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Atlanta, Georgia
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i Prices iples. do nof seek fancy A tad alone is the best recom. Price List. rti th Rob RySold lj wotth 50 cents. I ci UtS I.

jular made Ladies' Inertia 11 lr yard. for Low Prices. CHIEFS HP owning ditty in this IB- HIVE. Better Goods. 1 r- ju ill kJjI DEPARTMENT.

114. tcl liu 65 cents worth 83 ttu knotted fringe only HI il Urt reliable goods at ii OS. II I I MR IT in nt I 11 OAD OF GEORGIA. Cl rr A t11r 1 1887. tt it lArked which u.

4 pm iii Bjitelej- ClsrtflB. ttc ii jO a. m. train Irons ulli ai Ojtt I am OOam ax wn i3am 1 10 pa I 4 amj 0m 6 yA uu nh ii ai- and Macon. gavnnaS ii I ui Itonl tifke Ifct In Atlanta.

Uir-Ai oea. A tnt nnn 41 ULJ-ai Kaiirtmo AtlantArt. reri55 i 57 Corl Place. now St 822 Market Street mini sndFoortl Cures all fornnotE 4X5 vHRONIC and SEXUAL CIS- Sperzaatorrhes and STRONTIANITE. Carbonate of Strontium supplied 1.

quantity by 4 RERGMANI liamin Westphalia Germany. ARE THE RGESf WA8HBURI AMUWAIt WAKUUUhtt SOCIETY SALAD. Events of the Week on the Social Side of Life. A NUMBER OF PLEASANT' HAPPENINGS At th Clnb in the Parlors and on the Lawn kxeurtlon ud lilnlne Wed- rfiB i Rumors of Cvtniag tvnt The past week In society cltc lu been rather dull Th dull as tar as entertainments re concern ed. With the exception of a few malt oci 1 utngs and a number or children mere has not fn my distinctive CU1 event bout WhiCh OofiTtisatwn has centered and from Inch gossip has sprang It has been a week or preparation.

Pans hue been laid nd perfected tor coming events and the entertainments that are pwmfacd in the near future xeduetotbepMt The city hl en filled with the summer visitor from the resorts Of the north and the tOOlh hare la Sr a da or longer In Atlanta on their way to their homes. The hotels have been tilled. and many hospitaMe homes tiave given tntcrtsmment to the birds of i sagc A few Impromptu affairs Indicated the desire to enter. tan In a marked manner some fair visitor but as a rule Ule fWtoa spent lbc time quietly and picas- thdy. The prctent wee witness a couple of gr pins a number of dinners a few evening parties in QCJal entertainment The city begin to nil with exposition visitors the hotels and boarding houses will begin to receive the tfwotas end the city will in a mure tx gin to take on the holiday air tout wilt mark It during we exposition Tte reception tendered I 4he Capital City club President and Mrs.

I lev Und will be the event to society unc5 of the year. The invitation has already been and theelub is perfecting rrang menu for the handsomest and most elegant atenalanjcnjev rgircnin the south. TherlnJ htiae. one of the most elef ant hulI1tns In Atlanta 1 been Uaniiu 1) thin the Boons have caie ully preTared everything has brcnau vjtJanJput in the st pcrfi-ilurler In the some decoration that it will present on the evening that the client and his wife will be wider its roof the club house will lo its best. Invitotionsto the reception will be governed by the strictest rules.

This Is absolute necessary. Ui re will ho no indUcrmluat crowd no uninvited guests. cry one who expects enter will have to present the card of admleUon giving him the right. Married members will be girth two tickets be idca their individual tkket lorJadt in tocir families- they will hive also two tickets for non- wddeu or in a 1 including theirown tli tin. Unman- ei members 1 1 besides their own ticket have one for any lady in the city they may choose to invite they wJI also have two tickets for nonresident or in all foci In no cue can tick be trsflrrad for when Issued they will be tus nbed with the name of the Pl for whom intended and the name will be register- edlnhb ok kept for the purrs When ncjhcd at the door tickets md the ree1 er will be compared II wfllbe impnvsiUe tor any male rosjlent of Atlanta who is not a member of tl cu to be inyned.

as thecluru PS losithelv ul In The reception 1 he from nine to i o'clock tu 1 an who can atten 1 twrly are i to to so tit or irtlattlcTL be at no one timcagTiat au cro i Tin rt club l1 frutu u. i tOtKlttjtn will ltui eri and with the handsome now decorations orde ed fur the cviun will present a picture never to be forgotten. The Nine 0 clock German dub held a repair ue ing a few evenings ago at tbe Xiral all house at v. which IIIJ eleotlon of dunces t1- IIP Toe lot. low pntl men ere elected tid nt Mr.

Joseph Thompson vce re id nt Mr. ain Ha 1 secretary anti treasurer Mr. Thou-a Pa i The next regulni germau of the club trill be en outhe 2ath of October. after the liel nt ip si The ilnbu olliecred 1 mot en Le it set vI' tentlenieu 1 1 names are vouch' en for the clubs SUlC paini wi 1 lie ared 1 1 laske the ub one the most Ktal tt-itionalnt lh wh have delighted In geruiens the pent have an hi. a rf thepleas.

i unncr i hich the ub en enn an 1 the fi tutstdu a 1 so faithfully maiuta ne i Ul be adhered to. The scial life In Atlanta OT es ttn I to theGtrmui club or on all occas on it hat ally and pleasantly ieprisei ted the best society of tie uv in the manner and thest leoritsenttrtain It Is rumored that in a few another get club will be organized In Atlanta The way the. story goes to that about tuenty young men belolg mgto best society IB the city have organized a Itnnli club for the rnrpo of gi- in visiting and home young ladies special eutertainrnetts. its. When.

YerSt1 an entertainment bgi en It will be appreciated the club 11 be compos of the mJnl de IA crime Qfthe upper lal strata. The' miiteiMp' Is limited to twenty or tldrt at d. in no case can it to Increased me germans Ufe orgtrnlzntion proposes logic will befn he style and Invitations at each entertainment will be given Cautiously and sparing The new club Is in no wise a rival of any of the clubs now in existence as many of its members to existing grtnan lutE. Is neither intended jebakeTa tte ggrwans heretofore have en conducted. As the rum I a simply oprwg of thetuteble ice of twenty or tyrtyyoung mete to I their ac.

Lintani in sonic Rpcrial or marked a When the organization is tu11 peret ted due B0tcs will be given an the. yotuig socith poe pie un to ecuUte wl i tha tied cut unmentV 111 be given and who nill be tie likk ones in getuag Invitations. On Mouday an elegant grtnan 11 tven In tboKimVaU house boll in honor 1 several Altering young ladies. It is uppu at the sdJclub is spcnjor for the U1diu Bent as 11 It almost ent yunlerl ti control. This Is a gaarantj of an el fit an 1 pUasant affair firujS emei ha i teen mode and one of the.

st and pleassirtent mans of the ill be gm11 un the On Friday night a pleasant dancing party a i Mi at sidenw of Yr. Hawks un li ingion ret. ThCr re present Misses JL a Hawk CoraUwiGostie Morgan Montmc Thomas Ida Hr. Lula Walter lenie ixjwie Lula Snoa naSnook Tlcl Uwr rtlafd and high of 1 men wet YeslS John Bratton uii len llu Axnz lone Bratton I tin ImtouMe one 1 i3ratton Cu 1 1 Uirazn oluue UiJii NsUt ceil Wilcox and Mr zrtwtt. The rt rrn nce of Zaioa Mlw lone Nes man I opt js st DeQivt on nllfbt was ulireetiunibeTbfsoflety people.

The I ale 01 1 took part were warmly rech ed and the entertainment was one at IT ln11n thoroughly en oyble that ho been en in Atlanta. In the ratw rtr A larutsrrtttiiM 1 ones and ill no exa to su tht iiidil atlnly Among Ut iOrtl ir 111 ham Uh- antlurs vrseude 1 teeter. Nell. Sjui I e4U Tsoe laylur jjfi Ho ell Lets IMUU Lilian liozoesley Waller torbt Willie i UMnnnug wiueTaU Hattie Mitchell. Marie aw Cora Uli rUjJjjjIe Annie KU i Smith Tie acting of 1 Ulan Clark Ji 1 Manning Ju in Wilhingiisrn Lthaii sley narIse and Willie Kin was worthy of An impromptu IluUier dub" llrogram xh eUJl1yd at tl re d- Jix of Or.

All Dent ii 11 diy evening A hong the iny pr ei ere scone 110 Uir llfarW bv ere uuu of ofcclebratt this tbe fifth ml e- ur thec til a jo rials eicn I I an wr i ag a tit pr WlDle was quickly arranged I 4 UgliUull Vre1 pe Ully tine the nOi A uuuui ke of Mouljf mery ALso Uctton. on tie uilr by Mr. Wlion Mia. Youn ret-it 1 in her usual brilliant tiyl" duettJimj pUoo solos were ThIs i la reorganize before bout 1 tuple audN Uj are In AUKWIA. rl Un H.

M- wi4j Wyly it gtiaa of Itowe friends. LaGrange for several are at the Qt Mix Willie linkellQl1o Kewnan forthapmt week. Ml ZitMein jon i in AthenS for a fey ninths. Mr. lien II.

Porter Is visiting his mother at Plow. cry Branch. T. of Amr1rns ia attending school in tuts city. Miss llattJe lined of Griffin is thoguest of Atlanta frltft Mr R.

R. Wood ot this city is in OICLDgtOfl 1st ing friend. Miss SusIe Dale is at home again a pleasant Visit to Hampton Mtss Belle Thweatt or this city is the guest of fr ends in Feiyih. Miss Ulie onyon of tovIiigto is in. the city.

the guest of Honda. Mr. and Mrs RobertToBpkinsofBf ilary sAre visiting in the city. Major F. M.

Butt. of Augusta has been spending several days with us. Miss Loula Sands of Woosleyvtlle is the guest of Mends oa Fair street Mr. Alex Cranston of Augusta spent several In the city last week. Governor MelanIel anti wife have returned to their home in Monroe.

Mrs. W. Nelmx is the guest of her brother Major W. CLee lomgton Mon. yj T.

Me rthur of Lumber City is spend a few days in the city Mlza Myatt ool or tills city La visiting Hiss llarry Wed In Carrollton Ms Dos er or Washington street gave a very pleasant party last week. Robert Ugon Johnson of est End is attending school in South Carolina Charlie Doatenrdter left ft few days ago to attend college at Florence Ala. Mlii AUe Ualinggworth has returned torn a pleanlint visit at thnets. Toe friends of Birdie ib will be pained to learn of her sudden lllne-ia. Captain So wle of Jacksonville is the guest of his many friends la this city.

Mr. James Montgomery or I ew Yank went the week with friends In the city Mrs. P. Carter is the guest of her father Dr. IL II.

lunj of Greenville Oa. Mrs. tueiie Foster of Augusta spent fewdayj during the week In Atlanta. Mi IjdaUo ell of Duluth is the guest of Miss Lola Be 1 of himpeon street. Miss Mend Baler of tl cit 1 as gone to Athens to attend Lucy cobb institute.

Mrs. D. A. Cook Is the guest of her daughter Ms. Judge ne lit rantherville Mis Lizzie Uillbs.

of Monroe is the guest of friends arid relatives In the city. Mifs i aie Redd. or Columbus is the guest of frtcuds and relatives in this city. Captain Rot-en J. uunhngbam of Maurey 8.

C. is 8to with us for a days Miss Fannie Winfrey has returned to the city after a pleasant i tilts to Harmony Grove ss Mary Etta Reid has returned front Griffin where WI has been visiting friends. Miss Anhle Pare. of vlngton has been spending several days with friends In this city. Mr.

fl B. Ned a prominent citizen of Bartow. Fla was in the city during the week. Mr- h. lend and her daughter Miss Birdie have returned to their hoses in Albany I Mr.

and Mrs. Bilupe Phntzy of Athens speni a shun time in Atlanta during toe Wt week. Miss Nettle Smith of fl oiailfllk tfcii returned home after a short vslt toTeiltmi ti tufcity Mr. Philip D. Wilson left lastIztsaid1rJrince fun New Jersey to comp ete his coJ course.

Miss Ophelia Pommich after a most pleasant visit to lueii is in New nan returned to this city. Mrs T. Porter Miss Evelyn and Ed Porter of tialveston are the g1 fcU of ir Gramllng ss Utopia Thompson has returned to tier home in this city after a pleasant J1 among friends in Mi on hit Sollic Uansehl of Thorn i ille has returned he me after the mem sberilieand Ulan Bessie Riant a cl arum young lady ft mville a. is yting Yis ilattie Johnson lit Xiriiwood. lm R.

B. Lnngt ton who ha been the guest of hor suer Mr. YOUl1g has te uruid to her me in Joi eotoro Mr Dr. JohnPki of New Orleans with her el arming laiiiil vuiispinJ the winter at the Kimball hou Mrs. Walker of Montgomery Ala.

accompanied by a charming and lite daughter is a guest of the kimbu 1 Mrs. F. S. Treads 1 gave a de1 rh ill party in honor of Mattiu Wtilwt. of ncsooro.

on Friday night. Silts Itetlie moe. a beautiful and acetsipliebed voting lady of Thonm ilie i the gu oi friends in tie city. Miss Beatr ce Christine after a short visit to friends in tile city has returned to her home in Powder Sprints Miss fieri rude Irnly one of Macoasmost fllli. riating young ladles is smiting Mi-4 Mattie leruon of7J3bn um street.

Miss Gexr ia Crichton. i Columbus who has been Vis tinp ulaitaanl nhi Ucorgia friends IS returned to tier home. bo 1 Johnson after an extended visit to Athens has rtt jrned to hex home in Atlanta to the delight of many friends. Mr Tobin and Miss Tobin Augusta. are memo term.

of the pleasant ot lades that are wintering at lthnbiih house. Yrs. Rittenhouse xire of Mobile accompanied by Ler beaut tul and ajceauj i he 1 daughter is spending the winter at tae Ktmuail number of strantes passing through the city la el ed er a Ja tw and made the Kim tall rotundas luvciisr iuu their wont. Miss Belle Lowinin who tas been wending- the summer with i in Mr LtBj3bffitit Uqnn has returned to her hvltl" on tonaivav JjcQ Mrs. Carkliowell Jr.

tile. AjiWU vfaen site is paying her fatl er Jlr Vt. U. IlirrcU imt Mrs. llou ell is expected home elrrre many a Mrs.

Barrftt of Augusta pent few days during tue kai the Kirubtt 1 home. ldrrett was en route tuetron 11 rtev nn Mr. Thoscas Cobb Jackson will leave in a few dajsfora viMt ofi eral weeks twork Mr. Jackson will return in time for the exposition Mrs. H.

llenssvorth and children and Miss Maude- Allensworth. are pending be eral months In Indiana. Miss Maud will not return before spring Mi Whllla" of Cincinnati an ac young lael ottl at a mpmikd loiklaud Mrs. huh of the queen tit on their recent Visit to Atlanta. Mr.

Asbury Hull a prominent young society man of vnuiston la. hisbeen in At aita for the past few day and tins been the reup eut ut many pleasant attentions An unusually krs number or milies In Atlanta will entertain relatives and friends dUI Ing the two wetksof tleexpositoi Social circles will be er gay thOSO weeks. Miss LumarRuthtrford of Athens. is vudtlng Mrs. A ct Miss Rutherford is a great Unurileiu tLajiu mind her arrival is a source of delight to many friends.

Dr. A and Mrs. Calhoun who Lave i spend- lug sexeralKeeljiin ew York are expected home early this eek 1 hey were ticcompan eJ by Mr. John M. Hill.

ofNewnan General P. M. B. Young of Eartow count has been Spentheg several days in Atli a during the week. General Young ver poj uhir and has a host of friends who wdcxime him to the elty.

TM young Peoples soc ety of the First Methodist chtr IT will give an lute is lag entertainment lit Concord a hall on next hsdaynl4ht It wm be tine opening of he fall campaign by the society. Mrs. Bbejehau his returned from an eaten lye tour tcrthe north and west. hi in Cana la placed her three la httr gat ho hel and Llllie inV ill Maria. one fine inert noted Convents in Montreal where they will remain several years.

Mr. Gus Redding has just turned from Colons tile 8 where he the Kappa Alpha fraternity In the convention which has lot-en in se lion liC1er11 Bays. Mr. Redding a young man of talent and lie rejected great croft on hiss fraternity at WJl' college. Mr.

Lamar Richards one of Atlanta best known yarn men. left yesterday fur Philadelphia fur. Ute. guudctt event' of his life tin the oh of October he to marry Miss Zelgier daushter Mr. Henry 1- ZdgUr shoe snanufacer.

Mr. and Mrs. Hit-bard will snake ALLaBU their homer arriving here on October Ub. The anniversary hop given by the Ladles' Aid socIete of Uie German Lutlieran church at Leaf teunlal hall on Thursday evening the ln was ly stun lei and HI universally conceded to be the most enjoyable wx al event of the season. Dancing was continued till a late a hoar god il djitr c4 SC tho sut inutOuf ilunti Sweet Rome.

At two o'clock Wednesday afternoon there a iliul1. weeding at tne residence of iqstaln I. Mir eronH wers Kiel. Miss Minute Merest a umrric Mr. WIll uJe or Sewtcq uny 01 MuaOurruj Met-ewe wasmuvledto Mr.

Walter Baker oi this cilv Rev tech t1mith tOidstoct Tine young people received congrtttulatious trwJ very many nenll. COME THIS WEEK and see our styles i Johnsog Cor Importer What the Society People Abroad Have Been Doing. ir Adalrsvlll Mr George A. Veach Uf idling Salt Spring for hit health. Mr.

timley wife and daughter of llyit1nb rtsiting Mrs. Belileys mother here Mrs. A. lj Bear- Mil NnnIe Barns or Folsom Is the guest of Miss Mary lilbb Mrs. Laura oute and family or UlemUe ire spending few days at Mr.

hi. Yeacb Mrsl wi8andd4ugrrur. Miss uSOtIIs or Ala- ama revlslUigSieiainUyofMrlJW Wls M. A. 1" arm of UteIlI afler rpsndiug omo- omewithhis soother here has returned.

ph UowaKj or oftartericitlewsi in the city Tast Monday- to I. Siccallum whoiis been attending business college at toI1 KY. will return to- Our town is full of strangers owing tothiat5t111 Baptist association being in session here' Miss Georgia Harris of town last Sunday. MryIt Wilson has rctnrdcd to tie East Tennes see Virginia and Georgia raIlroa after SpensIIn wa tlJne with reUttTfis hew. Mr.

J. Martmae- parteu witn nlm. Yr. B. Veal and fssxtily has returned after spending sometime at rterayIfle DTVrvr Power of Athens was to the city one day this weer.

Miss JG Black wjod. 3. Wt Heudrlx. W. E.

Vance and JamegPitaaa attended Pleasant Grove cam meeting list Sunday in Persyth oottnt1. Dr. 9 Harris Suwanee was intow Friday5 Conyers Mr. Frank Smith visited relatives near COT' ingtoniMtvreer. Hon.

JohnD. btewartofGrifrin visited the city this week. Judges AHC Metana. and W. Gleatonand N.

Glennattendeloouft Ii ttovington during the week. Misses ftndLnlaGninn have returned from to relatives in Oovlngton. Rev. IL Qutgg D. D.

attended the protracted meeting at vington during the eek. Dallas. The sociable given at the Reed house list Thursday night iii honor of Mrs. John T. JARS and Miss Tennle Reed was munch enjoyed by all.

Miss Tennte left Friday for TeLD where she will remain for some time with relatives and friends. Miss LUlls Vr inn has returned from her visit relatives and Mends in Douglas lie. tVt Carrie Ledbetter Of Cedartown vlsiUd her brother Rev S. B. Ledbetter the diet part of toe week.

Mrs. Howard and her daughter Miss Fannie- or Crterayt11e. are vis ting her daughter and sister Mrs. T. A Foote of this place.

Mrs. S. Ledbetter has returned from tier visit to relatives and friends Is Oa. MrsM ft. BtrtcklSnd.

of Atlanta is visiting hr sister Mrs. S. N. Cochin. Miss Taylor of ofBrowusyille visited friends.

and relatives here this week. 8 vwsl of the-bays went to Carters ville Sunday to hear the Rev. Sam Jones. Dawson. Mr.

A. Moos of Macon. visited our city this week. Mrs. A.

Fouche of Barnesvflle arrived in onr dry last Wednesdiy and vrtil remain with her rents Mr and Sirs B. U. Brown a we or two. Miss Le a jharming young laity fry Quitman. ua is yfeting our city the guest of her sister Mrs.

A. P. IMtCIiEr. Mr. Whicharti of Greenville N.

C. is vfei ing the family of his uncle Captain John WhlchawL of ttuscounly Mr. and Mrs. JED Shipp or Amerlcw spent a day and a night in our clay this week the guests of Mrs. KG tl Davis.

Miss Mary OJum of Newton is visit Jig her sister Mrs. Simmons. of this city. Colonel A of Americas visited hue dt this Week Miss Cora Lee Anthony Lle a pleasant visit of two weeks In 0 Oglethorpe mind Montezuma. returned last Wednesday.

accompanied by her cousin Miss Annie Kailer of Oglethorpe. Mrs. 0 Iitrks whola been ndln acute time In Atlanta with hero a Messes- Willie and Lloyd Parks returned to liei home in our city last ft edne cla tolorr W. Pennington or Gerard. Burke county Oa is on a isit to th city tue guest of his old mate.

Dr. Dean. Mr. James va of the Macon. Telegraph is ed our city thi IC There were fourteen commercial travelers stopping at the faruwn House last Tuesday night Ellayille.

Miss Saliie Cheney daughter of Dr. Jf. le 1 last week to atten feel in A. 7. Cleghonrimeoftherert drumneseec oTh road of Macon.

was in the city ths week Miss Fannie aLUs of Buena kta is visiting the family of I Molt. ZtIts Je- Peacock. one of our most chllrmtAg young ladles left this week to attend college in Miss Rees or Buena Vista has returned home after a plca ant sit to Miss tana lair Amos. Miss Addie Smith ill leave soon to attend WeS. leyan Miss Rosa Baldwin 11 att nd college in Thom' as on.

Wdie Cheney will leave or Emory college in a few days. Miss Nettle Gilmore. of Ogletl pe is visiting Mlstes Rosa Baldwin and Sunbeam smith. Mrs Lee MeCrary of Oglethorpe is visiting eel. selves here.

Captain C. Peacock has sold his beautiful residence and pUntation to Mr. A Murray and the captain will leave for north Geor la to engage in raising fine stock. ereeret very mush to see him leave and the peopemh whom he cast his lot will be fortunate for he is a progressive man tanning on the extensive plan' and a perfect gen- tit man We regret to announce the illness of Mrs. Dr.

N. Cheney. who issatlfertng with a paralytic stroke. She is notxu1eIto i er TT Flowery Branch. Mrs.

Joe Porter sorxawel daughter of Galveston Texas Is visiting her mother Mrs. B. Porter Mr Ben Porter ant wife spent is lilt his mother. Mr. Kpnady and wUe spent Sunday with fr ends here.

Miss Ida Liseter and Miss Florence Boring have returned home after a short ta7 in anta. Mr. T. C. Jackson called on hi.

liiends one day last week. Miss Mary Broxton after spending afewdvj with friends has returned to Atl inta. Ermale Vooley after spending a days in Diluth has returned home Mr Bush our clever artist has gone to Not-cross to spend a few days with his family. Sir. It.

Barrett pent Stindsy in tmming. Mine Alpha Barrett of Camilla ho has le vistinebere has returned home. Mr. B. Porter spent tunday with Hi mother.

on Valley. Mayor Cooper was in Columbus one day last week. Air. Phulo Smi of Talbot made a visit here last week. Mr Charles Gray and Mist Annie Roe Gray have returned from Ox I Ala Hon.

II. Elount passed through en route to non-me last Monday. v. If. Harris and UM.

Marry have returned to Vanderbilt. Mite Ger rude Harris accompanied her father to Atlanta Tuesday. MISS WiIUe-tsndereop Is hack home from a visit to Jones count Rev. UHayn ofTalbotton WI. here last Friday I- Forsyth.

Mus Maud Napier who has been spending the trimmer in north Georgia returned come on rnfhoorC A. Thompson who been spend- in his vacation in il w. and vicinity re turned on Tuesday Miss Emmie Allen of Wesleyan colle of Mo- con who taS spent a month in our city left fe Ox. ford tor few weeks stay bewe resuming her duties in thecoUcge Wile Sanford. of is visiting Miss Bessie Amos of this city.

Mr. Robert Chaos' and Mr. James Sharp i spent last Sat In Forsyth. Mlwtfturafla Lt5u 11 and accomplished pd efficient art teacher In- Monroe Female cm who hai teen vtntinjf New Vork far a month past returns. on Saturday.

Miss Belle Thwtsstt of Birmingham Ala. It visit' Inz the Misses Thweatt of this dty Mrs. a t1teketl has removed to Macon to reside with her mother. Mrs. Dr.

unmond Mr. James WLogan of the Griffin lion was attracted to Forsyth on bust Bm Uv ty the bright cnilefof a. beaurUul blood oflhlt pa Mel. B. Chambers of ofeareolltaai is visit ng bet daughter Mrs W.E.fian-leni.ofourclty OnLm James Plnckarl of Moatgomcry Au Miss Row By of I at entered upon her duties prUlli16 of time primary depsrsnen in liege RevJ J.

Sngleton of zebulon. paid a short visit Forsyth last week. Mt Ed Anthony of Washington was in Forsyth onabaslne strip. siffiSTass ai Wir-fiWa Rosa Wynnrof JatWuit poUnt 04. Sit tootw of Monphls torThU tbKttMrrB.

tLrIIV Z4A Ii ijMkl 4 JsT88nwbohai eet rerarncajwifleia Fannie Hngleton offcbuioiu Mss llrlte we i TfvIAa Kendrictor Griffin. eid altera Ut3ri lrrturne1 to ethome Hammond or AtlanUarriTedlnthe her daughter. Was Emmie at Gainesville. has daughter ashegtiestiiofco- lapGreenjtreet 7 Mia Lnk llclllster after spending some time home MrsBrannan and Miss Rhodes have returned to their home in Eofliula Alaaftcrspcndingtne summer here. Sirs.

Ii. Basrkrlghf or WsIltalli is slatting the family or Mr. II. Pltchlbrd on Green strait. MM Leila IDtbhear oh Macon who tiM been Tisiting her cotuinF.

the Misses HincitiirtMr has returned home Mr. it. U. Dean. th8a1i sister have moved from tilLiy tOGalnesvnre Dr.

J. Mercer and wifft fteeorsetown were In the ct for stew dayiJdkflng the week. They were en route home from- the north where hey spent the hot season. MS John L. PaimomTuie fanior member of the nmofUeasn.

Pulmbpt. Smith merchants of this city is in the t' laying in heavy stock 01 go its for tie alt and winter trade Mr. win Manning formerly with the drug house Of Messrs. PIL1monr Little or this city is now in the employ of Messrs Crawford Co. druggist of Athens.

Ilawklnevifl. Willis C. Delta of Macon representing Bernd lat wxs in the city last week. Miss Anvit Wine after being absent three weeks visiting at Oglethospe Ga. i eturned home last Tuesday with her brother- 7.

Stones Miss Lou of Cochran spent several in our city last Week. Mr. JerreR. Taylor of Virginia si eit last week with his Mends lb this city. Miss Jame Martin of Borne was la Uawklnsvtle Miss Mary Loyless of Cochran is visiting in our city as the truest of Miss Ids Way.

6n Broad street The Thedphflus" will entertain next Friday night at McUuffles opera house. Miss Rite Mealy will leave for her tome In Macon tomorrow. Miss Route Joiner left last Wednesday for Staunton Vs. where she will enter Wesleyan Female cot. lege.

Colonel Willie Fleetwood and Goes Taylor. will leave tot' Macon to spend several days. Bust- nesso importance Several of oltlzMw. attended campmeet- big at Poplar SpnugiHst tunday. and all report very pleasant km indeed.

lion. L. Uunsablnj of Lawrencevllle and. Cola. nel Fletcher Johnson oT ofGolnerville came down on the 38 train Sunday morning route for Homer Oui.

where the superior cot rt of Banks county con-vein Monday morning. Misses Lola anti Tot Garrison of' iUe spent last Sunday in the Grove the guests of Mist Ida Ito- hannon olmirtown iloloneis IL Simptins P. G. Thompson. W.

W. Stark and R. I Smith are attending Banks superior court this week. Misses rl inorntonand Minnie Lee alL ofLlberoa an visiting friends and re a hea in the Grove thteweek John F. Cheney a prominent Baptist dlvifft of Crawford slopped over in the Grove with eels- Ui-es last Monday afternoon wwb on his way to the Sarepta Bapu association at Maysvllle oa.

on Monday nlgut. Jones bo Mr. Is. Gilbert visited Fayetteville last sundav Mr. John Mestown of Atlanta visited his parents here last Sunday.

lbs liuun1t Love of Atlanta is spending a. few diys in our midst. Uemurs IL and J. B. UUiClieSOSs of Atlanta ylnited tuft place wt Sunday.

Miss Jessie ard of this tl ce attending school at the Sunny South female seminary of Atlanta. MtaKoberU of Morrows station visited Miss re Uushie lust Sunday Mrs Uutcheson and Sirs Martin visited Atlanta last Wednesday. Miss of Troup county visited her brother tity. C. Davidson last it eek.

Miss o1ildit1 Fuller of. Atlanta Is visiting Mrs. Henry Tan of this place. Mrs. Moyers and Miss Little Hudson visited At- lanes Friday.

s. Mary i HolUday widow of the late Captain HoUiday who is now living in Atlanta spent a week iu juesboro and Clayton count Lexington. Mrs. Sue Trippe. altar visiting Mrs.

N. E. for sometime returned to lierhomeinAt ientaZhtJrtday List. Mr. W.

Kchols and wife left for ttsbttrg. Pa. weekmiasliort visit. Miss UauettThompfcon will visit ftlnnds in Clarke county this weeV7iS.jf MrsMath 8teM Mrfcfludge Sam Lumpkln will lenliew Yorlftaiyy8 i Mrs. ftrdeleTnniiuiiJ family utter an exten3e4 vWt here fcft ic npaic in irmIngIwu.

AUu Thursday tt 5W Yr. andjMrtCJeospiff Lutimer anti family wt shortly mrryafeAtlldM ba. lY iessorT Moss is absent this week iii a dleoa to tflelJRptJst association held Mayea- tile Miss Mamie Hurt and Mr. Vines Saofcrd. of Wood st ck spent Thursday night In our little dl lent C.

Smith and Wile went up to Athens on Tuesday last for one day only. i ss Lud- Pharr after visiting friends here for some I me and recuperating herhealtb returned to i fly Washington GL Thursday. U. Deadwyid er spent Thursday in Athens and vU iiiity on business. Miss Lena Latimer alter visiting friends here re- UTied to her home in Athens Friday.

Montezuma. Pr W. Niles of Marshallvulle Ga. was in town Thursday to tee a special friend. Him Emma Harvey is visiting her cousin ML Babe Hamilton.

si ma Lanletlin baa returned from the Andrew Female college at Cuthbert Messes Ii Leonard P. Heard and Dr. C. T. Stovall of VteIlllAi was in town Friday Sir.

VV Brown spent Sunday in to se-e iris best lady friend. Mrs. Wllaygood returned front Indian spr this week Madison. Mi Mantle Newton has returned to Staunton Ya. to couplets her term at Wesleyan Female MisjiIiUiePoui8jn AUank hjyini her voice Miss May Atkinson is in the it city on a several Miss olaAbbott of Atlanta Is visiting Mist Mule Lizzie Leverette or Eatonton was In the city one day tris week.

MlssRosa Stovall entenalned a few of her friends Wt Thursday evening. Mea Barney Uaiaond Tramell Hunter and Jacob Wolfe our largest dry goods men are Jiozne from. New York where they bought immense stocks Miss 11 Homey has returned from a trip to New Yiriclty. taebaiae lightmltlme. Rev.

A. a TJOBk has been carrying a very In revival at the Presbyterian church. Wedding bells ever the most Interesting chime to mortals hire below UtI out tost thursday and Mr. B. Stssri of Jasper county a sterling ja Sterner.

led to the altar tilts Aw elde daoghter of UonncRman S. W. I the one of Stallions i popular merchants. Oar last wishes for ji long life of peace nd prosperity Dr. J.

fI Ye11 Bland is not expected to Another wedding will take place ere the mown fall agate it Issaici. Miss Susie Dtamnke. of Griffin is visiting Major Cottons amity thin week. lfi telBniott and RasJe Dotsey of Jones. tWStiStins Wends relatives in town WI EanW B.

Klmbell and lady spent Rut Tuesday toMr7lkiry Ducks of Yayftt4lT111 was la town this Mr ILJ Copeland spent last Motd1iy InGriffla MIM Ikutimer. of Atlanta is spending several with Misses Ola and isPye. Mr. I FteWrt rpu Monday in Atlanta. 2r I.

IIuteb5J tJpI1 boro FM In town rylsited Ortffln las Monday. the winttt in Barann irtUf leave am iqne bB si ol ItetWortt HIAND STRAW feSfe4 3 tei Th13IENS STOCK OT tf FT HATS BONNETS TUIIBANSI IN A VARIETY OF SHAPES ft SHADES 4 CHILDREN'S. Our Trimmed Sailors' Thistle a Novelty in all Colors Trimmed Tn Town Talk. Fancy Feathers. Wings and Birth ma Endless Variety of Styles 1 i 3 ssSj ir A Tremendous Line of Plaits anti Shaded Tips Our Grand Assortment of Ribbons Grosgtain Satin Plush.

and Watered Elbboai and Sorts of Fancy Ribbons Silk Velvet flushes In Plain Striped WaUr Beaded Bonnets our Favorite A Variety ol Ornament Dl Not Forget our Plush Hats' They are xlTHE mm EVER. SQWNl if Wtfilirm and are positive to have brggest and finest stock in this fcityt" low 5ur Competitors cannot heat lfck t. si i. vi OUR TRIMMED. HAt DERARrMEr Is in charge of Mrs.

Durum a milliner whose reputation as the most artistic trimmer i known in New York anti the large cities. This la" a guarantiee that nothlnj fie wm be shown. fy" Our French Pattern Hats second importation arrived I ttifij joMideJall facts arid be sure tr fore buying to call on t. M. KUTZ- 52 WHITEHALL STREET.

Do not forget 52 Whitehall Street. county. is ylating their son who is attending the or Atlanta. lftf Walker and family will more to town in Cok Thomas B. Harwell went Oovn to Gnjn rT fthom last Thursday from an extendedvUit to Walton- county Mrs.

A. C. Nolan is visiting friends in Atlanta tihs wsek NorerDAll. H. Thomas and family of Atlanta nd the summer at the Bnms- Tartw 11 ho has been stoping at flu homslast week.

one day last week. Strickland. or Atlanta recently visited I Genevieve Dean. a highly charming taUt of this place. visited relatives in Atlanta one last Mia My and Mattie Burtchall have returned' home from Visiting relatives In Atlanta.

Mrs. McPaniel paW a short visit to Allan MrVw Pidgins 10 beenatteudlugacbool here. returned to his home in Pendieton 8. C. last WMr ValterParris.

is visiting relatives in W. Wilkes. of ofChatianflOla. whohas been visiting tier daughter Mites Mile at the Meiwek bouee returned home last Thursday YrLJ. if.

Holbrookandher charming and plished daughter Lola who have been ipend- hug the summer at the Brunswick. returned to their home in Atlanta last Friday. lady of this plait is visiting relatives a short dls- lance from here. Mr. Hugh GabWtt of Brunswick la the city one day list week.

Dr. T. D. Mclanlel visited Atlanta during the WMr 11 MsthewL or Blakely. visited his parents here for a few days lest week Colonel fA.

Math ws. of tMs place Dt fe 4 days to Atlanta last week. 0 Yr. nrellnllCoOledge and wire or Atlanta vtsfo ed relatives here tihort while since. 1 Palmetto Miss Frank Jester.

of IS visiting Mrs. O. W. Miss Lax chant or La attending cboolhere. stile Cecil Lonuino spent several days In Newnan this week with her sister Mrs.

U. 1' Thastpmon captain C. Duke popular young conductor of the Atlanta and West mat railroad spentWe4ncs- dav here with his parent Misses Annie and. EaunlsBm4amaaxii vflle are visiting the IaID111 Ee a Shpdes. Miss Katie Thomas of Atlanta Is i tluithe HrsDr WAZollarsisspeiHUnfSfimeUmewiax i herfa lraaCookKatCabbettvUle Mia Alice after tpevtta a- most delight- fol vacation at her home tajrest Point has return.

ed here to athnoL Miss FTOISIIS LP who' bit tieessvtouag tives1 id town has returned tohe home taDougts Captain. I. T. ecknwf" accompanied by his-daughter. Ul Dora left.

far UGrarwe Toman Th iait rwlllentertttLaGranje Female coUee7 Mrs. I WM he tiSetvJrair the mrpmer with hey parents. Captain med Mrs Wililtm Johnson retoraeo to tier Ibonti ta Tampa- Tntsday One of the most brilliant events of tea son was the lull dr nn1t that- was given Thm- day eveamgat thebeantifiU Captain Henry U. ftnitft on Howard street. The was partici pated in by a select party' nuntberttiz ct upeL The Interior of the house was etwrsicd with evergreen lid house plants.

Great bouqnctc of lovely tnd Men on the me port and to Use earners or the rooms Tbei rcrtorvl wasoMofbeaQty. nIIluImostcharmuilzU an entertainer and left nothing undone that could bate added to the enjoy. ment or nerfae TJUtw jw UdJasisiftsr her Xlu fo err orlM ttfflawlrai hen lisyweod. mBoaHlB Whose honor Ute inan imm vivML. i Mwi Ajtafth mOB lunch was serve gusts Mrs.

fi. Funkhouser has returned from a pleasant trip to Virginia. Sir and Mrs. a. Strauss of and Mrs.

A. Moses Of Oxford i' Ne Year ia Rome. so Oeone Thlte9alplivrfiprink Asjhft springs are about to dosfl the ladle laveafareweUgpod-byVothm twaApneiaffJiep3MrplHt nrefealni pens Bi 1 Qc0Q0J3 hfrVAn Mcx rl eanwc Iward fcottoo whfott fevofed ns Sh WricliE The ipdngt will close co the Cid tSSnyItave wltti 8 meet next summer. Tl re stiirandian wanttorefaaa of the hotel wfll not keep open lit. KV This has been delightful td all guests train enjoyed thor stay here and Mr.

and alt hs ssmdatanta bays enjoyed antii the comfort and pleasure of his psircoass PremAtuwdedlnftofffiini era. nervous. debility and ndMd TtcflWantntshed Or the tors ton patte tteulreooanncnd of jkln Beware of IMUM to a ri le WBrti si dgfHdlysusnop- owlywokfaf Pric thipks otseek l' is best' ancy hf Ror Sh utmtr 11 pr en 1' lar Ladi I 1. I ir es li fl tit I Hd kr II 1 jut i llT I fo flille worthM u1 lL 175 J' fr :1,1 hn tted tit la oods 1 a Gfrrrt 11887. le whcbUS 1 i8 i' f7 al elra I i lJJi 4)'IUD bWaill.

cam I' 7 9' ttn I Say 1. tU1n rHr Ant l. Awuu is. A ull. DR.

RICE al 1 LoIItI l1n I TtHJ zud Foort lilli ri pkJlldaa aM Wki8 mssbHY11I ImpotenCl I II lluctaaJPIoaMr i A Ut tD4 JY. jOooIIId1. h- r. OrL a. OJ III wlll Ph' UotrIaICII 0 I beG II" icIII c.

IhOIotIC IJdnIIIJ lit Curea Guara teecl IA an C. 1U1 en. II' tor IoIW I. C401 tD4 oIIt A PRIVATE COUNSELOR If 1 I try SfRLTH rILLI 1 CO. URGES' JL en Ihe city ft- yOtJ1 orden Qr lW ru or eo.ed opJu AndOak jn I to 64.

JIIu.II\LI.I\ll.UI WWoU UL Lwu rHE CUIT" oliO the lubl I. and Wed. dtgs ud That 01 wallllOCi1 gath- coih ioD ctn u4 and lUmioo are due to the pIUIl Id Itrange 4 birdsoC e. ltor. tO m' their tness enaa Tipton 1n their lIlturt I gin he Clev1ind eirei thc club IDentifor ltenatIi ft 1e n' The clot on ele t4altffuly fh oc1 within ha' rlelllly er lI ng bt reu vzcJ and put tWiSt pcrh1 yr ler.

rstnt eyenjn t. hoo pt1on Itrirt absolutely there es ta. prtS nt on ooi ftk et a kit I wlil Idel 1cnl tbnrhen iuseribed ed In 1111 a tIJJ cnt tIe club the dut rn IYlS theh toIi it. nyc u1 attend fl1 ttd orl that there time a gTcSt rush anderoHI tire t' top 10 I ill I upen. omsion neverto O'clock nee1ng fewevenInigoatthe I hOIl otl rcTS wa.

bell. rent1inefl were Pditi preidnt Sate lied en Ir. Pull a on the mut tXp del L- by a lelt also oIi sell I ar to del of lItt tlOn. In tie city. I hdH who Ira' eru1 DS ba th.

an lJwnern which cub etl1enllm and tHCUt 180 maiutanto1 will ad luAUnntll owes 11 the Cirrus uecasioon aiyand uipfl8elited ity the style or its entertain- DI nlb. da I ioee bouttwenty Odetrtl or anized or gjylI omejpungldiellpecia an- Is Wilt lOm J6td limme 01IL1 I thirty. rm14 to gy be fn ill ngy. ew exj tJng lnte onf Jfie hpvaUUIIJn1 tt is Uli uf the14 blll t41rty fQUng Cia IU ue otcew1ll and lJEple ten ticcuintCWfeitha color tanm ntdll luky Jt Tening. I'-a elega rmlln ill be tb Klm llbo1le I iIupputilll that 8r1 club I JiiOl' ti ult nteyunler It arrl1t of lIg r.

emeuti ha I lea ll season illlJe nin in qU t1uu. lIi ht v. 11 tl ri WuI Tb rt we senl 11 JLI Com LaiG aieorgaDlonlint Th II1aS. Jenie TiclilM. llAttllUld aftoo.

The goon elcmen left lkre JvLn trn Uunh A sIrtu elonelawrenlc Jeck llhl1Jiral11 1 alel il erf Jrmnce ofz a. tIlDlau5 I. lJeOi by tty htle 011. lo re iredlLlld ir eioyabla the Set lnl1s rrttth 1111 it is exam It th all ill I Itt1 ly WhO AlrtklJtj IHr. JtllL lt1inhan an tiara GeI1rud.

Pet twnYJ LeisJJoe I 11olell. UllanUOIut 5ley il1 0I1 I1t. Sfj TIL lo lI. afit LIIII Mark ole Ytz- 11101. aeUng' of iiJltin Jt1a Julia flta Om mention.

IIL tr le II. ll b. tie rit Ab us Almg WUJ poLDY present acre lOI IUtf" were thlIVIJ brtI1 thuithe lit nry thl' cu' will apeonr1ate ezcrcs urtngy 1111 dltgLuul1y retcierI ltill was Montgomery. e. YOUIli ebtJ dutti k4d fs JI not breD hfli1il1C' regular iqcoD far I but ill prvolM Jl ple.

aud JII W. H. ltiIOU :0.011 Harris of MIoll It ID the city. 1IlT1flljn ti In vr. relathee Me the gtJ i IJIJUo.

1Jal. III IVUI 1tf lt Mrt 5. G. KJJIot 1 1 az4fit D. of WI 1Iea I 1l i ofWUlio in NtWIW1oM the pui In Xath lonSi InAth 1110l Am ricl1l lIallcfldlug the ilied orA 0.

Woodox cltyu Tl Z1lug rrllnd t. Uss Tb wean trlende fe WUUeoDlt15 lain gu 01 01 errrJ Are' Tilitullinthe Wooale FoJ Crantonr i weeL 1 re 3. Lee In Mc. ntaCeWdaYllllltb yaU efty18 Kisa RIoijn Doser wnneL West choolin fri nds Sib r. Mont merr New P.

KJn few din bs lads Unwell 8I limrJ60nstreet. tlle has Luc Ira Jil 1ge frien IL At000 guestof stowJng. wlill liI Fan Die 1nlreihBs ty easauL here Mi end5 te et I M. ipe T1O i' 1 J. re.

sit tetI citro Wil nce ew complete collgI helia lriends twnan st 1ts te5 r. 1 oll rty Moon. Thom1l1ehas home spendinig the sit e' in she' and I Uil lIe sie RiMUII harming vsitiIig isler zeiurued uru. Ip. John Pt ew charming manuly l1l1 np-nd hone by titv Kimoollouoe dcJihfuJ Mi tJ ellll iCoIJ1fH Beatrice Chri tine cit iss Gertrude Hlm1y Maeos most orn bngum Georgia if ttlnita tint teor la sale el1ded A hcn fi blll i a Motive Mo1J1lei accom uied JeauWul 1UC Iuplishc.

til IItran sIng I tZ eKJ1Jl' I MiSs LoIIUln whohu lnith nt PfI n. Clark. Howell ia i Aittu where father MrWll Jrroii8it. 110111 Jla. tk week at ll1 ti U1 troJl I bb lee.

ve days for II it New York. eXpoI ltion. I 3. several ill Miss be I tt I lft li I I I r. A bury hue Attta pi ut 1 I1U lltltU tluU I lArge entertain.

I we of tle expueito I. iil very Lamar Rl11h rford. A. W. Hilll t49 ivy Ruth rford lu taYuri in AwanlDfrs lKeHpend.

seseral wtks in week. They IfccompaueJ Or elfnau. I Ueu rlll county IptD IRJI AUID very IWJlular ty. IoWli leopl socety I lutees entertain went IIY ni ht eu be ll MIIC 6bee tumcd nlve to th I ud While sle datl bttn glh1 lelund1J1Ue. In he IiCvel' lTeall bla8.

cwl1ere kp nted talentnJ CO gt. t1ntal hla Iilfe. Is fDJIJTflu tJt tiecele rk At1a Th tttui I UleJy aUt wiciej ev nt WIlt all dJiI fhe' men. of i N. tf.

er oa 1u1ller. wasmnarrkd r. county Dl Mist itrre was married to li r. of cily. Th Kple DllW COMETHISsWEEK stY eriQt oht1S i CoTmportei 4 7.

t. 4fh i jf i. 4 1 SoeItjPeople A lnlr. 1Ir. Ch 8 MrSJhIe 1.

wUeand 1 Itr zn Fbcre A1j fu. Ie Eo I louts J. tJM mrJt MA Jo time V1thJm moU er r1llewu tJ rtTM 4a tendlngtb at latuU olngt the an Ult 1 JJufonli 1 Wn to Mr haucturdcd ee lrgtn1aand tall1oalafterapendJng rNT rmnyhu nd nom lme" Dr. WW Powerot Misuju. lckwJOO IT Pltmaa PII 1.

in to" Ir. f. ington last wefL' John D. Stewart Of Griffin thlaweek Ju Ii WGleAton an4 uloneld. andJ.

retnmed from. 1 Govugton week. ht houorofMrs. TennteReed Wino relat vee DouJlastlile. fs CeJlUtOwnvWtd visiting Mgrill be rned Mrs.

If. rie Several Cartornille It. RosS. ct dh lL lad t1nA' wtcr. Ir.

I. R. othis aptain Which I J. E. D.

I 11 gn ts E. G. f114 DaVI8. ewton visiting J. W.

A. i ih hf. I Ye t1' WUte tohel1ome WedntdIlY J. oounty. visit this J.

O. Ir. wcre dan hter Jlt I c. nY coJ road tbedLy FAnn1eWalli. uena Vista I.

N. 8e d1e vIsit Baldwinwll Attmdcollege tnThom da VSo I1J I reen J. A. wiIIIn Georgia la Ir Ft wV or tllInIUl anno 1O 1Il ff liDg notF recover. Fin Wes7BrnnelI.

sO r. fon n1 MrK nady friends Lmte. wfi1 rrt a few ft Yi WOOI Yl fw D. uth te dTit iJre Bart tf who 11 Wn Mr. 1ss 1.

SCd Co W. Gertmde A ant4 i Wij denolls 1' l. Ua oTl lootton. theltU1mer Ge rg1artturned Iett uorwesl rollee oCM.I- CoDWho1ulf nt dlyieR fiJrOx. foI1lnra fewweeksiisy the ccnlgt MI.

vdtJid of 8al th MS Laura atO1i 001- rk 1 tnntnctbam InfJ Jt mov7d tore- w. un Jij BtiW W. visitiig daQt" EI2 merr. ipeutWetnesday Forsyth HIRBJ I' er orh8 prlW1Udepa1en FAA hoUfo 011 tr1 Po ladIrs rlJ frA1JSan fJ ld1ie Ww. Or ArUng.

0. tJJtii4 I or. mADIE n- of Johnson ftUItriiL.lIA\ e14 tJfJ 1 IU1t1aall1J1lU walU I tIkhleJ OQAfi ftJ 0' lot1' Iti l' trJek iJJ who QI -i" i it ii rt ttrDt dtJD rlt1rn lilas hi iDit 1ib i of Bib totJUtr1t. Un1 keeit 1ItW11IlftfJr. otTezsg ln MOI1lOeF tlitr1e4.

thaaenJaf nIJJfu i or lwei Is vl81t1n her daughter 1f c1t1. i 110 eid iteuvery btewn' a. th ldl1. halr. urDed Ler rte tce.

of tWiub the pe40i II1nmoDdd. OAtIntI JTITOd inthe tJ l1vuwayl1 pend sometime here. O. II and htel. Nle home after the amnmer lMI UIIle.

DIm1uke returned Wednesday from VlIittollP 1 nigh ran. Is visiting RICIiaIdJ of Atlanta who baa turnea bome. Ani1 Wl1 cMLa1ss Bet on. or Mis. Mite orthbclty of Eu BirneU1IrLe and lonel8.

be cliJ fho I LnlAf tfm" YlI hafe hr. Brannitu Bhod h4 eirhhome EIlCau1A1wr apcudiJlghe ere. Ban ht. WalbaIla1a I. str MICOD1Pc return eu.

MrI aOOOCheevlytOQa1neiVille Drt W. rlf lIfl town. few JS1d1ttIngtheweek. ho. me I.

Palmour th nlol WI1lofY vs. Yor taed' he4Y1atock L1t1le em ploy sm. Cm eol a is WhUs. aft brot Willis. eitylasl We r.

Jeers R. olVi cleat is YrtlnJ ofRoine Loyl nl a J18n Ionel 10 to. nd ness ot 11. 1'- alGrove Severalofouroitlzenattended campm 8 laJt a TWoe tf neen1 lo- tUJ1dByinOm tm cot mom ng. roye of our town.

Wm. Ii mambo and Stovall of alJ reisires this It. rtrd i tlvr 0 e8op hdl tin Sllre ta Jonesboro. bn Hl Ch vi. ltcd Ward place Miss ltoberts Pa 11 SU 1 T.

Hgtc eson andbJrS I it T. J. week. HMri 1 3 Lln ta I A. for tlme her home in At- 1awl we ktm a ijslClau i ndJ CO fl Lump kin week.

e. extenila Th me A1Af an rII. bhf j. at tMami VinceSanArd olWood. ttack uPO nlfkt1ng sumeithe jo1e vicinity bomeln G.

lpeclal1rtend. ML i cro J. t. 3. spIDJ Miss to college.

I Httiltr9qllJA A vlPLher TOi cuItiT ted. Yleeks visit. Ola Abbott Overby. Mk Mary LlzJteLeyeret Miss Rosa Tl twday Ji rDfiien er ork. of Bu I'm c1trthe i tints.

on l' th 1' IoI1dr. 1. younll aUatIIiI el dAogh 10 pular a 100IgUrttlf sad Ino ll ber owt ia wt1. lCIoDOUCh. 6 or W.

ID4ILiJ Tue in AtiantL rL P1Hbor laye wir. J. ftn aniAU l1bdQDl1er. a spendlnltYaral wtthrM JlO1l jp It wtMQi1 aAO iKrtfJiJL fperh wI lIrrm. wilt iped tTt tU 8ldatW MwmbelOPebot l1mont nTCJowIotJortW Teulf1 CIurtonflttLbotJSnroftOD twm iI i i fu t- i 1 mm 1I I1Jiff1ii' imli VjW lf 111rnliJ 1J01' j' M.

11 witt 1fiif V' 7 i1 4 i 10 1 iJ 4lP iJfi I tf ft. I. Imt WI 1itJ. ii S. IEM Qt1B T' uT NOVWEMZT NUMBER OJfOvwTI1tI aU ft tt jl M' I' Ik GD YIt I' 14 IIItWW 7.

L' ND. MORE ARRIVE i T. it i i. STRAWHATSI 0JNi 1lrSI. YtIlfl TP 4NS NBL ki ft RSli I BONNETSkTJmANSI Qi1 Ps6AjiiS1 iJ 1CHJ LD REN8 11lAT I ed a oveIty-inAll.

CoIOJlf ea i ir4sj Epd StJlel1 OJ fr 'i! 5i. GrosgtainSatiDl1I1Ih. Wteed1Ub an 11C Sottsof I fl BtrlpedW iG t. I. Varl ty9tOpuunentJl tit" 1-1 L- if THE EVERSHQWNr t- hi ut.

c' j' i. tti1ahd pri 1 1' tbeatul 4Qn ti' tthw 1 i oDUi M' pettDrS 1" fl. liW t. 5 in repu OD them JSj cih iee at Qi attem Ha importaliop mitedt JA 1tJl U. T' z.

71 WHITEHALSTREE1. atj W-s. Do Wbi all S. ffJ1t Wwm a ct1' g1 1fm tfcmd. visi anb.

is visiting Mends In town this week. to fJn Mr i Jg tompartI Dr. T. D. McNnoWfl oftle Georgia paoopeft1 wttended e.

J1nglnr at. Ikthany 1asJi lYw11l a short time. Mi' 1 A. Ttun ii LiAg this olon lIOn totiriliu lasU01ld on lep 1 Dr. G.

I' returned home extendoo. visit 1' Mr. i andfamhy hO. tIlI dl1JtbeSDJIU1lerat last week. I yho 1tIli1 a rite hom 1aSt of At nta tai Ij UUS lA Qn' ant tl1 held ft i llfthool exhMrt a tn htabo milt' from here was greatly ettQred by our peo e.

N. j. d. t1y 1eve clwmmC 1l lAst' week. el pafdllboI1vlslt during the week.

Mr' W. ltimdglu has beenaUendIng IChool. dleton Wailer TI tlng in villa. who has owe re edhom lastThtmmlay Holbrootaudhercharil1lnundaaom. Ttli hed blthe bo t4h1Y fascinating ofthiS TlaIUnlriWlTe8 ashort was th I week.

Mr. KU for' lu week1' ok ColonelFl Mathews. 1pfOt Oil dayaln In hl1e i Palmettot. conlnisitingMn. JlILB.

i 01 i n1n4smaDot 11lleue of Ri I UDJt B. nc ebi eaI te i rec fl JU1ed tor lh41a1 still ent tt. GraDprcmal. 11. tt l124 fI rid.

tnA' 7tbe. rn nom. IDOItbrilllant ofthe OWwu T11 the bt uUM OD aueotnt lclJ JllrtytDtI1II. CfU mter1orOl UIboueowu Ue4' bOUiI.pWltIJ t. Were 1IfU 4 eomlWof roomatT11.

OMot Mrs. tbJUI" moat II' D4leI DoUa. tDlrUDdaDo COG14. aMed. her I ladies beriJXIII I la.

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