The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 23, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1949
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1049 Chilean Assails Russian Tactics Sharp Attack Comes During Debate in UN Committee Session LAKE SUCCESS. Nov. 23. (AP>— Russia WHS described by Chile In Russia was described by .Chile in United Nations debate yesterday as a super-capitalist, Imperialist, totalitarian, police state "with nothing Marxist about it." The sharp attack came from Chilean Delegate Hernan Santa Cruz, whose country broke off .diplomatic relations with Moscow in 1847. Santa Cruz has since led campaigns against Russia over the Czechoslovak communist coup of February. i(M8, and Russia's refusal fcjr'o release foreign wives of Soviet nn- p-iions from Russia. Santa Cruz spoke before the 59- natlon political committee which is considering Russia's proposal for a five-power peace pact and a rival Western peace proposal based on the U.N. charter. The Chilean delegate said it was useless to study any Marxist vfew on Inevitability of war, because "Marxism has been revised, adapted to the interests of the Soviet bureaucracy, amended and distorted to Ihe service of the state monopoly and its expansionist and imperialist plans." The session was stormy. The leadoff speaker, Dmitri Z. MamiHsky, foreign minister of the Soviet Ukraine, was interrupted by Santa Cruz and Yugoslab Delegate Ales Bebler with protests against wha't they called insuHs to their governments. Manutlsky and Soviet Foreign <§» v 5 ^ SENSATIONAL « GRIFFIN JUST APPLY LET DRY! You'll get a bright s>sparkling "dress- fr up" shine in a jiffy. ScufI marks recolored too! Special Griffin carton serves as non-tip bottle hold*"- r SELF POLISHING LIQUID WAX BLYTnEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Farm Home Fire Claims Lives of Five in Wisconsin EAU CLAIHE, WLs., Nov. 23. (AP) •Five children died yesterday In a flaming house at the John" Berg farm near nock Palls, ten miles south of here. The victims were Identified as the three daughters and one son of Mr nnd Mrs. John Berg and a -jranddaughlcr. They were Maxinc Borg, 18, Donna, 10, Duvid, seven, Jackie, six, and the four-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Stai. Another son, Alvln, 11 jumped from a second story window. He Is in an Ban Claire hospital, with serious Injuries. Mr. and Mrs. Berg said they were in the barn when the fire broke out. They found the home In flames and were unable lo enter. ^^HH^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HB^M^^M^ SEEING TRIPLE?—Sister Cloeta, first-grade teacher at St. Leo's School, Columbus, O, thought she was seeing triple when these youngsters took their seats in her classroom They are Donald, Jimmy and David Barlley, triplet sons of Mr. and Mrs. David Hartley. Now Sister Cloeta can tell them apart because ihey usually wear jackets with their names printed on them. Firemen Strip Blazing Clothes from Dummy as Passers-by Gaze On PITTSBURGH, Nov. 23. (/P) — Passerby stood goggle-eyed outside - downtown ricpmlmeni. store yes- ifday as a squad O f firemen dasic-J lit the door with the body of i woman, her clothing ablaze. She stood plaeid and undisturbed while the firemen stripped her. Then the smoke-eaters—with red- faced chivalry-draped a blanket iver the smouldering clothln" dum- «u my Pan American Clipper Sets New Flight Record LONDON, Nov. 23. (;T>)—The Pan American 'Airways clipper Plying Cloud sliced 13 minutes off the New York-London commercial flying record yesterday. Carrying 24 passengers, the plane landed at London airport at 9-20 a.m (4:20 a.m., EST), eight hours and 55 minutes after leaving idle- wild Airport. New York. The plane averaged 443 miles nn hour. The pilot was Capt. Charles Titus of Great Neck, Long Island. Minister Andrei T. VUhlnsky, in turn, protested against some of Santa Crtlz' remarks. Committee Chairman Lester B. Pearson of Canada admonished the delegates against making offensive statements. Santa Cruz said no true peace can exist unless Russia changes her international policy of interference in the international affairs of other countries and non-cooperation in international relations. "If the Soviet Union truly wants peace." Santa Cruz said, "she must abandon her fifth column policy, disband the International Communist organization and respect, the sovereignty of states." House Committee Probes British Theft Suspect Army Buying Procedure ------ WASHINGTON, Nov. 23. (AP) — Top army buying officers were called before a House committee yesterday to answer a charge of "tailoring" quartermaster specifications to favor one manufacturer. Orville Morrison, head of the Sunroc Refrigerator Comnany of Philadelphia, , told the committee the Chicago office of the quartermaster corps placed a $13,000,000 order with Westinghouse Electric Company for refrigeration equipment although Sunroc was low bidder. Morrison said bid requirement.'; were drawn up so as to fit only Westinghouse equipment by "wording Westinghouse sales literature into federal specifications." He said the similarity between I ,-4* I- D»>L O !• 11 * j Westinghouse literature and the L '"' e K °CK Police Alerted army specilicalions Indicated some On Complaint of Girls ' form of understanding or else it was "the strangest coincidence in history." Oklahoma Attorney Has OYersupply of Turnips BARTLESVILLE, Okla., Nov. 23. (AP)—Charley Pennel has so many turnips he doesn't know what to do. The pioneer Bartlesville attorney and fanner has five acres of them. It started Vhen Pennel was placid on a diet which included generous servings of turnips. Just to make sure he wouldn't .starve for lack of them he planted five acres. Conditions were right, and all live acres are now covered with huge, purple-topped turnip. Pennel lias invited other turnip lovers to help themselves. If You Are 85,45 or 3, Hadacol Helps All Ages HADACOL is Good for all ages, bringing five of nature's B vitamins and important minerals to the young and old alike. Recently the HADACOL folks received the good news that among the countless thousands who had been benefited by HADACOL were a au. jjugas. "lit lady of 85, a man of 45 who felt land she cried hke he was 18, and a beautiful giving Joan HADACOL I felt a real Improvement and after the twelfth bottle of HADACOL I felt like I was 18 instead of 45. I am feeling perfectly well." "My three year old daughter, Joan, had lost her appetite," said elementary school age have been molested by unidentified men. A school principal told police a man in an old model truck had attempted to molest girls on several occasions recently. A mother reported that a mnn had attempted to pick up her 13-year- old daughter and another snid her daughter has been approached several times in the'last two months. Onion Shipment Brings Tears of Embarrassment BEIRUT, Lebanon—(.T 1 )—A minor tempest was stirred up when the Trans-Arabian Pipeline Co. here received 15 Ions of potatoes and onions in a shipment of supplies from the slates. Local newspapers and officials • complained because Lebanon—western terminus of the oil line the American firm Is building from Srudl Araola-~currently has serious surplus of thousands of >ns of both items. Red-faced company officials explained it was a mistake in thci: New York office. They said a well- meaning employee there made up the list on the basis of usual needs at the eastern Saudi Arabian end- where there are no local potatoe or onions. The situation was solved to the satisfaction of Mr. Dugas. "Her cheeks wefe pale -•-- -•- • oflcn _ i-"> "^ »v aa 10, aria a peaiuil little girl only three years old. Mrs. Edmond Doucet, of Church Point, La., is 85 years old, having thousands of friends in the picturesque Lviingehne section of Lou i s i a n a --where she was horn and has spent all of her life These friends are happy to know that Mrs. Doucet feels better now than at any lime in two years and gives the credit to HADACOL "1 had been sick for almost two years and was suffering with gastric disturbances and bloating. I was run down, had lost weight and had to stay in bed most of the time. I lost courage and felt thai there was no hope for me." Mrs. Doucet had tried many preparations without apparent beneficial results when she heard the glorious news about HADA- "After taking several bottles of HADACOL I felt like a new person," said Mrs. Doucet. "I eat anything I want without ill effects ' ----- MKS. OOUCET p b H A D A C OL and after three of the large economy size bottles she is now healthy, has an excellent appetite and her disposition is perfect." All three of JOAN these people were suffering from a lack of B vitamins and the min- which HADACOL contains. — ALOL comes to you in liquid form easily assimilated in the blood stream so that it can go to work right away. It is easy to understand, therefore, why countless thousands have been HADACOU* U *-™««"B "me. A lack of only a small amount of B vitamins and certain minerals will cause digestive disturbances ... Your food will not agree with you. ... You will have an upset stomach.... You will suffer from heartburn, gas pains and your food will sour on your ?l°™ c . h and you will not be able on like for fear ry afterwards. ....u j\ju will llul lo eat the things you like of being m misery aficiwaras. Many people also suffer from constipation. And while these symptoms may be the resulufof other • .-.-.,^.j unoroer, mere is nc Known cure except the adminis- MR. DUGAS . , ns o som- ach disturbances,"said Mr. Dugas My,stomach was so bloated that it felt like it would swell up and burst- I suffered with gastric disturbances, heartburn and was run down and nervous. I had no appetite and suffered with headaches and I couldn't sleep at night I was so drawn and pale that my friends had difficulty in recoeniz- ine me. Alter the third bcttle of that he dcred if would ever! It is easy to" u'ndersVa'ndTYhere- be able tojfore why countless thousands work that nave been benefited by this amaz- way again. He In | lo . nic . HADACOL. had tried ,,„ n j'..!J? altcrs not how old you many medicines, but felt no bettor. "I had all kinds of stom- -- ..•okki.13 nut now oia you arc or who you are ... it matters f, all ... live or if >' medicines under the nes uner te sun, give this wonderful preparation, HADACOL. a trial/Don't go ' , . raont go on suffering. Don't continue to lead a miserable life. Many pcr- "!£ * no ...have suffered and vailed for 10 to 50 years or even longer, afe ,able now to live AV C nr nforta! ?! c Iives heca "se ACOL supplied the vitamins nn*3 n n ral * s > vhich lhcir Wtems .leedcd. Be fair to yourself Temporary relief is not enough for you. Give HADACOL .trial!!! FTA HA Looks Like Errol Flynn, Scotland Yard Men Say LONDON, Nov. 23. (AP)-Scot- and Yard sent out word yesterday to arrest a robbery suspect who "resembles Errol Flynn." Newsmen quickly called Ihe Hollywood star, who Is making a movie here. 4 "I ain't done nothing," Flynn said. The only thing I ever stole was an apple and that was 20 years ago." The wanted man is about 25, five feet nine, with "darkish, mousy hair." Flynn said he's 39, six feet ;wo and has brown hair. Told that Scotland Yard also described the man as good-looking, Flynn commented: "That's something, anyway." 75 Railroads Abandon Ticket Credit Policy CHICAGO. Nov. 23. (AP) _ Fifteen mil lines, Including the New York Central and the Pennsylvania, pulled out of the rail travel credit agency today. Fourteen of the Unas withdrawing from the "charge it" ticket system were in the East. The Union Pacific also withdrew. The lines will do longer offer passengers the ride-now-pay-later service after Jan. 1. A spokesman at the agency, a mutual undertaking of 47 railroads, said ihe Eastern lines "found out that they Just fiad to whittle down costs. The price per transaction, they felt, was too high." LITTLE HOCK, Nov. 23. v , ,Little Rock police were alerted ycs- of terday after receiving reports three Instances in which girls of when the company shlpped-in foodstuffs donated 1 th ugees of the Palestine war. to Arab ref- Thanksgiying Arrives Early for Pelican Flock SANTA MONICA, C.lllf., Nov. 23. (AP)—-Thanksgiving came early for a flock of pelicans and seagulls who gobbled up a deckload of sardines from a fishing boat here while the captain and crew were ashore. The boat. Bunkle, out of Santa Barbara, had tied lip for refueling. Hundreds of hungry pelicans and gulls swooped down and gorged themselves until many were unable to fly. They lloated around the harbor, listing blissfully. Fishermen on the pier said several hundred pounds of sardines must have been consumed. Piles Hurt Like Sin! But Now I Grin " " "?* * rollw '° Krins. Use a ;T" 1 l ? re S Icv « discomfort tan r XTI A r i"? 8l "' 1>y notl!d Thorn;,-dl£.i ? tll>01 : Clinic. Surprlalns QUICK iralirntlve relief or pnln. u c h, Irrllallon -°t£ m - a $ a &Si!" n * "" "f °f ' OMn.t'nt'.r Ro"" "Sup* f''^"-/""""' laht!l direction.. ii »t «U di-ui; .tore, .varywhcri: Beware Coughs From Common CoMs That HANG ON Creoinu hi on re I [eve i promptly because it goes riglir \o the seal of the trouble 10 help Joosen and expel germ liden phlegm and aid nature to sooihe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchitl mucous mem brines.Tell your druggist lo sell you a boilfe of Creomuliion wiih the understanding ynu must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you arc to have your money bark. CREOMULSION r --r-,,,}, 5 chestColds.Bronchitis J._^j^^^^<c^^"r t ^- ff^'fit Sjl"y "•"",'y^'yiu" m.H7y«-a' i ttiinun"rtyf 1 '/>^?^^S8»^fe^M5?35S\V- ; '&%«'£ '\ 'If fAGK SEVKrJ f: •• r^^s WAY FLOOR LAMP WITH NITE LITE IN BASE and Outstanding fleeted Plasti-Sillt Shod* Swutifuf/y Trimmtd For the Amazing Low Price of WM?p'fB-?iS ^s^^fifp* Hubbard YOU Will NOT BELIEVE IT POSSIBLE TO OFFER THIS GREAT VALUE S£f IT TOOty/ V. J. A. COPYRIGHTED 194» ».££«? Phone 4409 FURNITURE Son Blytheville THE KITCH Thanksgiving dinners, like olher holiday meals, used to begin, and end-wlth all the time in between -in the kitchen. Nowadays-thanks lo the modern electric range-Thanksgiving begins in the kitchen, but the rest of the time can be spent doing other things ... or Just relaxing. The electric ran 6 e Is automatic. Once your food Is In the oven and the controls set, your cooking time is pleasure time ... and always with the knowledge that low-cost, dependable electricity will have perfectly prepared the food . . . piping hot, ready and waiting to set before the family. Why don't you make your Thanksgiving cooking —as well as all year 'round cooking-easy, economical and dependable by using a modern, automatic electric range. Ark-Mo Power Co.

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