The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1943 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1943
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYFHEVILLE ;<ARKl) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL 2,-1943 - tl Published Every FrUw to 'Interest of Farm Ftouhea of ThU Agricultural Section. FARM NEWS-PEATURES Suggestions For Better Fanning Featured For This Section'i Progressive Farmers. Negro Fanii Woman At Hickman Sets Example In Food Increase •llic example set, ty' wife of Loir Moore, successful Htck- >nan Bend farmer, will servers au cenlive for both while and Neero farm', families lo increase their ! locate of "living at hom° 'tills Negro woman has pledged this year to increase her garden products, Her chickens, her meat and her canning so as to hasten an allied victory. • Her modern" farm home in tills almost-all Negro community on the Mississippi River 12 miles cast of BlUhevillc is a sinking example of what can be done through hard work arid ambition for improvc- The 'store room— with 'walls six inches' thick so there will be: no danger of freezing-has shelves lined with jars. In these jars Is beef roast, sausage, steaks, ribs, peaches, poare, .apples,-; grapes, every kind of vegetable including swcst potatoes. Nearby are large eame and other meat sailed for future use. Onions hang in clusters. Potatoes are in their proper place. In the poultry yard are 150 baby chicks. But that Isn't enough because iilllij'lMS pledged to double her usual number of chickens this year and soon there will be 200 on the yard. : ; ' I She has so many hens that she often gets live dozen eggs dally. I A cow provides fresh milk, butter 1 and cottage cheese. ' Pigs arc in the barnyard farther away from the house for this farm is a sanitary one. Other Negro families at Ilickmnn Bend are also "ail-out" for victory in agriculture with the home demonstration club of that community leading In the good work. Mary M. Banks, Negro homo demonstration agent,'is supervisor. 1 his community of 65 Negro farm families and only several white farm families, one of which Is a landowner with the other rich farming Innd owned by Negroes, has an excellent opportunity to show (he world that such a group can prove its patriotism by increasing farm products as much as possible Led in this undertaking I>V L' llie and I-on Moore—along with otl'-er anclowncrs—It is expected that imch will be accomplished. ton 'M'oorc, reared In Osccola. vent to Hickman Bend 18 ycar.s ano where lie cleared the thick undtr- rowth and converted (he previously overflowed limbered land into a rich farm of 40-1 acres, Control Of Borer Outlined At the age oof 15, and despite i failing health, he operates all of his. farm with the assistance of his wife, age 59, who also assists him in the store. Their home has all Hie conven- icncss of town—seven rooms, including completely modern bathroom, kitchen, breakfast room; there are electric lights; gas for heating and cooking; a piano played by Ltllie Moore; a rudio. Thcr; Is The pcacli borer Is one of the serious peals of peaches. 1'Yn'ln- nately, it Is easily controlled with an application of paradlchlorobsn- Kcno. usually called PDH, in the fall. Trees that were not treated last Fall, reports, J. J. 1 1'lckrcn, comity agent, can be treated In late March and early April to control the Insect. Despite the fact thai this yt-nr's crop may have been seriously reduced If not killed, by extremely low teinpcnilnicri, trcos should be treated lo control peach borers In order to maintain trees in good vigorous condition for next year, The D13 crystals arc placed In a band aroimu Hie Irec, with cai'c being taken not to let any touch the nark. The bani! of crystals Is tncn covered with soil. The crystals volatilise Into a heavy gas Unit kills the borers. i One ounce of Dll crystals is Hie recommended dosage for trees six years old nnd older. Younger trees snould receive less. If borers arc working above Hie ground level, the tree snoulcl IK. mounded witii dirt to where the orcrs arc working. The DB Is «p- hed on top of the mound. Tilt, irt is pulled away from the trees tier six weeks or the bark may be ijurcd. ' • Wiscot Grade Schools Claim War Bond Recorc F.S.AJNfews Everyone Is thinking about meal these days. Wltli the government. Inlying one pound oul of every row for our armed forces and for'.lcajsc- lenil shipment to our allies, .11 menus that, we must proilucc more meal. Pork production on family- .sla?d farms In Mississippi County will lie increased this year. Al- Ihough pork prodiicllon in the three .stales of Mississippi, l/ml.siiina, nnd Arkansas showed a decrease In 1012 of over M.OOO.OOO pounds, Farm Security families Increased their pork production by more; tliaii eight million pounds. That's' a third more pigs limn they liiid raised in I941 I'SA families are not only producing meat for thftr own use this year, but they arc also producing ieat for the market. The li. I). Mooring family, Wlllt- on comimintty, lias an outstanding ork production record. They butch- red lour lious last year and pul 0 on the liinrkcl. Mr. Mooring .scc.s o It that his sows are properly cured for, especially at furrowing lime, by keeping the farrowing louses clean and bedding the houses with straw. He treats regularly for lice and doesn't have any trou- bls' with them, Mr.' Mooring also see's to it that his pigs arc vaccinated us soon us possible. He has found MR. FARMER ,-For a better stand!— —For quicker germination!— —For healthier plants!— —For more $ per acre! — R OWK PLftHTIHG BI 68ABED, DE-liTEP ftHD TREATED fiT Lussell Barharn's TOP GIN Plume 2112-For Complete Details'. that his pigs do better when they are pul on a temporary pasture, lie keeps a .sell' fesdci with mineral mix where the pigs can gal to it, This is typical of what small fanners in Mississippi County can do to increase meat production. Many other families have similar records. The Harvey Smith family of near Manila i tone of them. It We Buy Loan Cotton Ceo. H. (Madden & Bros, flg'cy. Over llnruni's Drue, Slorc 1'. O. lio.v 218, Blytlicville, Ark. E. C.PATTON 1-i.onc^ BAKER L. WILSON looks now a.s though Farm Security about UO.OOO pounds of pork prod- fiiinilics In tills cotiiHy will sell ucts in 1913. CAKUTllEKSVIliliE. Mo., A|ir ,—An oulJitamlliig nchlcvcmcn or grade schools and- may iw 1 latioiial record, Is believed to hav jccn established by Carullicrsvlll Grade Schools In nvcraglng i»n chases of Wnr Bonds and Stami over the )iusl 28-week period of 1132 per week; Tnc pupll.s And eachers liiivu iu dale purchased WOO In bonds and' stamps, iinil lie first, three days of Hits week, uirchased $506 worth. NILW .YORK. — Gloria Callen, women's nalionnl indoor liii:k- stroke swimming champion.. was forced oul of cmnpcUtton aneT dc- :ei>se of her title by n severe bum. a car In the garage, .and u church nearby which they attend. Wayne Cliicli iincl 1'imltry Fetds Arksoij 2913 Seed . BEANS ' Sacked Or In Bulk HAVE A LIMITED SUPPLY OF STONEVH.U5 . . 2B'aml.'lB PEDIGREED SEED. Insisl mi Wayne quality when buying feeds of all kinds. HAYS STORE "Far'nicr'i il»dqu>rwn (n Kljlhcvlll* It Mooctte* armer A visit with any of these breeders listed below will convince you thai you, too, will make more profits by Tie slogan "More Pork on Less Feed" is proven ritjht here at home , . . Investigate Today! roc Breeders Ass'n Top Pedigree fhirocv For Sale Ky These Members: J. C. BUCHANAN C. M, ABBOTT CASTLIO BROTHRES Blylhevilk, Ark. B. S. WHISTLE Bkck Oak, Ark. J. R. WHISTLE Manila, Ark, BlytheviHe, Ark. STANTON PEPPER Huffman, Ark. L, H. AUTRY BurdeHe, Ark. Luxora, Ark. C. H. WHISTLE Whistleville, Ark. E S, BOLLARD Blyihevilic, Ark. BURDETTE PLANTATION, Burdette, Ark. LeS Us De-lint and Treat Your Cotton Seed Now Is The Time To Get This Work Dona — Kef ore The Rmh Is On! lee Wilson & Co. talks to us from London Excerpt fioiti bioudcast fiotii London by Edward Mat tow, cottiinailntor fo> the Columbia Broadcasting System in London. L)lD YOU ever army—a battered, broken, beaten, bitter army— come home? Did you ever hear strong men with the mud and blood still on them asking, "Where were our tanks? Why did we have no planes? 'Why no armor-piercing ammunition?" I- Well, I have—twice. When friends of mine came home from Norway and from Dunkerque. It's not -.1 pretty sight. But I can't help thinking about it today, when it's my turn to talk about War Bonds. You've been told to buy War Bonds —to join a 10% club—to help yourself as well as your country, and get $4 for every §3 you put in. Those may all be good arguments. But from over here, things look a little different. There are a lot of American boys over here now-—hundreds of thousands more are coming. Together with their Allies, they arc preparing to undertake the most difficult of all military operations—a sea-born landing on the most heavily-defended coast in the world. You want those boys to win. You want them to have the necessary gear —and better gear than their enemies have. You want bridgeheads bombed out for them. You want a fighter- plane umbrella over them while they land. And if you want it hard enough to help pay for all the stuff those boys arc going to need, do this: Even though you're doing about all you can, take another look and sec if there isn't a little more that you can spare for War Bonds— now! WHY U. S. WAR BONDS ARE THE SAFEST PLACE YOU CAN PUT YOUR MONEY! 1. Tliuy are obligations of the United States. If this isn't safe, nothing is. 2; For every $3 you invest in \Var iinnils you get back $•! at the CIK! often years. 3. They do not fluctuate in dollar value—arc never worth less than you pay for them. •(. You can name one individual either as co- owner or as beneficiary right on the jace oj the bond. t 5. Your savings in War Bonds Cannot be lost or stolen. Each hood is registered at the Treasury Department. This space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by Arkansas Groctr Co. Ark-Mo Power Corp. L. K. Aslicraft Co. Jne Atkins Machine Shop L. H. Aulry, Burdette A. S. Barboro & Co. Barksdak Mfg. Co. Blytheviile Water Co. Th c Cvafton Co. Delta Implements, Inc. •- Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Gay & Billings, Inc. .Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store i.' Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hcur Grocery & Mkt. Harclaway Appliance Co. • Hjrrick's Jewelry Habbavd Furniture Co, Mrd Hardware Co. Huddle'slon & Co. &-/" , " ., Zcllner's Tom W. Jackson Jicdcl's Keisrr Supply Co., Kciser Langston-Wrotcn Co. Charles S. Lemons Tom Little Hardware Co. T!is New York Store Pat O'Bryant Pnlace Cafe J. C. Penney Co. Slipper Shop Robinson Drug Co. Phillips Motor Co. ). Rosenthal, Inc. Reck Saliba A. G. Sliiblcy Wholesale Grocers C. G. Smith Swift & Co. Oil Mill Thomas Land Co. B. G. West Floyd A. Whit c

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