The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 15, 1937
Page 3
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WKDNKSDAY, DKCKMI'.KU 15, I'm BLYTHEVILI,!!.' (ARK.) COUKIKR NEWS Battling Drills With Neighbor's Body Wnulsor's Absence Is Cloufl On British cess' joy Only Pnn- l!v NI:A Service ! LONDON, Dec. 15—Kill-; fieorye i VI will abdicate—temporarily—on j tin- ms;lit of December 24. On that night. Santa Glaus will ^lide down the royal chimm"; am' Die Christmas spirit wilt rei-;ii fii- prenic in tlie household o! ihi lirltlsh Family. There' will be a bounteous banquet, c.Ychange u! L-lfl.s. a < hiHron'- party, ami a heavily laden Clirisi,- raas tree. And. of course, t]i'> li'i'' Princesses, plkiibelli aiH Mirers' will haii£ up their sto?kiiiys. However, there will IK -i<- nnt< or sadness in tlie carols Unit riir through the linllotfcd hall-: of /!a'i ilrlnyham Paine:-, the British .s""(.-reign's private residence in Movfnll- County near the cast coast. Onr- .sorrenvfii) note: The Duke of Windsor won't be (hero. No one xvilt miss him more than the little Princesses. Thcv lovec' him dcji'ly. They have hanjiy mcm- oric-s of other Christmases when Uncle David, as they called him used to nlav games with tl.'r.m. Airj Princess Margaret't ror<r«ll<"" ih:\t v/hen she headed last year's pirt requests H'ltli "n camera just like Uncle David's" he saw lo it that she wasn't disappointed. Discipline lu Ijc Relaxed 1T ovpi-lbe]ess. the yoimo Princesses will have a merry Christmas. Ordinarily, they are subjected If a stricter routine than otter '.•liil- drcn because there is ranch for r Princess to learn, but Christmas r n Urns' when routine is relaxed. P'-'-CMI K)i-'it:et!i, a 'mile IniK of 12 years, has 'outgrown the make-belicve stage, but seven vear-old princess iUanjaret In- been excitedly awaiting Santr Clans' comiivj. Both—tliclr livel' imaginations .speculating eaROrl; upon the gifts they will receive- want books more than anvchine Margaret has expressed a des-ir /or n "grown-up rri'diii'T book.'' which is her \\-ay of savine sir wants more than just n pictur< book. Princess Elizabeth, whose taste.' have develfined considerably would like rather advanced books School adventure stories fascinatr her. probably because she is tutored privately herself, she als- likes Girl Guide books nnd such Simplicity has been tlie keynot-- of hev upbringing and she fin:! 1 enjoyment in stmolc offts. Far in. stance, siie would rather have ; liox of chocolates than some <»x- pensive article. I*rinrcssos Also Give Receiving, ho\vevcv. is only one- half of Christmas to the rova' children. Both will send out Christmas cards and gifts to friends an: relatives. They have their own bunk accounts and deposit a fixed sun each week from their persona pocket money and from this thr-i will draw necessary amoumr. u buy some gifts. Other.? they wil make themselves. For example. one of Kin' George's most cherished posses sions is a v.'oolen scarf whi:! Princess Elizabeth knitted air y-p.c"iUed to him on a recen' Christmas.. Lately. Her Roy.i Highness has been tblliu; ovc fancy needlework and though shr has resolutely rctilsed to revea' what she is going to give, som- of the royal ladies arc e?:{jectin f to get needlework for Christina* The Royal Children also wil have their own Yuletide parts' They have invited their yonnr friercls and relatives, and "prin cess Elizabeth will act as Rank will be forgotten as much impossible. To Be at Kamlringhani Like Queen Mnrv. Queen Elizabeth has niiidc "Buy Early" hei motto. She lias been buying gift~' since the end of the summer. A room at liiickingham Palace is being used to store the gifts us they accumulate. The Hoyal couple, of course, have many friends to rcmcmbar— especially Her Nf.-ijesty. She will send gifts to personal friends ID the Glamis neighborhood wherr she silent her childhood, a special present goinsr lo an old c3.iclmian of whom she was most fond in hei girlhood. Tlie King and Queen have elected to spend tlie holidays at .Sandringham mainly because the little church of St. Mary on the estate provides the simple atmosphere which British royalty lias lorn: regarded as particularly appropriate .it Christmas. This is THE church of the Royal Family. II is mirier (he King's direct patronage- nnd the Royal Family has worshiped here frequently. They like Christmas services here best because they can worship ninong Hie villagers without slitf formality. It is the lime-honored privilege of the King and Queen lo choose Ihe hymns lor the service, but they will listen to Queen Mary's choices. Tlie King, by the way. will join in Ihe sinking with the commoners from the village. Oil. truly, it will be a holy Christmas lor the Royal Family, nnd a full Christmas, and a itferry Christmas. And, (hough a now reign Is well under way. tlie old British Christmas traditions remain. PAGE THREE Kami Continues IViiclin- After Grid ( iiiij 18 ii New Business I 1 ', menl In Bliiiu Oprns Iliursrlay Tin 1 Kiihy Uriii: compuny More, wliii-h has movi'il from (hi! Rimim ililillui! In Ilir main b»llilli>|j, in |ioi(h\vest corner tit Main nnd mind .streets, will lit- opened lor »sim's.s loiunirou 1 , if nmnmml l>y Elton The bfe.ard thai binii>d most of northern New York .state under drills Iroin four to twelve feet eli-ap (Msni'ited traP.ic, Unprisonccl thousands in ilwir homes and created nu.ny tragic emergencies. Wlieii 31i!ii-le.s PtU'i-.xoif died -.1 ntiMiio at the height of the storm, it \\iis Impossible lor the muK'rUker I" Iiis !iotm>. The iu-xt day neighbors formed .he slrnnse cortege pictured above. With his body to Ihc tobogi-'ttti at riglit, Jiey dragged liim to a trailing hearse. TV\EN W NOW •BoRN MINNEAPOLIS. DEC-20, A FTER COLLEGE, PLAY-ED SANJo IN FILM SUCC£SS WITH 1 GAR60 lH Pulil/«'r Pri/c Play Will Show In Memphis Soon MEMPHIS. Tenn.. Dec 15.—The Memphis Auditorium will revive 1*11 old tradition of the show world ivhen "You Cnn't Tnkc It Wllh you," the Pulitzer Prize pla> of 1331. is presented in three per- formnjiccs en Christmas Eve Christmas afternoon and night Buck in the "good old days' road show on Chrislmixs was the bli; attraction of the your. But nol since the Auditorium lias beer built has there been u road .show '•n the year's biggest holiday— Christmas. A better selection lor n Christmas play could not have beei made if all tlientrc-eocrs of the Mid-South had voted on the show "Von Can't Tnkc It With You" i. one of the funniest, most spectacular plays preucntcd in the lasi fife years. The story deals will a mad-cop family tiinl goes in foi some of the queerest hobbles ii U* world. The urnuclfnllier rats i snakes, the youngest son man. UTuclures' fireworks in (ho base ment and the whole family has some pociilnrity (hat mnkrs them unusual. Packed witii laughs from tlie opening curtain until the final scene, this s ho«- luis been playing capacity crowds in various - 7 .-, 150-POUNCE, BROV/N-HAIR7AND EYES. Indian Spring Bubbles In Answer to Noises Twice wep, DIVORCED ~—LOi-A 1-AHS-, large cities In the country Tills J. C. EVANS Uox 1504 Blythevlllc, Ark. District Maiiancr HAMII.'1'ON TKIIST FUND Sponsored Uy Hamilton De|K>slto;s Corj). COLOMBO, fmlia iUPi— A spring which bubbles \vlicn any loud noise is made nearby, has been discovered by sir Don Baron Jayatibka. minister for home nfTairs. Hearing an oft-repeated village superstition a-boiit a mysterious spring, sir Baron J.iyatilaka led ft party to n forest in the heart of Ceylon. There they found a normal looking sprimj. a iotid noics was made, the water bubbled furiously. The experiment was repeated, and eacli time Ihe water bubbled as if it were being ; boiled over a high flame. [ According to local superstition. ] the spring is sacred. Wild elephants, before .drinking, pay homage to the spring by trumpeting.' whereupon the water bubbles and I flows to the top. Dos Rllnols Hunter In Car CAPETOWN (UP)—A youth was shot by a dog while motoring in the country near here. The dog, scrambling about (he car. stepped on the trigger of a loaded and cocked saloon rifle, which went olf and wounded one of the party. We highly recommend this Modern - CLEAN Coal for Furnace, Stove or Stoker $7.00 ton GAY & BILLINGS I'HONE 70. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- ffillioul Calocel-Acrj Yoa'll Jump Onl o( Bed ii (fie iMcrninj Kin'n* lo Go The liver should pour out two pounds of Hiiii'I liitointo your bowels d^llr.lf thisbU* i * nni flowmit [ recly, your fi>o<l doesn't di ccst. Il just ilcciiy* tn Uic bcwolsi. GM liloat^ tip your ft loin nch. You pot constipated, Vnur whole system is ^oUtmM and J'OU feel sour, sunk ami tlio world £(H.Vs punk. Laxative* ?rc finly rr.nkc-F.hifU. A tncra twwcl rr. r>v i-niiTit d<x^n" t c^t nl llio came. It t-ikc-s UIOM K<^l. «M Csrior's I.iUlf 1-iver Tilts to «rt tKrs-: two rounds of bilfl flovviiij "" r's Little I.ivt-r Tills by i'.^c fluvlliinR else, ifio, FREE INSTRUCTIONS in Ijitcst Styles Knitting •'BKIINAT' KNITTING YARNS Mrs. Leslie Hooper 1109 Clilcknsawbn Phone 192 GIRLS! EARN MORE! Increase your income by learning a well paid profession . . . you can he a licensed Rc;iu(icinn with six months training . . . enroll ntm- in the Alodcrn Beauty School Eagle School of Beauty Culture I Sleeting OpCU Tail 1st Cooper ii'lclg all State Rctiuircmcnts for and Missouri. S(illc A PP™ved Low Enrollment Fee COMPETENT INSTRUCTORS Special Course for Young: Men and Barriers ' Write for full details to LESTER FISHER GIPSON 51? Krcwson Ave. Joneshoro, Ark. 1ms Iwvn w. Klrby. Tin- More, which Is In one ol ii' lima 1 room.s nnuli 1 when tin 1 llnln liiilldlnfi was remodeled. Is f modern di'.sic.n. both In (he oiil- :niil interior. A ol «ill vluss was u.sed for a trim on In: exU'ilor mid the building \v;is eiiiTjinn<".l lo imikt! the t-utuinnj 'ii the "onicr. Oni' display window is nn Main Irci't and Ihe oilier on KITUIII! lreel. Doth of Iliese wen- Ijullt iloii({ the new style fur clnm tores, slmUou', uiit wllli i-lcs'ailiiiv; linoil lo Un> cellin«. The now popular cobalt blue, vilh » silver trim, wn.s used lor n •oloi- .'diciiic til tin- Interior ivlildi <rraniic(l with the fountain on wci-t .side nn:] tile pi'escrlpllon iiiliiicnt In (he rear. The lianiniid shapi'd mirrors above Ihi; rouiiluln nre also In cobalt l)lui'. iiiukinu an unusual Im-kisixmnd 'm this \v»l). The ciiiicivle lloor Iscovercd with > composition tile, the wnlls arc >Jns!iwd an;] ,,n Insulation lionrd vas. used to finish the celllnu. i e i- c n - tenths, or an.OOO.OOO icres. nf tbc total Inrm lands of the United States are used lo pro- f furutje crops. uoliiii to tvi'lcoitw i nil three peifoim- will be the show's nisi trip South. Early demands for choice seut.i ndlcnli- Hint drama lovers of this Icrrilory me the compiiny ThCfS. M;(il orders are now being received, mid roservtitlons will be made In Ihe Ory>i the re<niesl.<; lire received. Tile play will be pvcscnlcd nl the Auditoihim In exactly [he •u nip manner as shown on llroud- wny with nil nil slur headed by the famous stage star, Cleoriic tlenrv Triuler. '1 lie f;!(,lljail jx'tisdii Is o\'i'r at the Illytlii'Vtlli' lit«h Kchonl bill thi' l:iind Is .still ijolnji slroiit;, ne- (•iirillii 1 ! to the ail ineiiil:tM's who] pliin lo riMillniii 1 tlu'lr pructli'i'.Si lh)(nxlH:ut Ihe .srjiool ycur. It '.sj irlunncil lo piny nt nil (uotlwll j tMllioii'jh the bond w«s vmnlili', 10 I'rilunn ))nl ni Urn football j Killing, II alsu look purl In tin- Amilsllce Day imriidc mid the! I'limmimlty Kimii Nljiht |iroi:nini! iH'hl lusl week m (he h|ii)i srlroiil; riidltiiilmn. The luind w:is m-' ul(d to pnloiiii ni the Cimiln- ir:-vllU i (Jhristiiius iiiiuiili- K/hljy lit'.-!ii l-.iit. hud silrcudy pliinneil 'u luki- purl In Ihe .stum Nii'lit pro- i The mnrii'tn nnd K )iih; unlhii'iir,.^ wlihh I'lrcniiy orderi'd, mrj liilnii ki-pi (in 1 pnli'l- n|)ii',-iinti»'( H: ni'd «i:i !,-(. II-.M) fi,i it tiiniilwr <,( yiiir:-:. lii'lilMii ill ihr inillorinsl wnc 1 dimiitcd iiy Hicul pi;o|ili' bill ] Ihi-rc (in; K'vcn which have' nut | 11 m iiiiid inc. Niniii's of tin 1 do-j iiur.'. nt .the imllonns, w'hh'l'. nisi I .'.HH(I cai-h, uri' M'wed (nMdc • 1 ; the uniforms mill thcw me t-iiri 1 -1 fully kept In liM-ki-i-.s a ini'inber nf (hi- bund Imy.s Ills own uniform. 'Ihe 111 uniforms \vrrc doiinti'd by 1-loyd White. .1. K. Nolen, (j. C). Ihiljbind, ti. K. C'uiter, Mrs. '/.Al It. K<lsiir llpnicit, w. 1). Clinmklin, Byron Morse, C. W. lia- mey. Kniest liulsi'll, wlui KI'IVC one ciich, K. M. Terry and son, .James, one touclher, Snm H, Williams nnd Clarence II. Wilson, one louctluT. llnlibard Hardware, com- piiny ami NII-WH Laundry C'le«n-( or.s, one lonelher, fjonwuy linil lloiicliln.s. one ionellu'V. Cocn Coin llolllliiK oompnn.v, (wo iml-| forms, and American I.c'Blon, two) uniforms. | Use ol Snuff Gaining, Say El Paso Reports KL. PASO IUI'1—Tlii- snuff busl- ni'.vs In El Paso Is not beliin nl- fected by llu: recession. In fact, It never even fell the depression, tobacco dealers report. It has Inn-n Browing right alon«. Ju I'rensky. tobacco shop owner. Niys lie has n .steady business. II!:, customers are ahoiil, c(|iui|]y dlvlil- «l lit'lwci'n und fcnmli 1 "Sure-, ylrls o( 18 of W use It, lie K'poilptl, "WL. wil II to them I'vpry ilny. Tu yomig incii. too. ns well us old-timers. "Scimellini'.s we inn uiit ol II (or i Ilii'w.' or four dciys lit n tline nnd j ciuinot not It trom the wholesale ; house, 'I he Milesmi'n tell me they 1 , nre solllittj more of It till over lluM country." j .Hum f Is now used by pnitln^ u iiml old. malUibll ol H behind tl. e lower lip. The old-r«.sliloiicd way of snuffing It up' Ihe nose hnv disappeared, at least here. PHONE 103 FOR 'PETE' THE PLUMBER I HOTEL MELBOURNE &i ^ n '9 w ' s rest t '" 3t ' s Pwceful a^ and refreshing-a pIcosoM-olmos- ^ phcre in tlie lobby - the warin y glow l^'.qood food brinqs- ff tlie pleosonl reaction that low WI prices give - these ore tlie F# ^' In 9 s tM make the Mcllxxirnp M the choice of every experienced »» traveler, > J.K.BRYAN v • M&Ji&<]cr ST. LOU8S 40O ROOMS WITH BATH LINDfLLBlva MGRAN1JAVE. Ear-Corn -WANTED- Soybeans Highest Market Prices Paid MAIDEN GRAIN CO. W. 0. Sn. U. U. Street Keeves, Agent I'honc 555 XKKONi; FREE CHRISTMAS GIFTS IIKATEUS. r>07 AVnril (Set yimr complete winter null) ni'iMlN ami cirrs. 4RIAN AUTO PARTS MOTOR Oil, UHFfum'KltS IIATTKKIKS 12K K.' Mnln 'On Moiler D. lu<« mo<f«U only. CHEVROtET MOTOR DIVISION Gtoorol Wofori Salts Cwpwot.'on, DETROIT, MICHIOAN TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone C>M 301 W. Walnut — i—«A-* r ..

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