Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 26, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1895
Page 5
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Holiday Novelties! |» Neck wear! Handkerchiefs! Gloves! - - Suspendersl Night Robes! Elegant Goods! Great Variety! DEWENTER, TODR NAME IS PBL1T. THE HATTE 8 I flM GOING fVWfVY, Said one of our Customers, but 1 want you to save my measure. When I get a GOOD TAILOR { stick to him. You Suit me to a T. E. PLURIBUS UNUM! TUCKER &YOUNG, . THE, PEftRL STRBET TfllLORS. P. J- PITZLIN, «! St. Louis. lsorKiiiily.lnReIii.isoa In Physical Culture. Everyone wishing n> Join fin obruln full pnrtl- cnliirstlt 'I WKI-l/S CH-AK NTUKK. MU.S-HIK. IND., DK. U, ISO-i. We linv* bnen memnora or L 1 . ,1 I'ltelln Aililntlc Cla-Hs mid hum '-fi-n w- II [jlisniiHrt «itli Ills method ol lenclilng PliyNluiu Cuiuirn. I'ro" Plizlln Is ft pnlnstiiklnj: twichpr mid • t,v«vi treat oiirp thut each pupil I.- correct 1 Instructed In nvory mnv. WehfiLrtllyrrccumrnU li'Tinoiiny ono desiring bl« M'rvices. lit- Is n Krntlemun iinU thoroughly understandu Ills buxlnvati. F L Win-titfll II M Wlnnns M D UH Antnony V w hwuli D L Biuito Kd S M.uldr C F Not"/ \Vnltnr Scott Tlios L Ryan will Mayers Artlmr W Cnsii DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MORNING 20- Percy Leody Is BOW an operator at Anoka Junction. Additional Local on Founii Page To Mr. and MM. Fred Hart of Plum and Osage streets, a son, Lice Gipe has taken possession of his now residence on east Broadway. The electric light committee of tho common council hold n. regular meet incr last night. Knlgats of St. John mot last , at tbo hall for tho initiation of new members. Lost—Sealskin muff Finder p!ea?e leave at Cou 'son's drug storo and receive reward. Miss Tlllie Koppler entertained the •'Jolly Twenty" at her Wright street homo last night. A protracted mooting' will begin Wednesday, January 30ih at the South Side U. B. church. John Leonard, tho butcher, is putting up a now building on tho West Sido-for his meat market. Milton Jooes and Ocnor Sarvor ol near Twelve Mile havo boon accused of theft by Miami county people, and placed under arrest. Mls» Miimo .O'.Donnell, daughter of Jaf. O'Donnoll who Is on his way homo from England, bus been critically ill with typhoid fever for several days Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair, •DR; Tho For-taightly ftavolera will give acomic v tlentine danco the night of February 14th at the rink. Tho petit jury was dismissed yesterday until Monday, the Shaffer damage suit being tried without a jury. Miss Maudo Ward of High street, had a number of -young friends -in Thursday evening to play cards. Miss Pncc'oe Swlgart of Nu. 709 High strutt, was surprised very agreeably Thursday night by a crowd of friends J H. Miller, the violinist has been chocon director of tbe Peru Baptist orchestra, which is said to number fifteen members. The drug store of John F. Coulaoa is to bo lighted by the new city inoan- descent system Ths room was being wired yesterday. Tho I F- F. oucbre club was entertained by Joe McNary last evening at his home on Broadway. Refreshments wore served. It Is said that Detective John T Norris is still confined in the Klch. moad, Va.. jail with Frank Scnilh an alleged "confidence man" to keep him company. A party of young married people wero at the county poor farm TJ^urs day night and spent a fow hours in dancing. Culp's .orchestra furnished tbe music. Miss Mattle Johnson gave a very pleaiuut social entertainment to a number of friends Thursday night at her home at the corner of Market and Thirteenth streets. A wheolbarrow that was left on tho sidewalk in front Georgo Campbell's second hand storo Thursday night, wus missing yesterday morning, the supposition is that it was stolon 1'rof. P. J Puzlin now has his class in physical culture nearly- ready to organize. He will, havo a pleasant hall fitted up with all the latest appliances for muscle building, includ ing punching bags, gloves, wall machines, dumb bells, Indian clubs, etc. He hopes to begin business ia a day or two Plymouth .Republican: Logansport must have some extremely tough citizens. Sunday evening a ctiizen of Crawfordsville, Warren KnOwles, was fitally shot by two drunken teamsters or roustabouts. One held him, while tbe other placed a revolver nearly over his heart and firod. Toe toughs were arrested aod identified. Items of« Personal Chara«t«rr Con- cernlUK toe»nsportern mnd Their Friends. In the city yesterday: I. A. Herd of Kewanna. Malt Dillon of Camden. A. R. Woods of Kokomo. I. G. Fannon of Kewanna. A. D, Hornbeck of Monon. J. W. Aswald of Goodland. Col. Masaa of Toledo, Ohio, S. P. Bevington of Galves'.on. Mrs. A L Anderson of Elvrood. A. O. Armstrong of the Cacaden Ex- positor.-j W. W. Yinglirg of Lima, Ohio, is in the city. Joseph Krelshas been at Union City on business. Oiccr Holman of the Peru Journal, Is in thecHy today. Chas. Kennedy of Bradford, Ohio, is vlfailingin Logansport. Wababh Plain Dealer: C. H- Mo- Donald of Logansport, is ID the city. H S. Herzog of Chicago, was a guest of Col, Kreuzborger yesterday. Andy Hubler will go on the road in the interests cf tbe A. B. Morris rat trap. Hammond Tribune: J. E. Johnson of Logansport, was in Hammond laei nigUt. Miss Mary Senn is visiting i.-elalivas and friends at Huntington and Ft. Wayne. Rev. W H. H Msreh will preach at Adumsboro tomorrow in the absence of Sev. Bender. Miss Fannie Moree and Miss Gsrtle Graham of Chili, are guests of Miss Genie Blaastngham. Newton County Enterprise Mies Anna Hasse'.t returned Tuesduy from a visit in Logansport. Mrs.D, L. Norton of Anderson, Is here, called by the serious illness of little Mamo O'Doncoll. Wiaamac Democratic, Journal: Ed Leonard of Logansport eo'd groceries as Thornhope last Friday. Dr. E. W. Armstrong of Camden, who has many friends in this city, will move to Thorntown. Mr. Welf'.-ldt of the Columbia brewery, has returned from Chicago after asbort business visit. Philip Scbloss of Cincinnati:, who has been visiting his son Clement Schloss returned home yesterday. R. J. Stukey of tbe Western Horseman at ladlanapolie, is visiting his brother, A. F. Stukey of thio city, John PfelfTar of Columbus,, was in the city yemeiday. Mr. Pfetffer is connected with tbe Kenneth quarries. South Bend Tribune: Bart Humes has returned from a visit wl.th the family of C. J. Cragan cf Logansport, Ed Byers was at Lafayette 'to witness the billiard mutch between Schsefor and Ives. He returned yes terday. Mrs. H. L. Xroiel and son of Toledo, Ohio, are in the city, the guests of Mrs, J. T. McNary and other friends. ppru Journal: Miss Lizxle Weldnor went to Logansport yesterday afternoon to visit her sitter, Mrs. Frank Albert. Franklin Republican: R. A. Brown spent Sunday in Logat sport where Mrs. Brown and daugh'.er were visiting relatives. Harry Johnson of the Stsite of \Yaoliiogton who has been visinpg his father Jjhn McJshnson, left for tha Esst yesterday. Dr. Frank Kistler of Michlga.n will soon,locate at Royal Center, taking up the .practice of Dr. J J Burton, who sold out to him recently White County Democrat: John Short was at .Logansport a few days last week. ..Mrs Meek returned home from Logansport Thursday. Huntlngton Herald: Mrs. W. T. •Whitel03k and daughter, M-s. O. C. Morgar. went to Logansport this afternoon, where they will attend tbe funeral of a couiic of Mrs Whiteloclc. LEGISLATIVE SOTES. A CopgrcKilonol Apporiloomeul Bill lotroduced in tbe Senate Oth.r Indianapolis, Jan. 25. Senator L^FoUette introduced the fo lowing bill lor Congressional apportionment. First District—Knox, Gibson, Pike, Posey. Vanderburg. Warrick, Spencer. Second—Dubois, Orange, Washington, Scott, Perry, Crawford, Harrison. Floyd, Clark. Third—Wayne, Fay cite. Union, Franklin, Riplei-, Dearborn, Jefferson, Onto, Switzerland. Fourth—Hancock, Henry, Rush, Shelby, Decatur, Bartholomew, Jack son, Jennings. Fifth—Putnam, Hendricks, Morgan, Johnson, Monroe, Brown, Green, Lawrence, Daviese, Martin. Sixth — Marion. Seventh—Boune, Hamilton, Midi. son, Clinton, Tipton, Howard. Elgbth — Fouotaio, Montgomery, Vermillion. Par ice, Vigo, Clay, O.ven, Sullivan. Ninth—Huntlugton, Wells, Adams, Blackford, Jay, Delaware, R-indolph. Tenth—Lake, Porter, 'Newton. Jasper, Pulaski, White, Benton, War ren, Tlppecanoe. Eleventh—Fulton, Cass, Miami, Wabash, Carroll, Grant. Twelfth—Lsgrange, Steuben, Noble, DeKalb, Wbitely, Alien. Tcirteenth—Laporte St. Joseph, Eikhart, Kosciuano. Marshall, Siarke. ¥ * * Indianapolis Newt: 'Fire! Fire!" cried some one In tbe State House yesterday, and excitement and some confusion followed. The first inference of the State officers was that the current fire-bug bud discovered baled hay in the basement. J. H, Maynard, one of tbe oldest employee in ihe building, aame running from tbo Bureau of Public Print, ing. In his arms he carried something all abloza. It was his scrap basket. Help was summoned frnm Secretary Oreo's otBco aero a tha corridor, a> d the fire was officially extinguished hy tbo Department of State. Tho remains of tha scrap lasket were removed by Custodian Grilll a, * » » A bill taking tbo appointing power out of tho hands of tbe Governor alone and vesting it ID the Governor, tbe Secretary of State and tbe Auditor of the State was introduced today by Representative Hamrick. The bill provides that this Board shall appoint the trustees of the benevolent penal, educational and reformatory institutions Cut Price No 2. Ladies Jersey brand rubbers '2 acd 3 Ladies spring heel Candee rubbers 3 t" 5 Ohildreas heel rubbers 7 to 10 Misses heel rubbers OaniKe and (T'>odye.ir.... Lad es storm rubbers 2 and 3 Ladies Pi-each Hee : 'Jandee 1 '<;„• I Mistes Caudee .-. i Ladies . ' ChilcreDS •' ka 13 to 1.. uy; 13 to 1 ; ^2 to 3.. ' 6 tn 1<) 15c 25o lOc 13o 15c ISc 35c 50c 25c Misses high button Arj.tics worth *2 65c WlRnflowT $2.98 . WOKTII S.-J.50. , 8-1..1O L.2.) IDC 40c Ladies lined ; .c« -hues w<;rt,n .$ Mens heavy rubbers \vnrth (!<1c Mens extra heavy rubbers worth 75c. 50c Vfeiss felt boots and low cu ! "^^ •>•• >"' h -SI o*'. . . - 98o Mens kip boots, heavy SI.!P •••-• rth f2 fl 25 :,;• $1 98 :>'-. • <>5c Meus rubber boots worth Ladies calf shoes wor;h OTTO KR ATJS. Big Bargains iii Overcoats, J.G. BRIDGE. P I A N O S O R G A N S CREAM •BAKING POWER MOST PERFECT MADE. '•• A pure Grape Crea mi/ Tartar Powder. Free jam Ammonia, Alumo. \ny other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. 'Thf< Funeral oI'M. .tlichmeln. A post mortem examination of the remains ol Mosos Michaels who died at Marion, showed that his sudden death was due to-an affection of the liver. The body will roach this city at 5:20 p. m. today, and will be accompanied by Mr. and' Mrs Leo Nussbaum and the committee from Tipton lodge, F. & A. M. of ;,whtch the deceased waa a member/. The remains will be In ken to the late home on west Market itreet, where 'the funeral will be held Sunday at 3'p.ni. -Dr. Hlrh- berg of Ft. Wayne will conduct the services. The family, Mrs. Michaels, daughter Rosa and son Charles, will reach home from Florida early Sanday morning. of At I In- Eeery woman ado've 15 years of age should read the book "Advice to Mothers Concert log Diseases of Women and Cnildren," published by the Zo^-Phora Medicine Company. Send to the Secretary of tbe Company, H, G Colman, Ealamazoo, Mich., or ask your druggist fora copy. Sold by B. F. Keeping and Couleoo & Co. col- the this Mr. tax, from The following has been issued' to the members of tbe legislature atd Slate officers: Uovernor ;inU Mrs. Matthews request the pleasure ol jour company Wednesday ovenlns, January SJth IBS'* eteht o'clock Governor's Purlers State Hocse, w * >k Senator Seller's bill amending tbe libel law was reported favorably by tbe judiciary committee which the Senate approved by a vote of 20 to 10. Too bill reads as follows: "Taat in all actions of libel or slander it, shall be sufficients establish tha defense of justification to prove it by a prepond. erance of the evidence." * * '* Rf-preiontalive Froet of Dearborn, has iatroduced a Hill to prohioit cogv, poral punishment in public schools; making U uala.vfu! to inflict corporal punishment on children under sixteen yosirs of age unless the written consent of parent- or guardian 1= obtained. • Representative-! Lotgwell and Stutesman and Senator Collett joined the State officers and others In an excursion m BipomlEpton yesterday to attecd iho dedication of Kirkwood Hall at tho State University. it Hon. C- W. Fairbanks entertained the legislature. Tuesday acd VTednes daj, half each evening. BEST STANDARD MAKES. P?ICES LOW. TERMS EASY. 410 Broadway. Rear Hauk's Jewelry Store. ANOTHER OLD CITI7EX. Faym ihe Tax T A R Woods of Kokomo is the lector of internal revenue for Sixth district, which includes county and eleven other counties, Woods will co'lect the income which be thinks will be dus In Olden People overlooked the importance o' permanently beneficial effects and were satisfied with, transient action; but no*thit it is generally known that Syrup of Fig:? will permanently cure habitual constipation, we!l-lnformeo people will not buy other laxatives, which act for ft time, but finally injure the system nl Henry II. Oivxtoii. • I : iiion Veteran unit for Ttvenu- HVO Tfeurtt H. LozanHpotter. Cloocwa 1,'Mcful Career. The death of Henry H Owston occurred early yesterday morning- at nis-home on Ihe corner of Seventh and High streets. Dropsy and heart trouble are given as causing his death, which came only after long months o' suffering, during which be waited expectantly for the inevitable end. Tbe deceased was sixty years of age, having been born in De'aware, Ohio. Fora quarter of a century he had been a citizen of Logansport His trade was tbat of a carriag maker .and up to 1SS.5 he followed tha calliog. In that year be was electe city marshal, which odke be fiile( four years, afterwards terviog on th city police force. Tbe dec-ouc.(.d «-a,s Union veteran of the late war. LjDiil bis failing; health corapellc-c him to give up wort, he was employed at the Pan Handle'' shops. A.t the time of his doath he was alone in tbe world so far as immediate family con neclions are concerned, his wife having paesed away eomo months Bgo and there having- been no children. The deceased was known to most o our citizens, as a man of great courage and pronounced views. He was a member of the Odd Fellows atd the Knights of Pythias, which orderi will have charge at the fuoeral which will be held at the residence Sunday at 2 p. m. probably sixty people la Cass county. ' 0. O. Butcher, a teacher in the Young Amerlct schools, is said to be preparing to resign to fo into the insurance business Money to Loan Any one desiring 10 buy real estate can secure a loan to ba repaid on the monthly plan. Interest only 5j per oeot. Consult J. T. COCKBCKN, Boom 3. Spry Building. Will Stand by the The edict agaloat societies recently issued by the Pope hue besn discussed considerably in the last few weeks. In one order of tbe ciiy there are said to be thirteen Catholic members, and they have been debating among themselves on the question of renouncing their association with the lodge. It Is reported that all but two of the members have decided to remain in the lodge and tbattbeee two are undecided as to their actions. • ' " .Iteration. !_•*»• Div. 20, C. K. K. P. Special meeting Saturday evening, January 26. at 8 o'clock to make »r. rangementsto attend B-other O*=ton 1 a funeral GEORGE A. SCHAEFES, Ca.pt. .. Mtud Hot Fpon tb«, OrAer of V«nr But go at once and buy a bottle of the fragrantSOZODONT:- You wlUoeTei- regret it. It not only : beadti'fieB and preserves the teeth and arreiuf decay, but leaves the mouth cool, acd the breath M fragrant u a rote. AculiiKi a. I, Diver Itmlc. Too following remonstrance has been s oi °S l ' 30 rounds in this city and is said to have been signed by many of iho employee of tbe railroade: To tlie Ho;ior;ibli) ilembtfrs of I lie (juneriil Assembly uf theswu; of Indiana: TLO uudcreiyuBU Doing oitlzoDS O/ the iSiiUc of ludiana, or performing services thoreia for railway con.- panies, hureoy remonstrate against the passage of any luw, whose L eject is lo reduce the mice which may be charged by railroad companies for ihe transportation, of paosongers or freight, and especially against the bills now ponding in the General Assembly, to reduce tbe rate of passenger fare to two cents per mile; one reason thereof being, that ihit the .'uro is cow so email, tbero it co public oecessily uur uven demand tbtU the IncoiDuof railroad cocopnuieg should be reduced to the titent pro- The number of railroad companies which novf pay dividends to tQelr t-irckhO'.ders in eo smsl! at to b<; COQ- cluoivo svide ce that railroad com- panlip are n-jt t-arning too mucb m ney. It is w<-ll kao.cfi. that wnen ihe- iucomd of raiirosc; companiea in (jimluisted, trnployes are dismissed, wages are reduced and the railroad companies are disabled from purchasing supplies, and supplying betterments and additions to their properties. for which they bate tbe money to so expend. During 1894 the Royal Center creamery exo«nOed $5.345 for milk and milk. 28.697 pounds of butter were made during the twelve months, and the company ia said to have made money. What Phora won't do for WOMANKIND no medicine will. Sold bj B. r. Kee*linc and Coolnn A Co.

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