The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1933
Page 6
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TUESDAY. XOVK.MHRH OF TECH flREplTES Humes,Has Good Record; ;; Chicks-. Can Gamble ofi . 'Anything Thursday. '.'" Tlie Blytheville ChlcXasaws will . ring down the curtain on their 1933 football season with Humes high of Memphis as their opi»n- cm In a Turkey Day battle here Thursday. The gume will begin at 2:30 o'clock at Ksluy Field where the Chieks have played the majority of their games this year. Humes will. undoubtedly enter the game favored to nlvc the Hly- thcvlllc eleven r, drubbing In their final appearance before the home **i. , 7 » T3-A^ F it M T / T Zebras: ^Hurjief iiasffl Wider/,ovc-i- . «_'J ',.,_ ' m > ,1 • . • ' ' * Memphis 'Tech, early season conqueror of the Chickas'avs, to Its credit and It is hardly likely thai jrthyor," who watched Tech bowled over the locals will be willing to ln , m ;.,, ce a tco muni ny my nomnale the Chicks as winner* contact with him. His play •of. the Thanksgiving tilt. ,,,„,,.,. to „>,. tl . a|1 , , m , s| J .^ ass _ Although Humes lias defeated ed under All-America selections. Tech the latter will meet Central year he led the nig Six In flLL-S™ 1EI OF inf-sir Picks Ralph Graham, Kansas State Ramrod, to Lead Formidable Eleven BY li<) MiMILLIN Coach, Kansas Slale Culleje (Copyright. IM'I, NEA Service, Inc.) MANHATTAN, Kan , Nov. 28.— A backlield Hint would delight Ihe heart nl any roach—led by n young man with unusual ability—is my Idea of t!ie Illii Six nil-star team ol 1933 which is ottered herewith. The backllvlil ii comiKscd of Saner, Diuilap, Hiis<t-ll and Graham. Tlie eap'.ain Is Ralph Graliam of Kansas State, a young man who has taken a Inmcli of hoys with average ability and led liiem lo a Highly Miar^slu] season largely through his own willingness lo put the loam My ::Hei-llon liinm-ll. Graham of my II team as i-ap'aln is not solely ny own opinion. as I have asked cvera! uuadu's and .sports writers their opinions, so I might not be tco much by my own el high of Memphis tills week with the Memnhls prep title at stake. After losing to Humes Tech made a spirited comeback while Humes lost to Central and played a lie with Catholic high. . The Chicks will enter the Humes frav with everything to gain and • nothing to lose so fans will likely be..treated to some reckless football. Tlie locals were on their way to a fair season until Luxora's Golden Panthers threw n monkey wrench in their path last week and walked off wllh a moral vlc- torv and a 13-13 tie. Hcrshel Mosle'y, Chick quarterback, the sparkplug of the locals' passing attack will probably sec service against Humes but not for the majority of the game. He Is FOfferin? from a sprained back that has been bothering him most of Ihe season. In his absence Dick Tiplon. who played at quarter In the Torres'. Cilv ami Luxora games after holding.down an end during the firsl part of the reason, will direct the team. Tipton was quarterback of the junior high team last year and has had considerable experience at Ihe posl. He made one of Blylhevlllc's touchdowns on a 10 yard end run aided by some effective interference, last week. The Chicks record for the season so far Includes five victories, with PiMgott, Osceola, Wilson, Shawnee and Paragould their victims; three defeats, with Memnhls Tech, Juni'sboro and Forrest City, their conquerors, and one tie. the Luxora game. Bill Moritrethcr of Parngould is slated to referee the Turkey Day game and Frank Whltworth will be umpire. Hooks and Slides Bill Braucher Hither and Thilhrr Annual joint meeting of the major leagues will be held in Chicago. Dec. 14. And if the lively ball isn't the main topic of discussion, il should be. For some years now we've been suffering !rom too much argument on this subject. American Lcaw hurlers. who use the lively ball, blast it to the depths of the in- ffrno. while the batters praise 11 to tlie hish heavens. National League hurlers. who heave a ball some 20 per cent less lively, wouldn't jjart with ii lo tlie world with a' little red fenec around it. Tlic old circuit's slug eers would part with their white flannels Just to see it go. • « • Ju>l a Sujjeston Tlie reason for this difference o onlnlon Is that the lively ball the American League makes fo more hits and less effective pitcl ins. while the deader ball in tl. National IODP has just the opposite effect. The happy medium seems to be to conduct a transfusion whereby 10 per cent of that lively stiff in the American League ball Is withdrawn and injected into the veins of the National circuit pellet. Tills v.ruld even' things all around. By standardizing this ball all over the country, the big leagues would realize another benefit—they could shop for minor league stars and judge their wares on the basis of a uniform ball. • Here lately, bush league phe- nonis have been elevated to mnjor league status on a .315 batllrg average in the sticks. When they hit the majors, especially the National League, they slump dismally with the willow. The reason is that they batted a far more lively ball in the minors and, when Uiey ran up against a deader ball, they couldn't pound the horsehide with such ferocity. - - scoring and wns [ourlh In the coun- Iry. This year lie led Ihe Big Six In scoring in all games played, l!:ough not In conference games. He Is Ideal nl blocking, backing the line. an:l the greatest line plunger this section lias seen. He can pass, run. and plunge, and lias done a uotxl deal of the .signal-calling for the last three years. In Ihe firsl learn ijackfleld we find all four men C.TII pass. Three of them—Uunlap, RuwiL-ll, and Saner —can pun! HIM! the firsl Iwo are outstanding in that department. All lour are dangerous In the optn field and two— Grnham and Saucr —arc outstanding line smashers. All four are good blocking hacks with Gralmin perhaps outstanding, and all four can pass and receive passes, with Dimlap and Saucr excelling ai tossing and Graliam and Russell at gathering them in. The second (cam backflcld Is perhaps as strong defensively, with Beach of Kansas and Bushby of Kansas Stale two of the best, In the conference on defense. Both also are excellent blockers. Mus- lerson o r Nebraska Is a heady quarterback and a capable punter, while Boswell of Nebraska Is always a angerous. fighting ball-carrier. The first team reflects conference landings. though u was nol plck- d with that Idea In mind. Nebrns- B finished In first plnce and was ndclcatcd In conference play, but id not have an easy game against ny of tlie conference elevens. Kanas state finished second. Oklahoma hlrd, and the occupancy of the ast three places remains to be dc- Idcd by the Kansas-Missouri game "hauksgivhig. Nebraska is given five places on tie first team, Kansas Stale three, >kltdioma two. and Kansas one. On lie second team Nebraska lias two, Cansas Slate three, Oklahoma one! owa Stale l\vo, Kansas U. Iwo, and llssouri "one. The Hue has Iwo greal ends on he first string—Kilbaui nc of Nc- iraska and O'Ncil of Kansas, o'- !rien of Nebraska Is one of the best ackles in the country and Maddox. Kansas State, another 200 loundcr. is not far behind. Bashara of Oklahoma ami DeBus of Nebraska MAKE MOTHER HAI'l'Y —And comfortable, too, with a BEAUTY REST Mattress for 'hrislmas. IIUISKARO KURX1TURE CO. are hard charging guards vho can do everything a good guard should do, while Meier of Nebraska s easily the outstanding center of [he conference. The second team line was nol ) easily selected, though Clawoon Kansas tackle, and Harris. Okla- noma end. go', their positions without much question. Penney of Nebraska was a line end but wns hurt during much of tlie season and far that reason Morgan of Kansas State, nominally a back and grea! forward passer, was put ,„ at end-thc position he played much of the lime when not called "n to piss. The conference had a surplus of line backs this season especially at Nebraska. Kansas Slate, and Oklahoma. Nig Robertson and the Prui- "" boys of Oklahoma. lioss of Mis rl. and Stoner of Kansas st-it c among the outstanding bai-V lol placed. Kilbourne, Neb. —,...„ (he Subject 1 All this talk.about';de-emphasiz- ing football defense, and conccn- Iralng more on offense seems to cb the bunk. The .reason for such clcoe scores In present-day football seems to be me equal strength of teams, wfcen ymi |tci h good team pinying h lit PCS End Teaa Harris. Okla O'Brien. Neb. Clawson. Ran Tackle Bashara. Okla. Hanson, Kan. Beyer. la. S! Hatler. M.-i Meier, Neb. . Neb. Guard Guard Maddox, -Kan. St. Berger, la St Tackle ONell, Kan. u. Morgan. Kan End Dunlap. Okla. Masterson Quarterback Russell, Kan. St. Bushby, Kan Neb Saucr. N'eb Halfback I Halfback Boswell. GIFTS for Her Your M'litllr.i-n'.s arc Ix^l express- id when you j-ny ii wllh FIX3W- US. Hi'.iion's IJrmu- tif rJowers. The Perfect Gift-What women love — KAYSE1VS underwear, gloves, hosiery. Reasonably j)rlccd- Jack Appltbaum's Take away th.; drudgery of wash- Inn In (he coming years. Buy "liei" an Apex Washing Machine E. H. GEE SALES CO A Gtf( For All the Family— A Delco lighting plant. Also Delco Kadios for L-nuntry homes E. n. GEE SALES CO ATTENTION MKN! A small cash payment will -give your wife the perlcct gift—A HOME. See our listings THOMAS LANK CO. GIFTS for Him I- SILK M:(;I.K;I:I:S Mntlly laiiijtv:! ol I-'lal Crept' in Iliue. iviirli, I'lnl: and Illatk A gilt .sljc'll iifjpri-ciale. $^.UU. J. C. PliNNICV CO. Give Kniiirtliir- rrarlleal Mir will ii|>preu:il" a Kill .she can near. 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Give yourself „ Xmns gift. your WATCH repaired by an cx- pert. O'Bryaiil. Aldridje Jewelry PRACTICAL GIFTS | Give the children things lhat will' last such as Tricycles. Coaster] Wagons. Skates, Air Rifles, Bi- DEEP KNAP BLANKETS 70x80 Deep Knap Double Illnn- cycles, etc. All priced most reason- ^ ^ ^ M ^ «»S e OI ably. HIJRBARD HARDWARE CO. J. C. PKNNEY CO. A Phnlr.sraph—tlie Perfect Xnvis Gift. ItfduceJ holiiJ.iy prices, llu- l-crt Doyle, ne.vt door (o Western L'r.lon. i Only 21 More Shopping I Days Until Christmas. E Graham. (C) Kan. St Beach. K u Fullback "f weaker opponents. yoiT.-, those box-car figure scores Davis-Elkins, with 372' po| n gainst a total opponent's score of 3 .Illustrates this, and Davis- Elklns played such teams as Salem Morns-Harvey. Langlcy Field, West Liberty, New River, and Albright. When this squad went up against West Virginia, however, the score was 7-7. That Illustrates the point. NSWEFLS Randall.Hicks Tosses Pete Dcmetroff Around Ring; Lawo In Victor) 1 . Tlie preliminary match on last night's wrestling card at the armory look the play away from the headline affair with Randall "Strong Man" Hicks featuring the opening match with a win over Pete Demctroff. Hicks, who displayed an abnormal muscle development, threw Demeiroff all over the ring to win ihe second and third falls after he had knocked himself out with n blow intended,for Demetroff and lost the first fall. Tlie manner In vnlch Hicks achieved the sMt- admtnlslercd loss of a fall was something unique despite the many unique falls already displayed here. Roy Alien, member of the e«u bfaktft JTUME CUKSS OKLAHOMA dlau Terrilorv ?-'B Is Caiiailr CHICAGO '"as formerly u. The MACKIIN maila's loiiResl rivor AXD KANSAS CITY arc ihe two largest llveM -k markets In Hie world. scheduled lo appear in the oprner failed to show up and Tony Lawo of Memphis substituted and turned in a two out of three fall victory over Sailor Murphy. Allen. U was staltd. was suffering wllh blood paUonlng following an injury In /.i match wllh Freddie Knlckler. S ! Cooler Teams Defeat ; Grades in First Games ; COOTEli, Mo.—The Cooler bas- I ketball season apened last Friday I when the high school boys and 1 girls teams defeated alumni teams. Tlie high school girls won by a score of 16 to 14. Members of "the . schcol team arc Lynn Michlc, , Lorcnc Rushing, Naomi Webster, Katie Bell Reddlck. Mary Jewel Asher and Marie Owens. The al- I timnae team consisted of Sis ! Cooper. Mary Alice Miller, Cleo ! Vaush. Ruth l-'owlcr, Ruth Tucker and Christine Barnelt. The high school boys defeated the alumni, 20 to 13. Tlie school team was composed of John Barber. James Terry. Richard Young. Hollv Mack Brown and Jennings . Allolds. On the alumni team were Dick Mlchie. Ralph Rushing. Dan innd Tom Burns. Clco Tucker nnd Gfislon Brown. '. The schools team will piny Hoi- 'land at Cooler Wednesday night. COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE Is hereby given lhal the undersigned commissioner. In compliance with .(he terms of a decree rendered by the Chancery Courl for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County,' Arkansas on the 25th day of September. 1933, wherein. The Union Central Life Insurance company, et a!. was Plaintiff, No. 5472. and Eula Robinson, ot al.. were Defendants. will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, for cash on a cicdit of three months, nt the front door of the Court -House, be- tv.-eo-r, Ihe hours prescribed by ' j be required lo execute bond with | atproved security, io secure Ihc [payment of the purchase money, land a lien will :ba retained upon \ fdd property as additional secur- ; i'..v for the payment of such pur- • c'. ase money. | WITNESS my hand and the real of said Court, on this, the : E'th. day of November. 1033. j R. L. GAINES, ! Commissioner in Chancery. ; 14-21-28 WARNING ORDER ' „ - ... : Doyle Henderson, a s . subslituted trustee. ^Dated this 7th day' of Novem- . R L. GAINES. Clerk. Re;d. Evrard fc Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiffs. 7-14-21-23 G. G. Caudill G«btral Imnrance 106 N. Rroadnj Phone 797 I Trees, kiloUrd when small, mark Ihe trails for strangers In 1 Ethiopia. • Bearded faces became so fash- |piiab!e in 14th century Spain that many * men wore false beards of various shapes nnd colors lo mulch their clothes and moods. estate, to-vdt: | Tlie West CC 2-3 acres of the East Half of the North- j wesl Quarter ol Section Thir- ! teen. Township Fillcen North. Range Eleven F»nst. Said land to be sold subject to, oil taxes and assessments due 1 thoreon. • i Said Sale will be had to satisfy! raid decree in the sum of SI613.99. vilh i) per cent Interest from Sep- kmbcr 25th, 19:3. THE purch«er ftt said Falfi will Ihe Chancery court for the Chlck- asavba District of Mississippi] County, Arkansas, within three, months, to aivswer a complaint 111-! eel agahvst them In said court by Realty Purchase carporalion. and I BARGAINS IN NEW & DSE1» FURNITURE R.J.DODSON 303 E. Main - Phone 1SS MOONLIGHT Grocery I'l-ATK I,U\CH - 30c »mir Mide 'fed Chicken - stfifcs HKUT DUGAN, Chef

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