The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1943 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1943
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS .VOLUME 1—NO. 195. ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, APR IT, THE BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS Published daily except Sundays in the Interest of the personnel of the Array Atr Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of Blytheyille, ; by the BlytlievIHe Courier News, it •.contains the news ot the Air Base. ; U.S. Major Vents Old Grudge; Hits Berlin With Blockbuster By United 1'ress One: American flier has a grudge against the Nazis that dales back ID pie-war days. - , -He is Major Sy Barllctl, a''Cornier Hollywood film wilier, who started a sort of personal war against the Germans nearly three years ago. Bartlett was dining In a Los Angeles night chib when he.'noticed the Nazi attache at Los Angeles. Werner Plack. Eartlett says Plack was going around helling Hitler and trying to be theOaiileiter of Beverly Hills. "I heileii him," the Major continued, "I broke his nose." Bartlell now 'feels that he hns parlinlly settled his grudge because he was the first American to bomb' Berlin. And lie didn't go into it in a half-hearted . manner either. The'Major's hand released a 4,000- pound blockbuster on (lie German capital dining the nAP's heavy raid last Saturday night. '.. Flying as aii' observer In a Lancaster bomber named "B fo^Bcer", Bartlett wns permitted, to release the- two-ton missile along wilh hundreds of incendiaries. .. '. The Lancaster's bombardier, '-who stood by during (he operation, told BartleU: "Major, this is my favorite target. You miss that and rank or no,rank I'll drop you llirmieh the bomb bay without benefit of bomb sight. 1 ' ' Barlletl, who had lakEn off his glove to .work .the mechanism replied: "How can I miss? My hands 'are frozcn'to it.'.' ..'..' .:"'" 1 Bartlctl's "B for Beer" was among (he first 100 planes over Berlin. - And also among the list to leave. . Bartletl,''said fhe weather: over Europe was "ten-tenths'' cloud until just before his formation reached the target. ."Then," he reported, "God just seemed to reach out and sweep (he clouds way and say. There's Berlin'; The' weather over the city was perfect." So now the score for nnrlletl against the Nazis reads a broken nose and probably several broken buildings. > Medical Detachment Wins At Basketball The Medical Detachment defeated the 700th learn 21-20 In an Inlcr- snuadron baskciuall league game al the Post Gym Tuesday nlghi Huesby and'McDonald' led the victors in polnfmaklng, each man Chalking tip six tallies. Camptiel! led the losers with six points. In an earlier gnmc the 702m! (|u!nlct defeated the 25th Flying Training Group 25-10. Swetlenam was high polnl man for Ihe 7<Mnd with 10 points. Myers led Ihe losers «'ltli four points. The 320th team and the VOaud .squad will meet each other tonight in a game which will decide Hie championship of the second hnlf of the league. The winner of (his game will meet Ihe With quintet-, winners of Ihe first half, tomorrow night for the championship of the whole league. Lieutenant Eden Wins Promotion First Lieut. Michael Eden of ihe Medical Corps, stationed nt the Blylheville Army Air Field Base Hospital hns been promoted to caplain. Captain Eden is a graduate ot New York University and Ihe New York College of Medicine. He was commissioned June 30, and was assigned here (o duty. lie is the s on of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Eiseiislein, 109-30, IWiirt St., Jamaica, N. Y. In, Blythevllle, Caplain and Mis. Eden reside at 900 W. Main St. Kentucky, instead of Denmark now supplies Icelanders with snuff FUNNY,' BUSINESS ."\Vei>i)l the gloves on his foci—he's on hi-, back most of ^_ Ihe linif!" Say'Happy Easter 1 With Flowers! Brfehttn "h«r" E»s| er n,oni with a lliougl.ff,,! gift of nowm .. Don't >ou jirst wish )0 n could be 111 ere to set her cjcs shine! PLACE TELEGRAPH ORDERS NOW By.placing telegraph orders now you'll be sure of getting first selection, mid you'll also save the cos I of the wire! 'jtThe Flower Shop^ HoJ«I BWg. Phone 491 Pl.lOlIT NUKSES HAVE EXTENS1VR WAKDROIIB-Trainme for service in Ihe newest and |)ri))Ji|« Hie most speclnciiliir wm- nctivily open lo Hie women of Ihe United Stales is Hie Evacuation for a (milting fli(;lit. They are, left to riKht: Anna 0. liamilmn, Duchaiian, Micliij'.iit; Patricia E ' Comgan, Chicago, Illinois; Uulh V. Finnio, Younitatown, Ohio; Gernldmc L. Cintis, Wn'rika, OkliihoraiT mid Irenu MciMnllcn, Macon, Georgia; olh arc second liculcnnnla. - ' ' New jersey Men Will linn Dance Al USD Friday It will he New Jersey Nlghl nt Ihe USD Friday. The weekly dance -f enlisted men with girls of the immunity Service Corps as dunce mrlners will he run by soldiers "roni the Stale of New Jersey, ac- 'ordlnrj to plans worked otil by Scrgl. Ed Sclireiljer and Corp. Mil- '.oii Wnrshinvskl. ScrfjL Stephen J. Papas will he nnsler of ceremonies. Scrgl. Malcolm A. t.evy will sing. Music, will be by the orchestra' of Ihe 31st, Army Air Forces Band. Former School Men Try For Track Team A dozen former hlRh school and llcije stars are candidates for the Post Track Team. Lieut. Bill Adams, athletic officer, said today. 1'hcy will begin training Immediately and will probably,-be. Joined by other enlisted men and officers who have iircvlously participated In this sjiorl. The team will engage in regular practice and will compelc willi college and service cainjj loams in meels throughout the Spring and early Summer. Included in the group of athletes already .signed up for the Irnck stmud arc Hcut. William Callogly. Capt. Martin U. Biles, Scrgl. Malcolm Levy, Scrgl. William Brochcaii, 2orp. Uiivid Murphy, Corp. Leon Kniilor, mill Corp.- E, 0. Campbell. From (,'apfain lo Vrlv'nlc LOS ANGELES, Cnl (UP)—Lo»l s Zclbst wooed and won his wife, Helen Rose, in the uniform of an army captnin. but turned up for breakfast in Hie uniform of a private. Superior Judge 11. niakc, iii granting a divorce, declared he considered Ihe case u serious one and would ask Hie Army lo check the man's record. Planting Is Needed At Field Who has some surplus seeds, cuttings, plants, shrubs or trees? Whoever lias some growing things or stuff IhiU will grow left ovor utter sprnlg planting or pruning or thltnilng, will gain the gratitude of the men ot the niythc- vilte Army Air Field if they will let, the Field have them. It seems lhal tlje Wra Department is spending Its money for bullets and guns and tanks and airplanes, and so on, instead of for beautifying the grounds, so no funds arc available for fixing Ihe place up. Squinting into the fog of dust that filled the air when Ihe wind blew, Col. Kurt M. L-nndon, commanding olficer. commented thnt. there wns nothing -to hold the ground in place except the ruin and the buildings, and added Uiat it would look nicer, besides, it there were more grass, plants, shrubs' and frees. And so—Mrs. Rose Adams, receptionist .declared that she was sure thai if the folks hereabouts knew about it, maybe some of them would save some slutf - for which they had no use, and let the nrmy have it. if she had the right hunch, call her up—telephone 521, extension 3iiO. She'll send a truck lo pick it. up. Due to tiie responsive generosity of n number ot the people of Bly- lheville mid Mississippi County, Post Headquarters already has developed inlo a pretty fair garden spot, but a lot more stuff could be used. Noneoms Club Now Managed By L F. Carroll Louis p. GaiTcll, an experienced hotel and restaurant operator, lias taken over the management of the Noncommissioned Officers Club II; was announced today by First Sergt. Paul L. Yost, president. Mr. Gnrretl was manager and part-owner of a hotel and restaurant near Camp Campbell, Tciin. Previously lie had been engaged for several years in the oil and mine trading business. ..This week's social events al the N.'CO Club include a stag party tonljjlit, during which a musical revue will be presented by a New Orleans Negro troop. Members may invite one other noncommissioned officer as guest. Saturday night the club will have its first formal dance party for members and wives or dales. Music will be provided by the 351st AAF Band dance orchestra, and a special program of entertainment will .be presented. Average weight of 11,000 human brains weighed was 13G1 grams for man; I2DO grams for woman. Hold Everything "I'm afraid to tell ;mybo<iy how happy I am here—they say it •••ou don't gripe you're not a soldier!" Just 4 Miles To The State Line Service Station SAVE on Phillips Quality Gasoline & Oil. Prompt, Courteous Service.. Opcr.ilcd by r.lrs. II u Reynolds, Course in Hindustani . NEW YORK (UP)—For the first lime in Us history Hunter College is offering a course in Hindustani, (he official language of India, as a ])nr( of the intensive Jrtnyuago program sponsored by the American Council of Learned Societies. llarlicr's Chair lo Scrap VEKSAILLES, Pa. (UP)—Wilh (he price of haircuts hiked to 75 cents and his customer ranks heavily depleted by Ihe armed forces. John Kanzlcr donated his extra barber chair to the scrap drive. The chair lias cnotigli brass to make 200 shell casings. About 1C pounds of candy RK consumed annually by Ihe average person in Ihe United Stales, in normal liiue.s. Any Shoe Can lie REPAIRED If llir, "liners are slill good, liring tbcni lo us for quality work. HALTER'S Quality SJio« Shop IZI W. Muln Ph. Z13Z Rehabilitation For ; Soldier-Convicts : WASHINGTON, April 1 (U.P.) — American soldiers convicted of ans 1 - tlitng bnl the worst offenses are being; given a chance lo make good and avoid dishonorable discharge. The Army set up rcliiibillta- tion camps in the nine service commands and at the disciplinary barracks at .Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. c Soldiers who got off on the left foot, but chunked their course, are being returned tu active duty from these c.iniix 1 ;. Judge Advocate General Myron Cramer says the number of erring soldiers lias increased wilh the growth of the Army—but actually, (ho percentage is lower than in' peace time. As General Cramer says: "The Army wants good soldiers, If a man lias a change of heart mid wants to serve his country, ho can live down his bad mark." SUBSCRIPTION ffATES'~ON RRQUEST' Rationing Felt At Club, Too I?. Y. O, S. That menus Bring Your own Sandwiches. It's a fair warning (o the officers and their ladies who attend the weekly dnnce Saturday night at the Officers' Club. For there'll be »o load served and any who like n lunch along in the evening, will jusi have to bring their own. "It seems there's a war on " explains Capt. J. c. irons, general chairman. "And it seems there's a business called point rationing, which means that there isn't any- thitig (o rat unless you give up some point tickets. And the rule goes for the Army like nnyivlicrc else." It's going to be a lot of fun, nt the dance. Captain Irons hns n committee, which, up to now, hasn't done a thins, he says, so he's going to get after them and cause them to produce an Interesting' entertaining, exciting program. The inomta-.s of this committee arc Capt. Walter V. llogan, Lieut Howard Dobbs, Lieut. Luchm Dies and Lieut, lina Anderson. When the comuiiiice really gels going, thc.v can do an exceptional job, according to Captain Irons. Baseball Equipment En- route To U. S. Prisoners In Nazi Camps NEW YORK, April 1 (U.p.)—The language of big league ball parks is going to boMioard in the third Reich this Summer. It'll be heard in prison camps, among men Isolated from the life they knew at home. For baseball will be sponsored among the men by (Ho War Prisoners' Aid Committee of the Young Men's Christian Association. The Association has begun sending baseball equipment to Americans held prisoner ut several camps in Germany. One of (lie greatest needs of war prisoners is for means of athletic 1-ccrontIon ( 0 while away Idle hours Without equipment,' the men find it difficult to organize games. Virtually no paraphernalia is supplied by the German government So the Y. MI. C, A.—the only organization other than the Red Crass allowed to do work among prisoners of war—has taken over the job of supplying materials to. the prisoners. Most in demand is baseball! equipment, but the internees are glad to receive equipment, for any other .sporl.s. sAWxrrHE wo* Htt tcrrcftl IN BAS4MU.IW RJOT8AU-- LaiiPh It Off Carl May field is a private in the Army, but he also Is an unofficial greeter to male members of his own family. I r ive months ago he entered the Army, and was assigned to the reception' center at Camp Wolters, Texas. His job—Issuing clothing. First, lie iooked up one day and there was Brother Willie. Then along came Brother Clovls for his uniform. Not long after another brother— Vernon—showed up. Mas-field thought that was all But l>e was wrong. Along came his brolhev-in-law And recently Mayfield gave the glad-hand to a couple of cousins. Far up In Alaska. Sergeant Max Skelton and Sergeant Bill Merrill were headed for officers training school. They were going all the way down to Miami Beach for training. The Fort Grecley, Alaska, newspaper figured that after a year in the north, the two needed a brief orientation So it offered this advice. 'Bating—If you see a hand reaching (or the bread don't spear it with your fork. It'may be the waiter trying to be helpful. "Seeing Movies — When Lana Turner comes on the screen, don't whistle and stomp. This is not considered in good form in the States. "Women—Women arc a species easily identified by skirts. Try not, to turn red and- giggle when you meet them. You gradually will get used to them and fin,] them very pleasant companions. Above all, First, gas well in Pennsylvania was drilled in Westmoreland county in 1878. Stamp collecting is booming as a hobby iu Europe, despite the war. CORSAGES .•UK] BRIDAL FLOWERS For tbc dnucc, connncnrcnicnl am! your bridal flowers. We are fully prepared lo serve you— Orobils, C'liinmrliiis, Gardenias, Roses, C'arnaltnns ami various oilier (lowers. ri.irc y<mr orders r.irly. I'hone 51!) or come make, your selection. HEATON'S GREENHOUSES AND FLOWER SHOP 200 D.ivis Avc. SPECIAL Complete Motor Tune-up $3.35 Includes cleaning and spacing of spark plugs, adjusting and cleaning of carburetor, distributor, ant] fuel pump. COMPLETE STOCK OF CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY 5th & Walnnl Phone 453 Susceptibility to infantile pn- rnlysis rims in families, results of a study show. Read Courier News want arta. 24-HOUR SERVICE Expert Repair Work on General Motors Cars. LANGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'dway & Walnut Ph. 653 FITTED BY Docton J. L and J. C GUARD OPTOMETRISTS IN BLYTHEVIM.E SINCE 1322 flPTICRL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Dress Up Your Car For Summer . SEAT COVERS 3.95 (o $20 Installed In Any Car LOY EICH SSS nt Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn Across from High School Tbc Modern Refrigerator COOUMATOR For Ki'oiiomy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone 515 SMALL LOANS On Anything « VftlM. East Main Loan Co. SOt E. Vain _ Phone 2M* Cut Flowers In Season Corsages of every description. THE FLOWER SHOP DELIVERY ANYWHERE GLENCOE HOTEL BLDG. Thone 491 — Nile Phone 2619 don't chase Ihem up and { | own Miami Beach with hoarse cries. Stand still and (hey will cliase you." Of course Iliey're both wrong a»d Ihe slate you live in is the l)Mt in (he Union, but here's (lie .story: A sergeant from St. Paul and a lieutenant from Minneapolis are stationed together in England They used to get Into some pretty'fancy arguments nbout the relative merits of their rcs|jective cities, One day the sergeant wrote home and told the folks about the arguments, and said "But we do agree on one thing—that Minnesota is the best Stale In the Union." To this the censor penneii n neat signed postscrip stating: "Incorrect information. Connecticut is the best State in HID Union." Lieutenant Weinstein Is Called To New York First Lieut. Carl N. Weinstein, plans and training officer at the Blytheville Army Air Field, lias lioen cnlled to New York by the (tealh of his father, Dr. S. N. Wcinslein a New York dentist. He lias been granted a seven - day emergency'leave of absence. In New Guinea, native couples dance with their noses locked together. G- S. Webb Cities Service Station (Hw'3'. Cl :i t Collon Brit Tracks) I'hone 921 We Fiv rials Washing & Greasing Our Specially WE FILt ALI/ DOCrOBS' PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE YOU MONEY STEWART'S Drug Store Main & Lake Phone 2822 FIRESTONE Still Makes the BEST TIRES! Bring Us Your Certificates— RECAP JOHS Sent in To Memphis Factory. 1'rompl Service. THE FIRESTONE STORE 219 W. Main HUDSON CLEANERS Special care taken in cleaning uniforms. Buttons carefully handled—Pleats and creases hand finished—2 day service. Garrison Caps — Accessories — Insignia SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" There's no wider selection of shaving needs, cosmetics, novelties etc., In BlyUicville llian at Robinson's. Latest Magazines—Fountain service—sandwiches! Service Men! Meet Your Friends at Robinson's!

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