The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1943 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1943
Page 2
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fAOwTWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.V COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 1943 Y, VI, A MEETS Mrs J E Brov>n wps hostess to )remher,s of the Y \V A., an auxiliary of the Baptist Missionary Union on Monday esening Tliero \\ere eight guls present A Mls- Mon'arv program, entitled ' A Llllle l«>a\ei»' was presented by Mrs Brown « A business meeting followed Mrs Brcwn received lovelj lingerie as n gut Irom tli- girls Tile hostess lor the exenmg \\as Miss Inez Lu- teiVand served giipcade \\ith homemade cookies tlon hnd Is at the home of ihor daughter, Mis J IL Tjler, in Sikcs-. ton, Mo. Mrs. B. M. Fowlkes and Mrs. Vlr- gll Dnvls spent Tuesday 111 Haj'tl, .Mo,, where they attended n Home Demonstration class nt the high school building. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Reardon tire announcing' Hie arrival of a daughter, Paula Ann. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tipton and baby left for their home In Mem pliis, Tenn., after spending several days hero with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Tlptoii nnd with relatives at Porlagcvllle and New Mud- rid, Mo. Billy Gaithcr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alie Oalllier of this city, now stationed, nt 'Hondo, Texas where lie Is serving In the Army Afr Corps. Billy U In the Supplj Department at tlic Plying Field. H! ITLNItt HBV-BUnOE Miss Mernltt Burge daughter of Mrs. Lulu Binge and the !ajc DOM Burg", became the biide of A 13 Buteiibeiij Mondaj ifternoou nt the,.Sacrcd, Heart ClnircU In. this city, ,/riie Rcveiend Falhei P J Doyle peiformed the simple ceie- jiionv lu tbe presence of iclallvci niul Mends of the two jouiig people 0\*ks Burge VvOre a in\y blue silW civcmble with beige .iccessones Hei Men J8-38 May For Tlio. Sea])ecs For the first lime since Dec. I when voluntary, enlistments In Hi armed foi'ces were banned, It, now iiossible for men between 1 rind 38 years old to volunteer the ervices for the SecTJecs, the Navy was of led rosebuds Then I construction battalions only ^rtVtemlnhls were Mrs. Emnmj Men skilled in vniloiw construe. Powell and Luther Johnson. WE* bride ^"s graUuntcd from Uic'Carulhersville High School In 194d >incl has been emplojcd In the :clty since her graduation. The ludegioom IMS icircd by his Erandmrenls nt Bljtliwllle, Alk, aiuTi^m Hie U S Navs stationed in Culia. Tlie voting people me spending a 1-ilef lioneMUoon In Memphis nnch of the service, 'Lieut. W. M. If nor,, Navy recruiting officer for rkansas, announced today. Following is the procedure to be illowcd In volunteering for [lie ealiees: Make application at, Iho earesl Nnvy rccnilllne- station, nd If you arc found qualified by ic C1\'H KiiBihccr corixs Intei'- Icwli'ig officer, you will be : given physical examination. 'Ilicn, If onnd acceptable, you will be given letter (o your local Selective Serv- :c Board. Within 30 days, the Selective icrvlec Hoard will order Die appll- ant to the joint Army-Navy In- lucllon Center In Little llock vhcrc Navj' iier.sonnel will take hargc of the man. Recommcndntlons for Petty. Of 'leer ratings, If the applicant t qualified, will be. placed In Ih nan's service record, and hk nH hy will be cluniKed after rcachlnt liis training .station, because h can only be enlisted us an appicn tlce .seaman. RntliiBs (ire avallnbl up to that of Chief Petty Office: with base puy starting at $120 monlh, plus room, board, clolliln and allowances for dependants. For full Information, wrKc visit the local Navy Recruiting Stn tlon at thn courthouse, LleuLcnai WIsivor ndvlsed applicants. He ;uli I'd tlint the Army's Corps of Ki Ulncers also Is In liccd of sklllc tradesmen, Head Courier News Want Ads. Praises Dyess Student DYliSS, Ark., April 1—Donald E. iftckmon, suiKrlnlcndonlof schools, icclvcd n letter Monday from A. I. Harding, president of Arkansas nlvcrsity, ttiyetlcvlllc, telling tliat Ilss Margaret Louise Baumcz had lade the lilghcst jxiislble grade in Iblc and History. According , to resident Ilimlhig, so few jjliulcn.ts vcr make an "A" he felt Mr. 3lackmon and tho teachers here CANT KEEP GRANDMA IN HER CHAIR She's at Lively a« a Now her Buc^ache U better Many tuffcrera rcHtive nagging quutly. orn-y Oiey discover t!*:tt taiisi^Li Ihclr iioiililc inay Ijo Ifioij Kuincys. 'J'lio ):J<]n<-ys mo Nnlure m-liltt way of toL- \ny. Uiu OII.-IM ruiita niul Tineto out of OLD !>!o(xl. Tlu-y liclji ;uodt pcuplo |>A9t iitoul :l |,iiLll nilay. WJicn ilitu[i]«r of kUnr^ 1 fimtlion p«rin'tt IX>I:OJJOUH iiiiitkr lu n-iuuin In your Ijjoul, it ll'U |KiitL9, \0t3 ul |K'P Illul C'lltTI'V, tIt'Uult; U; lituihirhtA luid uiiiini-iid. ]'rC(]u(i[kt or Beauty ;>ap*:igiD v't\\i «n^irtiii}{ uii'l |jijtiiEni{ eoinc-' tijjiea u)iOKS tfii'iv Ed fiotuuliiiiK wrong wllli >[jur lititnryu or blaililtr. . J)nti't wuill jSek your <ltup^LftL lor Donn'B I'iLEa, UM«1 fiiifci-adfiilly l>y imllioriA for over 40>i.iiM.'J'ljoy dvu (nippy rulivf riJj<l.wi1Lla-l|i tlo Ki inilpa o{ I.Liliuiy tulK'a Itijnfi otit nolgou- OUH wutl« from your Ijluwl. Gtt J3o^u fl 'OFI' AND ON CLUB Mi and Mrs George Jennler \ trd hosts to members of the Off nnd!on Club Supper ttfts sencd prtccdlng the caid gnmcs Mis E \y Shnde molhei of the hostess, presented each of the ladle with an nUracli\c handmade apron * • « ENQAC.ED GIRL IIOVOKFD Mias Gajle Norment was honored \ihpn Miss Marnn Kankln Cntei- i.uusd with a Eho\\er for hei Ihere \\cre fifteen guests piescnl foi the evening niid tliey<l conversation" "while they hemmed \ta towels for the prospective bildc She also icc^Kcd a number of lo\ch showci pifts "^ i The liostess assisted bj her mo'thei Mrs W N Eankm sei\ed a delicious dessert plato with coffee^ t< * * * M^S WALTON G1VFS T11FATFK TARTY Mrs Charles Wnlton, assisted b> her mother Mrs Raye Stroud tn\e a tlvntcr pirly compllmcnttng Miss (jajle Norment, prospective bride. Tlie group met it the Slrout hoine where they v.ere'sc'icd trull punch ind cookies and then \\ent, to 'the tbeatei >Ws Walton pre- seiited the libnoree \\ith n Sjle\ „ CDffeo Maker v ?<frs I?e\-.OMib5 Is ^l5illllg he husband, P.vt. Rex Ownby, at Port Hahcock, N J Mrs. E. H. Musgrave, who hns sp nt the pdsl few weeks here with relatives and friends, left fov Holland AIo ^vhtre she Mslled \\llh het-: brother,. .Gideon Crews - and wife, Mis John. Letner ha" b'cn dis- miisetl from St Marj s Hospital In St.|-Loiiis. Mil., following an opera- and Mrs. Edd 0. Baumez and she and said tho University, appreciated was the valedictorian of. last year's mid wanted more students of Miss graduating class Her original theine 'Hie beauty business Is one of th(! 20 largest Industries in the United Stales. I!aiinic?.'.s type. 'Margaret Is the daughter of Mr. student ies]xmslblllty in caused much favorable Like getting /2 slices So many more slices,., so fully en-, rklied witli vitamins and fresli and fngianl with men goodness that iboiiifltiih every diiy turn lo Krogtr's Clod: lireail! You, loo, will want Ibis bdler value-l;y it on our money-back will) anotlitr fot o |H-iiny for penny. \ t&UGAR STAMPS A SAFE PLACE FOR YOUR CLOTHES: THEY NEED ONE. TODAY! Today, every good.garment isid treasure.' You must take extra special care of it. Dust, and moths and careless handling lake a toll of your clothes that you can measure in dollars and cents! Clothes that have enteVtamecl a family of moths are lost for good. Dusly clothes get -a tired look, and need cleaning oftener The answer- a moth-discouraging dustproof wardrobe ( Use it iri a clothes closet—or set if in a hall or bedroom, if closet space is scarce Its small cpstVwll.l pay for itself many times over in clothes protection! This is the kind,of thing we ,at Penney's get really enthusiastic about — things^ that save you money — something that gives you extra service. We've always been keen about things that mean economy. For 41 years' \ye have preached and practiced thrift —. .in our store- keeping, and for the benefit of our customers. An understanding of thrift comes in handy these war days. There are so many ways thai a store like Penney's can help you savel. Tt's ('oiivcim-nt! Uiumiyl Sturdily I I'KNIMAU) CI.OTHKS WARDHOUR 1. Ti'otcct your clothes in a Pcilncy wardrobe! Made.'of slrong Kraft hoard, wood reinforced, it's \>\K enbtigli for 10 (.0 15 jjavmcuts! 10f|iii|)])cd with vapori/or! .*' Here's th'e formula: You havo q.No. 12 stamp for each member of your household. Uso them ALL by buying Ihe many DOMINO kinds in their relinery- sealcd packages. Granulated Old Fashioned Irown Confeclloncrs XXXX Tablets SuperAn Yellow Pure SUGAR CAN£ Sugars i SfrLUES LOSE T) It B S Fi K S 2.98 • jiel : tc(i Jackets Gored Skirls (Joiors You'll want several of I h e .s c easy - lo - wear, easy-to- lainulei 1 frocks for every activity this spring! Crisp, seersii c k e r in two-piece styles with belted or lilted jackets. Slim skirls! 12 to 20. Casual Or Sport Styles In Brislit Spring Shades! SPRING COATS and SUITS 12 75 Large selection of smavl wool-and- rayon fleece sport styles will) man- litiloring! Kccfers of wool Iwecd or plaids! Dressmaker or mannish suits. Sizes 12 In 20. . . :...,. Men's l'OJ-0 SHIRTS Pjnln or slrlpos. QQ — In pastel shades. HOC POl'UN JACKETS 2,98 Water repellent. Zclau finish. H will do Ihe samt for you. HOYS' WASH SUITS Husky SanforW.cdf i QD super poplin. Short 1 •" O sleeves, Klioi'tic style. 3-I'c. BOW1, SET Soycn-reslstantglass ^Q c mixing bowls! Use- T^«7 ful for serving! Cofion Lunch Cloths Prints to ndd color «.39 to .your table! 52" 1 square! Washable! \V6's. Rayon Gowns /Rayon crepe or satin i .40 Niith laco trimmings. 1 CYNTHIA* SLIPS Soft .rayon • satin or -1.^9 . -smooth raiy^n crepe. 1, Tailored or trimmed. Smart Spun Kaynn > New Two-Fieoc Styles 4 IJnen-Tytie Weaves Cleverly cut . . . these frocks will lake you gaily through the spring! Two- piece types of spun rayon in linon-llke weave! Jacket blouse. Sl7es 12-20. Modern SlorVitift Beauty! f{ A V () N HOSIKUY 79c Cliiltlfcn's ANKLKTS Stripes, solid coloi-s, i: i re many ghy patterns! . 1«J MKN'S SJIAttT, SOCKS Dress and sport styles. Reinforced heels^ toes. •Reg. U. S. Hat. OH. SMOKED SAUSAGE lb.33t PORK BRAINS .... lb.20c PORK SNOUTS . . Ib. 1?'c BACON SKINS Ib.lOc NECK BONES Ib.lflc PORK BRAINS lb.25c KOSHER DILL PICK IES . Ea.6c WISCONSIN DAISY CHEESE lb.35c SMELTS, Wisconsin Ib.lOc SPANISH MACKEREL Ib. 35e STRIPED BASS, in the Round Ib. 25c FRES-SHORE OYSTERS, Standards, pi. 55c RED SALMON STEAKS . Ib. 3Sc BLUE RIBBON COD Ib. 35s ASI'ARACUIS 10 !/ 2 oz. can CARROTS, Scot I UiJ/ 2 o/. jar 1'KAS, Avoiuhile, No. 2 can, 2 for. CUT liiCANS , No. 2 can. SAUIORKUA1IT (loldsniith's, (jt. . . • CORN, Stokeley's No. 2 can.-. ....... DUIKI) I5KANS 1 Ih. cello ......... CAMPHKU/s SOUl'S ........... 24 loss IS 1 16 14 10 14 S pts. 11 pts. pis. M pis. n pis. M pis. -1 pis. fi pis. FRUITS & GRAPEFRUIT JUICB -H; o/ COFFEE. CC COFFEE, French Brand COFFEE, Spotlight '. (Coffee Slamp 2 FLOUR. Avondale . COUNTRY EGGS, In Carton PEANUT BUTTER, Embassy . lb.27c ...... Ib, 22c valid through Ai>ril 25th) ... 24lbs,89c . . doz 35c 32oz°56c 'HUNKS, Sunkisl 2 II). pits. , RAISINS, Scctliess 1 !5 07.. pUg. PINKAPPM? .TUICK No. 2 can GRAPK JUICE' C. C., QlK. DRIED APPI.ES 1 II). cello 28 25' 29 1 !) pis. n pis. 0 pis. in pis, 7 pis.. n pis; TOMATO PRODUCTS for. I'URBE 7 nv.. can, CATSUP M 07.., 2 for JUICE, Stokeley's -Hi m. TOMATOES No. 2 Std., 2 for. 25' 24 C 23 C 7 pis. 10 pis. 22 |>is. Ki pis. 25' ORANGES GRAPEFRUIT APPLES Sweet, Juicy Florida 5 LL Mesh Bag • Texas Seedless Pound 35c 6c Fancy Washington Winesaps 2 Pounds ROSE BUSHES H m h GLADIOLI BULBS CABBAGE 10 2-yr.-old Plants Assorted 1.19 10 Firm Green 2 Heads CELERY large stalk 12ic RADISHES ... bunch 7c LEMONS, Califorina . Ib. lie ONIONS, Yellow Globe 3 Ibs. 25c CARROTS 2 bunches 15c KROGER PIGGLY WIGGLY , THt KROtUR IOOD FOUNDATION DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE rBny any Kroger brand item, like it as well as or belter ithan any other, or return unused portion in original container and we will give you double your money iack.

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