The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 14, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Real Prosperity Enjoyed By Osceola territory In 1937 OSCrofA,' Ark., Dec. 13.—Osceola's relnll sales and tlic 1937 farm Income fcr section, coupled with three million dollars worth of new construction and repairs, end >hree hundred per cent Increase In the use of electric current in the past twelve or fifteen mnnihs afford ample ground for optimism. not'A-ilhstanding the sli?hl recession in business during the last few weeks. 'lhi> rate of occupancy of office has remained at a high level for DID iwsl rear, not n vacant house, ."•ore or office being listed the cn- than than 1930 and In 1Q35. about 30% better Bank deposits In Osceola arc around $1,000,000. Probably no belter barometer (if business conditions can be found than the Increased use of electric current. The demands for current In Osceola have practically trebled '•• '!>•• -MSI. five pars due In pare, to a rate rut several month 1 : n?o, With (lie Increased demand nn- olher rule oil. hus- been forecast for 1938. The Municipal [Jglit nnd V"»r nh-ii | S without doubt the city's greatest asset, owned and operated by local people, ivith offl- c'als clioscn by local people. The lisht plant has srjcnt out of earn- Witliin two short years, retail j '"*" fsilleo 193 ° "PJ'raximMely 50,- saleo („ Osceola now show the suli-1 " for niral .stantial Increase: of SI.171,000 pur' SiKirr-' average linn extensions and c-ompletcly rebuilt tlic town uls- i dilution system In care for new business. Another SM.OOO has Iwen paid out for Kcncratliir nlant improvement and expansion. A .nisw nilclition is liny under oonstriiclion Alihoiioh the nrlc« received for iiital'cosl'to be arnin'T SMWO, lo be completed hv Anril 1. T!ie production of the nlaiil lias from 77'iOOO JCWII (jciicr- HS". rxmlriiMcd H'ith th ftf for the same number or jiiinJiasm in Arkamcs "•'••• makes Os-oh's \mrr.ut In biiyiny |»xer $1.080,889. '*•" ntineinrtl rash cron (cotton and mtlon seed) hns declined! coil from the average price received in 1930, the total \ oJucticu of the crop lias in' *•' 'n K'" iwinl that thn income from tills crop Is approximately 85 per cent of the amount received in I93C. The total cash value of this crorc for the south half of the county this year will mil J7.75I.750, with an a-Jditionnl from two thousand acres to be paid out in subsidy checks in the next few davs. That the farmers In tlik secMon practicing diversified farming. I": shown by the fact Dial of the total area of more than SOfl.OfKI acres. 40,518 acres arc nlontcd to , atcd in IflSO to three million annually hv the end of 1937, with additional loads in store for 1938 to about full capacity. <u ••-•><•-,,i u, n pin,,!, turnishes lo the city free of all cost: lf>0 oncn type street lights, CO bracket trolley type street lights. SO white way lights and water lo three , ..« free dead depot, sixty fire hydrants, water for sewer flushing in en-l sewer flush tanks, free for sewer pumping stations nnd lights, all labor and rjarls for oner- ;iLie:>, iv.ajo MIVS an: ninnicil tOi,,n rt ^ ^i,,i i ,* r corn and sovbeaas; 12.000 acres in I "."?" ?"'' n i" lrt T"f °/ K ?' erS ' cot'on- 1? I r f0r P" D "c drinking fountains. . . practically all OT)eralin« cxnense "' in so«i>"<"i= - .-".''' ""•'"< '-^i'c"«. e and peas; 20,000 acres in old and , ["„,,*' " eU """ chrlstims new clovers, and the balance in,,, "' wood? land, small grains, orchards ''*' le electric rates In Osceoln ure and truck crops. | amciig the cheapest In the slate. The greatest period of home j 'wring none, building, erection of new budncss: ' nic Osc»oln school In l.wo years houses, and industrial growth in tli e historv of the section lias ink-en nlace during the past year or fifteen months. Pevenlv homes rmwe in price from the 35 moderate rental houses owiicxl b\- Mrs. E. S. .Shin- pen to the $50.000 colonial home of J. H. Crain. near Wilson, included in this construction are Hint! lins been able to increase It's facultv hv rive l»neliei-s. open the «ri>de school biiililiiK, closed durhi" Ihe depression, and restore the Home Kcrnomlcs niH Asr'.cultiirc dcpart- mcnls. and the voodworklmr <tc- n.irtmenls. The colored school has b»en imcirovwl witii increased fac- nddwl Home Economics nnd new cotton gins h-^o t.o rr tinr v . In the line of In the adjoining! I industrial con- 1 A " ric "Hiual dcnar! mints nnd prcc- lion of a new Agriculture building. - Os<:c ota, the oldest town in (be struction is tlie new Federal Com- 1 colmL V. with, one hundred yours of press and Warehouse n-llh a r'i- : chcrisllc d social and cultural bnck- pnclty of 20.000 tales which was B ro »'! d . having at one time I he completed August 28. Taxed I" l!>r R cst private library In the capoclly in n feu- \\eeks. a n unit wilh a capacitv of T.SOfi-lw was beenn November 15 and practically . rotnnleln. Tlie lo planl. one of seventy-one simP" Unit of thp lale Canain 8. S. Semmes. containing 6000 volumes, has not neglected her Inlplloctiuil and spclal development as this unprecedented advance' In business plants owned by the company•;in uml mduslry was luklnsr place in Tnnnessec, Arkansas, Ixmislnna and ' , s P ritl ir of this year n Holary Missouri, is etiiiluaed with HI- " wns Or e« ni 2ed which has nw"v nn'l standard attachment, enabling shippers to send cotton from here to any part of Ihe world. C. F. Manley. mnnaeer of Hie nlant. expects lo handle 35.000 bales by thn end of tlie season. Another important addition to surrounding territory <vas the pur- rv«™ of !'•(? Cotton Oil Mill by the Ralston Purina Company of St. Ijoub. and the addition of a $sn.- 000 alfalfa dehydrating nlant «!<•— frS f : S V L^ ^ 3.5 membm: Masonic ^ f: ssxtis? ,r ,i? H-ST? ? ^vi^^zrs Sweden, Holland, and the Pacific cn ' cllp :!-.•"'" » P«Wlc Library open Coast stales. SpeakliiT of (lie outlook for 1938, R. V. Madden, m-'n- fwer. says the company will double grown to thirty-one'members under the presidency of Dr. C. M. Harwell. Recently a Rainbow Girls' Assembly was formed wilh fortv- five members. Doris Counts is (lie Worthy Advisor of the group, A Girl Scout troop is beln? orsanlzed tills week under Ihe leadership of Miss Frances Campbell, one of (he high school teachers. These are In addlllon lo Ihe Civic Club, which functions as a chamber of com- A Famous Poet HORIZONTAL 1 Poet who wrote "Evangeline." 14 Thought. 15 Armadillo. IGNaVnl officer's assistant. IT Contest for a prize. 1 9 Metal. 20 Departs. 22 Born. 23 Maple shrubs. U College term. 27 Definite article 30 Insane. ai To soltcn leather. 32 Morphine derivative. 33 Groin. 34 Constellation. 35 Neither. 37 Beer. 38 Embraces, 40 J'rank. 43 Sesame, 44 Small cluslcrs 49 Fetid, 50 Ringworm, 52 Disorganized retreat, 53 Beast ot burden. G4 Blackened With Ink. 55 Lady M Ills natlvf land. 51 His work is with children. VERTICAL 1 His famous Indian poem. 2 Brink, 3 Gaseous clement. 4 Thin Innf-i soles. C Letjal rule. C Deemed. 1 Backs of ncclts •3 Accosts. ' fl Fashion. 10 Secular. 11 Italian coins. 12 Smell. 13 Tumors. 21 Croup of students.. 23 Chair part. 25 Geld house. 20 Bird of prey. 28 Feminine pronoun. 29 Age. 36 Part ot eye. 37 In sleep. 38 One who cedes .19 To subside. 40 Insensibility 41 Astringent. 41! Heap. 45 Hindu language. 40 Simpleton. 47 Prickly pear: •)8 Heave-lily body '" Stroke Proves Fatal To Roscoe Haydcn, 45 CARUTHERSVILLE, MO., Dec 14 I -Uoscoe Hayden, 45, local insur- , once agent, died | as <, night He was I stricken 'with paralysis Frl-hiy • nlsht (i nd never regained con! sciousncss. i l-'unern} service:; will he held Wed; ncalny morning at 9 o'clock lit ; the fiacred Heart Catholic <-hnri-h I with the (lev. Father p. j. Do-.le • officiating. 'iHerjnenl will be made at Little Prairie cemetery hrro : Mr. Ilayden is survived h," Ills wife, (lie former Miss Pauline MOOIT : «! O,-,ceo)n. Aik.. two brothers. J. A. "Peck" Ilayden ami w. R, H:iv- j (ten of Cfli'uUiorsvlllc and n KIM.;.'. ! Marcelln Hayden of Taos NI-X Mexico. TUESDAY, DHCEMBKir K lfl.17 Seniors KnlcrtaJnci!. The seniors of Kciser hljh Perojscot Fanners On Canning Company Plan M Bustle. F. Mo.. J>r. 14 --1-irty farmers of ppinlscol csinilv mc'l here yt-slerday lo confer 'vith officials of the lj. Prank C'raddock canning cnmpany n^ardlnv plans for 1938. Cnuldoek. heud of the company, .said he planned lo can sjiiii- ucli, siirlnt; beans, licets. tomatoes and full beans in 10:18 and expectcj (o have nil crops grown in Psinfs- col comity. Acreage will probably lie increased over the past Lv.'O years. Definite contract agreements will be determined early in 1D38. T'luiies To Aid Transfusions PARIS (UP)— A plane service, by which human blood for transfusion can be rushed lo any part of Europe, is being planned line. Details were worked out following successful operation of "blood factories" in Europe and the United States. In these factories human blood of every type is itiinl.vm! and preserved. Huffman News Mr. and Mrs. juiiume Wcub ,1-erc In Carulhersville for the Christmas parade Friday night, Mr. and Mrs. Woodie Sims have returned home after n visit In Qraiid Tower, III. Mr. mid Mrs. Aubrey Merrill i and son, Kenneth, of Blythcvlllc. I ! were guests of j Sunday. I I Mrs. Mary Merrill J. C. EVANS Uox (10-i Dlyl.lie.vlHe. Ark. District M:iu»;rr 11AH111.TON TKUST KUNJ) S)»nsored By Hamilton Depositors Cori), FREE CHRISTMAS GIFTS ZKRONE (XNT1-FREE/.E HEATERS 507 Ward Carutlicrsville Get youf ('(Mntilcte tcr auto needs FREE GIFTS. and MAN AUTO PARTS MOTOR Oil. DEFROSTERS B.Vr'lT.lUKS 128 E. Main lilytiieville mcrce; Osceola with se> the capacity next year if suffldenl Progressive club T. A. five dnys a week, with Mrs. Susie Kelser as Librarian. I planls. located at Wilson and Victoria, /or handling Its own crop. tri n>o dr>""ciistrinl are: the Commerce Banking Comonm's new '•""•"n- of Batcsvllle marble and bronze at a cost ot around $80.000: ir '< lH ''i T('-r>l!i<-rs and Company's building of limestone, brick and ..'-.i «< ., rlet . ^ r MO.Oflf); Sllman i Wholrsale Oro-cr Companv's new h"ilHin» r-r brick and reinforced steel: Swift Funeral Home and Furniture Companv complelrxl in Mav at n cost of S30.000; the new Presbylerian church of field stone I at a cost of 115.000; si\ new store hiillrtinrs built bv Jud'e S. L.! Ciladisli costing around SS.OOO; the i International Harvester Company's linn- bii'ldin" 'omnleted late Hst fall by Ben F. Butler at 18,000. has been used o,s a model bv Ihe national organization for other dealers. Mr. Butler's total sales of power farm machinery and other equipment this year have run around $450,000. Amon? the construction planned for next year is a modern sen-ice station and auto sales room, six to eight new homes, and the coopera-1 live canning plant with a capacity of 300 cars per year, to cost around $20,000. I Land prices continue good. The temporary recession in business has caused no real shrinkage in real estate value. Good farming land cannot be bought for less than $85 an acre. Most of the sales have averaged from $100 to $125 per acre. Recently two 80 acre tracts sold for $125 an acre cash. Real estate sales in the Osceola territory within the past year have totaled $1,, SMI.OOO. Federal Land Bank collections so far this year have run 5% better If the Earth Were Flat "' YOHK iUr->—U the eartli permit n man In San Francisco lo read a sign In New York as clearly as Hie New Yorker reads it from street, says industrial neeiing Chemistry. across and E PREE INSTRUCTIONS In Utet Styles Knitting '•BE»NAT- KNTTITOG YARNS . Mrs. Jywli* Hooper 1HW Chlckuiftb* Phone 792 SPECIAL OFFER- WE HAVE A KKW Brand New Firestone Tires AT SPECIAL Low Prices WHILE THEY LAST Don't Knr.rM Our Free Service For lirakes, Lights. liattcry, Anti-Frfe/e Wheel Alignment I'OUD ANTI-KKKK/.K 1'UESTONE WINTER OIL PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lh <; >V»lnut Phone 810 THERE'S A EEING lhat your car has the correct winter grade of Mobil Gear Oil so that gears will shift easily ami silently, is just one of the important tilings your friendly Magnolia Dealer will do when he WINTER-PROOFS your car. WINTER-PROOF SERVICE is complete protection for your automobile against cold weather. It includes correct winter Mobiloils and Mobilgreases for your motor, gears and chassis; cleaning your, radiator so that ami-freeze can circulate freely; checking your battery, doing the hundred and one little things that make winter driving safer and more enjoyable. WINTER-PROOF now at the sign of the Flying Red Horse. iMobiloil nctl Cross Tuberculosis seals. This) the lliird jiriutc tiuisin by was conducted in the form of a! Delia Kny contest,.with a _,,rto offered oy[ El , !) ,, rl , Ucmienl w . 10. n,, - ...- .*v,,. UI o ui reiser in^n , school entertained at the Home Fconcmlcs building Friday night with a bunco arty, with the juniors an Bursts, rfot chocolate, vanilla wafers, nnd sandwiches were served, High .score pi-Inn was won. by Helen Moore, second pri/c by! '•'. W. WiUson nnd low score |>riw by (.irovcr C'ortey. * * • I'rcanl Vaudeville Shnw. ^ Tlie fourth mid liftn e rades under thr; ilirccllon of Miss Sar.iii I'liinres Mcorclirad ami Mrs. W. <•'•• Wai [presented a vaudeville in 'he .school niiditoriinn Tuesday 'ilt:ht. Special numlic™ by ()l il ,<i '•urn imens oon.sIMHI of <liiw™ l.v flavin Oliver and Marlhu Jam- C-ai'lv;ii«lii. l;oih of O.smila. ,'i ballet number by Alicia Wil- i;uns of Driver. The school ur- ihtMrii iilaycd several iininhvr.-i. Mn>it: t:t ilii'iri's nnd ..,011^ v.ns lmnjs!j;il Jiy Jituiuii- r; Mrs. mi. II. Kobinson for tlie room that sold the most stamps. Tills was won by one section of tended tlie county superinten nnd principals meeting In dent '1'iir- ICeisur football if- am and the liii'h wlirifil liiciiUy nviv tlic quests (if MKs Hmmn. Oix lor n». -.Ictin-i; shosv "Niwy Hliic CcJd" •flun-Mluy :ifl<Tiioon. lirtli l:,'j.-;I,Ttb.'iH (^jiuj.s v loricus Thursday night over Kto- ',a.s. the- girls winning by :!•) lu J and ihe hoy:; by I'j | 0 n. 'Hi,;; Sives the gins ,, lot ,,| wore of iai points in n,,..j r i,i, u ,(. sunies this .waMui in » total o[ 15 by tiieir opjionwits. 'I'wenly-four dollars nnd and sevcnly-nve cents was taken in in (he .school through the sale FROM AMERICA'S FIRST MODERNISTIC PREPARATION PLANT ie Plant in wfcisb i^ is prepared tost & BILLINGS PHONE 76 MAGNOLIA DEALER,-' IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ^'^«» Itll, y«lo«H« Fittoliua O>. It's Mead's for Belber - - - by Air, Land or Sea Men and Women Prefer A gift of fine luggage is always appreciated ... and Belber Luggage is fine, useful and lasting. Just come in and see the wide selection v:e oiler. CI.ADSTONK, 22 tm-li, fi-ciinino split Icnlhcr, rayon lined, complete witli- 111lin.tis Sir, and S2II; without fittings. S12.fin .AJK.N'S OJ.ADSTONK, 2-1 inch, black iirnivn snlil |«illier, shirdilv or 'SI.OO-Sr2.50-Slo MKN'H (JLADS'I'ONK. 2-1 inch, full grain leal her in lilark or In-own SJ7.!>n (o S2."i Ladies' Airplane Type LUGGAGE Canvas covered in the new Milid lironn nidi fonlrastinj trim, ilrrss 1"U1 in lid. A hamlsojnr cck-Kiul Case In .Match Men's Travel CASES .Men's Zipper Travel Casts complete nidi fillings SI to S10.IW Men's Xipprr Tr.ivel t'asc. imiUUion Allisalor, com-' rittc '. S7..r.o f,~^XK^. Men's full leather Travel r!o\ without fittings...S4 Men's '/ipper Hill l-'old \vith three Inlliills . .Sl-.'.H Plain SI Ladies' Fitted CASES l-idics nttcd \Veek-Knd or Overnight Cases with fitiinjs in rfmovable fo'< 1 i"K tray, hbek or brow" tr.itlior. to Same style wilh fil- lincrs in lid...SI2,50 As usual the test is always at MEA 31S WEST MAIN STREET

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