The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1933
Page 3
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JjONDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1933 jLYTttKVlU,R, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS NOVEMBER 28, 1933 Sacrifice of First Trick Koy to Successful Squeeze Treaty Gives Nipponese Their First Foothold in Africa. BY MILTON BKOXNER LONDON.—Haito Selassie. Emperor ot Abyssinia, "King ot Kings of Ethiopia, conquering Lion of Jiidoh and the Elect of God," anil lineal descendant, of King Solemen';; famous lady friend, tr.e Queen of Shcba. has brought the "Japanese peril" to the very doors of Eiiroiw—and Italy and England are not very r.appy about it. P0!> Hoile, belter Known to history as llic Ra:; Tafari, has given lands to Japanese for an experiment in cotton cultivation, has surioundcd himself with Japanese agricultural, mincruloglcal and commercial exui-rls, and stands rci>dy for considerable Japonifica- t!on of his empire of 350.000 sqi.,ue I miles and 13,000,000 |*op!e. • Tile slicnges'. military and nav- Today's Contract Probleni North Is playing (lie following hand tit four spadte. It looks as though declarer must lose to the ace or clubs, the ace of hearts, anil the jack and nine ot spades. How can the lianil lie played so that only three trkxs are lost f 4t 10 S 7 5 4 3 ¥Q3 * KQ83 *« * J»5 2 V AS S »!>&:; *Q V J 10 C 4 « 10 4 + A J 10 974 76 t A J 7 6 * K 3 2 Solution in next issue. 28 Solution to Previous Contract Problem IIV -,VM. K. McKESNEY Sccietary, Ainrrk-an Bridge Lt-anue I liad an interesting' bridge dis- ctiisiun today wlt.i my good friend. constipation al power in Asia, Japan is now going out for commercial conquest all over the globe. ! The Japanese-Abyssinian deal started quietly three years ago, when Ras sent Japan. Important took place. Tnc Japanese were out delegation to conversations 4 A10 4 » K Q e .1 # Aid 7 4 *10 7 Duplicate—Both sides Vul. Opening I*ad—+ Q. Somh West Norll! Knst POSE ] 4 Past 3 v Pass D A 1 V 2 + 3N.T. fum Henry P. Jaeger, popular contract authority of Cleveland. We were jiscresing squeeze plays. I believe Mr. Jaeger has more :(iuteze plays in his files than any othtr contract authority. That has teen his hobby. He expects to publish them In book form this winter. Today's hand is one ol lib best. When East opens the ([iiecn of diamonds, the declarer can s?c there is nothing to mp.hir.s Ills contract II the heart suit will break. Ikxi-ever. If this suit will not break, he will have to depend upon some kind of squeeze play to produce his contract. Therefore Mr. Jaeger, in the North, decided not to win the first. for markets and they were out for [ diamond trick. It was going to cost cotton. Their supply came mainly from the United States and India. W hcnyouwaVeup"sluggisIi," tired, listless, tongue coated, had taste, no appetite .. . and nature docan't give you early mnrning relief . . . take Tliedford's Block-Draught lie- fore constipation can develop into something serious. A dose or two usunllybriugsquick,eosyre- lief. Millions have used this famous lain ti ve since 1IHO. You' 11 like its taste, its economy (a penny a dose). At Druggists' They foresaw a possible clash coming with India and ti-.e British. The Japanese were stealing from the British mills of Lancashire all their Asiatic trade—especially in Tntlla. Not so long ago, India put up its tariffs against Japanese goods. Japan replied by boycotting Indian cotton and buying more from the United States. Japanese Are Welcomed But already three years ago t'r.ey were on Uie look-out for a new cotton field. Abyssinia presented the climate, the soil and the cheap labor. The Japs quietly negotiated a customs treaty with Abyssinia, giving t.-.em a most favored 'posi- Ucn for their goods. It was also agreed that Japanese technical experts should go to Abyssinia to study the possibilities. Emperor Haile not only welcomed them, but gave them ground on which to try cut cotton culture. He also indicated he would welcome a certain amount cf Japanese immigration. But the country which is more excited by thes? developments than any other is Italy. The Italians have always felt they had more in- teresp-;tn Abyssinia than any ether notion. Abyssinia lias no sea coast. Fifty odd years ago Italy secured - iXBsc^sion of two of the coastal lands which bar Abyssinia frcm the rea—Eritrea and Italian Somali- land. Italians: Meet Defeat ' Then in 18M she claimed a protectorate over Abyssinia. This led to war. The Italian expedition, pjorly prepared and weakly armed. v.-as badly beaten in the battle cf Adowa, with the result that Italy ."»ve up all pretensions to bossin 1 I he Abyssinians. The only access to the cea Abyssinia has Is by. means of ft railway 48S miles lon^ fron A<l!s Ababa to Jibuti in French Somaliland. The railway k owned , by fr.e French and. if they choos- I they could choke off nil extcmn 1 ] '.cmmerce. i Now the Italians.are wand^rin- . -vhelher some day France mighl I : not sell French . SomalHand niv ! the railway to fee Japanese. Ever i now they are studying treaties U I see whether they are justified ii invoking an o!d pact bcttween Eng- J :and. France and Italy to act to 1 ijetiier to safeguard their interest 1 v ' in Abyssinia. A Finger of Light 100 Mitos Long! Sperry «00,OCD.%0 camlk':0'.',t>r t llles In New York earn n living by contests; nnd that several experts do nothing but promote contests. Contests listed offer a variety of from electric re- lili;i'KUoi5 jrish terriers, trlii.i ' 10 the West Indies, anil the like, to cosli awards such us the 120 ot- ferecl by the Massachusetts Society lor Hie Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for the names of cat- ubamloncvs. llcnd Courier News Want Ads. ., him nothing, since he still could u , e ™ r i ( |- s mosl ,,oweriul. The li-hl. pirim-ed here in ope KVfi^l 1 ^ 'l^'rj,! • «-"«" *.« nnd a beam visible ior nun, than IP, mile., clubs on ace of diamonds, and this might be the development of squeeze play for him. The four of diamonds was played from dummy. West played the encouraging eight. Mr. Jaeger, in the North, played the deuce. ration has The Army lias ordered 1C! ol them, the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. j la Ilanucy were suesls Tlnmlay Romar Saturday night In honor of Mrs. Sam D. W.-.ittle and Mrs. Charles liobercon. who before thelv Bist played the six of diamonds: j rcc em marriages were the Misses dummy played the seven. West | ^"a Barnes ami Luira I'rllcruivil. went up with the king and North ' Kettle and zettic Sterling. Vena trumped with the deuce ol spades. Mr. Jaeger now ran off the trump and the three good hearts, winning the last trick in dummy and bringing the hand down to the following: North held the seven o[ hearts and the ace and three of clubs. South held the ace and ten of diamonds and the len of clubs. West held the jack of hearts ar.d the king and nine of clubs. East held the jack and nine of diamonds and the queen of clubs. You see. East had been forced to ok! the Jack and nine of diamonds protect hlmseli against dummy's ee and .ten of diamonds. Now the ace of diamonds was ed from dummy and first West -as squeezed. He could not lei go he jack of hearts, or declarer's even would be good; therefore, :.c was fcrccd' .to drop the nine of :lubs. North threw away the seven of hearts and East followed with -a diamond. But now the ten of clubs vas led from dummy and declarer won the last two triuks with the ice and three of clubs. Barnes and La Rue lioiuar of here were the guests of Dollle Lacer cf Number 8 Sunday. Annie Lois Do:!son spent Saturday uight wit;-. Ilcttic ami Zetlle Sterling. I NOTICE lii observ ;i n <: o ol' r riiiinksgivlii{f D a y llic follow! 11 jj; cleaners will close Thursday, Nov. 30ih. Blythevillc Laundry Oarnes' NuWa Cleaners Hudson Tailor Shop Unique Cleaning Service Wardell News Gillie Wright returned home Thursday from Osceola. Mr. and Mrs Hoijurt UNI are tl arciiis of n 10-poiind son, Robert Elmer. Milton Dnllns of Mississippi \vns lip aurst of Miss Cora Warren Tuesday. Everyone is invited to attend a tqhi nl Mi-, nnd Mrs. Erni'.st Claik of Unreel!. Mrs. Willie \Vnn-fn and Miss :ura Wurrcn left Sunday for an eitlcndi'rt vlsi( in Mississippi. Me>rs.- Lcvl Sisscl and Woodrow McCoy of Dassctt vsltctl lierc Sundry- night. (Continued fiom page one) parts of i!:e country sent messages cuudrnmliij olhchil I'OndoiH'mcnt of lyiu'li law. Heacilon to Governor Uolph's assertion lie would pardon any member ol the mob who might be arrested reached il-s height while fiovcuior Albert (.'. Ifllchle o[ Maryland was di'i-larniB martial law lu one i-Q'.miy to »»>iire arrest, of nl- I members of a mob that lynched a young negro. The K'jv. 13r. Henry IJ.irlinglon, pastor of the Protestant Episcopal !i ul Heavenly Kesl, Filth avenue. New York, sent this telegram to Kulph: "Congraiubil'jns on the stand you have tnfcen." lie rxphined his action: "I depm'nte lynching but at tlita liiiu' l.-.e country nr'cdrd .something to i-ry.tnlii-:' lliuuijlil and to put the fcnr "f find into the hearts ol criminal:;." Amirica's Newest Hobby Seems to Be Contests BOSTON i Ul 1 )—Contesting. It npix.'ni-.s, is America's newest hobby. Ralph Rtueber of Boston Is the uublLsher of n new magazine, dc- styned to keep contest adicts in .-lose touch with contests throughout the land. Volume 1, No. 1 of this novel [lublicntlon reveals that one Nfass- ichuseUs youth, entering every Contest he heard of, won no ICAS than 111 contest awards during n nine-month period; that 40 fain- idcMullins Cash Grocery PHONE BOI! Specials for Wednesday - J \Vf Will kcmain Open Until 12:001 llonu 1 Killed. Fresh. Full Dressed. Pound URNS Kxtra Fiincy. Unused Pound 14c DUCKS Full Dressed I'ound 16c OYSTERS Now Jersey ICxtrii Selt'cls I'inl 34c MINCEMEAT Hein/. Hrundy Added Pound 17ic PORK ROAST Mealy Pound lie Fancy Dry L'ick«tl. Full Dressed ' 15c box supper at the Warden school! dean shyton. Denton News Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Abbo'.l of Armorel. Aik.. were guests Sunday o! Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Smotr.ers. Mibs Bernice 1'eal spent Suudaj with .Muss Audrey Cowel!. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Swindle sp^nl the iicok-c-nrt Ivlth Mr. and Mrs H. Tacket. Little Hazel Sharp Is in the Bly- fheviUi' hcspital. She underwent ni o]>eracion for removal of her tonsils. Miss Velva Lester of Hollam spoilt the week-end with Miss Olo- medicinal, loo LU DEN'S Menthol Cough Drops CRANBERRIES Pound lie Head K;»ch CELERY Jumlm Stalks Each 9c SPINACH Home.' Grown Pound 6c RHUBARB Pound 12c ORANGES 8-1,1). .01 U.ich BUTTER Golden Rod .Pound 26c Have mercy on your stomach .... Cook with CRISCO—it digests quickly house Tuesday night. -Misses Estcllc Reynolds and lil-! Rend Courier News want Ads. News Several from here attended the dance at. the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Raymond Perry of Number 8 Saturday night. There wUl be a shower party at FOR FEWER COLDS ...VtCKS NOSE DROPS FOR SHORTER COLDS VlCKS VAPORUB I (Full dfjils of Vicks Colds-Conuol Plan in each Vicks package) VICKS Anne, why'tl you buy Critco? I have plenty of my shortening on hand. Oh, Mother, 1 want to make rhubarb pte for Dad tonight— he loves ill IT GETS Smoother Performance ond€s You know your father has Indigestion when he eats pie. But,Mother,the shortening may be the trouble. In cooking class today, Miss Abbott told us Crisco is often used in diets because it's so wholesome. You don't need to take the joy out of eat ing in order to protect your digestiua You can gladly Bay "yea" to wholesoms Crisco pies and crispy Cri*!co-fried foods! Yes, they can tie good for you—because Crisco is Ike iliycslible r/0cffl&/e shortening that doesn't over-burden your stomach. Moat ovcry day something is fried i» your house, fa it grease-soaked and hard to digest—or is it brown anil crispy the way Crisco-fricil foods are? Crisco can IM) healed higher—so it seals food quickly in toaaty brosvn—which prevents fat from soaking into the food. That's why Criseo- fried foods digest quicklyl But let your common sense tell you. Look at Crisco—sec. how it piles up like think country cream on a spoon! Taste its aweelneaj. Why, there's nothing like Crisco, because Crisco is made from di- 1 gestible vegetable oiU by its own secret process! When you buy Crisco, look tor the ' • familiar blue-and-white label. Criseo's vacuum-sealed can is a health-protect! on to you. Especially Adapted for Quick Starting in Cold Weather Exaggerated advertising claims about quick starting are with us aftain. Do not be misled. The effect of Improper oil and fuel on your motor in winter is too serious. You can't afford to gamble with battery trouble, worn bearings or a cylinder-rcboring job. They are too expensive • You can be sure of your car when you use Essolene and Hssolube • The world's leading petroleum organization stands squarely behind these products. They are adapted to meet all winter requirements. All year round they are the si -ilnrd of comparison; and the best. Ksso- Icne and Essoluho are on '^"""••"""•- 'V sale at 30,000 Ksso Stations ^^5^J I and Dealers from Maine STATIONS J lo Loiiislana.copr.wjj.E.M.Tin STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA 51? No, mo am, I haven't had a bit of troubl YANKEE HASH 3 tiUeipooni Criico 2 tib!ejpoon. | <cht>[>pe'l om^n 1 cu|i milk or »ater 2 cups chopped cor /veil teet (cooked) 2 cups cubed boiled potatoes Melt Crisfo In frying pan. ArM onion. BfWft •lightly. (Criaco ii & dfgtttibtt (ryfen '«•> -U^ other ingtfiUfnl!. Add to onion?. Mix thoroughly. Then j-prct.l out cver-ty. Cook *lo»ly. As bottom Ixviwr.s, keep lifting and cult ing it in, so that crusty bits are wocbcd through huh. Just before icmovicit from skiCc t , Told huh ovr r like an onwkt. Serve with— CrLico ii Ibe registered trademark ol a t nr.a.r,u Fact uttd by the Procter £ Gambia Co. CRISCO R*f.U.3.r>t.O(r. Al llic Courier News Cooking School, Mrs. George Thurn used and recommended CRISCO, the modern, quick- digesting shnrlcning.

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