The Buffalo Commercial from Buffalo, New York on May 31, 1900 · 8
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The Buffalo Commercial from Buffalo, New York · 8

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 31, 1900
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8' THE BUFFALO COLHJEHCIAL, TIIUKSDAY EVENING. MAY 31 1C00. ROLL OF HONOR. -names 01 ooiaitrs ana oauors :V; Who are Buried In Cemeteries ; in and Near Buffalo. HOW SOME OF THEM DIED ; Many Notable Men on the List, Which 'if- Includes a President of the 'ZT z United States.; In tb major cemeteries in and near Bnf "-"falo. thousands of heroes and victims of the "'-wars ar entombed. Including participants ' la the war of the revolution, the war of r 1812; the sreat Indian wars in Florida and 'rtbe northwest, the Mexican war, the civil ."-"war, bloodiest war the world has ever seen; "r also the. Spanish and Philippine wars. The ;' roll of honor supplied by Buffalo Is a long one and a most distinguished one, including as It does a former President of the United 6tate and commander-in-chief of the army snd navy, several major-generals and briga-Vdlex-generals, officers of high rank and be-rlc services In the navy; men representing ir all Arms; men who fought with Washington, " In "78, with Scott In 1812. with Juckson at T" New Orleans, with Scott in Mexico, with "'Grant, Sherman, Sheridan. Meade, Halleck, " Buroaide, with Farragut, Ericsson and Por-- v -ter, and other heroes of the civil war. 'C i lorwt XBns'i lUrolcDd. ' f - Among the heroes of the civil war buried t'.'ta Forest Lawn axe the following: -'Dr. W. H. Butler, 16th Michigan vols., diej V Feb., 1863, aged 34 years. ':? Lieut. John P. McVean, 49th X. Y. vols. Guerdon F. Leonard, of gunboat Colorado. J CM. Walter Hull, died Nov. 13, 1864. 4" Lieut. Col. Peter J. Klpont(-siJ. S. vols. -'- Cap. Sydney B. King, lztn pa. cav. viea ;;882. v Capt. John Dayton, 114th N. T. vols. Died -J682. Christian Bussert, 49th N. Y. vols. Died ' 1887. Mr.' Bussert was a popular member " of the detective corps of Buffalo at the '. time of his death. . MaJ. Samuel E. Day. ' : ' Lieut. Calvin F. Thomas, U. S. navy. Died July 18, 1800, aged 26 years. George H. Andrews, paymaster U. S. navy, 'foa the monitor Saugua Died 1867, aged 28 jraaxs. y .V Capt. George. Hinsen, 100th N'. Y. vols. Died 1873. ' Capt. Charles Colligan, Ohio vols. Died . ."1885. -i . Dr. E. Palmer Grey, of the "Eagle" brlg- ade, N. Y. vols. Died 1873. Corp. C. M. Fisher, 11th Ind. vols. Killed rat Cedar Creek ,Va., Oct. 19, 1864. Capt. J. P. Washburn, 21st N. Y. vols. Killed In the second battle of Bull Bun, "Aug; 30, 1862. -- Capt. Eeuben H. Heacock, 49th N. Y. vols. "-Killed by a shell at the Battle of the Wilder- ness, Virginia, May 8, 1864. .'-'" Capt. Henry W. Trowbridge, 5th Mich. .'Rev. GTosvenor W. Heacock. 74th regi-., Tnent, N. G. N. Y. Died May 6. 1877, aged 65. Commander Charles H. Cushman, U. S. N. Died 18&, aged 51. --' MaJ. Isaac Stanford, paymaster U. S. vols. - Died 1882. ," , MaJ. Jacob Scheu, 7th N. Y. vols. Died .1874. v Lieut. H. C. Hathaway, 12th N. Y. cav. 'Died at Newbern, N. C, Oct. 3, 1864, aged ZL ' .'Lieut George Thynge, D. S. artillery. Died 1878, aged 38. CoL Richard Flach, 65th N. Y. N. G. Died 3B84, aged 66. a:; John Ebbs, lat Ky. artillery. Died 1883, aged 61. , Lieut. Orlando Allen. Jr. Died Feb. 14, , .3.862, aged 31. Cot. Lemuel Crocker. 118th Pa. vols. Died :1885, aged 54. 'r Capt. Philip J. Weber, colored Infantry. .. Midshipman George A. Vail, U. S. navy. Pled 1881. . .V Lewis Blanchard. artificer battery M., 4th ..artillery. Died 1867. CiUeut. Alured Lark. U. S. A. Died 1881, aged 40. Lieut. James E. Stark, 2d U. S. vols. Died "1866. , Benjamin Ditzel, 2d N. Y. mounted rifles. Died 1869, aged 36. Graves of eleven unknown soldiers who " died In hospitals here during the civil war. lJohn Haiibacher, 21st N. Y. vols. Died T'Aprii 18, 1865. "ii Charles B. Gilbert. Died on the day Lee .surrendered, April 9, 1865. - Henry S. Brown, who acted as scout for .'Gen. James A. Garfield, the martyr President. ,The date of this hero's death is unknown, as his body was at first buried in .Howard cemetery and later was transferred - .-to its resting place beneath the shadow of ""tie soldier' and sailor's monument. J; Jacob Willard, 15th New Hampshire vols. Died Aug. 6, 1863, aged 55. Joha Sachs, 15th N. Y. cav. Died Oct. 9, ,865. v '.;,UtnU W. H. Burnham, 7th lad. vols. Died . "3C684, aged 48. Capt. Thomas A. Budd. Killed March 22, :.Jfie2. . 'XJent.. Thomas Hodgkins, 1st N. Y. artil-.'lEry. Died at Stafford C. H.. Va., Jan. 25, ; -1533, aged 23. Ueut. George W. Marshall. Killed at . JJedar Creek, Va., Sept. 8, 1864, aged 29. r William Matthews, 155th N. Y. vols. Died "ia'Andersonville prison, Nov. 4, 1864. His .remains were brought here in 1885. Capt. Elisha L. Hay ward, Co. H, 21at N. ;;Y vols. Died Sept. 9, 1862, aged 24. One ,,"f the Buffalo G. A. B. posts is named after k this young hero. ".JLaf ayette F. Warner, TJ. S. N. Died Aug. .'15, 186L aged 23. ; -''William Lowry. No record. -Warren Dowry,- 21st N. Y. vols. Died June 8, 1862, aged 20. MaJ. Henry H. Fish, 84th N. Y. vols. Killed at Five Forks, April 1, 1865, aged 22. , Lieut. Col. Henry P. Clinton, A. Q. M. 21st N. Y vols. Died in New Mexico, 187L . aged 41. -IJeut. F. B, Derrick. 151st N. Y. vols. Died Dee. 1 1864, aged 27. ,r Lient. Orvllle S. Dewey, Wheeler's battery and 4th U. S. cav. ' Died in New Orleans, June SO, 1867. ' . 0 Lieut. George C. Love, 4th Cal. vols. x 1 - Kobert Mctntoen. iiea uec. o, 1863, aged 48. - : " - ' ' .-Capt. George Dewltt Clinton, 21st N. Y. vols. Died May 6, 1877, aged 46. , CoL James M. Wlllet. Died June 6, 1877, aged 45. " '; ' Lieut. Henry P. Morse. 21st N. Y. vols. Died Sept 22, 1864, aged 25. ' MaJ. Dewltt Clinton, Jndge advocate U .& army.: Died 1874, aged 40. . Heman Babcock, surgeon TJ. Snavy. Geo. George M. Love, 21st, 44th and 116th N- Y. vols. Died 1887, remains cremated. : Capt. Frank C. Brunck. 100th N. Y. vols. Died in service, Nov. 7, 1867. Capt. Daniel W. Hurdley, 64th N. T. vols. Died 1887.r . . i -. Lient. John' W.' WUkeson, 100th N. Y. -. Vols. Died MBJ 30, 1862. Just 38 years ago yesterday, aged 20. i .' Lieut. Bayard Wllkeson, 6th TJ. S. artillery. Died July L 1863, aged 19. MaJ. WUllam Ellis. 49th N. X. vols.; Died at .Harper's Ferry, Va.. Aug. 4, 1864, aged 28. . .Grosvenor Reynolds, one of "Scott's 900." Died March 24, 4866, aged 45. Jklex. - Anchinieck, engineer; TJ. 8. navy. Died,lS7. . ., Capt. David W. Tuttle, 116th N. Y. vols. Killed ar roaaldsonvHle, Ln., July 13, 1863, ated 23. - " ' " - ' Lieut. Augustus N. Gllleti 21st N. X. rois. Died Jan. 8, 1862, aged SO. I t Midshipman Albert L. Baker, Jr. Died March 3. 1864." . ) - Capt. August M. Goodrich. 2d Iowa cav. Died at New Orleans, Aug. 2 1866, ager 31. ' Lieut. W. L. Sherwood, 21 t 0. 8. InMfitry. Killed by the Jlodoes, March 26. 1873. . Capt fCharless-Woitge,! 111th j pa. voU. Killed' May 16, 1864, at Keeaca, Ga. Lient. George 0. Vaughn, U. S. navy. Died Jan. 24j 1865, aged 19. I '. ''' Charles H. Agetskey, 15th N. X. vols. Died March 20,4862, aged 20. J Adjt. William tfiully more, 49th N. Y. vola Died at Fortress Monroe, May 8, 1862, aged 20- r ; i H. D. Tillingljiast, 49th X..Y. vols. Died May 31, 1862, aged 31. ' Sergt. James H. Corwln, 11th ;N. Y. cav. Died in Washington, D. C, Nor. 2, 1863. Corp. Erastus sW. Corwln,' 11th N. Y. cav Died in Washington, Dec. 10. 1862. Corp. Jesse K. Coiwin, 11th N. Y. cav. Died at Leonardstown. ML, Jnly 9, 1863. Lieut. Edward Sbadrake. 1st TJ. S. vols. Died in New Orleans, June 10, 1863, aged 20. Rev. Alex. Davidson. U. S. army. Died 1870, aged 30. Lieut. Col. Chester W. Sternberg, 21st N. Y. vols. Died 1874. aged 50. Mound in memory , of Hamblet Justin. Died in Virginia. A soldier of the rebellion. Charles J. Gehring, seamon, U. S. navy. Died April 7, 1862, aged 19. MaJ. John M. Jielley, 74th regt N. G. N. Y. Died 1873. . William G. Bice. 21st N. Y. vols. Killed at the second battle of Bull Bun, Aug. 30, 1862. Lieut John Pr Flshbeck, 41st N. Y.' vols., aide-de-camp im Gen. ; MrDugald's stall. Died 1881, aged 37. t Col. Otis Vaughn. j Warren Brown of "Scott's 900." Died March 23. 1864. : Lieut Joseph A. BrlggS) 2d N. Y. mounted rifles. Died 1866, aged 38. Lieut E. B. Cottier. 118th N. Y. vols. Died Aug. 21, 1863, at Fort Williams, La., aged 31. James B. Newell and William Curtis, comrades In the 26th Maine vols. Died four days apart In August, 1863, and are burled In the same grave. Grave with the inscription "My brother Johnnie, starved :in LIbby prison, March 1, lfc65." No other record. Adam Sauer, bandmaster, 49th N. Y. vols. Died 1877. : Capt. Isaac H. Steele, 56th N. Y. vols. Died 1S82, aged 49. i ' James A. Wall. 8th N. Y. artillery. Killed at Cold Harbor, June 4, 18S4, aged 20, buried at Richmond, Va. Mound raised in his memory. Corp. William A. Justin, 2d N..Y. mounted riffes. Kilted at Petersburg, Va., March 31, 1865, aged 18.' Lieut James S. Mulligan, 21st N. Y. vols. Died from wouuds received at the second battle of Bull Bun. Lieut. Gregg H. Mulligan, 90th N. Y. vols, and 21st N, Y. vols. Died in Florida, Aug., 1862. , Capt Daniel Blatchford. 179th N. Y. vols. Killed at Petersburg, June 17, 1864. Sergt. M. A. Vosburgh, Ohio vols. Died Aug. 27, 18C aged 22. Captain Bowen, U. S. army. Becord not given. Lieut Charles S. Farnham, 100th N. Y. vpls. Died at Yorktown, May 12, 1863, aged 24. Lieut. Daniel E. Faxon. 36th N. Y. vols. Died at Fair Oaks,'Va., June 19, 1862, aged 27. Sergt. Robert Kirk. ICOth N. Y. vols. Killed at Foit Wagni-r Jaly 18, 1864. and burled on Morris Island, the scene of the regiment's severest conflict. Headstone erected here. Hlgh-Hanltlng Officers. Among the officers of high rank Interred In the beautiful' "city of the dead," are these: Millard Fllimore, 13th President of the V. S. and former commander-in-chief of the army and navy.' - Major-General Barry, TJ. S.: A. Maj.-Gen. William F. Rogers, 21st N. Y. vols and N. G. N. Y. Died 1889. Brig. -Gen. Gustavus Scroggs. Died Jan. 24, 1S87, aged 6a Maj.-Gen. Bennett Riley, TJ. 8. army. Died at Fort Laramie In 1853. Commander Stephen Champiain, TJ. S. navy. Died February, 1870, aged 80. Hero of lake battles, war of 1812. Brig.-Gen. Sullivan A. Meredith, U. S. A. Died Dec. 26th, 874, aged 58. Brig.-Gen. Albert J. Myer, V. 8. A. Died Aug. 24, 1880, aged 61. Was chief of the TJ. S. signal service and universally known as "Old Probabilities." Author of the stand ard code cf signals. Brig.-Gen. Daniel D. Bldwell, 49th. N. Y. vols. Killed at Battle of Cedar Creek, Va., Oct, 9, 1864, aged 45, Maj.-Gen. Samiuel P. Heintzleman, V. S. A. Dleday 1,1 1880, aged 74. Heroes of Several Ware. The heroes of jthe wars of the revolution, In Mexico and the Indian conflicts, whose graves are among those decorated by the Grand Army men yesterday. Included these: Edward S. Efner, killed In Mexico, Sept 9, 1847. I . ', Capt. Albion kowe, 4th TJ. S. artillery, one of Custer's heroes, who was killed by the Modoc Indians In the Black Hills massacre, March 26, 1$73. ! ' ! Nathaniel Wllgus, a soldier of the war of 1812. He died in 1873. i Ward Cotton, a soldier of the revolution. Died Oct. 20, 1812, aged 50. Daniel Hicks, another hero of the revolution. Died Sept. ;il, 1828, aged 82. Edwin Baehelder,. vvar of 1812. Lieut. Levi Love, war of 1812. Lieut. James Peate, TJ. jS. A. Died 1849. Hiram Dickinson, Mexican war. Thomas C. Love, war of 1812. Orange Brace, war; of 1812, Killed while crossing the Niagara river, Dec. 11, 1812. Hiram Adams, 10th Wis., Mexican war. Died 1848. 'Mj;.; j Corp. Horace Wing, war i812. Died 1853. Sergt. BenJ. Wise, war of 1812. Captain Sloan, var of 1812. Henry Lovejoy war of 1 1812. Died May 29, 1872. aged 72. r j Rufus H. Richardson, war of . 1812. Died 1878, aged 83. His son Charles served in the 21st lowa nnd died in 1869. These two heroes of two wars are buried side by side. John T. Gillnjan, war of 1812.. Died 1883, aged 87. Son George, a soldier of the civil war, died 188L .- : j i j Clark Pierce, war of 1812: Died 1872, aged 72. - . '''' I :. i '!! a Reuben Hamilton, i 14th TJ. S. veterans, MeVican wkr. j Died 1882, aged 77.. John Hammond, fife major, war of 1812. William Lang,! war of 1812. John H. Herring,-war of 1812. ' '., Matthew Bosa; war of 1812. Died 1872. ; Col. 3. 3i Fay, 13th TJ. S. infantry. Died June 25,1849, at I Fort Laramie. A pioneer member of the regiment now so dear to the people of Buffalo, ..known i as the fighling 13th." t,'i-:-.-; . j j-H -- N j .'; Ij :. r:-. ,: Capt Levi Spaoiding, war of the revolu tion. Died in 1825, aged 88. ; Capt Frederick, H. Masten, quartermaster, TJ. S. A. Mexican war and Indian wars In Florida. S j ' u ' i'"! ;f - i. : ;- ! . 1m Otbar Cemstcries.1 In St Francis jxavier cemetery at 'Black Rock eight soldiers and sailors are buried. Including Patrick j Morgan; of, the flagship Hartford and Lieut Ferdinand Smith of the 2d N. Y. . Mounted : Blfleai In' the, German M. E. cemetery at Black Rock the grave of William Boyer of the 187th N. Y. Vols, is lccated. - : In Stf.' John's Lutheran . cemetery, also at Black Rock, Otto KiebJ, of the gunboat Forest Rose; of the Mississippi squadron, who died in 864,' is buried. Nine other union soldiers also sleep ! there. Including ! L- ! The season oKWash Suits and , better selected lines of these indispensable earments--but not in Buffalo. : -i i 1 ; " ' 'i i; i , We've made a great effort to gather the most handsome patterns in dependable materials and believe all who see ithem will say we've been successful. j . At $1.25 and $1.50 we've good, honest qualities in dark blue and white stripe Galatea Blouse Suits 3 to 12 year sizes, j ; Blue or pink stripe Scotch Ginghams, plain or fancy trimmed collars, very pretty suits $2. 00. i j! j ; Handsome new pattern's in Linen, Crash and Cheviot Suits, fancy trimmed collars, 2. 50 and $3. 50. ' f i White Duck Suits, 3.00, $4.00 and $5.00. ; ij Wash Kilts, in striped Scotch Ginghams, for little fellows of .2 to 4 years, 3.50. j I Separate Wash Pants, 35c, 50c and 75c p ! : The colors of all our wash goods are fast, having been thoroughly tested before being White Duck, Pique and Crash Wash Tarns, 35c, 50c, 75c. Exceedingly large line of ; newest styles in Boys' and Chil dren's Straw Hats, 50c to $1. 50. Boys' Negligee Shirts and 3 description. Confirmation I Special values in plain Serge jCommunion, two and three-piece Men's Straw Very Newest Latest Braids, Lieut. John C. Schmidt of the 65th N. Y. Vols.; : Other graves decorated yesterday included the following: Park meadow, mound where a great grave was opened to receive the bodies of over 200 victims of typhus fever, during the war of 1812. i Concordia cemetery, 43 graves. Mount Hope, three graves. Holy Rest, seven graves. Cnlted German-French Catholic cemetery, 100 graves. Zlon cemtery, two graves. Temple Beth Zlon cemetery, one grave. St. John's cemetery, ten graves. Holy Cross cemetery, 115 graves. Howard cemetery, two graves. North street cemetery, 77 graves. Among the famous men of war interred in Holy ;Cross cemetery are Col. James P. Mc-Mahon of the 155th N. Y. Vols., the hero of the late David Gray's pathetic poem entitled f'The Little Colonel." He was killed at Cold Harbor, Va., June 3, 1864, aged 28, aud his gallant brother. Col. John E. Mc-Mahon, of the 164th N. Y. Vols,,- died March 3, 1863, aged 30. Capt. Michael Bailey of the 100th N. Y. Vols., who was fatally wounded while leading a Fenian regiment at Rldgeway, Ont., Is also buried here. The graves of Col. James Lyons, 5th U. S. artillery, Drum-Major Richard Darrlgan of the 49th N. V. Vols., ant Thomas Wiley, color-sergeant of the 155th N. Y. Vols., are also located here. ' j Twt Relatives of Waahlnitpm. - A number of distinguished . soldiers and sailors are Interred In the North street cemetery, now sought as a site for the 65th regiment's new armory. The list Includes the following: Gen! Sylvester Mathews, war of islj. rant. William G. Williams, U. 8. A killed at Monterey, Mexico, 1846. Lleut.-Col. G. W. Johnson, 48tn . x. vois. Died July 26, 1864, aged 42. Andrew Hebard, engineer U. . S. navy. Died August 4, 1864. Col. sjohn Bliss, U. S. A. Died 1854. Jay Babbitt. Died 1849, aged 82. War of the Revolution. Karl Krapp, died 1870, aged 40. Mexican war. Col. Nathaniel Vosburg, died 1874. War of the! devolution. Capt George B. Field, TJ. S. A. Killed at Monterey,1 1846. Col. Rufus Hemingway, died 1873. War of 1812. v' j; ' ; : ; Col. I Otto Buerstenbender, 2d Ohio vols. Died 1882.1 . Adjoining the grave of Capt. Williams is the grave; of his devoted wife,- America Pinckney, fa niece of George Washington ITEMS FROM ALDEN. Special to The Comtnerclar-' Alden, May 31. The Alden University Club held itheir last meeting for the season Monday evening at the home of Dr. and Mrs. H. Kitchei. The subject for the evening : was "Russian Literature," and the lesson was gracefully managed by. thi leader, Mrs.' KitcheL Papers were read hy Mis Parker and Mrs. Morton, and selections from writers mentioned in the papers :were read by ' Prof. ; Weker and Rev. Mri Smith. The president, Rev. J. S. j Moore,: was i then called upon to deliver a f farewell 'address, which he did in most amusing style. --f--. . 's .y Miss Jessie Parkhurst of Buffalq spent Decoration day with Miss Eunice Dur-kee. 1 '!. -:'-;v .-.y.yx t. Ught Tefreshmenta followed, " after which all enjoyed a social hour. The invited ; guests were Mr. and Mrs. II. I Allen,! Mrs. F. L. Stickney. Mrs. W; G. j! j j '(. 41 0-41 2-414 Main Street r-.H BOYS' WASH SUITS. If in doubt about the proper summer outfit for the; boy, or where to buy it, bring; him to our splendid . second floor department and let us enlighten you as to the merits of I our un- equaled display of juvenile attire. is at hand. , There may be larger made up. Summer Furnishings of every M Suits. and Cheviot Suits I for first style, at 5.00 to $10.00. Hats. Shapes in Men's Straws, 75c, $1.00, $1.50 to S3.50. Welkcr, Miss Hawkins of Gowanda, Miss Eunice Durkee, Miss Ruth Smith, Miss Dickenson, Dr. Kitchei, A. '. B. Benedict and C. a Ellers. 1 - An entertainment by local talent, entitled "Aunt Hannah's Quilting Party" will be given tonight and tomorrow night in the Baptist church, the proceeds to be for the benefit of the M. B. :church. Miss Hawkins of Gowanda is visiting Mrs. W. G. Welker. Mrs. Ray W'aker and little son of Attica are visiting friends in town. HAMBURGNEWS. Observance of Memorial Day Annual Parade of the Firemen Improvement cf the Highways. Special to The Commercial: Hamburg, May 31. Memorial Day was fittingly celebrated yesterday. In the morning the graves of deceased comrades were decorated by various members of Swift Post at East Eden, Chestnut Ridge and Orchard Park. The members of the post went in a body to Orchard Park where special exercises were performed at the grave of X. J. Swift, j On their return the graves were decorated at Armor. .iney then repaired to the headquarters, where dinner was served at the hall; after a sumptuous repast, a musical program was rendered under the direction of Miss E. M. Abbott, In the afternoon memorial services were heldj at the grave of J. A. Dersey in Prospect Lawn. The firemen made a creditable showing in their annual parade which occured ia the morning. The hose carts and hook and ladder truck were tastefully decorated and the boys never appeared to better advantage. The latter part of the day the Buffalo West High School crossed bats with the local High school team, which resulted in a score of 21 to in favor of the home club. The batteries were Schummor, Jones and Dapheiser; Casey and Menzies. A large crowd witnessed the game. At the Gun Club shoot in the merchandise event, Jacob Busch won 1st and G.ySpittler and C. Weber were tied for 2d. In the team shoot,! the J. Bow-den team captured IsC In the badge event J. Bowden won 1st and J. Busch 2d. ' i Ij- - .. , , i The Friends of Human Progress hold their June Fetival at Forest Temple, North Collins, June 9 and 10. Mrs. Carrie E. S. Twing, president New York State Association will be the principal speaker. The annual election occurs Saturday afternoon. Fran.k Walker of this place is president. 6 : . The funeral of Mrs. Edward Colvin, aged 34 years,; occurred yesterday at the home of her sister, Mrs. A. J. Horton of Eden .Valley, conducted by Rev. W. D. Jones. She is survived by, a husband, child and only , sister. Interment took place at Prospect Lawn, .-j; Judge Titus was the guest of Mayor Stujut and family yesterday. ' , j Harry Dietrich is at home this week, visiting friends and acquaintances. ! r-Mrs. Dr. ; Abbott is at Albany where she is the guest of George Abbott tor several weeks. -Vf --j' : .? jh' '..:-: :- -. '. : Rev. Mr. Davis is expected . to occupy his puipit Sunday. Their household effects have been shipped from Bath and Mr. Davis and wife will occupy the Baptist parsonage.: .- . V. --f . j - Land in the vicinity, of Stony Point iis Still booming. Palmer Skinner waa recently offered by the steel plant corporation $30,000 for 20 acres: ahnnt ino men . 1 OU ARE ies that U I many and the stocks are so varied. We could suitthe taste of every lady in Buffalo from our drapery stocks, even if every taste were different. If you have ideas about draping your windows, come in and we will have our designer spend time with you to plan them put. We have plenty of pretty inexpensive stuffs by the yard if you are clever at making up your own curtains. !- I i ; ' : ' 1 i 1 This Friday's DRAPER! Bargains Are Great The kind of Veranda Furniture you get here is the newest and prettiest productions in that line, just a little better, a trifle more stylish than the usual, and not only that, but; nowhere else in town are the prices so low. .Come in tomorrow and make selections early, to be sure about having your chairs home Saturday afternoon. PI You Can Do Best in Porch; Chairs Here Tomorrow were placed at work this week clearing the woods in the vicinity of the proposed location for the steel plant. ; i The firemen at a recent meeting decid-w3 -nvt tr, murmp Hip rwirxynsitwlitv of a Celebration for the Fonrth, and unless thej business men take some ravorabie action no celebration will be held, j The village board meet tomorrow even-inc to dincnss the nroDOsition of imDrov- ing the highways, as to cost and the most improved method. WYOMING COUNTY. Farmers Complaining of the Dry Weath er Condition of Orchards, Special to The Commercial: j Warsaw, N. T., May 31. Farmers In Wyoming connty are complaining of the sertonS drought, It being much drier than at this time one year ago. Inyplowlag, .the bottom of the furrow is dusty, so dry is the ground. There has been no rain of conseqnence for nearly two months. Farmers are delaying In putting in their bean crop until there has been more rMn and for the same reason 1 are holding back in planting potatoes. i It was thought the tent caterpillars had received a quietus by the recent cold weather, but at the present time they do not appear to have lost any of their old-time vitality, for they are more numerous than ever. The work of the canker-worm Is Just becoming apparent among the foliage of the apple trees and spraying is being resorted to In order to be rid of the pests. Owing to the cold weather this spring the acreage of oats usually sown in this section will be considerably lessened. j Memorial Bay exercises In Warsaw passed off with satisfaction, although there was a great scarcity of flowers on account of the dry weather. The services at the -Warsaw Union school lawn were according to the program and some sixty veterans of the Civil war were In the procession, escorted by the Warsaw fire department, and preceded by the Twentieth Century Drum Corps. At the cemetery the practice of decorating the graves of other than the veterans was observed to a greater extent than ever before.'!- . 1: , i ' ; ... IBX LATE W1LLAKD A. COBB. Special to The Commercial: t . . i Lockport, May 31. Lockport has hardly recovered yet from shock over the unexpected death of. Willard A. Cobb, president of the State Civil Service Board which occurred Tuesday afternoon. For a week past he had done no editorial v?ork on his paper, the Journal, but no one dreamed that he was dangerously IB. t iTwo years ago his1 mother died and a month later his cousin. Miss Howell, the last of his near relatives. . He was often very melaneholy thereafter. " f H iThis atfernoon at 4.30 will occur the funeral of Hon. Willard A. Cobb at his rooms in Hotel Stevens. Ber. B. M. Halo, Huron and Pearl Sts. SURE to find here the kind take your fancy most i. Point de Paris, Swiss and Arabian lace curtains in beautiful scroll and flower patterns, value as (hC tf high as $8, tomorrow a pairV''' Striped" madras curtains in the new colorings cream and green, cream and old red, cream and pink, especially for dining room, hall and bed room curtains. tf 7 Special, pair. P I I w Embroidered muslins, white, by the yard. I C Fish net curtainings, yard Heavy rope portieres, in delicate colorings Best opaque window ' Q R f shades, any color ....sCiJU "Jumbo " porch green. Speciar tomorrow. , Small splint rockers in green and maple, without arms. Splint arm chairs medium sizes. Special Japanese blinds, size 7x8 A more choice kind of -summer furniture is the Japanese matting-covered chairs and settees, with natural wood or painted frames. These are even made in the Morris chairs, and have the merit of lasting from season to season. , Japanese arm chairs and rockers . . ... $3.95 Japanese Morris chairs $5.'48 Japanese settees... Tlain, Huron and Pearl Sts. Nyce of the First Presbyterian church will officiate. Tomorrow morning at 7.25 the body will be taken to Rome for interment in family lot. The only relative, so far as known is a cousin, Mrs. Colgrove of Salamanca. i . j PORTTIIXB ITEMS. Special to The Commercial: Portvllle, May 31. The Memorial Day exercises held under the auspices of H. W. Weasels Post, No. 85, G. A. R., were attended with apparently unabated public Interest. The memorial sermon was preached on Sunday evening last by the Eev. H. A. Reed In the Methodist Episcopal church. He delivered an appropriate discourse upon the threefold topic, "Comradeship, Conflict and Coronation," from the text, "Be Thou Faithful Unto Death and I Will Give the a Crown of Life." - The service f was conducted by the Rev. S. T. Clarke, pastor of the Presbyterian church. ; Yesterday the post assembled at 1 o'clock and preceded by : the K. O. T. M. band, marched to the Chestnut Hill cemetery for the decoration of the graves. After the cemeterial service the line re-formed and marched to the schoolhouse grounds to listen to the orator of the day, the Rev. A. W. Hays of Binghamton, who spoke eloquently upon "The Turn of the Tide, or .Critical Moments in the War of the Rebellion." . , .! The speaker treated successively of the election of Abraham Lincoln, the call to arms, the proclamation i of , emancipation, the failure of the Northern Invasion, the appointment of TJ. S. Grant as commander of the TJ. S. forces and the general memorial day.i ; ii - , : ; The fire company acted as escort to the post. Comrade B. M. Bedford waa marshal of the day, Commander Holden conductor of the services at the cemetery. The post has lost but one comrade by death during the year, W. 8. Johnson, who served in the 85th N. T. Regt. At East Portvllle, the Rev. J. A. Gardner of Ceres gave the address and at West Genesee the Rev. H. A. Reed. ! GOWANDA ITEMS. Visiting Members of the Masonic Order ! Decoration Day Exercises. Special to The Commercial: Gowanda, May 31. Mrs. A. D. Lake will attend the meeting of the Western Federation of Women's Clubs at Mayville next Saturday aa delegate front the Monday Evening Literary Clnb. j I Miss Rink and Miss Lizzie Rink will leave here June 14th for Montreal, sailing from there Jnne 16th for Europe. -; Mrs. N. A. Chaffee entertained a number of friends at whist at her home on Main street Tuesday night. :''" Miss Pearl Peck of Fredonia, formerly of this village, has been engaged by the board of education to teach next rear in the room now taught by Mias Pugslev. , Draper-have so we ......9c $1.65 rockers, in maple, $4.63 65c and rbckers, in ftj 1 QC I $1.00 5 .ST.OO I Mrs. Josie Davis, who has been seriously ill for some time is very much improved. 1 -, Over 100 out-of-town masons spent, Tuesday and yesterday here the guests' of the local masonic lodge. ; The banquet waa held Tuesday night in the Presbyterian church, which was followed by many speeches and a musical program. The Gowanda orchestra furnished the music for the occasion. Gowanda Decoration Day exercises were carried out, according to the pre-' arranged program and with great success. The procession was made np of the Gowanda Cornet Band, supervisors of the towns of Persia and Colling, scholars of the public school, flower girls, ' Women's Relief Corps and the Darby Post,: G. A. R- At the cemetery the large ' crowd that had assembled were addressed by W. J. Wilber, the orator of the day, who gave an address appropriate to the occasion. The services were closed bj singing "America" by all present. The ball game here yesterday between the Gowanda 5 and St. Anthony's Militia of Buffalo resulted In favor of Gowanda, the game being given to them by a score of 9-0, : owing to the fact that the St. Anthonys quit at the end of the eighth inning, the score at that time being 8 to & AT HOLLAXO. Special to The Commercial: . Hollar d, May 31. Memorial day was observed with appropriate exercises . at the .M. E. Church. At L30 p. m.! Rev. R. S. Bell delivered the address of the day and Prof. Clark and the school gave . -a very fine program. : - II THE CHURCH CHOIR. "Why can't yon be obliging?" cried the facetious music rack. "The bells play -when they're tolled. Come! give us a' tune." "No," grumbled the organ, in deep dia-pason. "I'll be blowed if I do." Phila. delphia Press. ' A5ATUBALBESrjLT. ; "I guess Binx has Jnst bad a ralsa in salary," said the confirmed cynic "Has anybody told you so?" . '. - "No. Bat heroes about saying he thinks the world is getting better, and that tb danger from trusts Is greatly magnified, and that human nature Isn't so bad after all. That's the way a man nearly always talks jnst after he has had a raise in salary." Washington Star. . . , ' AMIABLE. "8or said 'the 'young glrTs father rasp-Inaly; -"he has such a lovely disposition, has her' - --v.. . .. - .. v -"Tea,?: she answered. , "He said that if) I will marry him, he won't object to living. In the same houce with yon, even if you are real croas." Washington 8 tax. . ; . 1 of

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