The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1933
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Served by the United Press BEFEHEVniE COCKIER THE DOMINANT NKWSPAHEH OF NOHTHEABT ARKANSAS AND 6ODT11KAST MISSOUTU HOME EDITION Hlytuevtne. Dally New». ulythevllle Coumc. Lc»der. Ulvthrvlllc n»r»l«1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE STATE TRO Poison Stayer Doomed Says His Lawyer Morris Smith Named Lme Board President Confessed Mur Four "Wliolty Insane" Declares Defense. BENTON, Ark.. Nov. 28 (I)!')— I Defense counsel for Mark H.I R'nink. 41, Akron. O.. attorney nmlj confepsod killer of four, announc- j od Iholr intention loday to show, that- the defendant Is "wholly i:i- ; sane and cannot live more thanj Fix weeks." r N. A. Mcnaniel. defense altor- i nov. In o prclim':iarv statement to ; i lift iury. a plea of insanity ! „ foi the allornev. whn admitted ad-rogys miniMi-riiii; fata! <\n^s of ix)ison • lo four memlxM-s nf the family ofi Alvin Colley of Ohio. j Mcnaniel advised lhe jiirv lhat • lie intended to show bv witnesses lhat a "material change has come over Hie defendant In the past year. 1 WEST MEMPHIS. Ark. —Mor :is .Smith of "liivdL'yc.', Cruss coun- 11, KB.-, e!e-cti;il president of thu S!. l-'iaiKi:.; L-jiei- 1'mrri at the Ji!M mr-elin^ of lhe newly eleclcd lo-jid iU Wcs: Memphis today. Mr. Smith was unopposed ami .•iti:ivi.'d a uiKLin'muiEs vole. lit , >:ii!u-.'d-i J. Ijui Williams of Cs- Ot' n-:(il:i. \vliu lu-it his place on the toard in lhe reu-nt election. jCiiidini; lhe secretary, engineer, ana 1:3 iiPiiicd ill the in. July. ! Hitler BQY j In Arms Talk '' "' a """ al Records uf Ohio institutions for Voposerl St. Lawrence Treaty Would Strangle Miss. Valley. Sister Scorns Mae West's Tip ST. LOUIS. Nov. 28. (UP)— U. S. Senator J J ,cnneH O.^amp Clark (Dem. Mo!) today denounced the pending St. Lawrence river devel- ncrvoiv, disease*;, he said, will be! °pment trealy with Canada as Introduced to show confinement uf I "strangulation of the Mississippi cln«e relatives of the. lawvcr. valley." Shank* Shows Little Interest "It is time that the people of the He snld his client had been iin- I valley should awake and gird for vas slumped chair, his head nor observation of nhysicians at J-itlle Rock who will testify that "he is whnllv insane nnd cannot live more lhan six weeks." Throughout the procedure Shank Ihn defendant's resting on the rhoulder of his wife. Although the courtroom was comfortably warm lie wore a .heavy overcoat pulled i)o aroun'ii his face. He apiienred unconcerned. McDaniel said witnesses will be called lo testify how Shank, re- norted suffering from sinus trou- defense," l-.e lold a joint meeting of ue Mississippi Valley association and the St. Louis chamber o! commerce. Clark, a luncheon guest speaker, characterized the St. Lawrence project as a menace to the welfare of the whole people of toe United States aft well as the Mississippi valley. .• "We are being asked to vote not only for the supposed benefit of an- olher section and another nation, but also asked to bind ourselves ir- Seek Indictments Today in Wynekoop Murder Jipi-lcd suffering from sinus trou- revocably and forever to the n°r- ble. jumped in a lake while on anhnanenl isolalion and pennin° in ontms in an effort lo end his life. In the state's preliminary statement to the jury Prosecutor Millar Halbert withheld the nature of the penning of most, of tlie Mississippi valley." Construction of [Se Panama ca- iial. Senator Clark pointed out sr s his remarks to a recital nf Incidents preceding and following the cinying. The first slate witness was Mrs. C. O. Costello, operator of a Hot Knrlngs rooming house, where the Colley family stouoed on the night (•receding the slaying. Melvin Hilbiirn. runner, who directed lhc tourist party to a cool picnic spot near a spring, described hnw Shank concocted Use poi- fon grape juice drinks. After seeing the attorney pour the grape .iuiro Hilbiirn returned to his nearby farm house, he said. A few- minutes later Mrs. Hilbiirn saw ihe automobile drive away from the picnic spot with three children crying as in nain in the rumble real, she told the jury. Saw Shrink I.cavr Car The next slate witness was A. C. Murray, a farmer who described the dealhs of the victims. He saw the car. he said, just before it ran off the highway. i ^ He heard cries of lhe dying, he k ^.sserted. Colley's head was tilted over the back of the driver's seat nnd the machine wns "running very rapidly." according to the witness. Two hundred yards further down the highway Shank leaped from lhe moving automobile and "fell lint" on lhc pavement. Murray cerlcd. The automobile then struck a fence. Assembling n group of farmers Murray went to the scene to in- brought great, benefits to eastern coastal ports. "This proposed treaty should entitled," he said, "a treaty to relieve the depression in Canada by (So granting of an American subsidy of hundreds or millions or dollars of American taxpayers money for the employment of Canadian labor and lhe purchase of.Canndian material." J. H. Stack. Mavor of Brinkley, Dies BRINKLEY. Ark.. Nov. 28 (UP) —Mayor J. H. Stack. 58. died suddenly at 2 a.m. today. He had been a\or of Brinkley for the last fen years. He was owner of (lie City drui,' storf and was an active member ot the Arkansas Pharmaceutical association. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. A rauch-chaErttied man was Ambassador Andre Krancois-Poncct, above, when news leaked out ttat ho liad conferred in secret wllb CbanciHor Adolph Illtlc-r ot Germany fu BerUii rcganllug CHICAGO, Nov. 28 (UP)—Upon two repudiated confessions and a ma/.e of elrcumslamial evidence, slate prosecutors today sought the indictment of Dr. Alice I.inriscy i:"'.",""" Wync-koop. elderly 'physician, and a her son Earlc. on charges o! klll- Rhcta Gardner Wynekoop, the son's unwanted wife. Today's meeting of the grand : Angry Al His Brother Roy ! Cones' Wild Sliot Hits ' Aubrey Carlcr. ! Apparently angered because of | pi.nishmi'iil administered' by his ! 1'i-ycai -old bro'.her, Hoy Cupcs. (i, j firei! a 22 calibre rifle wildly ut | n group of children at Ihu Copes home, near HiilVmun. yesterday af- ' teincon, the bullet striking Aubrey Crrler. n. In tin. neck, and barely ir.i.-!iir.i; his Jirjtilur \cln. Thi.' i-ondUIon of the injured , yuUh, brought, to the Blylhevilk- ' hc.'.pital, was not considered scr- iou:- today aliiiouxh a hospital physician said that liad lh» shot '•tried an inch below or lo one snli- il might have been fatal. The tullel (Kissed through the muscles <f the neck and emerged. Serum was [idminisicnd lo prevent tet- .miis from developing. The Cutler child. 50:1 of Mr. and Mrs. V. C. C-irter, had zone to lhe Cop?s home lo play during the absence of hts mother. Ills ftther was confined to his bed. Air. and Mrs. Jess Copes, parents ci the. boy who fired the gun, were r.ho :r.vay fr:ra home, nttctxiing a funeral, us wrs Mrs. Carter. According lo repnrls nil older bro(her of the Copes child hud punched his mt'.e brother several times during the afternoon. The latter finally hr-pame so incensed he got Hie small rifle nnd bullet which he insertcu 'n Ihe gun and fired at tlu.> group ol children, vihich included hi Urter brother. . . The injured boy walked to his jury was the last active session of the present panel. Charles S. Dougherty, assistant state's attorney, charged that Dr. Alice shot and chloroformed her young dauslner-in-la-.v to death nnd that Earle planned the crime, purchased cartridges, taught his mother to shoo: his revolver, and incited her to the deed. Bolli susjiects were held in coun- tv jail on warrants charging murder. "Tlie dame wlio knows the ropes doesn't gel tied up," wisecracks Mac West.' Hut Mao's sisler. Heverly, above, doesn't go for Mac';i advice, for sho has announced her cu- KaKCmcm to Wlailimlr llalkolf, her vumlfiville manager and cbii>[ stookliohler in a French • )»>rfumcry firm. [I'n a lovo maldi, taj';i Beverly, 1 omc with the aid of the 13-year- > old boy and was brouKht '• Sudden Election Call Stirs Anti-Long Grou " BATOfr ROUGE, Lo., Nov. 2 )—The sixlh congressional dL seethed with nolllical excite FLASHES ST. SEEK TOM ratlinif Aiilliori/ccl; For-| .."[*, inal 0. K. on Gravel Surfiicc Kxjjcclec! l.alcv OSCEOl.A, Ark.. Nov. 28 — Appro- il iin:l authorisation lo i;c> In work llinji' Mississippi cminly pro- mts, Iwu of Ihi-m major projects, ur, received by County Engineer >1. !. Wilson lliis morning from CWA eadcpuirtors In Ltlllc llock. The projects are the twenty miles f ytnvcl laterals to Highway 41), '('it of Osceola. where gravel re- air i? to be done, tile road from }oselfliul to its Intersection v-'Hli Il7,hwuy -10, ii distance of about iKhl miles, on which grading wns iiilhori/L'U. and a small road pru- Iliv Tin' rilunril In- fi.ur Tuuhy .•cmilld-il l,y a riiiirt hrir this l.liiilliirnh kldn^plne nicllcf wns iflunvrd ',1. Tin' Jury liail C:10 T. SI. Monday. Soldiers Leave Will) Prisoners in Shower of Stones and Clubs. Dyess Promises Gravel In a telephunr: cnnvrrsatlrm with County Jmljc '/.. II. Harrison yesttrday \\. It. Dyrs-s, state CWA administrator, said that he would ordrr (Travel shipped for the Uosrland-Kcd l.lne road project, indic-allns that Ilnal au- thurlKillim nf the eruvrl sur- hicinir of this roail Is certain. jtcl of lers of i approximately lhrec-(|imr- mlle hack of Marie, where Funeral S ervces Held Pnnnallu . i-onnauy, Hold Services Today for W. J. Hubbard of Dell Funeral services were held at the Bap'.ist church at Dell this morning for W. J. Hnbbard. 68. well known Dell proiwrly owner and business man. v.-ho succumbed at his home at Dell at 4:45 o'clock Monday morning. The Rev. Mr. Gill officiated tit the services and made at Sanford Funeral services were held at Ccfcb chapel yesterday foi- Joseph Wi.sley Connally, 72.'of this clly. ivlio dl:d at the BlylhevlHe hos- pilal Saturday. The Rev. W. V. Womack. pastor for tllc uf lhe rir;-t Methodist clinrcli. of- j l.riatcd at lhe rervk-es. Inlenneiu : ^:is mnde al E!inn-nod ccmeu-ry. • The deceased Is survived by two! sons, Pete nnd Arch Connally and "Ran; 1 Really Was Rap This Time, as Forecast BOSTON (UP)— Michael G.igllo prolestcd to Judge Joseph T. Zat- toli in municipal court recently ' interment was cemetery, near Holland. Mo. The Cobb Undertaking company was in charge of fu- -'ral arrangements. The deceased is .survived by his widow. Mrs. Belle Hubbard. four wns. Ernest Hubbard, Elmer Hub- Bob ITubbard and Eddie Hubbard. nnd three daughters. Mrs. Florence Anderson. Mrs. Mary ilinyard and Mrs. Rose Holman. that he had taken rnp somebody else for the last, times. The records were shown the judge ns proof. He said "Well, lhe rap will be something lo take this •as- restlgnlc. They found "a car load|time. S200 and six months." G: of dead." he told the jury. How-|'io appealed as usual, ever Mrs. Elhel Colley was "still hrcathlns " Closino Mod,- Price Coroner Felix Cooper testified he carried the todies of Colley and a fan. Clement, 5. to the mortuary. Mrs. Colley and another soil. Clarence. 7, died In a hospital, the coroner lestified. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Nov. 28. Cotton closed steady. open high Jou- I*c ...... 861 !W2 Jan ...... Oil 088 May July Oct 1003 1018 1030 1017 1029 1048 960 971 939 1003 1013 1037 (UP)close 97G 934 538 1013 1023 1044 Spats closjd steady at 1005. up 15 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 28. (UP)— . Cotton closed steady. oi>?n high A. T. and T. 118 1-2 Anaconda Copper U 1-4 Bethlehem Steel ....... 323-8 Chrysler 40 5-8 Cities Service 2 General American Tank 28 General Electric 19 7-8 General Maters 313-8 International Harvester 39 Montgomery Ward — 21 NCR-York Cenlral 33 1-2 Packard naming a successor to the late Conyi-cr-sninn Holivnr E. Kemp. Governor O. K. Allen, political subordinate of U. S. Senator Huey P. Long's faction, nnex]»ctcdly called a special election for December 5 lo (ill tlie vacancy after the Clh district Democratic executive committee met secretly In New Orleans and named Kemp's widow ns the Democratic nominee office. Loachville Woman Dies From Childbirth Infection cleaning and grubbing was authorized. The application for work,,on the RoGCland road requested a gravel surface and Mr. Wilson said he was not in a poslllon lo say whether this would eventually be approved as applied for. The authorization today Is only for grading. Preliminary work was begun on lhe Luxora-Lltlle River road, the first project to be approved In the couhly. yesterday, with additional icn put to work today. Mr. Wilson said he expected nu- •orization today or tomorrow on hlrty or forty more projects which imderstod meet with the up- roval of the CWA board, but lack •; yc-t dual authorization. These projects include rcpilr on umbers of school buildings over counly, drninnyc work, street ork in Osceola. Ihe cleaning and enovating of tlie Iwo county court ousi's. here and at lilytlicvllle, and •evcral road projects. Kllti: UKSTKOYS VIl.l.AliK Cl.i:VKI.ANl), Miss.—A trass fire ilriliLyril (hr vlllugr of !U:uovii Ihli uftmuxm. Vlrl- ualH i vtry usldfmi-, iirubably murv than a iliricn In niimlKT, «as liuiiiril f:> the crourd. Itrniivn is mil Kutcil i:n Uu nvip. due 10:111 MLI-, <•!Ideally lairm-d. Tin- vilUxt- Is luvaled Tuur miles I loin Cli'vrlan-.l. "S1A" WM.I, NOT HUN AGAIN AUSTIN, Tex.—<lnv .Miriam A. ' f>rj;iison will nul run fur rrelec- tlon as povrrnor uf Texuf, she said tnilay. Thr stale's woman covcrimr ['hose the laiicumr of Calvin Cnnllilee, "I ito ni>t rhoosc lo run." two dniighlers, Mrs. Pearl Ander-1 Mrs. Lola May Barling, 20, ot livi'il?, die.l at niii' 1 o'clr-** 1 * morning ,-it the Blyllievllle , . £tm and Mrs. Dchuar Anderson. It Rained (.'lams SEATTLE (UP> — While digging clams Dan Zido was showered by clams from the iiir. Seagulls were dropping could cat them on rocks the clnims. He She lind teen ill ior more than two weeks following birth of a child. At the time an emergency t cp'rratlon was ix-'rforincd at the so they: 1't-spital allcr Mrs. Darling hart stopped be™ rushed h«ie from Lcachvllle. diycing mid gathered those drop-, The infant wa:: slill born.' Pixt by the anils. Tlie i;ulls had The Howard Undertaking com- .stolen his pile farther up the pany is In chrujjc of funeral ar- beach. i i.inijenienls. County Leads State in School Enumeration Gain Marriage Ties oi : 50 Couples K Knotted by Crippled Preacher The "marrying been nothing inori business" has' a boarding homo here at lhe cor- or less than a ner of Main and Division where a county !:i the state. This counly had onlv a lo 83 'from the census figures lowin? a check up by G. C. Floyd and IT. T. Sleek-, of the state department of education. Last year this counly had 25.7IU persons of school age, w-hich makes a gain of approximately 2.000. In 1931 there were 24.030 enrolled in the census and in 1330 there were 24,037. of'' ltut ' foi- lic Phillips Petroleum Radio Simmons Beds Standard of N. J. . Texas Go U. S. Steel ... 15 3-8 .... 6 3-4 ...16 ...43 3-4 ... 25 3-4 ...42 1-2 Chicago Wheat Dec. Jan. Mar. Mas- July Oct. 064 . 980 1003 101G 1042 981 978 1COO 101!) 1027 low 9S5 954 980 1003 1016 1042, 1042 close 974 979 995 1010 1022 1040b Spols closed .ileady nt 070, up 7, | Dec. i May Dec.' I May onen 82 1-8 86 hip.i low clos 83 1-4 81 3-4 fi2 87 1-4 85 1-2 8C Chicano Corn open hic^i low closo fall and uinler. crippled as T with an infected foot, wiim some friends suggested alonj in September that ye make-the coun- jty courthouse his headquarters Or a while. Tile small, slightly built redheaded mlnlste gostlcn and tor at the courthouse Robert Merritt Dies , .^llglll'J UUUL 1L« .^ ster acted on tr.e su;- r " a ^. e at Ieasl lw ° has been a daily vlsi- .' V'?, * cl . ?. .'.-! ily cvrr since. Last Saturday, hvo monlhs almost to the (lay rrcm the lime he took up 'his vigil, lhc Rev. Watson had rectlcd the marriage vows that -. i united 50 couples. at Home m Memphis The llllle preacher has been | either in bed or hobbling abD'.it on ''Vou know. I believe the J. P.'s and some of the other preachers are a little bit jealous of me because cl my price." the ' marrying parson conftrled. "Vou sco. I only charge r dollar wrllc most ol the preachers dollars and the believe married these days needs every d"llar he can save ,in' that's the reason I'm half - dropped a heavy saw on "« f«>t In August of last year and blood poisoning set in. causing physicians al one time to despair of But he eventually foujht back. If not to robin! 43 7-8 Al 45 1-8 -8 •13 1-7. Ml 1-2 43 1 60 1 -2 Robert Merrill. 77, father off ^ ch « for almost a year and n Mrs. P. N. mitrell of this city.! died at his home In Memphis yes-' tcrday. Funeral services are being held at Covington. Term., today. Mr. Liillrell, Mr. and Mrs. Fr- "is life, man Lnttrell. Maurice, Louise nud.his way Lsvomie Lutlrell. are in Coving- health, at least to t'::e point ivhr-rc ton for lhc services but Mrs. Lul-! h e was able »o got around by hiin- trell was unable lo altoml because self. He had been used lo harlot Illness. .ships, the "mariying pardon" de- The deceiKWd, who had frequent--clarcd. having frequently fo;md i! ly visited here. Is survived by five necessary to defer! the pulpit 13 till daughters. Mrs. I.uiirell. Mrs. S. i lhe roll or do odd chores to sup- Cales of Memphis. Mrs. Lulhen p;rt himself, his wife, who <lie.1 D.ivis and Mrs. Robert Rico of. about two years ago. and other Covington and Mrs. Glenn Uivclle' members of lhc family, nnw scat- nf Memphis. His wife died 27 rears) Irrrd. Once, hack In IS19. ho ran 1'olp 'em. "I slay o'Jl in the hall and don' 1 bolher them In the clerk's office— but sometimes others come in and right In the office." Wai son said discussing the friction which times develops between compelinc preachers, especially on Saturday Occasionally om;i!oycs in the clerk' office have found II necessary to bi over-zealous ministers from lhe rf nee during rush days and in on or two other enmities they hav been ban-id from soliciting b:isin; c ; In co'.:rl''-:usc'=. The Rov. Mr. Watson plans In tr his hand al irtivr pastsrin^ ;iga; next jear. probably forsaking hi "marrying siaud 11 at the courtho'.is here, as others ;:ave come and son beforo 1 him. ''Our church needs paslor-nt Mnnih and T .hopo lo be of benefit there noxt year," h/ 1 sak Mrs. Essie Jernigan oi Lepanto Is Dea< M3PANTO. Ark.—Mrs. Essie Jcr nigan. 32, wife ol Coleman Jciul Bun uf Lepanto. succumbed In a Memphis hospital Sunday night following several weeks Illness. Funeral services were' conducled at lhc Methodist church hero Tuesday mornh*(! at 10 o'clock, with Hev. E. K. Sewell of Marlon and Rev. A. T. Willis of Lepanto say- Ing the last riles. IijtDrmefil was at. the city cemetery.with m of the O. B. 6. Chiipe'r'WbT ,__, which she v;os a member, in charge. Mrs. Jernigan Is survived by her husband, two small girls. Bonnie and Glenda Parrell, one sisler, Mrs. C. B. McClellan of Lopanlo. and one brc.lhe;-; Virgil Walklus of Holland, Mo. She wns lhe president of lhe American Legion Auxiliary of Lepanto. SALISBURY, Md., Nov. 28. (Ul>) —Slfttc militiamen escaped an In- "urialcd nicb tcday with four al- cued lyncheis In trucks whlcH roll-; cd out of Sullcbury toward. Baltl- nore urier « nuht. In which the ;:>ldlers threw more than 100 lenr- !»s boi,\bs al citizens bent on Treeing l'-.e four men. . .' Thu cllr/i'iis, who had engaged.In wild dlsi rder all morning in- front of (lie n'-mory where the prisoner.-! were held, threw stones, nnd clubs after fleeing Iruchs. The sedan In which Ally. Gen. Win. I'. Lane and Brig. Gen. Rockford .were .riding was struck by • sluncs. Several windows were smashed but the officials Inside-'in- dlcatcd Ihcy \vcrc unhurt as Ihey signaled for tr.e troo-.i trucks, to hasten through the bedlam of Sal-- l.sbury's main street. Salisbury, county sent of Wlcom- Ico county, Is niiout 20 miles norlh or Princess Anne, where the mili- llamcn last nlshL.arreslcrl four KUS- pecled leaders of a mob lhat last month lynched a negro. Attack Newspapermen The rioting eaitern shore Marylanders climaxed a day of rebellion >y driving reporters, and photcgra- >hcrc from town l-'nii afternoon. NcwspniKr men were besieged in heir hole! rooms by niembcrs of he mob which *.. .It. '-ad .attacked iilllllamcn and had been repulsed by tear gas bombs. A photographer, unable to escapo the. mob's fury, wa-3 attacked', and seriously beaten. He was not Iden- liner!',imnicd lately. A--».tW niwinieh'""" 15th 0. E. S. District Honored at Little Rock Ark.—At the the Arkansas recent Grand am M. Craig of Clear Lake Is Dead Funeral riles were to be held ills afternoon at the Clear Like hurch for Sam Crntg. 65. well nown farmer of lhe Clear Lake ommunlty, who died at six o'clock osterdny morning al hts home. Ir. Craig, n resident of the com- luntty for many years anil well here, died nflcr a long 111- ,css. The Rev. Mr. Ilushrs of Tenn- .sfcc wns to officiate at the sor- iccs. Interment was to be made t L'hnwocKl ccmelcry. The Cobb Jndcrlaking conijiany was in •harge of funcrnl nrrangcments. The deceased Is survived by his vidow. Mrs. Nellie CralR, n son. !am Craig. Jr., and two daughters, Mrs. Maymr- Hancock nnd Mrs. Ella Belle Via. LUXORA. meeting of Chapter. Order of lhe Easlcrn Star, at Little Rock several honors were confeiTed upon lhc Fifteenth District, or which Mrs. E. R. Bogan of Luxora Is deputy grnnd Isclurcr. The Lopanto organization won the anner for the largest donations er capita to the educational tun;l. . A. Ashlin, U. D., was presented while allar bible for winning the ironcicncy lest. The J. A. Ashlin hapter also received Its charter at hts lime. Dr. L. E. Tucker of Mo eltc was elected Grand Patron of his district. Moving Picture Code Will Hit Big Salaries WARM SPRINGS. Gn.. Nov. 28 (UP)—A code aimed flt excessive Hollywood salaries stood approved by President Roosevelt today. The code of fair competition for the mollon picture Induslry. signed by the president lost nljht after lengthy hearings in Washinglot and frequent meetings between the c-ief executive and Recovery Administrator Hugh S. Johnson. lia c for Its main feature a provision foi an investigation and report wllhh 90 days o[ unfair practices of th< industry, including salaries. It provided fcr inclusion ot Marl 1 Dressier and Eddie Cantor in thi code authority. Johnson said t^c cede authority would Include "balanced representa ! lon of the adverse Interests In nis Iribution. production nnd exhibl tion." Jail Lacks I'crsunal Service BRIDGEWATER, Mass. CUP) — /tigranls who spend t!:e night in he town lock-up this winter must ight UiL-ir own fires. Woo;! and oal will be supplied, as usual, but here's be no janitor (o lend the Ire. It's an economy measure. of (he" hotel when the crowd'ap- proached. They nod out Kc back " door, coinmandcered a taxi-cab, nnd escaped in a hall of rocks, Those who escaped Included-Jack . Cnvanangh, represenllnj the Unit- . cd Press. Philip LOTC, of t:-e Washington star. Clinton Johnson, of the Baltimore Mows, and another unl- di'iillflcd Baltimore reporler. Seven others relrcaled lo a room on lhe upper flcor of the hotel W'-cn fhe mob entered the lobby and tleinandcd lo know the location of the , reporters' room the clerk refused to tell them. "Well, we're going to tear down this hotel If we don't nnd them," wns lhe reply. • . Flays Idle Rich Before King WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, unsettled to nls-ht and Wednesday. Memphis and vicinity—Cloudy, cnrettied lonlgV.t and Wednesday. Tne maximum temperature here yesterday was 66. minimum 33 clear, according to Samuel F. Sor- rls, crucial weathor ohvrver, ,- , / / "t.siy, idle parasites." flinudHl Jnhn Mcfiovrrn, above, llery laboritc. ,15 King d'oreo V nu- ishcd n sLite SIH-C. h Imforo tha llritlsh I'arli.unenl. Then Mc- fiovorn continued will] a j. r alh- ins denunciation of (lie, Ireat- lueiit of tlie poor .is Uic king and nueen cnzcd str.-n'slit ?!iead and members of the houses of lords and commons sal lj» Troo(M Invade Village PRINCESS ANNE, Md., Nov. 28.. (UP)—In lhe darkness before dawn- todny state troopers burst Inlo doz-" ens of homes In Ihls sleeping hamlet,-seeking the nine ringleaders of n mob which lynched a young ne- gro last month. Four of Hie alleged ringleaders v:erc arrested. Ti:c other five vanished with lhc steel helmeled soldiers searching all buildings, pa- trotlnt; all reads, and nreparlng lo penelrale nearby woods. Gov. Albert C. Ritchie ordered be soldiers here in his vigorous- campaign | 0 apprehend lhe lynch- rs or George Armwood, negro, who, vas hanged after he confessed Blocking nn aged white woman. Ritchie's orders were dlamelri- oally opposed to the'statements of Gov. James- Holph Jr. of Califor-. ila. who approved the lynching of '.wo kidnap slayers at San Jose Sunday nigh I. Break Into Houses After pounding on doors, burst- n? in thos3 t*iat were not opened - Imniedlately, and searching many possible nldln; places, the troop-, rs arrcslcd four citizens. ' . They were held under guard., for arraignment before a maglslrate, whereupon Ihey were to bo taken by t'rc troopers lo Baltimore. The sol- ' tilers meantime pressed the search for the others in this ancient eastern shore village, one or the first settlements in Maryland. Although they established a virtual blockade around the town, cut all telephone communication for 5t of the night, and awakened the sleeping occupants of many homes for questioning, the militiamen insisted they had not declared tiarlial law. The main body of troopers was kept at n slale poli« sub-slallcn several miles.away. The others drove Inlo tbe main street In the Inky night In nine automobiles, one [cr_each of the men- •:ou-':t.. Each "car of the officers ^d :rd:ro lo apprehend one par- 'icubr man. Ry ttailcd Press A v/iclely known clergyman, pastor of a f?silonab!o 'NCW York church, today echoed the approval Gcv. Janus Rolph Jr. cf California gave Ine Sin Jose mob that lynched tv.o kidnap slayers, but proml-i ncnt men and organizations in all (Continued'on P»»e 3)

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