The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 14, 1937
Page 7
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TUESDAY, DKGI.J1UJ.JJ U, I'm BL.YTUKVn.l,F,; '(AUK.) COU1UK11 N1SWS ''AGE SEVUN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per line for consecutive insertions:- BMC time |jer line ............ ,„„. — ___ 1'wo times per line i)er day . ..oucj Hr-mc Three times |;er line per day ..Wic For Sale ^ , . ^^—^ Flyer s Widow Weds Chicagoan Uonble tub washing "18 N, _lilh St, H-pk-lit Canary stn;;i'rs. lU'a.sonable prices. Mrs. McCuHouBli, 30-1 South lllul i SI reel. 10-1 — ..... ________ business. 3 room apt., ivcrc .. land. Groceries, licer. . Car lets fix (lines |KT line per day ____ 05? • I'hce, J(t. _. Box 88- A. Onceola*; ,• I .ontli rate per line .......... GOc A ••'• ' turds of Thanks ...... Me & "is. Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six tunes mid slopped Ijcforc expiration will be charged for the nuin- Icr of times the add appeared and r.IjtKtmcnt of bill made. All Classified Advertj.Mns £»;)>' tubmlltcil by person;; residing oul- tidc ot tlie city must be accoin- by cash. Rales may be wslly couipulcil from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes tlic one linie rate. No responsibility \vili „'.' taken for wore Own one Incorrect i-'iiei 1 - tion of a:'.y classified ad. Business Directory Visit Harry Kaik-y's Now On Highway (il ;il Holland one .slop ' for, ' Eliirlei' Temple doll with luuirt made dolhe.s. C:ill 465-W. 9-ck-lG Hilling room suite. Davonport .t Mrs. C. W. Aimck. 'Jck-U 1!)3G Dodge Pane! delivery truck. .1-1 condition, $275. Phone no. HOME MADE WINE 4Cc CM. Mail orders to II. G. Me Halloy. Rt. 3. Blythoville. ~ MULES FOR "SALE ~ DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Streamline COAL $C.Ol) &• >!|) l-cr '1'ON. Washed and Picked. Kiln Tranlliam Phone 47 WALLPAPER \Vino,/Wlibtoy;' Fresh "(>np- ARK-MO LUMBEIl CO? Phone 40 G room modern house at- 1500 W. Ash, for sale or trade. See J. W. Malouey. Clark, and Railroad Sis. j)ie, Good Koocls. IH'IivciTil in lil.vllicvillt. for 51.75 aJM 1111. All C'unl Cuaranlci'd.— I'lionc H-F-4 & S7S . . MODERNIZED COAL i \Vnshcd. Waxolizcd, Dust Trcalct! f I'Oi.ii' grades: S3.50, S1.00, $5.00 a lid $5.25 pur 1000 pounds. Phone 100 for a trial order. , E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Furniture Standard Reference Books, Complete 10 volume set with Loose- Leaf Binder. Call 230 or 702. 20. ooo For Krtit l-'ini'tshcd hmisc. Call Mrs. Taut. M-ck-2! BARGAINS IN New & Used I'lirnilurc We l!uy .t Sell \\\T>K VURNITimii CO. 11'- W. ;liain I'lionc 155 Tailors E YOUR OU> SUIT IN On A NKW ONK , 01CORGK I.) MVIR... "BSythevine's Oaly 'J'ailor" '- Wo Allow $4 to SIS. On Hailroad south of Main St. SIioc Repairing i Qualify Shoe Shop • Today the only Ijni-jnm in shoe 7 repairing Is Quality malerials & wor!:nianblu|>. Rubber Heels 25 5«-j. Fumislied anartincnl. Uglits and irater fiinihhcri. Private balii. S3. 50 per 1G01 W. Ash St 13-ck-U 3 room nijartment caivnstuirs. 103 W. Kentucky, phone (J83. Il-))kl8 Lflvrly 2 loom apartmenl. Pa ill v furnislicd. 101 E. P;lisGOnri. Mrs LaFnyc-ttc May. ll-pk-15 3 or -I room furnished urwtnicnt 209 W. KciUucky. Mrs. Sisk. '"'!•'-". ll-ck-13 15'Rcf(s"nfe prduiul 4 'inilcK south .icf Hives, A!i). W. A. Lewis. Manila. Ark., Rt 1 at Lost Cane School. ll-|)k-l8 2 cnniforiaijlc bedrooms, private Ixilli. Cieiitlcincti pi'crcrrc;!. phone 701-W in- 181. T-ck-tf. roo:n iTsitlciK'C. Immediate possession. 41'J N. 9th. Phone 2W. k-tf . . *.„..,.•, inv U-LK-L ii|>. Soles 50c up. Dyt-s. Polishes laces. Any ;:)IDCS dyed black, 35c. Nicely furnished bedrooms. Slean IVee Delivery Ptuine 120 heat. Iniiersiivliij niallrcs;. Si: H. B. Campbell Glass A[!T().Gf,.ASS Kxpcrl- Workmansliip We Deliver I$h;l.hevjHc I'ainf & \Viillp!ij)er Co. \Ve Cut. & Iivitnll I'honc 836 HI S. Scco-.ic W. Main, Plioiie 280. Sll l-ck-tf 5 fiirnifhcd rooms. 2 upstairs or downstairs. QM Heavu. Furnished hoiisn on IIollv. Ca Mrs. S. S. Slcrnbcra at 984. 12-ck-tf Batteries BATTERY SERVICE J- Ben Chine Vhom: 8 nt Tnm .latferm' 3 or 3 furnislicd apartments reasonable. (114 Itearn Kt. Personal CHRISTMAS CVVKES Crders lafcen for homemade Christ- nias Cakes and candies. Mrs. George Cross, 300 Lake. -Announcement We Give EAGLE STAMPS PICKARDS GROCERY 1011 (Jliicliasawlw I'hoiic f<n Radio RADl6~SEi.VIC.r~" WADE FURNITURE CO ' PHONE 155 Wanted Wanl, to contact 50 girls interested in increabins; their incomes and willing In devote six mon'.hs ll:i:c to learning highly paid profession of Bcanly CulUirc. Ne>>' School to open in Elythcville Jannary 1st. Write for full details to l.i-slcr risher Glpson, 515 Krcwson Av-., JoHcstovo. Arh. Xirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers Fifty Qirl:-. to enroll now lor St'its Approved Beauty School to oiimj (•• Juniiiirv 1st, Cooper m tl '.. Blvthc-i 4 illc. Write L-cstcr Fisher Gipsoo.i -J^l":"™ 13 Krewson Ave., Jonesboro, Ar;;.,i consllj)! nii^o r>! j»!ur RluiT^^tinr^i y n » >d li^i? n nt-w ]irrson. I UVM Pillj. UnrinlrM.""j( »l «l! Kirlif r>niK Slnr,.« Repairing Marriage of the former Lady ftwigs-ord-SmHIi, widow of the I'.unous Auslralian llycr, and Alrn Tully ot Chicago in Slcl- in-y, Australia, where they arc; pictured ahove, lias been announced by Tully 's parents at Riverside, III. Sip Charles Kmgstoi-d - Smith disappeared over (ho n a y ot u cnsal lv/g years aao during a LondoiJ-lo- Au.str;ilio (light. Tuliy ,- cl , r ,.. scnts an American susolinc company in Australia. ycais atjo. iindi'r th;> ivi'.-n of J.nues \.\ !.-s.fir»saa. v «<u«n, triKle siibiiiarlnc. lu I;., proiwilnl: H prov, ,1 lyMrs, was constructed In Eng-' ciiriosny.' mm Market Prices (•'oldstfln Hide & Km 1 Co. Hear Jm' IKUIU;:.' :}lur<) I : ARM 1 OANS « fSOD 'niul T1-- ArliaiiNus uj)d, Mlssiiurl l.("i"M i;i(is-.|iiv(i".( ci 'ilv KASSHHMAN Ear-Corn - WANTED - Soybeans Highest Market Prices Paid MAIDEN GRAIN CO. W. 0. K.t'vi'K, AiU'iil So. H. 11, SliTd I'I.OMV ,-),r, I! j > 1( >N H. f.ASSHHMAN _i . ._.—»»,„_,,_____...„.„•„_..., . »_,_,,)U!f! ''''"'"'-is 1-iind (.:». oil In- •^ini" " ' "" ,", '."_"".~_1'-'-' '""'•• ''"."'""'""-'*•'-" ^ j[j ji (j ) 1()!( ^.j^ |,| um( , j.j.j Hemorrhoid^Hks '~~ ! uv H|iwlafiw '" CURUO WITHOUT BUUGHKY Si CUAKANTIiKI) Safe, sure aim willi lesS dlM-oiiifiirl, . ,>ll disease^ iiinl eomlillims of iu'tvous infill, foul :ilhurn(s anil skin tanma irr;iirii and cured ut our clinic. DKS. NIKS cS; NIKS 511 Main I'licmr '.IK niyllu-vlllf. Wl> Sl>-Ciilli/,l! 1ft Hotly & I'Vm'lo. Repairs t'oint! lii Him See, Us l.t-o Rid»r Silks, Inc. Ili'Alrrs 'A// FOWLl-R DRUG STORE Hubert SMey's Service Sbtio WELD-idG- Uo, 24 J-TOUIl I'hillips "66" Gas 'i'ax All Leading l!r;iiul.s of llwr. l.iijiJiir, 11 inc. (iin .-UK) Ciifdlals. ('.igarciles, 2 Pk^s. 25c, $!.15 Carlon Highway «1—Hollnnd, Mn. i^P§ii^ PHONE 244 L. I. RICE COAL! <UI. OIJADUS i'()K ANY i<ii\i) OK HIGH GRADE COAL CAl.l, 1C. K. htV AT 477 Wonder City Coal Co. Dhs. W<r( & Wcrt OI'-'OMKTK.STS Ovir Jfiu Isaacs' Sloro "VVI! MdKi; 'KM SKK" 1'honi! 510 mm CARS Win Sales, Hii,'li<'sl I'i'iccs 1'ni WOI.P AR1AN m K. Itl:i|,, ,.,,„„,. Junk Auto Tires and Tubes HENRY LOBERG W. Used Trucks l!i:;c Chrv. )'ii!:!i|). (; o ,,,i ' nil - ; »V5 W. 11. iUal-.e l)3(]y in '\-1 i'<"lUll!ln» 027.-, I'.Kiij InL.inational Pickup 5375 imt f;iu-/. ir.rr w. u. M.'I!'<H-III Ijudy, )[oc<l 11:( ' :; $173 ALL Tiiut'K.s CIUAIMNTE'BO 'IT) I'AKtS STATH IN'SJ'KCTION N«»' t.ocatnl at |OJ Noiii, Sv....,ii ADDING MACHINE & TYPFWRITHR SERVICE BUREAU COBB FUNERAL HOME full dclalls. Ixcslauraiit Used so-t wa.on. ll:i Lake Street. S lik 1G CHOP HUF.y. Mack's Rcstntnanl next to theater. Joiner, Art:. Kooni and Board V.'ashinp. roy-h-diy & nnisliert. i,. , : livrrcd. ii nuilts or hlankcls Jl j Ronn :md iioard or meals. H1G Mayia^' v.-aslirr. T.v.'!>.Kli curtains. W. AMi. Mre. rt. F. I..oivrrv. 'Set Willy ]3c!l Grcrn l«Jiimt| 24-i)k-12-_-l Brov.n's fee Ptant. 30-i>k-ia-3!)| Position Wauled • lao'lAV vclloji- r.'old Wri-ii Wa'cli.. iiddtc ascd white woman wonts ff W tancl. Elyin make. Lost lasl i house v.ork in private home, call ; Flklav uriernmn bcUveen Craiton '. 1511 Cliickasauba fit. lO-iik-i?. Co - ami 8in w. Main. Call Pauline . I_l;o^al^(we. RE\VARD. H-ck-17 In early types nf inotovovelc.-.l »p first form nf, iRiiition wss .1! i"M iwntnidlns froiii Use cylinder.! Lei's Swap \V'H*hiuj macliiiic Jic'.v 'gcosc rccttliri'Ji Courier, cr phone 7.7. ' Box ' "B" l, n e ,' n-ck-15 , « . .. C11!!ine collkl bc WELL, SWEAR; THAT5 GUZ \". POOR, GUZ'LL 6E . , -,, DASHED TFIECES/' M ! -' v OM 7i-|'GROUND.'/'VlJ*'. BEGETT1M' \ DOWWtHHERE'i A BAD STORM BLOWINJ' UP/ y -AlV ( 6EH1MD I-1IM \ '',)j 1\i'Y \1 W\ { IS ALl, G'ONC.')'. fe^-'v^ \ >MOWHECAW'T ,cMA ' \^ " 15.' HEV,GUi- D'VA THIJ.IA . VOU'RE A 6OATOB i-h SUMPiW ; Wi\ \ V J BOOTS ANO HER BUDn.RS ,'* r ?l' \W\7 —'• r)-/--'S^' : -( ! ^«yWicL»k^^,-'> IVASU TURBP JEALOUS?lVHO ' S AND FilS FRIENDS DOKI'T V/ORRY, sow.... WE'LL MAKE OUT .'TIMES- AftEC HARD FDR US WoW, BUT SOMEIHIK'G ALWAYS COMES ALONG TO HELP; YOU WORK TOO HARD, L { MOM.' GOSH, I GUESS ' ! ' WE'D BE RICH IF THERE WAS SOMS: WAY FOR YOU 70 COLLECT TIME FOR OVERTIME THIWG ! YOU'LL )_I JD GET AM / YOU'L 1 STAY IW EDUCATION AWD FIT YoLJPSELF PCS THE REA^L PROBLEMS _-^, , OF LIFE / I THAT'S WHAT " Jiv Jtlii.^i^ !E- MOT GOIWG v-jj THRU LIFE YOUR HAHDS YOU H/AVE A JO YOU'RE <3 TO DEVELOP IT ? |(>' /<®3 'ss/ \ N •- -• x. •><./.:.--•»•-^M, llMtO 4i]_J:..i.,'aM!,S.N^ Vrj

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