The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager. . Solo Nallonsd Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., How York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Llltlo Rock. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered ns second class mailer at :pos< office ut Hlylhevlllc, Arunder act of Congress Oc- 1&17. trie Dulled Press. • : °~ •"•" SUBSCRIPTION RATES . By carrier in me city of BlythcvlUc, 15c per week or $6,50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius ol 60 miles, $3.00 per year, S1.50 for six months, 85c (or tliree months; by mall in postal zones two to six, inclusive, 16.50 per year. In zones seven nnd cl&lit, ?10.00 per year, payable In advance. The. Facts oj History A re Being Revived While vci'lj.'il Will-fare coiUmnus i" rage iilioul llu> moot pnii;U ol' the recovery proBi'iim, il is ivfrcshini; lo look the olhor dirMliuii fin- ii " |() - nionl iincl notice Unit SOR.C U.oOO members of the Civilian Conservation Corps ar« j,">i»S!' to be at work Ulis winter restoring some ot' the nation's ino.-t famous biittleliclils. Four groups of men will work at Yorktown, where Continental and French troops squeezed mdi'pendi'iici: out of Cornwallis' lielpkss army. Two more groups will work at Morrislown, N. J., another historic spot in tlie Hevohilionary struggle. Some GOO will work at Chii', scene of souse of the Civi 1 War's lilootl- iest lighting; others will In' assi^ne;! to Gettysburg, Vicksl.ntnr, Shilnh, Frcdevii.-k.ilMirK, SiwUsylvitniii a n d Cliancellorsville. . • * * t In Citcli case the workers will sliirl by clearing away underbrush, vegetation, nnd so on, that hide the outlines of trenches, gun cniuliiceniutils, and the like. Old forii!kalion.s will be cleaned up, trails will be laid lo make access to all parts of the field easy, roadsides will be clciiral away and landscaped. Just enough actual 'restoration will be done'16 enable each battlefield to tell its own story to the visitor. When the work is finished, a small staff of exports will be installed at each battlefield. Little effort will be made u> give visitors guides: instead, . maps and leaflets will be prepared so i • that thq visitor can Mud liis own way ' abonl and piece the historic story together for himself. ' * * * The whole project seems lo be one of the most intclligen' moves that could be made. These battlefields of ours, made sacred by the blood thai has been shed on them and by the hU'h principles that were at stake tlier'j, are national shrines of the greatest value. There is no better way to get the "feel" of national history than to visit one or another of these places. A few hours at Gctlyibur^, for in• stance, arc worth whole volumes on the Civil War; a visit to Lexingloi! OUT OUH WAY THAV'S THE BIG \ GMt VOIJ'VE BEEN } HUNTING AMD TRYING TO GET FOR \ FOUR YEf\R^. I'D ^ THINK YOU'D BE MORE PLtASED-IM FACT, J ^ TICKLED p!NK. / - and Concord, or lo Ticoiulcrot'a, makes Ihe Hcvolulion si'oin real as notliinii else can. From such visiU conit;:) uiiilcr.stiiiitl- iiiK; itnd from uinlur.slaiu'ing Ki'ows n hardy and unsli;ikiible jialrioliKin. Hy roslo'ring the liaHleliekis and nnaliliiiK n.s us visitors lo reeonstrucl in our imaginations the ti'aKic »ml lii'i-oic inonicnls of our liistoiy, .the 'government, is oU'erini; us Komelhing of the very liit,'he:tl value. —Bruce Ctitton. Let's Haoc Sea Serpents! The lirsl. oll'iter of Ilio ocean linar Santa l.ncia, acconlinj; lo the New York papers, lias a urifvancc against hi.s fellow c'lHiHlryiiii'ii. The trouble, il seem.- 1 , is thai the lirsL oll'icer saw a sea serpent, told about it—and discovered thai: hardly anybody believed dim. The j;limpsi> was voiii'h'iMl'ed to him as the .ship was in l!iu .-traits of San Juan do Fiica, on tin: west coast. The creature hu saw was "a tfreal, eel- likt; monster," with red a;Ml Krecn eyes, seven luunps like a camel, and a face like a cow. It appeared lo measure some 00 1'cct in length, and il. gave a great bellow before diving out ol si^ht. Our sympathies in Ihe mailer rest entirely with tlie marina-, li' there are no monsters like Ibis one, there certainly ought to he. A world that can generate such funUislie creatures is infinitely more inli'i-esliinr and exciting than one which cannot. Until someone offers i's a good reason to tlie contrary, we are going to believe the Santa Lucia 1 ;; first olficer, unreservedly. Ihe San Jose Mob If cnorriiily of u erliiu- cs.ilrt ever Jusllly lynchl:ig, the San Jose mob Inal Imngecl tho mi.rdiTi'i's of lircoke Hint .vouhl, of course, hc enlillcd lo a "well done." There could be no dissent from Ciov. Kolph's nrond and grale- ful verdict, nnd hi.s citation I',at California 1ms given the country un ii(hnlra--lo example. • But if such u hypothesis were embodied in the co<le. it \vould mean, uhT lately, the breakdown of our ciiiniual jurisprudence. It would mean Ihe jibdtc.Ulon of law and order anrl : Ihe en,hi-oiU'in-' 1 !!! of Prince Mob. Eventually, the, punishment, of every olfens'- would be determined by Juclijc Lyncn. Civilization, \vlth Us liaydly won popular self-control and poise, would bo wrecked. We should revert to Ihe savagery out of which we hav.: lollfiilly climbed. H yoes without saying llnl the creatures hanged by this mob were wholly Ixiyond the pale. Every normal person, vc Imagine, teds they merited the vengeance meted out to them. And the impotence of our coiirls to deal adequately with criminals cannot be omitted from the icckoning. Public confidence in our ndmin- islrallon of Justice is, imloit.:nately and jusli- flably. al a low ebb. tls rcslo:-allon is one of the cl'.allensins oljligiitions to society and to thu- U'gal profession charged, us It Is, with ijunidinu' jnslke. Though!Eul citizens everywhere will deplore Hie atliiiido of California's govc'.r.or. Ills com- nieiit, it scorns lo us, is nhr.o.-t an liiipcach- nb'.,i offense. Us has approved lawlessness, glorified it, given it executive sanction. He lies humiiialcd his stale. He has insulted the nation's intelligence. --St. Louis Post-Dispatch. [SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "All right, Hill, if you still think your pop can lii-k my old man, bring him out here." of American Business Stand for Proletarian Sons NEW YORK. Nov. 28.- Tho,!lie two countries), paid s;lowin? stlmimial dinner - given for Ihr :„.;,„„,, lo Hor!l | Vs pe^isuncc onouible Mnxlni M. fjllvinov bv. . " . ,„ e Amcrlcan-Ru.ssian Chamber 0 f |lll ™' Eil 10 Je:lrs ' '" "'"'"3 '-0 omincrcc on the eve of Ills clc- Russian recognition. Col. Rilymom artnrc made one realize what a' [iol] ins. Ihe man who headed tin. hale of n (lltferenco a llllle n'C-j^" akCi ' Rclil?f Adiiiinlstrntion h jinition makes ! RuMia after the Revolution, alsi First of all. lo sec /-—-i illclm!l '" Bnrah in his list of Vail Street Czars, cor Itf Business Men. Grovcr America's 11 111 * 1 " 1 '" B(irah hl 'f 1! , sl of )5 r ' rwrvilive' 11S * Kn ' n lnen wll ° lmvc do " c r Wl-nleiT most for Rllssin11 recognition. i«l the anil-radical squad, iminicrnbli! D. A. K.'s sland .sol- mnly and respectfully while tile I'Enn iK.ilcd forth the strains of lie "Intel national." was n treat lo nycne who ever had witnessed lolshevlts routed by mounted po- ce during strike. 1 ;, just for sinshii? I " Ills rnnip proletarian ntr whicii rpes workers of the world lo .nilo. 1'rnb.ibly fciv of the '.ODD (ending the flintier in the graml ballruoin of the Wal- dorf-Asluria. knew what the "International" was. Thnmas A. Morgan, for instance, slaiulin* at Mr, place if honnr in the third of four tirrs of honor cursls, wliicpcrrd In the man behind him, "AYhat is i that stirring tune?" * * * V Lipstick Flas Moreover, the 70 noiablrs fall "FMg Names" In America! .seated on the Dais ate their Russian dinner placidly In tile shadow of a huge red flag. However, whether Intentionally or not. (his red (lag wasn't really quite ns icrt as the stiipcs in the big American flag hanging side by side will: it. In fp.rl. the Sovet flag's rcil had a yollow tinge to II, for it wai made of almost a lipstick shade silk. Also the Betsy Ross of this Soviet ilag did not do a very pood job Thcre \vas .otiiething ironic however, about the whole spectac nlar uathorin?. Probably no occa sion in years ever drew such high-hat, ttuffed-thirl. diamond The Editor'i Letter Box Writes from J,«s Arijrctes (To l;:c editor:) I am living in xis Angeles now and 1 want to tell •cu about, my school. 'Hie other lay they asked me where 1 lived. Vhen I told them "Arkansas" they sited me wnat they grew there for living. 1 told lliem "cotton." .Vhen they asked me how they grew cotton I told them with a negro nil a one eyed mull 1 . Hallowe'en, I won the prize in tiy su.-.ool. the Temh .street school. 'or having the cutest costume. I Hot the idea In Arkansas. My grandparents are Mr. nnd Mrs. c. H. Wheeler of Blythevillc and I lived ("here until a short time when I moved c'.it i;ere. Yours Inily, liiily Slngcry. 37.50 Calf Costs Over $1,500 in Court LEWISTON, Mont. (UP) — The lory of hov, r a calf valued at S7.50 ~vontuaUy tost more than 51.500 ins been written in court records ere. The Ford Crrek Sheep Com>any and Everett A. Wilson, a •ancher, disputed possession of 'ie animal and will lo court. ilEon won the first verdict, in usllcc court. An appeal was taken o district court, wncre a Jury dis- ifc'reed nfter a lona. hard fight. Opponents were preparing to •csumc their lego! baule when the ^ase was settled ou'. of court. 3ourt costs, litigation, attorney fees, juries and other expenses nre expected to run above 51,500. I - THIS CURIOUS WORLD -± "f/je. AMERICAN DOES NOT BELONG TO A BEARDLESS RACE / A1OST /MALE. INDIANS COIA.O GROW A A\OUSTACHE AND BEARD,IF THEV DID NOT PtUCK OUT ALL FACIAL HAIRS 6Y THE ROOTS. ALLIGATORS;*! BEFORE THEV '-"' HATCH OUT OF THE 63<3, A\AKE A LOUD, SQOEAKIN9 NOiSE THAT CAN BE HEARD SEVERAL VAROS AWAV The eartii Is beln? dragged aton^ through spic-3 by the sun at the rate of something like 730 niiho per mhi'ite. Ii you live lo Calf's Crj-ln; Revealed Death PORT ORFORD. Die. (UP) — Continued cry'in? of a calf drew U'_'tuion to the home of Mrs. riiley Davidson, HO, the other day. Investigation showed that she had'is believed to be the smallest per- around SO years old, you will have ceen transported some 30 bil-j| lion miles from where you were at birth. NEXT: When did the 20th century begin? Smallest lien's Egg ORAPELAND, T£.\. (UP)—What been dead for several days. I feel hen egg in existence was laid seemed, surprisingly, io accent tho and ruddy faco. Possibly the cap- !lnn • Iir llara crowd. Of that group workers who have given many o years of their lives to Russian rcco?nition, there wer l>:rh;i)is eisht or ten who cou! inuslcr no S5 for a ticket. On plance over Ihe .snuii:. correctly drcttcd gathering cinphnFlzcrl the fact that Russian recognition to- dav moans Business, rather than belief hi Russia's political and economic philosophy. 1c> flnil llcf arr npnrchlnc tor nfuvn bid nil" wlio vlnlt »hnrrlT ^pfo^e M* deat l»tcr IKIM »crn llili clrl, L in* i]].v.i|i[>rnrr(] «Inec. it-.tA-v srtnii. A on. « p Klnc n frirrnlrnrrc Irtr Inll. Itr .Irrlnrr, hi, tnn Like w;u\ exiJCrtitiOH.- are won ty preparation. —Admiral Richard E. TJyrd. By Williams r-iO-T FE&!_ K'NJDER BLUE. IT'S JUST COME TO ME -I CAN'T HUNT HIM NO MORE. of 5eani5lrcssing. The siams were all puckered. The rfc-Mun wasn't finite right. The hammer v.iis loo shoit. the sickle's curve loo lor.g. and so the star ln;l to bo p'.ncc-d outside the sickl,-. rather :an just at the opfnmj. mil at that, the Waldo:-:' had rouble enough getting ::'.,s red Inu. They called in t!u chief concern in N'O'.v York "hey had never mridc Russian lags, didn't know a thi:v_- about ho dci-ifn. So Aintoij i;!u- Rtis- Trading Companyi vv;i^ con- iihcd and iiirnislicd tl:r t'..i^- cou- •eiu willi a little h;u:;i':v:uk ol jGvictism which cnrrk'il :'!;•- insig- ila. Micr ^11 lhat dt-'ny ai.d troit- ilp. what was n niisjiU'.c^i suir? s such a tr.rislr; crclc thai he cemcrJco llic dam but friendsl::;) CHURCH EXCUSES By Gen. W. Birlum You may ntv. believe It but Jim —that's my husband and I have been worried a lot for several years. Of cour.-i 1 . we are of llic type thai can do a lot of worry- in; nnd ao car can loll il by see- us cut in public. As y.-iu know, we failed as ninny do to bring our church letters with us. Then after a few years we riccidcil lo fend for I hem and put them in the church here. Then after a lo; of correspondence and two or three trips back where we came [ we finally convinced llic church bb.ird that we both had been members of that church to:- years before vc moved. Then after we got the leliers we decided to wait awhile before p'.itiins them here as we were no; quite salisfbd as (o the preacher and a lo; of Ihe members. In fact. II looked like the mont of ihe members were not jus: the kii-.d one would want to associate with. So. while waiting to make further inveslisa'.ioi we put letters in o'.ir safel; ] deposit box and then the bank i went into the hands of the recciv- \ .Matter cf linsincss or lor deceivor. we never could In spile of every feat t:.'.;,-:i nnd | trl1 v hiclu and he would not !e '\rry box box hridin; a < rov.ded 11S "P*" tllc ll;lx and now says abloful of Biii.s!.':. Si':-a:.. r Bill • C0i1 ' t llc opened mull he is thrnn?! Jlr;rah was rer.lly m:^..:: Col.j r ' 05illK "!' lho alf.iirs of the bank alltt the l - or<1 0:ll - v lut NAV.e- ThS WORLD'S Tv.n LARGEST UVE STOCK .v.t^Ef i\nsircr» on r.igc six lie. xvhci U.S. government post°of f ice opened at slciu, "Russian, composer, born. &Q2- Cabinet crisfl in Trance over f£na,ma Canal policy/. w\ lirou=ht the froat legs ,,"' - "' >" 7~ ,V r " 1 :'''' f--'"tr ,„„„„ "•' ' !rl -""" 1 - rlir ^t»pr men trnvr. f:n n>- IVITM rur. sronr CHAPTER XVII Of.IVBR MO.VEAT. of Iili5 to Hie noir witli n rosounrt- ".-hark. "Well!" he exclaimed. will vor Icok who's here— 5" n.innlster prinned from (lie door- ny. "Hello. Cap." ho ssld. "Hone r -i, don't mind callers." J. Han olph Calncy. ji :r .t Iwlilr.d. cdgeil tlie room nnd slumped Into ?. npnrest chair. McXeal wns on Ms feet now Dav6y, my tad!" he Erasplng iauiilster'3 baud. "1 thought yon lieavier tliau ho bad been sis years before. Tho military set ot bis shoulders, though, was as pronounced as ever. Well— 3" Galncy, across the room, removed his hat and Inspected Its less than uertect outline, "What's tlic dope now? Goi a confession from Sctirlach yet?" McNcal shook bis head.' "We're keeping him locked up. ]ust the here recently bv a chicken ov/jiedl by Mrs. C. C. Hill, of Ciranelmid.l the egg weighed eight and three] fourths grains. By Laura Lou .BROOKMAN' a big mm In this to\%~3. !mt t'jat doesn't give him all the privileges he thinks It docs. No, sir! Lang i iu bis office from S:3l> until 10 o'clock last night- Nobody saw him go there, or leave, so far as we've been able lo cUcI;." "You're not accusing birn ot snooting Ills prospective sou-lu-lnw, | are you?" Bannister asked. "I'm cot accusing lilm ot mij" :| tulns." McNcal said. "—yet. Hut he's cot to come, across with ttic truth, f don't Lelievc be was In watchman or someone." tli.-it office last nisliL 1 clou'i see why someone wouliln't Have seen "Thin!! you'll get one?" Galncy jlilin—the elevator boy or^a nlglit persisted. "I don't know. We've sot a line on another suspect—" "I know," Gaioey said languidly. "Vou moan Joe Purrott. Do you think you'll find him?" "01 course we'll Hod hi::i!" the captain snorted. "1 suppose you've E:cGn talking to Drugan, liava you?' "L 1STEN, McN'eal." nanuistcr sai-.! siuldciily, "there's sonie- Ullns 1 picked tip this afternoon tlict ma? not he Important, but 1 think you should know 1L" "Picked up v.-bere?" "Out at the Shelby Arms. I went VI The oatlis tLat followed were not \ 01! t to fiave a took at liie place—oh. flaUcrlns lo Mr. Urugan. "I wish he'd learc to keep his mouth slnil." McXeal wcnl on. "Going arnum! to-,Tii doing all this talking: If he keeps on he's coins to lind himself hi trouble]" not that I cxiietteil to fhi'l nay- tlilns yoii'J misrcd! 1 just wanted lo see the layout." "What"<l you x liacl out?" "A few thiiiEs. Did yr.u fciiniv liial last week one ol the o'.hcr ' nannlster Interrnpied. " ' lenaius quarreic-il willi Tracy Kins seems to bc-_protty sure l!::5 fellow Parrolt is the one who did tl:: and their voicta wore so h-:;d at lenst 3 Jc^'.n people- lienril tliem7 :~| Dili you i:»mv the tc::a::i—01 gan," hc salO "What do you mcati?" "1 won't say any more alm;t H - irriMiled. "1 (iicl.-i't hear woninil—swore sl;e'<! iiJUl £UI:1C \\ay to £0! Kiuc out of the ncte!'.'" MvXeal's t)luc eyes u- "U'iiere'il you ga all this?" lit ilc- •cre In California! I thousllt you shoaling. 1 .'ere away , : ,nklj :s a bis name lor ' McNe:1 ', no(lllcd] .^ Vc . vc a sl]r . ourselt. What lu Mazes do you nlUl! or lwu In storc tor ., lr . Diu i:enn. tur::ins up In my oPJce? ,oo;;:ns fit!?, yen are—" "And yoii'ne looking terrible," -p.i3:iifc;er toM him, well aware! now," McXenl answered, lir.t tills r,!i? The proper nns".\cr. I t]ri y or lwo -" 'Well, Cnp, I'm back on the job. Understand you've sot a tittle inur-| yoi] lhillk kil|cd K!llB? ,. j was this way _ Icr case on. Gcitlns a hule slow I y] 10 captain frowned. "I'm not Mo repented tlio story Mrs Kern- yoiir feet, aren't yon, letting I saying nnyllilnjj." hc tolc! il;c:si,! ncbcc hntl loltl. the s;nr> ot .Mtl- L H Gaiuey leaiicd forward. "Oji the 1 [ level. McXeal," he said, "who (to "\Vail a ! about it. 1 was oat tiicrc all uir. n- I " 13 - > "Then 1 KIM? they wore out ou yon," B.i:uii:~lcr G.I by without bringing "until we have that girl here." " ' -I hours .n the guilty person?" "Uack ou the Job?" eyed lilni (l-,i!;iously. "You mean you're wor!iin£ for the Po?t agni:i?"' "Thai's It." E.-.nnislcr told him. "Uhm!" McNcnl griiutcil. "That's i illficrcnl!" !le scowlcil. "TlioiiBUi! ^'o'd sol rid of you. once anil for all. Wlial'U you want lo co:ae bad; here for?" "You mean the 'unknown nloniV?" iibod Gatney. "Don't malic ma laugh! There novc-r was such a. girl. Suincbocly dov.'n Deie m.iile up that fairy talc!" "Sbe wasn't '?.iade up 1 !" McXcal vina tlollister's (;itLiire! with King after Ms c;u canary iiin!. lie burial ol t!:e car.a from tbo" a::d ^ijunt vina Hollistor's threat.-. McN'cal listcMcil In silcr.ce. after said stonily. "And we're solus to! silent, (or several have her here."- His expression' FI.innl.--er liad l::-.:5l-.rd. was much like a small boy's to j "What do 50:; ihink of il?" Ilia younger man dc-mau'lcu. "Uo .vou the faca of tormentors. think tt means Eayllini??" JAXNISTER felt that lie wanted j "1 t!:-:ik." sa:<l this chief tit the u to cliaugo thd subject. "Speak-1 detective stafi tiowly. ";liai ing of blonds," lio said, "we've been [ going out ihcrc ami talklas to one—Dcnlso Lang." I with tbe HollistiT « McNcal kokcd up. inlcrcsted. i Why wasn't she around tlii:- a Mik I with tbe HollistiT woiv.nn n-yseit. "So she can talk now!" lie exclaimed. "What dirt sho tell you?" I'd like to know?" Caplain McXcal was "Not much. Didn'l have a and Baunlslcr unclcrs;.. ,i chance. Her father appeared on I burned the captain up lo i the scene—" a lob and then sll;- K~. McXcal lapped the desk slnrply j was a:i affront to hi? (J-.. with a lead pencil. "S.iv," he said, i his pride, "did it strike you llic-re Is some- "Listen, Cap l!:iai:iFtcr quickly, "do yon n:.!i. ;i i c,> aiuv.s ll'jl- "Don't lake II too hard." Han- nister urged, still Erln»ln.4. "You see. It tsa't perti:ni:cnt. Jim Paxton tolil mo ho was sliort-liauilod and 1 agreed to go to work d;r him for a while. Wanted to tec Jnsi how slow you and your staff of gnm-shoccrs will be cler.rins up Ihia murder—" McN'cal dropped hack In his chair. "Just ns much lip as crer," ho announced, shaking l;;s head. Uut there was admiration In tuo blue eyes raised to tlainuicr'g. Admiration and lltjlug. The exchange o( mild lusults meant merely that Captain McXcal and David Baoulster were old filends. • • • IJAXNISTER Eealcd himself on " the edge of tlio dosk. McXcal, he thought, looked exactly M ho had six years before. Ho wore a felt hat aud a blue suit—tlw same _... sort ot hat ncd iho same sort ctjilone a lot ot work. Lota o! people! to Binaistcr. "Let's bi o suit he bad always worn. His hair (involved. Have to talk to 'cm aartjwasi" wai no crayor. The gray talrlchecS tMlr Jtorlei. Arthur Lang si (i 0 u s Cuucuurd) :V.V,KlS .:y. U 11- It ty and llila? queer about that bird?" "There's plenty queer." Ualncy with you? I didn't ^ put In ludisuautly, "about the way j lister myself anJ r.| i::, c \ u ~ he treats reporters! I'd like to' lako o sock at him. I'racitcallj throw us out of tho house!" McXcal save him a withering glance. "Well, that's'too oad." be •Arc yon KO asked. "Whj. |:- a . ;c Looked nt hl3 watch, "it's 10 V. Oosh, I thought It was :n;cr nan r.r,ai: M nannister, tco. had thonsht It said tartlx, "Maybe he's net.soivvss later iliati ihaj. He was fj queer as I IboiiBht-" Ho went on seriously, turning to Bannister, to know it was nou McXcal rose to his feet, "Maybo you think wo'ro not getting the haU-np<n drawer of his ikt-S anywhcro on tht3 case, but wo'vojshuL "Coi-ia on!" hc said crisply

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