Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 21, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 21, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated Hats A BIG The Showers Did not Chill the ncKinleyites. Silk, Stiff and Soft. =^—Spring Styles.— DEWENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. MASS RINK MEETING Speeches Full of Sound Republican Sense. $15 WE WILL Dissolve Partnership July i. And must have Cash for retiring partner, for that reason we make suits to order for $15, $18, $20 and choice of our Summer Suitings for $25. This is no fake, but actual facts. Tucker & SharpeCo., Tailors. $20. 315 Pearl Street. $25- | THE f HUMANE NOTES FIRST NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $aCO,OOO. A. J. Murdock. Frcs. \T. W. Roaa, Cash. J. P. Brookmcyer, Asut. Cash. m. a. Rice A, J DIRECTORS: w. H. Brmgsnm, Dennis CM. W. I. In tvl: its Depart, nonta promptly and carefully done. , , Safety to Customers and Stockholders •ought for, Strong Reserve Fund maintained. _ DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY, JUNE 1H, Ilamw, -12-1 Fifth streer, for screen.-'. George Harrison htwcltef Landretb's feeds only. Typographical Trniou meets today at 2 p. in. sharp. Get n straw nmtti.ti? (his week at the Trade I'aJace. Some rare shirt waist barptahtfs towor- row.—-The Keo Hive. Gea Harrison has the finest line of hammocks In the city. Nothing reserved in this sale. See Stevenson & Kliiisick's ad. Our muslin underwear sole continues this week.—The Bee Hive. Tour opportunity to get shoes cheap. See Stevenson & KlinsicU's ad, How docs .fO.48 strike you for choice of any slice iii niHnfr's stove? John Tyueris now locn'ted as clerk at •the cij?:u- stmd iin. the Eacnort hotel. M. V. Carney of Noble township is so HI tiiaflris recovery !.< not hoped for. Curtains a.nd draperies at ">0e on the dollar tills week at lihe Trade Palace. Sec I lie many liarpjius this week on ribboiw from Ic a ytird up.—Trade Tal- nce. ' George Harrison bandies Landreth'i first class garden, flower and fleW seeds. Look out for clean up price on wash soods tlriu week. Come alons.—Trade I'alnce. ?;2,uO silk umbrellas, steel rod, natural wood luindle, tassel and cn.se for frl.23. —The Bee Hive. Our stamp linen sale will be very in- terasUnp tomonwv. Coonc in nnil see i,he dl.spJ.iy on tlio from case. We have placed In our store a handsome 02k money-box containing ?23 i" Silver. We liavc had made for MS a number oC keys, five of which will unlock the box, With every cash purchase of a pair of shoos will be slven a key attached to n in?. Between Dec. 25 and .Tan. 1, .1807, keys can be. tried and to the-holders off the keys that tin- lock the box will bo given ?5 as a present.— Elias Winter, 510 Broadway. TUB CIIKCK-RK1N. IXXKCII it he check-reiai, master. Sue how your poor horse tries, To five himself from the cruel strain! He tosses his head because of pain, And pleads w::h beatiUl'n! eyes. TAXISCII the check-rein, master. If only a moiiKiut yo-n stay. Toclnitand gossip with friendsin town. Heed Hie sad pleading of eyes so brown. And give Hie tired nock full sway. the cheek-ivim. master. Ah! see what a pleasure svdilime, You s' v e I0 °' ( ' "Dobh'm," so weary of Let him si.retch his poor neck as cliooscs,*awliiile, I-l cosls bill' a momeiiit. of tamo. Awarded Honors—World's Fair. DR, it ' "How can one be so cruel?" is a natural expression often heard ImmwliiUo- ]y following «o-mo terrible act of cruell'y. 'Tis a question easily answered when we consider tlie rise and fall of nations and die fact that this world lias dogen- orated, majiy times, iiuto savagery. Who knows hut' that some of that cruel savage blood -may be lurk- ins in the ve.ins of the people of today? May it not tie. only wailthig lo craiimfind us din-ing ihe heat of passion or imgiinrded moments'; May cruelty .not be culitiv:v(ed? f.s it not far belte.t-.1o cultivate kindness and morcy? Does H not behoove us lo think and f.lia'ink seriously upon this (iiie-slionV Is nor, Htiiiinnie education needed everywhere a.ud particularly In tilic reariiu'g of children? The tliouKh'tJft-* mother forgets the word cruelty wtlieu she permits her. baby to mangle tlve •h.winless fire-fly in his chubby flsrt: she forgets the word cruelty when she allows him to fill hi* trousers pockd:* wlitli lia-pless butterflies, 1,h<Tel>y, bruising rhem J-uto utter cruelty when sihc slaps the furry kitten I'iccausn it rcfee.nled being pinclied and .stiraiii'gled by this same baby; she forgets ihe word emeHy when she teaches the baby how lo impa.ln nlio living angle worm n.iid onjoy the s-truggle of a dying minnow: she forget* the word cruelty whon sire- tells him to drown those "nasty" kUlous., 10 shoot those troirble- soiiiie sparrows or to capture, that gorgeous red bird for lior new Sunday bon.1101: s3ie is astonished when l.his Ka.mt 1 baby boy frnaWy becomes a trtic savage a.nd f.fl.mmits nonne fiendish crime. "A.s Ihe hvig is bent t.he tree is hit-lined."' "BAKBATJA ALI.KN." CREAM BAKING MOST PERFECT MADE. I tywe Grape Cream of Tartar Pdwtlcr. Fret I r Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant - 4C Years the Standard • •\V1T.L TALK TO WOKKERS. Rov. Dr. IVclillK)ini will addli.'SS I.he laboring men of l:hc city at the. Trades Assembly hall corner rut' Fourth and JIairkc.t stive-its, Mo,nday i-vfuiujr. Tiie Kov. Mr. Wellborn is a fluent speaker and a man who carries conviction ivHli his remarks. Every man who labors should hear him. • The rain had Its effect i.n prcvMiting nn extraordinary ;:tleudanc; 1 al Ihe rink law!, nisrlii at Hie i|::j.ira.inp:ii ratiii- cation. The Military baud furnished noise iu harmony wilh iht> fuoliugs tit' Hie assembled admirers of tlic eminent prort'eclionisi. The Kepublicun drum corps made ife lirsr aj>[ie.-iran(.'e. and succeeded very well iu spite uf the ra:in-soaked drums and Hie absence of. Diii-eclOr Worstell. A new mareh, : dedi- caled 10 McKiuley, was •among Hi" numbers. There were many ladies present iu spile of die shou-c:-, A plalform was erectc*! on the South side of tlic bii room a.nd the beui-lnv< were well lilled vvitlt ntt.i!i<-rs. A large Hag- was draped bavk of the stage a-.u! a iiicinre of tin. 1 ni'xt president occupied a pnimiiieiir place. The ii:ec'iiing was called io order by Couniy Chairman l'owe',1. The sjieoches were limited to live mimiles. The moifi was hot, but Repnlilicaus did nut mind srnaJJ discomforts. They were there to express their approval of tin' );oni.inat:if:U of Major McKiuley. Capt Frank Swiirart in-e.sided. lie said that the Iiopublieaiis were llK.'re. lo ratify I.he noniina-tidii uf the successor o.f "the innnor;al Lincoln, the silent. flra.Jil-, i ho honest Uaye,s, tJie. versa! ilu Oarfield a,nd the statesman Harrison, in nil her words, McKiuley." W. T. WUsoi). c.-widid.-nc for joint ivp- rcvsenla.tive, addressed the meeting. Among other things ho said: "If you him: read the papers yon have seen a treasury deficiency. :;i) issue of bond'! ID Hie amount of i-ii^.OOU.OOO iu lime of peai'e. pensions vetoed, rite markeis depressed, and ive have no faith in policies that bring such result's. \Ve do have fa.ith, in pro-tei'-lUm and McKiidey." <.i'eo. ^'. Walters was itit.rnduced and reminded the voters that while ihcy vounl for "Bill" Melvimlcy they would also be voting for "Bi.llee" Wilson. Mr. Wnllei-s gave a short sketch of Major McKinley. In closing he said: "We know and honor iiiin. Henry Clay was tin.- t'aUier of protecHoii, William Me- K.hi.'.ey Is the sponsor, the supporl. Hie builder of I'.IE policy. Tic should be iu Ills nalura! posiil-.m, as iinsideiit." Thu Kev. .T. C. Kanffman told of his personal! knowltnlge. of McKinley Hie num. lie said: "I have known him i.weniy years. 1 have been 10 see him and always found him most affable. 1 Wiuil to say he is a li-beral Christian gi.'ii.lJoinan. and he is a member of l.lu; M. K. church. He is a,s broad as flu: pai't-y lie belongs to. He iaboui;? no man o,n account of his beliefs," Mr. Kaul'fman referred to Majm- Mc- Kitiloy's lidt'Jiity 10 his invalid wife. He said Hie Wlttile House homo under McKinley would be a model for all homos. He closed by saying that when in: left college he had some free trade ideas. In flic last few. ye.-ws the college foolish, ness had bee]j pounded out o-f. him, Mr. C. K. Johnson opened w.!Hi a good story and tia.id l:e congratulated the jieojile thai a man had been.chnsen who is so pure. He said the ])ar:y lias no apdlogies to offer for tickets, Xal.kuial. S'.-ii'e or county. Mr. Joliu <.'J. Meek was next. 1-Ksaid: "We are here to congratulate each other, and Hie pany on the nomina lion of Win. McKinley and on the plal- foiiun we are asked losland upon. Major McKinley livi>- in the hearts of the people," Mr. Meek proinisod that Major Mc- Kinley'jj tiiection would liring relief.Hc conr.rastcd i.he present situation wiHi amdilions under the MoKinley law. He aisked if i lie people had not had enough of the Dc'iiiocratJc administration. His SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN ILOGANSPORT. LINE COflPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing was Iiy I lie people, of the people and ;"or fhu peo5»h>. The Coliiicl said ilwi. when MoKlnluy ocenpii's ihe rre. K ideniial i-.hair in. 1 would not lie- fi'uu \m a ^ovcnuneni: boat jroiti.a; lishin^r on Docora- tioix day. nor rnisin.^ hi.s pen to veto n cotnrade's pension bill, nor surrounded Tiy jniard.s- lo Tit'cveirt his assas.«in:iUon. The fjleo club sani; "Mary and Her Liinib and ihe Wool Qneslion," and was !<>mlly applauded. C'apl. T-. II. McKee was ilion called I'or-'aiid spoke iiilen^tii'^'y- He will (lint lie hud known Majru- M^cKialoy in fhe rinks and on I lie Moor of Con^'i'e.s.=. Tlie highest "nconiuini to l>e .aiven Mc- Kiiiiey is lhat he is a typical American. Tin: fflei 1 dull mrnff "Shoniin;,' for Mc- Kiiiley." •'Hit' I' 10 crowd ndjo.\inv,--d after a most Inlereslins and prnlitalilo meet- ins. Pen OPIE READ. Picture by the Eminent Writer of Col. Cody. RANDOM NOTES. The j;lcp flnl) was delayed by clmir pr;n:!if'C. Tin.' crowd was uol out .for fun. The speeches with :noa( in liiem ea\i?!n IhV audience, Tiu: rain donJoncd i.he dnniis, hnt l!ie eiUlm*!lM*in wi>nJd not down. The andit'iu-o held i.ts si'rtfs unrJT Uje lasl. jjieech was dom>. Capt. T. H. KcKee had but his voice was sfrnii.2 fjood poiuls. ' a sever.' cold. ami he made ADDITIONAL LOCAL. THE MODERN BEAUTY. • Thrives on good food and sunshine, with plenty of exercise In the open air Her form glows with health and her face blooms with .Its beauty. If her system needs the cleansing action of a laxative remedy, $be uses the gentle and pleasant Syrup of Figs, Made by the California F 1 ' "/yrup Company. Attend Ihe preat clearance sale in the carpet room UiLs week at the Trade Palace. speech was full of sound sense 'ind was heard willi' deep am-mion. • Dr. .T. 7i. IVnvi'JJ told or rh«' St. Lo-nis eonvetilton. He said there was no nann- i!!i)iit.ioiH'(l Inn ihat of McKinloy. He •loM of rlie ])arades. uf (lie adopting of the rc'sobiiio'iis, of ihe lioltlnff of di'lo- Kales, but iwunty of ikose who voted for silver; he described KTiipiiicaliy ihr- .scenes j'olJowbij.' ihe iioinjna'lion of en.ii- dida.les. mud the audience told him 'o "tJO on" wlmn lu.s time was tin. They were interested Ju liis Jiffonnt of tin; McKinley cyclone. Col. Cromer rclVrrwl lo ihe infancy of Republicanism ami. (d.'Lincoln, nil honest uiMi, who not cudy led his party to victory. Inn thwtisli- a sr'.'at vat', nnd saved the country. He said In part; "Another serious' crisis Ls on the- country. Tlioso who have (liven serious thought, know that we need a man to''lead the eouatrj" out of the present 1 . condition. They had chosen that. mrLri TTwhtise he la an honest man, eapable'of filling; the position, eqiinl to iJie savin;.' of the nation if need be." ' " '••' Col. Cromer knew McKJniey. flnd told of his ways and mumerj; .He said he Ttead 1'iMiiiK's :id. Choiee Sn.-IS. Rijad rhe-Hec Hive's ad. Ih's morning. Muslin .iiJiderwear, Monday.—Trade alace. Clinici: oif any shoe in Line PilHns's ove, ijiri.-l.s. Siloes at co,sl. Read ,*ievonsmi & ck's ad. Monday—Puck suits OSc. twilled silk ;nmbrel.las OSc, wa!s:s 2."e.—Tradu Tal- ace. '• No .10 OH tlio dollar, but. shoes at aci- ual cos!, Si'<> Srevejison i)t Klhi- fsick's ail. :!0c and 2."c Oi'SMiidies. Swisses and flowered dinjiuiu.*. l^ic tomorrow.—The Heel live. The DiMiiopratLe drum corps will hold a ineetiiis •!'• I'iieir Imll tomormw evcn- ill.sf, All mci/ibors are orderi'd lo • lin present. ' ' • A Sunday school convi'iillou will be In-Ill This al'tcnioon a.t .'.! o'clwk ai.. ihe SliiJnh' cJin'iTli in Noble lowi^hiip. Evi.'j-ybody is iihvlted lo a I tend. • '•• '" Many arc the people that are fimlinu: out thai the l>i.s store buys cheaper ; a.ud se'.l-,s cheaper than they ever saw ^ooili bct'ore ainvwhere.—Trade I'alace, 'b.-rndriiff is a,T) oxurtaiioii. from ihe pbr'ee* ret the skin tli;it spreads and dries, 1'oi'iniiiK sciniC'and 1 cnu.siiiis Ihe hair to fi'ill on/. H:t!T# Hiili 1 Kenewer cures II. 'Yon will make no nmss in usinpr Pnt- liani Fadeless Dyes. They will not soil the hands.. You only have to dirty two v'essols and 'tivy' simply Mfd 'rinsing oiit, after iislins'l Tin. 1 dyes are not poisonous and you can dye in aaiy kind oi' v'essel. 'lOe^pcrpaokJija. 1 , Sold l>y .1. M. Johnston. ?. •. :.- . •..' v; i. •' • "If man's sivaicst siudy is man, of wlial wonh has "Buffalo Bill" !vi".i 10 11)p snideii'l? Sl.rip him of roinar.ee, of history, and re.sard him simp'y as a collector of the human .speciei?, and limn note the dislanico he advances beyond any "sliowmaji." \\'iim Bannim pitli- eri-d wild bcasl.s 'lYom Ihe dark corners ijf rlic eari.h wJse ,men: applauded for i hey declared Mm he trad brought hom-j 10 cvci-j- cliild ihe irnih oi' iiamral history. "And what, has "Buffalo Bill" done'.' lie ha.-s opened a jrreat school oS ajiihro- polocvy and not only wtsdom bur. royalty has been forced to applaud. Surely his -enlcr,iain.nienl. L< tlio greatest thai the world .'las ovt 1 ) 1 seeu and could il hav: been possible in ihe viperous days of Rome, had this ma.mmoih play been eJiaclcd im |!H.' uei.s'hborh-eod of. tlie eternal city, ilio school boy of all luilions would today transhiie i:rs \vomlere inio hi.s mother tongue. Moi>'e made ihe i\vi> worlds touch ihe tiixs of i.hcir fin- ircrs lo^cthcr. Cody has made ihe w:ir- rioi-s of all nations .1oi». hands. WKo bii't. hi.s .m.'u) IBIS conceived so fantastic a play'; In one act we see ihe Indian. wi;h, his origin shrouded in history's mysterious fog. the cowboy— ncrvcstnmp: product of v.ho new world —i lie Amer.ican soldier, iln can. ilie :;lillerin;r soldier of Ocniiany. the (Ijislwnjr cavalryman of Franco, fii'l impulsive Irisli dnigoo.iv and ihat siraiiKO, swjfl spirit from the plains of IJiissi;)—Uie Cossack, marvelous ihea;- ric display, a drajna with scarcely n word—Europe. Asia. Africa. America in panoramic whirl and yet as individual- For $2.98 Otto Offers Choice cl Men's Tan Shoes: worth up to $6.00 include ing the Wide Toe Ox Blootf R. S. Shoe and Smith £: Stoughton's best. Choice of all $2-0$ Ladies' New Shade Tans Worth $3 for St^S The Celebrated -fttto" $2.50 Button 4«ri Lace SM& The Free Distribution <d WATCHES WITH SUITS Closes this Week. Otto Kraus "Of Course" HE SKl'-LS 1'ATTERNS. Warsaw Times: A -new swimlter "JE ii-vvcli'iw about, lie h]H.ixxliices solf/as an "a gout." for Hie sale <it , ^j,".'." I paneru paper. So ninny yards ' pattern are soW for ,fl w.ith £oo<5 dress tlnwvTi in. 1I<: delivers Uie lern, sivrt! :i ivocipl. for 'libe dollar JSSfi tJie'soods. :ire to be delivered tseift Thursday." Tin: iKiia.l result .Moral: Ahv.-iy.s deal w.H.h i.he chMit who is responsiWe awl will f.v any and all mi-slakes. i/.ed as of (hoy had never kifi ihoh- own country."—Opie Road. MUSIC AT TUT; CHUKCHI-:*. Mr. T-. D. Eiehlioru o-f BluiTlon, I ml., is the finest of. Mr. \V. T. GiflV. He is one 01' (lie fi:ies! baril.nnes of llic Stale, and will sins at the Mrst Presbyterian church ili.is morning and at. the Broadway M. E. church fill's evening. Miss Pivisie Moon.- of IIuiMi-.iirton, Hie well- known orjia.tiist. will preside al the or- jran and w'iill play Mr, Kichhorn's .•!<'- A colored tnivelor was? nvrestiil Friday evening upon tlio charge el' vagrancy. Mo was arraigned before Ihe Mayor yesterday inoniinp: and his Hoii- 'or toM Iran he couJd jr<> acquit if ho would promfee 10 be. omside I.he city Limits in thirty mJaxites. lie agreed lo Uio terms offered and trow the jrait .it wl)id) h« left tJii? city bnildiiips he was probably beyond tlio fO'nwi'alion limits to half the time allotted him. Poi^t fo-ivet 1 !«• id.uaovtle nmsBs. ay- r\vc:ir sale is siill or. 1.0Tiw>rw«E. i* price lift*, cnm-pare poods. ISsfi. 1 Stow !w.< no i-nnijK'IJtjon.—TS Bi.u' rivliH'iJOJW in sia.mpod theOBee Hive's sale tomoiTOw. Mrs. Black died at her residence at Twelve Mile tarly yesterdny moru!ii£ of p.inilyws, after an iJlness of but a few minute*. The funeral will be held from thpFrwelve Mile T. B. church. . / ' . by restoring to heafthy activity the Clogged, Irritated, Inf famed, ~" gish, Overworked Bold

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