»n*j tj W«t B-^kj «tf OH.' i frii« rm b^Mi r*to* t fmocM h xuet net. Also elected shorts.

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