The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 14, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX 1937 Brick and Stucco H.i nis |j x New Construction 'During i 1937 Around $450,000; More Planned ' Wythevllle has had more than £450.000 worth of building done tills 1 year and plans have already hi">n ; announced for approximately $125.- COO to be spent here within Hie' first few months of 1938. A general picture of what has );cen done Hits year In Die biiildin? line may be obtained by a look nt Ihc business section, which lias' been practically "made over", Ihe,' residential sections where two of; the most expensive residences of j Ihe city nnd many others of lesser! vnhie hove been cnnlsrucUd. Ash I street where H modern conmicretat buildin? is Hearing completion and end of West Main street where In? new factory is located. The 200 block of (lie business fee- lion, which lias been Die, scenr of more Improvement than anv blir 1 ' in the city. Is lo be the home of the new S. H. Kress i-. Co. build- in?, which will cost, as much ns any business building in the citv. Work on the new building, lo be located on (he north side of (he street where n barb.T slion. restaurant, shoe sho" and rooming house now stand, will begin about January 15. it lias been announced by Hie company, The hnildin?. which is lo be fi!) feet wide and HO feel deep, will lie two stories in height with n basement, under the entire biiildlns. The structure will be as modern as any building Hie comimuv has creeled, with np In dale features to Include air conditioning. Other nlans for 19W V-nildlm include the modern brick voiwwcd clinic, to be erected by Drs. T. T?. Johnson and Thomas K. Malitm. and a residence to ho built by Mr. and Mrs. Em-1 O'Neal. Tile new factory, erected at n cost of $80.000 and leased to the Rire- Stix comp'anv of St. Louis, nnd Hi? new Co;a Cola plant, erected by J. A. Leech at a cosf sliszhllv under -this sniourit. are tho outstanding building projects of' 15137. Thi hnmes of C. W. Att'ick nnd A. Conway head the list ol 30 new residences, other biiiidhi<; projects include remodelliiu business houses, rebuilding old residences, enlaraln? nnd improving oilier houses, building garages, service stations, tourist inn, music studio, home economics cottage ot the clly hi?h school arid improvements lo hotels. The garment factory, which was (-omnleted this fall. Is Swet-.t Potato Storage House Q. Is my lot a .sufficient equity |ir there Is any wood tlmt tone-he.'; •ii>r the .securiiiK of an insured the earth, this should be removed and some iilteralion made so that A. If the value of the completed •prujXTly proposed in your'applica- tion exceeds the cost of construet- ini! your home by 25 per cent, .'.vmir IU will then represent 20 per .inn uf the total value and will jc stilllclent equity. Usually, If the cust of tlie .structure is appro- . [irliite for the location, the lot ; ivlll be of sufficient value to comply with the Administration's requirements. no wood will 1)0 nearer thnti eight Inches to the soil. If the termites have already entered, discover where they get In and destroy • their tunnels. They cannot live without some connection to (lie ground, as moisture is essential Q. Can I pay more than the rc- 'iiired monthly payments on a r-Mlcral Housing Administration iiunrrcl mortgage at any timeV ,l)ri I save anything on interest by I'.l'jing KC? i A. Yes; payments In addition to | Hie required monthly payments i.'iiny be niiide on a Federal lious- ! ing Administration mortgage on j any regular payment date. The j siiviiiB In Interest effected is in i direct proportion to the principal j nun anticipated, unless special I conditions are Imposed in the i'liiorlsiiBc instrument which would j:i]ter the case. Q. What plans must accompany he application for nn insured on n home that is to be built? lo their existence. If any wood has been damaged to such an extent that, it Is unsafe, replace it. If possible, insert metal termite shields between the wood sills and the foundation walls. If you contemplate building a new house, have all foundation walls and piers completely covered with noncorrosivc rnelal shlelcl.s that extend from the outside face of the wnll through nnd beyond the Inside face of the wall about grees. Or else have all the wood two inches and turn this projection down nt an angle ol 45 de- of the first, floor construction impregnated under pressure with live. recognized termite prevcn- j A. Drawings and specifications j in .such detail and form -that they |const:ciile suilable contract docu-i A bulletin covering this subject mny be secured from the Superintendent of Documents. Washington, D, c., by sending 5 cents in coin, not stamps; mid requesting the Department, of. Agriculture; Farmer's Bulletin No. H72, en-; titled "Preventing Damage by Ter- i mite.s or White Ants." ' ; Q.. I want to Install a water j | heater. Is it necessary for this to) have my house! be located in the basement near ; Q. How can I (rented to protect it against ter- ; ( he furnace? I ""J c - s? ' A. It is usually necessary to lo- ; A. If .our house is already built, cate a hot-water hentcr near the! | the besl means of protection is furnace or boiler, because almost] ,amslnnl vigil to see that the ter- hill water heaters require a Hue mite.s do not build any tunnels! The only exception is in the case' 'from the ground to the woodwork. I of a gas water Heater. i II 300 or more bushels ol sweet potatoes are grown, the construction of t. special curing house may be justified for use by one or more tanners to a community. This is necessary for curing, If a larger community curing house is not available. This plan is designed for approximately 400 bushels of sr;eet potatoes in crates. The width and length may be increased up to 1,000-bnshel capacity. The most necessary features of the curing house ore (U artificial heat for curing, <2) ventilating system to provide ulr circulation, and <3> heavy, insulated walls for weather protection, txjgs may be substituted for insulated frame walls it desired. Many grower* build the house directly on the ground instend of making the floor at "wagon box" level. Working drawings of this plan. No. '(2411, may be secured from your County Agent. This plan Is one of a series of more than 100 plans at barns, sheds, farm Houses, and other farm milldings designed to meet Arkansas furm conditions by the University of Arkansas College ol Agriculture. This l>im«', ( ile.siK»«l by .Architect William S. Kooli, of Kansas City, Mi)., combines brick and stucco in a seven-room house willi u Iwo-ciu attached #anise. Tin: ]<Vilrnil HUUS'IIIK Administration issuer! a cmnmiluii'iit lo insure a 51,8111) niortKapc im I In- urouerly which is located in To;irl;a, Kaus. A feature of the luwsc is tin; Inrui! master l.i'lrnoni villi. OJHTI fircplsicr. The plan permits Hie addition of tn «ifr;v ballroom oicr (lie garuxw at * fulure dale, if desired. Brick Houses May Be JMust Clear Title Painted Successfully! From three to five tons of old. stroye:! by the Treasury Depart- tvorn anil soiled currency is de- mem of the United Slates dally. j (hi. reniodc'linj of the building «t | with brick walls around It nnd hns Cooper recently purchased. Amoiij clhor btis'.ness propprlle.s inprovcd (hiring Ibis year nre (lie W. T. Baniett Anto Sales coni- >.iny, tiie Dunlap .store. Joe; Isaacs' stcre, the meter building of tbc ^kansEis-Missoiu'i Power company, First Natioiuil Bunk. The Noble. Mrs. A. M. Butt. Cecil Shane. Chester Caldwell, Mrs. W. M. Tay- Brick is a suitable background. Tor paint and will hold such a finish for years, when high-quality exterior paints are used. For this imrjiose, a Portland cement paint or n lead nnd oil paint mny be lor, Mrs. T. J. Mahan. \V. O. Max- used successfully ."«=" "rick structure, should be Olrmcoc nut! O3ff hotels. Kirby . S. Buriics. E. L. Jones.: K u owcrt lo ary f t VlnlltM -»ri..i- 1^1 i^n. XTiM^n . J ' *' several months veucer.Hlic H. ir. Houclilns' colonial Itch, A clap board house, the dark red brick Mrs, Smma Nolen, Miss Eiise Moore, i iV'Tpati »1iri"nii'"iU(n l |Q" I »L"V 1 "! 1S veneered counlvy home of King H. toy Welch. Mrs. M. C. Cullison.' lell "_. lllul °» P"<'"s are to be Mntlhews on tile South highway. O.irroll Blnkcmore, J. P. PrU;, I/, L. Reynolds' new English type f Havis Watson. Dick Webb, Mrs. two story brick on the North ' Snllie Hubler. the BlyUicville Luin- „„„„»„,„ , ,, s eventualh- to provide employment. o'Bryrmt Jewelry store. J. C. Pen- for several hundred women and hlghway. and Ihe n. II. Lewis house. 1 bcr company and U I,. Ward, of scmi-raloninl design ami clapboard structure, arc tunon-; Drug store. Robinson Drug com- larger bouses bull I. ''.' il " > ,;.. Rlls i ic L In "'., r '-..' i - . Jncl!s(lll ' s I Dr. D. U Boyd's six room of Inn Italian brick was completed , sc , vviiilsitrsshOD.R. D. Hiighcs-storc, ' ffirls. Tlie Chamber of Commerce raised the money for the bulletin? hv subscriptions so as lo provide a "year round" payroll for the city. The new Coca Cola biiildlny. now Hearing completion, is Hie last word in plants of its kind. The 15 by 120 feet fireproof structure of red ncy slorc and Guard Jewelry store. The new business building!: nlso include Mlllcn Steinberg's gnrn»c, G. A, Barren's Tourist [nn, Cit)' Service company's new bulk station nnd Butane Gas company's new bulb station. Never, in recent years, at brick, trimmed In stone, sets at one llils Blythcvillc had so many new- end of a large lot, which is lo be I residences crectc\l ns (his year. The landscaped. The J. C. Blain bulldim:. one of the oldest business buildings in the city, was completely rcfinishcd this week after' a rebuilding projrnm which converted that prbpcvty into three roonis, with , modem fronts. Herrick's Watch sliop. Zellncr's Shoe shop and Ihc Kirby Drug company nre located there. Afflick house, which will be finished early in January, is Blylhe- vllle's Ilrst Mount Vernon colonial house mid boasls such modern features as game rooms, four balh rooms and a winding stairway. Eqiinll)' ns hamlsoiu t . but smaller is the A. Conway house, recently complctMl. Like the Aflliek house U is brick, painted white, but is a Work is going forward now on ! New England style coloiiuii design Breakfast Room tllc j Apartment-Like Small Houses Are In Demand early last S])riu^. This wns Tollowccl by the Samuel P. Nonis early American cotlnge, which wns used as 11 model house. I. O. Westbrcrak's five room frame house, Graham The small house Is In demand. lie use of a priming coat, ng a very ' substantial amount of hlgii-grade exterior spar vernisli. to net as a sealing film, dees away with suction spots and alkali effect which might otherwise. No special treatment is needed, ns n rule, when old brick buildings arc to bc painted, but when the mortar between the bricks is SiKlmiry's colonial clapboard cot- uge, Shcibiirnc Bewcr'.s broivn nnd collage, nnd Dick Roberts' tiinr in New England. colonial cottage, which has just i'.s jjnin In lj:vor, brick ns ilr. con- necording lo the Strvictuurnl Clay j crumbling the joints should bc Products Institute which reporls pointed up. Eglorescence of wnlcr- tlmt the extension of suburban de- wit ncssing Ihe been Orear built n small studio. Hearing completion arc Ihc Cape Cod I cottages being creeled by VI. F. { AdBplIng Ihe principles of tlic itt'er. on the Bnrflekl road, and i I''e<lcr:il Housing Administration's Bi-ewer. on the Bnrflekl road, and j Mrs. Pe.irl Cownn. near Bnrclctlc. Klllal1 house nnd the Spanish type house belli? erected by J. W. Raydcr. Dr. Joe E. Uenslcy's new cottage wns sliu't- cd this week. Houses rebuilt. rcmo-JcUxl or improved In olher ways inclnrir. those owned by J. Nick Thomas. W. L. Homer. C. 5. Stevens. Fnrnsivoi'th plans, that place dwelling costs between S3.000 and S-VSOO. Structural Clay E'roducts Institute has just issuctl a booklet of architectural drawings which have been reviewed by FHA engineers and meet the requirements of the PKA financing plan. Color plates of the completed Black. Uv. J. M. Wall. Tom Little. | FHA-type houses, with full floor R. L. Mnclc, Dr. c. C. Stevens. Jack phiius. scale drawings of Ihe fo'.ir Bishop, nr. w. S. Euslburn. Charles Ro;c, John w. Meyer. Ed Williams. exteriors nnd sectional drawings indicating three types of wail Chester Nabers. William Armstrong, i structures, are included in Ihc Marvin Robinson. Russet Phillips, i cook, obtainable from the Insti- LIo.vcl Stickmon, G. G. Uubbard. lute. U27 Eye st.. N. \V.. Wnsh- C. M. Buck. Mrs. J. E. Lawrence, hiKton. D. C. ''•U FW* fl J 1S| J"'' i . l "" Jcr th . e !" ras .° r l'ie Insiirril Morlgacr Syslo 'ii» hrcakfast room. This iiorlion of thc'roora i° ii i " u • «••"»"'* p*'i 01 in« KiKlitn by lo w <iisl Afn »*i«i-*»inj r««m ii nstd when there »rc juesla. BETTER ROOF FOR YOUR MONEY Mule-Hide Is Made to LAST The man who roofs his house with JIule-HWe Koofinr; <-;„, forget his rootins; worries for years (n come, because this highest grade modern roofinR is specially made to resist Ihc ravages of time ami weather. II comi'.s in a variety of attractive colors and is truly, "a belter roof for your money." THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. IMIONK >in soluble snlt.5 often appears on uu- pnlntecl brick. These salts nre nmlnly compouiuls of calcium, broiiglil lo Ihe surface by absorbed rnin n-nter. Dry urusliing or ,\ scabbing vvlth wnler will gcncr- nlly remove lliis ellloresccnce. For FHA insurance; When a mortgage is insured by the Tederal Housing Adininislr.i- tion Ihe mortgagor must establish limt tile property will be free aivll clear of all liens other thnr, t'. K \ insured mortgage and that there i is no other un|ini-.l obligation contracted in conni-et'-m with the. mortgage transaction or the pur-i clia'.e of the projjfty. Adds Winter Entrance ] To Rustic Inn Here! Among Hie Improvements beirij made for the winter season is the new entrance Ernest Halsell has had built for (lie Rustic Inn. The entrance was enclosed, another set of doors added and a win- clow converled into a door, to afford an entrance on the south. Adequate Bathrooms Aid Sale Of House A Inrgc number of families who are in the market today lo pur-' chnse n home require more than one bathroom. Houses that have only one such room, or one without modem equipment, often can FHA IS PERMANENT The National Housing AC: is permanent legislation, and the Federal Housing Administration is a permanent, governmental agency. Treasury guarantees cf Housing Administration insurance, fund debentures continues until July 1939. but insurance of home mortgages continues nidi a fund thai now totals about. $20.000,000. A TIRELESS SERVANT Your wafer system is one servant thnt never fails to respond to your tlemantls for service, day or ni^ht. This .servant never requires a "day off or even u minute off duty. Your waler system is ready to deliver nt your command an abundance of good, "pure water for liatiling, washing the car or doing; the dishes. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. ('ourleoiis. Personal Attention to Krcry Customer Phone 80 in ,So. Hroadiray Sage Says "Spare the Rod" MT. CARROLL. 111. (UP)—"Chil- (iren turn out best when they are reared with praise instead of the house with adequate bathrooms for the Dumber of oedrooms it contains will t c found to Command a better price than the' house with only one bath Fires still burning In a pottery at Fulhoni. London, first were lighted more than MO years ago 9 PHONE 103 ® FOR 'PETE' THE PLUMBER I - ARKANSAS & MISSOURI FARM & CITYI LOANS Low Interest Rates Easy Payments-Long Terms Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in these states. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance - - Fire Insurance Investment Securities OSCROLA, ARK. from the Hazards of Fire, Sun, Rain and Wind Count, the. CERTAINTEED. UNI- ' VERSAL Roofs on Blytheville Homes and you will understand why UNIVERSALS give Universal Satisfaction. You get more for the price when you buy UNIVERSALS. E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. eirTHCfine PHONE IOO We Do Thp D,,<s t

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