The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1931
Page 3
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JVEI)NKSDAY, MARCH 18, 19S1 RLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PARK THHRI- Lux or a Society—Personal Death Ship Viking in Ice Floe A crowd of the younger set uere , emeitaincd with a party at the' home of Charles Shoaf Monday evening. In honor "of his 13ih birthday. | Or.mcs were enjoyed until ft h-.t-; J:our when dainty rcfrei;hi]iL-:i's '. were served to the following gui-st': j Howard Martin. Elhiur Stic-af, Ellz- | ubslh Lucius Evtlyii Martin. III'.!!:', Lucius, Margarel itichards. Mubb George. Mildred Rlchiirils. Addle <;«>ri;e. Eli/au?th DavLs, Mertclll.i | Oraluim, Vivian Lyncli, A. J. Lynch | Martin Bradlield, Jo? Cackro.-;,; Johnnie Cot-kron. Fred Cockrun. j Junior Wunderllck, Bob Kevcri?.! 'llnnman Scott. 1'uuile Rcvtri; j Marcell Wherry. Anna Bell McK-.i.-., Louis; Mae Ledrx-lter, Paul Reverie. I Jonn Franhlin Bowen, G. C. Uriv3;-, I Pcrshlng Turner anu Dixie ilward. j Mrs. llermati Spicei was u \i;llj? | In Blyllieville Sunday. | Mr. and .Mrs. Charles Shsi-.f iii-.J children Elinor isnd Ciia-les jv., shopiied in lilylhcvilte Saturday. MLss Bess McKnieht of Mjne;i = was Ihe week-end euesl of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bowen. Miss Margaret McDearman win- is attending sohool at Jackson, Ten- lie -** r Ex-Kaiser Still Owner of Lar ni' Ul. | More than a score are believed dead and many nior. 1 \>.erc ^ and Fullering fiom ex|x«urc when the i UV U. A. I'KTKUS 1'iillril I'tvis Staff <'iirrr.iiiDntl.-nl HRHMN. lUl')—Kx-KlllsM- Wll- j holm 11 remains tcdny tl:e richest i German, hi his own rl«hts, jitlir; ' liifldi.' or uutMrlc i hi- country, il.• spile till? H'voliulon, Inllatlon, tv:- i nonitc depression or palllkul dls- | lurbaiices. I Although miirkct. Ilucluiillom h> i recent years must have adeeleil l:lsi i furtuiii-, his total aiphtil Is vuil- |ously estimated at 150,000.0000 lo 250.000,000 marks; some even placn Ihe estimate higher. A liiruc share of this Is Invf-stcil In various Imliisltinl shares, which reci-nlly have sullered Irom Oer- iminy's linitnelal crkls. Much nf I! Is represented by rustles antl various eslates which ho still owns in Germany and on which hundreds of persons are still working for hl:n.l°» I UMier Than licfure \Var ' lean If lliL-se Kciicrnlly accepted c-.sil- mnles or ihe ex-kalser's weallli aiv irue ihen he is much richer iha:i ho was before IV.e svur. In 101:1 si'inl- olliclal I'stlirmies placed Ills luMlih ul HO million umrk'v, and lln> (ores c( loin ot his subjects lo;ik j timali'tl 111 one of Cleunnny's li\r«-' • i'sl. That l>- bi'uiu.-v It still rjw- prlsr.s rich mining p:op;vlv In UK- Upl>?r blle»lu industrial tlb.lrlcl, i lmli:«'nii!iM: iciiiry ure ml in it' icdly Cii-rmany 1 :. ut.Othli'sl. an 1 .! : unions UU-M' llu 1 names o]' iivo sliv! i magnates staml mil: Hrlnlrlrh Kllck 1 (IhiTIo: 1 or fV.r.lrmiin of sun- 1 l.i p :lll!err'iil cntevpites, u cor'.rollhn faclo: 1 111 tile Indmlry until In \\'nl- phiillii and Upper fillmli. ami a dcinlnani ilucre in ilic Mod trmt; ami Filly. Thyswn, also from I he Itnlir. lieli 1 ID t!:c ijrjan'-li- hull mills which his lathi-r Aligns! bill. >mil up. ii-cii Itcule. Inflation I'rrlutl Tiolh of thc.sL- men roilo on ! orcniilyiitlo!! am! promotion nppur-j CATTLE IN GOOD SHAPE I rntly was unlimited. MARQUEZ. N. M. IU!>)—Catll: • 1 Hani Training | throughout lire stale have wlntcr- I Thyssen also has had hard and (Ml wcl1 n «d cattlemen this year : exacting tiLiliilnv; In Ihe Oerimn vv '" ' lnvc ^mc ot ihe b:st feeders . liuhisirl-il a-hoiil. llcsulcs Meel |'" y ral ' s - according to rcpcrls made • 'mill raid prises In Westphalia.!' 0 I ' cc Ei'nns, vice presldsnl ol the'. 1 ho roinrnl?. hall a scure cf allle-.l i Ncw Mexico Cattle Cirouers 1 assa- romp.i!ilM. He lutes nnniiK the i cli " lo ». Kaiiecrs are reported lo bs inc:,t povi-ifiil the few Industrial-j 1 " B QO(1 condition In New Mexico, ists »n u-lioni nuicli n( Oermany'.i l' lc fl *W- Iiiluri' :li-|x>!ids. He Ills IK-CII! —— rtinliiiian t.f the International Haw •• 1; ? I! "'-R SKNT TO KNOLAXD Sli'i-l f.-H'Hljlne sine: I'JUH. I ST. JOE, Alk. (UP)-Dcawcoi A falrlv lens Hsl of others who lllml)cl ' ls being shipped from tile prolln-d diiilnt! the Inlliillini period i" 10 ' mlal " fo «'sts of Arkansas to could lit- n:mie:l but, | ;1![ . r years' Enulanrt to be made Into shuttles have s-jiiK-iUiui dimlnlslird lhi-lr! ror <l|nllllll 8 weaving lactorlcs. Be- fiiriiiii!-s. Tin- :;thinrs loriim? has: tore ""ding this oullet fur dogwood fudi'd. Jccob Mlcliiieb, estate 1 "'"''Oi'. Arkansas tlmbsr owners spenilalur. Mill idniu; a comfur ''"•"' t ' ""-' tto(x l ml ° B°" t=JS - col- Ihc- inlllloiis he tt»k lllr ''''itloiis and other nn.iH \vooil2.i liitl.illmi periwl. but he |l )rcillltts !KI!I| all of II by inly' " crest of llu- ercd the hnlnlltin \nivf. woath- nf l he I lint i means.. Hack in Imhisirlullsis—romes Ot-! [lie Iron M:tn of Co!c;;nc lo \ViillI stabilisation, niul wi>':il'- wll ° '"™' i llls H»pht'.- hicloiy ' pile up more vv»llli In l!;e : Vl ''V I'mlltaljli- use during ilia war. years which followed ! !!L ' Sllw llu ' poviiWim-.vs of pe:ic,* o,Se' r«?,r« SHi ; SHE?,'? 1 obscurity of ,everal Hull,- .llm-tur- .±,,.',,,'..:... L ., .''.'.. "'* netsee. is spendniB a lev; days wii'i • •'">' :>iin ? ship "Viking" vtns the victim of an explosion which completely destroyed her. parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Me- was far cut in While liay and le-cners were hampered by ice and rilioiig olf-r-hor.- 'moil. i was made when the "Viking" \vas in northern Newfoundland waters in Mrs. S. V. Frazier and children) !o | lavc bcc ,, a mov[c c , )ic or the scalinK trade. The ship 1) " >cr ' illu ' L ' over list »;i-. Frnn ;tio,, B olf-Mior, ,,,u,s. This picture T^^^^ unking earhtr •.ecllons ol what was ]| 0 j, I1Klr |j a of Oseeola were I.nxora visitors! Sunday. i Mrs. Bartie Bonds was a business visitor at Blyllicville Monday. Walter Woods altcndccl court I:; Osrcola Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Mattlver;- nnd daughter Louisa were visitor. in Oseeola Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Grahnm anil daughter Meredith spent Sunday Vi'ith relatives in Marion. ! Mr. and Mrs. Reverie and children motored to Elytheville Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. George and children were guests of relative:. In New Madrid. Mo.. Sunday. Miss l.nis Mae Powell of Mem- plus fpeiu with her par- cuts. Mr. and Mrs. Jo? Powell. The Luxora Glee club, dircc'.e:! by Mrs. Jewell Kinsolving and Miss ! Dorottvy Brown broadcasted ftom KLCN at Blythevllle Sunday afternoon. The Glee club Is marie up of the following: Misses Lois Hill. Mary Lynch, Elinor Shoaf. Margaret Richards, Vivinn Lynch, Vivian Worsley. Mildred Galyean. -Maxln- Hall. GertruOe Voss. Elii3b?[!i F.-M ' cius, Mildred Tillman, Evelyn Mavlin. Bertie Permentjr. Maur2;ti Fordcccy. Orlene Hires, and Eitelle Whitney. Charles Thomas motored tc Biy-1 theville Sunday afternonn. [ Mr. and. Mrs. Clarence Ga.:iv.! and son' \vcrc the week-end guesl« 4g\Mr. nnd Mrs. S. J. Smith. Mrs. Charles Mifliii cf J1cmo!U- vlsited friends in Luxora Sundav. Jack Brown of Memphis war, t'.r suest ' of his mother, Mrs. Su: Brown, Sunday. Mr. ami Mrs. Wm. Wocd were Blytheville visitors Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Cotlcr and daujli- ter.Alcen who have been making ihrlr home with Mr. and Mr;. G. A. George, have moved to Dallas Tex., Miss Elizabeth Spann spent o:m- day in Blytheville. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Worslev were Rlythevllle visitors Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Walters from M:.~,- sissippi spent tlu past w?cS-?Tl with Mr. and Mrs. Mark Roj?rs Where Tra^xly Struck the vj:i mll- But as the Inflation iieiiod brouabt ships shortly after the war. lie bought control ol (lie rich Ulsminvk mines of Upper fille^la In I9',ll. Then his in-nius lor (hiKiirlnj. atnalsamallinir. aiul Jiii.'Klliix nf directorships aptx'in-d, siilnlnsj h'm , Ihe repi.tallon of l;i-ln B out- of thi-i*, ™ " \" >v] shrewilesl and moat rtarlnn o|K'ra- tors In Geiinan Industry. He wns East knows (hat if his has four clubs wilh three clubs cx- hi the so (he depression, combine.! wilh I tlmninv. that South 1 ' lub: coWquently he '" e ° llle new-^stars to Ihe fhmticlnl horlzm.j even, 111 the llgh! ot birr developments, raled higher Hum Sthin? s , wilh whom ho (lien wus dcaliiiir. (Ullckly diminished Iho shortly alter Flick acquired ccn- ! has just one club; consequently he ™"' e ™ " le , Kl ' u "" " ln " l; > ! "' :l ! tiol ol the Bfsmnrck uisl-rprLv deniillely look that fortune out of | llls cimrlotten Mines In the Dus- the front rank, sc | (lorf |lrM wcl . c my5lcl ., ollslv „,'„_ The same causes combined tc ! Flick relnlncd his dlrecbrsiilp. shrins other great fortunes, which however. The llUmarck cimnnuy were based hugely en land vain;",. - • The family fortune of the Counts Ilenkel von Doiincrsiiiiircic, ratec 1 biislnpss In old war ma-1 ti'iiuls. Colfj^ne was th? cios-; road:; (fir Allied tralllc in and out of Cler- ninny a: the lime, he tivide tii IIKM n H. lit.iclii'd oui and n!j of sleel romiiaiilfs llu miisl be reckoned with in roll call of liidi:slrl:il barons today. TOMOKKOW: In INdaml. Tin 1 richest must lend his king of clubs, tl',?rc- hy picking up the declarer's singleton queen If that was his club: if nc., then no could possl- fly orcu: 1 by his lead. Butterflies taste with their togs which are 1600 times as sensitive as the human tongue. in 1913 at 253 million marks, has 'lost heavily, although It Is still es- llien be^an to reach cut into nth 1 . Upper Slleslan Industries, quickly : absorbing the Kalukl'.v: Mining Co.. 1 and lalcr the Upper Sileslan Iron ! Industry. A. G. flick's Benin-, or' For Constipation 0 ""I%1 f flkJTT'C nPIERCES t fid off/up Xroats Far out in While Bay, off the northern coast of Ncwfoundlnnrl the "Viking" was Etrickcn. The country is sparsely settled, and ice floes filled th? br.y, hamiwring rescuers, but also providinj mean of self-rescue to many survivors. DPIDGf Member ot the National Championship Auctiop Team This Is the 15ih of a series of 20' DK:Ir^iiHEd bridsc hands played by Cleveland's experts to trisl tlicir skill In the plr.v cf cliff-cait hands.. South wns instructed to bid one : nrj trump. ; In Memonam WEST S—K-J. i C-3 i K—X-SG-2 I D—8 I C-l-7! 6-4 NORTH—DUMMY S—7-4-2 U J.fl,A D—1-10-C-3 C— .V9-3 SCUTH—DEALER DECIARER S--A-Q-6 H-A.'0.10.3 D-K.Q.7.5-4 C-Q FftST S—10-95 H—9-7 D—A-9-2 C—K-108-5-2 WHEREAS, By dispensation •/. Providence Mrs. Ethel Wils:u lia;. been called from her Earthly la - ', bors by ati all wise Heavenly Path- i cr, be it RESOLVED, That in th= death ol Mrs. Wilson the members of this board fully realize that they Inv2 tip principle involved in the play lost a personal friend, a syrnpa-' of this hand, t'.ir bi-.!u:.i^ *.v.s t!i- thetic and imtiring - worker and a j reeled. South, tii; dealer, v.-oulrt valuable and elricient executive sec-1 retary. | That in tho dealh of Mrs. Wiisrm • the needy lo v.-hom she ministereJ , have lost a faithful, sympathel::; friend. j That in the death ot Mrs. W;!-,y { ivri'.'.y Inv:- evened the L-idjin ii c :ic dl.imciid. which r.hculd - p ™ cla;:,-i rl-." mUd'sis. However. lv - trn :'.). E>irt. is p-rrailted the :'t".ii:- - <'l :'iarc?]Q'.s card road\V»"i « -i? a'xe rti:i-:-f!d to c.;:c;i :; 'ree of spades, which South .community has last a cit;r:?n ; vr 'i ''it' 1 trie queen! returijcd *af sterlii'.' worth and integrity. j ' Il£; fo'ir cf diamonds. Wha'. should That ive tenrlcr her faml!y cur i last's rtan of d/?fet!fe In other heartfelt sympathy in their b> * r "i's. -"ftsr winninj trirjk two '.'.ith reavcment. \ i»' f.rc o! diamo-id;-, xvliai fhov.ld That a copy of tl-cs; resoliitirm- j S;lsl fctiirn? be given the family of our deceased ' '" 10 ""'"J" 1 r-tiirn '.vc/iltl be ihe friend and co-\vorkor anci thai, a • 10 0[ spades, the highest card recopy be given the Courier N"v.'<; ' ' '"li'iif" of partner's fiiit Howe'^r. BOARD OP DIRECTORS ! East by the rule of 11. knows that Chlckasawba District Chapter The American Red Cross. Hickory nnd ash wood from the United States is used In ne?-lv f-vcry coL-ntry for Icol handles in fporllng jnorJs or lu th: nia:i:if.ic lure of automcbllc parts. partner only he'd lour spaue?. At trick No. 2. West played the tfEritt r.i iiiar-icnd?. If Wesi had Ihp kinT or oucen 1-s limit lake the trick, and his refusal to do so clearly indicated that he did not have either card; if he had had the seven or the five, the only :nis- shig diamonds so far as East is ; rr.ncerucd, then manifestly he : "'-piild :iot h:»: play.?d his eight. ! Therefore thr? eijiit spDt was Die • only diamcml held by Wesl. By this j . !ii? of -eisonlng West, can have ' no suit cf more thnn four cards as | va? indicated by his original lead,: , and having onlv one diamond, \n ' j "".:?t just lour hearts and i j four clubs. ; ! T;-.C value of the card led. if ft' '•<": ti small one, nstiQliy affords very • iitth: definite information to yourj • prtrtner. But when a higher card • ' Is led th ru'o of 11 conveys definite \ Information to partner as to what! cards are held in Hit unseen hand. I Knr mVr.nce. suppose the leader 1 pvn- r.:!;- a ssvcn. By applying; | Crr- ruh of 11. Ihitd hand knr^ws' ''"'•'. -Ire-arcr has only one card! higher than the card led. Sine? i -)-c IK;' '.vr?s nc tn:mp it is extreme-i '•• hk:lv Iha- this card is the ace j cr f::in, r,.i lo pr.-i.-ut Ihe in! .'Itrjrmiy from being ."ct up, thirtl! hand .-;:onlil ml play the queen, knowing that the seven will fore- ' the ace. If third hand did not ap- : ply the rule of 11 nnd play;;l tlr qi!ccn. then Ihe jack in dummy Is gootl for a trick Tu tl-.e hand in question, the ie?.d cf the Ihrce of spades civ^ro the. Ihrd hand very definite informa- tirr.i a'tcr Ihe second trick, that the declarer held only a siugViton club. | liS* New Orlfitms Cotton NEW ORLEANS. March 18 ivpi —Cotton closed steady. OP3H high low close March 1CG8 10SD 105B 1083 May 1037 1100 10E6 100D July 1113 1126 Illl 1126 Oet 1114 1157 1142 1157 Dec 1163 1175 11G3 lllS-Tb Jan 1173 1183 1173 lir>-:b Spots steady ,il 1000, up 15. CertiBed Seed C«-OM<*L BOY COPYRIOKTCO New York Cotton NEW YOHK. March 18 (UD — Cotton closed very steady. March 1072 1085 1068 108?" Mny 10^3 1100 IBS') 103S " Vy 1116 112S 1112 1124 t 1148 115fi 1142 115G C 1168 1178 11153 1177 ' Jan 1171 1185 1170 1185 Spots steady at 1005. tip 20. This seed was grown by us under the supervision and officially inspected by tiie Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. We arc the, only seed growers whose tomato seed they certified and are the only ones who have the right to sell certified tomato seed, grown in thcState of Pennsylvania. Our supply is limited. We offer: MARGLODE—undoubtedly the best of recent introductions; similar to the Globe but Isrgoi, more productive, smooth and r«L A perfect canning tomato. BONNY DKST—early, smooth, red, productive. GREATER BALTIMORE—a heavy fruiter, good bearer and productive. These varieties arc sol J in blue cardbcird, scaled packages of Vi "nJ '/J pounds, sealed xvith ihe seal of the State of Pennsylvania. Wo arc growers of all varieties of seeds. Insist on your Gmncr supplying you with Lmdrcth's tomato seed. D. LANDRETH SEED CO. ESTABLISHED 1784 147 YEARS m BUSINESS ' BRISTOL, PA. SAME PRICE for over 40 I've basked on sun-swept beaches «jk» *~, / /-» » » — says Chesterfield ©1931, LIGGETT A: MvrjuTowcco Co. you find me in lumber camps of the great J , lo Thousand-mile jumps don't mean a thing to Chesterfield. It's the same fresh, good-tasting cigarette whether you light up in the north woods or in Hawaii! For what you taste in Chesterfield is milder, better tobaccos—nothing else—blended and "cross-blended" to bring out a flavor and fragrance you'll never find in any cigarette but Chesterfield. FOR NINETEEN years, our Rcifircli Department has Itcpt intimate touch with every new development of Science trut could be applied to the miaufKiure of cigarettes. During this period there has been no development of tested value or importance to the smolccr which we have not incorporated into the making of Chesterfield cigarettes. Liggtit & M)\-n Greater mildness . better taste!

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