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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia • Page 11

The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia • Page 11

Atlanta, Georgia
Issue Date:

VJK i II PIKMEUP PIKMEtJP PIP1EUP The Drink of the Age This Is Going To Be Caned For in Every Store and at Every Soda Fount. ITS MERIT IS ITS GREATEST ADVERTISER You Need a Stimulant Sometimes SO DOES YOUR BUSINESS HERE IT IS THE IDEAL BEVERAGE Contains No Injurious Properties It Is a Clean Drink Guaranteed Under the Pure Food Drug Act June 301906 SOLD ONLY IN SYRUP FORM Your Territory May Be Open Write for Full Particulars Also for Sample. Decorated Crowns. Plenty Of Advertising Matter. ACT NOW THIS IS YOUR CHANCE Write For Full Particulars to PIKMEUP SYRUP CO. Chester South Carolina. Support Your Home Folks Southern Made Goods for Southern Houses. SCALES WILSON CO. The Extract People GREENVILLE S. C. ARE MANUFACTURERS OF High Grade Extracts Flavors Essen- ces Colors Fruit Oils Fruit Juices Compounds Specialties Etc. Etc. FOR BOTTLERS CONFECTIONERS SODA FOUNTS ETC We would Impress uporf QH the fact that we can save you at least 25 per dent. WE REQUIRE YOUR INTERESTS AS THE SOUTH NEEDS AN ENTERPRISE. SUCH AS OURS. WE ARE MANUFACTURERS NOT JOBBERS Little drops of water Little grains of sand Combined in a Lynn Filter Are known all over the land. The Modern Bottler must have absolutely clear sparkling water to prevent iris product from having a dull lifeless appearance. Lynn Filters are made in all sizes and capacities for all Bottlers. We are quot ing special discounts. Write today. CINCINNATI OHIO. BLAZING LINE OF YOUNG GIRLS peel Cable. Root June 21 While fifty girt weir. ant white veils and carrying lighted candles were taking part in a religious Woossslon at Cegue near Bart yuter- She ran along the double rank of her companion. and set lire to their veil. a A number of a tore offMhe burning veil. but twelve of the girls were terribly born about the head and upper pert of the body. Some of th also received bad burns. Now to land the springtime regal- I'm inspired Only time tJa not Illegal TO be tired. STATE CHEMIST TESTS COLA. EXHAUSTIVE OFFICIAL REPORT snows CFVEI1f ONLY STTii- ULATLG INGREDIENT. Amt Glass or Bottle Lees TIuLa Average Cup of Tea or Coffee. 9 Trace of Cocatae or Other leterfo Subtaaee Montgomery June 22 Special Among the many experiments and anal- yes which have engaged the recent attention or Dr. B. Ross. State Chem. let. and his corps of efficient associates in the chemical department of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute a Auburn the exhaustive examination of samples of Cola taken from' syrup purchased in the open market together with the official report made regarding known beverage is certain to of genuine widespread interest throughout this state. This official report of Dr. Ross together with the thorough and exhaustive analysis made by Prof. Emerson R. Miller. who holds the chair of pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Alabama. absolutely answers every question or controversy regarding this drink and makes possible the thorough understanding of the entire matter while at the same time it presents the ingredients of this beverage from the careful viewpoint of an eminent authority whose only and every care is the welfare of the people- of the state of Alabama. whom he has served so ably and so well. As a result of this examination. in the future every Alabamian who cares to drink Coca Cola will have the satisfaction or knowing exactly what he Is drinking. Alabama Foremost In Reform. In the wave of reform which has swept over this country regarding the proper labeling of drugs and the careful selection between pure and deleteri- ous or adulterated foods Alabama has been in the very tore of the southern states. For this reason the experi- ments which have been made by Dr. Ross the State Chemist and his collaborators are not only of great in terest but of tremendous Importance to the welfare of the commonwealth and pertinent to the health of its every citizen. Perhaps because of the many who drink Coca Cola the reports which have Just been made are even more In teresting than some of those regard- Ing the analysis of some of the more common necessities In every household lot to the average American citizen It is the luxuries rather than the necessities of life. with which he Is chiefly concerned when demanding the absolute purity which has made this present epoch a veritable modern reformation. Regarding Coca Cola and its ingredients the reports of the State Chemist and the professor of pharmaceutical chemistry do not deal In glittering generalities On the other heist they confine themselves absolutely to the findings resulting from the exhaustive analysis which it was admitted was several weeks In the making and from several samples purchased in the open market that the question of whether or not Coca Cola Is harmless might be absolutely and definitely settled. Happily for those Alabamians who have for ears been among the patrons of this drink the analysts proves that while the chief and the only stimulating ingredient in Coca Cola is caffeine. the amount used in the making of a glass or bottle of the beverage is about th same in quantity as the amount of caffeine contained In a cup of tea. or coffee of average strength. Less Caffeine Than In Tea or Coffee. In the report made by Professor Miller states that the amount ox cat- feine was from I 25 to I 29 grains to the fluid ounce of slrup. As la well known or may be easily demonstrated by watching any soda fountain clerk. the amount of syrup used in the malt- lug of a glass of Coca Cola is not more than an ounce and generally less The amount used In bottling the beverage also about one ounce making the average amount of caffeine in a. glass bottle of this well known drink about one grain. As tjbe jeports or the most eminent and recognized chemists' In the counttry show that the average amount of caffeine In an ordinary cup of tea or coffee runs from one and three quarters grains of caffeine to over two grains the relative injury resulting from the drinking of tea. or cot- fee compared with that of Olla must be obvious to the most casual and disinterested person. As to the presence of cocaine or any other deleterious substance. Professor Miller after this most careful and exhaustive analysis states that he was unable to find any cocaine or other in furious substance. No Trace of Cocaine or Harmful Drugs. In tact after stating his inability to find any deleterious substance Prufes- sor Miller says that he found the only stimulating Ingredient was caffeine. The amount of caffeine found in Coca- Cols according to the analysis or the worlds best chemist is about the. same amount as la found in a cup of tea or coffee of average strength. Having dtaoosed or any question of cocaine or other injurious ingredient and having determined caffeine to be the only stimulating element. Profes- sor Miller signs it name to the analysis and at the- same time ends any doubt or uncertainty regarding thlll widely known beverage and Its effects upon those who drink It. As for Dr. Ross the state Chemist he endorses and concurs in the report of Professor Miller. making it an official document as well as lending the weight and Influence of his own name and reputation that the question might be settled definitely for all those woo are interested concerning this drink. It is stated that Dr. Ko the State Chemist and his associates are now engaged in making exhaustive analyses of many of the foods. beverages and other materials now sold' throughout this State and that the reports of analyses will make possible the thorough understanding as to the injurious or harmless Ingredients of these materials on the pant of sit Alabama purchasers For this and many other reasons there experiments which may perhaps be postponed during the summer months are universally conceded to of the greatest Importance as well as of vital interest to. every citizen In this State. JOURNALS OP THE SOFT DRINK TRADE. AUaata la the Home of the South's Two Ora au of the Wholesale smd Retail Branches at the Industry. The carbonated bottlers of the south something like 3000 in number. practically to a man regularly receive the Southern Carbonator and Bottler the highly successful journal of the. trade that Mr. Donald- A. Loyless has built up In Atlanta. Two years and a hall ago this monthly publication. Jr magazine form was established as the journalistic representative of the important and. rapidly expanding soda bottling" industry in Dixie and notwithstanding it was an untried field. and predictions of failure were many. The Southern Carbonator and Bottler grow from a modest beginning not so slowly and very surely into one of the largest and typographically most imposing trade papers In the south. The current tune of this prosperous and enterprising organ of the south. SIN carbonated botUlar trad Ua. UI OKA HOT MY in- Is a natural desire but remember' there is just one thing that the bottle can hold will enable you to forget worry and fatigue- zn V6uL quenches the thirst refreshes 9 vigorates as nothing else can. Its Purity Proved by Analysis CHEMICAL DEPARTMENT South Carolina College COLUMBIA S. C. cca pages and they are just twice the size of an ordinary magazine page. printed on heavy super-calendared book paper with an abundance of tone Illustration and colored Ink on the advertising pages. The advertising support of The Southern Carbonator and Bottler Is most generous due. of course to the certain returns from an ox- elusive journall ilc representative of the trade that i teaches In the mot concrete kind of a way the carbonated bottling plants of the entire south and southwest-in in all eighteen states And territories. The Southern cubonator and Bottler la conducted along modern trade Journal lines. being us Interesting and valuable from a news and information standpoint as it is attractive in its physical up. Its reading pages are replete with items of interest rela- ti to southern bottling- plants and bottlers. with a max of matter of peculiar value. to the trade much of It technical and some' of it scientific. It Is carefully edited and widely read and quoted in the trade. Mr. Loyless is at present interesting himself in the establishment of a monthly publication. to represent the retail carbonated or soda fountain trade in the south. The initial number of this trade- journal known as The Soda. Dispenser has already made Its appearance from Atlanta. The new paper Is well patronized. and shows every promise of duplicating the success of. its wholesale. contemporary. The Southern. Carbonator and Bottler. Both. of those excellent monthly papers Issue weekly bulletins of their respective trades In their circulation territory- chronicling promptly. business changes. wants and a. variety of trade Information This is to certify that pursuant to your request I nave bought in the open market from the Murray Drug Ga. an original package of five gallons of Cola syrup bearing the label of The Cola Co. Atlanta Ga. and have subjected the same to careful analysis. The object of this investigation being to establish the presence or absence of cocaine and possibly of other injurious alkaloids I operated on quantities of three to five tunes the amount contained in a bottle of the carbonated e. The extractions of the syrup were repeated until the aklaloids were entirely. removed and' different tmmissible soh ents ere used on different portions. The crystalline substance thus obtained was further separated by fractional extractions after which it was concentrated and tested. Since this concentrated product which would contain all of the cocaine failed to respond to the tests for cocaine it is clear that the alkaloid is absent or if present at all then in quantities too minute to allow of detection. The active constltutent of Cola Syrup proved to be caffeine and in quantities seemingly less than in a cup of good coffee or tea. There was no evidence of the presence of other alkaloids. Signed W. B. BURNEY Chemist. Guaranteed under the Pure Food and Drugs Act June 30 1906. Serial Number 3324. Everywhere kP THE PIKMEEP SYRUP GO Chester S. C. This company was formed for the purpose of pushing the popular Plkmeup beverage made from the Plkmeup syrup. This drink has become very popular with the southern bottlers and the company are more than sanguine of the ultimate success of this great beverage It ha. now been before the public a little years and daring that time has made great headway to public favor. It le a drink that contains no injurious properties. The name given by the originator Mr. R. R. Scales to this pleasant beverage is of English origin. The English people when they need something to build up their drooping spirits ask the dispenser to give them a up. The president of the company is Mr. R. Moffatt. who la a well-known business man of Chester. 8 C. ABOUT LABELS. The Silent Salesmen Sort. The wisest. the cheapest and most ef- reetlve advertising that a bottler can do Is that of placing a neat and attractive label on every package he sends out. Good labels are silent salesmen-salesmen that Impress the eonsumertand build up business The Atlanta Label Company Is the only house in the south des voting time. talent and capital to title branch of usefulness and the quality of i their product is equal 40 the test produced anywhere. At this parQentar pert. od whey the country la to overrun by Inspectors under the curs food Laws- tooth national and state It behooves ever bottler to prepared lafteu that conform with the laws. The Atlanta Label Company ha secured expert in formation arm Is prepared to furnish labels that conform with th 11' tt-'t are cheap In price and catchy of design A bottler WHO uots uv Be yond the state lines will not be interfered with toy the national government- but every state Is enacting similar laws as fast as the legislatures meet. Here In Georgia for instance. the law has en enacted and becomes actively operative August 1st next. After that date very character of food product must be labeled In conformity with the law. Neglect or refusal will entail a heavy penalty-a a fine more than enough to buy all the labels an average bottling plant could i iv two or three years. It Is this knowledge of the' law. this ability to protect Its customers and the silent salesmen sort of labels made by the Atlanta Label Company. that has popularized it with the bottlers. The make- labels show cards and gum stick- ers of every kind and character for every purpose. Their work is of the best and the satisfaction they have given in the past Is tout an earnest of what may be expected In the future. Special. individual and exclusive designs furnished when desired. Orders by matt receive prompt attention. Address Atlanta' abet Com pony 64 Madison aye. Atlanta. Gar GREAT AMERICA HOP ALE. A success most pronounced and most deserved. has been made by the Ameri- can Beverage Company of this city. and. Great' American Hop Ale is' being told II over the United gut by bot tler of quality. There WM for year a demand for a temperance drink. pos- eaiecTof the good Qualities of. fceer. but ifs SataatettS propmi i beverage that would build up and tone VP the system that would taste like beer' and would be welcomed in the Home aao hospital alike. Thus the Great American. Hop Ale filling as it does. all or treat requirements nd ready-made' friends to bid It welcome friends in tile' pulpit and in the pew. On merit. therefore. hat the American Beverage Company built its suf- To OOt tl lv xpr ton. The sick get well and the' wefl MOW fa 1. A Mop tie. Of course se' I vlt Imitators and equally true In thin Instance Is It that the imitations re no more to DC comp tj. ud i popular Great American. Hop. Ate' than I chalk Is comparable with cheese Imitator te quality of the goods. 7 nutt taste 01 mel Is Imparted by a secret process that chemists have sought or years to do plicate but without success. Bottlers find It to their interest to handle these goods oecauae It does not sour or deteriorate with age because It I. goes sixth Scriber than Imitation because there fa no license or revenue tax nece sar and last but not leait because there to a demand for Great 1 American Hop Ale. and the American Beverage Company protects by its gout ante under the rational Pure Hood Laws. serial number 823) all bOttcre who buy the pure unadulterated intoxicating popular and profitable. Great American Hop Ate A word the wife Is sufficient. A foot cannot. be convinced. Boy. try and you'll ever drink A. cup' that Joy and blessings Una Great. Amtncon iop A. luslv ly by the American Corapar AUaata Oa. GRE TEST Drug 30 1906 ONL SYR UP ILL Specia ties SOpA upon 5 t. I INTE. RESTS AS. I I Weare uot. di couuts. Me 1ffj TIt day. one of the 1ri. accidentally set fire to her veO. lon and also. DUmber men toreoff the rla burned. Bomeof the men IeC Jved 1lUD1 COCA COlA WON COCA-CO sTD INGRED A OtJa Deleten Hont mery 22. BtateChem- a at I this well-known be chem1s ueltlon fetn a js ta I Al bama Cola I In- of I Cola In- I a- Cola I I i Cola Cola I ntt In a I a stre th I hew a mthf 5th 0 gun I 18s Cola I Ingoft ne al he er the' I hou 7 I i fit Ie 1 Inoanr I three-quarters reecompared Profes or ins Pr fea- onl amOUDlt MW 8 widely-known T. eta rn1 tg IS k. Roes. ottheae eq erlments unlv Uy be eatelt Import DR 1fK Iot 1aea a a JY it I bott11ngIDdnlltry cr W' lffaphle 1Itb. car onate4 bo in- an. journalistic I an alrea th se mo thly kly rup ettn terrlt 7' in bearingthe ina solvents were a Since. is od 5c 5c CO. I etel of bevera e. th R. S. evet' Dt u1ea u. re. umero-anc rl tI Of re taio tbe oa tJ' equaltO the' J1. Wb be 7 ton eM. er. thfu1e La. DtJo aJ state-It every D. 1I In- conf ph. been ra- pen a yes ablllt They purpo e. work I an 1 aa lfactJon del Ired. II IYe made 11H I lc 0. bphot ne of years fora temper ncer- i euet of I 1 beverB i wo filling welcome-friends Ia w. I It elland 1he I su trueJnthltt eae- tat. r-n- te n' Imp rted secretpr lorye ratO4u. utc fl. or' I. theIri 00113 UIeJt OC abefR eSt than sno l1C nhOrreye u. I ncftlsaryand laatbuth r1eatj therela ckmandfOrGteat iCan AJeanJ theAmr1l I byItf1U cn atlna1Pure 0 4 82ar 11 b9t1 r. xl na to c. contnC Bqr. tr7an4 JJr c. JoTat14 DC' 0 0 tD rt a tlr tz pt 3i 4 THE CONSTITUTION ter SUNDAY rY- JUNE 23y- Or 1J1. ATTANTg rikimup KMF 1 SY RUPIORM a 2 tens 1 BIAZINGLINE. peetal ROm0. While Uar a. girls otf hornedabout CRT SUCCESS Am. ta 3e Deleterlos thel au- years the he 125 124 Is or well-known thereports I his the-same this Organ trade trade a I rs Igvr ere is in a vi worn an 0 ora es I i I I 1. On aimmseevraltl frousn. oa Southern tadsinformation. a A that 5 has bc ineas. taent andthe gttadtyof to ood lelib s- wfo ti. Y. ha. e- i teed nt the future oSpeec ndlvid nand tbeAineri Bute. tteraof4tiailtyTherewas temperancedrtnk eessed ofbee lack14 la yseplatJa a t- IJ i ssaline a. orr Inol nrtuu a sn4 homeand rot 3 aurae. mote tf- ly xpr.e- plow InihleInstant. Ifs ore tobu c3mpara. w. ti af iid I. cheese Th nutty meia a a i dos euecea beiacEeIt necessary last lea feat Aword yOu ll Acup prim Americanu 5 i. xa 5 Elusively Computyatianty blvHagf r. 3 7

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