The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1941
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8, 1941 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Hedge-Hopping :v-v Founded Boy -Scouts Or-' | ganization; Also Was Noted Military Spy NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan. 8. (UP) —Lieut. Gen. Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts ana Girl Guides and one of the famous military intelligence operatives of modern times, died today. Soldier, sportsman, author, sculptor, defender of mafeking in one of the proudest actions in recent British history, Lord Baden- PO\Voll, wearing 84, had been ill a long time. His love of outdoor life had enabled him to fight infirmity as he had fought innumerable actions during his long and distinguished career. Lord Baden-Powell was perhaos ieast known for his exploits as "a spy, which had grown out of his early scout work in South Africa and India. He had retired to Kenya in 1938 and had lived at Nyerl where he died. For the last few weeks he had suffered recurrent heart attacks but had shown improvement toward the end of November. . (London reported that, the last message Boy Scout . headquarters there.had received from their chief .scout was a Christmas card winch arrived last week. (The card told the scouts. "Stick, it out; -Play up to the .scouts' slogan. Sleeves up and with tails up go to it and win th° war.") Air Corps Recruiter in Though Germany's mechanized army has a demonstrated pfficiency arduous, realistic practice like that pictured above still goes on Recently received photo, passed by Nazi censor, shows a motorized light anti-aircraft battery smashing through' a thick barrier of shrubbery. Lone P Fr Lt M ~~L M M. T j lLone Tine urowine From Jonesboro Next iuesday c ] ., n , n . sr Dohd Rock Manufacturers Its Own Food YOSEMITS NATIONAL PARK, Gal. CUP)—Occasioned, by the questions of tourists, a study of a lone pine tree that grows out of a solid reck surface high above the Yo- Do you want to be a cadet in Uie U. S. Army Air Corps? Arc you single, between the ages of 20 and 27, physically sound, with two years of college' work? Lieut. Walter A. Nielson. Air Corps representative, will be at the U. S. Army recruiting office in Jonsboro iRootn 306 Post Office building) next Tuesday to interview applicants and to discuss requirements for membership in the Air Corps with any youths interested in becoming, flying cadets. Applicants with the above qualifications 'must pass a written examination before becoming cndets. Camera Shows Reading: Habits SOUTHBRIDGE, "Mass. CUP) — To. help reduce school failures caused by reading, an eye-movement camera has been developed to record reading habits. Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly . If you. suffer from rheumatic. nrthritij- or neuritis 'pain, try this simple- inexpensive Konie recipe that thousands are using. Get a pnckrigo of Ru-L'x Cyiu pound today. Mix il with u quart ol water, add the juice of 4 leuums. It's- easy. No trouble at ull and p:cas;:ut. You need only i tnblespooitsful two times a. day. Often within 48 hours— sometimes overnight—splendid result^ are.'obtained. If the p«fns do not qniclclj leave and if you do not feel hcUer. Jtu-Ex /will cosi you nothing to f.ry ;i«it is sold by your druggist, under nn absolute money-back ;:u;irantL'e. Ra-E> Compound is for sale and recommended by Kirby Bros. ;iml (Inip Mores everywhere. Nationnl Park Service. Naturalists said the tree, which Three Blytheville Youths Among First Group from This Area in Draft Camp Robinson at Little Rock :<oon will receive 10 men from Mississippi f/ounry for a year's military training under tho selective service net Draft hoards A, B and C announced n»iiH\s today of the 10 draftees fleeter!, including two white men and one negro from Blytheville in Board A's territory. From Blythcville Jan. 15 will go William Henry Walton, negro canning' factory employe. On Jan. 19 Mftyes Wright and Alton Albert Womack, both i. Blythcville form youths, will go to Little Rock. Draft Board. B sends Tormnie. Li&ern Mosbey. Manila; Delma Noel Clippard, Luxora, and N. C. Pipkin, Manila, on Jan. 19, Prom the area around Osceola two white youths will go to Little Rock Jan. H; Harry Orvillc Webb, Keiser, and Sam Auguscu.s Monls. A day later negroes Lee West Master nnd William King will entrain for trip to the induction station. ft was rumored here today that another call for draftees might be made from this district Jan. 27, with from seven to nine men re- Is This Desciiptinn Fits You, It's 10-1 You're A Man PAGEV7IVE Ky RUTH MtLLETT a man would: Enjoy wearing an old hat, Use profanity to .show how tickled he i s to see an old friend. Believe that he is irresistible to the opposite, sex, Call nan polish, "Unit awful red stuff." Turn first 10 the .sport page of a newspaper. Walk into a store and buy the first thing ho b shown. Brag about taking a cold shower every morning of (he year. Stop on a cold day to watch a steam shovel work. 'Buy ii two-year-old son u foot-ball, Enjoy cleaning a gun. UK MAY FOllGET is 80 feet tall, grows out of a fissure in the granite face known as El ' Capitan. Its food is manufactured in its leaves from water and carbon dioxide, and such minerals as it requires may be obtained from the rock. Its supply of moisture apparently is gained from winter rain aud snow. . . Thus it thrives without soil. The experts were forced to study the Ires with glasses and -other- instruments from the nearest vantage point. Growing 1,157 feet above the valley floor, the famed pine is inaccessible. t --- Semite Valley has been made by the - Km -gg 3uur uo William Penn made his treatv porteclly to be called from each of ihe.three draft board lists. The report was unconfirmed at. selective service headquarters. No Doctor Available Yet For County Health Post The Mississippi County Health Unit—without a director .since Dec. 18—will have to continue for a little while longer without a head, if* havS been announced by the State Board of Public Health Service. The National Defense Program has taken so many of the that nt present there is no one available to fill the position made vacjint by the resignation of Dr. E. M. Nixon, who resigned to enter private practice in Little Rock, In the meantime, ihe unit 'i. s funcUoning with nurses an d olerkls carrying out their duties nnd it is expected that n director will be secured within n short' Lime HIS ANNIVERSARY Expect a haircut to be noticed and commented on. Buy'a'.suit so nearly like the one before he Is the only person who knows he ha.s a new" one. Forget his wedding anniversary. . Judge the .success of u vacation' by the number of miles lie was able to drive each day. Come back from an important dinner nnd not be able to name everything- on the menu. Mead while a barber cuu away, undirected. A SHOE SIIINt IVKESSICS HIM l>r Feel dressed up by n .shoe shine-. Carry tho same poeketbook for five years, summer and winter. .Enjoy WHtchlng his automobile repaired. ATHLETES (?c°j FP , cl . 0 » rJn ?;'U> help, healing aid wSf nl V i ttntls , cpsls of B tock and 1 "' 1 8( i othes OUL burn tor your soap, get famous Black and \Vhto Skin Soap at all dealers today Enjoy figiirini: out a railroad line table. ' , Make a private tally of election •etums. Consistently tip . pretty Waitresses-more than homely ones. Love,Letter In Wartime Co«lly LONDON, Eng. (UP)—A love letter to his fiancee in German-occupied France cost n man $50 in London. The defendant was found guilty of violating defense regula- tions, by' attempting to letter via Eire. :the£ The African musk shrew is small--* er than ar. elephant's toe-nail. FARMERS: ATTENTION! You will want to anticipate your Spring Farming needs and buy now after reading HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Forced Sale Ad on Pages 8 and 9 IUJA chins in public health service work WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY PHOTOGRAPHED IN TECHNICOLOF ^ Directed by W. S. VAN DYKE II Paramount News & Comedy Phone Ritz 224 Phone Roxy 322 LISTEN TO KLCN 10:00 a.m.—12:45 p.m.—4:30 ROXY LAST TIMES TODAY BARGAIN" NIGHTS 10c & 20c TERROR RIDES THE AJRWAYSI JACK HOLT Want to be a Rip Van Vfinkle? It's Guaranteed until 1950 "Yes sir! You could go to sleep on a Beauiyrest tonight and wake up in 1950 . . . enjoying "Luxury Comfort" the-whole Uinc. But maybe you just want 3 hours of comfort per night until 19-aO. It works out the sarac'-way. Simmons guarantees tbat tho Bcaulyresl will give you 10 years of service. ' A Vnlue You Can't Real; NATION-WIDK PEATUKK! Handsome— Luxurious DOWN COMFORTERS at a Itui-gain Pi-jet-! U ln> rii tory Yt^hliid. I inmilr'y i,>M,>d u i, <| nf |ir«nv<l If* :«>!»" SHEET 72>W" SHEET ...... <n< .•KPxIHP 1'ILi QW; CASK ..... 72"XI08'' SHEET Me 8l"x108" SHEET 77c •I2".\-.W PILLOW CASE 17c So plumply mied willi soft ' down^^ hlllul . sorncly covered u'lth rich rayon Sarrera-vou'L thnk you re.-dreaming abcut the price, n you ve ahvay.s wnnteci (ho warmth and luxury Bollc iKlo PILLOW CASES iMAlTRESS PADS SI. 00 WASH CLOTHS 2c I»AD:&. COVER Me fc'llti'll Wltll Mlfl ruMoit, 0 ' » i- \ i« n J Value You Can't Beat! PENCO SHEETS H E'L 1> K I SJ,.K* M U ,S I. I N Bleached, -..unbleac 10 jwds. ,...;...' I'rint Brnadcloth yd. llresj,- j'rints yd. lOo BKDSPREDS A SIMMONS BEAUTYREST Pay as you sleep . . . easy monthly budget lernis. And you enjoy Beautyrest's glorious comfort for years after. ' Actually, a Bcautyrest costs little more than an ordinary Jiiauress. Spread its price of $39.50 over 10 years' services , nnd it figures down to just about I penny a mg/U. Como • in and let us lell you more about this famous mattress. A COLUMBIA PICTURE Also Comedy THUR. * FBI. BARGAIN NIG«T«5 in* .«- ?o r WlJfl CDMA MAY OLIVER • GEORGE SANDERS : f MAY ftGBSGN • Z*SU PITTS B w A FURNITURE CO. Smooth, sofc, and tliry wear like iron! Constant gj" x tn'|).s to i,hr laundry and lots of good hard wear won't get them down. The good firm weave -is; stronger Uiaii U S. Govl, .si)ecificntlon.s for this grade and the super fine finish gives ihein n luxurious texture! BrxiHT Shed 72"xlC8" Sheet , ...04c x:w Pillow Case Pcnco S'iicctinfT,. Dramatic Savings on Dress i'rinl«I PERCALES i PRINT LUNCH CLOTHS i Multicolor** ; on 'White. 51" •* i-qnnre, cotton crash! Q U I I, T BUN U.LKS- As.sort«?d . percale: • remnants :W" wide in 3" to 9" lengths! Large variety of attractive patterns and colons. • values! 6 yds. •Fresh captivating prints fur your spring sewing; Florals, checks, dots, stripes—everything you'll'need to make smart litUc apron,s. curtain Irimrninas. and little clrc.*i.scs. Good quality percale— to washing. Flour Saek SQUARES M n Of new material! Gfor^MC NOW! LACK TABLE CLOTHS Creamy ecru • 6-point lace i .Or in two lovejy patterns... 1 LACK T A B I/ B CLOTHS 72''- x ,90", scalloped loop i .MS trim. Luxury; for little!.. 1 SO-SQUARE MUSLIN, yd. Dependable quality for a low pricr; 39" wide! n\ Whitens with wnshinc:. /zC foJorrr) -RfvijrriMe ("lirrk TKRRY TOWELS or Soft, rapid-drying! fe'tand up under hard v/ear! 22"x44" sizc««)C WASH CLOTHS TO MATCH in ihr'sinic colors—I 1"..... .10r Thrifty Buy! Checked Anrl Striped TE-RRV TOWEL.S Unusually good style and quality! Soft, durable: 18"x36"! Real'Value! 1f»"\27" All White Terry Uarhrr Slcam Towels Iflc lOc 2!- IK CIOTTON T?A'I COTTON BAITS 29c COTTON BATTS Af\ ••:s-ib. 49c BIRDSEYK 'O ..i)C 23c t-ou, iiiv.^iri" 1 !^. firtnl> • v/((%>::i ? -~" > (( u ;i r c. "Sisiy Dry" CRU5 -MATTKK^S COVUl Waton)rocr. stainproof and .soilproof! Odorless! No wrnv klrs to hurt baby's tender Cute RH Sq. CRIB KMT TOWEL SE StATTIRKSS TADS Caniaffc Comforter.. 1.00 K,-ipok Filled Pillow.. .2.">c 1 Bsjby BUNTINGS !?Sc t Case. Set i9c :>6". OUTJNG wny. Nation- White, colors/ patterns, yd Downy. Nation-Wide"! 1 r IOC 27" OUTING FluXNXKT. Except IOUH I 1 value! Servicrablc weight in v,-\iite. -i A yd.v........;./.; ; ; ..... K)C NATION-WIDE SHEETING 81" uribleached !"•:',-• * Reg; U.- S. Pal. ~OfT. Girl's Waah DRESSES Prints and plains! 3-14. Women's Slips Rayon taffeta or cotton! Women's Kayon Panties Elastic tops. Tailored...' Flannelette Gowns Long .sleeves, trimmed. Women's Kid Oxfords Leather .solc.s. rubber taps. *• Children's Oxfords 25c 44c 1 .5)8 98c Sturdy black leather.,.. iv.nncy's Cold Cream Soap Lathers, freely in 'any water. Twelve 2 oz. cakes Veloiir Facial Tissues Soft, absorbent. .Stock up at this lew! 500 sheet'box 15c "Slipover' .SWEATERS: Wrmu - !«:trj .-.\vo6r in j»opu!n,r cro'-v. nock Myk! ,Sm»Tt' BOYS' SHIRTS • Sanforized* -—.— c broadcloth in fast t)D color "pat'tsms! ' Fnliric -.jhritiknrr ' will •" 'iot cxi-ct.-tl Ifv. •• Men'? Ribbed Cbt^u 'IJ^ION -'SUITS. |f /,,2 02! . f^c Fun size's: <i<4 P E If NET'S J. C, PENNEY* COMPANY; Incorporated

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