The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1949
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER M, 1948 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Bl-YTHBVILLE (ARK.). COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople HASKTT MOVEP AKJ WCH VET- ItXJ MAV AS WELL RUN BACK. AMP GST A SACK OF FLOUR AMD POTATOES. NOW LISTEN — THINK /OUR CHIMS DOWfvi SO F/\E YOU COULDrtT TUCK A KiAFVJikj UMt>eR rr/-<-~ IF YOU'D GO see THE STATLJG THAT wosi tMe PRIZE. ;T MIGHT 6NEYDU A LIFT-— IT'S £>ME #F=-fHO£e ABSTRACT JOBS — COULD ee FATTLeTOM OR."fHe SCOOP OP A STEAM. GlAOVJEL. WD6BO NO, TVOISGS . DCHMHT GET AN IDEA \JlE\M TU& SCULPTURe? EG/VD, rAAsi, Y<?u X'fA AS ASA SPRAlM&D TMOS& JOD&ES T5IPPI6R. HAMLET/ ""'V. BORM THIRTy VEARS TOO SOON atcr contains uranium. The amout is small ranging from one millionth of a gram in a quart of water lo half again that much Uranium increases with depth. TAXI Call Ask for either while or colored driver. Eight cabs at your service. RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere £00 Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 . FOR SALE CONCRETE CULVER! TILE cost! jou less r«! last* lungei than &u; ' othei bridge material Ji I I e 5 .&-10-12-15-I8-Z1-Z4-27-30-3S incfte*. CONCRETE SEWER TILE Sties 4-fa-b IncbM CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS • Best Prices •«> DellTer A. H. WEBB Highway 61 at Stale Line Phone 714 You Can Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair HflLTCRS 'UflUtY SHO€ SHOf 121 W M « I Psl ST TIIK .STORY, fl»... r HlHlr *•,<! Anrlrrjr V*kor arr hot I. irjIiiK In huy n ( Vflliir.l,lr onwirti whlcfc liolb tn own. All nrr- rrnMrnt* or Tb* rnnirn wn« |JI N ( >rc *> i*. rh«- -Mnrlln cnniniUkloncJ hfm In nrll It. Hill \f]l n-Nr-lll. wU*- «( iTcxIlh.i Tom O'NVIlt. *\*n rliilms In own It. Slrphnnlf SniIIX. tvlm >rnrk» for (l.mnr. *«y» ihc rnini-o rnenn» n jirrn ( H*-nl to her ami Elnjcnr. vt||h klndnrnn IN hrr ulri h^Brt, kn* pr.imi^rd (o hny II. A« • he rrin Inlo her car ir» «o tn «or rn nif r> h rvT In h«- r m n oh In e. The hnx In open nnd cntrty. IX THE old iron-studded door^ of •*• Bob's Place was a familiar and welcome sight to the bibulous of Dolorosa. Bob claimed he had stolen it from a Spanish monastery in the Pyrenees during bis voliinlary military service in Spam's civil war. The story of bow be got it out of the Pyrenees and into California was a 1ale which became more astounding and dramatic with each retelling: He had lost his left arm in that adventure. Bob was a writer of pseudoscientific fiction during his leisure hours and, though his volume of literary sales was small, his fantastic imagination was a source of amazement to friend and foe and editor. Following Nell O'Neill's example, Andre; Yakov perched on a stool and leaned his elbows on a strip of illuminated plate glass. Tropical fish swam lazily underneath it among coral and aquatic plants. The man who proved to be the fabulous Bob Knox bowed to : Yakov and .then turned his gold- i glinted smile on Nell: i "You're just in time, lovely lady. 11 think Papa wants to go home/' ' He gestured toward the farthest I booth, "Behold the weary reveler!" Nell and Yakov turned and looked. Tom's crisp while hair showed up clearly against the table lop. One arm hung nt his side and the other rested on the board. "Kicked by A Moscow Mule," Bob observed cheerily. "That's what ginger beer and vodka will do," Nell slid from her stool and walked over to the booth. "Ginger beer and vodka?" asked Yakov. "At once? Together?" He searched the amiable face in front of him. The man had sleepy- looking eyes of an indeterminate aquatic color, and there was a fan of creases, indicating either joviality or sun, raying from their corners. There was a round button of a nose, a surprisingly well- modeled mouth and a fleshy chin. Bob was answering his question: "Sure. Put ginger beer and vodka in a chilled copper mug and you have a Moscow "Mule. Try one?" Yakov nodded. "It should he an experience." Bob began his manipulations, "Coming right up," * • * VF^HILE he waited for his drink, •* Yakov watched Nell awaken Tom. The while thatch finally bobbed tip and the pink face turned toward her: "Well," Tom said. "Well, so it's you. Come running back to your poor old fool of a husband, huh? .Old fool of a husband, that's what I am. That's what you think 1 am, isn't it?" "Tom," Nell demanded, "where's Martin?" "Where's Martin?" he mimicked. "How should I know where that blackguard is? Shall I tell you where he belongs?" Andrey grinned at him and raised the cup Bob gave him in salute. Torn slapped him on the back. "Good old Andrcjrvilch. Good old comradesky!" Tom raised his newly filled cup for a toast. Yakov responded with "Long life!" and they both drank. Yakov placet! an arm across Tom's shoulders and Tom grinned at him delightedly. "Tom, my friend," Yakov said casually, *H am still most anxious to moot our fellow artist. Martin Kill *or." O'lsYill frowned. "Ho knows hotter th.nn to stny in my company. And if he didn't know before, ho knows now. I told him just what t thought nf him. And 1 told him hist ivbnt he could exnect from Tom O'NfiU unless he keeps out of my sight." Tom wnverl a nfino* toward Rnl> who was lenninc on his one good elbow not for nway. oncnly listening (n (he conversation. "Didn't T, Rob? You heard me (ell him off. didn't I?" Bob gravely bowed endorsement. "Unmistakably and irrevocably. With clarity and dispatch." Nell sfoorl up and touched An- drc.v's arm. He made a slight gesture Inward her and continued to give Tom his attention. "I would like to henr more about this, my friend, but there is a small errand 1 must attend. Would you be so kind as to remain here, you and Nollya. for a short time, and wait for me?" * * • AN hour later Nell still sat at the bar, but had moved down to the far end near the wall. "Listen Rob. I'm going home. When Mr. Ynkov comes/bEick, ask him if he'll get Tom over to our place. You won't mind if 1 leave Tom here?" i' Bob snook^rus"head amiably, "Npt at all.ylovely lady. He's not doing.any harm over there. But if your RtissiaVi friend doesn't come hnck pretty soon, I'll trundle Tom into my little back room and 'let him .sleep it oft in there." He leaned against the bar and gazed up admiringly at Nell. "You know, that's the ntce thing about the old hoy, he usually knoxvs when he's had n drop ton much and then he lets me suggest the back-room treatment. Most times, he just ambles in there on his own hook and takes a short nap. He did it once today." Bob acknowledged her wave of farewell and ^watched her stride across the room and up the two steps to the old door. There was a brief surge of fresh, cold air as it opened and swung closed. (To Re Continued) Each year the earth rotates on Us axis about 366"-i times. SICK? WOODS Drug Store WOODS Drug Store Stomach, Liver and Gall Bladder upset, Tongue coated, Bad breath. Bad taste. Yon have heartburn,- gas and dizzy spells, gas in your bowls, may press urjon your bladder, causing backaches. Gelling up at nights, pains 'in your legs, arms, you feel dizzy, nervous, irritable. NU-AID Contains hveiily-two herbs that help t,, go r \ s ht to work on the cause. .Miserable people soon feel different, so do-not go on suffering. Gel NU-AID — Sold at OWENS DRUG STORE, Blytlicvillc. Dell. SHEET METAL WORK. OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills Custom ShearinR tip to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Soiilh Broadway Phoni- 2851 -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work Guaranteed For 12 Munlhs 531 Norlh Ifllh I'hone 6001 WINTER IS ALMOST HERE SO Painting Inlmor & Kxlcrioi • Expert Paper Hanging 'Kslimalcs Gladly Given Russell Price fi5GO See Our Dependable Used Cars 1917 Sludcbakci; Land Cruiser— a shiny Mack color, clean inside and out cf"'!,^: OVCn "' iVC> UhilC Si " C """ '^ """ StudctekS "ex! " <l0 ° r Scdan - has «" oj h«alcr, excellent motor and a bargain Check These Older Models r c r pe m!i !>i - vnui " 111 M " 0 '- i , lkcr Co "'"'ander 1937 Chcvrolcl Coupe n- n n , 1039 Chevrolet 2-door m 11,35 Dodge 2-door CHA MPiiN SALES CO. RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 FIIECKLBS AND HJS FRIENDS «Y MERRILL BLOSSER , It Worked lifip^y..?*: : V^I ON6 PIAY-, AND V/HAT PUY/ "I don't like bridge either, but 1 hate to miss a club meeting and give them a chance to talk rtbiut me!" I'RlSCIl.l.A'S POP I!Y AL VERMEER I'VE DECIDED TO COME IN AMD HELP VOL) WITH THE HOUSEWORK! ' RRETTY SOON IT WILL BE YES, INDEED! OM THE Z51H OF NEXT MONTH! OH! 1 THOUGHT IT WAS THIS MONTH! ; CHRISTMAS, WON'T IT I!Y MICH Alii, O'MAIXEY and RALPH LANE case of Kid Slick really began" in Libby Land's offTcc. DO YOU SUPPOSE YOU COULD USE THESE TICKETS? IT'S AT AIRS. VAN CLtVE'S, YOU KNOW. FLOPPED AGAIN HOME EGGHEAD. 6OTW, PEEWEE.8UT KID SLICK AIN'T GONNA tlKE7H*S wnv, now NICE OF YOU.'I'D LOVE TOGO. ALL I HAVE TO DO IS TO PER- SUflDE AN SCORT TO GCT ALL DOLUD UP. CAPTAIN KAS\ BY LESLIE TURNER MISS JUHREZiX -(Es, BUT I COUIDU'T DIP VOU TELL \ HE SCOFFED (XT ME. LATER.'/THO, I VOUE FATHER WU\ SEE SOMEIHIWS WHICH CONVINCE THOUGHT TUS8S )-, M6 WORE THAW EUEE.... , • WftS BEIMG HELD ' ^ J BV A GAMG o' Mew ? v^a^^rrr^-^^'i.'-^-rr-:^"--: :---; : -i«i««i:i^?^. R m SMI DIRBLO v THEM vou THINK. t OB5EEUE SAM \ JOWES HAD WASH 30U65 TALKING TO | ICIDU^PEO SO HE OPTH&WEW /COULD LWS6 THM 1 URP SEEIJ WITH / LAUD FOR HIMSELF ML THIS C«- OH, WHILE I GO CHANGE! BUGS BUNNY C'MON, YA PAFFY PENGUIN. ..WHAT'5 EATIN' YA GROARK/)l KNOW WHAT HY V. T. HAMLIN ELL.OC . HIS Fl?ST /XES.AND APPEARANCE/ I COULDN'T TONIGHT.' / BS MORE NESSV(?U5 F IT \si\S AW. FEe PETE? A |T BOOTS AND HER IJUDDII BY EDGAR MARTIN I OUO '. WW , OOO - UW tVi'.

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