The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1933
Page 3
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1933 BL.YTHRVILl.t5. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS MCDEEN HCME NEWT Conducted (or (Ills newspaiwr In (lie Interest, of Its riorence Hroherk, Editor women renders by recognized authorities on nil phases cf lumc making. Airs. George Thurn, Associate Editor LEEI OFFERS! ID ft! kr- Them Now to Serv- ir,.? With Festive .Yule- Cranborrios Top llio Holiday Feast I line Dinners l) Headers in ll'ylhevilli:: So niitiiy requests have come n in 1 -: for old laoliijned ;>!tnu pud- ring rtiMiM-s, thai I hasten to i/e' these to sou In time far holiday c'jiikery. The- firs'. o:ie is an old Engli!:.! rccijx;. mcdcrni/.;-.! to fit our American yrocerii-s atid ajipe- lUts. To make it Save ready: one fourth pound bread crumbs fre? Irom crust: one half i>onnd beef .suel, chopped fine, free from skin and finer; cme fourth pound Jlcnr; one half pound currants (washed and dried); one half nound rai- eins, seeded and li^tiy floured; cne half teaspoon silt; one half teaspoon grated nutmeg and mace, inixrui; one half pound granulated sugar; one third teaspoon baking powder; eight egtis; two ounces chopped orange peel; two ounces minced apples; on? half cup brandy i or cider). Sift the dry ingredients togct':- er; beat the eggs and blend with the dry Ingredients, add crumb: and [mil. ciiil and brandy. Put c jriLare uf .strong while muslin ir a pudding bowl. and flour the dr. 1 well. Pour tlic mixture into it an:' tie l-.'.e cloth firmly. being sure tc allow space for rising or t*:c clotl: will hurst. Lower the pudding in iU bn^ into rapidly boiling water and kec;i il b-iling lor six hours. Then lake ii out and hang it up in a cool place, where it will swing free, a to:vl placrd under k however for tr.e dripping. When it is tr.e occasion for serving thi? pudding, drop it. still in its hag. inio bUlin;; cater for one hour. Serve with hard sauce brandy sauce. This mako." enclave pudding. Twice the re:ipf will make icree good sized puddings. and of course they may all b? cooksrt at ^ne .same time, providing the kettle is large, enough to keep plentp of water boilin= to keep plenty of water boiling be made at lea^t two weeks before using; earlier if pcssible. T'luin !'uc!ilin; With Oatmeal One cup ccokctl oatmeal; or. cup socdlcjs raisins; onn cup o dried put through thr> chopper; one cup peanuts pui tluough the chopper; one quarter cup citron put Ihrcuj'-, the chopper; two tea-spoons cinnamon; one teaspoon ground allspice; one tea- spocn nutmeg; one cup while table molasses; one egy; one glass Jan 1 or jelly. Mix spices, add to beater egg then mix with the oatmeal blerxl in molasses, then fruits and .icily. Mix well. Place in pudding towl as above, boiling the clcth- wrapped pudding for an '•our; pack into a pound cc'tee tin. lower the tin in boiling water fr.r nn hour. The can should be rub bed with shortening for this. Simple Plum Puddin; One cup flour; one third cur cropped suet; one third cup sou milk; cne half cup chopped rai sins and currants; one third cup molasses; one fourth teaspoon c nutmeg; one fourth teaspoon ciiv namcu; one fourth teaspoon g\\: Rer: on? half teaspoon salt; om third teaspoon ssda. Mix and sif t-'.'e dry ingredients; add the suet currants and raisins to the fln:ir Ihrn mix thi-3 with the liquid. IJlen: all ingredients well together. Hul a mould or can with shnnening your mixture in. and set in boil A •!-£ water, or in a steamer f~r tw< • to free hours. Wh?n ready li serve, an extra half hour. Carrel 1'iuni I'uildin^ One cup grated carrl: on" c'.r £ia[(d polato: one tcaspssn o roda: one cup brown .'.near; civ cur flour; me fourth teaspoon o salt; one half cup milk: one cu] wished and seeded raisins: on cup '.iar:l sauce. Grind the raw vrgclables in th foxl chopper, add the soda to th potato. Cien mix the vegetable with t!'e sugar, flour, salt an floured raisins. Add milk (o (hi mix all together and steam Hire and en? half hours. Serve not with I'.aul sauce. Hard Sauce One fourth csip butter; three fourths ci:p powder?;! sugar: on." 1 half teaspo?n vanilla: erne -tehd teaspoon orated nutmeg. Cream butter and sugar and when MARY'S KITCHEN IIY SlSTCIt MAUV XIJA Si'ivli-i 1 Stall' Wviti-r 'I!:. humi'-m-.ikt-r wlio must pj.ulia' i-t'U'l violHjinv will ilnd it vidi u in-ill lur while 10 vmx> n Im n :.m! i.hnuldiT and side ol V"'-'f. .il horn •. liV much l<y> Ui u'::;- than liie uuinilh'.tn! Inuif;- U:i .ii:d I'.ume-. tiled hum b, MHI;O- llun: lu lie of. 1. in. tco. can h- lilrd oil! in <.!»'. <> k!U'li:':i In ijniKl aitvan- tJ'H 1 :iiul humi'-rondercd laid is f-a: I'l.u-iory in c-vi'iy way. .'- : i,illy 111 1 MiiokhiK cini'i In 1 :ici- :' ;i!i>!nti :u luiiiu., but as ni:;.-.l PAGE THREE Filet of Sole With Tartarc Sauce I 11:' PrcnUnc-nt Now Ycrk hotels arc CElng them more and n; O rp in new- ways ' with great .success. Cranberry Jelly, in Jjlll 1 .- indivldua: molds, makes an admirable dcs- '-ei'. for bridTe luncheons and buf- fft flippers as well os big holiday By MIA Service Cranberries arc in sea-inn right now and tr:cy c:«n be served in new nd inteic-nting ways on holiday! i.ciius. I Plain, old-fashioned cranberry! auce. made by stewing the berries •ilh surjar and l!;en allowing them dinners, combined with diced pine o cool, is .something that t'r.e home-' apple and nuts, topped hy whivj- naker usually plans to serve occa-i ped cream. It is about as pretty a deieert ns you c?n serve. Here's i'^e way l o make a very handsome aiid appetizing eranbrr- ly dessert: Pince five pounds of cranberries :on;i!ly wich turkey, chicken, duck nd youse ihroughcut ihe holiday eason. quite takes the ace of it. However, cranberries needn't be cnfined to so simple a recipe. They in b:!!iiiz water and c;ok thorn un- nak? deliL-ious salads and de^serto. i through arc coll. 2 strainer Force them ond one-half pounds of su^ar and '•me leaspconlul of lomou Jiilci;. Put it all bark on the fire, stirring nnd let it ccrne lo ue boiling |»;nl. Remove from the stove and pour Into either one large or small Individual mold which I'.ns b.-cn dipped in cold iva'cr to prux-ut the Je'ly frcm slickini;. Place a heap of diced pineapple In the center of a large platter and arrange ijt little dessert molds around it. garnishing the lop of each one with whipped cream and a few pecans or walnuts. A con- pie of uncooked cranberries will be Mii'j>:iiii! infills, [o luok itlu-r c'lihi'i lur ilicli 1 cus- (Ten* Arc Thm> Oflrn Rccju s for LlniisutiL l>reads So nnny request-: \.ave c^me in powder can, or any steaming inouIJ li:"ujjh the Cooking Schools for i with shortening nnd pom- I he irange bread, that ive are giving : dougo into ii. Place in boiling wat- hc recipe h:rei - : cr and boll for Ihree hoars in a One egg; one cup brown sugar; :ne half cup wliite table molasses; one half cups milk; or tightly covered saucepan. Scotch Short Rrcad This is of course a cake and not a bread, but like ths two a'CDve is a sweet bread serving as both bread and dessert, in a simple menu. vccliM 1 makes eight serv- IIISE. Use en; half ponr.d of ground meat; cne and one halt tab;cs;:ocns iimcoked rice; one Miialt oniou chopped; one clove tarlic. chopped; one tens|xxm chopped iiarsky; mic hail c cdu water; one hall teaspoon ol :a't; one half teasiicon pepper; iprinkliii; (.1 paprika; L-tj'.i: ,.ir r ..: cjtlx'jc loaves. Two pounds flour; one :alf pound j Uoil ihe ca'narje leaves a few butter; one half pound of short-1 minulrs. Him remove the large one half pound sugar. Sift | lllili '"'• Mix Us* ground meat with cne and ne cup milk and one 'naif cup orange juice: one teaspoon salt; 'err cups flour; fcur teaspoons 3akins powder; one half cup :hopped oiange pe^l; one half cup currants. Real Ihe egg well, then add tr.e .ugar and milk to it and stir tror- .ening; . onghly. Sift loget'ner the ftour. i the (lour into a roasting pan nnd j'he vice, chap:.ctl union and garlic lakinz powder and salt, and add llEa t 't In the oven, stirring ;;c?.-|"' ! d farslcy. Ac'tl '.vater nnd :,<.•:••i Ihe first mixture, mixing all i fionolly. Cream the butler, short- °~> 'with silt, |;epp:r and paprik.i. isntly. TV.en add ihe crantre'pcel! criln S and sugar t.-.orcu^iily to- l' ! acc atcut 01." tablespoon of Ihi and "currants which have" b;?n ' gather. Mix Hie nour in'.o this with-"'eat mixture in the csbtoRe !eaf, listed li'i'-.tly with nour. Pov.-'the hands, kneading thoroughly. I i "M it-up cu-e'uliy and lay in Ih.- nto a !oaf tread pan M-hich >'.as' Wr - cn OTl! blended, take a sosd | Rouble toiler. When all lire In. Seen rubbed will: sharlenina. L?l I Pinch of ihe douzh and at room temperatifre fo--.-^"?? °" t-c floured bo; twenty tninut.-s. Bake in a slow' should bs a large round, a'mut four uvo hours, oven '350 degrees) for one hour, i an J on = '^!f IIIC-CG in diameter. Fiuie the edges with a fork, score tl-e top with a knife nr punch with the fovk. ard lift carefully onto an unjreas:d pan. Bake in a moderate oven (350 <ie?rees) abDut twenty minutes or until delicately browned. ^ome cooks prefer to pat tr.e e a . n, mouM Into ''over with two cups tomato sain- board. This 't' tai.r.-.:; loivjuo :.o»p) and coc:-. lloston Broun Bread Two cups sour milk; one cup dark table mob^ses; two cups of :crn; one cup wlicle wh;at Hour: one and one 'aaif teaspoons "da; one '.:a!f teaspocn salt. Sift scda, flour and salt together. Mix the sour milk and mc-lasses and add the corn meal to this mixing ', dough mi! and cut it with larg, well. Add the flour (pour the ; cookie cutters, then baking in the whole \vhcat ^.nsfe; into ih; mix- ] same way. Although the Scoich Tomato fc'aucc T:-:I-:C utlevcans butter; Ihree i.ibiespcciis do-:.'; i\\o cloves garlic, choy.ptd; iwo tablespoon: chopped oniun; <••].• iabl;v<;;oou suLai: tv.n cup.-; canned :u tivsh lo- n-.iuo; one hav cup water: sail ar.d paprika to .seosDn. Me!: the Inn.™, add ihv chop peel onions arid jariic and fry until golden br.>wn. Ada the flour and i:-il:: v.-JI, ji.:i iiic ture after ihorougiilj'. the sifting) and mix' ccok makes rat:cr large round 1 Rub i>. |»und bakln; and breaks them at th? table. , ; malo •.vale.- Horn Arc More, Delicious Rocirs for Rolidiiv Cool; i r .ii i Minutes, s'.iirh,.- «t!l, ihvn S ! :i to a doublu boik-r. t,.:?.sju i'ait. |X:pper ai>d s;ip;:r. Cco.i , h-ll ho.-r aiid ^uton ,,.t.i ; iika. on ii^c CITOI: :::•. T h 1 s.^ Wrap are si.n'ile "home matte" ; ci r^ camii^s which make nice: ('r : itiuns ti: th 1 Chrislmns gift' be pic" 1 :; separately in :r Oi Cf l l:ophnilL-. rol- | • -like papers, or silvei ! •. lo r:;ni-- Ihn Loses at-! i,-. 1 tin 1 l.-ose:i wi:n r r-d '•;•' i -,''.-( ;t of! '• ••'•d iicip-r be.wcci-.; r \"m c! '.ir : — f'i ~ )ic" oi pepprniiini. I Th 1 .; r.^ci^c roil the 5iig;ir and wafer in an'! relli i.:;v.;.::; T-ine^:! '.-I'ttl. 1 a'coul f-iur niin- : nil cl aj^p; \-_: klam With SpagheHi ; Makes Deiicious Dish red ~* nprrs t' wnite nnd creamy add the vanilh !");! Heap with a fork on the ?«rvin 7 dish nnd chill in the rcfripera'.or. u should be cold and desseri hot. Another variation of this recipe is: riv? tablespoons powdered sugar; three table-spoons butter; one teaspoon boiling water; the il paper t.r '•'. rows. ••: i-.-nd;:. W.i 1 1. -i I (,'ar.ilv Tvo c:.i'3 li;:i!i brown s:i»nv: •:e l:-.blcspoon ':i:l:er; one hall vp rrrnm: on: 1 cup choired black .• Cis'ilftr:-!.! -"!;^!-t m:ati; our •:-sp-cn sail. I'm the .inyar. but- cr and croan: i;; nzi rnamel tauc?- .•>!'. Bi'-il until "I f';rms a soft tell *..i:<. tried In cild v/ater (or 230 .11-- ];• ii :T^ usiir; a candy rcimo'.nnlcri. Unr.ov* frcm li;f •i-:i'. ar.d tr.i! hard. Add trie ual- vts ara silt ind teal a^ain nn- i' thick. Tjm 1 inio weli biillerefl • i! 1 ^ \vhrn nearly colfl. Cut i::to [ _-i. cr i:n : ii :t Ioin:s a soft bali j ...mir. f i rr- trivd :n io!d water '230 d 1 . 1 - ; pi:unch: r -.,-1 ^- r I, ;i[i(i fjir pnwdcrcd . i f ri-r. • :- -;-(i ::."!•:, r.f lar':-r ini: • i.a:..; 11. e rcrper::iinl- Stir ..0:1; one crcnmy. Dro^ by lv.~ tii|-; on waxrd paper.'; OIK^ and harden. Us'iiC'iins; I strio of cand!^!; .hrce tac: a ?tei:i. in^er^hig • Iroin the mint c.'.n- di (- f .ji-,, r r -- ( \ ! -L i til (hi.'i: rn>: •;!' s]>oc:'fuis •'! n.'idc !o .'O fsnall. r:ne -oen cheiry :i . in one eini before the ' haul IIF So.*. Fozrr. '>"•'• >"r: or. Use one nnd one hall .:.-!'v.:c:i; iv.i? c:i. i} • • i.':d ^;a;:rika to sea- ci,;: iii:coo!:-d sp.iL'ii.- 1 ;!, ttniicc-5. ncsii or cvn- hiil pn'.jiid iM',v inu.-h- irec tablesjicor.s bulter; espociis flci:r. Cut : 1: 1... ha::i. c'.:c il •..--.• •'. 'Ini-i-i 1 are lw> comiimn md i- 1 ! '"irmu pork. "Siisui 1 cured" Ki:;!-, an 1 usually ciiMslilcn'd tllr fl::'.!. Allhrr.ivh liuise cmrd in lii iii 1 - iur jiri-iL-ired by MIIH.- |.i-r- ' (.!:'- 'lo Su^iiT- Cure l'nrk I ,i'-V ii'H'iuib meat, LI l-'J I'.ounds ••ill!. ~ i-'l o.mccs ]K'i)|icr, !-i oi:i:c • ?.;l:j:etor, ^ cups Hub iiuinit : tiitleAiiudii l.iuL-i ::>':'. "round tin bone of ham and siic'iMi i. i(ub botli sidei of niL-!it •-".•il -rah ino!n-s-.-:i. Mix salt, \y.\\- PII .mil j,,iHj;nier ' Ihorougliiy mid nil' -.\(-:] Inio ji'L 1 meat. U.w nboul iiii-tlind of i IK- mixture nml let !la:.(i Uirci: days. Rub two more i(::i!'s ,,:. ihu'c-Uiiy intervals, iiiak- :n.-; tin..' nil)M]i|f.i in nil. Let ;ta::il in :• umi. dry pluce for from K-I:.- tn .six w.Tks. The famous Vir;.'!!'.'!! ham Is iillov,eil to cur; 1 i:i:i: f"C ar.rl cnn-huif lo throi- JMi.ih'. Ai lli-. 1 .•ml of the CHHIH-, I'dii.-Li ilic iii:;u is smoked or nol. .•s iJivlei-ri-d. i:ini» uj; in a cool '-iy place. Tn Cine With Ilrinu !•";!• I mi) ea<:h hiim or shoul- '•- '.' 'Aiih 1 inbl'.^.p'iDii powdered --r.lli.rle:-. Hub uround ilia nun.- v,:;li 1 lat'.cspton biack pepper. Mi.\ 1 1-2 pounds brov.ii sugar with oi:ps sail r.nd rub meat v.tll will. his. This cjua.iiily Is niough foi City po:ir,us 01 i:\enl. I'm u layei f fall i;i ihf bottom ol a nib. |>u n fl:l:i .'.Idi- dov.n. Sprinkl v.'il!) fall and .:<!d moie m.-ut. L--sand in ;hl£', fai cijht. day.. -nl:e c::'. mua', wipo off nil i •'"It .--.nd v-ns;:-i t>i!j. Combine eimcts of MiH|:?ic-r. a cui\s moj; ^ cup 1 ; F.a'.i and i yalloas •..•:.lcr. Hell and skim. When coj fi:i;r GVJI- mer,-. ii: tut. The hi in .'i-lvd cover liie meat. Let stam n brine fuur nr five weeks, turn fif meal, unce a week lo DO sur ( i 1 ; ci:ri:i!; evenly. Bacon wll :i;re In three!:s. Remove fron "vine ni::l tnvA;. "Leaf 1 -lard may be bo'.ight ii .n;, butcher .itnp or city murki: ind tried mil at boirie. Cut fat I mall pieces. Put into a larg '.etllc wiih JusL enough water I '.ver botiom of kittle. Tills pie ems -scoicl.inj when fat is fir; m over t!ir> nrc. Cook slow:; lining fn-riuentiy, until i h' •iccc.i of fat ai-: crisp and cr.ickl) -Irain Ihrouij). chceseclolh ini locks. If jo i haven't a -ar put the cracklings into -lly ha;: e.nd '.pSj.--!;. 1 out as mnc, cird ns ii^sih 1 .:. Toiiicriuw's Jltr,u BREAKFAST - Grtipe frni: "real, cream, c'isp broiled bncoi '.isp l:nst. milk, coffee. LtiNCllJiON'. — Cream of par ~ip f:ou|>. tos^tfd crnckcrs, cul T !:eari'. whol 1 : wheat roils, pcac •I'Uer. milk. lea. DINNER _ slice of 1mm bake •i sweet cicl'T, ma'lK'd sweet iiiK 1 .--. broc(,!!i '.-.-K]! ljutc.i .s: • lii'd fruit -.ilad. (h'u; • c ••>alin; i:.::md. mil;:. ca.TcV. 7 rench Lottery Winner The (Icliciilo tllcts me masoned with fait and pepper, dipped in Hour then tr-n. then Hour and loucml Into hot ful. when crisply brown I :ey UK served with tiirtnrc siince. M.ike It with two cups mayoii- 110 s,v iwn lublMiKKiife chopiwd pickles; one teaspoon onion or chives; iwo lablc:i|ioons capers; Iwo lablespiums cboplicd olives; one li'3'Fooii (HjpiK'd parsley. Add tlie llncly chopjwd vegetables to the mayonnaise; blcn:l nnd oMIl. Sk-rve ullli' ihe Hsli. At least -14 times us much i[iil-1 nine us li produces is needed by I the world today In the savins; of months' vacation In Athens lo (he family of an Knijllsh manufacturer tram wlium It had pmcha.wd lives. Twenty-six thousand tons arc i;w:ds; Mils was n novel menus of icqulriMl for Ihe (rmlnicnl of the ' rlcarlni! off Ihe debt GfiO.OOtl.OOO nmlarlii pmlenls nlonc,! UK Pair Start Long Trip in Small Boat WASHINGTON. (UP)— Havfiif lakcn their first lesson in navigation on ihe waters of the placid* Potomac a few days a?6, • Lester" Martinson, 25, and Robert Meyers;23, are olf lo Florida, via the "In-" tide route" In n 21-foot lifeboat,, I it-built with n sail and 15-fcot forward cabin, Uesplic the difficulties to be ex-., pcrlenced in a water Journey-to- I'loiidit, even by the "Inside route," Ihe lamlliAbers have every confl-. ilence- tncy will make It safely anil"' arrive nt the winter resort at the- height of (be season. Ignoring superstition, the youths have taken wliri them iwo black, cals for mascots, "Captain" and., "ItoulMraln." The former was adopted Friday, Oct. li when be CAIIIC lo Ihe Ireat ln.ngry. The larvae of the gipsy moth Is carried by air currents nnd drop- . l>ed mile away; airplane tests show.. Unit this Inrvn Is to bo found In the nlr ut n height of more than 10i)d feet. ' . .' The slranuo Inability of a child lo learn to read nnd understand' written or printed words, though normal In nil other . faculties, Is. known as word blindness and Is caused nol by defective vision but. by n congenital brain lesion. Tv.o c - :p: '> '••"iiini nrl-'r: [' b'e oyriir: '.Vc.p-d p'c^ half cup en" iialf nip white i ]i .rcj fourtbr> cup !-;rat:.: v.hitcs of - !:a!f te.i;!:c}ii va- .rqi'arcs v.ith a sharp knife.. Cn- r.t!d orif. rlcd su;ar; s ! • n; water: on: irrd; half cu;:s sianu- l-itlccixxms boll- tab>spcon pow? h.iif tea!,po?ti ler and the stilfly beaten egg white. bsaten whit? cf one efrg. neat the j tablespoons 1 ether until i I'a'.f lemon; suqar and butter lipbt. work in fn nr.d when fmoolii sppcn of vnnlila i ' Ko.iniv ; This .nuce Is deliclnii together pnddlni. Use or.e hnlt cup butter: one cup w.vrtered sugar: on> fo'irl cup boilin; water: one teaspoon vanilla: thre; tablespoons brandy or sherry; white of one egg. Cream Ihe butter and sugnr thoroughly '"•ti 1 e. ;o;t '.-."•II fcrnr. in cold •.'..-• tor C;'~ d:vr. C" 1 . flfa' Ihe v hi'rc of Ihe f?y- > nlil Jtilf and !««'!• Ihe syr.ip ;:iadually into il .-n. ceoliiwjfiiiv.t-inlly. Add the '•'in meats and vanilla and beat "nlil cr;arr?j. IVur a buttcrej r.r.n until conl. Cut i:i squares. Candied .GiaprfruH Peel ii:d until light, add the vanilla I This ssiue rcciy' may be u^ed and -wine anrt beat well. Just be-i .'cr ornn'e or lemon peel. Cue fore serving stir In t'-e boiling wa- | r<v.:ntl of |-.-el. cut Into thin strii^. ^-i 1 *- |;<r.nivi rn7ar: cr.c teaspoon '"•tii: one iab'.-siinoTi salt. C.ncr! 1 r-'-l vith cold water. Mix in; !1 • r-alt oijd i-*l il.ind ov:r ni^ht.i -n the mornlnv \vnOi thorouc;h- "'. then rov,- ar:;in with cold vr.ljr and th? srdi. licat to boil- Mi? nnd let boi! te:'. u-.:milr-.. ]".rr~.: ' !'.<i repeat this oprra'ion five "'"••• with v..U n r. omitting the iod-1. The 'as', time, after toiling. ' "•' '• of! all the water. 'aavin-T cn!y etiO'JBh to keep the I eel from st!c<in*. Add sn;ar. ml^ r ' d toil i-nti! ;Ve ',uup is about iscd up. FJemo.e ll.o fruit. Cool. Beat over hot water until foamy. Serve at once. Ricb Puddin; Sauce Three tablespoons butter: Hirer tablespoons powdered sugar; two hot water: juice cf one yolks two Ci'gs; one fourto tcaspocn or little more, of add the sillily I nulinsg; cne half cup sherry or and en 1 ; tea-1 brandv. , ! Cream the butter, add su?ar and bsat until light. Then add the beM- en egg yolks and beat well together. Add the fot water and nutmeg; place the disii in a saucepan o[ hot water and beat, adding ilowly the lemon Juice and wine. The sauce shraild be foamy. —MRS. GEOHGE THURN. piuting through a chopper if pos- '-liiU-. or thi.- <•;<-. :-io»ly adj iv;aT,:. mix vS.d t ,-,;id ;,.'a.s;ii with . (.:-p:r r:i:d |ia;.ri!;a. Hake in : h. mould n.':Vd ivllii a little .l.citrniiv;. fo;- ..»: h.i'f hour. i:<::! i!:e .j-:iHhc:ti in sailed vi'irrTor 0:10 j^alf li-jiir and drain .Vlit t:i." l;-.lltl-r. ;,;llt l! 0 l|r .IIHL •Ti'jdv.iillj i!;c toiniloos. stirring v:. I.'. Pool and chop the niush- .II'.'IL;'. r.tltL lo li:.- mixtnr, :'.ml co-jk for iitu-en niinulis 'ii"ii add t!u cf.o'-.ui ,'iii,n-.-ii. l.^n:o-,L- tiic n.'.m from the ring -nd i;!arj C". p. :,c plv.tcr. i>ou: lt:e spa s l,cttl inixliir'e th iv: lc,- r,i::i :•..-;• •- ,.-. ,. il: ;c. i:r:ir. Casserole TV.T l.'iric .iliocj cf ham cut triiv c'nc h.iif inch thick; four i ri c- in!.ito?::. In. my sliced; foul i.-rzc oiiiop.s s ; ;crd: two cups i.k; r.u> lai-hsi^His !I 0;ir ; :: i;:l.:rri. r.i ij •.l.ori,:nn r, iaycrs o'. s!h t.i ions. Rprlnltlc- .i;-ur. CHI lue h ,1 ia.sscro!e with ay in it alu-rnatc ! |;o'.a;oes a;i(i with pepper am: am ,.,;„ <.i;; p: ( -c,< . TARTS IUPI - Eight hundrc troncs' woith of iii'rfutne -- f lifelong ambition of a Frcnci r.-omnn. was her first purchase af '.cr winning 10.000 francs in Ih first lottery drnw. Quietly one inclining she u-nlkc n-o a shop selling her favorlt 'rind and handed ihe snlesnoma -ight crisp ICO-fraiiC notes. "You see." she explained, "f hav '-vcn n prize of 10.CM francs In IV lottery, r have been coming t your perfumery department fo i-a;s without being able lo affor •.inythiiig but the package. Now, for once in m 'Ife. 1 shall have enough lo swl: n if I choose!" With a slch i ::ntent and Ihe large packag .I'.kcd under her arm. six? walkc Good News for Sidney SuKei-srs • - annual supply docs not ed GM tons. I In (hi 1 Ciili'fora Cut of the I'un- j amii Ciinnl Man tons of explosives >j\C«S COUGH The Greek guvcrinncnt linvlni; •slrlclcd the movement of cm- ncy, (me Cireck llrm gnve n four were usrd. The explosion WHS (me Ions of dynamite 1'owders wen: used. .single In which 2G ! nnd ula:;li:i|; '' . . . Real Throat reliefl Medicated with ingredients of Vicl:s VnpoRub OVERCOMES BAD BREATH PIGGLY ^ KROGER WIGGLY ^ STORE Prices Good Frit/ay and Saturday Grapefruit Juicy Fioridas, 54's 6 for 25c Crisp Hwnis CELERY Sl;ilk Each Avondaie Large 21 Can, In Heavy Syrup w3H ?: ' T tr h 2 c RANGES l''!orida Pineapple IN •• •• •••UM Sliced or Grated, No.2 Can, Each I'urc din 10 u, 47" I MEAL Iics( Cream Sutk Red Pitted, for Pies, No. 2 Can MILK Country Cliil) LSI:. Can (ii 1 ; Hraiill 3 l MATCHES Finest ori; 7 lioxc.s UtJ Puro rillC 50 Pound Can $3.65* 8 Pound Bucket or Carton BUTTER Spring llniok OLEO Entmorc Coffee, Jewei, 3-lb. Package 50c PUMPKIN cc 2 ' C:m 3 for ,.;• N,:n ( ]| n >- .Macaroni •, Package C. C- Pancake Flour Pott{e p uritan Syrup> Both iMo t!.t imll'.cJ ! qi:-rlly, yp-i r«n ' ^ Luun. Hmtei . • •:. n dr.. mii ; ; ; :r;i and plac: in ;:ie casserole o vr ihe sliced vcjc- rl:lrs. Cover -nth i,;i]k a!1 (| b.i ! .e i:- r^ iv.c,::.i:,i.. c . c , :0; . 0 ,, : .„.,] h.^lf hoiir^. .'.dd mere mitk il - .e mixtur: tccniiK-s iou (;,>-. NEWBURYPORT. Mass, (UP) — When fire swept the cottage of i I'd then roll i" .sii-rar. fl may teiJohn Lamb on ' Plum Island near 'tft hidelinit-'y in a covered ! here recently, it was discovered 'ian; Jjr. r.fcl:eT n d;!ic:ou.i nddi-1 that a skunk and n wildcat had lion lo Hie can'ly box. Ibcen living under the cottace. \ NEW ArTOMORII.K WATCH THIS I'.UilC B;ir 1 fnr Guar;inlcctl P»7.en SSlCfd Guaranteed, No Ends Loin or '• n or < , 1(1° ! J (!'RK THOPS ( ' enler Cu(s l2 ^' 2 4vr. 1.1). 1U 1 UUIl LliUlO Fivsl Cuts, II) 1U( re Half or Whole Ib. lOc SPARE RIBS I'lenly of 1,1-. 6i c HRNS I'rcsh. Ful! cd 1CI Lb. 13 ($ Baltimore Select Pint 30C PURE LARD Swift's 1,1). SALT MEAT Hcllios 1,1). 7i c ef Roast Shoulder, l,b. I5c Thick Uib, Ll> 12'/?c Hriskct Ib. 7Jc

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