The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 27, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1933
Page 6
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J5LmiJBVn.I.K fAFWl CmwiKH NRWS Hooks and Slides Braucher Smith, Coats, Wavbiirloni»''u sun can and Franklin * Best of " t ^ Pacific Coasl Array. '•/. BY MLI, SPAtll.DlNG Ccach,- University of California at Los AngelM • Copyright. 1933, NBA Service, Inc. LOS ANGELES. Nov. 27.—Four outstanding Pacific coast ijrlddcrs •who merit certain All-Coosl selection, and whose deeds deserve All- America recognition, are nill Smith, Washington end; Coats, U. C. I;. A. center; Cotton Warburton. Trojan quarterback, , .and Norman Franklin, powerhouse of-Oregon State's backficld. , '.; With these four as a nucleus. 'and a supjxirling east from the best brand of football material seen in the west In years, a team 'can be built lhat could hold Us own with any other picked squad .In the country. • These four men made my (ask of selecting an All-Coast team comparatively easy. But what ^Oj^AY, J\W^MBER_ 27, 1933 made It a lot easier was the presence of two grcal guards In the west—Rosenberg and Corbus. Sure All-America timber, they couldn't he left off an all-slar team from .this section. '. ' * * * The lineup of the first team follows: . , Bill Smith, that pass-snatching, point-kicking gridder of Washington U., teams up with Jim Mos- 'crlp, sensational sophomore end of Stanford. Tile latter lad. n 115- pounder, can turn nn end run Into a roul In snappy fashion—as Southern California will agree, A few more 'pounds and .Jim will be • ready for All-America next season. There were no outstanding lack- Ics, such as Smith and Brown of thc 1932 Trojans, running around loose on the west coast'this season, iii their stead, and playing nearly -as good a game, were Larry Lutz, .California Uc'de. and John Yczer- £kl of SI. Mary's. .-; Bolh these players are sophomores—which may make my se- 'lecllon of them appear strange. But both boys. In mv opinion and that of several coaches and other players to whom I have talked, ptaved all-flor hall in their first year uo. They, like Jim Moscrip, .will bear watching in 1934. '' . Little need be said about thc sterling qualities of Rosenberg and. Bill Corbus. The former is n line-' • crashing fool, fast to pull out and run interference, and a stone wall vhen'he's rovinc behind lhat Tro' Jan forward wall on defense. " The latter, bv his showing ncaiiLSt Southern California alone. rates All-America recognition. His point-getting toe is an added asset. * * * -The center is our own Lee Coals. This boy has been thc outstanding center on the coast lor three , years. ' . The Trojans' will-o'-lhc-u-isp. Irvine Warburton. is probablv the best of that long line of brilliant onarterback 1 : Howard Jones turned out at Southern California. This season hasn't been so easy for Jones' boys, nnd time' 'nnd again this mite of a 'man pulled the Trojans out of hot water with a spectacular run that Inspired them with thc confidence to go out and win. A. smart general and all-round player, the blond fellow is Ihe best on the coast. Oregon State's Franklin needs liltk printed oualificalion. He's i been heard of plenty on thc west K coast, and thc east—Fordham In _ rarllcular—has seen him slar. An 1 ItCiV msn plaving with an iron ^ team. Red get 1 ; my firmest vole. The other halfback Is Georse llcfoie this football season began the Golden Panther of Pltls- bmgh was being regarded gcn- einlly 4$ a pretty well-lamed-tabby. ' The learn had been demoralize! by Southern California on New Year's Day In tlio Howl of Roses. Jock Sul her In nd's Mains as a coach depended a great deal upon his abllily to rally hl.s Important holdovers, who must have fell, after the Trojan victory, that football was pretty much a finite prihllme. (Jain Momentum A badly beaten team often loses confidence In leadership of the "characler-milldcr" In charge of operations. I saw Ihe Pnnlhcr in pre-season training, and the boy.s did nol appear lo be considering seriously Ihe winning of many games. They made a slow slarl against Washington and Jefferson. Then, after sixiiling the ambitions of Hie West Virginia and Navy elevens, the llig cms ran Inlo a Gopher Dial would not be denied (a slilen- did Gopher team, by the way). The defeat by Minnesota seemed to be what was needed. The Panther blanked the nexl four foes In a row—Noire Dame, Centre. Duquesne. ami Nebraska. In overcoming the Big Six champions, Pitt penetrated our of the most formidable football defenses set up In the country thb year. ROFC Howl Unites I talked lo Sutherland about liowl iiosslbllille.s following the .Nebraska game. Jock was more than \villlng to try otice more. "Evciylliing wenl wrong for us In Ihe Bow] hist year." he mill, "but 1 think this team is one lhat would stand up." A great deal for thc quiet Sutherland to say. "The choice of tlw western tcnm for the Doivl," he added, "will be of especial Importance this year. If one of the teams from thc northern Pacific district Is picked, it will share with Ihe eastern selection ihe disadvanlago of playing In unaccustomed warmlh. But I think Pittsburgh could make It very warm for any opponent." GIFTS for Her Courier Picker Gqes Into Lead By Four Games The Courier News sports editor jumped four games ahead or Bill Braucher. NBA sports editor, In their grid predicting contest for Lhe season the past week-end. The week before had left the pair even In wins and losses over the entire season up until that lime but the Courier picker went inlo the lead for the first lime in games Saturday. The two predictors differed . In guesses as to the outcome of only five games out of 22. In four the Courier writer's predictions were correct and Braiicher's wrong while the fiilh resulted in a draw game. J'he Courier sports editor had 16 wins, 5 losses and one tie and Braucher 12 wins, nine losses and one tie for their week's scores. The Courier picker was on the right end and the NEA editor on the losing end of the following games with the winners listed first: We suggest Cosmetic'), J'uise.s, Candle llold"n, Bud Vases. Niiu- iK-lly's Candles, lYrrumr, Atoml/.- i'M>, Compacts. Stationery, ICoda^. rowr.KR imi;a co. SJI.K \E(il.K!EI>S Daintily lallorj:! of Klul Crep-- In Blue. IVach, l>lsik and Black A gift stie'll ;i|)]>iTclate. $2.9« J. (.'. ITNXKV CO. (Jive Smiiflhij'x Practical She will appri'i'iHli- a gilt she can wear. We rsiuK'.'Sl Scarf Sets, hosiery. PursL-s. Gloves. Hats, Blouses. Sweater Sull-s. Dresses and Sucatos and Skirts. THE LADIES TOOGEKY DISTINCTIVE C1IFTS Atnmliwrs, Peilume Sets, Bridge Cards, compacts. Ponsjburn'.s Caiullc.s, Ifoubi^ant and Coty's l>i-rfumt> Sets, Healing 1'acls. anil other gifts s\\i will like. lli:i.l/S I'HAK.MACY WAYNE KNIT HOSIERY Nj. 413-u four thread, all silk, high twist, 42 gau:,v chitlon, PIcot top, I'.cut Insert nl hem, all silk moc- c:.Hn loot, knit In toe guard, curved French hod. $1. NEW YORK STORE GIFTS for Him MEN'S I.ODNliINt; KOISKS ! Hrucudrd linyun and- all wool I riannel Robts In a choice M'lec- lir.ii til colors. J4.49. J. C. IKXNKV CO. Hcauty Itrinss 'J'he Christmas Season will mean morj to her if .she hns n new l-cimanenl. Make her a. present 1 uf one. fiHACK KLANOKK SIIOI'PK Only 22 More Shopping Days Until Christmas. [•OR MKN ONLY! \ ! If you want to malt cyour wile love you the year round give her n Dodge or Plymouth automobile. Reasonably priced and equipped wllh all Ihe convenie'nces dear to a woman's heart. HAKNKTT AUTO SALES MARE MOTHER HAl'PV —And comfortable, too, with BEAUTY REST Mattress loi •.'hrlstmas. IIIHWAKh PUICMTUKK CO. DAIMV SI.KEI' TOGS Cowns and Pn lamas tailored of a nice quality fr'llk Crepe In Pink, 'lea Rose and Blue al $295 NEW VOBK. STOKK ' r.ulton SUl-:i»K JACKETS Kip]x.-r models In a great sariely <•! colors and styles. SG.SO ui Sia.SO. NEW MKAII CI.OTIIINC; CO. SMART LOOKING SWEATEKS With .sleevt-s cr sleeveless. COAV styles or Pull-overs in the la;c! color combination. $1 to $-1. . NKW MEAD CLOTHING CO. . SHOP EAKI/V Cur .stocks are complete no-,v and a small payment will hold any article until Christinas. (iUAKD'S JKWiailV STORE V/liy not. glv.- him ,m Ollice Chair Cushion, Treasure Cnesl i;r Sheafler Po-i for ChriMinas? ACTON I'HINTIXO CO. I'lionr .10 We KIIUIV U'luit ire Wanls Desk Sot. pipe, Cigars, or r.'.rkcr . , . Shaving Set cr SheallVi fun. HFU.'S PHAK.tlACV A lasting 'gift lor your • >ilfe—A frlgidairc. (lie most modern electric refrigerator on the market. E. B. Gee Sales Co. Helena liubcnstein's Comf-irls, I'cwders, Lipsticks Kxilusivftv at Dnrum's THE PERFECT O1FT "FOR HER" KL1ZAI3ETH ARDEN'S VENETIAN TOILET Preparations EXCLUSIVELY AT BORUM'S From Sarla, A New Permanent Arid lo her happiness at Christ- inns by ijlvina her a new Permanent at our modern shop. Margaret I)ecn Reality Shoppc •Only 22 More Shopping Days Until Christmas. Have Santa Bring her a box of Holllngsworth's Cnndy', fitted bag, cosmetic set, compact, stationery, card table or purse. . ROBINSON CHUG STORE WK SUbOL'ST GLOVES —Imported Fabric Gloves of s\ beautiful quality, sllp-on am dill styles. 50c to $1.25.. NEW YORK STORK He'd Like a New Scarf! We have '.he vcrv kind T1IK LADIKS TOGGERY lux 1 a Pi;n anil Pencil Set, Billfold or Shaving Outfit. ROBINSON' DRUG STORE Only 22 More Shopping Days Until Christmas. (itve Him Something Personal Fc:r instance we have Silk Scarf? up, Arrow Shirts S1.95 up. Paas SI.50 up, Turtle NccK Sv/catei-s S2.95. Suede or Buekskii Jackets S8.50 lo S12.SO. Bathrobes Gladstone- Bags. Handkerchiefs am llirkok Belt. 'S?ts. l-'ree Turkey with Suits at J22.50 up. HAVNES MEN'S SHOP A HEAUTJFUL WATCH Would make Ira most happy. The. new styles as created by Gruen, Bulova and Elgin. GFARIVS JEWELRY STORE Harvard-Yale. T. C. U.-Rice. South. Callf.-Notre Dame and Stanford- Calitornla. Games that upset both guessers. with the actual winners listed first and the predictors' favorites last follow: N. Y. U.-Carnegie Tech. Chicago-Dartmouth (ami what a scorcK Detroit-Michigan Suite. Florida-Auburn, and Ohio-Illinois. Roy Allen And Sailor Murphy Headline (lard Wilson of St. Marv's. Tills fellow too, has shown In the cost as w as the west. He's a ball-carrying express, bie cnoush lo stand pvin- ishmcnt and smart enouzh lo know j i what to do with the ball when he Eels It—ask Jimmy Crowley of Fordham. .Choice of fullback probablv was the most difficult. Two players stood out In this Bosition. One was our own Joe Keeble: the other was Mike Mikulak of Oregon. Jolting Joe has been our standby here for quit* n while. He has been a steady player, always pll- ine, up vords T;hen we needed them. His work was valued in every pamc we played. : So. with sll due credit lo Mike. I put our own Joe on the first squad. PACIFIC COAST ALL-STAR „ .. first Team Pos. Second Team Scandinavian Kings _ Smith, Washington Mullcr. U.C.LA.' Held 1WO Meetings Left End : Lutz, California Reynolds, Stanford Your sentiments are best expressed when you Miy It with FLOW- I-RS. Kcalon's Home of Flowers Ihe Perfect Gift —What, women love — KAYSER'S underwear gloves, hosiery. Reasonably priced Jack Applebaum 1 !; Roy Allen will meet Sailor Murphy In the feature match on tonight's mat program at tr.c armory. The pair will clash In a two wit of three fall, two hour time limit match. In x preliminary match Randall Hicks will meet Pete Dcnietroff. Allen and Doiiulroff have both appeared here. Family GIFTS RADIOS—A silt all Ihe family ^enjoys. Ask for demonstration. E. It. Gl-f) SALES CO. Gifts for Kiddies fi GIFTS J tl re Home I)KE»' KNAI 1 HLANKLTri 7UxHO I>ep K:iap Double Blankets in :i Beautiful range ol pmlds. S2.TJ. J. C. 1'fcNNEY CO. GIVE 50uielhinLi praclical—cull?ry. bird cages, aluminum ware, toasters, eleciric irons, clocks, watches. Oliersl Slure C.). Only 22 More Shopping Days Until Christmas. Murwosd combination BRIDGE TABLE and I-'irc Screen, S5.SIS; Mtirwood de luxe tray. 54.50. BORUM'S Your dinner, will not l>e complete without FLOWERS for Xnins. ITeaton's Homo of Flowers. TOYI,A,\f> Ol'KXIN'C Kiddles will be delighted to know that our con.ule.te Toy Department will open Friday, December 1st. J. f. I'ENNKV CO. OII-T NOVELTIES 13cok fJiids, Ash Trays, What-Nots, Vas-es,' Bcud'jjr Ijimiis, Table Uniys and novelties oi all kinds. GTARIt'S J1.WEI.IIY STOKK assonnient of gift nov- games, stationery candy. HOKUM'S NEW rilll.CO RADIOS —The supreme Christmas gift to the family — now" show all the IL lest models, liberal Iradc-In allowances. HUBKARD FURNITURE CO. Make your home modenr and convenient • for Christmas wiili built-in cabinets, shelves, breakfast nook, wall brackets. It. J. Peterson, 2113 N. 21st CHRISTMAS TOYS for all ages Specially priced. Oberst Store Co. We ir.-ive What They Want; Skates, Tricycle 1 !. Scooters, bicycles, Coaster Wagons, Buddy Bikes, :2'2 Rifles (Stevein. Hamilton and fpringdeld) Pocket Knives, Flash- Only 22 More Shopping Days Until Christmas. Ecautiful. inexpensive artificial WREATHS for the graves of loved ones at Xmas. Heaton's Home ot Flowers. Quick Meal Oil Ranges Ciosley Radios. Scaly Mattresses, Slumbe:on Mattressps, Delnx; Springs. Lounge Chairs and Otto-1 nan. Rockers, Occasional Chairs, ————— S I'jdio Couches. 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Hu- l.-ert Doyle,-rcxt door to Western L'rion. l • ' • Only 22 More Shopping! Days Until Christmas. j Qiilv 22 More Shopping Give Something Electrical T&ble and Floor Lamp!, SI to S10, Weftinghouse Irons. Healing Pads. PRACTICAL GIFTS Give Ihe children things that will last such as Tricycles, Coaster Wagons, Skates. Air Rifles, lii- evcles, etc. All priced most reason- s'bly. IIUllKAKD HARDWARE CO. Percolators, Toasters. Hor.tcrs. Waffle Irons Balhroom anrl other rppliances. Xnns Tree Decorations and Light Sets. Walpole Electric Shop W. Main Phone 314 Days Until Christmas. Give Ideal Built-in Furniture All Kinds of Cabinets ARKMO MiMRF.R YARD Santa Cl.ins" Headquarters A'r Sell Everything—the best qual- Texas U. Completes Plans For Mt. Luke Observatory AUSTIN, Tex. (UP)— Construction plans for University of Texas' observatory on Maiint Locke, near Fort Davis. Tex., call for 450 tons of concrete. 10 ions of reinforcing steel, and 5.000 pounds of glass. Two massive piers, requiring the concrete and steel, will be the pivots of t'nc observatory. Offices, chemical kitchen, developing'rcoms. library and living quarters will bo luealeci on the first two doors. ity Xmas Gifts. Radios. Musical • - Instruments. C-uidics, Lamps, Lea.-' lv lo lnc l™-'nch one on Moi ther Goods. Glassware. Electrical Wilson jn California, will be mpu Gifts. " J "" "'" ""' ' """ " Bicycle Tires. Horns. Saddles. Bas- Grips. SixAes. The telescope, second in size on- unt ount- o« "'e third floor. University of Texas rtose'the reflector type tele- PARKIHiKST CO., 109 E. Main scope. 26 feet long. Its main fea- ' lure will fe the huge mirror. 80 inches In diameter and weighln? S.OOO pounds. Grinding and poltsh- i ing the mirror will require nearly two years of work. n 1 T> i* ci • nicnes in diameter ai UlllV LL More ohoppmg I S.OOO pounds. Grinding Days Until Christmas. I largest electrical works in north-ling drinks and dissemination of ; crn Europe, and thc Swedish Metal! general information on • liquor has Left Tackle Rosenberg, U.S.C. Stevens, U.S.C. Left Guard Coats. .U.C.L.A. Christie, alifornia Center Corbus, Stanford Gilbert. St. M. Right Guard Yezerslti, St. M. Yearlck, U.C.L.A. Right Tackle Moscrip, Stanford Canrlnus. St. M. Right End., P. Warburton. US.C. Griffith, U.S.C. • , Quarter Back Franklin, Ore. State Williams, Cal Left Half Wilson. St. M. ' Orayson, Stanford Right Half i Keeble, U.C.L.A. Full Back The ;real name of .Tom Thumb, Bamum'a circus H. Charlw Heywood nildget, was < STOCKHOLM. (UP)—The mcct- ng of. three powerful kings 833 years ago at Kungelv, on the west coast of Sweden, will be commemorated by a granite monument in [rent ot the ancient fortress of Bonus. In 1100 A.D. King Inge of Sweden, King Magnus of Norway and King Erik of Denmark met there to restore peace and good'Will between their three countries. Trie monarchs went out alone to a little bland In the sea, lalked matters over, agreed to be friends, and, instead of signing a treaty, shook IcaM hands to confirm their agreement. Only once more in the Ms lory of Scandinavia has such a meeting taken 'place. That was In 1914 when King Guslaf of Sweden asked the kings of Denmark and POOR OLD DAI) Take away the drudgery of wash- ! Ilov: about n nice comfortable chair Ing ii> the coming years. Only 22 More Shopping! him I UKNITURE CO. Wheels. Rims, Brake Parts. Repair- an Apex Washing Machine Days Until Christmas. ing. Carney's Shop. 113 S. First St. K. B. GEE SALES CO. Metropolitan-vick, Author Donates trial here. Is lecturing on Sovie Garrelt's widow, the eight Play for French Capital Approximately •sity 2,000,000 away they stick yo:i in Jnll owned by the_ University uThl se^an't^^nfe Z "'^ West Texas oil fields. Royalties on oil already produced from such lands approximate $20.000.000. Surveys by Dr. Bybee Indicate ,.._., „, , that nearly all of UK University's I '.vou ra ,' land Is situated in. oil-producing I At territories of thc Permian basin.] Nearly every acre already is under -._ ..-re. Xrt sooner do you stop an electric station quletlv ' you PARIS. lUP) —Max Reinhardt. German theatrical director, has nuQics cannot oe. cxooncu irom u i » « . . »n*uuuj iyvk,uiue « iw>v «tn. Ihe Soviet Union. Th? only w™ ^heS |0 f Sweden's econpnilc and ROM aid -My pta is to start a M. Holland could possibly ha' yourself. Tnerc's an absolut pressiou of Inlclbct. —~ — \.m.-\.iwi, ij.ia nre slopped | decided to present "Die Flcder- op-'m»us" here at (he Theater Plgalle. 1 "I hope to interest Paris ln = this " " have given it a ve usrl the money for himself was to cosr.o here and spend It on tr.e spot. Chicago Distiller Plans I course where demonstrations can I be given bv old-limers who really :know how." Son of Crown Prince i Ne w 'Cocktail University' j A.^aiia?^" Studies Industries Norway to meet him at Maltno, in southern Sweden, nhnrc Ihcy Moscow Post Offers Ironical Comment At cnc „, I,'.;" ,e^n; c s-,s T m -'. Set e un t'l' ^mo $*" " °> *"*"* lndUStri « CHICAGO seined by the poet. Url Kararnov- MIOD- no?^ lv m T P ? *"* veiu °' p rkv-tfe lights snddrnlv ea °, , ' L,°^ "°l^\ '£, ° c ^ r ,'" thc e - vc | STOCKHOLM (UP)-As' a par! another sch SS HS^HS Dri hall {ntf n .. .1 * , .' ,. ' »•»•-•. j. Ihrrnio f-nii- tt:rr-.oL-i>ifTn(^,i,r^f — | to the branch.s ot Ircr.v i wo ol CHICAGO (UP)—With the ad- the five, toes on each foo< 'are used •ohibition repeal, still as thumbs, giving it a " j. school In the art of mix- grjp. MOSCOW. (UP)-A report that Allan Monkhouse. British engineer, who was one of the defendant* tn hall, just an eld habit. Wife Wins Famed Pistol EL PASO, TCK. fUPl—The famous frontier model pistol wlili which the lale sheriff Pat Oarrett . Tile cast is a Franco-Grrman- ! Austrian one, the lead to be taken Read Courirr Nc«-s Want Ads throne, now Is making a tour of the leading industrial centers of central Sweden. He recently visited the Industries «t Vesterns, Eskllstuua. Ore- bro. and Sandviken and was shown such establishments RR the BUDWEISER

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