The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 13, 1950
Page 12
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f ACE BLYTHEVTT.I.E (AnK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 1950 HOUR HOME Vast Difference Cited in Cheap ' Building and Economy Housing Home-owners must distinguish^ between economy construction nnd cheap construction, according to Harold Sleeper, Columbia University architectural instructor. "To effect building cost- snviiiRs, one need not lower qunlity," he said. "Such savings arc minor, vet, cosily t/i the builder in lost prestige and to the home-buyer in maintaining and operating his home." Material!; of Rood rjuality. in adequate quantity and sizes, are Indispensable, said the architect. Including heating, plumbing and electrical equipment, nailing, insulation, framing, roof and floor construction. Hcati/i? ICfficienry Heating leads Mr. Sleeper's list and he stresses "auxiliary helps Many Causes Stair Squeaks Also Have Number of Cures which save their price by lowering " "• ' ' tbe fuel bill." One of his IcartiiiR i "™^ 5 . ,™" »y JJf>» SOKARKF Wrillrn for NEA Service A squeak is always annoying. whether it comes from new shoes or old -stairs. Hut there is no need for .squeaky stairs, for they can be quickly silenced. Wheu stairs are built, wedges are fitted and glued into the .stringer to support the ends of tlie treads But. constant wear sometime.'; makr~> them slip out of place, leaving Ihe tread unsupported and noisy. i.s possible to get at under your stairs, recommendations for these i.s complete insulation with full-thick batu or blankets of mineral wool, "The amount of insulation used and its proper installation arc important factors," he says. Any hcattn^ plant must be adequate to heat each room (o TO degrees when outdoor temperature is zero, and should be so -guaranteed by the contractor, according to Mr. Siceper. To aIt ain that rcsuIt at lowest cost, tight-fit ting storm windows and doors should be provided, the roof area and. outside walls should he Insulated, and metal weather-strip used on all windows and doors. Plumbing, Wiring, Nailing Skimpy plumbing and Inadequate electric wiring are false economy. Waste and supply pipes of adequate size; soil and waste pipes covered with one' inch of hair felt to reduce noise; and elimination of water hammer with an atr cushion or spring valve denote quality construction. Aii electric circuit should not serve over 500 square feet of house area, nor have more , truin 10 outlets per circuit, A separate kitchen circuit, a single circuit for an. electric range, and an individual circuit for an electric water heater are advocated. "Adequate nailing is Important. Extra nails required for sound construction add only a few dollars to the cost, mean the difference between n good house and a poor one," points nut Sleeper. Sheathing which will hoM nails firmly for roofing and siding is a must, and the house should have double floors «nd copper flashing. Real Estate Transfers Chlckasawba Disfrlrf Holly Development Corp. l Jamr.s Eimo Connetl and wife. lot 15 nf Block 7 of David Acres Subdivision EIrnar E. and Maude Priiitt to Maxie J. and Lenorah Laync, Lot I of Block A of Hollandalc Addition. S5.500. Zal B. and Nellie J. Harrison to Arthur S. Harrison, one lot, 13-1 by 263 feet in NE '.; NW U, Section 21- 15M-I1E. SI a]id other consideration. Charley and Lelo Davis to B. K. Marr. Lot 8 of Block 5 of Country Club Drive Addition, slo and other considerations. Blythe.ville Development Corp. to [hem back into place and anchor them with a small nail. If, however, you can't reach the wedges, toenail the tread to the stringer. set Hie nail, and fill the hole with i wood putty or stick shellac. Sprung or warped treads are another common en use of squeaky siair.s. A creak of this nature can be taken out by securing the tread to the riser. With someone standing on Ihe tread, to force it down against the riser, drive three ; or four 2-inch finishing nails through the Lread mto the riser from opposite angles. The nails should be driven under the surface of the wood with a nail set and the holes lill-d with crack filler or wood putty. If you can work under your stairs, fasten a strip of hardwood sccurly to the riser about % inch faclow the tread. Screws driven up through this strip into the Lread will draw the loose board back into place. Pair the screws into the thread near each one driven into the riser. It is also possible to eliminate MiYiCAks, in stairs .that arc not tongue and grooved, by driving a thin wooden wedge into ihe joint between the thread and riser. mils requires the removal o( the molding under the overhanging front edge of tread to expose tti*: joint, and its replacement after cutting off the wedge flush with the front surface of the riser. Basement stairs often are constructed with open risers, the treads being nailed between stringers and resting O n cteaU nulled into the stringers. Sometime, 1 ) these cleats work loose and if not nailed 'Strip Style' Oak Floors Offer Variety Oak floors itl the popular ship style, noted 1m the atmosphere of warmth and cnzinc-ss they contribute to n home, can be obtained in distinctive types which lend individuality to a room,, builders point out. The '«ioti i.s available in all svliite j onk, nil red or a mixture of both. The two types are quite similar in appearance, both being comparatively colored. Red oak. however. —Courier News I'Jiolo JtKl)»'oon HOUSE — Redwood siding iti A natural shade is a feature* of the new ranch-style home of Mr. and Mr.s. Bernard Gooch at 320 North 10th, Redwood also is used on the In- terior of this six-room house. The .south wall of the recreation room is paneled with redwood and this room also has inaKJwnc racKs and; hook shelves of redwood. The has a composition roof and copper screens and, gullets. All interior doors are of the sliding type ami double wardrobes are ! huili into the master bedroom. The The picture windows on the north ! guest room has a cedar-lined closet, and west are of double-pane glass, j The living rooi •m. entry hall and dining room arc carpeted and inlaid linoleum is used in the kitchen.! hath and half-bath. Asphalt tile is] u.scd on ihc floor of the recreation room. A finrasr is connected with the | house, which is 30 feel lonp. usually more consistent in Its color tone.s, For a homcinakor who prefers hack, the tread drop down, making the stairs dangerous to use. Open ri.scr stairs should be Inspected occasionally lo avoid an- cirienLs, The nailing of MIR stringers at the upper level should also he checked. Wilson First Addition. S315. W. C and Hattie philhf Gilbert D, Hammock and Larue "ck to Franc-be n. skalkr. 'Hidden' Places Harbor Roaches Nothing is more disturbing fo the lastidiaus hpusewife than to .sec roaches scutryVig across her pantry or kitchen floor, she combat* them regularly, but .somehow they seem to find adequate food and shelter in what appears to be a .spotlessly clean home. fi of { The answer to discouraging roach i much In out- . . Ixjl 8. Block 2 of Jackson's Second Addition, J2200. Tlie Dutch n!c many flnn-er bulhs fill-Ing the u-ar but foiinri Ihnni nnn- fiourlshins, unnppcUzins and disturbing In digestion. Boulder. Colo., is known as Hie "caten-ay lo the glaciers.'' , infestations lies not s '•^ i ward ctciinliness as It does in k j\nd clean. Exterminators report that even a small match box provides sufficient snace for a family of six or seven roaches. Thus, when cleaning pantries and kitchens. Lake out every tiling movable. Wash shelves, drawers and floors. Then apply any reputable insect powder lo crack.-;, crevices and moldings. Carefully Applied, the powder will not, be visible, when (he areas are put back in. order. CHECK WITH US For Al1 ! >I K ' S " ml sixes In fil ;iny building- nccrf. Kcunotimal anil permanent I ; r«mi (i In 72 inch riiamclcr, plain and rc-cnfoiccd. also flood gales. DRAIN Til F Septlr ' l;1nk instiilhitions. Karm Unnlll llLtaiid foundation drainage. color uniformity, clear grade oak I probably is the bet. 'In that I grade the amount of sapwood Is i limited- Sapwood Ls the younger «'f>od of the tree just beneath the bark. It generally i.s lighter in color than the rest of the wood. Many homemakers favor thfi var- ntions in color and the natural irregularities found in the other grades. The very lack of uniformly in such grade."; adds interest U> their natural beauty. In these the imoiml of sapwood varies. Another point ol choice Is in the erain pattern. One can have either plain-sawed or quarter-sawed oak. The former, characterized by large, attractive V-shaped figures, Is used more extensively since it is ensipr p.nri more economical to cut and hercforc is available at lower cast. Quarter-sawed oak is cut- at angles which bring out the nt tractive flaky figures known as wood rays. Oak is the only commonly used floorjtig hardwood pos^e.^stny such prominent rays. Consequently, it Ls the only species available in quarter-sawed style. Generally, .strip oak floor:HE Is laid in uniform widths. Interesting variations from this pattern can be achieved, however, by utilizing pieces of random or mixed widths. This arrangement produces an effect similar to the more expensive Properly-Applied Roofing Lessens Chances of Damage by Windstorm Chai ic os that the roof on a -f. buildine will be damaged by high j wind.s are materially lessened if the roofing ha.s been applied properly. Special precautions can be taken In areas where high winds are *pi'c v * nlcnt. Asphalt .strip .shingles can be given additional wind-resistance by puling a spot ol asphalt cement under each shingle tab. Each spot of cement .should be about the size of a nO-cent piece and should be applied with a caulkng gun or a putty knife. 'Lift the tab and put the cement on the .surface of the underlying shingle. Particular care .should be given to cementing down shingles along exposed roof crimes—caves, i akes, Mashing. 1 ;, hips and ririgr.s. Shingles which are designed cs-1 pec tally to resist hi^h win els are used by many builders. Some -of aspYmil shingle, 1 ; . interlock with each other for added strength while others, the stapleduwn t-ype, are joined together with metal las- Television Brings Demand for Walls That Block v.'fill may be improved by placing imitating board between a double .stud wall. This construction cmpmys riqid insulntinp; bnnrd between I wo rows of 2 by 2-inch studs, Thr millions of tiny air spaces between tbe fibers of insulating board give it both sound quieting and insulating values. Use of the ptnsKered sUid wall method of reducing sounds trnns- mittcd by si rue turn 1 vibrations. There aiv also special acoustical materials on the market. Thp U. S Dopnt'tmrnf, of Agriculture estimates IDlfl losses to Kuro- pean corn borer at $350,000,000. Mm iril n. Q., was a river tmildins renter nf the iROO's. Square butt asphalt strip ohm- yte wil gain resistance to wind if they are laid with 4 inche.s ol each lab exposed, instead of the normal 5 inches. In this case, nil Els should be placed one Inch lower than with the 5-inclx exposure. Correct, nailing Ls essential lo proper .application. Six.nails, locat-- according to the manufacturer's Television that is ''heard but not < seen" is one of ihe undesirable fac- j tors of modern living. This problem j of the transmission of sound from > one room to another without the ' picture is a serious problem in multi- i family dwellings. ; Before television, not too much thought was given to sound msvila- • lion. Now, according to builders, more and more people are demand-i ing -sound insulation In homes and' apartments, i In the past, sonnri insulation was partially achieved by building party : walls of heavy masonry construe-' tion. Builders now sire using more ; effective and less costly procedures.; One popular method is to build i sound insulation into a wall. In an j ordinary lath anri plaster wall. • sound is transmitted directly | through the studs and across the j aJr space between the studs. The ! sound insulating value of a stud random plank flooring. Mixed j recommendations, should ntwuys be widths are appropriate in almost « ficd in eflch three-tab, square butt, any type of home, but are particu- a.sphalt strip shingle. larly suited to ranch typn houses or others where an air ol informality Ls desired. "PETE" The Plumber, Sex: "You cot piiii service when I yn u r [i 1 u m bine! service, <|ii:ili(y als, croiumvicMly On t» [1 ateri- yuk-erl to suit your budgctl" 1MIONK 2731 l,c( Us Instnll Thai Extra liathroom Modernize Your Present Hallmwm NITEAIR WINDOW FAN ] 3 in. Lau or Floor FAN - $39.95 \Vc lisivc I lie s;ime funs ym IIHVO seen advertised hj I.owenslein's and 'Home Service Inc. of iMomphis in full pa ore iids in Ihe 'Commercial A|>pea). Prices here iire (lie same, of course. If vou'd like a free trial jiisl call us and we'll deliver a fan lo your home where you can try i( with on charge for -IS hours. Phone 551 C. Robinson Lbr. Co. New Crossbred Peaches RIVERSIDE;'Calif. — (fTi— Until recently, the situation in southern California peach orchards was like this: •The mild winters seemed to br- wilrier peach trees imported from the eastern United States. They leafed out late, bloomed weakly. The fruit was scrawny. Peach trees from South China seemed to like the climate, but; their fruit was not commercially valuable. Now the two have brnn rrcvscd Alll UCDTC VU bilk. II IU PAINT PACT Everlasting concrete. Never I Vu I n,si or rot. Clot lies line posts. "Sta-!)ry" waler-prnor paint for all block or concrete construction. * METAL WINDOWS • SAND & GRAVEL CEMENT MORTAR 1'lionc 23SO—\Ve Deliver JOHNSON BLOCK Co. South Highway 611 Blyrheville Yes...Washable WONSOVER FAMOUS FtAT OR FAINT! r< you paint »nlh WONS- ftn\\h — ivo hru^h lttnl rotors ami white (nil! Ailc lor WOHSOVER! E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. es'eni] strains of excellent free- tone mid-season and late-mntur- ng peaches have been developed, •eporls M. M. U'inslow of the Cali- 'ornia College or Agriciilture ex- jcrinient -station here. Spring Paint-Up Time Means Time For SKIUPUUY KtNOSO TO LOOK UTTHt LONCW! Bn E ht rv>w -rh,t,h BOJ-" color, for yoitr.hotTK! Points for your walk, your porchw »nd flrv>r*, Msho and Irim—«r>d of cownw,, tinl< in lop quality Soiine Pflinlil (STOKE NAME) bus th*m ojit r'f^ffff i-. .. ( _. Dial 551 and The Man from the LUMBER YARD will he clad lo make you an cslimale on your paint needs. We will Kelp you sclctl (lie ritflil pninlcr. Ask ahoul our Kasy Payment IMan. E, C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Revolutionary Here . . . nnw! The rc-frtKcrator with the freezer you've waited for! A roomy . . . handy . . . across-thc-iop freezer with a BIG Dll : FEKI:NCG. Thanks lo a brilliant NOKfJfi. engineering vanc€ t il u ill not su-eal in hnl or hurnitl u'eal , . . will not let foods or ice cubes get suick together. Definitely the refrigerator news of the year! Conic in— let us show you the many reasons whyl NO DOWN PAYMENT! Falf Terms Can Be Arranged Nowhere Else This Combination of Features! COLO 5HEU— tolad*. Prccfucct 56 ica cubci. ADJUSTABLE SHElVING-armngci lo i«i> y quirom«nli. Kearly 16 iquaie feel of *pa<« CRfSPER DKAWER k« ept h TILTA-8IN at ballom of lh« NORGE for Knotty dry ilorag* of mo%l-u\cd bolllei, cam ana* paeVagci. HOUATOR* COVDMAKER mtthoniim-only 3 moving parti , . , itEcnl o* a inowflaki . . . boxVed by 5-Y«ai aclion Plan. FUU-WIOTH FREEZER acroti ihe lop ... Vee pound* froien ilorng* at 72" b^Iaw freeing. Swco proof— loodt, !(« tubffi will nal tlltV logchher. Do open* down — mnVci hnndy Ion ding- unloading labl

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