The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 1, 1933
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Served by the United Press BEHHEVnZE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOHTHKAST ARKANSAS ANU BOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION ** VOL XXX—N'O. 220 Blythcvllle. Daily Ncvre. BljlhevrUe Counic. ,,,,.,,,.,"1,1,,""" ~ ~—Mississippi JBllev l*«o>r. Blytlii-vllle Hir.irt lil^ 1 HK\ ll.l.K. ARKANSAS, FRIDAY. DlOt'KM'.KIl 1. SINGLE COPIES :FIVB. CKNTS: Mark Shank Feigning sanity Prosecuting lornev Declares. Richard Mellon, Brother of Andrew W., Is Dead riTTSDUHCII. Pa.. Dec. 1. (UH) ---Richard !i. Mellon. 75. <lle:l cil honu. hji-j today Iron: nniT-j ciih. • j He -ASS ;i ycmijjrr brother ol An- , i-dv; W. Mellon. former a-tretni-y. ol '.h'j treasury. i MolJoi! toDk litlie interest in poll- 1 uas ef|uai l) lh;r - 1IKNTON, Ark.. IXc. I. (lll'l — The Irial of Mark 11. Shank, Ak- j run, O., .attorney, rrjr'us-.'d of the |ioi«m murders of four .members "f the family irf Alvin Cnlury. went to Hit jury at 2:15 p.m. Icday. He held directorships in hi:n- die;is ,)| corporations, including re , Almiiit:!;::! CJnipany (if America. ! the Ciulf Oil CorpDralion, the Un- Icn T:UM O f mushm-gli, nnd' the Mellon N.iti-i'ial bank. Administrator Hop kins Cites i'le.urcs in Answering A! Smith's Attack. BENTON. Ark.. Dec. t (UI'l — The slate mnde its final plea early this afternoon for a conviction In thc trial of Mark H. Shank, who attempted lo destroy a fnm- ilv of five. The fate of Ihe •11-vrar-olrt Akron. O., attorney, admitted noison -slayer of four members of ihe Al-1 vin Colley family of Ohio, was I "cxpeccd lo rest with the jury by! Tn opening Ihe stale's argument! - Prosecutor Houston Emory of Ilotj fiprir.»s accused Shank of feign-i in« insanity "for many months' belore he tried lo do away wilh the Colley family." Recmcliiu! the crime, the prosecutor li.'lrt up before the jury a hi"" bos labeled jX>isDn and live drinking cups from which the family drank at a picnic lunch Ai'giiet 15 ncnr Malvern. Four died In- convulsions and the fifth, a A yea- old child, recovered. The prosecutor said Shank at- temptcci to !:i!l all members of the family because "Colley knew Missouri Mob Lynches Atlacker loo much and Shank knew that «ha' Colley knew would ruin Shank." Plcndinj for the defense, AT. A. M^Dsnlrl •'•aid the crime was the v.'O'-i- of an insane man. "Evi-y'Jimg he has done .since he left Akron fias been an act ol a crazy ma'n," he said. "Do you think for a minute that a man \vlio v-as a good lawyer and an inlelligcnl man would commit • T>r °i"ct which would emnloy WASHINGTON, I3i-c. 1 it)P>~ I'cdoiul Relief AdminHiator Hopkin:; replied lo criticism of lhc un- e:!iplcy.-d aid prc^iani by Alfred E. Smith loday by amiouncins that on November L'5 a lolal of !.183.a>7 jobless bad found work in 44 states under the civil works setup. These reemployment figures Hopkins explained, represent the first week of activity of the civil i \.-'-ks administration. Hopkins said these figures were aken from rejiort.s complied November 25 and added he believed Hit- to'.al of nil slalom today prob- ablv vould reach 2.0GO.OCO. j Referring to Smith's criticism, j llonkins said: „, . , , , , ! "If pulling 4,000.000 men to \\n.\-. was to .start today on rc-jwoik puts me in thc grape-fruit pans amounting lo about SS.riOO; business I'm delighted to be In it on three ui'jiiicipnl buildings fol- i learned the word baloi:cy from lov.-iiiir snurovnl of the first cily • Al e.nd I suppose the lerm scur nroiec! bv state CWA officials.'yranefruit juice is his loo." Am>:ovnl of construction of a S10.-] He announced the following fig<">() stcrm sewer earl from Frank- ures for Arkansas: lin atom: the bed of Lumerate Emnlovcs under CWA Novem- Baynii v,-as lentaiivelv i-rantnl her 25. 17.100: coal allotmenls. 11.- uro'"d:iJ the citv can furnish Hall, Hospital and to Re Painted. ?nc! Repaired. worth of cement for the jot>. Workmen. Including a hi»h pcr- cen'nar- of skilled labor, were to hrein renovating and repainting the olfv ha!) antl hospital late to- OCO; families on relief rolls, 50.0CO. Allols 526,543,053 WASHINGTON. Drc. 1. (UP)— Public Works Administrator Tckes loday announced allctmeni of S2G-- •\t ' 'iJ^W^«P"^Al£v II ^ FLASHES I'AliH Ain-IIOlll'/.ICS 1NMIUIKV .n-: !-T[ : it SON crrv, Siu.-<;uv. <;>:> 11. P.lll; (u.l.iy B nv« Allur- nry Ci m-ial Ituy MrKlllrlik full IIIMIII- In hmsti^llr Hi.- St. JD- . I-'IMI WVNi:iC()l)l' UIAHIKS CHICAGO, Da. i. u'l'i-nia- i'«'« lirpl liy libi'la ylivkiw]!, l'i-:iu(i[i!l .| ;! | ..... lislrian. am! lu-r y<:inii; bihluiui, l.'.irli', «cn- ilis- l-uvr-lril h:il;iy III 111,- Klilimiy Mull- ri'r- slri-cl luaihloh tvlicu 1 she uns slain. Dalle's ill.iry incnllniifil ndier yi.'iitu; uLinrn arc|iiLilnlaiif[-s. ltlu>- ta's tndi'd uii |,|. r urclcllii;; day. m:it\ [ Ol'ISIANA HAM.O'I'S ST. I'liANVlSVIU.K, lii.— A n««il nf iiu-ii luvailril tin' Cust ri'IU-'.iii;i |i:uMi <-oiirlhoiisr Inc!:iv. tHscil LI -.(:u!< uf blank lul- h •'.: v.lildi u-ui-c lu lit- usnl In n lnin..-;| Ilitni In Hir Alter a mob of 10,000 citizens of St. Jos:-;,!,. Mo., had diagwd Lloyd Warner. ]!)-y ( -ai--r,ld confessed .Ulack- ,-.- of a v.lnli; woman, from Ihe Buchanan county jo,l T.,c5d-.iy nl s lit. it banned him i,> a live ncioss from Ihc courthouse and burned liis Ix.'ly down. The plictouraph Mviws ionic of the mob nl lh c scene alter Winner's body had bten burneil ('own. Charred remains of the i;uiy > Ol Kile IKLll. K on the .scene urmmd - at tiio Iccl rtnv, with a orobabilitv thai paint-, 543,053 to 71 non-ieclcral projects In? of Ihe miiniciiial sarase j l n 25 states and Hawaii. Tiie al- also begin llus afternoon.! lotments, expected lo provide 161.-, Estimates sndicale that 2,180 hours• o-M men-months of direct employ-' of 1,1m- are -to be used in repair-| mem, included a loan and grant to! in- and reuainting the buildings. ' stamps, Ark., lor a water simply. Mnvir C-cIl Khnue was hopeful 519.000 Kolrl Pilot After Freak Plane Crashes Kilis Man crime in such a cruel manner if the had iicen in his right niirul?" he risked. "\Vhy, he even left evidence of th^ crime in a luggage carrier in file car. He had four and a half hours to gel awav and he only Rot one and n half miles j-f-.MH. of the wreck. Closing the defense plea. Daniel .pointed to Shank, who sat in a chair across (he room from Ihe jury, his head -hopped on a table. "A sane man would not have ncli'd lhc way he did—paying r.n attenlion to a trial for his life." ilcDaniel concluded. i hopi thai, fiimls could be secured in some'-manner to purchase the nee'-' p«arv cement and supplier to bc- Ein .work soin on the storm sewer a lirep number of unskilled laborers. Approval of .several '•rojccls was expected ily. ^42,000. „ Largest item in the^list ivas o loan and granl of S12.OfiO.000 to' t''.c Delaware river joint commission of j Pennsylvania and Nev.- Jersey for conslructioii and equipment cf a rapid transit, shuttle line across :ion of Utility Appears Certain If Loan Can Be Obtained. other city tne Dcla' river bridge telwcei! Sift on First 1'ayroll OPCFOt A. Ark., Dec. 1. — Five fioiu lhc ^ bi'iirirer! men. cmnloveil on 29 I Mi<-sl«r,'imi coiiul.v CWA proiecls. Me-1 will receive their first paychecks Saturday, n. N. Wilton, comity! , Philadelphia and Comdcn. Smilh Fires Hroadside NEW YOliK. Dec. 1. (UP)—Alfred E. Smith fired a new brpud- side at p.'e-sos of llie Roosevelt recovery program lo:lay. In his masazine. llie Now Out- j MADISON, N. C.. Dec. 1 (UP) A. W. linrdetle, pilot of a home-1 mnrtc- ail plane., v.-as held loduy for; investigation into n freak acci- dr-m tliat cost ihe life of James j Wall, dairyman. ' Wall v:;is killed when tttirdelte'. 1 ! i plane struck a high tctisldp pow-1 'r-r linu iiiirl burst Inlo flames at | the iiii-pnri. The wires fell and ; The city council, in unofficial ^^,,1;^ fcllce wlllc " session at. Mayor Cecil Shane's of- , l "" cllms - fice Wednesday afternoon, inform-' '"irfi">!» n'id his ally authorized the waterworks . v '' crc 11ot Iulrl - commitlee to lake final sleta for; the purchase of the cily water plant nnd system if a covcrnmsnl loan can be obtained to make thc purchase. A fin-il nnurnl-enienl of 'the Associated Utilities properties here was to be made and examination of records lo substansiate earlier Mob Shatlers His Prophecy Wall pass, New York Cotton NEW YORK. Dec. 1. (UP) -Colton c!n3cd steady. open high low close Dec Jan Mar May July Od 991 998 10H 1028 IGM 1059 9!)7 1003 1017 1030 1042 1062 958 034 1003 101!) 1033 10M 901 997 1010 1022 10W !055 lion of payrolls on alrcadv approved and others to bf arcerjlcd. The first eninlovment of women as tl)e <°""er New York governor's in ihe countv will be here where '• auac k o" the Rcosevelt, monetary " <-<-c/>'iDna! nnd hr-olth education-j announcement of the nmount ask- \ LIBHIJ HUB llievillc Logical Point Hi St. I.nuis-Now Orleans Air Route. the cit PCHCJ-. Tiie monetary attack was r .orat!on will not only be asked ni unit is to employ 20 women I mrulc public in advance of pabli- i-.wcrdlne to Mrs. J." w. Kdrins-'j calion Inn. chairman of the county fed- Another magazine cdilor, Ray- cration of women's clubs. Aupoint-1 mond Moley. former assistant scc- mcnl of a county suuerviior of fctary of state and brain tnist vomen's work and a county board , member, predicted an cariy steady- is also to be made. ' ing of the gold price followed by a The Oseroln unit Is to teach' W'iod of inflation, cookery, .sewing and slcnoeranhy Writing in the magazine. Today. . Spots c!o-'.;d steady at 1020. up 10. p" a free course for women of this J Moicy criticized the opponents of ! section. Aldt-n J\'cw Orleans Cotton\i£ I i 'w I NEW ORLEANS, DM. 1. (UP) — Cotton closed steady, open high Dec 986 958 Jan 99-1 99G Mar 11)10 1012 May 1024 1027 Juiy Ocl. 1033 TJ54 1033 1054 low 935 D90 1005 1018 1032 1030 close 9SG 993 1006 1020 1035 \Cl59 the Roosevelt monetary program, Baker, superintendent of j warning that continued criticism ii?ht and water plant I may swing- t'ne adminislralion "far offered t" serve without! to the left of its reactionaries." Thc ".astily conceived" CWA cannot lead ultimately to anything but confusion, Smi'.h wrote. Declaring ihe program to be "an alibi supervisor on sewage the con- disposal, I ."traction of j plf't here. j Projects rccentlv anproved arc: i Oravelinq O f streets at Lnxora.l for life iiico'aipolencc in Ihe ; Work on r-ravcl roatl from Marie i norks for thc system will be made I ire final aciion is laken. i p »r<*asc or lease of RO acres of; Tiie Reconstruction Finance cor-! Inn ' i - «'itab'.e for an airport,! would prficticallv assine Blylhe-1 Ihe St.! lo - SOCIAL iti:c;isTt-:n TI'SNKY N'i: U'yillJK— (Ji-lll- «li" ir.-ilc. tin Miclal afli-r bl>. manla^e li) l.:ui{l[i. uivi illopprd I0:il ulillMi. im'jlU-at IH-\;- volume diu-lc.scd As UMinl UK-IT no c\iiEan- aliulL of ijmhsiejis ur ailnii^siims DKOP Timiii-.y, I'cilly from Hie iiii r,( Hi,- Former Osccola Wholesal- hicccl Removal to Chicago for Trial as Kidnaper of John Factor. ST. I'AUU Minn., DEC. l.-'(UP) —Willie Sharkey, on: of t.'.e four acquitted litre this week on ctiorycs of kidnaping. WlllKin Hiinnn jr., hauled himscir In his Jiill ceil today. Tr.c jailer found llie bcdy when " he macle his murning round to notify lhc prisuniTs to be ready for breakfast., The aiinouncciiient, made shortly after 7, said . Shnrkey had linngcd himself between !i:30 and G:30 aju. The yiiiigslcr - hanged himself with his neeklli! from tr.c top runi; of the cell where he lad been held prbsiicr four months. He wax "to i:avc teen removed shortly to Chicago tu Eland trial oil charges of kidnaping Jobn Faclor. A hearing on Ihi request of li- inols authorlllci for custody of Sharkoy. Roger Touhy, Cms Edmei- (cr, and Ertdle McFaddcn, who 'teat the rap" In lhc Hiimin' cnse. was schecliikd to be held, lomor- low. l-'nctor has named lhc four an members of a «ang who held him lor $10,000 ransom last sum--' me r. The eccentric bchuvior of Shar- !:ey attracted attention of court officials and guards at the Hamm trial. Once he arose anil started to leave tiie courtroom when he invoke from a nap during the trial. William scolt jjliwart, er Convicted of cealing Assets. Con- improvements nnd repairs will also | lie financed through one of thc | n '-'' a| oi'- Ucd field along L<inU-Ncw Orleans air roule. ac-1 ccrdlni lo Warren Wright, iccnl various governmental agencies the niirclmsc '_s made. if j Nei-c.--.sary lini'rwnnrnls. Inchiil- I in? Ihe ecus!ruction of fjiant tow: r-rs lo Ikht the Tield. would be : mnd<- bv (be government under ; Ihc Sl.r87.«( fiMid recenliy allo- At V/ar*'e!l Yesterday <n ' crt ln lhc !>^"o«!»»tics branch " " or the di-pnrlricnt of commerce for li^hlincr five of the country's airways. Of llifs fund nn nllo-.v- Negro Fatally Wounded Cl'.eslie D3ii?.y, ucsro, died al Ihr night imsjiblo in iiis stale, declared Oov. e;uy 11. I'ai-k of Mlssoml. above. But two days Liter n mob dragged a negro from tbc county jail in SI. JoFCiili. Mo., and banned and burneil him. Cov- eruor I'.irk ordered lro«|in [11 Ilia .scene, hut they were swept ashls by tbo lyiiclieis. . M. Moore, head of t:-.e bankrupt D. M. Moore' Wholesale Grocery company of Osccola. wns convicted or two coinus of concealing aiiets from a trustee in bankruptcy by a federal caurt jury here today. I Moore wns given a live year prison | term on ench with the Iwo terms to run concurrently. N. M. Moore, wilo wns li!?:I Jointly with nls brother, D. M. Moore, on similar charges, v.-as a«|iiiltoil. Tiie jury's verdict uas returned shortly before the noDii rm-,i lo- dny aficr Ihc jurors had delibt-r- ale<! an hour yeslcrday aflernoan and several hows this morning. Trial of Ihc Moor:; Ijroil'prs upen- ed Monday, consuming the liiajo-i- part of Ihc first lour 'days of thu court term here. The brclhers \vere accused of concealing approximately SM.OOO when their company was thrown Into bankruptcy on petition of their creditors In Oclober, 1032. , atlorncy for the 'four, salu.'Sha'r 1 *"'' key liad been muttering to hlinsslf in hfs cell. -...:'. .,-;:•'.! K ' !l '«J'"y"6«"?iiti esd in Fata! bhoohng TEXARKANA,. Dec. 1. : (UPJ — Jack Wnlklns, -25. flsliernian,. of Garland cily. was shot. and killed lust night by W. R.' Majec, 37, farmer. Magec was arrested today by Sheriff R. G. Turquctte. 'iMayec claims Wniklns and four others came to hLs farm., threatening to kill him. 'and that V/ntklns prea=e<l a fjun In his side. -He saill he ordered Walkins away but the •laller fired at him. The other m6n with Watkins opened lire at the same time, he said.- He said lie did not know he hnti a''^.^;^ G. Dickinson Will negro yesterday at wanlcll. Mo. ^,,,^ fi ™£J™^ grated bv Take Job Wilh RFC DDtai.s of the sr.oDtuijj were not . American Alnvays. Ins been made'. I available. Chicago Wheat I .gested lh: TUvlbevillc city hall and j legal" Jv itarac- repair. | .. Jt was Si»ts clorcd steady at 085 up 3.' Coiistruclion of slorm newer at -'- ! Ulyllieville (tenlalive). Joiner Work Approved Three school projects at Joiner. i including consti-uction of walk opon higii low close . r ronl joiner to Shnwnce school "osswcrd 335-8 »l 1-4 fc 7-R 82 1-8; camrais work, ar.d repairs. nepairs on gravel road near Joinrr. Men are at work on three CWA pro.iecls. The major project, probably, is repair ar.d renovatio'i of Ihc c.iiirl house. Louis Naillin".] ~" 1]p brea , 15c thc PWA Dec. May or Ibe public works administration.) has broken dawn." Smith said: • The current pr.iclicc of iclcnti-! ? j Ij'ini; recovery agencies Smith ririi-1 v cii!e;I as "a game whicli beat 3 p:i7/,cs." ai 3-B 88 Chicago Corn Mich. Upper Classmen Order Toques for Frosh Doc. May- open 43 7-8 51 1-4 high 15 52 StOCh' lo\v close 43 3-4 44 1-piOceola contractor, is foreman 50 7-8 50 7-3, Ihe ccurl house job. Men are at work on the sewage in cleaning ,.... .,**•*. '' P .„„,,., ,„ . MTr ,, „ AHBOR. Mien. (tlP)-Par- o " ot .. fr " hmcn in « lra ' cumnilar activit next semester A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem steel Cr.ryslcr Cities -Service ! dif]iosal plnnt nnd j rtrnlnagc ditches. i The project calling for the crav- 117 1-2 . H 1-2 . 33 5-8 . 43 1-2 1 7-8 General American Tank 23 1-2 General Electric General Motors International Hjrvcsicr Montgomery Ward New York Central [ Packard .. ; \[[ Phillips Petroleum Radio .''.'. Simmons lieds SI. Louis-San Francisco 20 1-S 32 5-8 •II 22 1-4 35 4 16 3-8 6 5-8 16 1-4 2 1-8 'S of citv streets not already surfaced nnd the construction of 2000 feet of Rrnvcl drive through Grider Memorial Park on Hlgh- \- "• 61. south of Ofccola. lias been ; vivcd | improved. Application for cxten-, Freshmen have haUcd the passing of college tradition, at least In part. When fres:-mtn pletely discarded " almost com- the Iraditional or toque, in 1931 and 1932. the Undergraduate Council took notice, and recently ordered It re- fan , Standard of N. J 45 1-3 ' Texas Co 2C 5-8 ». S Sice! 44 5-R •slon.of the city fewer system here top piece will bc'bir c, ;IIPS been filed, ir. acidilion to Os-1 ci j, '"™ "'" °F. ™. ,™ '.ceola . school bui!din<r projects 1 ' " " ' cl '" 1 "-- j whS^h vcie ap'iroved Tuesday but jon which work has not yet slatted. I : .Indsrc. RS, Takes Plane Ride AUGUSTA. Km. IUPI—.ludec Cieorpe W. Ohm.irt. only surviving Civil War •.-rlcran here, recently look his first airplane ride at 88. Hi- said the trip was fine but "not lo wear thc •rt from spe- Mcrciiants rly fO cent of the men have is "'"^tentative plans call for the rlaciiif of Ii2h!s nl Kennell. where ll'.e airporl Is lo l>e eiibi-cr"d. Ii)v- A survey cf the SI. Louis-New LITTLE HOCK. Dec. 1. (UP)— Orleans roulo wilh a view to thn R- O. Dickinson, nssislniil Arkan- "^rlt:<? of bcacnas nnd lijThls at sas bank commissioner, resigned lc,- H'-lds a!oii3 the rout" shows I51v-' day lo accept an appointment with thcviilc- as lhc logical iioinl. for thc Reconstruction Fin-jnce cor- cstablishmenl of a IlHhlcd fle!'j. it |»ration In Washiiiglon. the state •^iderstood. It Is understood banking department, announced. Mai-ion Wasson. banking comuils- i bids sioner. said he regretted Dickin-1 c,[ ih^ producers' stated retail son leaving but that t!:e Washing- price-. )jjorlu:i-j Tlio decision r«ot to tv^rmil fixintj :of sales jiriccs docs nni pertain lo He has been connected wilh the; Ibe lisllng of minimum rates, such sl.ite bankint; department for 12jas was done mnst recenliy In thc • vcnrs - ] code for the cleaning ami dyeing in- Ihl Watkins until today. Teler/hone and ASu:-nmum Industries May Get Code WASHINGTON. Dec. 1 (UP)— Administrator Hugh S. Johnson said today hr intended, if nsces- Eiry, (o Impose NRA codes on the telephone and aluminum industries. Johnson said at a press ronfer- ence he had informed Walter S. Clifford, prefidcut of the A. T. and T.. of his Intention. Any cn;les imposed by Johnson on these in- duslrieK woulil pertain to wages and hours but r.ol lo trade prac- llcvs. ho SIM. n • it M , ! ''"hnsou said he had received a t rices. However, iYlCClSjlettc- from Oiftoril staling the A. T. and T. did not desire to come. ur.tler a code because it was con- ridered non-competitive. 1 Establishment of Minimum Prices. Howcvc NRA Approval. WASIIINOTON. Dec. 1. <UPI — The national recovery admiiiislra- ticn. It lenrncci today, has decided no 1 , lo permit fixing of actual s.ilrs pi ices in NRA cedes. Also it has been decided to ac; ccpt no code provision which for- Ihe reduction by dlslribulors Incalion of the funds provides for » } . f cr advancement . fll necessary iinnrovemrnts but makes r.o provision for purchnsc ;"• 'msim of n l!>r.di:n! field or 1 airport, sirii cxpcn-o to be placed on cities and towns where Hie 1I7M1 would be placed, It Is slated. Utilif Companies Are With TVA liellilcbem of Jiulea. In ma days of Herod the kltiir, tbo Cbvist Child was born. And Mary, bis mollier, wrapporl him in s\va,idliiiK clollica nnd laid lilui purchased | iu ., n , hnKcri r or t ] K , ro was ,, o | ', room, for llicm In liie inn. The Arctic t r rn is the world's i champion il netls as far! i-fvtli as 7'.. drsvees from Ihe North Pole. Around Aug. 25. when the j-oun^ are fully grown, they arc found in llie Antarctic, 11,000 ii'.iles away. ;< /" *« !~ |L •' ^/CHRISTMAS DAYS tintd' Term.. D;c. I fUl'l E. Lliientbal. member n'. Ihe Tennfvjc Valley authority, revealed today negotiations are I 1 ' progress bptrr™ private utility rcminnirs opTatina in t : 'o Ten- otiierv.'isc quiet nc-,«ee valley a?"j and the TVA. si'.d nrsotbllons WLTC initiated two months ajo nnd hnv- •T-U r-nricd oi\ shic rt tnit tim^ I'l Wo.sblniloii aiH N"-.v York. Tirv "'ere b:Tn :ipo:i the 1nv1i.itio-i c~I t % e president of tbe halilinsr com- o-iny which controls Ihe A'^bi'ri Pov.-or com;'i:iy. thc Georsii p^-.vev rotnpiny. an:i !^',e i^ir.^bsippS PDW- cr company. The confcn Ciiattanoocr, IVcfmlier -I. . duslry. Fixing of minimum prices Lone Thanksgiving DaY i lm P° 3 « a barrier to price cutting n i n i \ f Blld its evils of dcstruc- Urunk rreed by Lourljtivc competition. T?.R nsmg QI ac- j tual retail prices would be a ten- Thursdny was an unusually quiet! <Jcncy. acrordiuz to NRA omdiis. holiday litre police rcpoiScd. j toward str.te socialism or govern- Only one man wns arrested. Hei mellla l control of business, was picked up for public drunk-1 'n code price provisions based on rnncss but wns released withoui a | costs the NRA policy board has line by Municipal Judge C. A.; ruled cost should be dofinci CunninRiiain ns n Tlianksgivlng '» the extent of indicatim; its prin Day gift. ! cipal elements in a pcnem! way. A dls'.urbancc al n main street; • cafe last nlcht Interrupted fin r_, . PI J , r> -t evening. ; Create student Council Lcica! Attorney May Face Charge of -"Mukslaagkter" poMib'.c charge of "mule- slauphlcr" may be Icdjcrt against Claiidc F. Coaper, local attorney, o!Tu-er.s here sairl today on reports from Misfoiiri tnat Cooper's car ftrnck a mule scinewhere "up tho rend" hst night. Drfiiiil-; information ns to -whether ;he demirn of the mill" hart occurred or If it was on t;c road to recovery rafter being knocked off the read 1 was awaited. Incidentally. it is understood tiint Cooper escaped with bi:t miner bruises and has n "p?rfrrct dc-fenso." Professor Owns Rare Musical Instruments at Lepanto High School : M^C" n, OBERLIN. O. (UP!—An extcn- five collection of rare and antique m\ifical Instruments is owned by | Maurice Kesslr-r. rroiessor of rio- Oberliri Consorvalorj- of .ere. , Professor Kcsslcr can play them LKPANTO, Ark. — Henceforth! all, too. even though no score i-; Arkansas—Mostly cloudy. local stmlcn:s of hieh' school I'.ov.- r.railablc for m.iny of tlin Fhowers Saturday and probably in U ''H he pwcrned by hwa nuei rcg- ' iiiftnimrr.fs cxrcnt in Ihe • old west and cenlral portions tonisht.. u:al!c " r ' "' a studem rovcinmcm.,mainrcrip!s contained In EuroptDn Memphis and Vicinity—Cloiidy: rcl "!> 'his vopk with the follow-1 miisnuajs. tonight. Salurelay prctably sl:mv-'' n ' r l-»ip'.ls on the student council; C-.c of Frof. Kcsclor's most primers j J i>- Murphy. Emma Mae Lewson.letl inft'omc-nls 1-5 p. medieval vielle. ).lames Ncal, Carolyn Wise, Wilson ! which tlftrs back to thc 3th Ccn- The maximum lcni|ierntiiri> here Mays. Elizabeth Robrrson, Ju.initii i lury. yesterday was 16, minimum 51, Fowler. Junior Howiugton. and. Another is a viola ri'amour. with will meet again al; partly cloudy, according lo Samuel Yvonne Elizabeth Byler. Hilidora 14 rtviiigs, 'which wns popular K. Knrrh. rvfliclnl nre.itbcr olwrvcr,' Cnsstrty. . 'some Son yr-nr. 1 ; nan. ]

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